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Is Nalu canon?

As crunchyroll finally released the last chapter I decided writing my opinion on it. I will make side comments but the main subject will be Nalu since many of you asked me if I think it is canon or not.

First of all we will be starting with the cover page, in which Mashima left some hidden clues.

where have we seen this before? That`s right. 

Natsu`s shirt, which is more manly is more in his style with one long sleeve and a shor one is matching to Lucy`s old outfit from x792. Mashima always made them matchy clothes, didnt matter it was a bracelet, the colors, or a whole outfit.

Moving on… we didn`t have much interaction between NaLu at Lucy`s party

Even so, Mashima brought us a little nostalgia on the good times when Lucy was always screaming at Natsu and he wasn’t bothered by it, morover acting like a child. They are supposed to be 28-29 here right? (excepting the time skip) They remained the same kids they were once.

I have to say that i am really proud of Lucy. She`s such a kind girl, she didn’t care if her novel made her rich or not, but she fullfilled one of her dreams. Isn’t that amazing? I am really proud of my baby ♥

Also I have to say I am happy Anna remained in her timeline. She already lost her parents and she finally has a relative.

There we have a little teasing from Gajeel and also from Mashima himself. 

Anna was the one who sent Natsu n this timeline, Anna made his scarf. He knew her since he was a little boy, he gave him the chill and he is admitting THIS is why he is always so relaxed being around Lucy. She has always been there for him, taking care of him and covering things for him. She was a good friend to him, his best friend and she grew in more.

Gajeel is teasing Natsu in here saying “ you liked her”

What could have Natsu say? “No? I disliked her?” No. Also Gajeel is shocked about his answer. He answered so relaxed and can you see that blushing Lucy? That`s right, she is blushing because Natsu somehow said he likes her. If he likes Anna, Lucy is alike to Anna, he likes Lucy too. so regarding the fact both Lucy and Anna have a similar smell, he is always so relaxed around Lucy, isn’t it the fact that your home has a certain smell, gives you a certain comfort? This is what Lucy is for him. His home. 

In this panel, Lucy is admitting herself she is jealous over Gajevy. Why is she jealous? Because Gajevy managed growing into a mature relationship, Gajeel became a man, while Natsu is still an immature little brat, but he is her brat. We will never see Natsu saying things like Gajeel “ The woman i fell for” “ I wished walking side by side with you” or something like this. No, Natsu has his own way to express his feelings. Let`s remember some of his lines “ I am going to save Lucy” “ Lay one finger on Lucy and I turn you to ashes”  “ Even if it’s just her head, Lucy is still Lucy “ “ From today on, you are mine” “Long time no see, Lucy” and so many others. There are different ways of saying “I love you” Its in your gestures and let’s remember how Natsu was affected by Future Lucy’s death and when they fought with August how he climbed over her to protect her. He is never going to let her die again.

Also Lucy is blushing so hard and is emarassed by the things Gajeel and Levy had done. She is not mature herself to do things a couple should be doing. She is still embarassed about this even if she is 19(or 28)

See? She had the same reaction as Wendy. A reaction a child would have when hearing things.

This doesnt have any link to Nalu but im posting it for gruvians and my gruvia heart

Finally you`ve got a hang of it Gray-sama. @giushia

Going back.

Mashima is giving a tease again. “ the pair im most” the pair. So there are pairings.

Even if they fought Zeref and he put them trough hell, look at her face. She knows that Zeref and Mavis had found their peace they are back being someone else. Her look is saying “ sadness but still happiness” Could this be the love she`s also dreaming of? Even if they had a tragic destiny, they found their way back to each other. 

she, herself is happy for everyone. Every single mage is happy including herself.

Now, let`s start with the Nalu Pages 

there you go, Mashima putting another old scene. “ This is my room” But remember the first time Natsu was in her room? She kicked him out. 

While now she made this cute face, she didnt kick them out and isn’t bothered by it anymore. Yet she still has to say something about it. A girl has to keep her dignity.

The love is in the gestures you do. How I said up. Natsu carried her home, took care of her. Its a little gesture, but what could had happen if he wasn’t there to carry her home while she passed out?

He took her home, he took care of her. He watched over her.

Now, that`s Lucy` way of complaining she will never walk down the aisle, she will never be a bride.

Yet, Natsu finds a way, an open door

“ You can walk out” You can walk out with HIM and join him in his job, like she has always done. Look at her face.He just gave her hope. 

THIS IS NATSU`S WAY OF SAYING “ I wanted to  walk side by side with you”. “ You can walk and take a job with us

Furthermore, she is remembering all the memories the two of them had together. She bursts in tears. 

And hugs him

She hugs him. He is the person who gave her everything. Without Natsu, Lucy would have still been the Heartfilia Princess. she should have married someone she didnt like, she wouldnt have achieved one of her dreams and she wouldnt have been in Fairy Tail. 

She is greatful for having him, for giving her everything she wished for and even if she was rich, he gave her what her parents and their money couldnt afford. Friends and family. Fairy Tail was her family, they had always protected her, they had always been there for her.

Yet, Natsu doesn’t know what to do. He doesnt  want to see her crying even if they are tears of joy. He just want to see her happy.

In these panels, I dont know if i can agree with the others or not, that a panel is missing. Seems it is missing something but at the same time not. Did he kiss her? Why is she so shocked? Or..he didnt kiss her, yet she said “ wait” if hereally didnt kiss her, then her “wait” was “ wait, I am not ready”.

But what are the things you did, Natsu? I dont think in this panel, Lucy is talking about her memories, but something he did.now.  He answers “ what does it matter?” I saw lots of movies and series where the boy, after he kissed the girl and she said something similar to what Lucy said he answered “ why does it matter”. So he really might have kissed her and let`s remember Mashima doesnt know how to draw proper kisses. So a panel could be missing up there because Mashima didnt want to ruin that haha 

They will always be togehter. They are going to a 100 years quest which is a lifetime. Natsu and Lucy will be together forever. Always and forever

My conclusion is that, in a subtle way than Gajevy`s or Gruvia, Nalu is canon and we can finally celebrate.

As an ace/aro person I feel like I’m never allowed to talk about the fear and pain associated with being ace/aro.
Almost every conversation I have about aceness starts with telling people what asexuality is. If they get that then I’m often stuck convincing them it’s a real thing. Pass that step and now I’m on to telling them I’m not broken. Pass that and I get to explain I’m not something to be pitied.
I feel like I have to spend all my time talking about it convincing people’s it’s real, not a broken state and not something to be pitied that I never get to actually talk about being ace.
I don’t feel like I can talk about how my aceness makes every person who might be into me seen threatening. I don’t get to talk about how almost any form of sex would be traumatic for me. I don’t get to talk about how terrified I am that I actually am broken, or something to be pitied. I dont get to talk about how i doubt every interaction I have because I’ve been told my understanding is impossible for so long. I don’t get to talk about how I don’t know what the future looks like for me, if family is even a possibility, if there’s any future where I’m not alone.
That’s real to me. All of that is part of my aceness. But I can’t talk about it without reinforcing people’s ideas that will only hurt ace people more.

Kara: Baby?

James (from the other room: yeah?

Kara: where is my super suit?

James: what?

Kara: where’s my super suit?

James: why do you need to know?

Kara: i need it!

James: why

Kara: the public is in danger?!!

James: my evening is in danger! I have been planning this game night for months- we’re finally gonna take Alex and Winn down!

Kara: you tell me where my suit is James!! We’re talking about the greater good!

James: the greater good? I am your HUSBAND I am the greatest GOOD you are EVERY gonna get!!!

Robert Pattinson: 'Without therapy I don’t know how you’re supposed to do life'
Robert Pattinson was recently required to film in New York.

Extracted Rob’s quotes from article Robert Pattinson: ‘Without therapy I don’t know how you’re supposed to do life’ by Elisabeth Day published Nov.3 2017

About not going out much

  • He’s 31 now and freely admits he still doesn’t get out that much. ‘I don’t know anything about anything,’ he says, only half-joking. ‘I live in a bubble inside my ivory tower.’

About difficulty in trying to shoot Good Time undercover

  • ‘You walk down the street and there’s like, one person, and you can see that even if they don’t really recognise you, there’s a kind of flicker of something.’ After that, someone might send a tweet, and then a photographer arrives having been tipped off, and then ‘within hours the entire situation changes. People in the street start looking, then everyone starts taking photos and the entire energy is…’
  • He breaks off, and when he speaks again it is with a sort of helpless matter-of-factness: ‘You just can’t shoot.’

About Connie

  • He even exchanged fake prison correspondence with Benny Safdie and improvised a physical altercation at a car wash. His performance was influenced by the 1970s classic Mean Streets. ‘Definitely,’ Pattinson agrees. ‘He lives in his own reality. I think that’s what very successful con men do. It’s like, even when they’re lying, they’re not lying.’

About not doing superhero movies or other franchises

  • Unlike many of his contemporaries, he has successfully resisted the lure of lucrative superhero movies or comic-book franchises. ‘It’s because I can’t get a six-pack, I’ve tried for years,’ he deadpans. ‘No, I think it’s scary to be sort of synonymous with one part… I’ve never even auditioned for them.’

About his own look and style and image

When we meet in a London hotel, Pattinson is in the middle  of filming High Life, the English-language debut of French director Claire Denis, who he has wanted to work with for years, and is finding it a struggle to shift his mindset from filming one movie to promoting another.

  • He repeatedly apologises for being ‘totally spaced out… I’m kind of, like, all over the place’. Normally, when a film star says something like this it stems from an automatic politeness reflex or an attempt at offbeat charm. But Pattinson really is exceptionally spaced out. In person, he is about as far-removed from the self-possessed immortal high-school heart-throb of Edward Cullen as it’s possible to be.
  • ‘Sorry,’ he says at one point. ‘This is terrible. I’m trying.’ I’m surprised how unsure of himself he seems. Even his clothes are uncertain. When he went to the Coachella music festival recently, ‘I felt like I looked like a bit of a narc [an undercover drugs cop]. I looked way too overdressed.’
  • Today, he is wearing a boxy leather jacket, turned-up trousers and trainers, all of which are in shades of black or navy blue. ‘I had to do a photo shoot so I look very, very styled today,’ he says.

About falling into acting

  • At 19, barely out of school, he got the part of Hogwarts prefect Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. ‘I sort of fell into it and went on from there,’  he says. Does he think he’s a good actor? ‘I don’t know. I know I try hard.’
  • Still, when Twilight came along, his life would never be the same again. At first, his family were ‘worried’ how he would cope with the attention. ‘But then I just didn’t really change. And it was fun. For me. I had good agents and stuff and I’ve had really good friends since the beginning. So  I think when it gets dangerous for people is when you have no friends and you think, “Oh, if I get strangers to love me then it will fill that hole.” And then when it doesn’t fill the hole then you go 10 times crazier.’

About fame and mental health

  • Does he think fame comes with certain mental-health issues? ‘Yes,’ he says, not missing a beat. ‘Definitely. Pretty much every person I know who’s got famous is completely nuts. It’s just isolation and also the repetitiveness of your interactions with people… It’s just weird.’ At the height of his fame and while living in Los Angeles (where he still has a home), Pattinson came up with a complicated system to throw the paparazzi off his scent.

Wherever he went, be it a bar or a restaurant, he would take a change of clothes. He would then order several Ubers, swap outfits with one of his friends in the toilets, and send them out into the waiting taxis as decoys. During one period, he had five hire cars parked around the city.

  • Each one had a change of clothes in the boot. If Pattinson was being followed, he’d drive to one of the rental cars, switch vehicles, change outfits and then leave.  Is it important to him to be able to disappear? He nods. ‘I try to not be seen whatsoever between movies. So hopefully the only thing that exists of you in the public realm is what you agree to put out there… It’s always just a control thing.
  • If the control of your life has been taken away from you, that’s when you go a little crazy.’ And has he ever gone ‘a little crazy’? ‘I mean, kind of,’ Pattinson admits.
  • ‘I can’t really tell how crazy I was before. It’s definitely difficult to really know. But yeah. I think being able to disassociate and compartmentalise kind of helps you quite a lot. If you let everything hit you all the time it would probably be quite difficult to cope with.’

About crazy fan mails he received

  • Celebrity has often been surreal. Pattinson says that when he was in Twilight, his agent used to receive sackfuls of fan mail. ‘I remember once my old assistant found this letter from this woman that was just the worst sob story ever. And it was like, “You have to read this, this woman has had the worst life ever.”
  • And I was reading it like, “F—k. I should call her. I should definitely call her.” And then he was going through the rest of this box and he was like, “Wait a second,” and we noticed the exact same handwriting on a totally different sob story… It was funny.’

About his anxiety and therapy sessions

  • ‘I get a lot of anxiety with everything.’ How does it manifest itself? ‘Just kind of paralysis, indecision. You don’t really end up doing a lot.’ He describes acting as a means of escaping the intense thoughts in his own head.  ‘One really nice thing about acting is that it’s like a weird therapy exercise. If you’re insecure or shy or something, then you can kind of experiment with expanding your horizons within the framework of a fiction.
  • ‘I get so much anxiety in performance and everyone’s reaction is to say, “Just be yourself!” And myself, in general, is the last person I want to be.’ A few years ago, Pattinson started going to therapy. When he told his parents back in England they were ‘literally horrified. And I was like, “Why is that a bad thing?” There’s just this weird stigma. It’s so strange… But I think it’s a sort of throwback attitude.
  • I don’t go that often. I just really like her [his therapist]… You’re just trying to figure out how you feel about something. I’ve got a lot out of it… I mean [without therapy], I don’t know how you’re supposed to do…’ He sinks into a lengthy pause. Life, I suggest? ‘Life,’ he agrees and he looks down at the floor and then back up at me and smiles.

Robert Pattinson is not what I expected. From the outside, his existence looks charmed. Yet behind those perfect looks, his head is a bubbling cauldron of anxiety, self-doubt and unanswered questions about life. It makes him interesting to talk to. It’s possible it even makes him a great actor. But above all, it makes him less teen vampire, and ineffably, undeniably more human.

Full Article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/2017/11/03/robert-pattinson-without-therapy-dont-know-supposed-do-life/

Note # I am extracting Rob’s quotes from this print interview because the interviewer does not seem to know much about Rob’s filmography (besides Twilight) and used a lot of her narratives and background from tabloid sources e.g. suggesting Rob’s smoke “substances”, cheating and fake engagements.

Jack Zimmermann is not in love with Eric Bittle. He is not in love with Eric Bittle because Bitty is in a very nice relationship with an unnamed classmate and likes to talk about how “[Redacted] makes the best jokes and oh you won’t believe how he failed at following a basic cookie recipe, Jack! You were better than him last year when we took that seminar together. That boy,” Bitty shakes his head fondly.

Jack is not in love with Eric Bittle when Bitty chats to him about his date with the unnamed classmate (Jack refuses to think about his name), how you would not believe this boy and his ideas about baking soda! 

“You know he told me once he thought there was no difference between baking powder and baking soda?”

“Really? What’s the difference?”

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann! This is not the sort of behavior I accept from my former Hausmate!” 

Jack is not in love with Eric Bittle when Bitty visits him in his Providence apartment, bringing cookies and pies and his special rolling pin. 

“Thanks so much for letting me stay over while the Haus is being fumigated! Oh, at least the rest of them are back home or on vacation so we don’t all invade your home.”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. Besides, it means I get free pie again, eh?”

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anonymous asked:

heyyy! okay so i am just completely new to this and i really dont even know where to start. is there anyway you could help me out by telling me what i should research or literally anything you can tell me would be helpful too.

I’m going to assume you are talking about the green path specifically, and not witchcraft in general. There’s a lot of generic how-to guides on tumblr on witchcraft, so I’m going to give you something a bit more specific. Sooo here it goes! :)


~Naomi’s Guide to Beginner Green Witchcraft~

1)Start a journal. Write it in everytime you study. I call mine a Book of Mirrors, because I’m reflecting on what I have learned/read. Anytime you have new ideas or thoughts about a concept, write them down. This helps you process and remember the information, and sometimes you’ll find that while writing you’ll make connections to previous things you’ve written about. It’s not your grimoire, it’s your workbook, where you place your field notes to sift through later to put into your grimoire.  I like using an a5 sized notebook that has about 200 pages or so in it.

2) Read as much as you can. Ask questions to as many people as you can, even if it’s just online. As much knowledge is available to you, look for it, and read it with a level of skepticism. Reflect on it in your journal. There’s a lot of rules and explanations on how things work in different practices, and many contradict each other. Don’t read something and take it at face value, make sure you find out why and understand the reasoning.

Don’t know what to read? Look online for reviews and then just pick something. Go to goodreads or amazon. See what stands out and read up on it. You’ll get a better idea of your interests that way. The first book I read (on green witchery) was Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura, which is a bit (a lot) disorganized, and has some historical innaccuracies due to her accounts being from word of mouth passed down in her family. But it sparked my interest and gave me a starting point, and that’s really all you need. Don’t focus so much on “What is the best way” because there’s no answer for that. You have to figure it out yourself.

3) Practice shielding, daily if you can. This is the best best best way to start trying to practice with energy work, because it can’t really backfire on you, and you need to know how to do it anyways. At worst your protection is just going to be a bit weak. Now there are hundreds of methods to this, so I suggest researching that to find a method that works great for you.

4) Research local plant life. See what’s invasive, what needs to be cared for or is in short supply. Find out what is harming the environment in your area, and if there is a way you can make your life more ethical. I say ethical instead of environmentally friendly, because people are living creatures too, and they should concern you just as much. You don’t have to be a martyr or put yourself through undue hardship, just see if there’s anywhere you can improve. Look up magickal properties and safety precautions. DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING WITHOUT FIRST KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. If a plant is totally foreign it’s actually best to not even touch it, ask anyone who didn’t know what poison ivy looks like. Plants are medicines. They have contraindications and dosages. Some are extremely poisonous.

5) If you don’t have any, some basic garden knowledge is something you’re going to want. The plants physical needs are very very very important.

6) Speaking of plant research, double and triple check all of your sources. There’s plenty of “good” herbal books out there that fail to mention certain things, or flat out mix up information and plant names. Given that a lot of beneficial plants have poisonous counterparts that look similiar, this is really, really, important.

7) Go into your yard and talk to the plants out there - they live right by you, it’s okay to go say hi! Don’t have a yard? Go pick yourself up a potted plant. If you are particularly sunlight access starved, there are a lot of indoor low light plants, you can find something. Introduce yourself, ask if you can talk. See if you can sense a response! It’s okay if you don’t. Some plants are just quiet and won’t “talk” until they know you, and sometimes you just can’t “hear” them yet. It takes practice! I put those words in quotes because it’s not like you’re going to hear sentences outloud. It’s like suddenly feeling an emotion, or a texture, like soft and warm, or prickly and sharp (which means they want to be left alone, by the way). Keep this relationship up. Tend to them, leave offerings if you find yourself developing a working relationship, or if you harvest some of the plant for use. A good rule is to not take more than 30% of the mass, unless you’re growing the crop specifically for consumption, like vegetables and the like.


Starting these steps should really get your foot in the door on how green witchcraft works and how it will work for you. My practice is really personal, I do things a specific way that I developed myself when it comes to casting spells. The best I can do is send you on a path to figure it out for yourself. Take this as a gentle guide, not a hard rule book, and good luck on your journey! <3 

i stopped being a huge fan of anime when every anime girl started looking like ten year olds literally just to pander to 23 year old guys who jerk off to young moe girls

i hate to sound like that person thats like “i was born in the wrong generation :(” but its not a rebellious notion for the sake of being edgy; 80s-early 2000s anime was just the most appealing to me. i feel like since 2010 the anime industry has just plummeted into this manufactured dark age where theres no real plot thought into it and its made just mainly burnt out cookie cutter 19 year old anime girls that look like theyre 10

see that 2010 style? i ha i hhhat hate

the 80s-90s style was common but at least it wasnt plastered on every anime girl’s face. i literally dont want to go surfing for examples but a lot of it is seen on 4chan or whatever as reaction pics and such. and these are animes that ive never heard of or seen like theyre being pitched out at the speed of light. where are they even airing on but you know what im talking about. that love-live whatever kinda stuff
and im not saying every post 2010 anime is bad nor am i saying every pre 2010 anime is good. it was just a simpler more enjoyable time to be an anime fan, like now you have to be cautious of someone with a moe girl icon because he is likely to be a nazi or white supremacist some shit. if they say kek you run

i really like when animes have their own unique art styles and you can tell who a character is without confusing them for another from a different show
and i know its certainly a lot more time consuming and costly but i really really loved cel animation from the 70s-90s animes. like that really specific unique bright yet muted palette where whites were off-color, the simple cel-shading and contrasting to the main colors, none of that gradient stuff

now i have to say i love the style of LWA, paswg, jjba (both 1993 and 2012) but man the animation in the 1993 ova was stunning, hell even the pokemon sm anime i think has improved from the stoic bw/xy character models. its so much more fun and expressive and it still hasnt given in to those infectious perfect-circle-huge-iris-gradient eyes thank god

the few animes i tend to get attached to seem to be more continuity-driven with a firm storyline that keeps you on your toes and makes you wanna binge until you cant keep your eyes open anymore. and jojo does just that for me.
not to mention that new anime lately has been overwhelmingly slice of life. as i said earlier, its more about the market of cloning kawaii anime girls rather than thinking of a decent storyline. we’re talking like king of the hill kinda slice of life but with fanservice and hardly any diversity.

these animes are like a typical japanese school setting every fucking episode or sports anime (sans the Beach Episode™) and fanservice. just sellin figurines and making bank over the same plots with lazy slight changes

see now a story of searching the globe for a shitass egomaniacal vampire and taking on a trio of aztec fitness gods head to head is goddamn legendary over this

another thing i like about jojo is that it retained its 80s art style even in the 2012 anime, only now its made with cg. no character looks perfect and symmetrical, including the women. holly joestar has a dimple on her left cheek i noticed

what i find hilarious though is that rather than having a 25 year old character look like theyre 16, a 16 year old character looks like a 25 year old. unlike the former i highly doubt this has to do with fanservice (i cant think of one person who finds muscles that bulging to be hot) because it honestly just lets the series live up to its name, jojos bizarre adventure. its supposed to be so over-the-top and extra all the time, with the serious blocky stroke shaded art style and the supernatural events and whatnot. and besides having a 16 year old boy look and act like a 25 year old isnt as creepy as infintalizing a woman to act like shes a submissive prepubescent 10 year old when she damn well could act and look her age and fight back if she needs to

and jojo is actually entertaining as im watching it and it has literally every classic dramatic shounen anime trope but then i realized jjba IS the grandfather of a majority of these tropes.

and FUCK ALSO jojo does diversity a great favor. were talking multiple characters who for once ARENT a cast of all japanese protagonists. like when i saw mohammed avdol as a main supporting character i was shook because like, how often are middle eastern people represented in anime as main recurring characters?? hes like a fav hes awesome

“ZA WARUDO (clock fart noise)” is much more likeable than “u-uwaa~”
the show is like watching extra comedic wrestling rather than a sexualized catfight and i wish a lot more modern anime had that same kinda jojo ridiculousness and focused less on marketability and more on heart and creativity

i want memorable characters, ugly if needed be, not perfect forgettable snowclone girls

i think what im trying to say is..its hard for me to respect modern anime? as a creator and seeing the potential going to waste due to capitalistic roots becoming more apparent it just makes me lose respect, and the audience its pandering to makes it more shameful

idk i wanted to say something what do you guys think

Congrats on 16MIL!

YAAAY it has happened! You made it! WE made it! SO proud WOO

So, I haven’t got a chance to make an artwork for this milestone..sadly, so I thought I’d at least get some word out, even though I’m terrible at that…cuz enlgish and all that shit….oh well, gotta try. (warning: it’s late and I’m tired, might not make sense)

here we go:

I’ve been in this community from I think 2 mil, so I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen and I’m proud and happy to say, that 99% of it was the good kind of stuff. I’ve seen people starting to be more open, people interacting nicely and with respect in the comments and social media, people supporting each other when the world is being an absolute ass to them, seen a buch of people, basically strangers to each other, work on great projects for Jack, heck, I even got to be a part of at least 3 of those (which is an absolute blast to do) and just doing so many nice things and staying possitive. I’ve seen the reason why this is one of the nicest communities on the internet, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I find myself happier when I watch Jack’s videos or scrolling through tumblr, or even drawing a fanart, everytime there’s something that makes me smile or even burst out laughing. And that’s important, beacause there are A LOT of people, who realy need or even rely on those things. Even smallest things can make a big change, a simple “I believe in you” is what matters

That’s also why I appreciate when Jack talk’s about serious things; depression, diseases, sexuality issues, all those things. Even when I personally don’t have problems with this stuff myself, I always appreaciate when it’s spoken of. There’s always something more to learn about it and hearing opinions is always good. I like listening to Jak talk from his heart, showing his support to people who need it from the other side of the screen, it’s just so heartwarming to see.

Idk where I’m going with this- I just want to say, that Jack, You are an amazing person and you deserve all you have for the hard work you’re doing, please, stay humble, caring and sweet, it’s what keeps us here to be the great community that we are <3

Love you forever~

Till morning, I got some friends telling me they are writing about me on simsecret and because of that I also get hate messages. How many times I need to prove myself and what I do ? You guys dont have any other lifes or jobs? You think I really care about your hate? Guys I am 33 years old, living in a Middle East  country. So we people have big real life problems here. Your hate messages are nothing for me. You can think whatever you want about me. BUT ;

I never claimed my conversions as my own work! and before I do a conversion , I always contacted to the mesh owner. How many times did I tell that I buy and use 3d models ? Its very new that I started doing my own meshes, maybe just for 2 months. And I still do conversions. But I never stole anything. 

Now they blame me converting without permission. Really ? I swear to god this is the last answer to you guys. below is my tsr and facebook inbox. Of course I wont share my conversations. so you can see my contacts with tsr and secondlife users. I ALWAYS CONTACTED AND TALKED TO MESH OWNERS BEFORE I CONVERT OR EVEN RECOLOR ! Now from now on you can write anything about me. But I am also asking my friends, If you see something like this written about me, please dont inform me about it ( I know you are not doing it with bad purposes ) But I really dont want to see and I really dont care anymore. Im really done with this !

Now you can do and write whatever you want, I will just keep what I am doing !

Great Comet characters as wolf pupy tweets
  • Natasha: wish people would stop talking about the dimensional rip in the sky with demons pouring out of it and start talking about my cute outfit again
  • Pierre: i am cutting everyone out of my life. even my twitter folowers. dont read my tweets anymore
  • Sonya: inwardly collapse like no one is watching
  • Marya D: if you think you can be rude to me with sass think again. i am the only one who is allowed to do that
  • Anatole: my advice is to do whatever you want to do and make loud hissing noises at anyone who stands in your way
  • Helene: dont speak i know just what youre saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
  • Dolokhov: they should hire me to shoot the holes in the donuts with my cowboy gun not ban me from the store, the ways of the old west are dieing out
  • Old Prince Bolkonsky: only the good die young? phew good thing that i am so incredibly awful
  • Mary: yes i may have confused a bird bath for a holy water font and baptised your child with bird water but perhaps the lord chose this bird child
  • Andrey: if existing for an amount of time has taught me anything its that i have no idea whats going on
  • Balaga: if we do this, we do it my way [cut to a bunch of explosions. corpses & debris fly through the air] okay maybe i should be more open to ideas

From Pazudora CM Making 2017/10/25

S: It’s not just limited to this time but when you look at the clip, it seems that there is empty space between us, but actually we’re very close to each other. But including our Junior era, we’ve been together for 20 years so we managed to do it really well.

N: Talking about succeding at it? I thought you were talking about how difficult or fun it was.

M: You collided into me once before though.


I used to train new cashiers at my old t-hell location.
I had received praise and rewards (in the form of a “more” card, we could save up to spend on prizes like gift cards, or spend on free food from work) for my amazing work and perfect attendance.
I was constantly told how great a cashier i was, and how I totally rock while on drive thru. All of my managers loved me, even the one who apparently hates Everyone.
I was offered a promotion to Team Trainer, which i had to turn down because I was moving.

I told the hiring manager of my current location all of this. I didnt need training. I already know how to do my job. There are minor differences, but it’s all still the same work.

What do I get though?

I get lectured and talked down to by one of the other managers. Constantly. She always finds Something ridiculous to yell at me for. I know how to do my fucking job s t o p
She just recently told me I’m not allowed to work drive thru because “You don’t know how”

I DO know how. I am excellent on drive thru. I even worked it on my very first Day at this location! What the fuck do you mean??
I’m so sick of this manager.

-has told me I’m “Not Allowed” to look for a better job
-has clearly said my name while talking to another employee in spanish, and have me a nasty look when i asked why she said my name
-has told me many times that I dont work fast enough
-lectures me every single fucking day about how I’m supposed to do my job. I K N O W how to do my job!
-treats me like a fucking child

I’m done. I haven’t even worked here for very long and I’m already done. I know the only reason she doesnt want me leaving is because i already know how to do my job, even though she constantly insists on telling me I dont.
But fuck it, I’m looking for a new job, and i might have a decent one set up soon.
Fuck you.

cobwebsayings  asked:

honestly can we just talk about that one time liam was like "should I hug him? I'm gonna hug him" abt zayn bcccccc like wnfnwlrmwld (also I know I've sent you a bunch of asKS I DONT MEAN TO BE ANNOYING IM SOrry I just don't have a life tbh)

HELLO YES WE CAN. There is a lot to talk about! There’s:

Liam momentarily blacking out from the excess admiration running through his body as he listens to Zayn riff. x

Liam’s sweet, uncertain question. Louis kinda being like wuh???? Zayn beside them, oblivious but effortlessly beautiful and talented. Whatever Narry are doing. THE TENSION. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

THIS HAPPENED. Look how naturally and easily Zayn falls into Liam’s side 😭😭

……You know what, let’s not even talk about this ^^^ x

Such a lovely, iconic moment!

(PS: you are not being annoying at all! I am always here to scream about Ziam. ✌️😊) 


Word count: 10.2k 

Summary: Everyone’s aura is black until the age of 18 when they get their own personal colour. No one’s is ever the same. Except Dan’s. Dan is 23 and has been waiting for 5 years to wake up with his own colour. But when he meets someone who’s aura is so bright it nearly blinds him, he believes he might be the way to finding his real aura.

Warnings: non this is fluffy as hell with like 2% angst and its just really cute

AN: seems I really like doing fics about colours (shamelessly promotes ’Red’)

He’s like the ocean and I’m the dark grey that fades into black sunk right below him. No one notices black when there’s bright blue to see.


Dan trudged through the streets, working his way to Starbucks. He slipped in and behind the counter, saying hello to his friend and clocking in, sighing at how many bright colours were around him.

“Still no luck?” Louise asked him as she passed him a drinks order and he rolled his eyes, gesturing to himself.

“Am I still black?”

“It will happen soon I’m sure,” she said, patting his shoulder and Dan raised his eyebrows.

“Lou I am the only twenty three year old to still have a black aura after turning eighteen. No one’s colour is black but it’s mine and I hate it. It’s never going to change and I’m going to be murky for the rest of my life,” he told her, passing her the drink he made as she sighed at him.

“You just need to find something to make you happy. Then you will start to take on colour,” she said and Dan rolled his eyes.

“I wish.”

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anonymous asked:

I know you probably gets asked all of the time about your art style, but as someone who is new to the art world(and very late i’m 18) I am having such a hard time finding my style. Did you go to art school? Any tips for a newbie? I seriously can’t get over how amazing your style is, and even if you don’t answer this question I just have to say how amazing your art is!

Not a problem! I wouldn’t say 18 is too late, what’s important is how much dedication and hard work you put into your art from now on, but I do think is too early to want to have a style. I’m self-taught and I swear I never worried about having a style nor the one I have now is something I intended. I’m not sure about this since I know crap about art but I’ve always got the impression that ppl usually study all that art thing (anatomy, color theory, composition, other complicated things), then they draw realistically (I had my realistic phase too some years ago), and then they stylize (tho there are some things that are you and al always there).
Wanting a style when you lack the knowledge doesn’t seem to me smth that can actually work bc it’s gonna keep changing whether you want it or not as you learn things or your interest change (like you can pick element form here and there depending on what you like and it can work sometimes, but your skills  won’t match what you want for others). In some cases it can hold you back and I think this happened to me lol got comfortable drawing a certain way and neglected learning anatomy :/ it’s gotten a bit better during the last year but I had never practiced so much to get so little results.
My style has bits of the things I liked when growing up (some anime and videogames), some parts look like me and my family, things I like now (the beach, autumn, snk (XD)) and the way I am (my mostly reserved personality), and I think it is like this for most ppl. I almost only follow artists on here and their art looks like them physically and also look like the way they express themselves verbally if that makes sense??
I say you shouldn’t worry about finding a style just yet~ some day it’s just gonna happen and you will know what you want bc you’ll have the skills.
Thank you very much for the nice message <3 and just draw lots!

dynrisu  asked:

Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking, but I am curious if we are going to see in your fic how Yuuri’s death affected those in the original (?) timeline. Do you have any plans for that or is it going to remain a mystery? BTW, I am completely in love with your fic, haha. I am currently reading it for the 6th time ♡♡

Ahhh thank you so much!! Yes, due to high demand there will eventually be a side story about what happened in the original timeline. I’m not entirely sure when to post it though, probably once OML is over for maximum impact lol. I’m happy you’re enjoying the fic so far!! <3 <3

i know a lot of you dont know what im talking about or even care but music producers might be interested i guess?

anyway ripping stuff from pokemon mystery dungeon:eos is a BITCH but some dude psycommando reverse engineered the game like a fucking wizard and was able to rip midi sequences and eventually the soundfont bank.

but the soundfont bank. hoh. oooh boye

you just cant identify these instruments. from experimenting though i noticed that instruments ending in the hex 0x7f tended to be drum/percussion. but the rest who the fuck knows

so im wasting my time now doing this

why am i even doing this again?? the music in pmd:eos is my favorite vg soundtrack of all time and i love the instruments in it i guess


Pair: Zevin Raeka/Sara Ryder

Small sucky description: Sara’s feelings for Pathfinder Zevin Raeka are more than platonic and she’d been having a hard time dealing with them.

Words: 2750~


I saw this art by @asketchbookthing and died. So. Yeah. This has been in the works. Raeka’s characterisation is probably way off (its been a while since I last saw her and we see so little of her so I kinda winged it)

Also I suck at blurbs. Like a lot.


The Nexus seemed busy today. More Salarians were around than the last time she was here. A few more Asari too.

She’d just recovered the Asari ark, the Salarian ark had been back for a short while. Of course the Turian Ark was still out there, but things were looking up. Slowly but surely it seemed everything was slotting into place.

People seemed joyous. Happy. Excited, even. The Asari were grateful. Some Angara were standing around amazed.

A few people stopped her on her way to operations, to thank her or ask her a question about the world, her job, anything. Some people just wanted a way to make it all seem real. Sara was happy to comply, for she understood completely the shock of waking up to a disaster, even if the disaster was slowly but surely getting better.

Well, they still had a long way to go yet. The Archon was still a threat and the cluster still not perfect for settlement. They’d get there though, eventually. She and Pathfinder Raeka had been working hard to ensure that this galaxy would be inhabitable. And now Sarissa had been added into the mix, too. They would all fight to their last breath if they had too. Whatever the cost.

The thought of Pathfinder Raeka brought Sara to another problem she was facing: She was undeniably falling for her. Despite the fact that she knew it was pointless, despite the fact that she knew Salarian’s had a short lifespan and she wouldn’t get that long with Raeka even if the feelings were returned (which she found no evidence of them being so) she couldn’t help it. Stepping onto the tram that’d lead her to operations, Sara felt herself sigh and sink into a seat. Her thoughts, once again, were filled with Raeka.

Raeka was strong, confident and brave. The way she cared about her people, the way she fought so passionately for them had made Sara respect her and see her with such awe that she hadn’t even noticed when her respect started changing. That is, until the nightmares she used to have started to be replaced with little snippets of dreams featuring her and Raeka. A stolen kiss, a stroll down a street she vaguely remembered from a visit to Earth, eating dinner in her Quarters. Small romantic gestures played through her mind constantly. And once Sara had noticed her growing affections, they became very hard to ignore. She’d spot something and wonder if Raeka would like it. She’d see the colour orange and think of Raeka’s armour.

Hell, at one point she’d coloured her own armour orange and blue mindlessly. It wasn’t until Cora pointed out how she looked like Raeka with those colours that she’d realised what she’d done.

So yes, Sara was definitely falling for her. Hard.

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I can’t finish the drawing I’m screeching about for days, but I did …this.

I was talking with 


about Mori in a catsuit and this idea came up.(They look like when your pets know you’re eating something delicious and they can’t take their eyes off your food haha)

Fluffbutt Dazai is here