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heyyy! okay so i am just completely new to this and i really dont even know where to start. is there anyway you could help me out by telling me what i should research or literally anything you can tell me would be helpful too.

I’m going to assume you are talking about the green path specifically, and not witchcraft in general. There’s a lot of generic how-to guides on tumblr on witchcraft, so I’m going to give you something a bit more specific. Sooo here it goes! :)


~Naomi’s Guide to Beginner Green Witchcraft~

1)Start a journal. Write it in everytime you study. I call mine a Book of Mirrors, because I’m reflecting on what I have learned/read. Anytime you have new ideas or thoughts about a concept, write them down. This helps you process and remember the information, and sometimes you’ll find that while writing you’ll make connections to previous things you’ve written about. It’s not your grimoire, it’s your workbook, where you place your field notes to sift through later to put into your grimoire.  I like using an a5 sized notebook that has about 200 pages or so in it.

2) Read as much as you can. Ask questions to as many people as you can, even if it’s just online. As much knowledge is available to you, look for it, and read it with a level of skepticism. Reflect on it in your journal. There’s a lot of rules and explanations on how things work in different practices, and many contradict each other. Don’t read something and take it at face value, make sure you find out why and understand the reasoning.

Don’t know what to read? Look online for reviews and then just pick something. Go to goodreads or amazon. See what stands out and read up on it. You’ll get a better idea of your interests that way. The first book I read (on green witchery) was Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura, which is a bit (a lot) disorganized, and has some historical innaccuracies due to her accounts being from word of mouth passed down in her family. But it sparked my interest and gave me a starting point, and that’s really all you need. Don’t focus so much on “What is the best way” because there’s no answer for that. You have to figure it out yourself.

3) Practice shielding, daily if you can. This is the best best best way to start trying to practice with energy work, because it can’t really backfire on you, and you need to know how to do it anyways. At worst your protection is just going to be a bit weak. Now there are hundreds of methods to this, so I suggest researching that to find a method that works great for you.

4) Research local plant life. See what’s invasive, what needs to be cared for or is in short supply. Find out what is harming the environment in your area, and if there is a way you can make your life more ethical. I say ethical instead of environmentally friendly, because people are living creatures too, and they should concern you just as much. You don’t have to be a martyr or put yourself through undue hardship, just see if there’s anywhere you can improve. Look up magickal properties and safety precautions. DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING WITHOUT FIRST KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. If a plant is totally foreign it’s actually best to not even touch it, ask anyone who didn’t know what poison ivy looks like. Plants are medicines. They have contraindications and dosages. Some are extremely poisonous.

5) If you don’t have any, some basic garden knowledge is something you’re going to want. The plants physical needs are very very very important.

6) Speaking of plant research, double and triple check all of your sources. There’s plenty of “good” herbal books out there that fail to mention certain things, or flat out mix up information and plant names. Given that a lot of beneficial plants have poisonous counterparts that look similiar, this is really, really, important.

7) Go into your yard and talk to the plants out there - they live right by you, it’s okay to go say hi! Don’t have a yard? Go pick yourself up a potted plant. If you are particularly sunlight access starved, there are a lot of indoor low light plants, you can find something. Introduce yourself, ask if you can talk. See if you can sense a response! It’s okay if you don’t. Some plants are just quiet and won’t “talk” until they know you, and sometimes you just can’t “hear” them yet. It takes practice! I put those words in quotes because it’s not like you’re going to hear sentences outloud. It’s like suddenly feeling an emotion, or a texture, like soft and warm, or prickly and sharp (which means they want to be left alone, by the way). Keep this relationship up. Tend to them, leave offerings if you find yourself developing a working relationship, or if you harvest some of the plant for use. A good rule is to not take more than 30% of the mass, unless you’re growing the crop specifically for consumption, like vegetables and the like.


Starting these steps should really get your foot in the door on how green witchcraft works and how it will work for you. My practice is really personal, I do things a specific way that I developed myself when it comes to casting spells. The best I can do is send you on a path to figure it out for yourself. Take this as a gentle guide, not a hard rule book, and good luck on your journey! <3 


مسكت يدي و همست “القارب يغرق” ثم ابتسمت..و كأنك اكتشفت سر العالم, و كأنك توصلت لتوك لكل ما هو هام و مريح و كافي.
لم اعرف ما يجب علي ان افعل الآن, ان كان يجب ان احاول الا اغرق مع القارب, ام افعل مثلك و انظر للبحر و ابتسم في رضا تام…و لكن كيف لي ان اجلس هنا, على متن هذا القارب الغارق و ابتسم, ما الذي فعلته في حياتي يجعلني اصل إلى ابتسامة الرضا تلك…ان الفتاة التي لطالما جلست هنا, على أعتاب الحياة, تنتظر لحياتها ان تبدأ…و لكنها ابداً لم تبدأ, و هي ابداً لم تتوقف عن الأنتظار.

أحكي ذات القصة مراراً على مسامع الغرباء, حتى أصبح الأمر كله أشبه بمحاولة ايجاد أذن تستمع, لا محاولة التخلص من تلك القصة للأبد…لذلك اصبحت تحزني الذكريات, لأن ابداً لم تأتي قصة جديدة احكي و تجد لها أذان صاغية تحب ان تستمع لقصصي المكررة, لم ابداً اجد روح لا تشعرني بانه يجب على ان اختصر او اتوقف هنا او اسرد تفاصيل أقل…حتى أصبحت, حتى قصصي المكررة, قصيرة للغاية, و تشبه برائتي, لا تريد ان تعود لي!

ظللت اتفحص صندوق رسائلي القديمة, لساعات و انا انظر لتلك الرسالة, ذاك الشخص, كيف تعارفنا, كيف وجد الكلام ممر سلسل له ليمر إلى حياتي ثم كيف وجد له ممر اخر اقصر ليهرب منه…و شيء واحد, كان هناك, ينظر لي, يواجهني, قابع هناك في صندوق رسائلي, يحاورني بصوتهم جميعاً…من قال ان البشر لا يعرفون حقائقهم…من قال انه لا يجب عليك ان تصدق ما يخبرك الاخرون عن انفسهم, تلك الحقائق القاسية, تلك التفاصيل المغزية…من قال انه لا يجب عليك ان تنتبه اكثر للتفاصيل…من قال لك انه يبرر خطاياه التي يستمتع بارتكابها, بعد فترة من مرور كلماته على سمعك, كان يجلس في مقابلتك يبرر خطيئته, و يدعي انه لم يستمتع بها, و لم تستعيد ذاكرتك ما اخبرك هو…انه يجيد تبرير خطاياه التي استمتع بها, و انك فقط كنت احمق بما يكفي حتى لا تنتبه له و هو يخبرك بذلك!

لمست يدي و انت لا تعلم و اخبرتني ان “الحياة ليست كالطائرة, لها باب خروج للطواريء, و لكنها ايضاً لا تحلق في السماء”…و نظرت لك و كنت اعلم كم انت بائس…و كم انت محبط, و كم انت مختلف عني…و لكني ربت على يدك حتى اصبحت أحب الطائرات, اكتر من الحياة…حتى اصبحت اكرهك, اكثر من ابواب الخروج و المضيفات المدعيات و طعام الطائرة المقزز…و خوفك المغلف بطبقات من ادعاء القوة و المعرفة و القدرة على الالمام بكافة الامور…و ثقتك انك اذكى مخلوقات الله على الأرض.

في لمح البصر دخلت الى حجرتي, توقفت لدقائق امام الميزان الذي اكره, و نظرت إلى سهمه, و تناسيت الرقم الذي يشير إليه, و سألت نفسي لماذا!
في المساء و انا استحم استعداداً للخلود للنوم, جاءت الاجابة..لأنني سأمت من كل تلك الأشياء التي أردت لذاتي و لم ابداً انتهي منها.
و لأنني اصبحت اليوم اعرف ان الحياة ليس لها باب خروج للطواريء, و لكن لها ألف باب للنور, و انها تحلق في الفضاء, في الكون الواسع, فيما هو اوسع و اكبر و اهم و اجمل من السماء….و انني لم ابداً احب ابتسامتك و انت تخبرني ان القارب يغرق, انا فقط كنت انظر لذاك الفتى البعيد الذي يركض محاولاً الوصول لقارب النجاة الصغير, و افكر, كم انت ساذج لتظن انك الوحيد على علم ان القارب يغرق
و كم انت غبي, لتقف هنا, لا تحاول الدفاع عن حيواتنا, التي لم ابداً تبدأ!

Great Comet characters as wolf pupy tweets
  • Natasha: wish people would stop talking about the dimensional rip in the sky with demons pouring out of it and start talking about my cute outfit again
  • Pierre: i am cutting everyone out of my life. even my twitter folowers. dont read my tweets anymore
  • Sonya: inwardly collapse like no one is watching
  • Marya D: if you think you can be rude to me with sass think again. i am the only one who is allowed to do that
  • Anatole: my advice is to do whatever you want to do and make loud hissing noises at anyone who stands in your way
  • Helene: dont speak i know just what youre saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
  • Dolokhov: they should hire me to shoot the holes in the donuts with my cowboy gun not ban me from the store, the ways of the old west are dieing out
  • Old Prince Bolkonsky: only the good die young? phew good thing that i am so incredibly awful
  • Mary: yes i may have confused a bird bath for a holy water font and baptised your child with bird water but perhaps the lord chose this bird child
  • Andrey: if existing for an amount of time has taught me anything its that i have no idea whats going on
  • Balaga: if we do this, we do it my way [cut to a bunch of explosions. corpses & debris fly through the air] okay maybe i should be more open to ideas

Lordt….I see why umm… never mind. Let’s just get right into it! LOL



inookii: Hi Luscious! Finally, we meet for our chat. Welcome!
xLUSCI0USx: ty! its an honor to be here
inookii: No it’s an honor to chat with who I think is top 3 (if not #1) sexiest pornstar! How is that going?
xLUSCI0USx: oh hush it, ur gonna make me blush
xLUSCI0USx: its going great :)
inookii: LOL. Now, you’re Director of Modeling at IX, correct?
xLUSCI0USx: yes i am. well one of them. i share the role with Henvoiv.
inookii: Oh OK, does he handle the males and you the females?
xLUSCI0USx: no we tag team the whole department together. we work as a team :)
inookii: Oh cool. And what does you guys’ job entail? What do the Directors of Modeling do? Do you assign the tasks?
xLUSCI0USx: we come up with task, ideas or whatever things we can do to improve our work at ix, and we report back to Aly (the queen of porn in my eyes) 😝

inookii: Yes, she is the greatest at this porn/model group management thing
inookii: Do you inspect and approve work before it hits the tumblr boards, too?
xLUSCI0USx: no, we let our stars post whatever they want as long as it’s not offensive or brings drama
inookii: Oh nice.

xLUSCI0USx: we dont want them to feel like their being censored

inookii: OK, so management but not micro management.

xLUSCI0USx: exactly


inookii: And how did you get started in the porn world? Who discovered you or were you born this way? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: well i met Henvoiv like 2 years ago or longer. After knowing him for a bit i found out he did porn and didnt even know that existed
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: at the time i managed and worked at a strip club that belonged to a friend too. started hanging around him and more ppl of the porn world. he asked me to join and at first i wasn’t.
xLUSCI0USx: i was curious for sure but wasnt sure if i would be able to do it lol
inookii: LOL and now you’re killin it!
xLUSCI0USx: i dont know about that but i enjoy it thats for sure
xLUSCI0USx: i owe it all to him
inookii: Oh please. LOL I know like 3 guys who lust after you daily…and I don’t even know a lot of people.
xLUSCI0USx: lol can i get names?
inookii: Like, my boy Wolfie. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i am single now lol

LUSCIOUS IS SINGLE!!! *waits for stampede*

inookii: Oooo! Let’s talk about your being single…sounds like you’re ready to date. How does that work with you being a pornstar?

inookii: What if your guy wants you to quit?

xLUSCI0USx: im just taking it one day at a time, if a guy catches my attention so be it, but living the single life right now lol

xLUSCI0USx: most guys know what i do and they have to be ok with what i do, cuz i enjoy it and it’s a part of me

xLUSCI0USx: As far as he wants me to quit we would have to be together for a while and i would consider doing it

inookii: Oh, so you’re open to not just pornstars for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: oh yeah, i dont have to date pornstars. As long as they’re nice and sweet i dont care if their pornstars or not

inookii: I agree. Don’t change overnight for anyone.
inookii: Isn’t it funny how guys meet you a certain way, want you to change, but still chase girls who are the way you were when they met you?
xLUSCI0USx: exactly, i dont get it. Dont force me to change, make me wanna change for u
xLUSCI0USx: thats how i see it
inookii: Exactly!!! Inspire the change, madafaka!


inookii: So you model and porn, do you prefer one over the other?
xLUSCI0USx: being a pornstar i definetely enjoy that lol
inookii: lol I bet
xLUSCI0USx: but i love doing photo shoots too. i like to mix it up lol
inookii: You do both very well. Seriously. I think your stuff is always lit!
xLUSCI0USx: aww thanks love, that means a lot. im my hardest critic
inookii: :) So let’s talk dirty….
xLUSCI0USx: my favorite topic lol
inookii: Who’s your favorite porn partner? I know Eric loves you as a partner, but who is yours?
inookii: LOL sorry I’m spilling your beans, E
xLUSCI0USx: lol, Eric is a sweet heart. i love him. not many guys like him out there
inookii: true
xLUSCI0USx: but favorite pornstar….thats a tough one
inookii: Ok top 3
xLUSCI0USx: so many good guys up there
inookii: Don’t worry about feelings. If they’re not named, they’ll work harder. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: obviously supamanexclusive was my top cuz he was my ex but hes gone
inookii: awwwww
xLUSCI0USx: sorry guys if u dont make it its nothing personal :)
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: so my top 3, lets see…
xLUSCI0USx: gotta put Henvoiv on there
inookii: Da Henny!!!
xLUSCI0USx: or as some of the girls call him white chocolate lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i started talking to Rob from Legends a little more and discovered he’s pretty good
xLUSCI0USx: so he’s in there too, and Gumbosauce…love his stories
inookii: I think I know Gumbo. I’m so horrible at remembering names. :P
xLUSCI0USx: he’s in IX too
inookii: Congrats guys. The rest of you work harder to be on the Luscious List! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol if u guys want to put in the work im available to work with u
inookii: LOL You’re about to be booked til Christmas.


inookii: Im surprised no girls made the list tho
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: Are you strictly dickly or prefer dicks?
xLUSCI0USx: oh i thought we were talking guys only
inookii: Oh is there a top 3 girls?
xLUSCI0USx: no i like the occasional pussy licking lol
inookii: nam nam!
inookii: I mean, oh…interesting! lol
xLUSCI0USx: Aly is number one… no doubt
inookii: Yay, Alyyyy!
xLUSCI0USx: Dolly also is so yummy…our up and coming star, she might take my job away from me lol
xLUSCI0USx: i know ur not a pornstar but i love ur work that u put out… super hot
inookii: Waiiiit…me???!
xLUSCI0USx: yes u, girl ur hot
inookii: LOL I was like huh??? :O
inookii: awwww thank youuuu! you’re sweet.
xLUSCI0USx: yw but just speaking the truth, and i love ur products too
inookii: Aww thanks so much. I’ll send you some, if you have some on your list. The support has been great.


inookii: Do you create, as well?
xLUSCI0USx: no i dont, i dont have the patience to create lol
inookii: lol it IS annoying
xLUSCI0USx: my creativity is in porn lol
inookii: We love your porn
xLUSCI0USx: i tried it once a long time ago and almost threw my laptop against the wall lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im glad my porn brings smiles to ppls faces lol
inookii: I get help a lot. I don’t have the patience or the time all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: i give it to u for doing it still, not my thing lol
inookii: So let’s talk about your porn some more, then…
xLUSCI0USx: sure
inookii: Are the scenes real…or are they poses, or a bit of both?
xLUSCI0USx: ill say 95% or more are real
xLUSCI0USx: i go all in lol
inookii: LOL yesssss!
inookii: And are you into BM poses, BM pose and RP or just RP?
inookii: well, i guess for your work you do have to have the poses.
xLUSCI0USx: bm and rp
inookii: Nice!
xLUSCI0USx: yeah for the most part but rp is the biggest thing with me
inookii: Great RP is key!
xLUSCI0USx: u cant have bad rp cuz then the poses dont do anything. u can still have a great time with basic poses as long as the rp is on point
inookii: true!
xLUSCI0USx: i just cant get into it with guys or girls that have bad rp skills


inookii: So recently, someone was beefing about stuck up pornstars…are you one of the stuck up pornstars? LOL Meaning, are you picky about who you do or …?
xLUSCI0USx: the thing is most ppl are surprised that im not stuck up when they meet me, they always assumed i was stuck up
xLUSCI0USx: but im not really picky with who i work with. ive worked with many different guys from different companies
xLUSCI0USx: the only ones i dont work with are the ones that are always surrounded by some kind of drama, i dont do drama
inookii: LOL omg the drama is at an all-time high!!!
inookii: So who’s on your radar to put in some work with next? Like who are you dying to work with? Or do they come to you since you’re such a umm
inookii: since you’re like top of the line, right now.
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have anyone on my radar right now but i did get to work with Rob recently and he was on my list before we did our pirate scene
xLUSCI0USx: but if anyone out there wants to work with me just let me know lol
inookii: hmmmm… you said Rob twice. I feel like there’s something there. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol i plead the 5th
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: we just friends and talking thats all
inookii: o.O


inookii: So when was the last time you had a secret affair? Something hot and sneaky.
xLUSCI0USx: oh wow that’s been a while
inookii: Whaat?!?!
xLUSCI0USx: it had to be before i became a pornstar
xLUSCI0USx: yeah ive been a good girl lol
inookii: People are so busy with drama, no one is sneaking into DMs to be freaky anymore? Shame
inookii: LOL @ good girl
xLUSCI0USx: i get some DM on tumblr but its usually from the guys ive worked with
xLUSCI0USx: just a little flirting here and there but nothing big or serious
xLUSCI0USx: im just a flirty person and i guess i bring that out in the guys and in some girls too lol
inookii: LOL Good, we need the fun back. Everybody should flirt and fuck and stop fighting.
xLUSCI0USx: fucking fixes everything lol
inookii: This has been proven lol


inookii: Do you remember what your favorite scene was? The most enjoyable ever?
xLUSCI0USx: probably my first one
xLUSCI0USx: cuz it was new to me and didn’t know what to expect
inookii: The spontaneity and not knowing what to expect was the turn on?
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah ma :p
inookii: So when you and Rob begin to date, how do you imagine the perfect date night to be?
inookii: Are you into dinner and a movie or straight to the bedroom?
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: if Rob or any guy begins to date, a perfect night would be as simple as sitting and hanging around
xLUSCI0USx: i need a guy that keeps my attention with talk, and not make it about sex all the time
inookii: oh gosh, that’s hard to find on imvu
xLUSCI0USx: ik it is
inookii: Everybody is super horny all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: but there’s a few out there that have. that’s what i find attractive on here
xLUSCI0USx: if u do that to me, my panties come off lol
inookii: Yes, someone who has more than dick to offer
xLUSCI0USx: exactly
inookii: Yes, make me wanna give it to you…don’t just crave me. Make me crave you too.
xLUSCI0USx: yep, when guys do that to me im usually the first one that makes the move to head to the bedroom lol
inookii: LOL same
xLUSCI0USx: if u come to me straight up asking for pussy don’t bother cuz u aint getting it
inookii: omg i thought that was just me
xLUSCI0USx: looks like we have a lot in common lol
inookii: Yes. LOL
inookii: Do you date girls on imvu?
xLUSCI0USx: i havent dated any girls on here, just hooked up with a few but just never dated one
xLUSCI0USx: just never happened i guess… but im not against it 😝. hit me up ladies lol
inookii: LOL Wow…I always say girls are for hookups, boys are for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: if i got with a girl she gotta be ok with me getting the penis every so often lol
inookii: Would you date a futa girl? Or would you be a futa for her?
xLUSCI0USx: nothing against them but not really my thing
inookii: Another thing we have in common.
xLUSCI0USx: it has to be a guy dick in me lol
inookii: I have a lot of friends who are, and I love them dearly, but I’m not into it.
inookii: I want my dick to come from a big retarded man lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol u know it


inookii: Do you watch regular real porn or are you too busy making your own?
xLUSCI0USx: oh no i be watching real porn too. always have
inookii: What are you into? Genre? And who is your fav pornstar?
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have a favorite pornstar but i like watching big booty girls get it
inookii: yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: if a girl in the porn isnt hot i cant watch it lol
xLUSCI0USx: do u recommend any pornstars?
inookii: Jada!!! Lol Jada Stevens.
xLUSCI0USx: ill have to look her up
inookii: She’s so sexy.
xLUSCI0USx: if u say she is im sure she is. so i know what ill be looking up later
inookii: Yes, just her demeanor…the way she moans, the way she sucks dick…amazing

inookii: My least fav thing about porn is the cum shot…whats yours?
xLUSCI0USx: my least favorite is how a girl moans. some of them are annoying.
xLUSCI0USx: i fast foward to the parts shes sucking dick and when shes riding the guys dick lol
xLUSCI0USx: sometimes i pretend its me lol
inookii: LOL You’re so bad
xLUSCI0USx: no I’m a good girl lol
inookii: If you had only 5 minutes, would you fast forward to the ride, the dicksuck or the pussy eating?
xLUSCI0USx: the ride  :p
inookii: oooo!  the pussy eating is my fav… and I like to watch anal too
inookii: But Im a prude, not a perv so…lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: So we know that guys who know how to finesse you and make you want them is a turn on…what are some things about you that turn you on. For example, I love to not wear panties…it makes me feel sexy and naughty.
xLUSCI0USx: i like to show off my body. the less clothes i wear the better
inookii: Yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: as u can see right now, i got my tits hanging out lol
inookii: LOL Im covered up like a nice girl.:P
xLUSCI0USx: still looking hot af
inookii: awww ty!
xLUSCI0USx: yvw… wouldnt mind taking u back to my place :p
inookii: OMG! LOL Are we making each other horny??
xLUSCI0USx: sorry didnt mean to say that out loud lol
inookii: LOL Let’s talk about church
xLUSCI0USx: i got horny the minute i walked in here lol
inookii: Have you ever fucked in a church….fantasized about fucking in a church or….? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no i never have but now that u mentioned it im gonna be thinking about it
xLUSCI0USx: lol sorry lord
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im going to hell
inookii: That would be an awesome porn scene… giving head to the pope, while he’s wearing his gown thingie
xLUSCI0USx: omg girl lol u something else
xLUSCI0USx: i love it
inookii: LOL we’re going to hell
xLUSCI0USx: mhm
inookii: Whats the freakiest place you’ve done it on imvu or irl?
xLUSCI0USx: in rl i fucked in the coat room at my friend’s wedding lol
inookii: omg lol
xLUSCI0USx: ppl just on the other side of the door
xLUSCI0USx: could of easily opened the door and caught us
inookii: Well, at least it wasn’t with the groom or was it? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no no lol it was my man
inookii: oh ok… and on here?
xLUSCI0USx: on here, ive fucked in public rooms before with ppl watching lol
inookii: omg back in the day??  i miss those days
xLUSCI0USx: mhm  when everyone went to rooms and chill with ppl
inookii: yes and u could walk in and just join a sex act
inookii: now people wanna expose you…like, who slutshames on a sexual game?! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ikr lol but i dont care if someone wants to expose me.  i know i get around lol


inookii: Soo what made you switch from red hair to blue? I love it, btw
xLUSCI0USx: ty love. just wanted to try something new
inookii: Very cute!
xLUSCI0USx: ty :) eventually ill go back to the red at some point. like to keep it fresh
inookii: Are you XPlus or XXL or you just go with whatever’s sexy? Guys wanna know when they go shopping for you. Hint hint!
xLUSCI0USx: i usually wear both. just depends on whats sexy when im going shoppin 😝 lol
inookii: IDK why I thought I saw you with bigger tits. Not that I’m looking O.O  -_- <closing my eyes
xLUSCI0USx: its ok u can look *sits back and lets them out more than they are*
inookii: LOL Girl, your tiddies is showing LOL I just zoomed in!  wooohooo
xLUSCI0USx: told u
inookii: I thought it was just sideboob
xLUSCI0USx: i like to let them breathe
inookii: LOL Lord help me
inookii: Lordt Ok let’s talk about church again
inookii: So… church… lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Who does an aspiring pornstar or someone who wants to leave their crappy group contact to join IX?
xLUSCI0USx: we are looking for some male talent. Anyone interested u can hit me up, or Henny or Aly
inookii: I know Wolfie is dying to become a pornstar. You know him.
xLUSCI0USx: i dont think ive had the pleasure but then again im bad with names if ive only met u once or twice
xLUSCI0USx: but if hes interested tell him to hit me up and we’ll give him an interview. but remember Wolfie, gotta have good rp lol thats the key lol.
inookii: Noooo, you know him. He’ll die if he sees you saying you don’t know him. He worships you.
inookii: Let me find his real name.lol WolfBoi
xLUSCI0USx: oh ok now i know who u talking about lol
inookii: The funny thing is he has a gf. I hope she’s not on tumblr to read this.
xLUSCI0USx: sorry gf
inookii: lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Aright so let’s play marry, kill, fuck…
inookii: wait…no kill… Marry, fuck, oral LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ok lol
inookii: Amber Rose, Beyonce, Rihanna
xLUSCI0USx: marry beyonce… girl got money lol
inookii: yessss lol
xLUSCI0USx: fuck amber, and rihanna oral lol
inookii: omg i agree
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: fuck the shit outa amber’s fat ass, and rih is so delicious
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah… if amber rose showed up at my house i would wish a dick appeared on my body so i can fuck her good lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: all i need is half hour tops lol
inookii: Would you watch Rob do her and then eat her off his dick?
inookii: wait…the interview went left.
inookii: disregard disregarddddttt! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: why u keep bringing his name up? Lol but yes i would lol …i hope he can handle amber rose lol


inookii: Which one is Rob? Robydenell or something like that?
xLUSCI0USx: yes him
inookii: Oh i think i saw his name in beef recently
inookii : LOL the beefs ….let’s talk beefs …very briefly because no one has time for lames
xLUSCI0USx: lol ok
inookii: Do you think these miserable fucks who start beef do it because they’re ugly and bitter or just to get their names out there?
xLUSCI0USx: i think its mostly cuz their bitter but i can see them doing it cuz they want their name out there. what better way to get ur name out there than attack the ones on top
inookii: True. So true. Put some damn work in, you lames! Some good work.
xLUSCI0USx: that’s why some ppl can’t keep ur and aly’s name out of their mouth
inookiiinookii : I hope they choke LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol we just all need to get along. no need for the hate. we here for fun


inookii : Aright, I’ve kept you here long enough looking at your booty fall thru the seat of the chair and your little cute tits stare at me…LOL
xLUSCI0USx : they like what they see lol
inookii: So before we go, let the fans know how to reach you…and if you have any words of advice for aspiring stars…
xLUSCI0USx: anyone can reach me by messaging me on tumblr…thats the quickest way ill get back to u
xLUSCI0USx: and for all the aspiring stars, keep at it and dont give up
inookii: Now you know some of them need to give up but awww that’s sweet. lol
inookii: jk….never give up!
xLUSCI0USx: lol


I swear, this was so much effin fun!  😜

dynrisu  asked:

Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking, but I am curious if we are going to see in your fic how Yuuri’s death affected those in the original (?) timeline. Do you have any plans for that or is it going to remain a mystery? BTW, I am completely in love with your fic, haha. I am currently reading it for the 6th time ♡♡

Ahhh thank you so much!! Yes, due to high demand there will eventually be a side story about what happened in the original timeline. I’m not entirely sure when to post it though, probably once OML is over for maximum impact lol. I’m happy you’re enjoying the fic so far!! <3 <3


Pair: Zevin Raeka/Sara Ryder

Small sucky description: Sara’s feelings for Pathfinder Zevin Raeka are more than platonic and she’d been having a hard time dealing with them.

Words: 2750~


I saw this art by @asketchbookthing and died. So. Yeah. This has been in the works. Raeka’s characterisation is probably way off (its been a while since I last saw her and we see so little of her so I kinda winged it)

Also I suck at blurbs. Like a lot.


The Nexus seemed busy today. More Salarians were around than the last time she was here. A few more Asari too.

She’d just recovered the Asari ark, the Salarian ark had been back for a short while. Of course the Turian Ark was still out there, but things were looking up. Slowly but surely it seemed everything was slotting into place.

People seemed joyous. Happy. Excited, even. The Asari were grateful. Some Angara were standing around amazed.

A few people stopped her on her way to operations, to thank her or ask her a question about the world, her job, anything. Some people just wanted a way to make it all seem real. Sara was happy to comply, for she understood completely the shock of waking up to a disaster, even if the disaster was slowly but surely getting better.

Well, they still had a long way to go yet. The Archon was still a threat and the cluster still not perfect for settlement. They’d get there though, eventually. She and Pathfinder Raeka had been working hard to ensure that this galaxy would be inhabitable. And now Sarissa had been added into the mix, too. They would all fight to their last breath if they had too. Whatever the cost.

The thought of Pathfinder Raeka brought Sara to another problem she was facing: She was undeniably falling for her. Despite the fact that she knew it was pointless, despite the fact that she knew Salarian’s had a short lifespan and she wouldn’t get that long with Raeka even if the feelings were returned (which she found no evidence of them being so) she couldn’t help it. Stepping onto the tram that’d lead her to operations, Sara felt herself sigh and sink into a seat. Her thoughts, once again, were filled with Raeka.

Raeka was strong, confident and brave. The way she cared about her people, the way she fought so passionately for them had made Sara respect her and see her with such awe that she hadn’t even noticed when her respect started changing. That is, until the nightmares she used to have started to be replaced with little snippets of dreams featuring her and Raeka. A stolen kiss, a stroll down a street she vaguely remembered from a visit to Earth, eating dinner in her Quarters. Small romantic gestures played through her mind constantly. And once Sara had noticed her growing affections, they became very hard to ignore. She’d spot something and wonder if Raeka would like it. She’d see the colour orange and think of Raeka’s armour.

Hell, at one point she’d coloured her own armour orange and blue mindlessly. It wasn’t until Cora pointed out how she looked like Raeka with those colours that she’d realised what she’d done.

So yes, Sara was definitely falling for her. Hard.

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Always Open

Why @badgersinbowties is my favorite guest: aggressively supportive female friend to everyone who writes and watches, would beat up your ex and she doesn’t even know you


anonymous asked:

A is the star pitcher on a baseball team and B is the catcher. A is somewhat cocky and smug and B can always put A back in their place. They high-key flirt and the entire team can see it. A always teases B for anything they can but A still depends on B to guide him. It may look like A is doing everything, but B is the one calling the shots.

Honestly, there is so much opportunity in their positions alone.  Especially considering the terminology of being the ‘Pitcher’ and ‘The Catcher’ in a relationship. 

1. “So, I guess you could say that in this relationship, I am the pitcher and you’re the catcher?” 

“I guess, too bad you’re only a good pitcher on the baseball field.” 

2. “So, you’re a pretty good catcher, right?”

“Yeah. I guess.”

“Could you catch me then?” 

“Why would I want to do that?” 

“Cause I’ve fallen for you.” 

3. “I don’t swing both ways. I dont swing one way. I dont swing. I am a pitcher not a batter.” 


“You’re right, you dont swing you just throw it out there, and most of the time no one hits it.” 

“That’s alright, cause if they miss, you’re right there to catch it.” 

4. “Stop being so cocky, get your head out of the clouds and start actually trying for once. Just because you’re good, doesn’t mean you’re perfect. Get out there and practice with me, actually try and improve. You cant rely on talent and luck for the rest of your career.” 

“Holy shit…… Do you always look this hot when you lecture me, or is that new?” 

“I.. You think.. What?” 

“Damn, and It’s cute when you blush? Now I am really not going to be able to focus during practice, this is all I am gonna think about for the rest of the day.” 

5. “You know, they say nobody knows a pitcher like their catcher does.” 

“Yeah, and I know too much.” 

Optional 6:

 “Would you quite messing around and get serious and start trying!” 

“I am completely serious, all I have been doing is trying but nothing seems to work on you any more. I mean, whats left for me to do? What is even good enough for you? What do you want me to do? Propose? Is that serious enough for you? Do I have to propose to you in order for you to take me seriously?!” 

“I.. I was talking about baseball?” 

I hope you like them, and if you need anything else, dont be afraid to ask. 

I know I just made a post about this but I need to vent more. I fucking absolutely HATE the gay community in socal sometimes. Like fuck. You don’t know how many guys who go “I have heard things about you” or this or that. LIKE OKAY I GET IT. I have this terrible rep and everyone judges me because I did something stupid. Yes I was an immature shit who wanted friends and never had guy friends before so hey what easier way to make friends with guys who are gay by flirting with them. So my smart ass flirted with every single gay guy in socal and that was my way of making friends. And now literally THREE fucking years later after literally dropping off the face of the earth I thought I have moved past that and that I turned over a new leaf. NOPE. Still to this fucking day I have guys who avoid me or hear my name and go “oh sam”. Like fuck off jesus. I DONT EVEN HAVE GAY FRIENDS BESIDES LIKE THREE GUYS AND THEY ALL KNEW THE THINGS PEOPLE SAID ABOUT ME AND WHEN THEY GOT TO KNOW ME THEY WERE LIKE “wow sam you are nothing like what people say” CUZ NO SHIT. THESE GAY GUYS WHO TALK SHIT DONT EVEN KNOW ME THEY JUST KNOW THAT I WAS A HOE NOTHING ABOUT ME OR MY PERSONALITY. LIKE GEE SAM COULD BE THE GREATEST GUY IN THE FUCKING WORLD BUT NOPE HE A HOE SO IMMA SHIT TALK HIM TO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY SO NO ONE FUCKS WITH HIM. Kay. Normally I would not let this phase me because I am used to being bullied. I was the only open gay kid in a private CHRISTIAN school where they literally preached about how I was going to rot in hell. So you would think that a little shit talking on me wouldn’t phase me, and it usually doesn’t. But it has been a very stressful and depressing time and I have just about had it with life right now. I am almost to my limit. SIGH. Like I am sorry I was a stupid shit, but cmon, everyone was young and immature at one point. But what can I do now. The amount of people who know about me or whatever is unbelievable. I know I don’t want a boyfriend right now, but I don’t want people to see me as that. I don’t even get to be considered as an option. SIGH again. I just needed to vent, even if no one reads this I guess it is out there. There is nothing I can do but try to ignore it, move on, and continue to be a better person. I have definitely learned to be resilient but sometimes it still sucks and hurts, I am a human too, I have feelings, I can be hurt.

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So my best friend is flirting with me. I think. He leans closer. His touches stay longer. Been telling me I smell great. Telling me that certain things about me are cute. I am not sure what to do. There is another friend in the mix. Do you think I am over thinking?

You are asking the wrong person. I don’t know the ways of love haha…I am lucky I even have a husband and kids…..

A bad concept.

Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks) is actually Great-Grandpappy Cooper, great-grandfather of Riverdale sleuth, Betty Cooper. Great-Grandpappy Cooper was in the maple business with Great-Grandpappy Blossom, but is now a detective with weird techniques (after a falling out).

That is why in the reboot/new seasons of Twin Peaks, Cooper is in his weird Hell-Not Hell state. Because Pappy Blossom killed him.


Word count: 10.2k 

Summary: Everyone’s aura is black until the age of 18 when they get their own personal colour. No one’s is ever the same. Except Dan’s. Dan is 23 and has been waiting for 5 years to wake up with his own colour. But when he meets someone who’s aura is so bright it nearly blinds him, he believes he might be the way to finding his real aura.

Warnings: non this is fluffy as hell with like 2% angst and its just really cute

AN: seems I really like doing fics about colours (shamelessly promotes ’Red’)

He’s like the ocean and I’m the dark grey that fades into black sunk right below him. No one notices black when there’s bright blue to see.


Dan trudged through the streets, working his way to Starbucks. He slipped in and behind the counter, saying hello to his friend and clocking in, sighing at how many bright colours were around him.

“Still no luck?” Louise asked him as she passed him a drinks order and he rolled his eyes, gesturing to himself.

“Am I still black?”

“It will happen soon I’m sure,” she said, patting his shoulder and Dan raised his eyebrows.

“Lou I am the only twenty three year old to still have a black aura after turning eighteen. No one’s colour is black but it’s mine and I hate it. It’s never going to change and I’m going to be murky for the rest of my life,” he told her, passing her the drink he made as she sighed at him.

“You just need to find something to make you happy. Then you will start to take on colour,” she said and Dan rolled his eyes.

“I wish.”

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I’m like: Oh look and update. Cool….


MBTI (stereotypes) - Unhealthy Types

WARNING: if you are very sensitive dont read this post.

ESTJ: You are going to follow me. And I am not going to follow you. You are going to help me reach my goals and I will crush your dreams in a second.

ISTJ: I dont even know the rules and I feel so lost. Oh no, you just touched your face! Did you guys see that? Is it acceptable to touch your face?

ISFJ: I am going to talk about MYself, MY family, MY posessions, MY achievements….and…please please can you listen to me because nobody ever does that and I honestly dont know why also everybody hates me but why like I am super nice.

ESFJ: That girl is so ugly. I hate her. *ugly girl walks by* Hey girl! I missed ya. Whats up? I love you very very much.

INFP: Why are these people so mean? Why do they keep criticizing me? Why didnt that person stop in the street to help me tie my shoelaces? Why are you even listening? Why am I even talking?

INTP: …what is this I am experiencing…TEARS? ohhhh a learning opportunity let me check the amount of gases in tears.

ENFJ: I feel alone…like nobody understands me…like I dont fit in…and all of this is because I didnt talk to a person for eight minutes!

ENTJ: I am strong, I am awesome, and you are not. End of story.

INTJ: Sometimes I feel like I am the only one in the county that understands the complexity of life. Oh wait, not SOMETIMES, always.

INFJ: hun, I know whats best for you. You dont. Because you people obviously have no minds and hearts to choose what you want.

ESTP: I thought that you getting hit on the head with a bowling ball wouldnt hurt you so much. It was just a prank!

ISTP: mmm no youre wrong. That isnt the way it is. You have got a huge imagination… a huge and unrealistic imagination.

ISFP: The famous” I may be quiet but I have killed you in my head one hundred times.”

ESFP: Let us have a fight about this really dumb issue. You dont wanna have a fight? Okay lets have a fight about you not wanting to fight me. Let. Us. Begin.

ENTP: I have come to a realization that all of you have hurt me at least once. Now I am going to hold grudges and make snarky sarcastic comments at your super dumb sayings.

ENFP: I am not paying attention to my inner world that I often used for escaping hardships. So does that mean that the things I am going through arent hardships? What if they are just an illusion. Alright then, I am going to pretend I am super bubbly while I am slowly dying inside. Oh, and I will use manipulation to get what I want.

For people who found this stereotypical or mean, I am really sorry. But the title said “stereotypes” and I wrote a warning.
white-rainbowff replied to your post “You know what really sucks? When you first talk about a new fic idea…”

The fics I am most excited about often dont get as many kudos or attention. Seriously there is zero rhyme or reason sometimes. Its hard for me to remember but I try to put forth things with zero expectations and am just thankful someone liked it.

I know I should do that and I try to but…it’s just so hard. I’m pouring my heart and soul into this but it’s like no one is even interested so why am I bothering? Sorry for dumping this on you I’m just really down today.

The biggest reason why this sadness is so intense for days

Ive tasted what pure solace is like this ramadan, all because my nafs didnt fight me. My nafs allowed every kind of ibaadah to happen with full sincerity out of love for Allah.

And now ramadan has ended i realize i have to fight for it, i have to fight my nafs to get that sincerity and solace. And i hope i will be strong enough. But i know myself and i know i am a weak person, and that scares me.

I dont want to fight anymore, after experiencing a whole month of peace. I just want to chill and be on that “we hear and obey”. But thats not even possible in this world so idk what im talking about.

I pray to Allah to make us strong and firm upon the deen

i would like to talk about the pressure i am feeling right now for escaping in some hours but its so big i dont even know what to say