i dont even know who this is directed towards

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I'm pansexual. Dating a straight man. Who also is homophobic and tramsphobic. He says i dont act gay. That I might have a find affection for women and check em out yet Im most likely not gay. He doesn't wamt to hear what pansexualoty means. And say his phobic slurs aren't directed to me but the gay comm. (Like...what?) His homophobia is the only thing we argue about. Either than that we are happy together. What should i do?

dump him (◕◡◕✿)

Nah but seriously I would question this guy’s morals if he’s unapologetically hateful towards the queer community, even when he knows that you are a part of that community. It sounds like you’ve tried talking with him about it too :/ if he’s not willing to learn & grow he doesn’t deserve to be with you