i dont even know what im doing with my life

  • Tbh with you I think that if all of The Seven met Carter and Sadie Kane it would be because of this big af problem and their conversation would go somwthing like this
  • Sadie:I think we should ask the earth go-
  • The Seven:No.
  • Sadie:You didn't even let me finish!
  • The Seven:We just came from battleling the earth goddess. We wont accept any help from the earth thank you very much.
  • Sadie:But he is good! Geb is kind!
  • The Seven:Ain't nobody got time for earth magic
  • Sadie:But-
  • The Seven:nope
  • Sadie:But-
  • The Seven:Nopity nopity nope

so you know how the bands whose initials are “B” are super-awesome? like Big Bang, BAP, Block B etc… i think Vixx is one of the “B” team as well. because their name is not actually “Vixx”, it’s “Bixxseu” i mean they write and they even pronounce it as “B”… so yeah, YAY FOR THE “B” BANDS <3

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we all definitely know you feel like that avery. do you worry about ur identity being too close to emily? and basically being the same person? and lumped together a lot?

to an extent, yeah. m not about to lash tf out or anything but it is invalidating when 80% of my inbox is questions about her/my relationship n i feel like my personal individuality is being augmented lol, so i understand where 2012 dan was coming from. he didn’t hate phil or the concept of being shipped with him, he just felt people stopped appreciating him for who he was as a singular person, n i feel that too

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chen i dont know what to do. my life feels like its falling apart and im losing friends bc im so negative about my outlook

aww bab :/ i’m in a serious rut too and i understand. i can’t even be around anyone these days because everything is so horrible lol like i have literally next to nothing but

it’s important to know that nothing is permanent. there’s always gonna be a way out. you can fight your way through this, and try to stop and see the good in little things. just try and do one thing for yourself per day, it doesn’t have to be anything HUGE and change doesn’t come quickly. just one thing per day and you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better.

and friends that arent there for you when you need it the most aren’t friends. i can’t tell you how many people i thought cared about me just brushed me aside when it was my turn to talk lol, you’re better off without those people. honestly times like these are horrible but kind of a good thing because when you’re at your lowest, you know who’s really there for you.

for now, put yourself first. rest as much as you need! don’t beat yourself up or worry too much. one thing at a time! and remember to please keep smiling. it’s gonna be ok. it might be dark now but the sun always rises.

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okay im so sorry to put you in this position i just dont even know what to do at this point. basically i guess im wondering how you got better? ive been dealing with some gnarly mental illness that im not really able to identify and ive been on medication and seen people but nothing seems to help. its gotten really bad and im really scared at this point im going to do something bad. im really sorry again i just dont know what to do.

okay princess just breathe. don’t do anything permeant. wait till tomorrow, if you still feel bad wait till next week, next month, or even next year… just keep waiting and fighting because with time comes healing. if you are tempted to do anything to yourself please go talk to your parents or a friend or call someone for help. four years ago i was forced to get help when i wanted to end my life, if i had known i would’ve ended up this happy i would’ve got help willingly. it will be worth it i promise.