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did you like the new video? were there any special parts?

oh my god yes, i’m shocked we got the follow-up so soon but i loved it just as much as yesterday’s??? a lot of the same thoughts apply here–dan being so proud, phil being so happy about dan’s praise, both of them bonding over the music from classic games, dan’s interest in phil’s childhood and wanting to know all of these details about how phil made it and how his friends reacted, etc. some standout moments for me: 

  • i mean obviously the angel threesome. what even. i feel like the point i’ve worn out to death on here about phil is that he’s been pushing back on the innocence trope for some months now, and has been increasingly comfortable w sexual comments/innuendo/teasing (and not innuendos that are made in a way where he seems to not be aware of what he’s saying.) and yet i was still hashtag shook to see him discussing threesomes so casually and giggling about it, and honestly weirdly startled to be reminded that phil was just like any other sex-crazed 14 year old boy lmao. i loved that whole bit so much. i love that they kept it in despite the break with phil’s mostly g-rated commentary. i laughed so hard at the way they were trying their best to make it seem innocent with those “tea party” comments,, but there was just no salvaging it. i was obsessed with the way dan was rendered nearly speechless, and how phil just stayed completely calm and was being super cheeky and kind of teasing dan for his reactions. also .. interesting that it was a MMF threesome rather than phil just wanting the main protagonist to have a threesome w two of the angels .. hmmm. then phil saying that alex would be worn out after the second round like …… .. i think i actually blushed wtf
  • the part when they were walking through the space maze and you could see little bits of the sky and phil pointed at one of the stars and said “we’re there, i can see our house” and dan went “awww” and i started to cry lmao. the way phil’s mind works is so beautiful i dont’ even get it ,, like he was just looking at the space background and thought to make this cute af remark that kind of acknowledges the sheer enormity of space but that he and dan exist in that space together, in one home wtf?? ? ? and he said it just to make dan smile??? ? ? and it was so casually done as like a throwaway comment that probs anyone would’ve missed amidst this 40-min behemoth of a video but they kept it in anyway and it was so sweet :( i was rly fucking emotional about it  :( also “our house” in general in any context,,, pls 
  • “this is tumblr we’re talking about, they need that gay shit.” uhhhhh. interesting comment from dan. it hit me in a strange way bc like,, i’ve heard this exact thing said about tumblr way too much by The Straights™ as a way of criticizing this platform and also a way of criticizing the driving force of a lot of fandom (which is obvi a need for more queer representation across all media basically.) but it’s interesting bc it’s also kind of a joke-y thing that people on tumblr and inside of those fandom spaces say a lot (like, ‘gimme more of that gay shit’ lol) and they (we) sort of own up to in a self-aware and humorous way. it’s interesting to me that dan decided to make that comment bc from the most objective evaluation it honestly comes across as derisive/rude/offensive, but he’s sort of implicitly asking us to view him as a Tumblr Resident himself (or even a queer person himself lol) and interpret the comment in a humorous way, rather than a critical one and that seems important to me. like a (hetero) outsider can’t rly make that comment without being completely offensive and horrible but dan felt like he could make it, and in so doing, he sort of puts himself on the same level as us in a way? idk. i need to think about this more 

just generally these two videos have given me so much to think about regarding phil and also dnp’s partnership. both videos felt like such a soft and lovely reminder of exactly why i love them so much. the level to which they are able to celebrate each other and demonstrate how much they have in common, how much their senses of humor align, how much they value each others’ opinions and minds, it’s all just so incredible to watch. and phil… like. this was such an important reminder to me of just how deep his creative talent probably runs. if he was making this at 14 (with all the time and effort and dedication and complex thought that that required), i can’t begin to fathom what he could make now, at 30, with 16 more years of knowledge and experience and exposure to all kinds of films and games and books. i feel like phil could make almost anything he wanted. he probably has innate writing talent and ability, and he clearly has the capacity to imagine and construct original characters and worlds. it brings me back to a central question i’ve always had about phil which is why he doesn’t exercise this creative energy more and why he is happy making things for AP that are, to be frank, somewhat formulaic and frequently just vlogs about his own life. i could ramble on that subject for a while as there are a few ideas in my mind for why he put himself into the AP box (security probably foremost on that list) but i’ll save that for another time. i’m just so happy they chose to make these videos though. it was so incredibly original and refreshing and beautiful to see them have so much fun and share in their love for each other. some of the best dapg content ever, for sure.

(mark of oxin 2

The Wings Tour - 19/03/2017 - São Paulo, Brasil

So I went to the BTS concert here in Brasil…. I was going to make a whole text about it and stuff but I decided that my own self freaking out to my friend on twitter right after I came back from the concert was a more accurate description of my experience over there. So I decided to just copy and paste everything I sent to her, with all the grammar mistakes, caps and misspelling:

“So first of all I’m dead… like come to my funeral tomorrow cause I’m fucking dead. 

Second of all it’s now almost four am, the concert ended about 22:30 and just now after I took a shower I managed to stop shaking and crying.  

Third of all my body hurts like I’ve been run over by a truck but it’s okay.

So let me tell you about the concert.







On the end of spring day that is the last song we sang the oh oh oh from the MV and they got so moved, like they were holding back tears or even crying and UGH I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH


Then I sent her some shitty pics with some captions such as: “Seokjin slaying my entire existence with awake like damn son”

And started to freak out again: “Then they started to talk in fUCKING PORTUGUESE LIKE PROS so I decided to record it” 

And then I send her the videos of the boys talking in portuguese (all the bold parts is me translating to her what they said in portuguese btw and i’ll link the videos I posted on my Instagram if anyone wants to see it), again with captions such as: He said that thanks to us he feels better LIKE OMG JIN YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MAKES US FEEL BETTER OMG I LOVE HIM” or “Hope to see you more times” “now im really happy” MY SON ITS TOO CUTE GOD BLESS HIM” about Jungkook and then: “The time passed too fast, I wish it didn’t end here” CAN YOU HEAR ME CRYING BECAUSE I BET YOI CAN!!! KIM TAEHYUNG WAMTS TO SEE ME DEAD I SWEAR! HIS PORTUGUESE IS SO CUTE HIM SAYING THAT IS MY NEW RELIGION GODDAMMIT I LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF HIM I’m okay I’m okay~~~” about Taehyung and I think you can all guess from me freaking out about him to her that he is my ultimate bias… and “Are you gonna miss us” NAH JOONIE WHY WOULD I- YES OF COURSE I WILL PLS DONT LEAVE ME” or “ “Brazil always leaves me with good memories” HE KILLED ME. HE JUST KILLED ME.” about Yoongi and then “I got emotional” ME TOO JIMINIE ME TOO” and to end with a huge bang: “You are our wings that’s why we can fly high, let’s fly higher together” HOSEOK ENDED ME WOTH THIS! HOW DARE HIM! HOW CAN HE EVEN KNOW HOW TO SAY SUCH THINGS IN PORTUGUESE DAMMIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHHHH”

You can all see from that mess that it was an amazing concert. The day after I woke up crying and I couldn’t stop crying because after the adrenaline kicked off, all my emotions exploded. I was completely wrecked.

I never loved any group or band as much as I love BTS. They really do mean everything to me and I never knew I could love a group this much because I loved some others in the past and my feelings fro them were big and deep but with BTS is a feeling that I can’t even begin to describe. I love each and every single one of them with all my heart and nothing makes me happier than knowing that I made them happy in this concert. 

It was nice to see that in the concert on the day after Namjoon changed his lyrics after we chanted “we love you” to him. Hear him singing “yes I do love myself” messed up with my emotions in a way I don’t know how to describe. I feel very lucky to have been part of the reason why this happened and I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow b-armys that made these two concerts unforgettable nights not only for BTS but for us armys as well. 

Now all my pics are shit because I couldn’t stop shaking but I’ll leave this one here because this one is probably the only one that is not shaken and it is my bias and my bias wrecker… plus Yoongi’s face is funny lol… <333

btw thanks @ochisu for hearing me freaking out about this, I love youuuuu.

How Close?

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Pairing: Dean x Friend!Reader, John x Reader
Word count: 653
Warnings: Couple swears
Request: @harlejokerx Soo, I saw that you needed ideas for John fics :3. I had a request for a long time :). What if you have know Dean for a long time but never have met John? Like, you and Dean would go hunting and out of nowhere John is there too. The two get closer and stuff? I don’t really know lol, maybe this helps. xD

Hunting wasn’t something that you’d been brought up in. It was something that you were brought into. Your boyfriend had been killed by a ghost, and you’d barely been saved. You were only 17 when it happened. It happened to be the Winchester boys that saved your ass. You’d heard that their father hunted, but had never actually met the man. It was hard to move about the hunting world and not hear his name.

Dean had met up with him a few times, usually when you were staying with Bobby healing. It didn’t really bother you that you had never met the eldest Winchester. Sure, you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t curious, but it had dulled over the years.

You were coming up on the 7th year of hunting with him when you’d come across a wendigo case. Pretty usual stuff at this point, but what surprised you is when Dean yelled ‘Dad’. Your back had been towards Dean, so you turned to see a man with dark hair walking towards the two of you.

“Well, I’ll be damned. I didn’t think she even existed.” He chuckled, smiling at you. “You must be Y/N.” John held out his hand.

Taking it, you smiled. “That would be me. You must be the famous John Winchester.” You chuckled.

He laughed. “Yeah, guess that’d be me. Here about the Wendigo?” The two of you nodded. “Alright, let’s group up. Safer, smarter, quicker.”

“Sure.” You shrugged, glancing to Dean, who nodded. “Alright, looks like we got a Wendigo to take out.”

“I think I’m gonna like you.” John chuckled as the three of you started walking together.

You were laying on the ground, breathing heavy, eyes closed. The Wendigo was dealt with, and you were tired, and sore. You jumped when water was splashed on you, “Shit!” You looked over.

“Wanted make sure you hadn’t fallen asleep on us, sweetheart.” John smirked.

“That was fucking cold! I was catching my breath, you ass.” You laughed, getting up.

Dean raised an eyebrow. “Oh, please don’t flirt with my dad…” He groaned.

You smirked. “Awe, what? You don’t want me as a step-mommy?” You cracked up when he paled. “Dude! I’m joking. You’re so easy.”

“Come on, lovebirds. Let’s get you two back to the motel.”

“Oh good God no!” You scrunched your nose. “Me and Dean? Like Hell.” Dean was closer to your brother than anything. The thought of being like that with him was just…no. “But, I do want to get back to the motel. I need a damn shower.”

You and John heard a knock at the door, so he put his cards down and went to answer it. “Hey, Dean.” He let him in and moved back to sit down.

“What the hell? I wake up and you’re gone.” He asked. “Ar-are you wearing my dad’s shirt?”

Glancing down, you shrugged. “I got hot sauce on mine, so it’s soaking in the sink.” You didn’t see the big deal. “What’s up?”

Dean put his hands on his hips. “I rarely hunted with my father in the 7 years that you’ve been hunting with me, and he’s been with us a damn month now.”

“Point?” You shrugged.

“You’re getting too close to my dad. It’s weird.” He made a face. “Come on, man. You’re like…old drinking buddies or something. I find you guys watching football while drinking beer. Or playing…is that poker? On a Saturday morning. I just don’t want to walk in one day and find…find you two…ya know.”

John shook his head. “You deal with him, sweetheart. I’m gonna go get us some coffee.”

You nodded. “And gummy bears! We’re running out of Skittles for bets. You said I could choose the next candy.”

He chuckled. “Sure thing. I’ll be back.” John said before walking out of the motel room.

“REALLY?!” Dean asked. “Just how close are you?”

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Dating Rap Monster(Namjoon) Would be like

I AM READY AND WILLING TO B R E AK ADMIN TRICY WITH THIS NAMJOON IS HER ULT BIAS AND I AM SO PREPARED TO DESTROY HER WITH THIS AHAHAHAH also i’m kinda sad bc this is the END OF THE BOYFRIEND BTS SERIES AHH i feel kinda empty inside but dont worry i have plenty of ideas to fill me up again muahaha! keep an eye out for some GOT7 stuff and possibly another bts series out soon~ Please please pl e a s e send me ideas or prompts for reactions and also long series like this!!!!

  • oh my god this man 
  • Tricey loves him and so do i
  • he’s such a low key meme like he’s not on the level of Tae and Hobi and of cOURSE THE MASTER HIMSELF JEON JUNGKOOK BUT STILL
  • he’s a Shy Meme
  • and i know it sounds weird like the words Namjoon and Shy do not go together v well bUT IN ACTUALITY HES A SMOL TOL
  • he has the capability to be v v sweet and loving but sometimes he just ends up 
  • daddy??
  • like not even trying like he’s ACTIVELY trying to make ur date night nice and romantic but lmao he spills red wine on ur outfit and he almost cries so he takes u home and then helps u get out of ur stained clothes ;D
  • on the topic of disaster 
  • you keep extras of almost everything at your house
  • or at the very least, you have a large stock of glue and duct tape 
  • lots of band aids 
  • like literally bubble wrap everything important to you bc if not it will get broken in .2 seconds when he comes over
  • being very tempted to bubble wrap him when he goes anywhere
  • he is to blame whenever anything around your house breaks
  • do u remember when people would go “thanks obama” when things went wrong? 
  • its kinda like that like ugh ur tv isn’t working ur remote is broken ur microwave is on the fritz and he doesn’t even have to be in the same country hell he could be on the moon but ur like…..naMJO O OOONNNNN
  • you are constantly getting calls from Jin telling you that Namjoon did __ to himself and they’re currently getting it checked out
  • the first few times you freaked out but then after like the 3 time in a 2 week span you got used to it like ugh again?? i’ll be there in a lil bit
  • Kim Daily 
  • you being the one to take those Kim Daily pictures
  • sometimes ur like??Namjoon WHAT are you wearing? (flashbacks to him in the Baepsae dance practice lol)
  • yeah okay whatever makes u happy babe
  • you then start planning his outfits for him most of the time
  • takes tho u sands of selfies w u
  • gets ‘mad’ if u ruin the selfie by making a dumb face 
  • he gets v v flustered if you kiss his cheek when taking a selfie its very cute please do this OFTEN
  • he tries to do ageyo to get on your good side when he breaks something v valuable to u or if he forgets an important date but ur like…please stop okay oka ok alright ur forgive just please…stop
  • he would try s o hard to be normal the first few times u went out but then u make a bad joke and suddenly the gloves are off and you now have Dorky Namjoon on ur hands 100% of the time
  • he can get v v serious at really random times
  • like you’re getting ice cream together and laughing at something the maknae line did that day and suddenly he’s not laughing and he’s looking you dead in the eyes its kinda terrifying 
  • and he’s like “for what purpose were we put on this earth why are we here what is the meaning of our existence”
  • and ur like??? okay?
  • “well currently our purpose is to get ice cream so like, i’m not gonna defy destiny lol”
  • he loves any answer you give him like he knows he can give really weird questions often but you tae him seriously even if your answers are goofy
  • he’s bad at expressing his thoughts in a coherent manner 
  • he loves having u on his lap like wh o a 
  • he’ll try to be cute and pull you on his lap when ur having a movie night but he ends up spilling ur drink lol
  • u sit on his lap after u clean it up bc it makes him s o happy
  • he loves to just lay in bed and watch you sleep especially when he can’t sleep for some reason or another it sounds creepy i know but
  • he just loves u so much and you’re his biggest source of inspiration to him 
  • so sometimes you’ll wake up at 3 am bc he was missing from ur bed and you walk into the kitchen and find him sitting at the table in his sleeping pants and a small snack next to him
  • he moved out there bc he didn’t want to disturb ur sleep but you have a hard time sleeping without him bc he’s v v warm and comfy to lay on
  • (even if he snores like a freaking pug)
  • he turned the lamp on so that he could write properly and he looks so handsome with the light hitting his face just right and the look of concentration he has, and he’s humming ever so slightly and his beautiful skin is glowing, highlighting his bare chest and reflecting off of the little highlights in his messy hair and its such a beautiful moment you feel blessed to witness and you walk up behind him and slide your arms around his neck in a loose hug
  • and he’s a little startled bc he thought you were asleep and he was in his own lil world
  • so he scoots his chair out a lil and you plop urself into his lap and he holds your waist, gently rubbing the bare skin under your sleep shirt (that happens to be one of his shirts) and his forehead is resting on the junction between your neck and your shoulder, his warm breath fanning the skin there and giving you goosebumps 
  • and you’re running your hands through his fluffy hair and you scratch his scalp with your fingernails and he gives this deep m o a n and suddenly his lips are gently working on your neck and he looks up at you with this sleepy/aroused look in his eyes and he slides his hands up your ribs and you are g o n e
  • we all know he has that weird converse fetish going on 
  • you wear his “ideal type” shirt, short shorts( bc namjoon is a bOOTY MAN AND I WILL SAY THAT UNTIL MY DEATH) and red converse 
  • and you make the mistake of wearing that to visit the boys at practice and he drags u out into a closet and u have to wear his hoodie back to the room bc ur neck is destroyed 
  • obvs the boys make fun of u but namjoon shuts that shit down bc at least he’s actually getting some lmao
  • please call him daddy at least once 
  • he loves it
  • you wear the converse in bed for his birthday and you legit couldn’t walk for the next 2 days lol
  • he loves light BDSM like blindfolds handcuffs ropes toys spanking oh holy shIT HE LOVES IT
  • dirty talk man. lots of it. 
  • you call him daddy when u want something from him and immediately he will get it for u no matter what
  • he’s someone who needs u to help take care of his morning problem almost every morning
  • not quite as adventurous as Hobi in the, sex everywhere thing, just bc he loves to hear your voice when you have sex okay he wants u to be vocal af 
  • loves to see you in lingerie of any kind. can be lace, velvet, silk, anything. He especially loves it if you wear white, since its such an innocent and pure color, it really gets him off to see you enjoying such dirty things while looking like an angel.
  • he’s not super DUPER vocal, except for praising you and dirty talk, especially if you’re going down on him, you better expect a LOT of talking from his end
  • however, he is a deep moaner/ groaning and grunter. I mean, that deep silky voice of his is  just a telltale for the kinds of moans he has.
  • he likes to whisper dirty things in your ear when you’re in public and you have to resist the urge to punch him in the dick bc not now namjoon you caNNOT AFFORD TO BE SHOOK IN PUBLIC LIKE THAT
  • help me I’m such a sinner
  • sometimes he gets into this weird headspace like yoongi does, maybe its an artist thing but 
  • he sort of closes himself off a little bit when he’s stressed and maybe confused about his feelings for you bc its nice to date someone and like them but its v different when you’re dating someone and you LOVE them yknow?
  • and you would get a little worried but you figured his silence was bc of an upcoming comeback or he was having trouble with a song, and it wasn’t unusual that as the leader of BTS sometimes he had to put them before you, and you understood that, but after the 3rd week of not hearing anything from him, and him ghosting your texts and calls, you text Jin
  • who says that Namjoon is sorting through some things and it’s better if you come over and ask him about it in person
  • and Namjoon doesn’t really realize that he’s avoiding you or hurting you like to him it’s perfectly natural to close yourself off from others so that you’re not distracted or effected by their presence when you make a serious decision
  • but when you confront him with tears in your eyes, wondering if this silence is his way of cutting himself off from you in order to make it easier to break up with you, he realizes that that’s not a healthy way to think things through
  • and the very last thing he wanted to do was to see you here in front of him with your eyes watering and your hands are full of crushed glass that is your heart, and as always he’s responsible for breaking and ruining everything 
  • and he panics and tells you that no he never wants to break up with you because he loves you and he just wasn’t sure how to handle it bc he’s never had a serious love like this before and it honestly scared him how much he had fallen for you and how he needed you like air but he didn’t realize that you needed him just as much as he needed you and that you were suffocating without him
  • and he’s rambling so you cut him off with a salty kiss and he didn’t realize he was crying too until you’re holding his face in your hands wiping them away and as his eyes become less clouded by tears he sees you with tear tracks stained onto your face and you look tired and broken down but there’s such a love in your eyes 
  • and to him it just clicks that even tho he’s treated you so terribly you still love him bc forgiveness should be that easy, and you SHOULD be mad at him but you love him and you’re such a better person then he is for forgiving him so easily
  • and you just tell him he’s an idiot and that he better treat you extra nice for making you worry about him like that 
  • and he gives a watery laugh and tells you that if you’d just marry him already then you’d never have to worry about him again
  • and you tell him that would never happen, he hurts himself too much for you not to worry, but you say yes, and namjoon knows that you’ll always be together to glue glass hearts together again forever.

fuck my asshole RIP IN PEACE @ MYSELF AND ALSO TRICEY i feel like this one is so long?? send help i am crying

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johndave fic recs!!

(attempt #2, since, being the awfully talented individual that i am, i managed to delete the first one, after hours of work! yay!)

its always made me kind of sad that with davejohn fic rec lists, ppl usually tend to rec the same stuff over and over again. and, dont get me wrong! i know the classics are classics for a reason, duh, ive read most of them and love them, but!! to me fic rec lists mean introducing people to lesser-known-but-still-amazing works! so thats what im going to do right now, heheh.

(u might notice that the majority of these are fluffy as heck. no angst here. nuh uh. angst is Bad)

(also, no ongoing fics in here!)

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Can you write a one night stand with the new teacher sasusaku AU please?!

Notes: continuation to the teachers with a strong rivalry au :)



She wants more. He wants her to have more. So he gave it to her.

“No compromises,” he murmurs, running his hands up and down her sides. “Just one time. See what it’s like. Okay?”

“Okay,” she replies, and then she pulls her shirt off. She lets it fall to the floor, discarding it like she has discarded her shame, her fear, her logic. She just wants to feel this – feel him. And for that, she needs to be free of all restrains… and naked, in all senses.

Sasuke kisses her. He’s gentle and slow, making her ache with both desperation and gratitude. Part of her wishes he would be rougher and faster, but the other part, the smart one, knows it’s better like this. They can take their time. They can savor it. They have all the night for this.

More clothes fall to the floor. His skin is soft, but his muscles are hard: steel beneath fluffy clouds. His scent is dizzying, hypnotic, and as his tongue dances against hers, she gets lost in it. In this warmth. In this body pressing her against her mattress. In this captivating man.

She moans his name, he groans hers, and for this night only, they unravel each other.

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do u have any headcanons for nico hazel and bianca (if she hadnt died)

b oi. i got this

assuming bianca didnt die, she’d still be in the hunters. so she probably wouldnt see Nico all that much honestly, because how often do the hunters stop by camp really? not that much. she sees him for holidays and takes a day off for his birthday but mostly they dont see each other unless Nico goes out and looks for her and he doesnt always have the time.

So Nico would have met hazel way before Bianca did. He probably wouldnt even know what to tell her, ‘by the way we have another sister and also the roman demigods exist and also also im caught up in some end-of-the-world prophecy shenanigens again lol how u been sis” and eventually he just forgets he was supposed to tell her to begin with??

and when hazel and bianco finally meet hazel is like “oh my gods its so good to finally meet you!!!!” and runs up and hugs her real tight and bianco hugs back but is secretly mouthing to Nico “who the heck is this???”

eventually they all get along really amazingly, and make their dad’s life hell because bianca is a Bosy Child, and Hazel will always back her up and they are not about to let Hades push Nico so hard with doing all his dirty work. also they make him take them out on ‘family days’ because family is important gdi.

essentially Nico grows up safe and warm, tho he will still have trouble with bein a gay and also bein a child of hades, his sisters will have his back to ease the burden and they are all better for it


but imagine this concept

haruka nanase, aged 18

know how to user the computer!!!!!



haru knows how to use the computer AND EVEN the internet. he can even type in the address. and write a blog. in fact he’s p popular on pixiv.

(altho he prefers drawr or tegaki because uploading pictures on pixiv is bothersome)

aaaaaaaaaand at first he was drawing only water and water stuff like oceans and waterfalls, and people LOVED THEM (and still do!!) because they were not only aesthetically beautiful but also had Soul, as if the artist was born in that place and knew everything about it. he’s kinda known as that wild dude who draws rad-ass water pics….. but is lazy as heck, as people realised when someone told him to release a book and he was like, ……..that would require me doing addional work. mmmmmgh

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to the simplest, humblest, strongest, most hardworking, most adorable, most caring, most beautiful, most adorable, cutest, and funniest (without even knowing it) guy i know..  to my sunshine, my stress reliever, my happy pill, my inspiration.. to the guy who has no sense of direction, to mnet wide’s “icon of diligence”, to my babyboy, KIM JINWOO.. Jinwoo-yah!! Happy happy happy happy (did i say happy already) happy HAPPIEST birthday to you! ♡♡

Dude, I love you so much! You are both beautiful and handsome, sexy but cute, chic but dumb, you’re such a life ruiner but also my life savior. I love you so much that seeing you sing and perform on stage, slowly realizing your dreams can already make my day more than perfect. Just seeing you having fun with your 4 brothers can make my heart swell with warmth and can even make my bad mood go away. yep, always. I’m sorry if this is the only thing I can do  to repay you with all the happiness you (along with WINNER) gave me since day 1 of WIN. Thank you so much for showing me that a thousand slumps can never, ever stop one from achieving his dreams. Thank you so much for letting me see that no success can amount to the love that your parents can give you. Just… just thank you for existing.. for helping me survive each day with a smile especially in the darkest moments of my life. (istg im not crying) I will try my very best to be there for you, to support you, to cheer for you, to watch you become a better person – as an artist, as a friend, as a son, and as a human being. Please stay the forever innocent (not really) lost and sometimes idiotic hyung we all know. Please always look after your health, keep safe and take a lot of rest as possible. Please continue to surprise us with your not-so-hidden talents a.k.a. vacuum cleaner, rice cooker and bird sound impressions. PLEASE STOP REPLAYING YOUR BEAT PLAYLIST. I KNOW YOU’RE A GD FANBOY (i am too yay) BUT PLS UGH Please keep showing that genuine smile of yours (and that hearty laugh <3) because you don’t know how many days are made because of it. And please dont stop inspiring us with your presence, your words, and your very beautiful voice. Stop belittling yourself, okay? You are one hell of a talented kid so please stop saying it’s all hard work that brought you to where you are now. I dont really know what im saying right now so just thank you for everything rainbows and unicorns you gave me.

Again, to my ultimate bias (pls surprise us with an sns account tonight. im waiting) 생일 축하해요! 나는 당신을 정말 많이 사랑해요! I hate you for making me totally broke lol p.s. changed my mind. u can play crooked all year round. but pls beiber is a “no-no” ♡♡♡ #JinwooMustBe24

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any advice for someone who isn't sure if they are bisexual or gay?

Yes. maybe. idk. when I was like 13, I started to question if I was bisexual. It had never occured to me before that liking women was in the picture. I knew that there were other girls who liked girls, I didn’t have an issue with it, i just never considered it was for me. But I would be in the mall with my best friends and an attractive couple would walk by, and I would be caught up staring at the girl, I didn’t even know it was a gay thing, just a platonic lady seeing another lady and thinking, damn, youre gorgeous. Then one of my friends would say, “wow, he’s so cute!” and immediately I would snap out of it. because Yes He Is Attractive, which means I Must Be Attracted To Him. My thoughts about this girl were nothing more than ordinary complements on the way she did her hair. 

I’m not a very attractive person. I really don’t think I’m ugly, my face is pretty average, but my body and personality never really made me popular with the boys in middle school. (not that im complaining in hindsight) However, There was this one kid, when I was in 6th grade, named Talha. He was one of the sweetest people I’d ever met. and he adored me. We were in seperate classes and we didn’t really know eachother, but he’d wait beside my locker at the end of every day. He wasn’t very good at hiding his affections. A bunch of people, some of whom I really didn’t know that well, would come up to me and tell me how “oh my god, he’s in love with you, always talking about how beautiful and smart you are.” i knew he liked me, I’m not dumb. but i would always just kind of smile and laugh awkwardly when people reminded me. When he finally talked to me about it, I told him I’d rather we stay friends. He didn’t get angry or anything, he just looked sad. and I’d never felt so guilty in my life. (at that point lol) this happened again with a friend Jimmy (not as nice, but not a bad kid) and this time i said yes. I didn’t like Jimmy, but I just felt bad about saying no. (this was when that whole “nice guys finish last give us a chance ladies” narrative was the only one I knew.) I “broke up” with him literally the next day, too guilty about pretending to like him, telling him I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

The thing is, I have never been attracted to boys in my life. and I didn’t always realize that. I can remember assigning myself crushes as early as six, whichever boy was the tallest, second grade was the one who was best at piano, third i dont remember, fourth was one of my friends bc he was funny, fifth grade was this kid i tutored in math, sixth grade was this kid who was moderately attractive that I sat next to in class. I can remember myself as a kid thinking.. “okay, who should I pick for my crush this year?” my “attraction” to boys existed only because that was all i ever saw on tv, bc it was what i was supposed to feel. this went on until i was fourteen goddamn years old.

fast foreward to 13/14 year old me. I’ve started questioning myself. Girls are just so beautiful. I didnt understand how Im supposed to have crushes on boys but I think girls are just so much prettier. I didn’t know what to think. I knew bisexual girls existed, but I’m not gay. Not me. I dont have a problem with it and i support them, but i like boys and only boys. But maybe…. maybe this was just a phase. either way, I hoped it went away fast. I loved my best friends. The last thing I wanted was to be bi, bc then they wouldnt want to have sleepovers with me. being gay isnt wrong, but it cant happen to me. I’ll lose all my friends.

Then, during a sleepover with my two best friends, one of them casually mentioned, “guys, I think I might be bisexual.” Before I could stop myself, I blurted out “me too.” that was the first time i ever acknowledged the fact that I might not be straight out loud. I felt so scared and relieved at the same time. I’m so glad she said that. She’s still my best friend and it turns out shes straight (and im gay lol so we were both wrong) but i didnt feel like I’d be shunned anymore.

When I was 15, I went through a really really rough time. I don’t mind talking about it bc it happened over a year ago now, but thats for another post. basically, my entire family structure completely imploded. one family member’s abuse of both people and substances was out in the open for the first time. shit was tough. I got depressed. suicidal thoughts every ten minutes depressed. the point is, all through this I threw myself head first into the only way I knew to cope: “fandoms.” I’m so embarrassed about who I was at this time (I was a superwholock, kill me) but you know what, its what i did to deal. and through these (superwholock) fandoms, m/m slash was HUGE. so i didn’t really question my “bisexuality” bc I felt like I had to be screaming about how hot Bodlaijapoibhp Cummiedajkhwog 24/7 to be accepted. Eventually I pulled myself out of my depression and out of those shows that I don’t like anymore. (except dr who its my guilty pleasure.) During this recovery time, I dated a girl for the first time. (first time i dated anyone actually) I wish I could tell you it was butterflies and rainbows, but I didnt even like her in that way. I was so used to compulsory heterosexuality that I didn’t really understand that you don’t just date someone because theyre nice or whatever, but because of the way they make you feel. Sophmore year starts up, I’m 16 now. I didn’t need to like boys anymore to feel accepted, and the label “bisexual” just begins to chafe. For the first time, I try calling myself a “lesbian.”

and it fits.

God it felt so good. The euphoria wore of eventually, but I just felt like I knew myself so much more. Lesbian still sounds like a dirty word to me. It was the word that kids in my grade would whisper about this butch girl, Frankie, telling everyone not to be friends with her because she’ll hit on you or whatever. Lesbian was the word that conjured up by the media the picture of some unattractive quirky woman who nobody in her group really likes who wears a lot of vests or whatever. Lesbian was the word of girls who were weird, who weren’t really girls, who you shouldn’t be friends with. But lesbian was the word that fit me. 

Im so sorry for how long this got, I really didn’t mean for all this. I’ve been writing for like half an hour. but idk I figured my own personal story was the best way to explain this. anyway, here’s the important part. 

I still question myself all the time, if I might be bisexual. even though I see and understand compulsory heterosexuality for what it is, sometimes, I still feel, deep down, like its wrong or impossible for me to not like boys in some degree. maybe I’ll read a story about a m/m relationship. I like the characters and the story, maybe it means I like boys? No, it doesn’t. I am a lesbian and I don’t think I’ll ever be anything but that. It took me a while to realize that the societal implications for what a lesbian is dont have to affect me. I cant label myself “butch” or “fem,” because I’m neither. I’m just a girl. I like to do my eyeliner, I can’t paint nails to save my life but I try. everytime my best friend and I hear uptown funk we blast it to unhealthy levels. I like to draw and read, and sometimes i can come off as rude. I’m your every day typical girl, I just happen to like women instead. So if you’re not sure if youre bisexual or gay, that’s fine. It’s a process. Youre probably gonna question yourself your whole damn life. 

My advice is, separate your sexuality from your femininity. Unless youre nonbinary or something, youre a girl, and you are under no pressure to act differently from any straight girl your age. You are under no pressure to like anyone. I assigned myself crushes on boys for years and I didn’t really like my first girlfriend. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to like any individual person to prove your sexuality. Don’t worry about it, if you can. This goes back to the previous point. Don’t label yourself. Just spend some time with “I like girls” and slowly work out if boys are in the picture, too, by who you gravitate to. I love you, sweetie, and i hoped this helped. Im sorry its so long.

TL;DR Life’s a fuckin journey love yourself 

EXO: A Summary
  • XIUMIN: abs. omfg his motherfucking abs good god. have u seen them so fucking gorgeous i literally cant. also his smile. acc his whole entire face. ACC HIS WHOLE ENTIRE EXISTENCE JUST SLAYS ME IM DONE HES SO HOT IM TRASH BYE
  • LUHAN: no please dont im gonna start crying (but the most beautiful piece of shit ever omfg just. i hate him)
  • KRIS: NO NOPE NO gonna start crying even more (my galaxy king why)
  • SUHO: the leader and hes like really rich i guess. tbh im still tearing up over kris and luhan
  • LAY: dimple. fucking perf. angel. ummm yea. unicorn. ok basically hes lowkey perfect and it makes u wanna punch him. moving on.
  • BAEKHYUN: ok this little shit. where tf do i even start. hes that frat boy that knows hes fucking sexy and funny and perfect AND RUBS IT IN UR FACE IM DONE FIGHT ME BACON
  • CHEN: ok he would be frat boy #2 except hes so fucking sweet and kind. even tho hes cute af and funny and CAN SING LIKE A FUCKING ANGEL hes just still such a genuinely nice person. i cant. fight me too.
  • CHANYEOL: ok.... u know what.... i cant. his smile is like literally happiness and he fucking knows it and he FUCKING KNOWS HOW HOT HE IS and hes practically frat boy #2 except hes a sneaky little shit who knows how to be just sweet enough to make him seem like a good boy. no. hes fucking not. ive got u figured out yoda ears.
  • D.O.: omg.... so basically he really did creep me out in the beginning with his big ass eyes and his blank expressions XD but lol he chill and he knows how to keep the frat boys in the group in check and im grateful for tht <3 also hes acc a good actor like damn satan where u been hiding
  • TAO: THIS BITVH OMFG WHERE DO I START. i love him so much. and i hate him so much too. omg. so hes a panda. he can like kick ur ass and be all sexy af and all but then HE WILL DO A TRIPLE FUCKING BACK FLIP KICK SHIT AND MAKE UR HEART FUCKING POUND LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS BECAUSE HES FANGIRLING OVER A STUFFED ANIMAL LIKE EXCUSE ME?!?!?!! WHO GAVE U PERMISSION!?!!?!?! and lets please for the sake of my sanity not delve into more detail bc just no. although it should be noted that he cant be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels reach heights beyond this world and just i cant deal with it and i want to fucking fight him so hard.
  • KAI: ahhh kai someone normal to talk about. well kinda. hes got that whole jekyll and hyde thing going on. because when hes performing and shit (dance beast btw) hes like the sexist piece of shit ever like omfg his face everything is just sex. like im sorry but its true. BUT THEN when he gets off stage hes this cute little piece of shit like ???? BITCH WHAT ????? NO U WERE JUST MAKING ME FEEL ALL TYPES OF WAYS AND NOW U ACTING LIKE THE VIRGIN MARY ALL PURE AND SHIT LIKE U DIDNT JUST DO THE STRIPPER DANCE OF UR LIFE. bitch.
  • SEHUN: oh good god. i just. where do i even start omg. um hes rude, hes cocky. but hes fucking gorgeous and HE FUCKING KNOWS IT. im srsly so done with the frat boys in this group knowing how fucking hot they are and basking in it LIKE PLZ BE LIKE CHEN. PLZ STOP THRUSTING UR DICK IN MY MOUTH LIKE U KNOW IM GONNA SUCK IT. (bc i would omg i hate myself) he also cannot be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels also reach extraterrestrial heights. but not as high as Tao's bc Tao is so shameless about himself. but back to sehun. check out his butt, its hot.
  • ~{wow this turned out so long im sorry}~
When Your Heart Beats Next to Mine

ok hello um this isnt the most… professional??? of fics i guess. like its written almost like a diary entry i guess. and it kinda takes a while for the smut to happen SORRY (and even then its not a lot of smut). so its 2009 dan’s pov yh (thank u alison and emeleeta for looking at it and helping me not hate it!!)
warnings: sooorta grinding and some handjobs

Oh my God.

Oh… my God.

Oh my GOD.

Oh my Jesus motherfrickin’ Christ oh my God?!

Let me just tell you a little story. Or maybe a massive story. Either way, I think you’ll like it.

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Dont Lose Your Head

Ship: Lafayette x Reader

Request: I got chu, fam. Lafayette request coming right up! 79, 82, 248? Modern? Reader and Laf are very close friends and they get into a huge fight and says she hates him and yeah, fluff? Maybe a teeeeeeeeeensy bit of smut if you’re feeling it? DO WHATEVER YOUR LITTLE HEART DESIRES. THANK YOU - @massholebabe

Prompts: #79 “I can’t get you out of my head” #82 “I can’t stop thinking about you” #248 “Please, don’t leave me”

Triggers: translated french lol, alcohol use, aaron burr’s existence

W/C: 2061

Modern! Au

You walked out of your room, blood dripping down your neck and smile on your face. “What do you think?” you asked Lafayette while displaying your costume of Marie Antoinette, the ball gown taking up most of the space of the door. He stood up from the couch “Gorgeous as ever, (Y/N)!” he smiled and admired your matching costumes in a mirror. He had blood on his neck as well, since Louis XVI had been guillotined before his wife. You thought it was funny how this was Lafayette’s first suggestion for a halloween costume since he usually suggested George and Martha Washington.

You adjusted your tall hairdo and started for the door, a feather tickling Lafayette’s chin. He helped you grab some of your dress as you both walked out the door on your way to Alexander and Eliza’s halloween party. You remember how you first met Lafayette at their halloween party three years ago. The poor frenchman wasn’t in costume because they didn’t celebrate halloween much in france, he said. But now he was always excited for it and he always wanted matching costumes with you since you two became best friends at a halloween party.

Lafayette drove to the party as you squished yourself into the backseat, dress everywhere and fake blood dripping down your torso. Lafayette looked into the rearview mirror “There’s blood dripping into your cleavage” he laughed a little. You blushed a bit, “Yeah I know, stop looking you perv” you told him while fixing your hair.

He parked the car and opened the door for you, giving you a hand to help you get out. “Whoa! Who let Lafayette’s horror fanfiction come to life?” you heard Hercules Mulligan say from his car, he was dressed as the greek god with whom he shared his name with. He hugged both of you while laughing at the fake blood. “I never wrote horror fanfiction about Marie Antoinette,” Lafayette corrected in his proud french accent “it was erotic”. You rolled your eyes with a smile as the boys giggled behind you.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Eliza shout across the room. The party was crowded and lights were bouncing off the walls as the music pounded into everyone’s ears. You ran over as fast you could with your heavy ball gown. You and Lafayette looked great together, but ridiculous apart. You hugged her while trying not to get blood on her costume.

You looked at her blue dress paired with a white shirt underneath and apron. “Belle?” you asked her with a raised eyebrow. “Oui, and I have found the beast!” Lafayette interrupted with his arm around Alexander, who was wearing a blue and gold suit with fur patches all around. You smiled at your two friends “That’s so cute! And accurate, sorry Alex” He shrugged and gave Eliza a kiss on the cheek “I know who I married” he smiled.

Eliza gestured towards you and Lafayette “You two look amazing, has anyone asked you two if you’re married just like your characters?” she asked while Alexander nudged Lafayette in the side. The boys thought they were being secretive but they weren’t. You shook your head “I don’t think we’re giving off that impression” you told her. John Laurens came and handed drinks around, while greeting you and Lafayette.

“I like your puppy costume, Laurens why’d you pick it?” you asked him. He stepped back to display the onesie and ears properly, “Ladies are always dressing like cats so I figured opposites attract” he smiled, giving himself a pat on the shoulder.

“Nice rhyme, Laurens” Alexander laughed while taking a sip of his drink.

The party kept getting fuller by the minute and the adrenaline was seeping into everyone. You went onto the dance floor with Eliza and ran into Peggy, who was dressed as cat woman (John went insane).

“That guy is totally checking you out!” Peggy said while grabbing your arm. You shook her off with a laugh, but turned around out of curiousity anyways. There was a guy looking at you. You excused yourself from the sisters and went up to him.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N)” you smiled at him.

“I’m Aaron, sorry I’m not in costume I was invited last minute by Alexander.” he explained to you. You blushed when he smiled at you. He wasn’t very charming, but there was something sincere about him.

And the next thing you knew you were talking to him for hours. Laughing and getting to know each other while everyone else danced on the dance floor and wore their costumes under the strobe lights. Eventually Peggy and Eliza came and joined you but they left quickly once you gave them a certain look. Everyone left you and Aaron in that corner together and enjoyed the party.

Except Lafayette.

He had been judging Hercules and Laurens dance battle when he noticed you laughing with Aaron Burr. It was like his ears were programmed to find your laughter, even past the noise of the crowds and dancing and the stomping of the music. He saw you and couldn’t stop looking.

Alexander saw the heartbreak in his french friend’s eyes “What’s wrong, Laf?” he asked. Lafayette couldn’t speak so he just pointed with his arm slowly. Alex put his arm down so others wouldn’t notice. “Oh that’s Aaron Burr, I didn’t think he would show…” he admitted.

John and Hercules flocked Lafayette and asked what was going on.

“She’s flirting with someone else…” Lafayette mumbled “ruiné mon coup … (ruined my shot)”. Laurens patted Lafayette’s shoulder “It’ll be alright, I promise.” Lafayette sighed and followed his friends to get more drinks.

One drink. Two drinks. Three drinks. Four. The frenchman shook off his nerves, “Fuck Aaron Burr!” he announced to his friends. His friends nodded and raised a glass to him. Without another word, he started marching through the crowd. Alexander, Hercules and John frantically followed him as they noticed where he was going.

“Lafayette! Wait!” Laurens fell off his chair and onto the ground, drunk past his wits.

“Qu'est ce que tu vas faire?! (What are you going to do?!)” Alexander yelled over the crowd.

“Tell her your feelings!!” Hercules smiled.

You were sitting next to Burr with a smile as he told you “I’m not going to be able to get you out of my head tomorrow” he admitted. You blushed, “Maybe I’ll be like Marie and lose my head” you joked. Suddenly you felt strong arms pull you up from your seat. You shrieked “Lafayette! What the hell?!” He ignored you and turned to Aaron.

“Do you not respect the rules of matching costumes?!” He yelled at him.

“I’m sorry! Is this your boyfriend? I’m sorry, man I didn’t know we were just-!”

“BLAH BLAH BLAH this is the woman I love! Keep your hands off her! And don’t make her laugh that’s MY job!” He shouted “She’s my best friend and she’s always there for me and I can never stop thinking about her! et je suis plus beau que vous! Donc HA! (and I’m more beautiful than you! So HA!)

Aaron looked flabbergasted by the french man’s words and stood from his seat with his hands up, saying “I’m really sorry, it was nice to meet you (Y/N).” And he walked through the costumed party-goers and strobe lights. Lafayette smirked, feeling smug. His arms were still around you and even though he was drunk he was still stronger so you simply pounded on his chest.

“Let go of me, Gilbert! I can have guy friends rather than you! You aren’t my boyfriend you’re drunk and impulsive and I hate you!” you screamed in his face as he slowly let you out of his arms, feeling defeated. You left the frenchman there, tears forming in his eyes and his head killing him.

You found Eliza and told her you were sorry but you had to go, and you told her what happened while waiting for the uber you called. You shook your head in frustration as mascara burned your eyes. Why did he have to embarrass you like that? And what did he mean he was in love with you? You knew he loved you because you had been so close for years but … did he really have feelings? And what the hell was he shouting in french?

“Will you drive him home tonight? I know he’s drunk and I don’t know where all the boys are… “ Eliza nodded, “I think my husband is driving Hercules home right now, and Peggy is helping John with a broken nose. God knows how that happened…” She trailed off. You put your head in your hands. She rubbed your back slowly as she was at a loss for words. A black car rolled in front of the building and honked. You stood up and hugged Eliza.

You watched her walk back in and over the storming music you heard a familiar french accent say “She’s leaving?? How could you let her go?!”

Lafayette ran out of the building and locked eyes with you. You had opened the door to the backseat and were standing there, your driver growing impatient.

“Ne me quitte pas s'il te plaît (Please don’t leave me)” he begged you.

You got into the backseat, grabbing every piece of dress that was out of the car. Lafayette cursed under his breath and dove into the seat, pushing all your dress into the seat.

“Lafayette!” You yelled as he closed the door and told the driver to go. You took your dress from him and crossed your arms, sitting as far from him as possible and looking out the window. On the outside you were mad at him, but a part of you just wanted to wrap yourself in his arms.

“(Y/N), you’re right I’m drunk and impulsive right now and everything I have done tonight is wrong except for when I told you that I love you.” You turned to look at him. “I am in love with you and I have been for years and I am tired of not being able to say it to your face.” He poured his heart in the backseat of the car and was hoping you would take it. You rubbed tears from your face.

“Why didn’t you say something earlier? I thought you only wanted to be friends and I was heartbroken” you admitted to him, collapsing into his arms. He took all the stupid decorations out of your hair- pearls, feathers, bright bobby pins, etc. and he held your head close to his chest right over his heartbeat.

“Three years ago I went to a halloween party after being in the airport for hours, I was in sweatpants and a tanktop I-I … I had no idea I was going to meet the love of my life” he told you while lifting your chin to look at him. He wiped away a tear.

“Don’t cry, mon amour.” he whispered softly before pressing his lips on yours. His lips were soft and precise just like you had imagined. You put your hands on each side of his face and he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer and digging his fingers into your thick corset.

The driver cleared his throat, “We’ve reached our destination” he mumbled while avoiding eye contact in the rearview mirror. Lafayette’s lips pulled away and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple bills. “Keep driving” he said. The driver took the bills and sighed, hitting the gas pedal “What am I supposed to do with a bunch of tens?” he muttered under his breath. You smiled into the kiss and pulled your Louis XVI closer to you, making up for lost time.


Hi International Harmonizers,

This is a submission BTW, since my account doesn’t have enough followers. ✌ haha!

Anyway, I just want to get your thoughts on this one right here.

I’m pretty sure most of you, if not ALL of you, are probably too young to even know who the spice girls are and how big they we’re back in the day. Yes, im a bit old. Dont rub it in. Were all harmonizers here. Lol! (Im 25) Since Twitter or any other social media we’re practically non-existent back in the day. . The only way for us to get a glimpse of the Spice Girls were thru MTV or magazines. They we’re huuuge!!! Brazilian harmonizers at the airport last year? The Spice Girls had double if not triple everywhere they go.

So where am I getting at? I came across this video earlier today and was published a bout over a month ago on YouTube. When I went to watch it. It kind of confirmed what I was wondering back in the day. I was too young to know whatvit was but it always got my attention.

I remember watching an MTV performance The Spice Girls did where Geri was standing in the middle of the stage, feet apart and wearing a skirt when all of a sudden Mel B, suddenly laid flat on the stage below her and lifted her skirt and took a peek of her underwear. I said that’s strange. It was cute but at a very early age I found it really hot. Oh God, I m just now realizing that that’s my first exposure to a girlxgirl interaction. Lol!

Going back tho. . When I started shipping Camren, I said “I wonder if back then other people shipped any of the Spice Girls members?” Obviously I’ve always wondered that because how am I supposed to know back then when we’re just confined to a few glimpses of them thru MTV.

Watching the video sort of confirmed those childhood lingering thoughts about Mel B and Geri. They possibly had a thing and that could be one of the major factor as to why she left the group. Listen to her excuses, it’s all contradictory and she’s obviously holding back something, careful not to spill to much information to Pierce Morgan. Listen to Mel B’s ex husbands statement, please tell me that that’s not something you’d want to ponder on. Listen as to how hurt she was when she had to leave the group on Mel’s bday and reading Mel say shes no longer needed in the group. Which btw i think Mel onlynsaid out of hurt. I doubt she was tired. They were in the height of their career. In a middle of a tour. They just had a successful movie together as a group. They we’re all tired. But as a family you know you’ll pull through.

My take on it is this. . I think her relationship with Mel got too toxic that it was affecting them on a personal level. Being the two strongest in the group (personality-wise) had added only. But also I think their deeper relationship or whatever they had must’ve contributed greatly to her leaving. There are talks that Geri could’ve been hurt a lot when Mel got married to Jimmy which was another blow to her face.

Anyway, my point is. . What if? What if that that’s exactly how things are now between Camila and Lauren?

Taeny & KF Shippers
How should I begin this? Alright. This will mainly be the topic of Tiffany’s relationship. No. I am not going to bring myself to say THAT name. For i dont even bothered to. So lets just say, those of you whom shipped that couple..go ahead, but that doesnt means you have to make every single living sones to ship them. Cos that is just plain dumb. What makes me laugh for a good time is seeing those tiny pathetic pest saying: “YOU ARE NOT A REAL SONE IF YOU DONT SHIP KF” I say double fuck you to that. Since when did SNSD made you a judge? Or are you a soshi member to judge who is real and whats not?  So lets just say…lets just say. An example. If 1 of the soshi member doesnt bless or agree on kf relationship…does that makes her a fake soshi? Lol. Now. I am just trying to simplified your stupidity. Now you get it? There’s pros and cons. We have our reasons why we dislike Nichkhun as it is the same of why you adore him. Why cant we dislike him? Sometimes bad things happened and we may blurt things out like “I hate you God…why me"  Come on. Your Nichkhun is not even the almighty. So please. You cant and shouldnt expect every single sones to like or accept that relationship. Because it is up to that one sole person to decide who they love/like or the other way. Who are you to control the other thoughts? Psycho. Like the recent RunningMan. Many of you blinded by passions said "You guys just want him to answer idk so it gives you a reason to say he is not caring” Er hello? Talk to my double middle fingers. He could’ve just shrugged it off with a shy smile and avoid it. But its okay if he choose to answer it with a thoughtless mindless answer. She is sleeping. I find it awfully hilarious at his answer to it. It was genuinely obvious that he answered without thinking and with whatever his brain can projects. And that just shows how much attention he wants to gain. By simply answering. Is just like if my friend ask me “hey..what is your dog doing right now?” And I’ll go.. oh i think my dog is at home making some coffee for itself..enjoying his time break freedom. Get it? LMFAO. 1 thing for sure. I realized this guy wants 1 thing. Fame. He jumps into any pit hole for that. That brings us back to the time where he and Taeyeon arrived in Thailand airport. She was there for her B ing event and as for him. I got no idea. Didnt care. Taengangers and Sones were there. Crowding the whole airport just to catch a glimpse of their Thai Prince. And no. Thai Prince..is Taeyeon.  Not that born and raise fella. Dont get it wrong ya ;) So, that fella got out first. he was amaze by the crowds. (I was too) (**applause to Thai Fans**) He bows to the crowd and tweet “So many fans welcoming..I feel warm” HOLD THERE A MINUTE BUDDY!!! ER WHUT!?  you thought the crowds was for ya!?!??! How hilariously embarrassing dude. Ok. Come on. Give it to me. you want to say he thought so? But you know why? Cos once again. he shamelessly wants attention. And he would say or do anything without thinking twice this dude is just dying for fame. Many came and told me if i dont accept the relationship it means i dont love Tiffany enough. i say you go and dig your way back into your mum’s womb and stay there. you dont know me so dont judge me. those who knows me. knows how well i am crazy for that girl. “If you love someone. You accept it” I do. did i accept it? Yes. I accept it. But that doesnt means i have to ship them. And you think Tiff would give a fuck if 1 or 2 person doesnt accepts it?  Er. No. ._. Its her choice. Her relationship why do you think she give a fuck. It is exactly how you fans should learn. why you shippers want to give so many fucks as in to what other might be thinking or reacting? Why do you want to fucking care so much? 6 years ago. I fell in love with Tiffany Hwang herself. not because of who she is with or who was with her. I love her for her personality and her eyesmile is a bonus to it. 6 years later. I still love Tiffany Hwang as the person herself. period. i wont support her latest relationship. Cos i dont give it any damn. Neither she gives a damn if i agree in her relationship or not. “SHE WILL BE SAD TO SEE HER FANS REACTING THAT WAY” Oh wait. Kf shippers and other sones who thought that way. Wait a minute. you didnt tell me you are not a human…you didnt tell me you are GOD for that only can explains properly of how you know how 1 idol really felt. Awwww. oh wait. you are just a fan. like me and everyone else. so just SHUT UP. I know most Locksmiths are sadden and upset by the news. I get it. I was too. when the news were up. i was so rage that i did something that i felt kind of regret when I calm down the next day. (IF YOU ARE NOT A LOCKSMITHS, PLEASE ZIP YOUR CRAPPY MOUTH SHIT MAKERS FOR A MINUTE)  I know how it feels to get crush by facts. i know when hopes got crush. that kind of feeling. I have been through this. but dear all. Remember what she said. “To love is to learn how to let it go” Come. Lets sing LET IT GO shall we :3 why not think of it this way? At least we are lucky enough to witness a thing call ‘real love’ how beautiful a love life can be. we seen it through TaeNy. and we still see it. Just like what she said “One picture can tells more” doesnt their gestures, expressions and eyesights does that? :) I think a love life is more amazing is when one couple makes the people around them smile just by watching them and them not realizing it. anyone can tell us anything. but we should also remember the reason of why our fandom exist. cos we are strong, supportive, caring, rush with passions of love from inside of us. Key & Lock. STEEL. our heart should be as strong as a steel. not the other way, marshmallow ;p  Cheer up. what saddens me is how some of you start turning your back to Tiffany. Is this it? If she can still loves her, why not us too? I know. Something is fishy. but hey.  10 years is not nothing. if i am going to continue to proof of to why i think this whole sudden announcement of relationship is fishy… trust me. I need all day and when i does… Locksmiths will be all strong again. But…not today eh? I have stories to write later on x3 all i can say is. Something made us believe. he may use her fame to himself for all he wants. but at the end of the day. Taeyeon will still be the very one for her. And come on shippers. Tiffany is not pregnant. Neither she is planning to get married. No. Im not God. I didnt read her mind. This is all just plain observation. sones. who is Tiffany? The member who has the most leadership roles playing among the girls. She is always there to maintain her group image. marriage? Pregnant? You think she is that dumb to ruin something that she has build and maintain for so many years? Dear KF Shippers. i cant call you retards for that will only be an insult to definition of the word. You all are a normal human beings by why are each and everyone of you kf shippers so eager to show the stupidity that is inside of you. desperate photoshop. releasing fake rumors desperately. SO GOD DAMN DESPERATE JUST LIKE YOUR NICHKHUN OPPA FOR HIS GROUP COMEBACK. oh no wonder.  That explains. like idols. Like fans. A bunch of desperado. please. if you are a kpop fan. you should know. This era. is EXO. your 2PM oppas are HISTORY. and no. I am not even an exotic. i am just plainly bluntly speaking what is real and happening. Hello. Come out from your cave once in awhile. It helps to update your brain. dont just sit behind your screen and read what was tweet or re-tweet by your own gang. salute to seunggi and khungho (< did i spell it right?? Sorry shikshin T.T) It takes 1 real man to know how to protect his girlfriend. How to respect her fans and friends. i guess your nikon oppa is still a little boy who is dying for desperate fame. Until then. Bye peepo ;) P/S:  If any of you who stays in KL wants to hang out or confront me..please do leave a comment here or my fb or my twitter or my ig or aff or anywhere you can get me. you want to talk about kf? Want to correct me? Lol. I prefer face to face confrontation. dont use your fake dp with fake name to come talk to me anon. oh please. grow some ovum and sperm people. lost your guts. only barking from behind screen? Pfffffft o0o talk to da finga cr: http://1308andrea.blogspot.in/2014/05/taeny-kf-shippers.html ============================================== **I do not owe this post…. Give this person:
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