i dont even know what to caption this as but im laughing really hard

Yano as boyfriend

- secretly loves being called ‘oppa’
- your dates are mostly in cafes because no one loves cafes more than seo sangwon
- lots of couple photos
- like every time you go out on a date he insists that you take photos because MEMORIES
- and you’re like: “sangwon this is like our 46472810th date”
- but deep inside you’re really happy bc!!! He is so sweet and he really treasures all the times you’ve spent together
- buys a new memory card w/ a larger capacity bc his old memory card basically just gave up on him bc
- asks you like 1000x times which filter is better (and tbh you dont see any difference)
- you’re like: “you don’t need to filter your photos you’re handsome anyways!!”
- and he’s like “awwwww jagiyaaaaaa~” and leans in for a kiss
- but you’re like: “sangwon we’re in public!!”
- So he’s like “ok when we get home you owe me 27281827 kisses”
- the type of boyfriend who would help you w/ your homework
- although he’s also struggling with his school works + idol life
- disses your professors who always gives you a hard time in class
- gets all your classmate’s phone number so he knows who to contact IN CASE OF EMERGENCY
- and you’re like: “you don’t need to get that guy’s number i dont even know him LOL”
- he always gives you updates whenever you’re not together
- Like sends you a selfie w/ the caption “jagiiiii, we’re going to practice until late todaaay ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i miss youuuu”
-  and “Jagi, me and Sanggyun went to the konbini to buy some snacks, i’ve bought some of your favorites, wish you were here”
- and sanggyun’s like: “wtf Br0 it’s like 4am she’s prolly sleeping”
- like when you’re out on dates he always hold your hands and kiss it
- or when youre just lazing around your house, he likes giving you hugs and showering your face with kisses
- likes to lie down on your lap whenever you watch movies
- he plays with your hair when you can’t fall asleep
- sometimes when he gets writer’s block & can’t find the inspiration to write lyrics, he would video call you
- and you would tell him that he shouldn’t stress himself so much and that the lyrics will come to him in no time
- and he will feel much better bc just simply hearing your voice makes him super happy and inspired and he will have the energy and the passion to write lyrics
- when you get into a fight, he will free style rap and you couldn’t help but laugh bc it’s so silly and funny and sangwon would be like: “heheheh i’m sorry jagi-yaaaah”
- And you would end up making out in the couch bc what is a better way of making up than making out ???
- And YOU COULD SAY THAT HE CAN DO OTHER THINGS W/ his mouth other than rapping ;) ;) ;) ;) 
- is just basically a ball of fluff and you love him so much bc he is so sweet and caring and always finds time for you
- and you can only stand being mad at him for like 0.7471818 seconds
- because he is so CUTE and seriously who can stand being mad at him he’s literally like a baby!!!
- he sends you song recommendations & you find it really funny that despite him being a rapper, he actually likes ballad & sad songs
- Like he likes listening to Sam Smith and gets emo when he listens to “i know im not the only one”
- he is the maknae of the group & is always being taken care of so when’s he’s with you he tries his best to take care of you instead
- Like you got a small cut when you were cooking & he immediately rushed to the first aid kit and returned holding alcohol, betadine, cotton pad and even some bandages LOL
- and you’re like: “RELAX, i only need band aid”
- and he asks if you wanna go to the hospital and you’re like: “sangwon it’s just a wound it’s not even 1cm long!!”
- volunteers to help you cook dinner
- but is actually just finding a reason so he can flirt w/ you @ the kitchen
- like he spends half of the time hugging you from behind and kissing your neck
- and telling you how sexy you look wearing that apron
- anyways, having Yano as a boyfriend is the best thing that can ever happen to you
- because he makes you happy and smile and laugh a lot bc he hates seeing you sad
- and he would diss anyone who tries to make your life harder LOLZ
- and yep, seo sangwon is not perfect but you love him anyways bc seriously, who can hate Seo Sangwon (besides sanggyun ehem) ???



Sabrina’s phone buzzes about fifteen minutes into her sociology lecture. She ignores it, and it buzzes again.

And again.

And again.

She’s starting to get worried that it’s something important (though why they wouldn’t just call her she can’t fathom), so she takes a peek at her screen. She sighs and makes a face. It’s Puck.

This significantly decreases the likelihood that it’s something important, but not so much that she can afford to ignore the texts. Puck’s been known to text her from across town because he needs help hiding from the hobgoblin mafia.

He’s also been known to text her incessantly until she laughs at a picture of someone particularly hilarious he saw on the streets of Prague, but still. She can’t risk it, so she opens the conversation.




Answer ur texts before I call u in the middle of whatever boring adult thing ur ignoring me for


Come on u know im more important than whatever ur doing

Im definitely more fun


Talk to me

Sabrina sighs and stuffs her phone back in her pocket. He’s not dying, and that’s all she needs to know.

Her phone buzzes again. She manages to ignore it for almost a minute before she gives in and looks at it.

Don’t u want to know what im doing

Sabrina sighs and texts back, Fine stinkbaby. Tell me what youre doing and ill answer you when I get out of class ok? Youre gonna get me in trouble.

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Please, please, please~ a compilation of jealous jongin or sad jongin because someone is touching my man or territorial jongin bc have to protect what's mine. Or anything that ticks jongin off because no other man shall have kyungsoo's attention but him. i love you. omg thank you

i love u too anon! and ur welcum heheh, anyway, lets get started (since prob this shit is gonna be long im gonna put this keep reading option from now on bc some ppl have complained lol sorry about that)

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jacesimon + memes with credit to @simeonlewis, @warlockboner, @capstevierogers, @izzybabewoods, @gaywarlockmaureen@biprincessisabelle and @highwarlockkareena for all their suggestions!!!

  • they begin with simon flirting via memes while texting. ofc clary knows exactly what is going on judges simon so hard for being a nerd abt the whole crush but it’s actually really sweet to begin with.
  • u know some wholesome memes but jace doesn’t really get them so he’s just like ‘…..thanks……i guess?’
  • simon sending ‘tag yourself’ memes where they’re all just strange, blurry pics of jace’s face with captions like ‘tag urself im jace getting punched by clary’
  • he also sends the spongebob meme with weird captions as well ‘when u find out valentine is not your father’ ‘when u accidentally become a vampire’
  • that’s when they start to become a bit more on the sexual side
  • (eventually the meme and real life tension is too much and they get together)
  • gavin. gavin is their son (according to simon at least) and jace is definetely not jealous/confused about why simon has so many pictures of this kid on his phone.
  • jace: when r u gonna stop sending me pics of that kid
    simon: how DARE gavin is our CHILD ur sleeping on the couch tonight
  • jace:………..
  • (later on in their relationship, simon insists on having a framed picture of gavin in their flat)
  • rick rolling. simon sends jace ‘never gonna give you up’ one day as a laugh but? jace doesn’t know it’s a meme and is so touched? because even tho its a weird song the lyrics are actually really sweet and jace is just really in Love
  • then simon doesn’t have the heart to tell him it’s a joke when jace starts always sending it to him when he wants to be romantic and cute!!! 
  • when simon is feeling upset jace will just send it to him and simon will feel a bit better already!! and then it stops being a meme and instead simon starts associating the song with jace and vice versa
  • simon playing it at a gig with his band and dedicating it to ‘my boyfriend jace’ and!!!! jace is ofc at the gig and he’s not even gonna try and be ~cool~ as soon as the first bit starts he’s fucking gone, he’s a mess by the end!! rest of the audience is confused by the rickrolling tho.
  • then jace learning to play it on the piano and playing it for simon privately, with soft smiles and shaking hands bc he wants to get it perfect after what simon did for him in front of all those people
  • the doge meme
  • jace: i’ll be home soon just killed 4 demons
  • simon: much killing, such shadowhunting, very nephilim
  • jace:…………nvm
  • jace eventually learning to retaliate with his own memes and that’s when simon is truly and utterly fucked bc jace is actually really good at it
  • jace saying ‘or nah’ at everything (’bee movie or nah?’) and also:
  • jace: i dont wike it
  • simon: *sweating nervously* babe no
  • jace: i DONT WIKE IT
  • simon: *what have i created*
  • and lastly jimon having their own personal memes like ‘come at me bro!’ and betting 20 dollars on everything
Seventeen Reaction

“hyung line reaction where they try to jump-scare you to see your reaction and your first instinct when you get scared is to punch so when they pop in front of you, you end up punching them" 

 Seungcheol: Seungcheol would’ve been waiting for you from behind the counter. You knew he was hiding because of the fits of giggles but weren’t sure where. When he popped up you got so frightened you ended up knocking him hard across his face. You gasped loudly as his hands held his face “I should’ve seen that coming” he said.

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 Jeonghan: The moment your hand come in contact with his body, his face would sink. “did you just hit me?” he’d say almost upset. You were starting to get nervous when he would burst out laughing. “you should’ve seen your face! you’re lucky i love you though because you can catch these hands if you hit me again” 

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 Joshua: Joshua would’ve tried his hardest to keep his little giggle quiet when he heard you walk into the room. Right when you turned on the light he popped up causing you to yelp and slap him across his face. He gasped holding his face. “I didn’t know it was you” you tried to hold him close “no babe Its my fault” 

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 Jun: He hid behind the door waiting for you to come home. When you were a good distance away he ran from behind you and tackled you. You swang out of reflex and hit him. The fun would stop as soon as you hit him, He didn’t expect you to hit him. “y/n what the fuck was that for?” he said half laughing half serious “well you’re the on jumping out of fucking doors” you both laughed.

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 Hoshi: Hoshi would act all upset and sad that you hit him. But in actually he wanted to bust out laughing. This little shit would want you to make it up to him even if it was his fault. “Babe it really hurt.. but i think you know what would make it better” hed slightly wink earning another hit. “Worth a shot..” 

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 Wonwoo: He would scare you when you were coming to lay down at night, you’d react by hitting him right in the chest. When you hit him he’d react a bit like hoshi in terms of making it up to him. “That really hurt! the only way to make me feel better is a kiss” hed say puckering his lips. 

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 Woozi: Of everyone he’d be the most upset with the fact you hit him after he scared you. “You took that way too far. you couldnt see it was me?” After a while he’d realize that he should’nt have scared you in the first place and apologize. “Im sorry baby i shouldnt have have scared you so badly” 

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*dont look at the caption*