i dont even know it just

have you ever tasted pouring
anything at all, besides cold and bitter tears?
have you ever prayed so hard for a storm
that the need breaks you into
                               a thousand
(hundreds and hundreds of pieces of
                                                 and sins)
do you know how many
                    deafening thunders are that?
how many cries of help and fear
                  get lost in them?
do you know the feeling when
you are beneath them
                                        all at once
inside them,
               with them
                            yelling at
             no one
can save
                              i’m sorry
         i am
            no longer
                                     hear my voice
                         above the water
   there is no forgiveness
                no life
                        without breathing
                              there isn’t
               a chance
                            for rain
                 to love
the sun
          and kisses
                                 all at once;
do you know the sound
                         of the ocean calling your name
                                                                                           is near",
                                                                                it sings
the waves wash away the pain
                                             and your name
                              and if i could
i wouldn’t dare
                        to take a breath of
                                                         fresh air
                                     if it meant
                   that you too
would drown
                                     no more

i bear it, so she doesn’t have to


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anonymous asked:

how would you know for sure whether or not youre really asexual when youve never done it before? im 17 and trying to figure myself out its ok if you dont answer im just really curious

i don’t know who’s been telling you stuff but people who insist you need experience before you know if you’re “really” one sexuality or another are absolute bullshit. i know that im asexual because the idea of myself having sex is extremely unappealing, in the same way that i know im gay because im not attracted to dudes, even though ive never dated a dude. you know yourself better than anyone else ever could, and if you decide that you’re asexual, then you’re asexual. you don’t ever need proof of your own identity and feelings

I’m logging on Tumblr, taking my courage to reblog you guys some yaoi stuff and like


And I want to change my tumblr’s theme, with some Ten Count or not again don’t know yet but this doesn’t matter anyway because I basically don’t have any free time hahahahaha. I wish I could draw a new daily life of a Fujoshi cause I miss drawing shit and like a shit but no can do. Can’t wait until three weeks to quit my job. AND THEN ILL DRAW A TON OF SHIT. YEAAH

You know that thing when you are completely sure of something about you but people doesn’t know it so you just kinda ignore it because you are not ready to tell anyone yet? Because that’s what I am doing with my gender right now yes.

  • my sister, while watch card anime w/me:But cards don't have feelings!!
  • me:
  • my sister, while we are tubing down a river:Water can't feel emotions!!
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:I came here to have a good time, and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now.

anonymous asked:

why do u ssay not to date people from clubs btw??

because i feel like it’s a very superficial first encounter. i mean sure a first encounter isnt necessarily supposed to be a beautiful and meaningful exchange where you bond quickly and share your lives with each other, and yes maybe you can afford to be shallow upon initial interactions but….. fuck i dont know. like how are u even supposed to have a conversation in a club? you’d have to leave and go outside and then run around trying to find your friends to let them know you’re stepping out for a minute to talk to this cutie and then once you’re outside you’ll probably have a very brief conversation with this person who you thought was cute but they end up being awkward and boring and u just want to get back inside the club and to your friends but the bouncer’s an asshole so now you’re stuck outside with this person who by now is suggesting a coffee date and you internally brawling w yourself wondering why you thought meeting someone in a club was a good idea. can i tell you a secret though? im honestly just really upset about that beautiful half indian girl at the club i went to in may with the MENACING eyes…… i cant believe i was too scared to ask for her number…… i hope she’s thinking of me….. whatever it probably wouldnt have worked anyway

imagine that your doorbell suddenly rang and you see a strange cardboard box then when you tentatively open it, soonyoung reveals himself with an innocent smile and an excited, “hi!”

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun