i dont even know if i like this photo tho

•time to get shit fluffy again after so much angst writing uh yes
•okay so first things first
•he protec
•he also attack
•but most importantly,
•he gonna nag
gotcha ;) ;)) ;)))
•hes gonna nag 24/7 im telling ya
•you forgetting to pick up a pen could turn into a 30 minute nagging session on responsibility and how it affects your future
•nags at you upon evry single thing tbh
•but of course as much as you try your best to not tickle him to shut up you know that he does it out of love and care especially for you
•taeyong wld be that number #1 fan who ships the both of you real hard
•not even kidding i think tae wld have a folder specially dedicated to photos of the both of you hanging out or prolly selcas uploaded on SNS that he screenshot-ed
basically taeyong being that embarrassing mom 24/7 but not that you actually mind tho cuz its cute
•alsO when we talk about our Dobunny we cant forget abt him being savage
•like he wld tease you
•a LoT
•but of course he wld know his boundaries when teasing you
•and of which brings me to his mom side
•like i dont see him talking too much when you’re sick (especially after he nags at you abt your health)
•like he wld be the softest and most caring person then
•he wld whip up healthy but deLiCIOuS soups for you to eat
•and when ur asleep he wld come into the room and be the big spoon and stroke your hair
•he wld constantly wet the towel he places on your forhead to cool you down
•and if you tell him that you need any meds hed prolly already have all the medicine u usually take memorised and halfway to the nearest pharmacy already
there goes dat boi
•also i think he wld be a pretty clingy bf
•the both of you prolly have a special day for the both of you
•like sundays are specially for the both of you to spend time together and no one shall interrupt the both of ur activities on that day
•and on those sundays be pRePARED TO GET SPOILED BY HIM
•probs he wld have hidden your wallet/purse in his closet so you cant pay AT ALL
•and if you didnt want to chose anyth to buy hed force you to get smth
•like hed just take a dress he finds cute on you and then forces you into the changing room and buys it afterwards
•i think he wld be that bf who wld list down all the things that you like and just suddenly surprise you with these items on your birthday, thanksgiving, Seollal/Chinese New Year, new years eve and Christmas
•basically doyoung is that mom-ish boyfriend
prolly gets along with ur mom well too
•thank you :)
• :“) soft (”:

Set #3!
Another mad collection [photo dump] of Con adventures in Prompto!!
Click on the photos for fun descriptions. Set 1 & 2 also have some fun stuff.
Noctis Lucis Caelum is @domjiji / @suanddomcos
Lunafreya Nox Fleuret is @the-madihatter
Ignis Scientia is @delusioncosplay
Ardyn Izunia is @dedlocke
Prompto Argentum is Myself [more posts can be seen on @suanddomcos ]

i imagine meeting taylor alot like every swiftie on here but does anyone else get genuienly worried of what they would do if they met tay, cos like if i somehow got invited to a ss (i mean like damn how amazing and unreal would that be) but like i dont know what i would wear, should i wear my tay merch shirt, or like nice kinda fancy clothes or like my cat shirt with lazers coming out of their eyes??? and wut about the photo!?!? u get like 1 or 2 HOW THE HECK IS AM I GONNA THINK OF A POSE WHAT WOULD DO JUSTICE I HAVE NO IDEA like i imagine meeting tay going to a ss then the photo bit comes up and tay would ask me what pose i want and id be like O MER GAUD I HAVE NO IDEA!!! this literally scares me even tho im no where near meeting tay!!!! but still!!!! 

sorry for the rant

i can’t BELIEVE THEY woud do this to Everyone in the Sonic community>:(. the desings we’ve had for YEARS ARE NOW thrown out for this garbage and i dont know whether to be angry or sad ( which is why the face inthe photo is crying and looks and F.Y.I.) its like they think we don’t like the designs how they WERE I MEAN LOOK AT KNUCKLES AND SONIC>>:( iTS LIKE THEIR FROM JERSY SHORE NOW OR AT LEAST JUTS KNUVKLES (AND amy looks like a big slut even tho she is but it wasn’t meant to be so so obvious >.> ) OK I think i’ve gone on long enough but if you wan to hear more just msg me i have much more to say