i dont even know what anyone is wearing

Newt and being with reader who um. self harms.

One thing i would like to make clear. or a couple things
1. Im NOT trying to romanticize Self Harm. at all. Im doing this because sometimes I need to write for myself
2. I do know what im talking about when I write this
3. This is pretty triggering. If reading about self-harm triggers you. Please dont read this. Its not bloody. I promise.
4. If anyone makes fun of self-harm on this post so help me god i will fuck you up. Sorry for the language.
5. If it makes you uncomfortable. Then dont read it. No ones forcing you

•You Hiding scars from Newt by constantly wearing long sleeves and or pants. Even when its very hot outside.
•Newt Becoming suspicious but hopes you’ll talk to him about it.
•You dealing with having to keep those thoughts away while with Queenie because you know she’ll tell Newt and you don’t want to burden him with your troubles.
•Slipping up and Queenie looks up at you in horror as she reads your self-destructing thoughts. She pulls you aside and you beg her not to tell Newt.
•She doesn’t, Until your thoughts get worse and you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Thats when she tells Newt. In fear or your safety.
•Newt rushing to the bathroom and breaking down the door without using a spell because he’s so scared about what you might do.
•His eyes start to water when he sees you in front of him with a blade in your hand. He carefully walks up to you and takes the blade away.
•At first your mad, Mad that Queenie told, Mad at yourself for messing up. but the anger melts to guilt when you look up and see Newts eyes full of tears
•You start apologizing but Newt tells you that you have nothing to be sorry for. He holds you tight and protectively because he sees you in a fragile state.
•That night involves Silence, compliments, and questions.
•He shows you his scars in hopes of you not feeling as bad. He knows its not the same thing but he wants you to open up.
•You eventually telling him why and he is shocked. Not understanding how you could do that to yourself.
•He tells you something important. “Y/n, I don’t fully understand why you do this, but i want you to know that I love you no matter what. Nothings going to change that”. It means a lot, that he didn’t run in disgust or just tell you to “get over it”
•He constantly gives you compliments and sometimes flowers. He always checks on you to make sure your doing okay. He thinks he’s getting annoying but you love that he cares.
•Him not getting mad when you relapse. Instead, he hugs you and tells you everything’s going to be fine.
•When your finally comfortable enough to show him your scars(which took a very long time) He carefully examines each one. He doesn’t say anything but his eyes are full of love and his hands are tracing them as careful as he can.
•Newt understanding its going to take time to recover. But he’s there for you. No matter how long it might be. Or how hard. Because, he loves you.

Okay. Wow. Im really depressing. But i think these are important topics. Heh. night everyone and Stay Safe. please

Marauders preference: You stealing their shirts.

Requested: Can you write a fic where reader is friends with Lilly and they end up being friends with the marauders even though the reader is quite shy. Basically I want the reader to steal their shirts. When people steal guys shirts it makes me happy ok.

I made this a preference cause i had no idea how to write it :’)


You sit next to Lily on the common room sofa when Sirius, James and Remus walk in.

“Is that my shirt?” Remus looks at you confused.

“Ermm.. Maybe” you say blushing slightly as you fiddle with the hem of the shirt.

“Probably should of warned you guys she’s a shirt thief” Lil smiles before the others take seats next you, a blush still lingering on Remus’ cheeks.

*   *   *   *


“What is it with your obsession and wearing my shirts” Siirus laughs as you and Lily walk into the boys dorm room one night.

“Looks better on me though” you wink pulling the black tshirt a little further down your exposed thighs.

“Not gonna argue with you on that princess” He smirks back.

*   *   *   *


“Has anyone seen my- I mean i dont even know why i ask” James laughs looking at the grey t-shirt you had on.

“Sorry babe, do you want it back? I dont mind taking it off” You smirk.

“Depends, If you’re gonna take it off infront of me” He winks causing you throw a pillow at him.

I didnt do Peter soz and its 2:30 so this is probably bad and i bet theres so many mistakes oh my.

the worst thing about ohranger is that it’s too focused on Action like a toho monster movie but nobody ever says anyone’s name so i dont know what anyone is called aside from goro and miura, thanks to you people talking about them, and they dont even wear colour coded uniforms so i cant refer to them by colour either

bluestonewings  asked:

5 12 14 31 39 52 70 76 90 99 coughs

  • 5. What do you think is going to happen to Lea and Isa?

i havent thought about this in ages… umm theyre gonna have a confrontation, probably fight, i think isa will be redeemed too

  • 12. Do you prefer Heartless, Nobodies, Dream Eaters, or Unversed?

if i had to pick a 2nd fave… heartless

  • 14. Which character’s outfit would you wear every day?

marluxias coat. 

  • 31. Favorite Keyblade?


  • 39. What would your weapon choice be?

UH.  id probably use somethin akin to vexens shield u.u

  • 52. Does anyone know where the fuck Pluto is?

minnie probably lmao 

  • 70. Which character would be hardest to deal with on a sugar rush?

hhhhhhhh probably sora bc i get so drained by people i dont even wanna think abt it lmao 

  • 76. What do you think Riku’s Nobody would look like?

hhhh idk i think it would look like him but with shorter hair i guess?? something that looked like when he was younger and more angry/spitefull?

  • 90. Who would make the best parents?

UHH im thinking terra and aqua

  • 99. Favorite track on the OST?

i love all of marluxias obviously… but xions and namines get to me so much aaahhh ;;

and i’m just gonna leave this here and kill yall even more:

‘’it’s true i’m destroyed, they can call me coward, fake, hypocrite and all what they want, but they don’t know the pressure of being ‘’me’’, sounds arrogant but i dont want anyone to be in my shoes, every step i give, every ball i touch and i couldn’t put in arch, it’s a torture, i swear i would change all my records just for carrying Copa and making my country happy, because despite wearing another shirt, my heart will always be celeste and blanco’’.

PLL 6X06 So I’m Wondering about Something...Revisiting Toby, Juvie, Reform School, & THAT NIGHT + Charles Sneaking Out of Radley THAT NIGHT

So I just watched the ep, and now it got me thinking about about Toby and “THAT NIGHT” correct if im wrong, i havent revisted season 1 eps in a while but to my memory, didnt Toby get out of juvie that same NIGHT to go see ali and to thank her for freeing him from jenna, and he gave ali his sweater that NIGHT? 

Now i was always thought that sounded like BS to me, still do, we also know toby was in reform school at some point during the time he was supposedly suppose to be in juvie? or was there a time gap we missed? anyone figure this out? i dont believe Toby about how he recalls what he did that night. Now that we know charles snuck out of radley too THAT NIGHT, is anyone thinking something fishy with that? Toby getting out of juvie THAT NIGHT and charles sneaking out of radley THAT NIGHT?

Now from what we know bethany only heard of the name charles , so we dont know if she ever even saw how he looked etc.

minor clue: in that flashback of ali in tobys room , toby is wearing a yellow striped shirt, and we know bethany loves yellow. I know all the toby theories out there, and have read some about toby and bethany being siblings, Could be perhaps…

Anyone think there could be a connection with charles “sneaking” out of radley and Toby getting out of juvie THAT NIGHT? just a thought :) this is a rushed post but just wanted to get that thought out to guys before i head to bed! xoxo

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Wait, so you remember when kaisoo sat together in exo’s first box, and chanyeol was talking to kyungsoo about the seat belt

External image
External image

then jongin said this

External image

i dont thing anyone knows what he meant, i mean not even chanyeol knew

External image

But then I got to thinking, and maybe Jongin was trying to make a lame pun/joke? Since he commented this after Chanyeol asked if Kyungsoo wears seat belts in cars, and there are airbags in cars.

BAGGY pants = airBAGS, you get it?