i dont even know what im doing anymore just

This is it...

Hi, my name is Luke. please don’t skip past this post.

First of all i would like to, from the bottom of my heart, on my knees, thank the people that have already helped me. really i can’t put into words how grateful i am that I’ve gotten the help i have.

Let me bring everyone up to speed. a few days ago i made this post.

TL;DR me and my family are being kicked out of our house. we dont know what to do and we are in need of help.

But… unfortunately the situation is much worse. as of right now i think we have a week maximum to figure out what we are going to do.

in the original post I offered to do Commissions to people for what ever they could offer and I didn’t want to take just donations…

but at this point i have to put it all to the side…


This is my paypal email. (those of you who commissioned me might notice its different than the one you used, that was my original personal email.)

Please….anything you can do im freaking out and my family is freaking out. and we dont know what to do, i don’t know if i deserve your help or not i dont know….this is so hard for me to make, but i know if i don’t i’ll regret it.

if i didn’t do everything i could. please if you can just reblog this… even liking would help… i cant offer anymore commissions…but i just…please. i know i dont deserve it, but i dont know where else to turn to. and if nothing else, i know not all of you are religious. but those of you who are, if you could pray for me and my family. i would appreciate it…. thank you for reading this.

Promt list

1. “Thats my phone”
2. “Why do you have my bra in your hand?”
3. “I don’t feel so good”
4. “You mean everything to me….”
5. “You lost your ring?….”
6. “Great now the fire alarm is going off”
7. “You mean to tell me that you ate all my food?…”
8. “How dare you use me when you knew i loved you….”
9. “Forget it”
10. “Maybe wishes do come true after all
11. “Maybe soulmates are a thing”
12. “Lets go travel the world”
13. “Can we sleep under the stars?”
14. “I saw you sitting alone and thought you would use some company”
15. “Are you seriously horny right now?”
16. “Whats with the cheesy pickup lines?”
17. “Nooo! They belonged together”
18. “Your jealous over my celebrity crush?”
19. “Could i maybe get your number?”
20. “How about a date?”
21. “Netflix?”
22. “Was it really worth it?”
23. “Yeah well now you’ve lost me”
24. “Let me help you goddammit”
25. “Stop being stubborn and come cuddle me”
26. “You drove here at 2 in the morning to come and get cuddles?”
27. “Soooo…..what now?”
28. “I thought you locked the door”
29. “This is going to be the end of me”
30. “You are going to be the death of me”
31. “Your just another player and its game over for us”
32. “You’re seriously a man-child”
33. “I want you. Only you”
34. “Do you belive in love at first sight?”
35. “Im so stupid. I fell for my best friend”
36. “Its cute when you blush”
37. “Back off”
38. “Is there a reason your crawling threw my window?”
39. “Thats a cute laugh. I like it”
40. “Move in with me?”
41. “I guess this is it…”
42. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this”
43. “You owe me 10 bucks”
44. “Can you bring pizza and beer”
45. “What did that asshole do to you?”
46. “What did you do?”
47. “Ewww thats gross”
48. “Stick that toung out again and i will cut it off”
49. “Im not crying. Theres something in my eye”
50. “Wow. Your stupid”
51. “Did i fucking stutter?”
52. “You should leave”
53. “Dont mind me”
54. “Nice moves love”
55. “What a dumb idea. Im in”
56. “Can someone shoot him?”
57. “Don’t say a word”
58. “Shit, thats hot”
59. “I dont care”
60. “You need to leave”
61. “Fuck off”
62. “NEVER!”
63. “Do you even love me?”
64. “I think i just fell in love”
65. “I cant do this anymore”
66. “You’re so whipped”
67. “Forever?”
68. “I fall in love with you more and more ever day”
69. “Your all i have left”
70. “Care to dance?”
71. “Please. Just dont”
72. “Im sorry”
73. “I said im sorry what more do you want!”
74. “You cant just sit there all day”
75. “You can lock yourself away from everyone else….but please dont push me away”
76. “You can’t banish me!! This is my bed too”
77. “Talk about awkward”
78. “If you die. I’ll kill you”
79. “That dosn’t make sense”
80. “Just smile. I just really need to see you smile right now”
81. “How funny. You think i care”
82. “Tell me what’s happened. Why have we changed”
83. “I don’t even know you anymore.”
84. “Do you really need all that candy?”
85. “Don’t yell at me”
86. “Good thing i didn’t ask for your opinion”
87. “She’s hiding behind the sofa”
89. “He’s respectable. But you know, a little dodgy”
90. “Your too good for this world”
91. “Only if you give me a piggy back ride”
92. “Let’s build a fort”
93. “Wait, you like me?”
94. “Wait….is this a date?”
95. “If i did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you”
96. “Listen i really dont like you but you hsve a puppy so im going to be over a lot”
97. “I desere an explanation. I desereve an acceptable reason”
98. “You can hate me. You can dislike me. But why cheat on me?”
99. “Your hair is so soft”
100. “I thought it’d be less hurt if i left now. But it turn out i was wrong. I promise ill never leave again”

Suggest who you would like it to be with and what number/s. Stay groovy 😎

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Roses are red, Violets are blue, Don’t you just love, Staying up this late to study chemistry too?
nct quote masterlist
  • I wanna have xxxx with you fatass! love you forever darling-Ten’s birthday note to Johnny
  • You are all gay-Taeil
  • why do i need to buy chocolate if im the chocolate myself?-Jaehyun
  • Ten and I just showered together-Johnny
  • if you hold your pee in for too long, a big surprise will follow- Yuta
  • i like the bed because it gives me the feeling of a forest fairy-Taeil
  • Are these pokeballs?- Ten
  • Why do i look so scary?-Taeyong
  • This reminds me of the first time we met. I dont even remember that. Me neither, i just know it was awkward- Mark and Johnny
  • VERY HOT-Ten
  • Ten never looked at girls- Ten’s teacher
  • This is Taipei - Yuta
  • I really know nothing about dating - Taeyong
  • Hello we are the foreign swaggers- Mark 
  • I lived in america for 4 years thats why im here man-Jaehyun
  • Welcome back to the foreign swagger section-Mark
  • SM Super Cookie-Ten
  • I really dont think i can do this anymore-Taeyong
  • So today! February 2nd! Actually, its the 9th. Oh man dude what am i saying? No, its cool- Mark and Johnny
  • Doyoung who is filled with beautiful thoughts, I love you! -Taeyong
  • Everywhere I look, pose.  Everywhere I place my hand, its a pose. -Taeyong
  • I forgot how to do satoori-Hansol
  • A six-pack is too heavy for me, so now I only walk around with a one-pack.  I leave the other five behind.  I used to have chocolate abs, but i ate two of them. - Haechan
  • Who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. Alright, who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. -Jaehyun, Jisung, and Mark. 
  • I wake up at 7 am to water my plants.  But i dont have any plants - Haechan
  • THESE CRYBABIES SERIOUSLY! *wipes away tears*- Haechan ofc
  • Ten and I showered together - Johnny
  • He is always following me!!!  What are you talking about… - Mark and Haechan
  • My friends call me a heater, cuz i bring the heat! - johnny
  • I love him [johnny] soooo much! - Ten
  • On my schedule, from noon to 1 pm, I avoid haechan - mark
  • Offer the last piece of food! Please accept my Taeyong :) -Taeyong and Doyoung
  • I’M HEARTBROKEN!!!!!- Haechan
  • *dolphin screams* - Chenle 
  • hello my name is marklee - Mark Lee
  • Ten was never interested in girls - Ten’s old teacher
  • Yes, I learned some Chinese phrases.  The one that left the deepest impression on me is “where is the bathroom”- Haechan
  • Everyone should take unflattering pictures of other people- Haechan 
  • *someone mentions Haechan’s name* ahhhh im getting stressed - Mark
  • Bugs are bugs, but I’m really afraid of people… especially haechan - mark
  • Don’t give any food to mark. Haechan, you know you wont survive today right? Theres also tomorrow and the day after. Theres no camera tomorrow! - Haechan and Mark
  • We (mark and haechan) have a fantasy-like relationship - Haechan
  • Don’t, the cameras are rolling ;)))) - Jaehyun
  • Pinch Johnny’s nose, he’ll either die or wake up - Yuta
  • My face looks big today.  It normally is big. - Chenle and Jisung
  • Winwin is cute, but he’s stupid - Kun
  • It’s Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation - Johnny 

Vader: [text] aaaaggggghhh im so bored
Obi-Wan: Shouldn’t you be talking to your master about this and not me?
Vader: GEEZ hes busy ok????????? being supreme overlord of the universe is a tough job 
: If you say so. 
Vader: whatev noones making u reply 2 me kenobi
Vader: what r u wearing?
Obi-Wan: Excuse me?
Vader: hey i said im bored… 😏 just curious 
Obi-Wan: No.
Vader: no what?? no ur not going to tell me, or no u dont have clothes on?? 😉 
Obi-Wan: We are not having this discussion. Absolutely not. 
Vader: its just a question obiwan omg!!!!! 
Vader: lol what r u even afraid of? the council??? bc i can pretty much guarantee u dont need to worry about like…any of those guys anymore lmaoooo
Obi-Wan: I should go meditate. It seems like you could benefit from doing the same. 
Vader: no wait obiwan
Vader: i could go first. ill tell u what im wearing if u want
Obi-Wan: Anakin. I KNOW what you’re wearing. Everyone in the GALAXY knows what you’re wearing. 

also why didn’t elias tell sana why he punched isak? we know he apologized at some point so shouldn’t he have come with some explanation as well? normally that’s one of the first things people do when apologizing, but apparently he just said “sorry for punching your friend lol” and left her to come up with her own answers

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hi so im suicidal now and im wondering how you fought through it? since you aren't suicidal anymore?

I stopped being suicidal after I triedto kill myself and that snapped me out of it and helped me see how stupid i was being. I dont suggest trying to kill yourself of course but it was almost 100% a willpower/state of mind thing. I was just like u know what this isnt all about me, Maybe my life doesnt matter but that doesnt mean it should end. No one’s life “”matters”” But what does it even mean for a life to matter. There’s so many things to do here on earth and how could I be so selfish to take myself away from my friends and family. That was basically what I was thinking in a nutshell

  • <p> <b>thomas hayes:</b> *posts on his instagram story that he’s in oslo*<p/><b>inner me:</b> you know he’s norwegian, right? he’s allowed to be in oslo, he might even live there, who tf knows? he can post shit and not mean anything by it lmao don't overthink it. he dropped skam a while ago, he's not gonna do it, you know that.<p/><b>me:</b> he's gonna film for skam's last episode, isn't he? julie is really going to do that shit. why does she do that? honey, wtf r u up to? stop this bs<p/></p>

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im a cis girl and im kinda going through something like ?? internalized biphobia??? cuz i know im bi and ive accepted that all but now i actually like a guy and might even start dating him and so my brains just like "youre not lgbt anymore :^) youve never dated a girl u cant know ur actually bi" but i do know im bi???? i dont really know what to do

straight people know they’re straight even though they haven’t “tried it out” with any gender yet, right? so the same thing applies to bi people – you don’t need ~experience~ to know yourself.

last update.... :(

hey so, i think im going to delete.

i know what youre thinking, “inactive for basically year and NOW he delete? what a lazy, selfish douche”

i have many reasons, but here is crux of it: im fucking tired guys. im really, really tired.

im just way too depressed and sick to continue making posts, content, or even tags. i can barely waking up in morning. i don’t even checking news on Syria anymore, im going mid july to find my MIA uncle and aunt anyways, so yeah i bet that’s going to turn out well.

also, im tired of negativity. i join “fandom side” of video games- more specifically, RVB- because i think it would being fun and supportive community where memes and creative ideas to thrive and to grow. that was 2012 tumblr, i was stuck in wrong year. now everyone is zealous vigilantee and harassing people and claiming that if anyone interpreting something different than them, they’re fucking criminals. discourse, stalking, callout, whatever fucking “doxxing” mean.

it reflect society today. people are so radicalized, they cannot standing to hear different view point than them- religion, politics, and apparently fandom now too? wtf, my only escape from that horseshit WAS fandom!! and now extremist assholes are everywhere. my home country, my “friends”, and my fucking stress relief?!?! its pathetic!!!

but in the end… what can you do? just roll with punches and move on, i guess

thank you so much to those who have supported me. it was great run. i had wonderful conversations with many lovely people, and i still wonder who those nice anons were. i remember every comment and tag, good and bad. my art and writing improving so much thank to positive reinforcement. i use to feel ok with sharing my ideas, even though my predictions or interpretations were deadass wrong most of in time. but they develop and improve like i did as human. i outgrow them… just like i now outgrow this…

believe me, THATS something i don’t saying lightly

basically, im not going to use my time and energy tainting my name with toxic community. im just not. im above that. i dont wanting to invest in something that i will now being burned for. im not even mad, just severely dissapointed. consider this blog permenately discontinued, same with others. i mighg start all over again or something, have to wait and see.

im going to tag people who were either kind to me, great people in general, wonderful artists, people i admire, people with great ideas/contributions, mutuals, chill blogs i follow, or people who have been following/interacting with my blog for so long it would be insulting to not give them regonition they deserve! most are combination of these. this is mostly as promo, even if they aren’t still active in fandom. they deserve better than this toxic bullshit too. i recommend them greatly, and if any of you are reading this, YOU MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER, OR AT LEAST FUCKING BEARABLE!! many others do as well, but here are people who directly making this blog’s time and experience worthwhile.

in no particular order…. (seriously, don’t reading too much into it :P)

@drag0n-qu33n @angrymintleaf @cockbiteproductions @dangern00dle @anon-ai @meleetrash @cloudsaysthings @greyofsunshine @mercmonster @mercuryblacksleg @sugar-p0p @ghostofawolf300 @freelancerkiwi @itsnotpinkitsbloodorange @wolffepack @spaguette @rhysies-puffs @theguywiththeyellowaccents @daftprodigy @the-agent-washingtub @charles-kun @selselsky @gunmetalblxck @cecexm @mad-king-jean @rottendentist @capicada @momfrienddonut @megneato @locus-desperatus @texelations @scribbleboxfoxart @volltron @randomdraggon @gaybeedle-archive @gh0st-fl0wer @neo-trickster @rose-raspberry @astronautachance @bloodmulch @happyanon-spreadlovenothate @jacy-pennys @wolfwarrior142 @hakanakiki @freshzombiewriter @so-try-left-rvb @redvioletdelights @abageal @mrjacobi @washingtoninasnowfort @agenttexsflippedshit @bigburnsides @crownedchosen @supercasey @agent-maine @local-cryptid @locusmclocusy @tealdragon @shinytoymercs @felixmcsucc @sophisticatedbrownie @the-greatest-merc @foxtrot-12 @gavinsdumbshittynosethtnonelikes @directium @cerealmonster15 @agender-washingtons @peteykins @timorous-amorous @the-meta @stellarreqs-roulette @multifandomfuck @cili-ai @wolfebain @puffballpatriot @themad-lizardking @agent0hio @agent-fried-chicken @spuddingtonbear @sinningpaladin @agentmainemeta @officialagentwashington @madmud2730 @redgraveconspiracy @powerfulpomegranate @ahsatan785 @iamilex @flawlix @captainmurdoc @companionwolf @nonegenderwithleftbeef @vlasdygoth @vollltron @forfucksakefelix

REST IN PEACE: luccicute diidatic cannibal-felix

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, @vividroute just for being my 69th follower (no i did not forget you, idk if youre even following me anymore but hey bonus points in my book)

thank you so much, i will missing you guys, but i cant doing this anymore. im sorry i couldnt having patience you do.

so why do i write this? why dont i just shut up and leave? why tag and drag these people to this post? good questions. i want you to know and understand from this experience: Karma exist. your contribution, work, kindness, EXISTENCE, ect. help me and even if you dont remembering, it impact me. i hope this doing same for you. im not going to force you believe Karma or any of that jazz. i just think that for what each of you have done, least i can doing is giving my thanks and/or explanations instead of being ingrate and abandoning everyone as i almost had, with poor rushed words. i am grateful for your presence on Earth, and i know im not only one who thinking so! ^^

now time to lay my weary ass blog to rest with one last rvb reference…


Emile out~

Lemme get my point through.
We HideKane enthusiasts are salty and bitter about this, yes.
But remember: Each has their own blog and everyone can rant, let out their rage and emotions out. About anything they want. Bc this is their blog just as yours is yours.
We will eventually calm down so just let us be this way for the time being and endure it. We are not trying to find approval. We just want to get it off our chest and let our voices be heard and to share it (and also to interact with people who feel the same way.) And NOT to get it rubbed off on our faces that we are stupid fujoshi losers. Not to aggravate anyone on this platform. We also not ask for feedback or con arguments to the things we state. So please dont.
I was a touken shipper at the beginning but the more i got to know about Kaneki’s deep connection to Hide the more i detached from Touken. That doesnt mean that Touka and Kaneki do not have a deep relationship. But i just dont support it anymore and ofc we are not pleased with this chapter that we not support. But who cares? Each to their own guys. Just let us talk about what bothers us , u dont need to interfere. Pls respect that just as i respect other views rather its Touka or Tsukiyama with Kaneki or whoever, even Mutsuki. At the same time that im not happy about the outcome tho , im looking forward to Yomo’s and Ayato’s reaction. And that Kaneki deserves the love he gets, i mean we all cheer for his happiness, are we not?
Noow to Ishida (i love ishida).

I see that there are irrational pple due to rage but me as a pretty rational personality.. It’s Ishida’s manga and he is free to decide what to do. Insulting him wont do shit and it’s just basically a wrong thing to do.
Stop insulting the blessed mangaka who brought TG upon us. He deserves respect just like any other person does.
My message dont insult Ishida for doing what he likes to do. Do you wanna be treated like that? No? Good, then stop.

(I cant talk for everyone but for myself. Yet Im sure others feel this way as well so stop being mean and dickheads everyone, for fuck’s n peace’s sake)

Im not tagging this to gain anger but let my voice be heard.

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Zoo help I have gotten to the point in my life where even I don't know if I'm being sarcastic or not anymore what the heck do I do sorry for cursing

watch your language ! im much too sarcastic soooo i dont think its a bad thing?just be kind and sarcasm can take you far

Kinda urgent

Uh hey in the span of the next two months I’m gonna get my ipad taken away because I’m renting it off of my school, and I wont be going there next year and I really need something else but I just don’t have the money to get anything right now. If I don’t find a replacement I’ll basically be completely cut off from all social media and I won’t be able to talk to my friends or girlfriend anymore, since my phone is a piece of shit as well and i just cant download any apps at all.

And since I’m also entering a new school next year, I’d like to enter that school as a boy and not have to come out to everyone as trans half a year in like ive had to do for the past 3 years. Its really tiring and mentally straining. And since the binders I have now don’t fit me anymore and are just really terrible quality id like to buy new ones, but again, I just don’t have the money to do that.

All of this is extremely important to me and it’s something that Im ready to dedicate my entire two months of summer break to so Im looking to do commissions or create line stickers, even custom ones if necessary and i really dont know anything about the whole pricing deal. If anyone who has done commissions before could help me out then that’d be real neat. Ill probably add some examples of what I’ve drawn before under this post in a bit, but for now if people could reblog this then that’d be a great help!!!

strolling thru the leegaa tag and u see

“people in the NaruGaa fandom who actively think that the LeeGaa fandom hates them”

im just surprised we have enough people to count as a fandom