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maybe. just maybe.

requested: nope

warnings: mentions of insecurity and overall sadness. language as well

pairings: tom holland x reader

type: hc list

summary: you and tom liked each other, but paranoia sets in, and it messes things up for the both of you.

a/n: this one is a mixture of sad and happy. the start of it is happy, but it quickly turns sour. it’s also inspired by this song.

i wanted to write something that was sad, because sometimes, things don’t always have a happily ever after ending.

also, if you are on my taglist, PLEASE don’t feel obligated to read this just because you’re on the taglist. if you would like to only be added to happy things, please let me know, and i will make sure to make a note of it!!

  • you knew tom for awhile, maybe ten months give or take.
    • you two met when you were an extra for infinity war
    • you actually made the first move and told him you loved what he was doing with the new spider-man
    • which made him incredibly giddy
    • the day you left is the day he asked for your number
    • it just went on from there
  • it was obvious that tom flirted with you
    • at the start, it was subtle. some texts saying “your last instagram pic was really good.”
    • then you’d be like “good? like the quality?”
    • and he’d be like “no, like, it was cute”
    • which would make u feel so good!!!!
    • but later in the flirting stage, it’d be more straightforward
    • “you looked really beautiful on facetime”
    • “why didn’t you tell me that on facetime”
    • a call would be made just so it could be said on facetime
  • everyone started to catch on
  • mainly because tom would leave comments on your pictures almost instantaneously
    • and you’d do the same
  • and everything was going smoothly for a long time
  • you weren’t a big movie star (you literally only wanted to be an extra because of tom lmao) but you understood the fact that he couldn’t always be with you every single day, good or bad
  • and you were fine with that for the most part, until it became a bad day
    • you would just sit by your phone, and wait for his name to pop up. just waiting for his kind words to help make your day a little less shitty
    • but you wouldn’t get anything until you’d fall asleep, unfortunately
  • with tom’s new schedule, it was hard to communicate
    • but you wanted the best for your more than just a friend. this was his dream, and you weren’t trying to varnish it in the least bit
  • with the difficult communication, came the dry texting due to him being busy
    • his semi-long paragraph texts would turn into a couple of words, which meant he barely had a second to even glance at his phone  
  • of course, you kept telling yourself that this is his job.
  • and that you two weren’t even official, so this needed to calm down before you got seriously damaged by this
  • but that was kind of too late.
  • with everything you would say to yourself, it just piled up to the point where you felt alone
    • “he’s just busy” which is true, but you couldn’t help but think
    • “he’ll text back soon” which eventually happened, but not to the extent you were hoping for
  • your whole demeanor would change towards him
  • you felt so guilty for being so upset over this, but you couldn’t help it
  • because you truly felt lonely
  • but that’s when you decided to try and distance yourself for god knows what reason
    • you would wait hours to respond, which was different. you’d usually answer instantaneously, hoping he would still have his phone in sight
    • not answering calls, and claiming you were busy
      • but really you were just trying to show him what it was like
    • returning dry messages with one or two word replies of your own
  • eventually, contact just kinda vanished.
    • you didn’t respond to him one day, and he didn’t really attempt to get back into contact
      • which would leave you to tears some nights, because he was supposed to be your love. you two were supposed to make it. hollywood wasn’t supposed to end this.
  • everything was starting to feel normal. no communication was starting to be the only thing you could register.
  • until he had a break.
    • he posted on his instagram about having a while off due to having some of his wisdom teeth cut out
      • you seen it two days after he posted it.
    • next thing you know, you just sat in your bed with tears brimming, because if you had continued talking to him, he would be with you right now. you would be helping harrison and the twins take care of him
      • but you weren’t.
      • you were sat in your bed with one of his stupid old shirts thrown beside your bed in clear view.
  • a day had passed, and nothing but regret filled your mind.
  • but you didn’t know that he felt the exact same way.
    • while you were in your bed late at night, thinking about what you actually had, he would be doing the same.
    • it hit him hard when he was alone after getting his wisdom teeth taken out.
    • because, damn; you were supposed to be there with him. calling him cute little names and making fun of him, all while playing songs from alvin and the chipmunks and singing to him.
    • but instead, there was silence and heartbreak.
  • out of his mind, he tweeted about a song you had suggested to him a long time ago.
    • it was a song you listened to when you felt everything at once.
  • several of your friends texted you with links and screenshots of what he said, almost immediately after he posted it.
    • @TomHolland1996: Promise by Ben Howard always makes me think about the things I once knew.”
  • at this point, you didn’t know if this was about you, or if he was just enjoying the song.
  • until a local friend sent you a screenshot of a picture he just uploaded to instagram
    • @tomholland2013: Maybe, just maybe I’ll come home.”
  • it was a picture of a park in your town.
    • more specifically, the park tom would always make you go to because he thought it had a lovely, aesthetic feel.
    • his home screen for the longest time was actually a picture of you laughing while sitting next to him on a bench
  • now, you knew. he was thinking about you. he was talking about you in that tweet.
  • you knew you shouldn’t, but your heart couldn’t take anymore of this tomfoolery. you texted him.
    • “hey. what’s with those posts?”
  • it took him approximately three minutes to respond.
    • “What do you think?”
  • you sat still, looking at his response, not knowing what to even say. luckily, he did that part for you a couple of minutes after.
    • “Listen, i don’t know exactly what I did in order to make you not speak to me, but it fucking hurts.”
    • “I know I didnt try to talk to you either but thats because i thought you didn’t care enough to answer.”
    • “And I know that I didn’t talk to you a whole lot in the first place, but that’s because I was busy. You know that”
  • you finally stepped in with his last comment.
    • “i knew that perfectly well, tom. i’m not an idiot. i knew your job had consequences for us. i was prepared for that, for the most part. but what i wasn’t prepared for, was literally being isolated. i felt like SHIT because of the little half assed responses i’d get from you. like i said, i knew about the whole distance thing, but i didn’t think it would be this fucking awful.”
    • read at 5:28 PM
    • “and quite frankly, it broke my god damn heart whenever i’d get a notification that you had posted something, but there were unread texts from me sitting in your conversations.”
    • “all of this just made me feel so alone, and so clingy, that it messed with my brain. there were days when i wouldn’t even turn on my phone because i just fucking knew that there wasn’t anything to see.”
    • “i’m sorry if this was a lot to take in, but this was a lot for me to take in too.”
    • read at 5:44 PM
  • by now, you had let everything go. you didn’t care if you cried, or who heard you. you finally revealed everything you kept hidden for so long.
  • roughly thirty minutes had passed. no messages, no posts, no nothing.
  • you were about to head off to bed after a couple of hours of staring at the ceiling with newly dried tears staining your cheeks.
  • you kept your phone on, just in case he wanted to contact you.
  • after you had changed into your pajamas, and laid your head down, the vibration of your phone filled the room. you sighed, and turned over to see tom’s name on your screen.
    • “Im sorry i took to fcking long to reply. I didnt know what to say to you. But I guess I know now. Im sorry for being the absolute worst. I didnt know you felt like that. But while Im sorry, I dont think it would be healthy for us to go forward with anything. At least not rightnow. I don t want to hurt you anymore than i already have. Thanks for being there for the timet hat you were Y/n” 
  • you didn’t even finish reading the text, partly because you couldn’t see much through your tears. but still, you frantically went into twitter, and typed his user into the search bar, and then typed in your name after it. no results were found. reluctantly, you reopened instagram to see the damage. and sure enough, he had archived, or deleted every picture that was related to you. except for his most recent one, but he did change the caption.
    • “Maybe, just maybe you’ll come home.”
  • with that, you messaged him back with a simple response before turning off your phone.
    • “maybe. just maybe.”


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NCT Dream reating to you being able to dance

A/N: i honestly can not stand still so i am always moving and dancing💃🏼 it will be mostly hip hop but a little bit of ballet👨🏿‍🍳 +those are not my gifs👇🏽


OK so let’s say it’s still fairly early in the relationship, and on one of his free days which he doesn’t get very many of he invites you over to the dorm for a movie marathon with pizza and candy and maybe cuddles? and defiantly no hyungs+haechan. it would break you heart but you would have to turn him down because today is the day of your ballet recital. he would probably freak bc wtf you can dance¿ you would probably hit him with “yea didnt i tell you? :/” knowing damn well you didnt tell him. as it turn out you vvv insecure about your dancing and plus you didnt want mark to see you in a tutu :’). BUT NOW THE CATS OUT OF THE BAG and he would blow you up with questions like “where is it?” “when is it?” “how much is it?” “what should i wear?” “im on my way?” and now your freaking out bc markflippinleeiscomingtoseeyoudance and now you are dying ya see bc mark makes you vvv nervous and you need to do well bc your mom is paying a lot of money for you to do ballet and you dont want to embarrass yourself in front of your bae. but none of that matters because after everything is said and done mark finds you back stage and looks at you like your jesus and just walked on water. he would give you so much praise and tell you how amazing and talented and beautiful you are + he would show you all the pictures he took of you on stage. he would also probably send a video of you to the other members with a caption like “thats my bae😍😭🤧🤤” which would result in donghyuck teasing you about your tutu forever:’)


So donghyuck is probably one of those really annoying bfs who is always up you ass, saying things like “aren’t i so cute?” and “i bet your last boyfriend want as attractive as me” so one day when you went to watch him practice he would pull you over to one of the wall sized mirrors and say some barnyard baloney like “You know what I see? I see someone full of talent and beauty and youth with a very bright future” this would cause you to blush, but stop when he opened his mouth again. “Oh look your here too!” You would push him away for being a crazy fool. Still looking at yourself in the mirror you would try to recreate some of the dance moves you saw watching your boyfriend practice. You watch him so often you could probably take his place in ‘first and last.’ he would watch you watch yourself in the mirror and just sit there. you can barley walk in a straight line so he would be pretty shocked when he saw you dace,,, well. he would most likely walk up to you like “your good.. but im better.” he would then go back to practice but little do you know he would go back to the dorm bragging to his hyungs about how amazing his girlfriend is, you would be in the dark about how much he praises you untill mark texts you saying
“im going to kill hc… fr this time”
“he wont shut up about how 'talented’ and 'beautiful’ you are, he even said 'she has more visuals then all of you combined and could probably out dance every one of you’”
this would cause you to laugh and then next time you see him say something like “so you think im beautiful, talented, and a better dancer than all of your hyungs?” he would probably turn really red and burry his head in your shoulder whining about how he hates it when you tease him. omfg hc makes me soft :“)


okay so how about this, you and jeno have been buddies since forever and he wont shut up about how tired he is since he picked up and extra dance class and how its painfully awkward because he doesn’t know anyone in that room. so you being the best friend you can be offer to take the class with him, when you bring it up he laughs, hard and tells you that you shouldnt bc everyone one there is "really talented” and he “doesn’t think you can handle it”. which kinda pisses you off, you almost drop the idea but then your remember that next time he throws a fit your gonna be the one to listen to him piss&moan so you torment your mom into paying your way for the dance class, which happens to be rlly expensive he is lucky you love him. long story short when you showed up to class he was vv shocked and told you that you should go home, what you dont know is he is worried that you might get hurt or embarrassed or even lose sleep because of the class bc ya know, you make jeno soft :“”). buttt you have a point to prove and ignore his words. cutting to the chase jeno is caught off guard when you are able to keep up with the instructor and dance well. bc he was so sidetracked by you he would most likely get scolded by the instructor which would cause you to laugh and him to turn very red.


i would think any relationship with renjun would be pretty relaxed and chill, he would probably like a small girl, not super small but smaller than him bc rip his tiny boy ego. maybe small enough to be a flyer? since you were young youve done gymnastics and renjun knows this. there is only like 2 gyms in the area so when you are doing your flips someone comes up and asks if youve every considered cheerleading, bc your good at tumbling and probably small enough to be a flyer. pondering this you decide to try out for your high school cheer team and it turns out the guy from the gym is also the captain of the team so when he saw you at tryouts he was happy he saved a spot in hopes you would show up. excited that you are apart of a cheer squad you drag renjun whenever you can to all your practices, since there is a lot of dancing in cheer and you dont spend the entire time in the air and flipping he is impressed to see your moves, i could also see him taking you to sm so you can use one of the studios to practice.


ok so like what if you and chenle were just chilling in class and school was getting ready to start but you were standing by his desk just messing around and like someone in the back, some random kid is playing dip dip by 21 savage which just so happens to be your song. so like you absent mindedly start to move around. you are in the middle of telling a him some story about you calling your mom by her first name and as he is laughing at your words and watching you move around and randomly you drop and reverse. he cuts you off screaming like the dolphin he is. “OH MY GAWHD THAT WAS COOL” and “DO THAT AGAINNN” laughing at his reaction you milly rock and reverse which causes his screams to increase x2000 decibels. and ever since then he would randomly turn to you and ask you to reverse, like at lunch, on the way home, at the arcade, in study hall, and in the middle of panera bread. he would probably tag you in musically videos saying sum like “can you do this😱” and if you say yea then next time he sees you irl he would beg you to do it for him, or if he was away from you he would ft/skype you so you could show him or ask you send a video as proof and you better believe if you send him a video he will send it to everyone and post it everywhere says things like “omg, she is soooo goooodddddd😻🤤🤗” and then ten would probably leave some comment like “i be i can reverse better😉”


i feel like as jisung gets older he gets cockier so he probably like to try and show off to you and dance for you. he would probably ask mark (and not hc bc he dosnt want teased) to teach him the dance to cherry bomb so he can dance for you i bet my house he already knows the dance but whatever, maybe he asks mark to help him perfect it. he would practice for days before inviting you to the studio to show you how good of a dancer he is even though you already know. but unknown to him is the fact that nct 127 is your religion and cherry bomb is your favorite hyme so the video is sacred ground. and when he says he wants to show you him dancing to cb you are through the roof bc ur boyfie wants to dance to a song choreographed by jesus himself or maybe the devil. he is about half way through the dance when he dose something backwards which is WEiRD bc he is such and good dancer and he practiced so hard, you must make him nervous🤧 anyway you just sit quietly and let him finished the dance. when he is done he excitedly asks you what you thought, “it was good” you answer stiffly remembering his little mistake. your lack of enthusiasm throws him off and causes him to question what you really thought “well i just noticed you did this instead of this” you said demonstrated what he did wrong and what he should’ve done. jisung is flabbergasted bc, 1.) how did he manage to mess that up? 2.) you looked really good doing that 3.) how on earth did you catch that?

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Can you make scenario for daniel like in snl? Daniel being so cool there hahaha

this is actually such a good idea!! so ive seen a lot of snl ones and its meant to be funny so im gonna base it off daniel laughing at everything like what they discussed in the pre video. omg but idk how to end it like break up or accept (i think i’ll do accept ahaha) so just a heads up everyone this will be different to yo classic bullet point scenario. pls watch some SNL 3 minute boyfriend videos to see what they’re like 

edit after i wrote half this scenario: IM SO SORRY LMAO I DIDNTR REALISE THAT MINHYUN AND DANIEL DID A SKIT OF TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU AND I KIND OF JUST MADE UP MY OWN 3 MINUTE BOYFRIEND ONE….I HOPE THATS OKAY and I WATCHED THEIR PARODY AHHAHA THE BEST im also going to write a to the beautiful you parody version of what where daniel gets together with the girl aka YOU 


  • lets say you’ve been pretty sad recently 
  • your friend has moved schools this year 
  • and so you dont really have many friends
  • you’re really shy and a lil stiff and awkward 
  • and the one thing you suck at is being funny so no one really wants to hang out with you or interact with you :( 
  • whenever you try to tell a joke, no one gets it or they give u the wtf look
  • basically no one has laughed at anything u say :( 
  • so you’re walking home one day at night after academy class 
  • and u see a stall and its like: find your perfect boyfriend to cheer you up!! 
  • and you are like wow this is interesting and u look at all the types and there are so many 
  • from handsome foreign student to gag man to capture in my heart 
  • and there is one that sticks out to u and u literally feel ur heart rate go up ??
  • there is a pic of a boy who mind u is very attractive with the most beautiful and eye smile 
  • and the caption for it was: “your ray of sunshine”
  • and since you’ve been down lately you thought this is what i need !!
  • so u buy it and follow the instructions to create it :)) 
  • the next day you leave your home and u pause bc you see the most gorgeous built guy, with a sweet smile smiling right at YOU 
  • you shyly walk up to him feeling ur cheeks go red and hes just smiling at u non stop 
  • “hello y/n im daniel” he says as he smiles at u patting ur head 
  • “hello daniel” you squeak quietly lmao 
  • you guys walk to school together and he offers to carry ur backpack :)) 
  • and although u guys walk in silence frmo the corner of your eye you can see him still smiling happily and just appreciating life and being positive about everything 
  • he would make comments here and there and they were all so positive and he was just so bRIGHT how can someone be so bright??
  • and u think : yup this is what i need he is a ray of sunshine and this will help me change my mindset :)) 
  • well u two get to school and hes still smiling and its the cutest thing ever 
  • its math class and daniel is sitting next to you 
  • and he’s so good looking and smiling and tbh you guys spend half of maths class just staring at each other and you’re blushing furiously and he’s lowkey playing with you hair
  • and then suddenly your teacher is like: y/n what is 38 + 10 
  • and you obviously dont catch the question at all 
  • so u r like: uhh 10 ?
  • and your classmates are all like wtf is wrong with her 
  • and ur teacher sighs and is like: y/n when will you ever -? 
  • and all of a sudden theres this burst of laughter 
  • …and its coming from daniel 
  • he starts laughing so hard and uncontrollably that tears start falling lmao 
  • you: umm daniel are u ok?? it wasn’t that funny??
  • dan: yes it was !! why are you so funny y/n??
  • and anyways that commotion is over 
  • but daniel is just laughing in his sleeve for the whole day 
  • and when school ends hes still laughing about it 
  • at first u kinda get annoyed at him….and find it a bit embarrassing
  • and whenever he walks past someone he would  tell the story
  • dan to random stranger: OMG DID U KNOW y/n said that 38 + 10 = 10 aaaHAHHAHA
  • and even though he’s smiling and laughing so much about it 
  • and yeah you just give up bc his cuteness wins over you and you think that there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about 
  • and him smiling and luaghing so much gives you this rush of joy 
  • and eventually you start laughing as well and you two are just smiling together how cute 
  • and you’re glad that he can keep you company and bring some more happiness into your life 

omg that was the most anticlimatic ending …. im so sorry everyone forgive me anyways i will try to write a parody of to the beautiful with you with daniel similar to the snl skit which you can watch here  (there are 3 parts btw) 

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Yano as boyfriend

- secretly loves being called ‘oppa’
- your dates are mostly in cafes because no one loves cafes more than seo sangwon
- lots of couple photos
- like every time you go out on a date he insists that you take photos because MEMORIES
- and you’re like: “sangwon this is like our 46472810th date”
- but deep inside you’re really happy bc!!! He is so sweet and he really treasures all the times you’ve spent together
- buys a new memory card w/ a larger capacity bc his old memory card basically just gave up on him bc
- asks you like 1000x times which filter is better (and tbh you dont see any difference)
- you’re like: “you don’t need to filter your photos you’re handsome anyways!!”
- and he’s like “awwwww jagiyaaaaaa~” and leans in for a kiss
- but you’re like: “sangwon we’re in public!!”
- So he’s like “ok when we get home you owe me 27281827 kisses”
- the type of boyfriend who would help you w/ your homework
- although he’s also struggling with his school works + idol life
- disses your professors who always gives you a hard time in class
- gets all your classmate’s phone number so he knows who to contact IN CASE OF EMERGENCY
- and you’re like: “you don’t need to get that guy’s number i dont even know him LOL”
- he always gives you updates whenever you’re not together
- Like sends you a selfie w/ the caption “jagiiiii, we’re going to practice until late todaaay ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i miss youuuu”
-  and “Jagi, me and Sanggyun went to the konbini to buy some snacks, i’ve bought some of your favorites, wish you were here”
- and sanggyun’s like: “wtf Br0 it’s like 4am she’s prolly sleeping”
- like when you’re out on dates he always hold your hands and kiss it
- or when youre just lazing around your house, he likes giving you hugs and showering your face with kisses
- likes to lie down on your lap whenever you watch movies
- he plays with your hair when you can’t fall asleep
- sometimes when he gets writer’s block & can’t find the inspiration to write lyrics, he would video call you
- and you would tell him that he shouldn’t stress himself so much and that the lyrics will come to him in no time
- and he will feel much better bc just simply hearing your voice makes him super happy and inspired and he will have the energy and the passion to write lyrics
- when you get into a fight, he will free style rap and you couldn’t help but laugh bc it’s so silly and funny and sangwon would be like: “heheheh i’m sorry jagi-yaaaah”
- And you would end up making out in the couch bc what is a better way of making up than making out ???
- And YOU COULD SAY THAT HE CAN DO OTHER THINGS W/ his mouth other than rapping ;) ;) ;) ;) 
- is just basically a ball of fluff and you love him so much bc he is so sweet and caring and always finds time for you
- and you can only stand being mad at him for like 0.7471818 seconds
- because he is so CUTE and seriously who can stand being mad at him he’s literally like a baby!!!
- he sends you song recommendations & you find it really funny that despite him being a rapper, he actually likes ballad & sad songs
- Like he likes listening to Sam Smith and gets emo when he listens to “i know im not the only one”
- he is the maknae of the group & is always being taken care of so when’s he’s with you he tries his best to take care of you instead
- Like you got a small cut when you were cooking & he immediately rushed to the first aid kit and returned holding alcohol, betadine, cotton pad and even some bandages LOL
- and you’re like: “RELAX, i only need band aid”
- and he asks if you wanna go to the hospital and you’re like: “sangwon it’s just a wound it’s not even 1cm long!!”
- volunteers to help you cook dinner
- but is actually just finding a reason so he can flirt w/ you @ the kitchen
- like he spends half of the time hugging you from behind and kissing your neck
- and telling you how sexy you look wearing that apron
- anyways, having Yano as a boyfriend is the best thing that can ever happen to you
- because he makes you happy and smile and laugh a lot bc he hates seeing you sad
- and he would diss anyone who tries to make your life harder LOLZ
- and yep, seo sangwon is not perfect but you love him anyways bc seriously, who can hate Seo Sangwon (besides sanggyun ehem) ???



Sabrina’s phone buzzes about fifteen minutes into her sociology lecture. She ignores it, and it buzzes again.

And again.

And again.

She’s starting to get worried that it’s something important (though why they wouldn’t just call her she can’t fathom), so she takes a peek at her screen. She sighs and makes a face. It’s Puck.

This significantly decreases the likelihood that it’s something important, but not so much that she can afford to ignore the texts. Puck’s been known to text her from across town because he needs help hiding from the hobgoblin mafia.

He’s also been known to text her incessantly until she laughs at a picture of someone particularly hilarious he saw on the streets of Prague, but still. She can’t risk it, so she opens the conversation.




Answer ur texts before I call u in the middle of whatever boring adult thing ur ignoring me for


Come on u know im more important than whatever ur doing

Im definitely more fun


Talk to me

Sabrina sighs and stuffs her phone back in her pocket. He’s not dying, and that’s all she needs to know.

Her phone buzzes again. She manages to ignore it for almost a minute before she gives in and looks at it.

Don’t u want to know what im doing

Sabrina sighs and texts back, Fine stinkbaby. Tell me what youre doing and ill answer you when I get out of class ok? Youre gonna get me in trouble.

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Fireworks and Dizzyland (Part 2 of A Week in LA)

so yes pt 2 of a week in la; the part after la la land “pilgrimage”! ok so i’m glad you guys liked part one i think? hahahaha ANYWAYS the next part will be set in california adventure so watch out for it!


Part 1: https://cahtastrophie.tumblr.com/post/165547055514/the-la-la-land-pilgrimage-part-1-of-a-week-in

pairing: sam holland x reader

warnings: none! i don’t write smut or anything like that!

summary: for the first day of your trip to disney, you visit the happiest place on earth and it’s the happiest day of your life thus far

Originally posted by baldrs-draumar

* okay so you’re so hyped for two days of disney with sam like HYPED is an understatement
* on the drive from la to anaheim you’re so giddy and sam is so happy to see you that way and it makes his heart so full
* he keeps taking videos of you singing disney songs and he chuckles so intensely and he sings along too
* you finally arrive at disney OH MY GOSH YOU’RE LIKE ON THE VERGE OF CRYING
* which is actually kinda funny because you’ve already gone multiple times
* you go to the disney hotel and check in
* you’re so excited you keep bugging him to move faster so you could go in
* he finishes up and you make your way to the park

Originally posted by california-problems

* you get minnie ears and they’re little mermaid themed because lord knows how much you love that film
* he puts a video of you finding those on his story and it’s so cute
* ‘SAM SAM SAM LOOK’ ‘what is it haha’ 'mINNIE EARS THAT ARE LITTLE MERMAID THEMED’ 'you’re so cute you know’
* he proceeds to hug you so tight
* he gets a cap that has a small silhouette of mickey in front
* did i mention you were both wearing disney sweaters? well you were. well actually tom gave you both spider-man/marvel sweaters to wear so yeah
* it was hella cute tho
* first actual stop was space mountain because ICONIC
* you keep screaming and you lean your head on his shoulder and he hugs you super tight
* your picture from the end of the ride is one of you and sam doing the spider-man pose because you two dorks found it so funny
* you two pretend you have legit lightsabers, complete with sound effects
* because the two of you are actual children you go to the teacups
* you wanted to go on the pink one but he wanted to go on the blue one so you compromised and went on the blue one
* you two kept giggling and he takes a picture of you whilst you laugh and he finds it so cute dang
* you two get off the ride and YOU’RE SO DIZZY
* 'why’d we do that again’ 'this was a bad idea sam’
* you meet up with harry who came from montreal to visit la for the rest of the week with you guys
* the three of you made your way to it’s a small world
* you actually were so tired of the song but you really wanted to go on it with sam
* you two were hugging the entire time in line
* harry takes photos then goes 'you two are gross, get a room’
* sam kisses your cheek
* 'i hate you both why did i even come’
* he doesn’t actually hate you guys, but he does start laughing and you two follow and are laughing so hard
* you go on the ride and sam has his arm over your shoulder whilst you hug his waist and lean your head on his shoulder
* you hear a few 12-year olds go 'why can’t i have that’ 'i know right it’s so unfair’
* you two have a laugh about it
* after the ride harry decides to go elsewhere because he feels like too much of a third wheel whoops
* but before you seperate you three have lunch
* main street cafe is where it’s at yo
* harry talks to you two about canada and chaos walking and it makes you a little too excited
* sam records a video of you and your dorkiness
* “hi guys i’m here too”

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* before you and sam seperate from harry you two beg him to take pics of you two in front of the castle
* harry’s heart is secretly melting because you two look way too cute together
* you two are looking into each other’s eyes holding each other’s waists, with your leg bent back (think princess diaries when she turned on the lights and stuff by accident)
* one of you being carried by sam on his back !!!
* you post the first picture with the caption: 'the eric to my ariel💙’
* he posts the second with the caption 'always gonna have your back, ariel💙’
* good lord you two define #couplegoals
* y'all’s followers aRE LIVING
* “goodbye i have died” “these are so cute i can’t” “sTOP IT GUYS”
* harry comments “ehem where are my credits”
* tom comments “when you brother leaves you alone in montreal to take photos for your other brother and his girl”
* zendaya comments “my fave couple of all time”
* harry leaves you two alone
* you two wander some more
* you watch the shows and WOW THE ACTORS ARE INCREDIBLE
* you and sam singing the entire time
* you go and get dole whips and your story is literally just boomerangs of him because he’s that cute
* he secretly takes one of you laughing and posts it on his story
* “sAM NO”
* you go and do astro blasters because you are actual children as if it wasn’t already obvious
* you are so competitive, competitive is an understatement
* in the middle of the ride you look at your points and he’s winning and you’re like 'nOPE IM NOT LETTING YOU WIN SAM’
* spoiler alert he wins
* you feel kinda sad about it but he’s kinda happy but he sees you and he’s like… OOPS
* he buys you another churro and you’re happy again
* “sorrrryyyyy i got too competitive” he says while kissing your forehead and hugging you super tight
* it’s getting quite dark so you meet up with harry at main street

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* pretty light parades
* just admiring all the pretty lights and costumes and everything
* he’s not even paying attention to the parade he’s just staring at you in bewilderment

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* you lean on his shoulder and he has his arm over yours while you hold his hand
* he times it perfectly and he takes one of you and sam kissing right as the biggest firework shines above the castle
* all you two feel are fireworks
* “love you” “love you too you dork”

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Please, please, please~ a compilation of jealous jongin or sad jongin because someone is touching my man or territorial jongin bc have to protect what's mine. Or anything that ticks jongin off because no other man shall have kyungsoo's attention but him. i love you. omg thank you

i love u too anon! and ur welcum heheh, anyway, lets get started (since prob this shit is gonna be long im gonna put this keep reading option from now on bc some ppl have complained lol sorry about that)

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jacesimon + memes with credit to @simeonlewis, @warlockboner, @capstevierogers, @izzybabewoods, @gaywarlockmaureen@biprincessisabelle and @highwarlockkareena for all their suggestions!!!

  • they begin with simon flirting via memes while texting. ofc clary knows exactly what is going on judges simon so hard for being a nerd abt the whole crush but it’s actually really sweet to begin with.
  • u know some wholesome memes but jace doesn’t really get them so he’s just like ‘…..thanks……i guess?’
  • simon sending ‘tag yourself’ memes where they’re all just strange, blurry pics of jace’s face with captions like ‘tag urself im jace getting punched by clary’
  • he also sends the spongebob meme with weird captions as well ‘when u find out valentine is not your father’ ‘when u accidentally become a vampire’
  • that’s when they start to become a bit more on the sexual side
  • (eventually the meme and real life tension is too much and they get together)
  • gavin. gavin is their son (according to simon at least) and jace is definetely not jealous/confused about why simon has so many pictures of this kid on his phone.
  • jace: when r u gonna stop sending me pics of that kid
    simon: how DARE gavin is our CHILD ur sleeping on the couch tonight
  • jace:………..
  • (later on in their relationship, simon insists on having a framed picture of gavin in their flat)
  • rick rolling. simon sends jace ‘never gonna give you up’ one day as a laugh but? jace doesn’t know it’s a meme and is so touched? because even tho its a weird song the lyrics are actually really sweet and jace is just really in Love
  • then simon doesn’t have the heart to tell him it’s a joke when jace starts always sending it to him when he wants to be romantic and cute!!! 
  • when simon is feeling upset jace will just send it to him and simon will feel a bit better already!! and then it stops being a meme and instead simon starts associating the song with jace and vice versa
  • simon playing it at a gig with his band and dedicating it to ‘my boyfriend jace’ and!!!! jace is ofc at the gig and he’s not even gonna try and be ~cool~ as soon as the first bit starts he’s fucking gone, he’s a mess by the end!! rest of the audience is confused by the rickrolling tho.
  • then jace learning to play it on the piano and playing it for simon privately, with soft smiles and shaking hands bc he wants to get it perfect after what simon did for him in front of all those people
  • the doge meme
  • jace: i’ll be home soon just killed 4 demons
  • simon: much killing, such shadowhunting, very nephilim
  • jace:…………nvm
  • jace eventually learning to retaliate with his own memes and that’s when simon is truly and utterly fucked bc jace is actually really good at it
  • jace saying ‘or nah’ at everything (’bee movie or nah?’) and also:
  • jace: i dont wike it
  • simon: *sweating nervously* babe no
  • jace: i DONT WIKE IT
  • simon: *what have i created*
  • and lastly jimon having their own personal memes like ‘come at me bro!’ and betting 20 dollars on everything
Seventeen Reaction

“hyung line reaction where they try to jump-scare you to see your reaction and your first instinct when you get scared is to punch so when they pop in front of you, you end up punching them" 

 Seungcheol: Seungcheol would’ve been waiting for you from behind the counter. You knew he was hiding because of the fits of giggles but weren’t sure where. When he popped up you got so frightened you ended up knocking him hard across his face. You gasped loudly as his hands held his face “I should’ve seen that coming” he said.

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 Jeonghan: The moment your hand come in contact with his body, his face would sink. “did you just hit me?” he’d say almost upset. You were starting to get nervous when he would burst out laughing. “you should’ve seen your face! you’re lucky i love you though because you can catch these hands if you hit me again” 

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 Joshua: Joshua would’ve tried his hardest to keep his little giggle quiet when he heard you walk into the room. Right when you turned on the light he popped up causing you to yelp and slap him across his face. He gasped holding his face. “I didn’t know it was you” you tried to hold him close “no babe Its my fault” 

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 Jun: He hid behind the door waiting for you to come home. When you were a good distance away he ran from behind you and tackled you. You swang out of reflex and hit him. The fun would stop as soon as you hit him, He didn’t expect you to hit him. “y/n what the fuck was that for?” he said half laughing half serious “well you’re the on jumping out of fucking doors” you both laughed.

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 Hoshi: Hoshi would act all upset and sad that you hit him. But in actually he wanted to bust out laughing. This little shit would want you to make it up to him even if it was his fault. “Babe it really hurt.. but i think you know what would make it better” hed slightly wink earning another hit. “Worth a shot..” 

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 Wonwoo: He would scare you when you were coming to lay down at night, you’d react by hitting him right in the chest. When you hit him he’d react a bit like hoshi in terms of making it up to him. “That really hurt! the only way to make me feel better is a kiss” hed say puckering his lips. 

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 Woozi: Of everyone he’d be the most upset with the fact you hit him after he scared you. “You took that way too far. you couldnt see it was me?” After a while he’d realize that he should’nt have scared you in the first place and apologize. “Im sorry baby i shouldnt have have scared you so badly” 

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*dont look at the caption*