i dont even know if these are right

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Ive noticed theres this tiny red-ish birthmark(?) on gerard's right(?) cheek,Im pretty sure Its not a zit or anything because Ive seen it in some pics(v little amount of pics tho)and his hair was a different colour in each one.But most of the time Its covered up by makeup(even when he doesnt go heavy)and idk does he cover it purposefully?You know anything about its existance?Pls dont judge me i know Its a bit silly But i find it super cute for some reason(considering you like his armpits cough)

lmao its actually a burst blood vessel. he said so on twitter

and he never covered it. photographers covered it for shoots mostly. or he covered it when he wore face make-up

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My ex and I tried to be friends but I given up on it because we always fight and makes them depressed but they dont see it ig so they wont let me go. I really want to stop being friends now because if I upset them or something they threaten to out me (im bi) and it just gives me anxiety knowing during class they could be telling our councilor and the counciler tells my mom. Idk what to do, ik they have anger issues but this is messed up.

first off, thats incredibly cruel! youre completely fucking right they have no right to even threaten to out you. 

secondly, the councelor shouldnt be able to out you to your mom. the only time theyre  able to contact home is if youre planning on harming oneself or another person. 

if you found a foolproof way out of this friendship, definately stop being friends with this person, theyre putting your safety in danger, in terms of both your mental and physical. and if  you feel safe enough to, or if the situation is even more stressful then i advise getting a councelor (or trusted school admin) involved.

i wish you the best of luck, anon

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This is about the third blog I've asked this but I really want to know what people think about this 😂... If the Choi twins banged someone who's last name is also Choi..would it still be a Choi sandwich or will it just be a whole Choi bread?(it's threesome)

I have been sitting here thinking about this stuff like a real aristocrat and I suddenly remember Sarah Choi…. I dont… I can’t even…I don’t know this question is too deep for my brain right now…

oh my god i love you. Like, this is amazing! You made my day! If its not too much, mind telling me how it escalated? 

Mine was when I asked a question about a bee purchase I was going to make and explained what method I was going to use with the purchase and the person told me that method didn’t exist. I replied with proof it does exist and works and said thank you for the information though, now i know these are the right things to get because they did answer letting me know that I was going to make the right purchase, but then they just started insulting me and a whole bunch of stuff saying I was being disrespectful by still wanting to try the method they didn’t like and they got super nasty. @_@  

now I got into tumblr drama on my other tumblr, cant wait for a bunch of unfollows, but whatever, I’ve basically given up on that tumblr anyway. 

Even if you dont want to talk about your experience, thanks for letting me know you’ve been in crazy heated bee discourse xD now I don’t feel so insane.

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I don't think I've ever been in love or even had a crush? Idk if I'm ace and I'm a little scared cause I probably am? And I feel like society builds these concepts of what having a "perfect life" would be and getting married is usually a huge part of it and my family keeps asking if I'm seeing someone and Idk how to deal with it. I love being with other people as friends but I just don't get the attraction thing. So yeah this came out much more serious than I planned... Well I love your blog!

if u dont feel like being in a relationship then dont force it, u dont have to be attracted to other ppl and theres nothing wrong with that!! u could stay open for any possibilities and if theres maybe the right person someday then thats nice but even if there isnt, thats fine as well. u dont need a romantic partner in ur life to be happy ! i know theres a lot of pressure to have this “perfect life” but things are changing and u dont need to confirm to any silly standards anymore bc fuck that noise

one of the last things i’ll say about this needless hate is that i know one of the admins, she is one of the nicest people in this rpc, she spent a lot of time on this rp .  i’ve been a part of several gang rps before and have only once had a bad experience, to which the admin removed the triggering person . it is our jobs as muns of an rp, to do research beforehand . the rp navi even clearly states whats in store and how to tell if its the right rp for you . if you do not like the kind of rp - dont join, dont bash it recklessly (upsetting the kind admins) and cause this kind of needless drama .  i personally, am not a fan of pickles, you dont see me starting a war on pickles , huh , even tho i could .

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I really try not to judge anyone, especially when I dont know the person personally or dont know all the facts.. when Jay passed away it showed me how right I'm to not jump in coclusions.Bc all the times Louis went backto the UK it was to be with his mom. I cant even imagine loving my country and have to live in a different one..I cant imagine having a baby in the same year as my mom had cancer and living in different countries.I cant imagine being away from my family in a hard time.(1)

So to the anon who said bs: try to imagine how hard it is for him, it is not bc he is incredibly rich and successful that makes the situation less worse. If you know Louis a tiny bit, you know how close to his family he is. I think he is trying to do everything as the same time: be a great dad, be a successful singer, be a good boyfriend, and be the big brother for his sisters and little brother. And as a fan, I couldn’t be more proud of the man Louis has become! (2) btw, love you, Cristina!            

I totally agree anon. Jay’s death should have taught us all just exactly how small the window into their lives really is. I remember feeling quite annoyed he didn’t go to the AMA with Niall. I missed a Louis on the red carpet chance. Then I found out Jay had been sick and felt like shit and I still feel bad about being annoyed with him. Bottom line, if you trust in the person you believe him to be, then you have to trust the choices he makes even when you don’t agree with or understand them. Love you too anon, thanks for the message!

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im the love scared anon - I just wanted to add that I have had a lot of crushes in my life, one big, serious crush just two years ago. and now... I feel so weird and emotionless, not liking anyone in particular. and that also makes me scared, that maybe i will stay that way forever. boys looks so thoughtless and stupid for me right now. but I am sure that I dont like girls. and... welp.

oh dont worry, i didnt like anyone for pretty much my entire life and it doesnt mean that youll be alone forever, it just means that you know what your looking for (even if u dont realize it)

dont settle for anything less bc u feel afraid, there will always be a right person for u out there!!

Unnecessary Lotor Meeting Headcanon

Imagine this:

• Lotor first meeting the whole crew planning on attacking but immediately lays his eyes on Lance (I been seeing fan art i needed to jump in, okay??)

• Keith is jealous by how much this guy is paying his full attention to Lance because that’s his what the heck???

• Lotor wanting to take him as a prisoner with intentions of stealing Voltron too

• Lotor dissing Keith everytime he talks or butts in and is a sass king (i just have a feel)

• Uncomfortable Lance, Flirty Lotor, Fuming​ Keith who is ready to fucking explode

• It became Keith vs. Lotor so fast that everyone else just kind of doing their thing and beating off anything trying to attack

• Lance would tease Keith of going to Lotor if he didn’t do something Lance wanted

• It immediately back fires and turns to being Keith pinning Lance to the wall

• Do not mention Lotor


• He cradled Lance​ in his arms and it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t him even if the little shit denies it

tbh u know what i hate: the whole idea that you can’t really be a fan of a celebrity if you call them out on stuff. like, if anything, i think it makes you just as much of a fan as everyone else because you’re recognizing them as a normal, human being who does dumb/shitty things like every other person in the world. & while its DAMN hard to admit that someone you admire isn’t perfect, its super important to be able to humanize them too.

it bothers me when.. parents.. feel like you should excuse their rudeness, their ignorance, if they say “well at least i’m trying! i’m working on it! this is hard for me too, i didn’t sign up for this!”

first of all as a parent, you signed up for a gay kid, for a trans kid, for a disabled kid, for a mentally ill kid, when you decided to have a kid in the first place!

second of all, we are not your projects, we’re not something you can “work on” because, newsflash, we have feelings too!

and third, if you think for one second that this is somehow harder for you than it is for us? that your comfort is more important than our safety and wellbeing? you already failed as a parent.