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I have to ask something. Why is it import to stream the TEASER of the MV's? I mean, streaming like deleting the cookies, enter into the private mode, etc. Isn't it better to just share the link to friends, family or someone? I know the views are important but I think it is unnecessary because views of teaser don't impact on the shows or charts, maybe a record but nothing else 😐😐 I don't complain really much on the real MV even if I don't agree but I think the teaser is just too much 😐

Honestly, idk. I don’t think I know enough to answer this question :\ It would be better for you to go ask blogs like theyarebangtan, allforbts or others 

Sam Wilkison-Ladie problems BLURB

Main character: Sam wilkinson
Type of imagine: Fluffy¿

“Y/n why are you laying on the floor?” My boyfriend Sam wilkinson asked as he stared at me, He stood by the white door that he had entered. Currently I was on my bedroom wooden floor, I was on my tummy as my legs were stretched out. Also my arms were crossed as my head lied onto it.

“I’m dying Sam.” As I stretched out his name.

He looked at me with confusion that was written on his face “What do you mean?”
Slowly closing my eyes, I completely dissed his question.

“You know, I thought I would’ve died by a natural cause. Like maybe in my sleep or something.” Finally opening my eyes I saw that he was still looking confused.

So he walked over to me and stared down at me crossing his arms. “Uh y/n?” Clutching onto my stomach that was badly aching I continued to talk.

“But no, I’m dying because my body is doing stupid woman things.” Finally catching onto what was happening he bent down and picked me up so I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“So it’s that time of the month?” He chucked lightly as he walked towards my queen sized bed to place me down. “Maybe.” I grumbled as I covered myself with my white comforter, he slowly shook his head and grinned “Be right back then.”

This time it was my turn to be confused. “Where you going?” He opened my door and turned his head to look at me “I’m being a nice cliche boyfriend and gonna buy you junk food, and all that fancy stuff.”

Shaking my head in amusement, I curled up in a ball and mumbled a quick “thank you” and waited for him to return with my goodies.


I can’t even paragraph right heh

A gift for Troye

I believe Troye knows he’s famous internationally, but I don’t think he understands how many people have been touched by his music all around the world.
That’s why I want to make a video for him, a compilation of people from different countries showing Troye how important he is for them.

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BTS Reaction: They Find You Using Skincare Products


“ hey (y/n), umm..what’s on your face?”

“ oh! it’s a face mask. Wanna wear one?”

Suga: *enters the room and sees you putting the mask on*

“ Why do you even wear those? they dont even work”

“How do you know? you’ve never even tried one”

“ Nah, I’m going to bed” wow yoongi


Jimin: “ why are you putting that on your lips?”

(y/n): “ because it’s supposed to make my lips more hydrated”

Jimin: “ And more kissable?^^”

J-Hope: “ I don’t know how you can stand wearing those jagi”

(y/n): “ I’m not the only one who’s gonna wear one” * holds up a second mask*

J-Hope: “ But I hate wearing those”

Jin: * he enters your room*

“hi ja..”  

(y/n): Wait! Cover your eyes! I don’t want you to see how ridiculous I look right now! xD”

(y/n): “ Jin stop peeking”

“ Fine I wont look” *starts peeking again*


Taehyung: “ I’ve always wondered how those things would feel on my face but i don’t want to try it myself”

(y/n); “ I can let you use one!”

Taehyung: “ oh…. yay”

Rap Monster: “ What are the benefits to using those things anyways?”

* you start going on and on and he stops paying attention*

Rap Monster: “ oh….. ok”


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hello, loves! kate ( @sugarbabyseb ) and i have decided to do a joint tumblr awards! kate recently hit 1k and i’m real close to hitting 3k and we’re technically married since we have matching urls so why not have fun with it :’)

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The Bucky Barnes Award: Best Overrall

The Steve Rogers Award: Best URL

The Sam Wilson Award: Best Tags

The Natasha Romanoff Award: Best Theme

The Peggy Carter Award: Best Mobile Theme

The Bruce Banner Award: Best Gifs**

The Wanda Maximoff Award: Best Edits **

The Jessica Jones Award: Best Fics ***

The Wade Wilson Award: Funniest Blogger

The Thor Odison Award: Nicest Blogger

The Luke Cage Award: Best Newcomer*

The Clint Barton Award: Best Marvel Blog

The Peter Parker Award: Best Multifandom

Personal Favorites: Chey’s favorite & Kate’s favorite

* if you have less than 1k followers please submit a picture of your follower      count to either me or kate!
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