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Matt, do you drink alcohol?

Matt: No, I dont believe in the effect that alcohol has. I have only gotten drunk about two times in my life and they have both been very unpleasant experiences. Not to mention alcohol doesn’t even taste good unless you drown it in tropical fruit.

Matt: In a lot of ways alcohol does more harm than good and I know the effect it has on people. It’s not a good coping method and people end up losing a lot because they get addicted to the stuff. If you think it’s a good idea to just drink yourself silly to avoid your problems. Please. Take a step back and look at your situation and instead try talking to someone, I really know its a hard subject and you may not want to face it yourself but..

Matt: There are people out there that genuinely love and care about you and want to make sure you’re alright. Most of the time it seems like it will be a lot easier to just drink and forget but you hurt yourself and others  when you do that. Finally realizing the problem and being able to talk about it is the first step for improvement  Please treat yourself like royalty because there’s nobody that can be as unique as you, and the world suffers greatly when your hurt yourself.

So this is kinda an update as to where im at atm or more correctly me freaking out over my future. (Sorry but I’ve spent like the last 8 years not bothering to think about it because i never thought id have a future.)

Its nearly August… *internal screaming* i am turning 20 (on the 13th which just happens to be seb stan’s birthday too ♡). My parents are putting their house on the market. I need to work out what im going to do next year. Where am i going to move to? Do i want to take out a house loan and buy a house? Or take out a student loan, rent and study next year? Do i want to pursue a career in movie special effects makeup? Or stick with a boring, safer more anxiety free job? If i decide to study the makeup course which uni is the best? There is so many all over the country? Or should i go overseas to study? Someone recommended moving to California to study as i would be able to gain contacts in the industry. If im going to travel overseas… how on earth am i supposed to survive in a country where i have no family, no idea how the rules work and no self-confidence whatsoever!? Im probably not even talented enough to do it. I mean yeah i can work hard when i want to. I can research the living daylights out of something if i have to. I am not very creative tho. And i have severe social anxiety and severe trust issues. Like even if i studied and graduated how am i supposed to get a job? There is hundreds of more talented and more socially experienced people than me. No director in their right mind would hire me.



When you have a show that works to promote Chinese music and EDM… But you invite a bunch of Kpop artists…. I don’t understand what this show wants to achieve in terms of wanting to promote the Chinese side of things, cause all it’s making me do is fall harder for VIXX! 

I’ve always low-key loved VIXX, but this show has definitely secured their spot as my top 3 kpop groups! When you take a group I already like, make them sing Chinese songs, and they totally slay!!!! Their pronunciation is so on point! Especially Ken!!! As rubbish as this show is, I’m so thankful for all these VIXX covers

I'm not even going to answer any of the things I just got.

One thing you should know is I. Don’t. Care. What. You. Think. Of. What. I. Post. If you’re pissed because your fave didn’t get the chance, so sorry for you. I feel bad as well. But sending me shit for being happy that MY fave got a great opportunity is just bs. I would never send someone hate for their fave winning and them celebrating. That’s so fucked up. Finn got a great opportunity because he’s talented and they see something great in him. Same way they did with Roman. Leave me and my happy ass alone cuz we’re laughing all the way to summerslam

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omg requests like these make me so excited

  • dallas can NEVER keep his hands off of your waist NEVER ok like whether its putting his arm around your waist in public or whatever
  • he just smirks at you when you catch him staring which is ALL the time
  • “i like those shorts” “DAMN those jeans look good on you” “you should wear skirts like that more often”
  • you are SO confident already but your even more confident around him bc doesn’t try and hide that your his gf he shows you off ok
  • also you have this one dress that hugs your curves jsut right and it turns dallas into a 13 year old BOY again
  • he’s not a gushy type person but once he starts talking about you he WILL NOT shut up

you know I would’ve loved to see masaki and rukia interact or hisana and ichigo interact (esp hisana and ichigo actually bc it would be so interesting) thinking about both of these makes me so happy that we have Isshin calling Rukia his daughter, I’d really love to see more interaction between them someday, somehow. Just Isshin buying little things for Rukia as he would Yuzu or Karin, attempting to give her an allowance which she refuses to take and then he sneakily leaves it in her purse or something, Isshin looking after her when she looks like she might be sick, Isshin kissing her forehead, Isshin pulling her in a group hug with the rest of his kids while both Ichigo and Karin struggled and protest, Isshin telling Rukia Masaki would’ve loved her, Isshin getting teary eyed and quiet when he finds out Ichigo and Rukia are going to be parents, Isshin looking after pregnant Rukia, etc etc the list goes ON

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hi! i'm going to start an art blog soon.. I really look up to you.. do you have any tips on how to run one? sorry if this is pushy, but I just wanted to know!!

1: make a unique tag for your art

some examples:

hurugus burgus

dingle flrong



2: dont hate on yourself if you dont like how something came out!! that’s just how growing up works. your gonna hate something you draw. i hate everything i do for example but i shit out content from my ass daily

3: LEARN THAT POSTING EVEN LITTLE DOODLES ARE OK!! i post most of my doodles in doodle dumps frequently

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Do cis gay men even date trans men? I hate it because I'm a gay trans man and I feel like I'll never be in a relationship because who would date me? The only gay men I know are cis and are "only interested in dick". I would happily date a trans man but I dont know any. :( sorry I just wanted to vent :/

As a trans gay man I can relate. On a personal note, the whole “who would love you”, yea my mom said that when I come out to her so it was a struggle definitely.
But being a trans gay man (preT and pre op) it can definitely bring insecurities.

But here’s the light at the end of the tunnel:

I’ve been in the dating pool as a man both online and irl. There is hope. There are a couple guys at college who were amazing. One guy only knew me as female was hitting on me and I came out to him and he told me he wasn’t “exactly straight” and continued to hit on me lol.
This other guy in my ROTC has been my friend and I came out to him. Then 2 weeks later he kissed me.

Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is that you WILL find someone. And giving you my personal experiences. I’m not saying it’s not gona be hard but anything that’s worth fighting for is right?
The guys that “just want d!ck” are gross. Everyone knows not reduce people to their genitals.
So the guy that you find is gona be a wonderful man. He’ll be kind and caring and supportive and that’s all that matters

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I was tagged by @m0chimchim and @milkei to post my 8 fav pictures of my bias. Thank you so much!!! ♥ 

So, that was… so hard? I love every picture of this lil sunshine and I couldn’t decide. I don’t even know how much time it took me to select XD But I pick these one because each of them has something for what I love this wonderful mushroom. I love his dumb side, his beautiful smile, his georgeous bareface, his cute little dimples.. AND FOREHEAD JESUS CHRIST, I just looooove him so much… fidsjifsdjfs ;_; 

Funny thing - A lot of people think that my bias is Jimin. So now I solved your doubts XD (BUT THIS LIL SHIT IS MY BIGGEST BIAS WRECKER ;_; )

And now it’s time for tag people, so i tag: 
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i very instinctively say really negative things about myself its like a compulsion for me and my anxiety blasts those thoughts in my head and i cant help but say them sometimes even in situations where i know its inappropriate but please tell me if i ever do this and it makes you upset or uncomfortable and i’ll try my best to be more mindful. its not that i want to bottle up my feelings, i want to be able to express them in the appropriate situations and i dont want to ruin conversations or turn around someone else’s problems onto myself and make things about me. i just want to be able to talk about my emotions in a healthy way lol thats all i want pls