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Hola! I had a freaking vision man... Ok so yuri was called in on his day off because there was a important interrogation that had to be done (im basing this off that other ask about sexy walk) and his boss was like "you know what dont even get in uniform it will be quicker that way" and hes like "okay??" yuri walks in with form fitting sweats that say "juicy" on the ass and a cut-off teeshirt. the guy fesses up in SECONDS. 🖤

Hahaha, that’s definitely a pretty interesting way to get info! XD
the true power of Yuri Katsuki o3o

I think my favorite part is just the idea that Yuri hangs around in this stuff casually when he’s at home???
Like, this is his “I’m comfy and just want to relax” outfit XD



camila_cabello: STORYTIME- OK SO YOU KNOW HOW ON VINE they have those vines where you ask a stranger to take a selfie with you and you vine their reaction? We were at Ralph’s and these two dared me to do it so I did and it was really funny, the guy even did the duck face. suddenly this very infuriated woman comes up to me and she goes WHAT DID YOU JUST DO WHO WERE YOU JUST TALKING TO and i was like internally crapping myself i was so scared I’m not a confrontational person and I was like um nobody i don’t know and she was like WELL YOU BETTER THINK ABOUT IT AND SHE LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS ABOUT TO BEAT ME UP AND I WAS LIKE MA'AM IT WAS JUST A JOKE AND SHE WAS LIKE IT WASNT FUNNY DONT CALL ME MA'AM AND I WAS SCARED AND I LOOK BACK AND DINAH AND MANI ARE RUNNING FOR THE EXIT SO I RAN AWAY AND SHE CAME AFTER ME AND AND I JUMPED IN THE CAR AS QUICKLY AS I COULD THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS VINE CAN POTENTIALLY TRAUMATIZE YOU

@dinahjane97: The perfect time Bubba (Camila) got MODEd at Ralph’s and my Phone was dead to video tape it 😭😂!! Dang it lol next time I’ll jump her sis

@camilacabello97@dinahjane97 @NormaniKordei thanks for leaving me when that lady was about to beat me up u guys are true friends 5ever

@dinahjane97: @camilacabello97 @NormaniKordei Lmao!! It was just tooooo funny for us to help you fight her ratchet ess ahaha next time tho sis

@NormaniKordei: @camilacabello97 @dinahjane97 youu c what happened was I seriously believed in your inner gangsta , I just thought you would pounce on her

@NormaniKordei: @camilacabello97 @dinahjane97 lol your China & Moaney ran for that Ralph’s EXIT sign so fast !

@dinahjane97: Lesson Learned : Don’t “do it for the Vine” @NormaniKordei @camilacabello97

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I have been trying to write a relationship where person A and B are really oblivious to the fact they're in love and was wondering if you have promotes for 1) getting mistaken for a couple all the time 2) confessing the fact they're in love at the worst possible time

This is a situation I know all too well. Anytime I am with one of my best friends, we are usually mistaken for a couple. It’s super embarrassing but sometimes we just go with it. One of my closest friends and I have even adapted to calling each other ‘babe’ and holding hands and stuff like that, which probably only makes peoples assumptions worse. So I have a couple prompts based off my own experience: 

1. “Are you guys on a date?” 

“What? No! That’s Disgusting!” 

“You know you’re blushing right?”

2. “We arent even dating!?”

“You could have told me you two were married and I would have believed it.”  

3. “Okay, you guys can’t deny that you’re dating one second, and then turn around and hold hands and call each-other sweet pet names.” 

“Watch us.” 

4. C:“Hey, when are you guys going to get married?” 

A:“I dont know, I’m thinking next spring? A spring wedding would be nice..” 

B: “I do not agree to this..” 

A: “I am sorry, babe. Did you want a summer wedding?” 

5. “I just wanted to spend some time with my favorite person, is that too much to ask?”

“I am your favorite person?!” 

“Uh well.. Yeah.. I guess..” 

“Aww, I love you too, you know..” 

“I never said I love you!? I just said that you’re my favorite person!” 

“Oh, well. Same thing.” 

I hope these help, and I wish you luck with your writing. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. 

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random confession: as a bisexual girl, i'm scared to tell people my sexuality because i feel like they wont believe me, especially since I've been with the same guy for years. I hate that i am not allowed to speak about the lgbt community from my perspective because i'm not "queer" enough. I'm not allowed to be apart of the lgbt community in general because people dont like my sexuality. what is the B supposed to mean if not bisexual? sorry, this isnt witchy related at all.

You ARE part of the LGBTQIA+ community if you are bisexual, even if you have only been with guys. That’s literally like telling someone “you can’t call yourself straight until you are with someone of the opposite sex”– if you know, you know! You ARE relevant and unfortunately this is a problem a lot of us bisexuals face! I myself don’t feel like I even look “gay enough” to go to Pride things without my wife because I know that people ALWAYS think I am just a little straight girl. You don’t need other people to validate your sexuality for it to be true, darling! 

B is for Bisexual and we are proud of that! 

This cute guy took me shopping today and when we were done he’s like guys do this for you a lot huh? And of course I played it off innocent like omg what?? I dont know what youre talking about, and he said I didnt even seem phased that he took me shopping and I thought he was gonna call me out and say Im a scammer or something but instead he just told me I was a seriously special girl and that I should never settle for anything less than exactly what I want…I almost died. What a sweetheart. 

also holy shit you guys i have a smol story from work today

our first class was very small today, only two 5-year-old boys showed up, both of whom are named Andrew (total coincidence that our only two students in the whole school named Andrew are the same rank and age so they are in the same class lol) 

and you know I’ve been watching LWA too much because I fucking called on one of them and I didn’t even say “Andrew” correctly I fucking said it like Akko says it as “Ahn-de-rew” like 3 syllables instead of 2 and he looked at me like ‘what’


[prompt: au phil is a gay sex phone operator and curious teen dan becomes one of his regulars (2009)]

i may or may not have named this after shiloh’s song…………….. what a classic!!!

oohoohohoho i saw this on dandongs and i was like “ooh let me like write this real quick” and i wrote it in a day so sry if its shit

also, thank you for 800 followers????? omg what like im literally a shoe like i dont even know why you guys follow me and read my fics damn thank you!!!!

(i apologize if your name is lindsey or darren btw and my definition of twink is not the actual definition so if you dont know what a twink is pls go over to urbandictionary.com or something)

[Contains: phone sex (ooooh this is new), tons of dirty talk, name calling, vibrator usage (what), 2009!phan, literally just dirty talk tbh, a lil bit of fluff at the end maybe]


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So I heard y'all like low-key, cutesie, classic, all-american oncest!

These were all taken on various days throughout Anime Expo 2014. I’m only responsible for the 2 selfies. I stole the rest from my friends hahahahhh
Tall guy: thetraingoat
Little guy: me

Rick: *jumps out of the portal* “Be careful morty, everyone here except 3 people is horrifically short and nobody knows why.”

Morty: “Gee rick thats- that’s kind of offensive y’know.”

Rick: “Well it’s true morty, besides, they don’t really seem to care. everything is sunshine and rainbows to them… well except this one guy.”

Morty: “Doesn’t that get old? y’know like-like-like sesame street or something? i mean they gotta have some seriousness sometimes.”

Rick: “Yeah its almost just like sesame street morty, they’re puppets and they dont even know it.”

Morty: “What about those 3 other people you were talking about? The normal sized people?”

Rick: “Two of them are obnoxious as fuck morty, they never stop moving, they sing about exercise.”

Morty: “Wh-what about the other one?”

Rick: “He’s an evil genius… or at least thats what he likes to call himself. Oh, here he comes now- ROBBIE ROTTEN! YOU UNHEALTHY BASTARD HOW ARE YOU?”

Ok i guess not- (referring to the question i asked in the tags of my drawing, hardly anyone reads tags what am I doinnN) But anyway too bad im posting traditional stuff hh

Is there anything you guys WANT to see? Like specifically-

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Love your blog (๓´˘`๓)♡ I was wondering what if you where dating but then another member calls you their ideal type

Thank you ^.^ i hope you enjoy it!!  :)

JIMIN : “Sorry but she only dates jam less people…so you guys have no chance”

JIN  : “HAHAHAHA you guys sure are funny……Remember i am the one who makes your food *evil smile* and im your hyung….don’t forget it”

J-HOPE : *grabs you and pulls you into a very rough and hot kiss* “Sorry but shes mine”

SUGA : “I know you guys are scared of me, so why just set yourselves up? i would just back away quietly then run away and never speak of this again”

JUNGKOOK : “I don care if you guys are all older then me! SHES MINE!!!!! UNDERSTAND?? M-I-N-E MINE!!!!!!!” He says and sticks out his tongue

RAP MONSTER : “Please keep in mind what people call me….God of destruction…and thats when im not even trying, i dont think you guys wanna know what would happen if i actually try” * He then gives them a big smile that makes the run*

V : “HAHA yea…..no…not happening…she is my girl..not yours…and never will be..ACCEPT IT!”

I Hope you enjoyed this :) please send in more requests!! ^.^ love lovee lovee you guys

hey can all you hipster fuckers stop wearing hamsas all the fucking time like little known fact that actually means something in several religions (Judaism, Buddhism, Islam). I thought tumblr was against cultural appropriation but you guys are literally erasing the meaning of a very important symbol to me and many other people and turning it into a cool hipster accessory. Like cmon did you even know they were called hamsas? Did you even know that this symbol is important enough to me that i was going to tattoo it on my fucking body but you guys turned it into this aesthetic fucking cliche and now i feel like i would be degrading my own damn religion if i did that 

moral of the story is dont put religious symbols all over your jewelry and shirts and art if you dont fucking know what it means

1) you could have saved three lines and just said no homo instead and 2) you literally called George a sex god stop with this ‘I’m blind to attractive guys’ thing

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i'm actually worried that i'll start to lose interest in joji once ff ends because that was the main reason i followed him. I love his Pink Guy music though and his joji music is good too but it's not necessarily my style (i like old yeller the best which is more on his pink guy side even though it's a joji song) And I don't want to lose interest in him because he a beautiful boi and i love him so much

😕 yeah dude youre not alone. i wouldnt even call myself a joji stan (since pink guy is my main man no joke), frank is what pulled me in as well. i suppose joj knows that not everyone is gonna support him the way they did before & hes willing to risk that if he ends the show.

that being said its okay if you dont/wont care for joj as much, that doesnt make you an asshole or anything. its completely understandable x

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Nct mlt have a daddy/master kink?

oh my g od,,,,


  1. Hansol (the second you’d say it his eyes would just go dark and he’d smirk and oh my goD)
  2. Yuta (i lowkey see him as more of the ‘master’ type but once you said it he’d have you say it all the time, oh my god. say it in his ear in public and you’ll definitely get a punishing,,,,)
  3. Johnny (imo he is Daddy. like. the definition of it but idk im biased. y’all seen him in that suit tho, h o t d a m n)
  4. Jaehyun (S U G A R D A D D Y M A T E R I A L. that is all.)
  5. Kun (v e r y lowkey like he’d only have u call him daddy in very specific situations)
  6. Taeil (he would honestly love it but when you said it he’d be so flustered poor thing he wouldn’t know what to do or how to respond,,,)
  7. Doyoung (he’d be v similar to taeil except when u said it, he’d just get this adrenaline rush he’d be proud of himself and oh my god he’d teAR YOU UP dont even get me started i)
  8. Winwin (i see him as a master kind of guy but similar to kun, only in very certain situations but oh my god you say it and he just bites his lip and in his deep voice goes, “yes, kitten.”)
  9. Ten (i wouldn’t say he wouldn’t like it at all, but. i don’t see him taking full advantage of it, y’know? he finds it much hotter when you call him by pet names.)
  10. Taeyong (ok this is just me but taeyong is sucH A SUB I JUST CANT SEE IT IM SO SORRY THIS IS COMPLETE PERSONAL BIAS BUT)


i better not have forgotten anyone oh my god

How are Seventeen In Bed?

S.Coups: Every time he goes inside you he screams “ SAY THE NAME!!!” in your ear. Every. Fucking. Time. And you have to reply with “Seventeen!” or he refuses to continue.

This your daddy. This is my daddy. This is our daddy. We love daddy.

Jeonghan:  Despite looking delicate and as soft as a rose, he’s actually the opposite. #strokegameouttathisworld. Sex with him is nothing short of amazing. He lasts long. Takes care and makes sure you’re comfortable. Foreplay. Lawwwwddd the foreplay. The things this man can do with his tongue. However, he refuses to wear a condom which is no bueno. No glove, no love, son.

Mingyu: He’s gorgeous. He’s sexy. He’s fine. Oh so very very very very fine. There’s just one teensy problem. Sigh. He’s a premature ejaculator. He’s turned on by any and every thing. Text him back. He cums. Wave at him. He cums. Look in his general direction. He cums. Speak. He cums. He can’t control it. So by the time you’re ready to start he’s at the finish line :(. He can eat the kitty like a pro though so there’s that.

Vernon: He’s fucking crazy. Sex with him is even crazier. He’s into some hardcore rough sex. Reallllyyyy rough. The kind that makes you question your morals. He’s ruptured your cervix twice. You only meet with him once every six months as per your gynecologist instructions.

Woozi: Don’t let his small size fool you, Woozi has the biggest dick in the group. Yes, you read that right, Woozi got a big dick. He knows how to work it just the way you like it. Sometimes you feel like he knows your body better than you do. However, he has an habit of randomly screaming “I DONT LOOK LIKE YOONGI, BITCH” when you guys are intimate which is confusing because you’ve never once called him Yoongi.

Joshua: He has erectile dysfunction, but he’s cute so you don’t mind playing with his flaccid limp noodle.

He’s amazing in bed. He knows all your hot spots and can get you all hot bothered without even taking your clothes off. He’s good at what he does…there is just one problem. He likes to pray. Not that praying is a bad thing….he just says his prayers while he’s balls deep inside you. 

Seungkwan: “The bragger”. He’s always talking about how good he is in bed and how he can eat it like groceries.. Sex with him is awkward he constantly forgets to put it in the right hole and puts it in your belly button instead.You’re probably the first vagina he’s ever seen.

He may look cute and innocent, but he’s actually into bondage. He loves to tie you up and gag you. Which is a little exciting because who doesn’t love a little bondage? However, he often leaves you bound and gagged. and by often I mean all the time but he’s cute so that’s okay.

Jun:  He takes his teamwork with his other members very seriously. Too seriously. He’s a firm believer of “Ain’t no fun if the homies cant have none”.He frequently asks you if you’re down for orgies. You’re having a hard time telling him no.

*glances nervously at the anon who said they would cut me if I said anything bad about Minghao* He’s great. Absolutely nothing negative to say about him at allllllllllllllllll. 10/10 would bang again. 

Dino: He’s a shy lover. It’s normal people get shy when they’re intimate. He’s just too shy. He likes to have sex in the dark with sunglasses on and he doesn’t like to take off his shirt, or pants, or socks, or underwear, or any article of clothing period. So sex with him is basically dry humping…but he lasts longer than Mingyu so that’s a plus.

‘That Wasn’t Very Punk Rock Of You.’

Insta : oyazho_imvu

Twitter : oYazho_IMVU


Guys i’m sorry, i promised that i would do a post every week and maybe 2 a week but ofcourse like the fat lazy fuck that i am i havent been doing that every week, But im going to start to force myself to stay active and Twitter Insta and Tumblr, Cause i do enjoy editing my pictures and making hot outfits, And i have hit 900 followers like holy shit i dont even deserve that many followers cause i havent been posting alot like i wanted to, i Wanna do something if i hit a 1000 followers ofcourse, But i dont really know what to do if i do get a 1000 followers, Im thinking of a Q&A or im gonna give some shoutouts to people who want to get more known on tumblr for their IMVU fashion, But yeah that was my long ass message, You guys are all babe’s and ilysm ♥♥♥ ( i think im just gonna start calling you guys my babe’s cause why not xD)

When Tae is away, Kookie and Jiminie have other things in mind to do.

(its probably defeating tae’s high score in that game they play together. But whatever u think may be true too lol who knows)

✧ old magcon bios✧ (◡‿◡✿)

oinnn gente, então resolvi postar umas bios p vcs, essas em inglês >>não<< fui eu que fiz, só peguei e mudei algumas coisas. As em pt fui eu szszszsz Se pegarem deem like ou credit to factordallas xx


  • i love aaron with all the letters, words and pronunciationsin all languages and accents in all directions and ways with all the circumstances and reasons
  • cameron dallas is so amazing, so kind, so beautiful, so generous, i’m so lucky to have him on my life
  • cameron dallas look what you’ve done to me
  • matt is my little sweetheart ( ˃ ᵕॢ ˂ॢ )
  • maybe jack gilinsky and satan are the same person, THAT’S EXPLAIN ALL
  • im just in love with 12 guys who dont know i exist
  • °˖✧ i don’t call jack johnson sunshine, i call him moonlight cause that means he’s there even when its dark. ✧˖°· ♡
  • ❝Before I met cam I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.❞
  • @Nashgrier I knew you were a trouble since I saw you on vine and now I cant stop loving you
  • 12/12 notice me and follow me bitches ahahahahahah ok ok that’s a lie

português funny bios**

falei pra minha mãe q eu sou magcult e ela começou a chorar n entendi

vc acha q eu gosto dessa vida de fã de viner?????/// vOLTA AQUI E REPETE

viner who sim, primeiro no itunes tambem

eu digo matthew espinosa e vcs respondem dono da minha alma vAMOS LA

fui confessar e falei pro padre que sou sammy garota ele me jogou p fora e gritou “LUGAR DE DEMONIO EH NO INFERNO” n entendi

carterreynolds tem pika pequena, repassem

eu sou taylor garota pq eu me amarro em homem q se faz de fodao mas no fundo é só uma florzinha

[mãe voice’s] te criei pra ser gente e nao fã de viner

minha mãe disse q o shawn tava prejudicando minha vida ai eu falei q a voz dela tava prejudicando meus ouvidos rimos juntas e apanhei um pouco talvez mto

vc é tão ridicula q eu vou ate te chamar de carter reynolds

pior do q ser fã de viner é,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bom,,,,, n existe nada pior q isso

olha bem pra mim e ve se eu tenho cara de fã de viner

pra eu ser 12/12 so falta mais 12

mahogany follows %%%%% mentira, i’m fã not macumbeira

oq falar de nash grier um otario que eu amo e odeio ao mesmo tempo

satanás e jack gilinsky, aonde eh q ta a diferença???//

quando eu assinei o contrato de cameron garota nao tava escrito q eu sofreria pelo cachorro dele tambem

ate pq n basta ser so otaria tem que ser magcult tbm q eh quase a mesma coisa

*******************ficaram meio ruinzinhas mas espero q gostem xoxo*************