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I once read a fic where Wanda manipulated the Avengers into turning against Tony. Im not looking for that exact one(i dont think the one I read was Stony)but do you know of any other fics where Wanda manipulates the team and/or steve into hating Tony? Sorry, this is really specific. Idk how I would go about trying to find something like this.

I don’t know of anything exactly like that…here are some with Wanda using magic, but not really that specific? Anyone have other suggestions?

It’s Not the Mountain We Conquer by Darkyu: Steve Rogers was known to be an honest man, and he really was, but even Captain America had his limits and Tony has been crossing them for far too long. Steve, after trying it all, decides that he needs to try a different tactic to get Tony to quit stubbornly denying his love for him.Luckily for Steve, he had some powerful friends in the magic field that could offer him a final solution to his problem.

Prompt: D/s by alestar:  Pornography! Also, please understand how daunting it is to write post-CACW D/s that is not depressing as shit (this is a really interesting take on Wanda using her magic post-CACW)

This Time Tomorrow (where were we?) by dorcas_gustine:  Tony goes to see Wanda, and suddenly Steve is alive and there are Skrulls! Or maybe Tony is just going crazy. Nothing happens in this fic, until the very end. Seriously. There’s a lot of talking, mostly at inopportune moments, Tony’s views on the acceptable gifts to give people are slightly different from everyone else’s and he spends more time than would seem necessary being (half-)naked. What else is new?

Wanda’s Curse Verse by SailorChibi:  After Ultron, Tony distanced himself from the team. It was hard not to, what with the muttered comments, frosty silences and threatening glares. He didn’t expect that would mean he’d get a visit from a certain soldier.  (I think this is the one Anon mentioned, but I haven’t read it)

(some of) the best mcelroy things
  • the shit they talk about their own early episodes because they know how god awful they were
  • the fact all three of them (+ Clint) have matching tattoos 
    • LoZ tattoos for that matter, where each brother has a different part of the tri force filled in, and clint has all 3 filled
  • griffy got that tattoo on his wrist specifically bc he didnt want a job that would be dicks about tattoos
  • the way justin will just go “ok that’s fine” if one of the other two is like ‘i dont wanna talk abt this’ even if its a goof
  • the fact trav and justin inexplicably have the same birthday 3 years apart
    • and then when griffin was like “i know how u feel [about a jumbotron description] every november 8th i just sit in bed and wail”
  • travis watched pirates of the carribean like, 9 times in theatres when it first came out - several of which as dates
  • griffin tried to have a dog in his “pet-free” apartment in college and it only lasted like, four days before they got found out
  • travis’ entire character development in taz results from his fear of losing his wife because he loves her so so much
  • the way that, at every ridiculous stunt and every heartwrenching moment the boys pull in TAZ, griffin goes “oh my GOD”/ “oh god….”/ “oh no..”
    • likewise the cackling that clint/travis/justin do at those same moments 
  • “"A family highpoint for me was the time my dad beat us at Clue in one round,“ recalls Clint’s second son Travis. “It was at that moment that I realized that my father is the most clever man on the planet. Notice that I didn’t say the smartest man. We’re talking about a man who, until he woke up on the basement floor several hours later, didn’t see anything wrong with dumping excess kitty litter and bleach down a sink at the same time in a poorly ventilated room””

Okay but college AU where Louis and Liam are at a bar playing pool and Harry is just trying to relax and play darts with some friends. But how is he meant to focus when there’s a boy with the bluest eyes and the loudest laugh bending over a pool table just a few feet over?

Meanwhile Louis keeps missing his shots because there’s a boy over by the back wall with green, green eyes and nice arms, if his dart throwing skills are anything to go by. And if he loses twenty bucks at the end of the night to Liam in a game of pool, it’ll be worth it to have Harry’s number saved in his phone.

I dont know where this is going, but you make me smile, and I like that. Even if it is just for awhile.
—  Y.M.

Can you say salty? Sexualized where? Touka, an adult, decided to have sex with the man she loved, where is the problem? She wasnt the only one that was naked and exposed. We got naked Kaneki too, it wasnt just sexy naked Touka for fans and Kaneki to ogle. Why isnt anyone saying shit about Kaneki being “sexualized”? is that not a double standard? Are we saying Kaneki, as a man, cant be sexaulized?  I mean dude was pretty naked as I recall. If their problem is Touka being sexualized why dont they feel the same for Kaneki? He was equally naked, we even got a close up of his ass.

Also 99.9% of the time we have seen Touka on screen she’s been fully clothed. We’ve never seen her in some super sexy get up, which wouldn’t even be a problem as long as its in character. So I fail to see where she’s been the victim of being sexualized for fan service.

To the other people bitching about Touka being depicted as :one of those women" you can shut your misogynistic mouths. We know damn well what “that kind of woman” means. Again why are we going after only Touka? Is she having sex by herself? No, Kaneki is a fully willing participant too. Yet I dont see people implying he’s “that kind of person”. 

Is the problem that she initiated? Are people saying that women who initiate sex are “sluty”? What are we just supposed to wait for a guy to ask us marry them and then wait for them to make the move? What kind of stupid logic is that? 

Then we have people implying that Kaneki is the victim of pressure or assault when Touka clearly pulls away from the first kiss and Kaneki goes back for more. Also note that Touka on the bottom when penetration happens not on top. Kaneki is the one in control in that moment. Its his move, he either pushes forward and penetrates or nothing happens. Kaneki is willing and happy about this.

Haters need to stop trying to hide behind fake concern for Touka or the quality of the manga. Stop trying to hide behind this idea that Ishida disrespected Touka by depicting her making love with the man she loves. People keep calling it hentai but if you’ve ever seen hentai then you know its far more detailed and explicit then this chapter. Hentai has girls bodies on full display, breast bounces around all over the place, genitals fully exposed, positioned in was to show off their bodies. Often the guy is transparent at times just so you can see the females breast, vagina, ass or anus on full display. How in the seven hells is that in anyway similar to how Ishida drew touken making love? Yeah, its not.

Women are not these pure objects for people to place on a pedestals and then toss aside when they no longer fit the “pure” image. Touka isnt any less for having sex, she isnt a slut or a horrid person. Even if she had banged 1, 5 or 20 guys(or women) she’s still not a slut. She lost her virginity and she isnt any less for it and no one should lose respect for her or Ishida for it.

Kill this idea that woman having sex is bad, gross or takes away from a woman.

Everyone with these backwards ideas and stupid ass view can shove it. Touka wasnt horrible sexualized, she isnt now a “slut” and she isnt a abuser either.

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dont u ever just hold everything in until that one day comes whether you’re walking ur dog or with a friend and ur heart does that ache thing as u feel something inside of u just fall apart and then u feel ur hands shaking and u know u know its one of those days where everything is about to pour out of you and u tell urself get it together its gonna be ok as a way to calm urself even tho ur lying to urself n its breaking ur heart bc u dont want no one to know ur not okay and u go home and cry because thats what u do when a piece of u has been crushed into a million pieces and u just cant seem to fucking let it go

Dude do u guys have any idea of how much shit Paramore has been through since the end of the Brand New Eyes era? Zac and Josh left, they had to find strength and inspiration to start over, they did, made the most fabulous album and the most beautiful tour, won a Grammy, Parahoy, things were finally going just fine and everything seemed ok and we had the most happy Paramore we ever got… and all of sudden everything went wrong in every single way, Jeremy left, Jeremy sued, losing friends, pmore almost came to an end, Hayley left the band, depression and now divorce… They are SO STRONG i dont even know where to begin, after every single difficulty they faced they had the guts to start over and fight… I am so proud of them i have no words to express it, i guess there’s nothing left for us to do than to respect them and show love and support ALWAYS cause if there’s something they do deserve it is love above anything else

214 in the seelie court:

seelie queen: the kiss she most desires will set her free
clary: ok simon my boyfriend :)
seelie queen: NOT SO FAST, im talking about the blonde boy
clary: but sure i kiss jace eventhough this is a lie its not like i dated simon only because i couldn’t be with jace, come here ex bro
jace: sorry clary im kinda dating maia now
seelie queen:
izzy: 👀👀
magnus: 👀👀👀👀
alec: well that was quick
maia: we’re not dating herondale 😩
jace: yes we are
maia: no we’re not
jace: we banged
maia: i told you not to think this means anything

@ieafy tumblr mobile glitched and ive been crying for like 5 minutes now 

Power Rangers Sleepover Headcanon

-They always stay at either Billy’s or Kim’s house. Jason and Trini’s siblings are too overwhelming and they don’t got to Zack’s house out of respect for his mother

-Kims parents love to embarrass her when the group is over. “Kim, Trini, the open door policy still applies.” “What the hell could we even…..” Trini drags them all up the stairs before the argument continues throwing a quick “Yes Ma'am” over her shoulder

-“you guys have sleepovers without us?”
“You see, they’re really not sleeping the-”
“Shut it Zack. Don’t worry about it Billy we will invite you over more”

-“Kim I did not strike you as the girl to have an Xbox.” “Actually I bought that for Ty right before we broke up…. I kept it out of spite and ended up loving the damn thing”

-They go through Xbox controllers almost as much as they do phones until one day Billy and Trini made a less destructible controller

-They Build a giant Pillow fort in Kim’s room. Honestly with the 5 of them combined that shit is an architectural miracle.

-Trini used to tell ghost stories until one night Zack woke up screaming about little dolls that ice skate coming to kill him.

-Jason bought them all matching onsies in their respective ranger colors. “Are you being serious?” “Why would you ever think I wasnt?”

- Its at a sleepover when they learn that both Trini and Kim have really good voices. Its now mandatory that they have a karaoke battle every sleepover.

-“Aannd in this corner we have Trini BOTTOM Gomez” “Zack!”
“Billy cover your ears”
“Jason i thought her middle name was Marie?” “It is B”
“Well Zack wasnt wrong babe.” “KIM?!?!”

-“ZACK NO DONT-” “Well that did not go as planned” “HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO REPLACE A CEILING FAN?!”

-They are the best customers of local Pizza place. “I bet you i can eat at least one more pizza than all of you.” “Oh no count me out, i know i cant” “that’s alright Billy ill pick up the slack for you.” “ "No Zack thats ok you do-” “You’re on Jason”

-Trini won. “Babe where did you even put that?” “ Dont touch me or im gonna throw up”

-They usually lose billy and Trini first to sleep. Both wrapped up in their respective significant others arms.Jason and Kim quick to follow after

-Zack miraculously always ends up somewhere random in the house.
“Mama Hart, I Dont feel so good.” “Oh Zack honey come here.”

-The group finds Zack sandwiched between Kim’s parents the next morning.

-Kims dad knowingly makes a feast every morning after a a sleepover. He had caught on quickly that the teenagers had had an increased appetite like his daughters.

-They usually pile out the door at once after breakfast to go to the pit, making excuses as they go. “Kim be back for dinner. And Zack make sure you work on that high kick of yours. The news station made fun of you for days hon.”

-“Wait what?” “Kim be back by dinner, bye now” *click*

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Okay so I wondered if you could make a prompt for a failed prisoner rescue mission where only one prisoner got out alive and it was a little kid and with Lance in the Blue Lion, and Lance starts singing a lullaby cause the kid is crying but forgets the comms on? I dont even know I just want a singing lance for the team

Here you go, I hope you enjoy it! <3 

It didn’t happen often but when it did, the paladins could only feel like they had failed the entire universe. Every failure created a sense of hopelessness in their hearts. They walked through the now abandoned Galra prison, carefully stepping over the destroyed corpses of the prisoners. Somehow the Galra were able to figure out that Voltron would be targeting this prison and instead of trying to fight, they decided to leave and cut their losses. Literally, by the looks of it.

“We’ll need to cover more ground,” Shiro decided. “Pidge, I want you to see what you can pull from the Warden’s system,”

“Got it,” she said, heading up the stairs to the overview offices.

“Keith and Hunk, go left and take blocks A and B, Lance, we’ll go right and take C and D,” he said gesturing to the off-shooting hallways. They nodded and went forward, hoping that they would be able to leave sooner rather than later. Shiro walked beside Lance quietly watching out for any potential danger but it seemed like any enemies had fled leaving the building completely empty. As they approached the stairwell leading down to the C-Block, Shiro gestured for Lance to go down.

“Because it’s closer,” Shiro teased when Lance looked at him questioningly. Lance allowed himself to smirk slightly and he quickly went down the stairs.

“Ugh,” He gagged when he reached the bottom of the stairs. He covered his mouth as he looked at the blood that was covering the floor. He felt absolutely horrified at the amount of malice that these aliens were shown. He cautiously crept forward with his rifle drawn in front of him. He cringed at the way his boots stuck to the floor and came off with a ‘shlick’ each time. He let the light from his wrist armour shine into the darkened cells as he passed them trying to ignore the way his stomach clenched in pity for the people they couldn’t save.

He whipped around when he heard a faint scuffing and sniffing sound coming from the last cell. He brought his bayard up to his eye to line up in case there were hostiles still aboard. The cell door creaked as he swung it open and he almost fell back at the sudden loud wailing that broke out when he entered. He lowered his bayard immediately at the sight of a small figure struggling to push themselves back into the farthest corner of the room, away from Lance. Lance’s heart clenched in sympathy at the sight of the blooded child that couldn’t keep his eyes off of Lance as he bawled and tried to curl up into himself. He looked to be from the planet Puig from the markings on his face and the small horns that were peeking out from his forehead.

“Please don’t hurt me,” the child whispered almost inaudibly but not to Lance. He instantly went down on one knee and laid his bayard on the floor.

“Hey, buddy,” Lance said quietly. For the first time, the child looked at Lance’s face and his eyes widened. “I’m here to rescue you,”

As soon as the words came out of the words came out of his mouth, the boy leapt up with a loud sob and ran into Lance’s arms. Lance brought his arms around him and held his head to his shoulder as he trembled in Lance’s arms. In one of his hands, he picked up his bayard and carefully lifted the Puigan into his arms and backed out of the cell. He ran out of the block and towards the meeting point as quickly as he could, not wanting the boy to be exposed to this place any more than he already had been.

“I’ve got a survivor here, it looks like he’s from Puig,” Lance said into the coms. There were various exclaims of surprise from the rest of the paladins. “What’s your name buddy?” Lance asked quietly.

“Argu,” he sniffled. Lance swayed slightly trying to calm the child. He glanced around when he started hearing footsteps approach from all sides. Argu started sobbing in a panic and wrapped his arms around Lance’s neck. He pushed himself closer to the paladin’s chest, trying to hide from potential enemies. Lance raised his bayard in front of them and scanned the area around them. Shiro raised his arms when he stepped out of the hall and cautiously approached when Lance let his rifle fall to his side.

“So this is our new passenger huh?” Shiro smiled gently at Argu, who was still whimpering softly into Lance’s collar.

“Yeah, his name is Argu,” Lance said hoisting him up a bit to rest more comfortably in his arms. Before they could say anything else, the other paladins came rushing out, Hunk and Keith from the hallway and Pidge punding down the stairs. They all looked at the shaken toddler in Lance’s arms and looked to Shiro.

“Were heading out guys, straight to the Castle from here,” he said gesturing to the exit of the compound. They nodded their heads and headed out, surrounding Lance and Argu like a protective pride of lions. Lance tilted Argu’s head away from the view of the other prisoners. He knew that his innocence was already close to destroyed but if he could spare him just a little, it would be worth it.

“Coran, we have a Puigan child coming on board, he’ll have to be looked over,” Shiro’s voice echoed over the coms.

“Oh dear, I’ll be waiting in the med bay when you come on board,” he replied shortly.

They climbed into their lions and took off towards the Castle being sure to still look out for any lurking Galra. Lance looked down at Argu who was whining quietly and trembling in the crook of Lance’s arm.

“Hey Argu, it’s okay buddy,” Lance tried to comfort him. “You’ll never see that place ever again, we’re going to take you back to Puig and your family,” he rocked him gently against his chest and frowned when his condition didn’t change. He tried to tell him about Voltron and their adventures, or about Earth and how he got to space but nothing seemed to work. Looking at Argu’s terrified face reminded him of comforting his little sisters back home and he remembered that singing to them always helped them calm down. He felt a brief bout of homesickness but pushed it down. Right now someone needed him. He trusted the flying to Blue and wrapped his arms around Argu to cradle him warmly.

“I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I’ll never let you go when all those shadows almost killed your light,” he sang quietly. He heard Argu’s breath hitch slightly at the new tone.

“I remember you said don’t leave me here alone, but all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight,” he could hear Argu still sniffing slightly but he could see his eyes start to open up to look at him.

“Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound,” he wiped the tears that were falling down his face and propped him up against his shoulder. Argu looked at him in wonder as he continued to sing to him. The choked crying died after a few lines and Lance rocked him gently to the tune of the song. As he let out hums he could see Argu’s eyes slipping shut as the last few tears rolled down his cheeks. He looked at him fondly and dabbed at his cheeks to get rid of the tear tracks. Looking forward he noticed that they were almost ready to fly into the hanger and land. He got control of Blue again and gently landed her.

“We’re at the Castle Argu,” he said quietly and huffed in amusement when the child didn’t rouse in the slightest. He only picked him up and trudged out of Blue ready to take him to Coran to be checked out before they decide when to take him back to Puig. He stepped down the ramp and stopped when he noticed the rest of the team waiting for him with small smiles.

“Hey, guys… what’s goin on?” He asked hesitantly. He walked past them and they followed slightly behind him.

“So, I was thinking that we could have a Voltron band,” Pidge started. Lance looked back at her in confusion and quirked a brow which she ignored.

“Keith would be bass guitar, Shiro lead guitar, Hunk on the drums and I would be on the keyboard,” she said flippantly pressing a hand to her chest.

“Oh yeah?” Lance said with a smirk, deciding to humour her, “and where would I be?” He asked.

“Lead singer obviously,” she said smugly. He felt his entire face go red and turned so he could walk backwards. This way he could see the smiles on each paladin’s face.

“You heard me?” Lance squeaked. They laughed at the way his blush covered his entire face.

“Yeah, that sort of happens when you have your coms on,” Keith chuckled. Lance groaned dramatically and turned his back to them instead.

“If it’s any consolation, you’re a great singer,” Shiro said earnestly. Lance ducked his head down, embarrassment tingling in his gut.

“Thanks, Shiro,” he mumbled quietly. They walked into the med bay where Coran was waiting patiently. Lance gazed at the now peaceful Argu and gently laid him down on the table.

“Let’s get you fixed up buddy,”

Promptis Celeb AU Pt9

Previous parts: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

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Noctis and Prompto go on a fancy date. They have two very different conversations with each other at the same time. 

It’s been a week, and Prompto’s properly nervous.

It’s dumb, and he shouldn’t be nervous. Noctis has been treating him to dates all along, after all. But this one seems different. It feels formal.

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the thing about chronic illness, or mine anyway, is that i dont hink you ever stop mourning the life you lost. 

like its not always at the forefront of your mind but its always there, and you are constantly reminded of it. like every time i see something i find fun or interesting, it is immediately followed by the fact that it is another thing i can’t do. 

like the list almost only grows longer. every time i see sports on tv, or any event that seems intersting that i want to go to, when i see people go hiking. going to a party, getting an education.

i am connately surrounded by the things i can’t do and its honestly so overwhelming. its really hard to try and look at the things i can do, and the list is so much shorter. 

and idk i just really want people to recognize how fucking hard it is to live with a chronic illness and i feel generally we deserve a lot more recognition. 

like do you have any idea how nice it would be if i could introduce myself to someone and tell them i have ME and not have to explain it all to them? and not tell them my whole life story? and not explain every single symptom? 

especially with illnesses like ME/CFS that aren’t even recognized as an actual illness in some countries (me/cfs, what i have, is categorized as a mental illness in denmark, where i live)

i dont know where i am going with this but i i just… want people to acknowledge the struggle and the pain i am in without me having to explain it. 

i dont know if other people with chronic illnesses feel the same but these are some of the things i really struggle with

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