i dont even know if australians say

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So stores will definitely sell the album even though the iTunes release will be the same as American time. I’m so confused about this whole thing 😱

This is what I know so far…..

  • I really dont know when iTunes will be releasing Taylor’s digital copy for international swifties (so many different things been said, so can’t really confirm). I have heard so many different times and dates of release but because Apple has been saying so many things, I can’t confirm. Usually, it will be 3pm Australian EST. 
  • Stores will be selling it at opening time, please check with your store beforehand to see if stock is available as there has been a delay. (Call 6pm tonight if you can, or closing time for your particular store). Most Australian stores will hopefully be getting stock tonight, or tomorrow morning. 
  • There is a delay with the deluxe editions, but some shippings for pre-orders have been shipped. 
  • If you want the magazines, Sanity seem to have some left for pre-order. JBHIFI sold out. There will be little chance of getting the magazines in store, as they will have limited stock. 

Hope this helps! xx