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If there’s any piece of wisdom I can share it’s this: Never let yourself settle for someone who treats you abusively. You are a human being. Never EVER let people treat you like anything less. You are worth it, and there will always be people out there who truly believe that, especially if you believe it too.

not sure if i should be happy that im not writing anything lately because that means my heart is happy. and it’s hard to write when everything’s just in the mind. what my heart feels right now is making me speechless i dont even know where to start (because i kinda want to write something but..)

i hate being such a burden on people though? like I NEED attention, if I don’t get the proper amount of attention I will lose my shit and do reckless stupid things and than not tell anyone about it because I don’t want my destructive bullshit to manipulate them into anything?? so then they dont even know how upset I REALLY am that i’m not receiving the Right amount of attention and they just brush it off but it continues to be a source of stress for me but maybe my expectations are unrealistic to begin with AAaaaahhh

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Nisha, I dont think we should do the TCA stuff, the voting isn't real. It's only used to generate publicity. They know who's going to win but still tell people to promo it. And in the fine print it says they decide who the winners are. Its all just a promo scam.

Yeah, we know the stuff is rigged. So are the PCAs.

But this isn’t just about winning (even though imo the fact that it’s rigged means we have just as much a chance as anybody, lol).

This is about exposure, about making sure our voice is heard. It’s about showing the folks at TVD that our fandom will show up and make some noise for this pairing, that they don’t have to pander to the DE fandom to get that kind of fan fervor response.

And isn’t that just the crux of the issue? There’s a reason why so many pressed DE shippers have been crawling out of the woodwork to infest our mentions on twitter (and our inboxes on tumblr) with their vitriol since the nominations opened: they want us to stop participating, because they want to maintain the myth that the Bamon fandom is tiny, that the Bamon fandom doesn’t deserve to be listened to.

They want to make the folks at TVD believe that they need to fanservice DE shippers. That even without Elena, DE has to be the focus of the show because those are the fans who matter.

We aim to prove them wrong, and we can do that whether or not the TCA ends up going to Kat and Ian, so don’t be discouraged! I hope everyone will join in, this really is an “all hands on deck” situation!

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What would your theory be if Louis and Harry still dont interact in the next couple of months?

My theory about what exactly?  Harry & Louis are already casually interacting in interviews and they did so in the last few shows after Zayn left, so I don’t really get what you’re saying.

There have already been some huge changes in the way things are being done, so it looks like even if there’s not a literal change of management companies as we’re expecting, the actual management of the band has indeed changed. We just don’t know exactly why or how at this point.  But as long as all of the members of the band are happy, that’s all that matters.

If there is no announced management company change by say January 2016, but the band seems happy and healthy, then my theory would be that the band negotiated a really excellent renewal contract with Modest and took more control over things themselves (with sound advice from Irving and Jeff Azoff).

If there is no coming out in the same time period, my theory would be dependent on all of the other surrounding evidence. Are Harry & Louis happy and able to publicly exist in the same 100 mile radius of one another on breaks? Are there any actual girlfriend stunts happening or are there just bottom-feeder tabloids making shit up?

Depending on all of that and probably other things that would be evident at the time, I might theorize that they changed or delayed the coming out plan. While current evidence is very strong that they want to be out asap, sometimes people change their minds based on things we have no knowledge of. 

So again, as long as they are all happy and healthy, I’m happy for them and will continue to be a supportive fan.

Now if they are NOT visibly happy and healthy through the summer and into the fall and promo season, I will theorize that the band is breaking up and they’re just riding it out til they can move on.

Everything is a theory until such time as the predicted thing happens. I theorize that at 5:00 today I will leave work, go home, and feed & walk my dog. But until that happens, no matter how logical the prediction, I have no concrete proof that’s exactly how it will go until after it happens.

So as always, we just wait, see, and enjoy the good things that are happening right now :)

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Conversation between a Pisces (f) and Scorpio(m) ??? Pls I'm very curious

scorpio, looking at phone: OMG COME QUICK
pisces: what is it?
scorpio, holding up picture: HES CHEATING ON ME
pisces: I really don’t think—
pisces: I’m sure he doesn’t hun I mean—
pisces: well—
pisces: I think—
pisces: that’s his sister you poop
scorpio: oh


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What was your best drug experience?

id say when i did shrooms but i feel like i have to stay with shooting up heroin here.. you cant really compare the highs lol.. the rush from shooting up heroin is just the best thing i ever felt but at the same time i feel like doing shrooms was more of an “experience” bc the trip was actually reallyyyy nice. Id prefer it over acid anytime tbh! even though i did it at home alone it was so nice. I felt so fucking happy and everything was just hilarious and looked weird and i remember just laying in bed and reading through 9gag for several hours lol.. oh and there was this weird tv show on comedy central, i dont remember the name but i know i hated it normally bc it was just plain stupid lol. but yeah i ended up watching it and laughing my ass off so uuh thats that. 

ok like no offense but who honestly uses floss i dont think ive known a single person in my life to legitimately floss their teeth and dentists are always like YOURE GOING TO DIE IF YOU DONT FLOSS EVERY 10 SECONDS and literally i dont think ive even seen floss? ive never touched A Floss i dont even know how to use it like i mean i get how i get the Idea but i just.. i dunno?

Im so hurt kinda because my two so called best friends didnt even once mention prom or suggest i should go… Like i would have said no regardless but they didnt even think about mentioning or asking me… Like i know they have boys to worry about but… Hey arent we supposed to be best friends? :( idk it just makes me sad because when hs is done this just confirms we wont talk and if i dont have them as friends then i quite literally have no one? Ive tried to make a few friends but really no one seems interested in being my friend for the long term

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PH marriages anon here :) Yeah asian people marrying other asian people is possible but I meant Jp-Ph marriages just happen more in the PH. Like you look pretty Japanese to me, man. Ugh, how to explain... Fck it why won't they just believe u? uwu

yea it was sarcastic but ikr , i dont even hav to prove myself bc I KNOW im half and thats the only thing that matters is that i know myself

ppl i know there are filipino/spanish, filipino/chinese, filipino/japanese, filipino/korean, filipino/arabic ??? like seriously -__- its so common there

u know, one of the most important things ive learned on my road to self discovery is that ur not gonna just wake up one day and think u look perfect. u have to make it known to urself that ur beautiful.
almost a year ago now, i absolutely despised everything about my appearance. but, although i dont think theyre that pretty now, i started posting selfies on instagram & tumblr & twitter. i started telling myself i looked so cute even though i thought i didnt. and its helped me love myself so much now.
especially if ur really self conscious, i want u to go into a mirror every day and point out a feature about yourself that u like. i want u to stop focusing on the bad features, and start focusing on the good ones, and building upon them and showing everybody how cute they are. find stuff that u like & wear them no matter what ppl say.
i want u to love urself and everything about u. bc what makes someone really perfect is not just their perfections, but their flaws too.

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Im so sorry you still beleive in Tayvin. Harris is just a courier goon. It's just courier BS and nothing better and the paparrazi certainly know this relationship is fake. They even know he's a completely castrated eunuch. It's just all Swifts company will give them. To Swift, pretend dating Harris is the dredge. Don't let her make you think another thing different than that. She really is just such a film flam artist. Do some web research from 2-3 years ago on swift stories. It'll add up.

Dude if you don’t believe great for you. You obviously have such a knowledge of their relationship you obviously know it all and believe it so cool. But can you stop trying to convince me of your belief?? like I just think what you’re saying is way too stupid. I say this for anything. I’ll respect anything you believe in as long as you don’t try to force that belief on people that don’t believe the same as you.

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advice maybe? this guy moved to our school about halfway through the school year, from Korea. He barely knows any english, and I heard he looks up words on his phone all the time, and doesn't do very well :(. anyways, i don't have any classes with him, but I walk by him a lot (but am to shy to say anything) my friend likes him. He's v cute and seems interesting and i want to talk to him but i'm really shy and soft spoken..

Well I dont personally know him so I don’t know his preferances either.
If he just moved there right from Korea it must be pretty hard right now, as he doesnt only need to get used to a new school but a whole new country.

I also cannot be sure about his English skills, but when you are a foreigner many people just assume your skills on that language are bad and dont even try to embrace it or make a normal conversation with you. When you learn a new language your vocabulary is built on what have you been interested in so far, which situations you experienced and learnt new words from it. If he didnt try to use English fe through sns yet there can be many words he doesnt know, or actually its hard to hear out what natives say. They talk fast, they pronounce things very different then we would with our accent, so even if he knows the words he might just cannot hear it out yet, so he needs some time with responding. (At this case many people believe the volume is the problem but not, so dont raise your voice ppl, thats scary and frustrating.)
If you are soft spoken thats anyway a good start because thats always more calming than a loud person (imo).
I cannot be sure, but I think you can just approach to him by asking if he is new and let him know if he needs anything/any help you can help. You may smile at him after that when you pass by or say hi. He will anyway get used to it and get comfortable specially if he gathers some friends I guess.
I also dont hear out what natives say and I need a processing time when I talk with them. It’s also embarrassing when they repeatedly ask back as there are words i used a lot in writing but never heard in speech so my pronouncation is wrong. I also talk slowly when I talk English, but i dont think I’m that bad in it.
So it can be a similar case with him, or he can be bad, I dont know his background.