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oh baby




i wanted to start saying that that was one of the freaking boldest moves ive ever seen jeon jungkook doing in literally ANYONE

like not bc its rude or anything but bc its so???? intimate??? and no im not talking abt sitting on jimin’s lap only but the entire damn package that came with it

like okay i need screenshots

here we are at the very beginning of the five seconds that saved my life and we have:

jungkook’s grin like he’s abt to win the biggest prize on lottery and he knows it

jimin’s face of bitch what u doing dont take my drink away from me wtf

AND!!! important detail: jimin’s arm resting on the armrest of the couch okay good moving on

NEXT WE HAVE a ?? n kinda wary jimin trying to figure out what the fuck jeon’s doing (lmao the way his hands follow jungkook’s even though he’s not even holding the cup anymore)

also s/o to jungkook’s ear piercings making him look hot in a casual outfit

anyway okay next

i can’t even fucking–

LOOK AT THE WAY JUNGKOOK HOLDS JIMIN’S WRIST SO TENDERLY LIKE HE’S THE MOST PRECIOUS DOLL IN THE WORLD AND CAN BREAK AT ANY MOMENT :-( also pay attention to how his hand can easily encircle jimin’s entire wrist gdi boys give me a BREAK

okay so

remember how jimin’s arm was resting on the couch :)

good cause its clearly not there anymore so it makes us wonder where it might be since he doesnt have any space on that side of the couch………. tho his baby’s lower back seems like a very good place for it to rest in my opinion dont u think

anyway i have no idea how i managed to turn a five seconds cut clip into this but oh well

now i may leave while i thank both the heavens and jikook for being so damn gay

look at their smiles and the way jungkook’s hands rest on jimin :-( i love them :(((((( also his fucking hand is the size of jimin’s shoulder im–

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You should add onto your andreil asl/pse. Like more in depth about when around the foxes or something.. it's actually a really cool idea.

Your wish is my command…
(I guess this is kind of a continuation of this post)

  • since the two of them are both the eptiome of Extra™ they would have multiple conversations at once
  • kevin could be going on about games or plays
  • andrew would just start signing to neil out of boredom
  • neil would respond to andrew and answer kevin without even thinking
  • dan and matt are just in shock when they see andreil arguing rapidly in asl
  • nicky tries in vain to learn a few signs so he knows what they’re talking about
  • he thinks he’s done it but then is completely lost when he sees them having a conversation
  • renee actually does pick up a little bit of asl
  • but she never eavesdrops on their conversations
  • the angel
  • wymack notices but doesn’t even make a comment bc nothing phases him anymore
  • sometimes neil or andrew will randomly switch from signing to english 
  • andrew signing something to neil and neil answering in english while his hands are full
  • thus leaving the rest of the foxes thoroughly confused
  • andrew, signing: I hate you
  • neil, in english: Yeah, yeah, I know. Six feet under and all that. What flavour of ice cream do you want me to pick up?
  • the foxes: ????????
nct quote masterlist
  • I wanna have xxxx with you fatass! love you forever darling-Ten’s birthday note to Johnny
  • You are all gay-Taeil
  • why do i need to buy chocolate if im the chocolate myself?-Jaehyun
  • Ten and I just showered together-Johnny
  • if you hold your pee in for too long, a big surprise will follow- Yuta
  • i like the bed because it gives me the feeling of a forest fairy-Taeil
  • Are these pokeballs?- Ten
  • Why do i look so scary?-Taeyong
  • This reminds me of the first time we met. I dont even remember that. Me neither, i just know it was awkward- Mark and Johnny
  • VERY HOT-Ten
  • Ten never looked at girls- Ten’s teacher
  • This is Taipei - Yuta
  • I really know nothing about dating - Taeyong
  • Hello we are the foreign swaggers- Mark 
  • I lived in america for 4 years thats why im here man-Jaehyun
  • Welcome back to the foreign swagger section-Mark
  • SM Super Cookie-Ten
  • I really dont think i can do this anymore-Taeyong
  • So today! February 2nd! Actually, its the 9th. Oh man dude what am i saying? No, its cool- Mark and Johnny
  • Doyoung who is filled with beautiful thoughts, I love you! -Taeyong
  • Everywhere I look, pose.  Everywhere I place my hand, its a pose. -Taeyong
  • I forgot how to do satoori-Hansol
  • A six-pack is too heavy for me, so now I only walk around with a one-pack.  I leave the other five behind.  I used to have chocolate abs, but i ate two of them. - Haechan
  • Who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. Alright, who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. -Jaehyun, Jisung, and Mark. 
  • I wake up at 7 am to water my plants.  But i dont have any plants - Haechan
  • THESE CRYBABIES SERIOUSLY! *wipes away tears*- Haechan ofc
  • Ten and I showered together - Johnny
  • He is always following me!!!  What are you talking about… - Mark and Haechan
  • My friends call me a heater, cuz i bring the heat! - johnny
  • I love him [johnny] soooo much! - Ten
  • On my schedule, from noon to 1 pm, I avoid haechan - mark
  • Offer the last piece of food! Please accept my Taeyong :) -Taeyong and Doyoung
  • I’M HEARTBROKEN!!!!!- Haechan
  • *dolphin screams* - Chenle 
  • hello my name is marklee - Mark Lee
  • Ten was never interested in girls - Ten’s old teacher
  • Yes, I learned some Chinese phrases.  The one that left the deepest impression on me is “where is the bathroom”- Haechan
  • Everyone should take unflattering pictures of other people- Haechan 
  • *someone mentions Haechan’s name* ahhhh im getting stressed - Mark
  • Bugs are bugs, but I’m really afraid of people… especially haechan - mark
  • Don’t give any food to mark. Haechan, you know you wont survive today right? Theres also tomorrow and the day after. Theres no camera tomorrow! - Haechan and Mark
  • We (mark and haechan) have a fantasy-like relationship - Haechan
  • Don’t, the cameras are rolling ;)))) - Jaehyun
  • Pinch Johnny’s nose, he’ll either die or wake up - Yuta
  • My face looks big today.  It normally is big. - Chenle and Jisung
  • Winwin is cute, but he’s stupid - Kun
  • It’s Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation - Johnny 
  • I choked on an icecube and i really thought it was blocking my air passage.  I kept giving Johnny and Yuta looks to make them call 119 because i couldn’t speak nor breathe.  We thought that he was joking because he jokes around a lot. - Taeil and Yuta 

look at that shit eating grin (original post by @imagine-your-oc )

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Omg I love your writing! I have post notifications on and I'm honestly on this account everyday! I feel deprived when I'm not on it😅your writing is absolutely amazing and you update so regularly which I honestly love!! I hate those accounts that don't post for months. But you post everyday which is great cause I love reading your stories everyday😍I was wondering if you're still taking requests if you could continue the drunk Betty story? So like, them having the conversation in the morning?

Thank you so much, I love to write, if I could spend all day everyday writing about this gorgeous pairing. I totally would!

“Eww, eww, eww, eww, eww” Betty mumbled quickly wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Never again.

She was never drinking again. She had learned her lesson ten fold. Dragging herself from the toilet , she flopped down on her bed. this was it, this was her life now. She was forever planted in this bed.

Suddenly the familiar ring of her cell phone went off, she growled, throwing the pillow over her head. Ignoring whoever needed her. Unfortunately the ringing wouldn’t stop, she had no choice but to pick up the phone.

“What!” She hissed into the speaker, not bothering to check the caller ID.

“Well good morning sunshine! Get dressed, I’m outside, we’re going for a walk. If you’re not down in ten minutes, I’m coming up” The line clicked dead

Her heart stopped at the familiar voice, something had gone down last night between her and jughead, while the specifics weren’t clear, she knew fairly well what was about to happen.

“Well Betty Cooper, its time to dress for rejection.”

Brushing her teeth quickly and piling her silky hair into a messy bun on top of her head, she pulled on a tight pair of black yoga capris and a simple white v neck. Lacing her sneakers she took a quick glance in her mirror, admiring her butt. Well, at least she could give him something to look at, when she walked away thoroughly broken hearted.

As she locked her front door, she felt a pair of hands on her waist.

“How’s my very favorite drunk?” He whispered in her ear.

She hid her shivers at his close proximity by shaking his hands off her shoulders

“Really funny Jughead, I need a burger, let’s go to pops.”

Jughead laughed suprised,

“Its nine in the morning?”

She shot him a quick glare

“I’ve seen you eat an entire steak dinner before eight am, don’t try me”

He put his hands up in mock salute, grinning.

They walked in comfortable silence about halfway until Jughead finally broke the ice.

“You were upset with me last night.” He grabbed her wrist stopping her from walking

She cast her eyes down, waving her hand

“I was drunk Jughead, I was mad at everyone.”

He shook his head

“No, you were angry with me because you think I like ginger Lopez”

Well. Okay guess we’re just cutting to the chase then.

“Well now that you mention it, it is kind of ridiculous, come on Jughead really? She’s so fake and you know I’m all for women doing what makes them happy, but she’s not right for you. She isn’t your type of girl at all. Did you know she just broke up with Reggie mantle, if that doesn’t scream stay away I don’t know what does.” Her hands were flying everywhere

“I agree.” Jughead smiled simply

“And then there’s the fact that she totally… Wait what?”

Jughead laughed

“I agree, she’s not the girl for me, gingers very nice , but you were right, she’s not my type.”

“SO YOU DONT EVEN LIKE HER?!” Betty shouted before instantly regretting it, placing her fingers to her temples, the hangover coming back at a rapid pace.

Jughead placed his hands over hers, grinning

“Nope, and you would have known that if you had just asked me,instead of running off and getting smashed at the blossoms.” He wrinkled his nose in distaste.

Sighing Betty nodded

“Okay you’re right, I was an idiot. Now that that’s settled can we please go to pops I’m thinking of adding a milkshake to my order.”
She began walking ahead, but Jughead grabbed her arm again.

“I don’t think so. There’s still something we have to discuss.”

Her eyes widened and she looked away speaking sheepishly

“And what’s that?”

He grabbed her chin with his free hand

“I love you Betty Cooper, have loved you for a quite a bit now.” He was grinning and ducking to meet her eyes.

As soon as green met blue, tears welled in her eyes

“You do?”

“I do.”

Suddenly she was clinging to him l,tears wetting his flannel.

He pulled away gently, placing a soft kiss to her forehead,

“Come on ill buy you that burger. So.. how was being drunk anyway.”

She reached for his hand, threading their fingers together

“Oh juggie, you do not wanna know”

Sid the Kid - Sidney Crosby #1.2

Originally posted by brendendillon

about/request: Hey, I really liked your Sidney Crobsy imagine. Could you do part 2?! Can’t wait to know how it continues… (x100000 this was all you all wanted.)

warnings: cursing and fighting and angst and crying

authors note: honestly i don’t even like this guy why is this becoming the best thing im writing wtf anyway it got long and i dont even know what direction its going in but here it is i really liked the restaurant scene bye

word count: 1910

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In The Name Of Love: Part One


You lived a life much different than any other married couple on the planet, it was full of action and mystery. But the only mystery that was unsolved was your marriage. Stuck in the boring routine of the lifeless marriage the both of you were caught in, Tony and Steve make plans to get the two of you back together - with the help of Bruce Banner. You had three weeks, and each session you noticed a change in your love life. But things could get far more messy than the both of you intended.

Notes: Bucky x Wife!Reader, Tension. Part two will be posted tonight. Let me know what you think! I would very much appreciate it! :)

if you want to be tagged, let me know! :)

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AHHHH THIS WOULD BE SO CUTE i should be doing my chem prelab and yet

you heard a loud smack! echo throughout the gym. pausing in your spot, you scanned the room on autopilot, as did everyone else after hearing the sound. you saw peter parker standing there, rubbing his nose, and when he turned you could make out a red mark, presumably from where a dodgeball had made contact.

you couldn’t help the laugh that escaped, making eye contact with peter right as it happened. he looked shocked, his eyes wide and his nose starting to drip blood. it sobered you up a little, your smile starting to waver, but then peter smiled widely, ducking his head sheepishly.

you bit back a wider smile, looking away from him and wondering why your cheeks were suddenly feeling so hot to the touch.

Taste of Hell

Originally posted by kotaros

A/N: Servamp (Mahiru/Kuro, lee Kuro) -  16. “What the hell is that/this?!” - lol I had no idea what to write and let myself be inspired by the available GIFs. Result: this super badly written fic yooo x”D.

Summary: Mahiru asks Kuro to taste some cookies, which escalates. 

Word Count: 1118

“KUROoooo!” Kuro stirred a little in his sleep and uncurled from his comfy position on Mahiru’s bed. Now what

Mahiru yelling at him had become a regular thing, so he already started to wonder if he had dirtied the room again, broken something or if this wasn’t a time to be allowed to take a nap on Mahiru’s bed (his Eve was a talent at making up his mind, like, not). 

Instead, Mahiru’s yell was followed by the thump thump thump sounds of his foot steps before the door opened wildly, and the sweet scent of cookies entered the room. Kuro’s nose was as if it suddenly took control over his whole body, because now he was suddenly sitting up straight on his knees, sniffing with his eyes still closed.

“Kuro!” Mahiru stomped towards the bed and landed a big plate of cookies on it. Kuro had now his eyes open and rubbed the sleep out of them while he gazed at the cookies.

“Taste these. It’s for a school project,” Mahiru ordered, and looking at the cookies Kuro shrugged since they just looked like plain cookies.

“Fine,” he sighed, picking one of them and taking a bite. He then gulped and held the half that remained in his hand apart so he could look at the contents of the cookie: a green liquid dripped out of it and he suddenly clamped a hand over his mouth.

“What the hell is this?!” were the muffled words he could force out, and he spit out as much as he could and coughed. Mahiru laughed proudly and threw his head back while jabbing a finger at poor Kuro.

“It worked! You fell for it. You see, I’m making Taste-of-hell cookies for our school festival’s cosplay prank café! This one was wasabi by the way.” Kuro grabbed his throat and coughed. That cookie was absolutely disgusting.

“I’ve got other ones too, try these,” Mahiru pushed the other cookies towards him, but Kuro immediately gulped and backed away on the bed until his back hit the wall.

“No thanks,” he said, still suffering from the after effects of Mahiru’s monster cookie, but Mahiru smirked and followed him down onto the bed, shoving the cookies towards him.

“Yes Kurooo. You always eat anything you like in this household don’t you? This, you’re not gonna refuse either,” Mahiru said, wiggling his eyebrows. Kuro responded by heavily shaking his head.

“Come on Kuro. Say ahhhh~” One of the cookies that looked just like innocent as the previous one got lifted from the plate and Mahiru pressed it against Kuro’s lips, but the vampire kept his lips squeezed together.

“Hmmmmr!” Kuro shook his head in protest.

“Open that mouth of yours,” Mahiru ordered playfully and teasingly, and just when Kuro wanted to shake his head again he suddenly felt Mahiru’s free hand slip towards his side and sneak in a few squeezes. He jolted and his mouth opened wide, accompanied by loud laughter.

“HAha-fffhf!” The cookie was forced into his mouth and Kuro automatically bit down on it. He didn’t even know what he was tasting, but hell it was gross.

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Papercut Music video

featuring rob chilling in the background looking confused. 

Chester looking like the plaid punk rooster we never knew we needed, Mike’s aggresive rap hands, acoustic guitars even though the song uses electric, this video is a personal favorite.

Mike spends half the song staring creepily directly into the camera making faces like this. I dont know what it was with HT but Mike was always glaring?? But what I think is my favorite part has to be Chester hurtling himself around the room. Like shit like this

there he goes

Like i can’t even think of this video without seeing this stupid back arch. it’s so funny.

jokes aside i do still think this concept is cool, the two adjacent horror rooms that start to encroach on the room the band is in as the video progresses. Faces get stretched, bugs show up, walls start stretching. It gets at the paranoia and fear in the song without a cliche narrative. 

Imagine Dean dressing as a knight for you

You grinned a little and laughed as your boyfriend walked into the war room with a brown shirt and chainmail. “What are you doing?” You weren’t laughing at him, really. You loved Renaissance/medieval lore, especially the idea of knights and knighthood. You couldn’t explain why. 

Dean glances down at his outfit before looking back up and replying easily and confidently, “Because you love it.” He took your hand and kissed it. 

You bite your lip even as you can feel the blush creeping onto your cheeks. “Well, you’re definitely not wrong, Sir Winchester.”

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hi!! may i pretty please have some headcanons for how josuke and jotaro would be like and do while making out? v(^∀^*)

i hope i do this justice i dont write sin all that much! but everything for my little pomp son <3


.The first time making out josuke is a hot mess. He doesn’t know what to do, where to place his hands, if he should use his tongue, play with their hair and etc. Even if he is nervous he thinks he’s tough as shit, in his head he’s making out like a pro, tho in real life he’s mediocre at best.

.After getting used to making out he finds it very enjoyable, he knows what to do and knows how to please his s/o. He knows how to use those rosy plump lips.

.He might be a pro by now but it doesn’t mean he isn’t a red bushing mess. 5 seconds in and his face starts to turn red. When his s/o points it out he feels kinda embarrassed, laughing it off… Its an adorable sight to see

.He loves it when his face is covered  in lipstick, something about it just makes him feel like such a bad boy, tho he also gets all tingly in his stomach.


.tomoko will and has caught the two in the act of making out, but tomoko the cool mother she is will either just leave or probably drag josuke off yelling about some pudding he ate or something.


.His first time was a lot smoother then josuke’s, his hands would be placed on their waist, he’d give small pecks on their skin here and there and a faint blush would be on present on his face. He wasn’t really that nervous, to him it was just kissing,

.When he does get a bit heated, oh boy he’s rough, he doesn’t realize it tho. Their lip would probably be bruised and their neck will be covered in hickeys. He will apologize afterwards, tho he cant deny he really liked it.

.jotaro is very dominant…(no shit)…he Wont be afraid to push them against a wall and have a sloppy make out session, tho it is very very rare for him to initiate the make out session.

.What’s even more rare is a gentle loving make out session, which most often happen in the morning. He feels like he’s too manly to have those caring gentle moments, but when they happen their magical. He would be gentle, caressing them and whispering sweet compliments, even smiling at times.

.He loves having them seated on his lap, he finds it so sexy, just looking at them with a lustful face, smirking a bit.

.After a make out session he’d just stand up and continue what he was doing, don’t expect him to bring you coffee or tea. The man is busy, but if he’s in a good mood he’d invite them to sit with in his office.

What have I Done.. / Saeran x MC  

(Takes place when Saeran is admitted into hospital -SPOLIERS )


I knew saeran for as long as i could remember. From when we were little. I still remember when i first met him. He was a bright young boy, his eyes always shining bright with hope that was placed there by his twin brother, Saeyoung. Those were the good times. We ran around in the grasslands, played endlessly in the park, and laid in silence, looking up at the trees, and praying for a better future. Sometimes, when days like those happened, it felt like a dream.

Alas, all dreams must come to an end.

They. They came into the picture. I know now their names to be Rika and V. They came. They convinced Saeyoung to leave. And he did. Without saying goodbye. I was the one that kept saeran sane for that short period of time. And in that short period of time, we developed deeper feelings. We did not know it was love then, but we both knew that we had deeper feelings for each other..in a different way than we felt about Saeyoung.

I thought the worst had already come when they made Saeyoung go away. But i was wrong. So wrong. They came and started talking to Saeran. I did not like it at all..but what could i do. Saeran started to act differently. He only read books about hacking. Talked about hacking. Kept saying he was going to find Saeyoung. But then,..He kept saying he was going to find the saviour. and by that time i knew…My Saeran was long gone.

He dyed his hair, got tattoos and changed his style. He rarely talked to me. Treated me like dirt and if not dirt a complete stranger. I still kept hope. I still tried to get things back to the way they were. But my efforts were deemed worthless when he suddenly disappeared.

Now we are back to the present. Saeyoung found me. I was in shock by still in happiness. I immediately began asking him questions and demanding answers, but he quickly interrupted me with

“We found Saeran, but he is in hospital”

With that i froze and we quickly rushed to the Hospital. He lead me to Saeran’s room. I breathed in slowly as i opened the door. It was him. After so many years. He was Saeran. Still changed but still mine. But, but what a shock was given to me.

Swearing, cursing  at Saeyoung. Screaming that he would kill him. He wanted nothing more than for him to be dead, I thought that was it. But it kept going on and on and on. I could not take it anymore. They were brothers. The closest i knew. And even more so , they were twins. Without a second thought, i ran in front of Saeyoung screaming



Saeran P.O.V

Red…..red was all i saw. she fell. The vase smashed next to her.It happened in a blur. Doctors, nurses, saeyoung all screaming and getting her help. I recognised her from my childhood…but i could not remember much. But..But knew she was special..

What have i done….

Like it??  i love writing so much and thank you for following me!! im halfway to 100 followers now so lets keep it up guys!!!!requests are OPEN and i update as often as i can and make sure i answer them to my full potential!

Lemme throw my opinion on Horikawa into the void

OK, so I have been playing toruabu for well over a year now, and have been using Horikawa since the very beginning, when it was just Mutsu, Atsu, and Hori in my citadel. Having him for that long made me realize; he is not the pure little angel people tend to make him out to be. He is loyal, hardworking, and supportive, dont get me wrong. However, one must look into his past and fate to fully realize why he is acting this way in the anime.

Horikawa was present at Hijikata’s death at the Battle of Hakodate, where a bullet shattered his lower back while riding on horseback.

Hijikata entrusted most of his remaining belongings to his 16 year old page. Including his death poem, a photograph of himself, (Which would have been insanely valuable, photographs were treated like portraits, so it would be like inheriting the Mona Lisa) some important documents, and two swords. Little is known about what happened to Ichimura after Hijikata’s death, and all we know about Horikawa is that the sword was confiscated after WWII and is probably at the bottom of the ocean.

Now, back to the chase:

Horikawa Kunihiro is not perfect, or innocent. The reason he works so hard is because he realized that the only thing he has in his new human form is Izuminokami. Horikawa felt like he failed as a weapon, being with his master at the time of his death, and then sitting around in a box before getting tossed into the ocean by the U.S. Army. He feels like because he messed up once, he can’t do it again. He wants to take the burden off of everyone else’s shoulders, thinking he is the only one to deserve it. Horikawa wants to make himself suffer because he can’t stand to see others suffer. Especially when they are close to him.

Now, how does this play into the events in episode 10?

Horikawa obviously has thought long and hard about what it would be like to see Hijikata. Horikawa knows how and when he dies, and was literally at his side through all the suffering. Horikawa watched Hijikata suffer as his nation metaphorically back stabbed him, but Hijikata went into a losing battle, to his DEATH, because he believed it would be honorable to stay loyal to the version of his nation he wanted to protect. Horikawa carries that loyalty on, putting up with Izuminokami’s shit all the time. (Sorry Izumi fans, but he can be a huge dick to Hori and it bothers the hell out of me sometimes)

Izuminokami is kind if Horikawa’s ideal, his charge, but Izumi said some things he shouldn’t have, and throughout the series, seems to respect Horikawa less and less as a person. We can watch Horikawa get sidelined throughout the show. This slight abandonment is exactly what Horikawa has been trying to avoid, his deepest fear. The fear of rejection.

How will this shape the story:

Well I’m a bit of of an emotional Masochist, and I’m a slut for good/unusual story paths, so I want to see Horikawa descend. Will he become like the retrograde army? Will he mess everything up in a future mission because he was being ‘selfish’? If he does 'go dark’, will he retain the same form? WILL HE BECOME LIKE AN ENEMY WAKIZASHI??? How will the others handle this?? Will they redeem him???

My personal ideal plot would be Horikawa slowly goes darker, morphing into a partial enemy Wakizashi, but he still retains recognizeable parts. (The torso thing on the top of the creatures) Therefore, the Second unit knows its him, and freaks the hell out. (HUGE BONUS POINTS IF HE CHANGES/STARTS GROWING EXTRA LIMBS AND STUFF WHILE HE IS STILL WITH THE SECOND UNIT) Cue final battle, and everyone is occupied by enemies. Horikawa dissapared for a while so the second unit is not openly worried about him. Kanesada is searching for stuff in the battlefield (allies, Konnosuke, enemies, historical figure, etc.) Ends up in a secluded area, and Bam. There he is. A nearly full transformed/dark Horikawa. Kane is horrified, and Hori attacks. While fighting Kane, Hori is explaining why he chose to leave the second unit and shift. The primary reason? “Because no matter how many times is saved you, or Kuninaga, or Tonbokiri, or even your precious Yoshiyuki, you never cared. Do you know why I even spared the effort to do that?! Because I wanted to be loyal! I WANTED to protect you! And what do you do… You dont care. You NEVER cared. Then I realized… Maybe I should fight for my OWN beliefs. Not the beliefs of my Master, dead or alive. Aruji made a terrible mistake, giving us souls. So go on, Izuminokami Kanesada, fight for your master. They never care in the end.” Kane is startled by a gunshot, and Hori slumps onto the ground. Mutsu is standing behind the dying wakizashi, crying, hand still clutching the smoking gun. Horikawa is dead, back shattered by the bullet on the 'back’ of the wakizashi creature. Kanesan is dragged by Mutsu away from the corpse, and towards the room where the Final boss is supposed to be. The Boss is long dead, and the room is spotless. Except for some writing on the back wall, reading “Regardless if it is a losing battle, I will fight for my freedom”. Every member knows its Horikawa. Even in death, after reverting to the 'dark side’, he still helped them. He always would.

OK anyway here’s my mess of shit haha fuck I hate myself please take this message me if you want to yell about the intense shit this show could do.


years ago when i had a chance

i couldve held your hand 

but i was young and then i blew every circumstance

yet i still thinki dream of

dancing, dancing

ohh with you, with you

and maybe even share a drink or two while i tell you 

the truth

that i dont even care what this is for

as long as i get to share the floor

with you with you

with you

in my thoughts and dreams

i do a lil swayin away with you

even if i know it’ll never realize

maybe one day i’ll wake up

maybe someday it’ll be true

maybe that day I’ll be

i will be

dancing, dancing

ohh with you, with you

and maybe even love you a little more

while we tango across the floor

and i dont even know when i’ll see you again

but i’ll just keep living this dream til the end

with you with you

with you

That episode confused me so hard. i didnt know either we were seeing the past, the future, the alternate universe. LIKE I DONT EVEN KNOW. 






enjoy this drawing of my frustrations :3

EIDT: okay im an idiot. i wasnt even thinking thats what he was doing. im mean thats what I was kinda thinking but it never really hit me. he was cauterizing his wounds.( thank you for those whom responded which i was very surprised)  it just confused the hell out of me because I just didnt know what in gods name was going on. I really did thought that he didnt know if what was going on around him was really happening so he just shocked himself to see if all of that was a dream or not. but i rewatched the episode and he was undoing the wrap around his leg and im like ooooooh i didnt see that at first. fuck me xD i need to pay attention. so much was happening. im just naive  plus im sleep deprived and i just thought it was funny so im like fuck it . i aint gonna think. fucking draw 

anonymous asked:

Please.. Dont die.. After a long time of being a fan of you, you want to die..? Please.. Dont... In UTA (Undertale Amino) I remember letting one of my friends down because I didnt help them, thy treated me like shit. And even if I slightly cut my hand, at least I didnt kill myself... I knew it was something i shouldn't do.. So please.. Dont kill yourself.. We love you..(Wrote this while drawin your daughter, aka m!goth)

I’m not leaving. And I ain’t gonna cause any drama about it again. Since all the problems I had about me wanting to leave has already been solved. I ended it. And I’ll try handling it again. So I know what to do. And it’s not killing myself. I’m not giving my life, something u can’t just get, to “them”. And I’m sorry about ur friend. I used to be upset about not getting help too. Tho things r different for me now. And hope u can solve that problem with ur friend. I can’t advice u anything because I don’t think I should. Since I’ve done mistakes too. And thank u! That’s sweet of u.. ♡ (;//w//;)

Im sick and i need your help

Im so sorry to take advantage of how many followers i have on this blog but i need help.

Im not asking for money dw.

Im sick. I know im sick but i dont know what i have. Doctors keep dismissing me or telling me to go to specialists that i cant afford.

I was hoping i could list my symptoms here and see if they resonate with anyone who can give me something to go to my doctor with.

First of all the things i know i have that have already been diagnosed.
- autism
- depression
- generalised anxiety disorder
- dyscalclia

Ok here we go. * = i experience this everyday. Everything else is at least once a week.

- Headaches* (10 years+)
- VERY bad back pain* (5 years)
- General body aches even when i do nothing* - Stomach cramps
- Very high body temp*
- Numbness/tingling in patches on my face
- Night sweats
- If i dont consume sugar regularly i get dizzy and can faint*
- Heart “cramps” (feels like a cramp but idk what it really is)
- Im loosing my peripheral vision in my right eye
- Shaky hands*

And just as a side note when i was 11 i got a concussion and got no medical treatment and ive had a brain scan last year and they found nothing.

Id love for as many people as possible to see this so i can get help. I feel like im dying. It feels like my body is giving up on me and im so scared. Thank you