i dont even know what the point of this was

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could you explain what's going on with em?

ok so basically a fan tweeted to shadowhunters about how they didnt like the izzy/raphael storyline, since it was 2 lantina characters involved with drugs, and this was all em had to say on the subject

first of all, she didnt even address the fans concerns, and second she’s literally just whitewashed herself, because in what way isnt izzy latina?? maryse/nicole is latina, emeraude herself is latina, so why wouldnt izzy be??

also shes pointed out in multiple interviews that izzy is latina, saying shes proud to play a latina character, so i rlly dont know what shes trying to say with this

And god nobody forgets about Aaron & Eric but they are already canon so why should i talk about them non stop while i can ship crackships.

And yeah maybe norman said there is no chemistry (never read it anywhere but whatever you say) but we all know carol and daryl have good chemistry. I used to ship them but they have been teasing us for too damn long i dont see a point anymore. Oh and even IF i would ship them am i fetishizing straight couples? Totally right?

what the fuck is wrong with people? stop claiming you care about lgbt+ representation when you write toxic, sickening shit like this. i mean i hit block faster than i can look but wow. i want to rant about twenty other things, but goddamn this topped everything. stop ignoring perfectly healthy, canon gay relationships i’m so tired.

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hi can we talk about lance and how underappreciated he is?

um, always!!! Lance is my favorite character, like for a couple months i wasnt into voltron anymore but s2′s Langst brought me right back (i feel like my lance tag is 96% angst)

tbh i know its not gonna happen but i REALLY WANT black paladin!lance!!! probably bc that way he gets the most screen time, but at this point im not even sure if he’s gonna have his own arc next season D: i know most people agree that its being set up, but……im worried

at this point i dont even know if its a writing decision or like a bias, like from what we’ve seen of the first two seasons who do you think the fave characters are? (shiro, keith, pidge, and allura to a lesser extent)

Lance is impressive! he’s smart and tactical and an amazing shot!! his ideas are good and i want him to BE APPRECIATED

thanks for asking :D what do you think, and what would be your ideal season 3 arc for lance?

i think i sort of discovered why i hide my interests when theyre deemed “embarrassing”

i used to be a GIANT fan of this band in my scene kid years of middle school and freshman year of high school (i just discovered they broke up last year also) and everyone i told told me how shitty they were and i was always proud to be a fan of them but then i stopped listening to them and i dont even know what provoked it. i think the 1# reason i stopped was bc i heard one of the members treated Ash Costello (the lead singer of New Years Day, which IS my current favorite band and Ash is my idol) terribly to the point where NYD left the tour. 

but i feel like after i stopped i just started becoming embarrassed about my interests bc of how badly i was seen when i was a fan

idk if this made any sense but. i still hesitate to tell people how big of a fan i am of sonic bc of how much of a joke the series is seen as. like i just always feel like my opinion on anything is bad and will always be bad.

when i was younger i used to not care what others thought but now i change my entire outlook just to agree with someone bc i always feel like theyre right and im wrong.

You know what? At this point of the episode, I realize I stopped caring about Yuuri winning. I didn’t even care that despite his quads, he lost to Phichit (I love him too no worries). Heck I’m not even worried about the GPF. Don’t get me wrong, Yuuri winning with/for Victor would be awesome, yes, but I also realize, that more than that glory, all I want is, for the love of gOD PLEASE DON’T TEAR THESE TWO APART BY THE END OF THIS SERIES.

Please. Please give them a reason to stay together. PLEASE. 

  • me: yeah, im disabled. i have this really bad illness where-
  • someone: wait, youre disabled?
  • me: ....yeah, my illness can be really awful, to the point where i-
  • someone: im just surprised cause
  • me: oh no
  • someone: ya know
  • me: no no no come on man stop
  • someone: you dont
  • me: stop, turn back now dont say it dont fucking say it
  • someone: look
  • me: ...dont please
  • someone: like youre disabled.
  • me: .... oh fuck my guy you just had to say that dumb shit, do you even know what the fuck you just did?!

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"What do you want to do when you become an adult?" [Jk points to jimin]. Can you please hit me with some fics about this life changing iconic moment?

i dont know any fics about this moment so ill write it myself here u go im sry

“what do you want to do once you’re finally an adult?” hoseok asks.

it’s an innocent question, off-handed even, if jungkook takes it at face-value. but he can’t. 

not when just last night, not 24 hours ago, jimin had finally, finally, let jungkook crowd him in, press their lips together and let their tongues meet in heated battle. not when briefly, fleetingly, jungkook had been given a taste of what it would be like to be allowed this.

to be allowed jimin - their hands intertwined, their bodies flush, and entangled in each other’s orbit.

jungkook wants him. wants to dance with him. to drive him places, just the two of them. to be able to stare at his pretty, pretty face without having to look away. he wants jimin.

“maybe when you’re older, jungkook-ah,” jimin had told him, months ago, gaze flitted away and lips turned down fretfully. he’d thought jungkook hadn’t known what he wanted. that jungkook was just messing around - confused and young and curious.

jungkook knows he wants jimin. he knows this with more surety than he’d ever known anything else.

he considers his options. beside him, jimin shifts uneasily at the loaded pause like he knows, his gaze bearing holes into the side of jungkook’s face. it’s an unspoken warning not to say something stupid, but something about the moment makes jungkook feel emboldened. especially the way jimin’s nervous wringing of his hands seems to have more to do with anticipation than any real apprehension.

from the other seat, hoseok, perplexed by the silence, is glancing to the manager for assistance. 

what do you want to do once you’re an adult?

before sejin can signal to the camera men to cut off the live, jungkook makes his split-second decision. points a finger to jimin in silent answer.

hoseok is rendered momentarily speechless. 

jimin on the other hand, to jungkook’s pride and absolute enchantment, is delighted. as much as he tries to mask it with his hand and in the way he shoves at jungkook playfully; incredulously; jungkook can read him like an open book. “say something already,” jimin manages out through giggles.

jungkook turns back to the camera smugly, knowing jimin had gotten the message. “i’m sure you all know what i mean,” he says ambiguously.

“… what the hell,” hoseok chortles, laughing it off, allowing the rest of the live to go on without a hitch.

but now, every time jimin rests boneless against his side, happiness bunching up his cheeks and turning them rosy, jungkook hears the hidden answer. this is his now. just as much as he is jimin’s.


“what’s the tastiest thing from busan?”

jungkook wets his lips; glances at jimin out of the corner of his eye before leaning into whisper in his hyung’s ear.

jimin turns jungkook’s favourite shade of bright red in seconds, flailing and smacking at his chest with weak hits. jungkook cackles with immense satisfaction. jimin always has the best reactions.

“everyone…” jimin starts into the microphone, voice faint and embarrassed. “jungkookie is an adult now.”

the screams are deafening.



yuuri and viktor inspired by this fanfic by @grayclouds. and i know that the fanart is not as good as the fanfic, but, well, i tried. 

i dont even know what to say about this fanfic im so full of feelings i cant- 

i’ve barely talked about er/uri when complaining about shingeko so i dont know why people keep believing the problem is that the ship died or damn even that my ‘fave’ died

like, let me be clear as fuck: is not that erw0n died, is how he died. he could have died on ch80 and yes it would be sad af, but also waaaaay way less shitty than him being dragged four episodes for nothing. cuz whats the point of making all the serum drama if it isnt going to bring any sort of conflict later on??? oh right, it was just to create drama at the moment. the story could have progressed without what happened on the rooftop. yes this could change and bring consequences later, but it seems like the fandom doesnt want this to happen at all which is frustrating. actions have consequences kids.

a lot of people have a problem with the passing of the story too. it went from four chapters full of flashbacks and way too much information, to a one year time skip in which they somehow reached the ocean as if it was in front of them all along but they were too dumb to see it before. like imo it seems like yams wants to finish the manga as fast as possible

the problem i have with the story is more than just “you’re mad your favorite character and ship died” stop invalidating any criticism to the story with that holy fuck