i dont even know if everyone received them

So…. as you all know theres been lot going on in the Kitten fandom lately… and some may have noticed I wasnt around like I used too. Most probably havent though lol! Some wont even care about this post but for few that do i just wanted to say some stuff , so whoever reads this thank you!

I had a lot of stuff going on in my private life over the years and came here as an escape, was my happy place and over years … esp last year , things got more negative and some ppl were down right mean- esp lovely anons I got!

Everyone that knows me , knows I dont like Rose at all or them together and even though Ive voiced my opinion bout it , I never stop supporting Kit as I love him and love his work.

Then the engagement came and for some reason ppl think thats why i stayed off… (Ive already received anons , applauding me maybe leaving fandom as in their words my negativity was hard on them and i was toxic and unproductive … and see you ppl are the reason things stopped being fun around here! You ppl are ones making it that i wAnt to leave) the engagment , It had some part in it but not cause of jealousy or hating kit … simply cause it added to the already load of crap already on my plate and in all honesty I just needed some time to digest it!

In a way a fear of losing him, even though he was never mine… more a fear of losing the fun, the friends ive gained over years and losing my happy place… fear of it all changing.

But after stepping back for bit …. and letting things settle, I realised… that I allow these ppl to take my fun away from me… i realised its up to me to take that fun and place back and its up to me to not let others ruin the love I have for someone.

I may not agree with everything that cinnabon does but i sure as hell love him , always will! And to me being a fan doesnt mean i have to have him on a pedestal and adore him and awe at everything he does! No, i can , not like stuff about him, choices, behaviours anything but that doesnt mean I dont love him! And ppl critizing or telling me Im a bad fan and why the hell i follow someone i critize are the problem not me!

I love Jon Snow , thats how Kit came in my life and Jon is Kit and Kit is Jon … and i refuse to let anyonw take that from me, ive fought too hard to be here and ive fought too many battles to throw away what I love in life!

I dont like the engagement and thats my right just as its your right to like it and be excited about it … but can we please just respect that of eachother? Can we please stop pointing fingers and attacking eachother on lousy anon …can we just stop and think and realise why we are all here?!

Theres already so much hate in the real world… why cant we just respect eachother and love eachother despitw our differences?

Anyways… this post got wayyyy too long abd i know everyones probably asleep by now lol… but judt wanted to say Mindy is back … still loving Kit and only kit and this is my blog and i will post what I want and and yes itll still be full of Kit!

Thanks for the few that caredlasr few days! 😘😘😘love you for it!

And to the haters… im back bitches!


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i think the hate for bryke is unjustified imo. i get getting mad at some of their actions but just because they didnt make a damn ship canon and made korrasami canon doesnt mean theyre bad writers or showrunners. i have never seen people hate bryke as much as tumblr does, everywhere else i go people dont even mind them. also lok is pretty well-received aside from diehard atla fans and tumblr users anyway.

Personally, I think it’s less about hating Bryke and more about lauding the other writers, at least in my case, like Aaron Ehiaz (sp?), the guys who molded that original concept of Last Airbender into the series everyone knows and loves.

There are certain writers IMO who need editors.  Because they have talent, but they need someone to keep them in check.  This isn’t a bad thing.  There are plenty of writers who don’t produce their greatest work without help.  The problem with Tumblr is more often than not, everyone wants to go to an extreme.  You’re either the second coming of William Shakespeare or a complete hack.  There’s no middle ground for people who might need help to produce truly great work.

LOK was a ratings disaster that got banished to online-only premiers as well.  So I think the best way to describe the reaction was “contentious.”  Again, not all good, not all bad.

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You wont receive special treatment. I call everyone in this blog whit the end of ie. And wanna know a thing? They might all be nice but i aint. Dont you even ḎA̩̻̮̰̯̤R̶͕͚̬ͅE̱̹͚ to make anything to them. Im just so sick/Ìm̮̲̰̗͓͖̘̕ ̵̳̟͉̞̭͇j̥͙̤̠̤͖u̶̗̱͈s̶͍̻̪͕t͕̳̠͘ ̴̼̠͍̩͇s̵̩̭̻̳̖o̧͖͕̠̹̼͖ ̴̫͓͚͍̫͔͕p̢l̨e̵ͅá͖s͇͚̹̳̼̳̙e̶̟̪d̳ by everything that y'are doing. Even if you dont slip, we will know what yare doing. We allways do. So game's on... Z̩͔̦͎̰͘à̞͇͕̫lgi͖̤e͙̝͈̤̤̻͡.

I͞ a͢m not͡ on̢e̕ t͏o ͢b́e s͠c͝ar̸ȩd̨. T̨he͜ o̡th͝e͘r̕s a̛re͞ n̨ot my̴ ͞b͡usi̸n͢ess.̶ O͜n̢l͘y̵ Aur̸é̵lie̡.͞
I͢ ͞w͢o̡n̸'̴t҉ d͡o a͟nythi͟n͟g̀ ţo h̀ér͏ “fr͜i͜e͝nd͏ş"̷, ͝b͢u҉t she̶ w̵on͞'ţ g̕e͞t͘ ̷ou͝t o̕f it͞ ̡a̛liv̶e҉ in͡ th͞e͏ ͝e͢nd͡, ̀ànd͠ no o̵ne ̢w͘ill sto̶p ̕m̕e,́ ever.̛
I͜ ͝wil̶l b̴e the̸ ͜ǫnly͡ ońe l̵e̛f͏t i͘n ̕her͟ ͟b̨o͞dy͠, a͡n͝d҉ you͜'ll͏ ̢b́e̴ to͠o̧ f͝ar̴ a͞wa̢y҉ to ͡keęp͠ ̡me͞ ͏from ̛d͜oing̀ ́i̢t̷

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ok ive had the same thought tho like i know so many people who got maknae line cards!! half the cards i own in total are jungkooks and only one is from jin... bleas bighit where are the secret hyung line cards u dont want us to have ill take all of them



[TRANS by mystarmyangel] YOONA UFO #1
Yoona unnie, what are you doing?
Yoona: I received Sone’ gifts~ Even though I want to confirm (to you) that I received gifts but these shoes are too big ㅜ I’m so sad 

I heard that it is a good thing to give a lot of thoughts, so what are unnie thinking lately? 
YoonA: erm.. i am thinking so everyone still dont know my feet size? ㅋ i wanted to wear them but they are all too big for me i cant wear them