i dont even know im so tired

a year ago i was in such a bad place that i thought there was no hope, no escape. either i was gonna accept the failure and say goodbye or fight and even though i fell so tired at times, fell so down that i couldnt see any light, somehow i held on and a year later im surrounded by the perfect people that havent let go of me for so long.

im in an amazing relationship w an exceptional boy, im so im love with him. im back at school and im stronger.

fight never ends. but it gets easier. just know that u deserve ur happiness. thats ur right. dont give up on ur happiness.

I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

Edit: Video contains some strobe effects so those with epilepsy or are photosensitive should take heed before viewing

Edit 2: Do not remove that warning or any of this for the sake of your shitty blog. Im tired of seeing it without that warning. Just stop already.

  • someone: does something which i perceive as them ignoring me
  • my brain: time to spin the ~WHEEL OF UNHEALTHY REACTIONS~
  • my brain: what will it be this time? splitting? a breakdown? messaging them constantly until they finally reply? ooh, what about cutting off all contact and spinning again when no one notices?

pidge and boobs: an unfortunate experience

  • pidge is just like. really done with having boobs
  • pidge, looking down at her chest: why are you even here
  • boobs are just like…sacks of fat that get in the way of fighting and seeing her computer screen when she lays down 
  • and when her boobs just hurt she’s like “why. why me. i’m just trying to live my life” 
  • she doesn’t even have boobs that are that big and she wears sport bras most of the time but sometimes during practice they bounce and she just wants them to s t o p 
  • to hunk: i don’t want my boobs anymore you can have them 
    hunk: pretty sure that’s not how this works
  • pidge never goes bra shopping like properly like she probably isn’t wearing the right size but the bra fits well enough and doesn’t pinch and she’s not spending any more time on these expensive fabric cups that society demands she wears
  • society sucks ass
  • so do boobs
  • one day lance is like “i’m like 90% sure shiro has bigger boobs than you” and pidge is like “good. he can share my suffering” 
    • shiro: i’m always suffering
  • those days where you just have to grab your boobs as you’re running up the stairs or something? yeah. pidge hates those days and swears aggressively as she wraps her arms around herself
  • she loves wearing huge oversized sweatshirts but she especially loves it because she can go braless and no one will know 
    • also for your consideration: the extra lazy days where she literally just wears a sports bra and a sweatshirt and no shirt
  • lance: do you ever just. hold your own boob
  • pidge: do you ever just punch yourself in the face
  • one day she’s bored and particularly annoyed at her boobs and she’s just like. an a cup for awful a, b cup for bothersome, c cup for cursed, d cup for dreadful—
  • she mostly lives in sports bras but there are a lot of days where she’s like “…what if i didn’t”
    • the answer is nothing would happen. she’s in space. no one cares. she can just go braless. it’s a freeing day when she realizes that
  • they’re just laying around one day and she sits up suddenly and is like “does space even have bras”
    • it does. or at least, alteans do 
    • both her and lance are disappointed when space bras aren’t anything special and are basically the same as earth bras
    • lance takes every opportunity afterward to say “cool starry bra” when it’s relevant 
      • because stars. and space. starry bra. it’s funny
  • she is so jealous of aliens that don’t have breasts like how is this fair
  • pidge loves her armor because her boobs are out of the way for once and it’s so nice
  • she’s just like “what is even the POINT of you!!” most of the time and like. she knows but still. what’s the point
  • pidge is just very frustrated with her boobs
studying when you dont want to

i know the feeling of being stuck between wanting to study because you have to and not wanting to study because you’re tired. so here are some of what i do (except #1 bc my new classmates think im a nerd for doing this so i stopped) when i dont feel like studying

  1. get a study buddy/friend/classmate to monitor your progress. maybe you can even compare your progress at every end of the day
  2. if you prefer studying alone, you can create a schedule. not really a schedule, but more of an allocation of hours. on a sheet of paper, write down all the things you usually do for a day and beside those, write the number of hours or minutes it takes to do them. add all those and subtract from 24, there you’ll have your hours and minutes of free time. allocate your free time accordingly to the subjects you have to study. however, don’t allocate all of your free time to studying, you need time to take a break as well.
  3. pamper yourself. you could take a bath, half bath, wash your face, or just change into clean and comfortable clothes (*cough* pajamas *cough cough*). comb your hair, tie em neatly in any way you feel good with.
  4. set up your study area. you could use the living room or dining room and just bring all the needed things, not all of em. sometimes it’s better to have only what you need in order to focus better. you could also just be in your room. if your room is cluttered, you could clean them or just put them in one place and hide them in a blanket. i know covering them sounds bad but you dont want to waste your energy in cleaning when you have to be studying.
  5. if you feel like your brain is cluttered, do a brain dump. write in a sheet of paper everything that comes into your mind and is bothering you. after, look at them and see if there are things you can act upon. if there are urgent things, act on them now. write the other non-urgent things on another sheet of paper/memo to take action later. 
  6. if you feel like your brain is cluttered but it’s more of an emotional clutter, cry it out. take a few minutes, even an hour, and cry it all out. you’ll feel better. i know i feel better after crying.
  7. dont force yourself to study for hours on end. do the pomodoro technique where you study for 25 mins. then take a break for 5 mins., or alter this and study for an hour maybe then take a break for 10 minutes. have it your way depending on how you feel.
  8. just read. dont take notes, dont highlight. just read and understand the material. dont be afraid to search online or browse a dictionary about a term you dont understand. then after each chapter/lesson/topic, see if you can summarize what you just read. if you can summarize, proceed to the next. if you can’t, go back to reading. understanding is better than just memorizing.
  9. if you find something difficult, ask a classmate/friend to discuss the chapter/topic to you. 
  10. if you know you can’t study an entire chapter, read the summary after each chapter.

feel free to add more to this list :D

this is a long, heavy post, but ive wanted to make it for a while. i hope if you or someone you know has been in an abusive situation, it may help.

when you are abused, the true ramifications of this abuse do not manifest themselves until you are much older.

when you are abused (in any form) as a young person, your first gut instinct will be to turn down therapy/counselling. you might do this because you do not feel you need it, or you do not want to talk about what happened. you need to push past this.

when we experience abuse as young people, we may feel like it was ‘no big deal’. we may compare ourselves to other victims and feel that we are not as bad as them, so that means we are okay. you may feel okay. you may be a young person reading this right now, thinking ‘well, i feel okay.’

i know you do. we all feel like that we’re younger.

you will get older and your untreated abuse will manifest in your life, your body and your emotions. you may develop terrible habits. your body may start to react in strange ways. you may have to struggle with seemingly unexplained bouts of nausea and vomiting as a reaction to ‘normal’ events that have connections to your abuse. you may develop mental health issues and will not understand why. you may grow angry and withdrawn, or deeply depressed for seemingly no reason.

then on one terrible night, you will connect the dots and realise that although you felt invincible as a young person, your abuse affected you.

if therapy is offered to you or you can find it, go to it. abuse does not go away or magically resolve itself. no amount of pretending you are okay will take away what happened. it may hurt to revisit our old wounds, but it is the only way to heal.

it is never to late to heal. if you are an adult who refused therapy and you are struggling, get yourself there, find help, and heal. and if you are a young person reading this, please strongly consider therapy, even if you do not feel you need it.

even if you feel like your abuse did not affect you, let people in. give yourself the chance to heal. do not let your abuser take even more of your life than they already have.

let yourself heal.




im just gonna say it

im tired of the noorhelm storyline i think its gone on for too long when that didnt happen with eva and jonas after their breakup for example

i remember not standing noorhelm in s3 and i dont really think it needs to be extended to s4 either. we all know noora deserves better and i cant stand william getting so much attention in the series when he isnt even acting in it and when we can be having more interesting stories told about sana instead of focusing on noorhelm AGAIN

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They should know he's a guy by now but anyways how are u doing today ?

// Well between dealing with a handful of people stealing, tracing, and otherwise reposting my art, telling me I’m wrong for politely calling them out and handling it like an adult in DMs, trying to help handle the #savebendy bullshit, people ripping off my designs for Lendy & Acute & Alice, having my characters misgendered repeatedly after already making a post on the matter, being insulted directly to my face on a handful of servers, handling some personal drama, and generally feeling alone in groups of people (not their fault) I’ve been… okay. Mostly just extremely tired and admittedly a bit pissy. I haven’t hardly eaten this week and today I can’t stop so if I don’t post a lot its because I’ve made myself sick, sorry in advance.



Haha yeah here’s another comic for y’all!  Definately not langst well i mean maybe he was pretty traumatized after that but I am a simple girl who can only take so much langst at a time.  XD XD  

I had alot of fun with this one.  More funny and less… angsty lol.

I hope you enjoy!! :D  And please dont repost without my permission first thaankkssss <3

  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about
NU’EST Kang Dongho Father! AU

Another father AU, for anon. Enjoy! (You + Kang Dongho)

  • well
  • we all obviously know that Dongho is not the most soFT looking guy
  • (mnet knew that real well)
  • and yes he may look like a frightening masculine manly man who invented the concept of strength but
  • when he heard he was going to be a father, he melted into a puddle of goop
  • like really sweet goop not bad goop just a clarification (sorry friends im feeling extra memey rn)
  • during your pregnancy he would be super duper overprotective and always seem to have whatever you needed whenever you needed it
  • whether that be a shoulder to cry on or a massage or exotic foods
  • wants the absolutely best for you and the baby and would be very involved in terms of knowing all the health issues and risks that newborn babies could have
  • helped you decorate a cute little room for the baby, you both went with purple and white themed because you didn’t know the gender and he was so excited he couldn’t resist waiting
  • researched into all kinds of things and had plans about what sports and activities your child should pursue in the future,,, keep in mind your baby isnt even born yet
  • anyway when the birthing is OVER dongho is like so excited and cautious with you and the kid (im sorry i dont want to put a name or gender) 
  • kids are boring at first but he seemed to never get tired of doting on them
  • would literally try baby food to see how it tastes and pretend like it was okay and then proceed to vigorously wash the weird taste out with waterwould apologize to the child “im sorry you have to eat this, just wait until you can have solids oh goodness won’t that be fun?? im already excited, we can eat potatoes and cereal together!”
  • when the child grew up a little more he started taking them to playgrounds and daycares and stuff like that
  • you and him took turns because your schedule allowed for that
  • at the daycare and playground, the other moms were sHOOK because of how adorable dongho was
  • this super powerful strong man at first sight but then he’s all eye-smiley and giggly and showers his kid with kisses and makes gugu noises its wonderful absolutely wonderful
  • sings songs to and with the kid, from random tunes to the abcs to like baa baa black sheep or some shit as the kid grew up
  • and wtf can you imagine that?? 
  • donghos honey vocals that super sweet voice just singing all the time to your child goodness that would be a blessing
  • but also eventually get annoying like yes the wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round aHEM ANYWAY
  • doesn’t necessarily take care of his skin condition thAt much as like u know celebrities normally do (as we also saw on broduce) but with his kid?? only the highest quality products would be selected
  • would read so many reviews of products just to make sure the child would only be exposed to the safest possible materials
  • yea basically a huge softie
  • one day when child grew up a bit he was playing w them in a sandbox
  • and dongho was literally too caught up in building his own sand castle when he realized child had started putting sand in their mouth
  • he simultaneously freaked out and died of laughter because the situation was so ridiculous, immediately made child spit out the sand and washed their mouth
  • considered trying some sand to see what the child tasted but decided that was a weird idea and just settled for googling what would happen
  • exposed child to a lot of different things, music, art, history, science, memes, you name it
  • found himself learning a lot as he taught the kid and gained experiences with them and you
  • asks for another child lmAO
  • does he want to raise a farm of kids or something??
  • probably
  • he wants to be able to answer all the questions child had
  • is totally whipped for the both of you
  • will always give you two random presents
  • if he travels somewhere for work or something he will always return with souvenirs for the both of you
  • yall spoiled ok
  • cooks comfort foods super well
  • knows all the characters of like the magic school bus and sesame street because he just wants to interact with his child (i almost typed offspring wtf)
  • always handing out free hugs and kisses 
  • gives piggyback rides on demand (for you and for child lmao)
  • he protec
  • is your and your child’s superhero

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A/N: oh gosh this ended up really memey lsdfjklj sorry bout that LOL

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So what about Mcgenji vs mchanzo?

im literally a mchanzo blog 

like, uh

do you follow me? have you seen 90% of my blog? or my fan art? or my fanfics? or even just my blog title?

mcgenji is cute i guess maybe in like, blackwatch era, but im a mchanzo guy all the way

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Exo Reacts to Your First Trip Together


Baekhyun would, despite his usually goofy personality and confidence, be surprisingly nervous. It would be the first time you two would be alone as a couple, finally without the distractions from the rest of the boys. When the trip actually came around, he would talk your ear off out of sheer nervousness; from the time you left the dorms to the final destination, he would go on and on about who knows what. That is, until you finally silenced him with a kiss. With a bashful smile on his face, he would apologize sheepishly before pulling you into a hug, excited to finally be on a trip with the one he loves.

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Chanyeol would be even more of an excited puppy than usual. He would pack days, possibly even a week in advance, and would not stop talking about how he was “finally gonna spend some quality alone time with my girl!” When you were actually leaving for the trip, he would quite literally be jumping around like an excited puppy. Once you arrived, though, he would have calmed down significantly; he would still be excited, but express it more through sight-seeing and visiting popular tourist attractions. He wouldn’t let go of your hand the whole time.

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Jongdae would play it cool, but would be beyond ecstatic in reality. You’d ask him about things he would want to do while you two are away, but only respond with “all I wanna do is you, babe,” but realistically speaking, would want to do everything ever. He wouldn’t admit that to you, though, not until the actual trip came around. When it did, he would bring up little things he wanted to do, cooly at first, then would finally show you just how excited he was. He would parade around, looking and pointing at everything like a little boy. He’d just be happy he was with you. 

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Kyungsoo would make it all about you. He would ask you where you wanted to go, what you wanted to do, etc., and base the whole trip off of that. You would ask if he wanted to go somewhere else, but he said he would be happy wherever you were, and that was the whole truth. You could go anywhere and he would be perfectly content, so long as you were beside him the whole time.

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Much like Chanyeol, he would be one excited-ass puppy. He’d be all smiles for weeks preceding the trip, excitedly spewing out possible places you could go, things you could do and how much fun you both would have. Jongin wouldn’t be nervous until the trip actually came around, provided it was your first trip alone together, but even then, he would still be more excited than anything; not for the trip alone, but more for the fact that it was with you. 

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Tao would act very nonchalant about the entire thing, leaving all of the details up for you to decide. He wouldn’t be rude or lazy with the planning, but he would make it all about you, much like Kyungsoo. His calm facade would eventually dissipate and he would show just how excited/nervous/scared he really was. He would want everything to be perfect for you, and panicking in the off chance that it wasn’t. With a few reassuring kisses from you, though, he would realize that you were happy either way. 

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Kris wouldn’t display his excitement as much as the others for the sole reason to be cool, but you saw right through his facade. You knew he was ecstatic for your first trip together, and you would often tease him about it. Knowing him, he would attempt to brush it off and deny anything that you teased him about, though you were 100% right. When you were actually on your trip, you would take him to places you knew he wanted to visit and crack up when he would try to hide his excitement but fail. At the end of the day, he would admit that he loved spending time with you and he was really glad that he was able to, even admitting (surprisingly) that he would never be too cool to be with you. 

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Luhan, much like Jongdae, would play it cool. He’d be very nonchalant with making the decisions, saying “whatever you want to do, baobei” or phrases of the sort whenever you asked him about the trip. But despite his careless attitude about it, he would plan out activities at different tourist locations that he knew you wanted to visit. While you were there, he would spoil you absolutely rotten. He would buy you anything you wanted, even if you didn’t vocalize it. He wouldn’t mind it of course; seeing you happy was all he needed to care about.

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Sehun, being the sassy one he is, would jokingly try to make the trip all about himself. You didn’t really mind at first in the planning stages of the trip because you want him to enjoy it just as much as you do, but with his sassiness, you thought it was getting to be ridiculous. But little did you know, he was planning the trip in your favor behind your back. He had already purchased the plane tickets in secret, reserved all of the hotels and whatnot, despite picking arguments on purpose as to where he wanted to go. He would reveal the surprise while you two were actually on the plane (somehow he was able to psych you out on the plane tickets, don’t ask me how) and revealed that he was kidding all along. After the initial shock wore off, as well as the pain in his shoulder in which you caused from punching him, you would hug him as well as the plane seats would allow, looking forward to spending time with your fantastic yet problematic boyfriend. 

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Much like Kyungsoo, Yixing would tailor your first trip to be all about you. He would buy plane tickets to wherever you wanted to go despite your protests that “you need to have a say too, Xing,” but he would always respond with “my say is whatever you choose, baobei.” He would be so sweet and selfless, making sure that you weren’t bored at all times. You would take him to places where you knew he wanted to go for a change despite his own protests, but he honestly would be happy anywhere, so long as you were there to experience it with him.

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Poor Junmyeon would be so adamant on making your first trip together absolutely perfect that he wouldn’t realize he’s literally driving himself mad. He would be so adorably frantic, you couldn’t help but laugh. His panic would last all throughout the planning stages of the trip and even trail into the trip itself, but you would finally calm him down with lots of hugs and reassuring, that nothing could go wrong with how much he has prepared. Junmyeon would take your word for it and finally loosen up, realizing that he would have more fun with you regardless if it went well or not.

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Minseok would undoubtedly be very enthusiastic about finally being alone with you for the first time. Even if you went somewhere close by, he would be more than happy, just to get away from the rest of the boys for a while. You two would plan everything out together, even choosing some of the restaurants that you both wanted to dine at beforehand. A trip with him would be very laid-back and relaxing, which is just what you two need, so long as you two are together.

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cheesy, i know. im tired and i have school tomorrow. dont judge, yall.


Taeyong Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where youre colorblind until you make eye contact with your soulmate

  • it was fun writing the last one so im making another one until someone requests a text scenario bc i have no ideas lmao
  • again, im not a great writer so dont be surprised if its a little crappy
  • this one wont be as angsty as the last one js
  • so lets get started
  • a lot of your friends had already found their soulmates
  • you once asked your friends what colors looked like and they bought a bunch of Gatorade
  • “the fruit punch is what red tastes like”
  • “???ok???”
  • and as cute as they all were together, it was starting to get lowkey annoying
  • so as a consolation gift, your friends got you floor tickets for your favorite band, NCT 127
  • “yeah sorry for being lovey dovey around you”
  • “all is forgiven”
  • so youre getting ready for this concert and what not and go
  • you get close to the stage, so close that you could take good lq photos of them
  • they finally come on stage and everyone goes crazy
  • but halfway through the concert, something happens
  • you make eye contact with Taeyong
  • its brief but it was enough for color to come into sight
  • at first youre in disbelief bc how could you, of all people, be Taeyongs soulmate???
  • then you notice that Taeyong is kind of distraught
  • and this gives you hope that youre actually soulmates
  • but you know what they say, the show must go on
  • the show goes on like normal and finally ends
  • boy you had the time of your life
  • you couldnt thank your friends enough for this experience
  • now that the show is over, taeyong can properly freak out
  • “WHAT?!? SINCE WHEN???!!”
  • so they boys send out an announcement regarding this predicament
  • turns out they are going to be staying in town for one more day to find taeyongs soulmate
  • to prove youre his soulmate, all you have to do is tell the members the new hair color taeyong has and a few more questions regarding colors
  • and ofc, your ticket to the concert
  • naturally, you catch wind of this
  • so you go where this whole thing is happening
  • but you didnt expect sO MANY PEOPLE
  • youre literally behind about 200 people
  • its been h o u r s before its your turn
  • but then they call it off??
  • “hey guys, im glad you came but i dont think anyone here is really my soulmate. sorry”
  • and youre standing there in disbelief
  • because you know youre his soulmate
  • and hes so close to you yet youre being pulled apart
  • he walks out the door and you follow close behind
  • “wait! please wait! i think im your soulmate”
  • “listen i dont want any trouble and im tired of hearing those words tod-”
  • “your hair is pink, that wall is red, and the cement is grey please believe me! Here i even have my ticket from last night”
  • he turns around makes eye contact with you
  • and his eyes are wide open
  • he then picks you up in a hug and squeezes you so tightly
  • “oh my god im so sorry i didnt believe you at first”
  • you can hear his voice cracking
  • “its ok i probably wouldnt have either in your position”
  • yall have your little moment
  • but only for a moment
  • “ty where did you go-ohH”
  • “guys move back! i think he found her!”
  • “shhHHhh youre going to ruin their moment!!!”
  • “…does this mean shes the smols’ mom now?”
  • ok im done
  • thanks for reading
  • byE