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Some dude just asked me why I only shave my legs like once a month, like why am I shoving my feminist agenda in his face? Women should shave their legs because that’s what women do! And I’m like ‘yes, you got me, the reason i dont shave my legs is specifically to make guys like you uncomfortable, I have made this decision about my own body so that people will know that I want to end the gender wage gap, you fucking caught me’. Seriously guys, the truth is that I’m lazy and constantly running late so I don’t have the time or the energy. And honestly? I don’t give a fuck? I like my legs. And even if it wasn’t something as mundane as that who the fuck gave you the right to tell me what to do with my body!? Girls with smooth legs are beautiful. Girls with hairy legs are beautiful. Girls are beautiful. And news flash, they don’t need to shave their legs to uphold your standards of femininity. Sit down, shut up and leave us alone.

i’ll start us off with a headcanon: the waverider gets a coffee machine. you may wonder why it didn’t have one before and to that i say, uh, duh, rip only drinks coffee when he’s hungover, otherwise he’s strictly on tea. so gideon has always fabricated coffee

and you’re probably like oh but what about kendra she’s a barista?? and kendra is like uh i just worked a coffee service job im FINE if i dont have to look at another coffee machine THANK YOU

and meanwhile i think, last counted, rip had accumulated 1923 different teas in the storage room. people come on this ship not even liking tea and are left with no choice and also, we have no room for anything else in the storage room. the more tea the team drinks the more storage space they get, but ANYWAY

so sara, probably bc she’s still feeling very petty, buys a big ol’ fucking coffee machine and hoists a bag of coffee right in front of the storage room door and she’s like i don’t know about you but I, personally, not for any petty reasons, want coffee, so now we only drink coffee
amaya: i like tea-
sara: we only drink coffee
stein: coffee will literally destroy my bladder

so a few things happen with this fun new machine:
1. sara got it at a yard sale and it SUCKS
2. it’s probably haunted
3. ray hasn’t let himself have coffee in 10 years but now he has started again and this is causing a PROBLEM

at some point zari is like you guys ray is literally running on about 2 hours of sleep a week and i think we should get rid of the coffee machine and mick is like fair but, the coffee machine may have put a curse on the ship, i don’t know if we can get rid of it

nate is like guys i think we’re looking at it the wrong way look at all the stuff ray’s gotten done without the need for sleep in his life! his adhd is soaring to new heights
ray: i’ve found a cure
nate: for what
ray: s i n 
nate: we should get rid of the haunted coffee machine

anyway they try to get rid of it and the old lady in the coffee machine possesses ray and they have to perform an exorcism whatever and when rip does eventually come back he’s like why is there a bag of coffee beans in front of my tea closet and sara just yells from the other room GO FUCK YOURSELF

how is it possible to spot something offensive or just straight up lacking in a piece of media and still genuinely enjoy said media?

like how and why are our brains able to do that? even when it comes to something offensive toward our own community? im not pointing fingers, im genuinely confused how we can hold two contradicting beliefs at the same time.

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Hi! Could you maybe do headcannons for Anti with an SO who gets flustered really easy ? Thank you, and your writing is fantastic!!

Oh you bet your beautiful booty that he is going to take full advantage of this tiny quirk of yours. At random times, even when you are talking to someone, he will glitch right next to your ear and whisper into it how much he wants to just wreck your beautiful body into the floor right now. Oh, and dont try to be too obvious about your blushes! You wouldnt want the other egos knowing would you? He would have to punish you if you did that~

Trust me when i say that he just loves to see your beautiful blushing face, often times pressing a soft kiss into it before glitching away. It just makes you look SOOOOOOO adorable, like a strawberry! If he ever goes too far just tell him, he may be a jerk somtimes (….ok- almost all of the time) but he still loves you.

Starry Skys | Jaemin
  • So Jaemin finally asked you out on a date
  • Thank god too
  • You thought he wasnt that into you
  • So when he asked you, it was a big surprise
  • Although on his end, it felt like god or the universe or what ever was out there was against him
  • The first time he tried asking you was in chemistry and right as he was about to ask you, some kid probably haechan ngl started a fire in the lab with the Bunsen burner
  • The second time was in gym and in the midst of asking you, you were hit in the head with a basketball and escorted to the nurse
  • He was getting really really disheartened
  • What if the universe was trying to tell him something?
  • But jeno kept his morale up
  • “Dude you gotta ask y/n out”
  • “I dont even know if they like me and so far, the world seems to be working against me”
  • “Well ill have you know that they like you too so you have nothing to worry about”
  • This gives jaemin a boost of confidence and he asks you out
  • He was sosososo happy when you said yes
  • But oh goD did he think this through??!?!?
  • “Y/n ill tEXT YOU THE DETAILS”
  • Now he has to come up on where to go
  • “Why dont you just take y/n to a picnic in the park?”
  • “Does y/n even like parks??? OH god what if they dont even like fOOD????!?!!”
  • “Jaemin, as your best friend, i am telling you to shut up and just take them to the park.”
  • So thats what he did
  • He texted you that hed pick you up on saturday for a picnic dinner
  • Saturday finally comes and he knocks om your door
  • “Hey jaemin!!”
  • His heart melted when he saw you
  • You looked so beautiful
  • The way your eyes sparkled
  • The way you smiled at him when you opened the door
  • The way you said his name
  • Boy oh boy he was in deep
  • “….min…aemin….jaemin hello you there?”
  • He snapped out of his trance
  • “Oh sorry!! I was thinking about something. Lets go!”
  • He took your hand and your heart started to race
  • Yall finally got to the park and set up the picnic
  • You two had a good time
  • Yall joked around a bit, climbed a few trees, fed some birds
  • You guys were gaving such a good time that it was getting dark
  • He was about to ask if you wanted to head home but you suggested something else
  • “Hey Jaems, want to just stay out here for a bit and look at the stars? Its a nice night so it might be fun to look for constellations”
  • “Yeah sure!! How about we just lay on the blanket?”
  • So thats what yall do
  • You pointed out some figures in the sky and all of them amazed him
  • “Hey y/n”
  • “Yeah jaems?”
  • Your faces were so close
  • And he just leans in and kisses you
  • It felt like forever
  • Yet, it also felt like it ended too soon
  • “Y/n i love you”
  • He was nervous for your reply
  • It all melted away though when you smiled
  • “I love you too jaemin”



-> I finish my classes on the 8th <-

  • the classic “we gotta fake dating to get my folks to fuck off actually notice me”
  • Something involving candy canes??? Probably???
  • Possibly one with Pennywise

And thats about all I can think of right now!! Feel free to send in requests or asks!! I might even dabble in RPs! Although keep in mind I do still work and my hours will go up during holidays, but I will still be posting more than usual!

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Why does it bother you what people think stemily is doing? What if they are right? People are entitled to their opinion just like you. Agree to disagree. Maybe they know more than you, maybe they dont... either way, who gives a shit. If those who are being talked about aint worried why should you. In all fairness, their touching is a bit too much even around the wife. So, once again why does it bother you, maybe they all have some kind of agreement, arrangement of sort.

First, it’s not “the wife”. It’s Cassandra. 

Why does it bother me? Why shouldn’t it bother me? I wish I had decent enough WiFi to upload a few screenshots of tweets because that could be one reason right there. It’s disgusting. But here are a few reasons: 

It’s disrespectful to Cassandra, Stephen, and Emily. Say what you want about any of them, but it is truly disrespectful. Having an affair, even in Hollywood, is usually looked down upon. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but people generally don’t approve of that. That is what these ‘shippers’ are getting excited about. Stephen and Cassandra are married. They have a child. And these people are having a grand old time about shipping him and someone else. They are trying to get him to have an affair. Assuming that affairs are going on or whatever is assuming that they’re those kind of people. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but if you have an affair….that’s a big deal in my book, and I know other people feel that way too. It’s not good. So making assumptions and saying ‘come on! Do it!’ is truly disrespectful to all of them. 

It will also affect, eventually, Mavi. It sounds impossible, but it might. She’s little, but going after her parents is not respectful to her. And Stemily fans love her. She’s the most precious thing in the world, even though she’s actually on Earth thanks to two people, not just Stephen. Cassandra was the one who actually birthed her. Some people forget about that. (Notice how she’s always cropped out of photos?) 

I wouldn’t have such a problem with it if people didn’t go after Cassandra. According to these ‘fans’, she’s ugly, she’s rude, she’s all sorts of things. But Emily’s just a perfect, pretty person who cleary Stephen loves more. If you’ve ever gone on Cassandra’s Instagram and read the comments, you’ll notice people saying ‘Emily’s so much prettier than you’ and ‘I can see why Stephen loves Emily more’. Like…huh? Why go after the woman he’s chosen to be with? It’s pointless, and it’s rude. 

As a Christian woman, I don’t always like the TV/movie industry because it includes lots of people kissing other people, but that’s a whole different issue. Stephen and Emily are probably best friends, and they should be. They’ve spent six years working together. Who wouldn’t be good friends after all that time? But other people do that too. Katie Cassidy and Stephen worked together for years. So have plenty of other actors and actresses. 

And an agreement/arrangement of sorts? Cassandra gets him one weekend and Emily gets him the other? Heck no. Don’t even come to me with those ideas. 

In summary, people can have their opinions. Thank the Lord we all have different ones, but we are designed to have different opinions nicely. We can disagree about the President, about laws, about silly things like coffee. But what we all need to remember is to be nice. To be logical. To be good. The minute we  lose that, we’re all doomed. 

Encouraging an affair/celebrating over ‘proof of it’ is not being good. Saying that, because of a few hugs and ‘I love him’ (does anyone want to know how many times I’ve used that term to describe my relationship with boys?), this relationship is ‘confirmed’, is not being logical. Trashing Cassandra and Stephen is not being nice. 

So that’s why I consider it a big deal. 

big time rush: make it count, play it straight, don’t look back, don’t hesitate when you go


so i was waiting for my bus at the bus stop; its a typical monday, im wearing my “tony stark did nothing wrong” shirt.

this 16 yo girl (she was also waiting for the bus i think lol ) keeps looking over at it, scowling. i’m ready for a fight just like i always am on tumblr, i can’t stand the fucking antis. i speak up. “u got a problem or something?”

the question’s not even fully out of my mouth and this chick starts going off, spit flying and all. “dont you know tony stark is a weapons manufacturer?!??? hes killed a SHIT TON of people” i’m shocked; i’ve never had a child speak to me that way IN REAL LIFE before. but i’m trained; just last week i doxxed a 15 yo girl who said tony was homophobic on line.

before i can anything though, this old lady steps up and says “tony stark is a hero u fucking bitch” then smacks the kid right in front of me and the other hundred people at the bus stop. i’ve never seen so many people clap before, i feel like justice has finally been served.

moral of the story: antis dont try any shit, we’re everywhere.


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

Unnecessary Lotor Meeting Headcanon

Imagine this:

• Lotor first meeting the whole crew planning on attacking but immediately lays his eyes on Lance (I been seeing fan art i needed to jump in, okay??)

• Keith is jealous by how much this guy is paying his full attention to Lance because that’s his what the heck???

• Lotor wanting to take him as a prisoner with intentions of stealing Voltron too

• Lotor dissing Keith everytime he talks or butts in and is a sass king (i just have a feel)

• Uncomfortable Lance, Flirty Lotor, Fuming​ Keith who is ready to fucking explode

• It became Keith vs. Lotor so fast that everyone else just kind of doing their thing and beating off anything trying to attack

• Lance would tease Keith of going to Lotor if he didn’t do something Lance wanted

• It immediately back fires and turns to being Keith pinning Lance to the wall

• Do not mention Lotor


• He cradled Lance​ in his arms and it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t him even if the little shit denies it

Ok Dive!! but...


….i mean…

…come on…

…if THIS BOY’s gonna “turn out to be straight” then ure going TOO FAR with that baiting already!!!!! omg wut XD

or perhaps…

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