i dont even know if the translation is right

Oi: kabe do—n
Oi: i just kidding, ah you know it right?
Oi: just now…

Oi: as expected, she completely ignores me, how pathetic me
Shimi: i know that
Oi: eh!? she spoke
Shimi: asking someone attention by using criminal forcefully action and …
Oi: please pardon me

Dai: as ever shimizu
Suga: we dont even have to show up
Aza: just now you two were worry about that (and me too)


so something interesting about the karamatsu oden thing i found while trying to translate it

so the bottom part reads “chibita jikiden atsuatsu oden” well, i looked up what ‘atsuatsu’ meant and 

considering this is a chibita-karamatsu thing both of them could make sense yeah? oh also, the symbol for love is right there on the dish. 

Kanan’s humbleness is absolutely pure, but it’s also kinda sad because she’s legitimately confused at the concept of having a fan? Like the idea of someone looking up to her, finding inspiration from her, or even just enjoying something she takes part in is beyond her understanding. “Are you sure you’ve got the right person?” translates to “The person you admire can’t possibly be me.”