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You don’t own me part 9

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And you. Well you didn’t move at all for a couple of minutes. Just starring after them while feeling your heartbeat slowly regulating itself again.

Is this love?

Word count: 2105 // I did my bescht 💪🤓

Warnings: Kinda angst kinda fluff but surely a bit of violence

Author’s note: I feel like we are getting closer to the end…maybe two or three more parts ;) Feel free to tell me your opinion

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Dancing On My Own: Part 3

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Drunkenness

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1206

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: <3 I love hearing from all of you! Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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“Bucky,” you sighed as you rolled your eyes. Your best friend was currently sprawled out on the couch – drunk off his ass and sound asleep.

“Y/N,” he muttered as he groped the air sleepily for your hand. You obliged him and he grabbed hold of it tightly before dragging you to the couch beside him. You laughed breathlessly as he held you tightly to him. “Mmm,” he muttered as he nuzzled his head into your hair.

“Come on you lush, we’ve gotta get you home,” you laughed as you stumbled back to your feet. Bucky opened an eye cautiously and groaned.

“Can’t I stay here?” he mumbled grumpily.

You laughed at this as you yanked on his hand. Of course you couldn’t actually get him to stand up if he didn’t want to – you certainly weren’t that strong. Luckily you had Steve, who walked over to you tugging at his friend’s arm in vain with a grin. “Need help?” he chuckled.

“Good luck with that,” you snorted as you dropped Bucky’s arm and moved out of the way.

“Up and at ‘em, pal,” Steve yelled as he hoisted his friend to his feet.

Bucky moaned at the action. “You’re such a punk,” he muttered under his breath.

“Mhm, whatever you say, Buck. You think you can get to the apartment if Y/N helps you? It’s just around the block,” Steve asked – uneasy about the steadiness of his friend’s feet. “Fury called – mission,” Steve mouthed silently to your inquiring eyes. You nodded silently in return – if Bucky knew the others were going on a mission he would insist on going, but right now he couldn’t walk in a straight line.

“Sure Stevie,” Bucky slurred before wrapping his arm around your shoulder and shuffling his feet clumsily with yours as you made your way out of the venue.

“Oh seriously Y/N – I’m not THAT drunk,” Bucky mumbled as he crashed headfirst onto the couch. You let out a sigh of relief as you sat on the floor by the couch. Having to navigate down two blocks in Brooklyn with an intoxicated super soldier was harder than it sounded. Bucky turned over with a huff and looked at you through his lashes – a sheepish grin spreading across his face.

“What?” You asked flustered as you laughed.

“Did you have a good birthday?” he whispered quietly.

“The best in recorded history,” you grinned at him as you responded.

“I’m sorry,” he grimaced as he turned away from you to stare at the ceiling.

“About what?”

“Getting drunk and falling asleep at your party. I guess I am just an old man after all,” he snorted as he grinned at the ceiling. You laughed at this. Bucky always had a way of making you smile even when you were exhausted or terrified of the future. The thought pulled you back to the turmoil that had threatened to surface all night. You sighed to yourself before getting up. You had almost reached the doorway to your room when Bucky’s voice rang out. “Doll?”

“Yeah, Buck?” you asked as you turned to see him sitting up on the couch.

He paused for a moment. It was obvious that there was something that he wanted to say, but he suddenly reasoned himself out of it. “Happy Birthday,” he smiled before laying back down.

Bucky sighed to himself as he stared at the ceiling. He hadn’t been this drunk in years and he silently cursed himself for acting like a total fool. He could hear you in the other room as you readied yourself for bed. The temptation was there – to burst through your bedroom door and press you hard against his body as he kissed you like his life depended on it. The thought caused his body to respond in ways that surprised him, but he wouldn’t act on it. He had too much to lose by rushing headlong into his confession to you. He sighed again as he turned on his side – this was going to be next to impossible.

Maybe he was better off having you as a friend than not having you at all. His heart ached at the thought. He knew he was treading on dangerous ground. Steve had been a brother to him for the better part of ninety years, but even then – he couldn’t help but hope for things to not work in Steve’s favor – just this once.

He was faced with an impossible task – to be the man you deserved and lose you to his best friend, or to be the man he knew he was and lose his best friend in the process.

You padded softly from the bedroom to to living room to check on the sleeping form nestled on your couch. Steve had texted you to let you know that he was going to be gone with the others for at least a week which meant you had plenty of quality time with your best friend ahead of you – as long as he didn’t die from alcohol poisoning first. You sighed with relief as you neared the couch. He was peacefully asleep— with his hair sprayed messily across his face, and his lips slightly parted. You couldn’t help yourself as you reached out to gently brush his hair from his face. A small smile turned up the corners of his lips as he raised his hand and nimbly placed his fingers over yours. You laughed as you shook your head at him – unable to even be annoyed that he was pretending to be asleep. “How long have you been awake, punk?”

“Long enough,” he grinned as he peeked through his lashes. “Why don’t you take a picture next time? It will last longer,” he teased as he pulled you down onto the couch – wrapping his arms around you as you snuggled beside him. You had always been affectionate with Bucky – it was part of your friendship. As he hummed into your hair you couldn’t help but relax into his embrace. His warmth was intoxicating, and after a long night of tossing and turning while you waited for Steve— you embraced it. Steve – the thought of him made you feel guilty immediately, but you weren’t sure why. You sat up with a sigh as Bucky propped himself up on his elbows to look at you. “You okay?” he asked as he stared at you.

“I’m not sure,” you muttered as you pushed off the couch and walked towards your room.

Bucky watched you closely before getting up from the couch with a groan and following you. He lingered at your doorway, casually leaning on the frame. “What’s going on with you?” he whispered.

You shrugged as you threw yourself back on the bed. “I have no idea, Buck. I just… I don’t know….” The buzz of your cellphone cut off your confession to your best friend. You had wanted to tell him that something didn’t feel right. You had wanted to tell him about the crippling anxiety that had descended upon you after you had said “yes” to Steve’s proposal, but as you brought your phone to your ear and heard your father’s panic stricken voice everything you had meant to say melted into oblivion.

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High Tensions - Thirteen

This chapter is loooong. And it could be two chapters really but I decided not to prolong your suffering.

You slept in the next morning waking up at around 11am, only to move to the bathroom to lounge around in the bath for another hour.

The whole team had stayed at headquarters until 2am at least, everyone wanting to finish off their case files so they didn’t have to go in this weekend. There was a certain buzz among everyone, it was the first time you’d all get to go the ball together. And you were especially excited to see Reid all dressed up. You might have a small ‘thing’ for guys in tuxes. 

The girls were picking you up at 2pm and you were heading to the hotel, so you started getting your things together, carefully collecting your dress bag when Penelope text you to say that she, JJ and Prentiss were on their way. You headed outside to wait for them all. 

They pulled up minutes later and you climbed into the back seat carefully.

Twenty minutes into the drive your phone buzzed, interrupting your chatter with the girls. 

Spencer, “We’re already at the hotel. Our rooms are next to each other by the way.”

You replied, “Is that by coincidence or by the doing of a certain Doctor I know.”

“I might have asked them to make some amendments to the bookings. It just makes it easier for when you’re texting me later, begging me to come and take you.”

You smirked at your phone. “You still think you can make me ask for it? Spence, you’ve already told me I’m getting it one way or another Sunday night anyway. I think I can wait until then.”

“And what if I’ve changed my mind?” He had to be shitting you right? 

“What’s Emily’s room number? I’ll visit her and fuck her mouth instead.”

“No fucking way Y/N. I’ve not changed my mind at all. The only mouth you’ll be fucking this weekend will be mine. Hopefully later this evening if I have my way, but if not then tomorrow will do and I’ll crown you Queen.”

“Tomorrow will be fine. This Queen needs her crown. And you can kneel before me as a loyal subject.”

“I’ll forever be loyal to you Y/N. And no matter what, you’re still my Queen.”

Awww, that was actually sweet. You smiled, putting your phone away and raising your head, seeing JJ and Penelope looking at you, Emily’s eyes flicking to the rear view mirror. 

“Are you two sexting again?” JJ grinned from her seat. 

“Erm not really.”

“That’s a yes then,” Emily spoke. 

“Y/N? What happens after you two actually do it. Because…. I’m not the only one here who can see that there’s something more going on am I? I mean I’m not even a profiler.” Garcia turned to you, the others nodding in agreement. 

How much did you reveal here. When you hadn’t really revealed that much to Spencer. 

Fuck it. You didn’t get chance for girl chat that often. 

“Okay, so to begin with, it was just about sex. It’s no secret that Reid and I find way other attractive, that was established a while ago thanks to those tequila slammers you poured down our throats.” You glared at Penelope jokingly. 

“But for me at least, there’s definitely more there. We’ve talked but only briefly. And we kinda had a date a few weeks ago. So we’ll see. I hope it goes somewhere else, but I’m a big girl and can cope if it doesn’t.”

The girls seemed satisfied with your answer, them giving the expected squeals and smiles at your admission of actually wanting more. 

You arrived at the hotel thirty minutes later and checked in, texting Spencer that you were here. 

Less than sixty seconds after closing the door, you heard a knock. As expected it was Spencer. With a gift bag. 

“Can I come in for a second?”

“Of course.” You moved aside to let him in, sitting on the edge of the bed. 

“So I got you a gift. It’s not another toy though so sorry to disappoint. Open it when I leave okay.”

You furrowed your eyebrows at him but agreed. 

“Are you looking forward to the party?” he asked, sitting next to you on the bed. 

“I am. And I’m especially looking forward to seeing you all 007’d up.”

He laughed at you, reaching out and brushing your hair behind your ear. 

“Will you dance with me later Spencer? I know that’s not really your thing.”

“Maybe. We’ll see whether you make it to the dance floor or not. If I have my way, you’ll be dragging me back up here after dinner.”

He leant in close, his hand going to the small of your back and his lips connecting with your neck suddenly. 


“Spencer, I need to get ready,” you moaned as his mouth sucked on your collarbone, his tongue tickling you sending warmth straight between your legs. His other hand moved to your thighs, pushing between them dangerously close to the top and began tracing patterns over the inside. Fuck. 

“You sure you don’t just want to stay here? I’ll make it worth your while.” His words breathy on your neck. 

“I’m sure you would but I want my crown tomorrow. And I’ve paid for a dress that looks amazing. I wanna wear it.”

“So wear it whilst I’m doing you then. We can pull it up.”

You laughed and pulled away from his wandering mouth. You really couldn’t wait to feel those lips everywhere tomorrow. 

“Maybe I’ll put it back on for you tomorrow Spencer. Now leave please. I need to make myself presentable.”

He begrudgingly pulled away and stood, heading to your door. 

“Y/N you could go down in a bin bag and still be the most attractive girl in the room. But I’ll leave you alone. For now.”

“Just a second Spence.” You hauled yourself off your bed and walked over to him. Standing up on your tip toes you brushed your lips against his, doing the one thing that you’d been allowed to do all along but so far hadn’t.

He responded immediately, his hands moving to your waist and pulling you close as your hands reached around his neck, tangling in his hair. His mouth began to move against yours, his lips soft and smooth, his kisses sweet and slow. You’d resisted kissing him until now, it was something you adored doing; kissing seeming so much more intimate in some ways than actually having sex with someone, But with only 24 hours to go, you figured it would be okay.

Boy, were you regretting that decision now. Spencer’s hands slipped under the bottom of your t-shirt, warm against the skin of your tummy. His tongue flicked out, swiping slowly across your mouth, requesting access. You both angled your heads, instictively leaning in the opposite direction to the other to allow the kiss to deepen.

Your lips parted and you tongue found his, the tips carressing each others lightly. You could taste a mixture of coffee and mints, the combination unsual but not offensive. You moved your hands to his hair, running your fingers through his locks, messing them even more than they already were. Fuuuuuck, you just wanted to do this forever. You needed to stop. But….Just one thing first. Something you’d been dying to do.

Pulling back, you sucked his bottom lip inbetween yours. Tugging at it slightly with your teeth, hearing him groan against you.

Okay….Stopping now. Definitly stopping now. You broke contact completely, reaching behind him and pulling your door open.

“Bye Reid! Best start getting ready.”

His eyes were glazed slightly as he slowly licked his lips, tracing where yours had been only seconds ago.

“You sure you dont’ just wanna stay here all night?” his voice low and sexy again.

“Sure….Well ninety percent sure at least.” More like fifty/fifty if you were being honest with yourself but he didn’t need to know that.

He sighed loudly, rolling his eyes at you. “I’ll see you soon Y/N.”

You shut the door behindhim, squeezing your eyes shut. Fuck me, the boy was a good kisser. Good with his mouth, which only made you think of one thing.

STOP……24 Hours girl. Queen Tease remember. You’ve got this.

You sat down at the dresser, plugging your curling irons in and got to work.

An hour later your hair and make up was done. Your hair was half up and half down, light curls flowing through it. Your make up was simple but effective. Dark smokey eyes with lashings of mascara to excentuate your lashes, and a light brush of lip gloss. In the mirror you spied the gift bag that Spencer had given you and you moved back to the bed to open it.

Two packages were inside, The first, a small black box which you prised open to find a pair of gorgeus silver earings. Small diamond studs with a trail of tiny silver stars dangling from them. They were beautiful and would go well with your dress tonight. You threaded them through your ears straight away, admiring them in the mirror. How sweet of him.

The next package was soft and tissue wrapped. You unwrapped it, laughing when you saw what it was. A pair of black, lacy french knickers. A note fell from the tissue paper and you recognised Spencer’s handwriting.

“I have no idea what sort of dress you’re wearing, but providing it allows wear these underneath please. When you beg me to peel your dress off you later, I want to see these underneath. If the dress doesn’t allow for lacy things, then don’t wear anything at all!”

The dress you’d chosen wasn’t tight fitting and if Spencer liked lace then he was in for a treat. You’d gone with a shorter dress, one that one was fitted to your waist but then flared out slightly, the skirt made from layers of chiffon. It was a light purple and was one of the more expensive items of clothing you’d purchased. The back of the dress was a sheer lace panel which meant you had to go braless. Luckily the front of the dress had built in support.

You stripped and slipped on the underwear, the material soft against your skin. Turning sideways, you inspected your profile in the mirror, enoying the way they cut across your butt making it look perter than normal. You were tempted to take another photo and send it to the man in the room next door but you knew if you did, you’d never make it to dinner. Instead you continued dressing, completing the look with pair a silver heels. Satisfied with the overall look, you spritzed yourself with perfume, noting that it was fast approaching the time you’d agreed to meet.

Grabbing your evening bag, you opened your door to see Spencer stood there, his hand raised ready to knock on your door.


Spencer in a tux. 

You exited your room quickly, pulling the door shut behind you, knowing you were tempted to pull him into the room and abandon all hope of getting your crown.

“Fuck, Spencer.”

“What?” he asked you, confused.

“You look hot. Like so fucking hot.”

“Really? I feel ridiculous.”

“Well you don’t look it. You look handsome, and gorgeous and just…..ugh.”

He grinned at you, please with your compliment. “You look stunning by the way.”

“Thank you kind sir. And thank you for these. They’re beautiful.” You motioned towards the earings.

“Oh and….” you glanced around, checking that the hallway was empty before lifting the hem of the dress up quckly. “Thanks for these too.”

You spun on the spot, giving him the full 360 degree view of your in the french knickers, his eyes widening at you and a low moan leaving his  lips.

“Ready for dinner?” You smirked at him.

“If we must. I’d much rather be eating something else though Y/N.”

“You can have as much of that as you want tomorrow. Seconds, thirds and even fourths if you want.”

“You bet I want.”

You reached out for his hand and headed down to the elevators with him.

Dinner was amazing. Naturally the BAU were seated at the same table, the wine flowing.

When the plates had been cleared away, the music was turned up and people slowly trickled on to the dance floor.

You were deeply engrossed in a conversation with JJ and Emily, Spencer’s hand carressing your leg under the table out of sight from the others. His fingers kept drifting higher, stroking the edges of the lace on the panties he’d asked you to wear. Luckily you were sat in the corner so people situated at the other tables couldn’t see your dress being moved higher and higher.

His finger slipped under the edge of the lace, not actually touching you anywhere he wasn’t allowed to, but still incredibly close. Yet his face was the picture of calm whilst you were sure yours was becoming increasingly pinker. 

You were right.

“Are you okay Y/N, you look a little flushed,” JJ asked. 

You coughed, clearing your throat. “I’m fine. I could just use a drink is all.” Your wine glass was empty and the waiters hadn’t been round again to replace the empty bottles. 

“Do you need something wet to quench your first Y/N? I know I do.” So close, so fucking close, if you shifted your weight slightly he’d have his hands on you, just where that bullet had been. He smirked. 

“Actually Spencer, I do. I’m going to the bar.” Pushing his hand away you stood up, shimmying past the other chairs and out of your corner. 

Instead of going to the bar, you headed to the ladies room, splashing cool water on your face and freshening up some. You heard the sounds of the toilet flushing in one of the cubicles and a few seconds later, Garcia exited. 

“Hey Pretty Lady, you okay?” she asked, washing and then drying her hands. 

“Yep.” You reapplied your lip gloss. 

“The genius is trying to get to you isn’t he?” She raised an eyebrow. 

“How do you know?”

“Well it’s pretty obvious when the hand that’s closest to you has been under the table for most of the evening. I hope he’s not breaking any rules!” She grinned. 

“Technically he’s not Penelope. But damn, I wish he fucking would.”

“So just call it quits, declare him winner and go get some.“ 

“Not tonight. I just…. I need to win.”

You led the way out of the bathroom and back to the ballroom, noticing that the team had got up to dance in your absence, Spencer with them. 

You and Penelope stood at the edge of the dance floor watching them, giggling at Spencer’s clumsy moves. He didn’t look terrible, just self conscious and that made him look a worse dancer than what he actually was. 

Derek spotted you both and strutted over in time with the music. Both hands held out, he reached for you and Penny, taking one of your hands in each of his and kissing Penelope first and then yours. Tugging, he pulled you both on the dance floor. 

You let yourself be tugged and you were soon engulfed into the horde of bodies, dancing and laughing with everyone. 

Even Hotch was having a good time, spinning JJ around and attempting to dip her. You danced for about twenty minutes before the tempo dropped, a slower song coming on. 

Immediately looking around for Spencer, you felt a tap on your shoulder, turning to see one of the interns looking at you. 

“Erm…. I don’t suppose I could have this dance could I?” He looked so sweet and nervous, Daniel; you thought his name was. 

You nodded not wanting to hurt his feelings and placed your hands on his shoulders, moving with him for the song. When it finished, his grip on your waist didn’t loosen and you glanced around looking for Reid. You couldn’t see him. 

“Excuse me Daniel, I er, need a water break.” He released you and you wandered to the edge of the dance floor, not seeing Spencer anywhere. 

There was a balcony area outside, near where the exit was and you tried there, thinking maybe he’d needed some air. 

You were right, you found him leaning on the railing alone. You walked to his side and touched his arm. 

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah. I just….. I don’t know. I didn’t like seeing someone else slow dancing with you. It would have okay it if was Hotch or Rossi, or even Morgan, but I didn’t like watching him with his hands on you.”

You turned to Spencer and took his hands into your own, placing them on your hips. 

“So put your hands on me instead then.” Another slow song had started up inside and you stepped closer to him, linking your arms around his neck. 

“Dance with me?”

He nodded and you slowly began to sway to the music together. In your heels it was easy for you to rest your head on his shoulder and as you did, you heard him sigh. 

“Spencer what’s wrong?” you whispered. Something was bugging him. 

“I just…. I just don’t want this to be over.”

“What to be over?“ 

“This. You and me. After tomorrow, there’s no reason for us to spend as much time with each other, no reason for us to be around each other as much as we have been lately. I don’t want it to go back to normal.”

“Spence, we talked about this though. I thought we were going to go out on an actual date and stuff? ”

“Y/N. I’ve seen the way guys look at you. You can have anyone you wanted. Why would you want to date me?”

“And I’ve seen the way girls look at you too. And it’s not just looks Spencer either. I’ve told you before, I think you’re perfect. And don’t say you’re not. Because what I mean, is that you’re perfect for me.” You pulled away to look up at him, disbelief colouring his eyes still. Why didn’t he get it? 

You tried again. “This isn’t just about sex for me Spencer, and I know it’s not for you either right?“ 


“Do you really think that if it had been me and Morgan or you and Emily left standing at the end of the original bet that it would have been extended?”

He considered your question before answering, “Probably not, no.”

“Garcia and Derek suggested this because they knew we liked each other, we’d told them as much before. But nothing was happening. They gave us an excuse to behave inappropriately towards each other. A reason to spend more time together. A cover for us to actually grow closer, develop a relationship out of this even.”

His eyes flickered at the word relationship. “Is that what we have?" 

You watched his face carefully. "Is that what you want?" 

The feeling of his mouth on yours was your answer. You kissed him back, tasting wine on his lips, moving your mouth against his gently; savouring the feeling. 

You pulled apart a few moments later remembering where you were. Anyone could walk out any second and see. 

"Spence, I’m feeling kinda tired. I think I’m gonna head back to my room.” You stared at him, hoping he’d get the message. He nodded. 

You slipped back through the ball room, making your way back up stairs to your room. A few minutes later, a knock on the door. 

“It’s open,” you called. He entered, closing the door behind him and leaning against it. You both just stood there, staring at each other.

Not saying a word you reached for the zip on the side of your dress, tugging it down and letting the dress fall to the floor leaving you standing in your heels and panties. And nothing else. 

Spencer crossed the room, shrugging out of his jacket as he went and falling to his knees in front of you. Pressing his lips to your tummy, he started peppering you with little butterfly kisses, his hands moving straight to the lace fabric covering your butt. 

He kissed every inch of your stomach, dipping his tongue into your belly button  earning a gasp from you as the feeling shot straight to your core. 

Dragging his lips upwards, his teeth catching on your skin, he didn’t stop when he got to your breast this time. One hand remaining on your ass, he moved the other to your chest, cupping you and massaging gently. His mouth continued it’s exploration, his tongue circling your pink nipple, latching onto it when he heard the moan that left you. 

Your own hands moved to his head, tangling in his wavy hair. You looked down at him at the same time as he looked up, your eyes meeting. 

Catching your other hard bud between his thumb and forefinger he tugged, sucking hard at the same time, his tongue flicking over it in quick succession. 

“Oh my God,” you whispered, biting down hard on your lip. 

You felt yourself growing wet between your legs as he did it again, tugging and pinching with one hand whilst sucking and flicking with his mouth and tongue, his eyes not moving from yours. 

The hand that was groping your ass moved, pushing between your thighs and rubbing it over your underwear. 

The friction of the lace being rubbed over your clit as he continued to work your nipples was almost unbearable and you let out a long moan. 

“Y/N, these panties are soaked.” Spencer’s words vibrated against your chest, your legs moving apart at the sound of his low breathy voice. It was amazing how different he sounded when he was turned on. 

“Uh huh. Take them off then." 

"In a sec.”

He dragged his hand over the front of the lace, rubbing right where he knew your clit would be. 

“Oh fuck……Oh.”

Your eyes closed as he rubbed faster over your underwear, your head arching back as he bit down gently on your chest. 

“Spencer…….ahhh. Oh shit.” You’d been in the room for less than ten minutes and you were going to come.

He pressed harder, sensing you were close. It was almost painful how turned on you felt. Just when you were ready to let go, he stopped. Withdrawing from you completely. 

“Wait….. Why have you stopped." 

"No reason,” he smirked, licking the tips of his fingers where he’d been touching you through your panties. You thought you were going to die right then and there. 

He stood in front of you tugging at his tie. You helped, starting to undo his shirt as he pulled the tie from around his neck, discarding it on the floor. 

You reached for his belt, unclasping it and before long, he was in the same state of undress that you were, the outline of his dick pressing hard against his shorts. 

You moved your hand to stroke it but he stopped you, gripping your wrist. “Not yet. I’m not gonna be able to last long this time as it is Y/N." 

"So make me come first then.”

“Oh I will.” He tugged you towards the bed, pushing you down gently so that you were flat against it. Moving to your hips he dragged your panties off then placed his hand back between your legs, his fingers skimming straight over your clit and going straight to your entrance. 

“You’re so fucking wet Y/N,” he murmured, his head resting on his other hand as he lay to the side of you, propped up. 

“Yeah well, take it as a compliment Spen…. Oh……Oh fuck.” You didn’t get chance to finish. Instead you felt him push two fingers inside your slit, curling them once inside. 

“Oh jeez Y/N. I can’t wait to put my dick inside here. It’s so warm and tight.”

“So do….. Oh my god…..do it Spencer.”

“In a second.”

He started pumping with his fingers, his long digits hitting your g spot and causing you to whimper. Your clit was throbbing still, dying to be touched, although from the look on Spencer’s face he knew what you wanted. He just wasn’t going to do it yet. 

Fine. You slid your own hand down your body, finding your hard bundle with your own fingers and starting to rub as Spencer’s hand thrusted against you. 

“Stop it Y/N. That’s my job now.“

"Then fucking do it already,” you whined. 

“In a second.” He curled his fingers again causing your hips to lift off the bed as he pushed them deep inside you before retracting altogether. 

“So…. Mouth or fingers Y/N?” He moved, positioning himself between your knees. 


He laughed, “I told you. Not yet. It’ll be over to soon.”

“I don’t care!" 

"Yes you do. I recall you telling me before that it didn’t matter if I took 30 minutes or 30 seconds as long as I made you come first.”

“Then hurry up and make me come then.” You were getting impatient and he was loving it. 

“I will. Now mouth or fingers?” he asked again. 


“As you wish.” Spreading your legs he lowered his mouth to your centre. Licking a thick stripe up from your slit, he moaned. 

Your hands were gripping the sheets in anticipation and he licked again, starting from your ass all the way up to your clit before sucking on it hard. He began to move his mouth against you, sucking and rolling your throbbing aching clit with his tongue and teeth before pushing his fingers back inside you, resuming his thrusts. 

It was too much, he was too good at this. He flicked his tongue against you quickly, hearing your breathing and gasps quicken as you moaned his name again. 

"Spencer… OH FUCK… Ah… Oh….. ” No longer capable of forming words, you let go, shuddering against his mouth as he licked and fucked you with his hand, your orgasm burning through you. 

You shudders reduced to trembles now, Spencer spoke, “You know, if I were to carry on, chances are you’d have a multiple orgasm.”

“Seriously Reid, shorts off, dick out and inside me now. You can try and give me one with that.” Your head was pounding but you needed him to fuck you properly. 

“Not likely, unless your playing with yourself at the same time Y/N. You know most orgasms come from clitoral stimulation.”

He was right but you tugged his hair hard pulling him up to you and using your feet and legs to push his boxers down. 

“Just fucking put it in okay.” You grinned at him, seeing him do the same as he adjusted himself at your entrance, before slowly pushing inside. You both groaned and he lowered his forehead so that it was resting against yours, capturing your lips in a kiss as you both got used to the sensation. 

“Y/N,” he pulled his lips away. 

“Hmmmmm?” You smoothed his hair back from his face. 

“This feels amazing.” He shifted back onto his arms and started to move inside you, slowly at first but increasing his momentum quickly. 

Lifting your legs, your wrapped them around his waist knowing it made you tighter for him. Slipping your hand back between you, you started to rub at your clit, quickly feeling another orgasm beginning to build as Spencer thrust away inside you. 

The look in his eyes, and the groans and gasps that escaped him told you he was close. You squeezed hard, causing his eyes to widen at the sensation of you clenched around him as he drove deep inside you. 

You rubbed frantically ready to come again when Spencer groaned loudly and his hips ground hard against yours. You could feel him releasing himself inside you and you continued rubbing, a second orgasm overtaking your body seconds later. 

He pumped a few more times, more slowly, his face damp with sweat and exertion, before collapsing on top of you.

You lowered your legs back down to the bed and wrapped your arms around him as he buried his face into your neck. 

“Fuck me…. ” he muttered into your neck. 

“You kinda just did,” you giggled, playing with his hair softly. 

He kissed your neck gently. “You know what I mean…..That was just….“ 

"Amazing, brilliant, the best sex of your life? Cos that pretty much sums it up for me” you offered. 

“Really? Even though it didn’t last that long?”

“Yep. You’re amazing Spencer. I’m not going to be able stop looking at your mouth now that I know what you can do with it.”

“Y/N, you’re constantly looking at my mouth anyway.”

So he’d noticed then. You chuckled, “What can I say. You have nice lips. And now I know what they feel like on me. I’m claiming them as my own personal property. Just so you know.”

“You can have them for as long as you want them.” He kissed your neck again, nuzzling against you. 



“Cool. How does forever sound?” you asked him tentatively, suddenly scared. 

He pulled his head away so he could look at you. When he was certain you were being serious he replied, “Sounds perfect.”

“Awesome. Now how long before you’re ready to go again, cos I’ve got a huge tub in the bathroom and I’ve kinda always had a thing about you with wet hair as well.”

He pulled himself away from you, moving off the bed and tugging you with him. 

“My Queen’s wish is her command. 

When the alarm went off the next morning, you were both thoroughly exhausted, having got maybe an hour of sleep at most. 

You ached, but in a good way. You lay there, Spencer’s hand tracing lazy patterns on your bare back. You felt…… Happy. 

The rest of last night had been spent exploring every inch of other bodies, kissing, caressing and sucking every part of each other that you could. The second, third and fourth time Spencer had fucked you had lasted much longer than the first and by 5am you were well and truly orgasmed out. 

In between all of the moaning, you two had talked, laughing and joking together, a constant smile on both of your faces. You really didn’t want to leave this room now. 

You rolled over to face Spencer, a smile on his face when he saw you were awake. He immediately placed his hand on your hip, pulling you close. 

"Good morning,” his voice was croaky from the lack of sleep. 

“It IS a very good morning isn’t it?”

“I still can’t believe we actually did it.”

“And I still can’t believe that it wasn’t a total letdown. We’d built it up for so long.” You smoothed his hair back from his face, before nestling closer to him. 

He laughed. “I’d offer another round, but I genuinely think we’ve broken my dick. I can use other things though.”

“Spencer if you even dare try to touch me again, I think I’ll cry. I feel like I’ve spent all weekend horse back riding. I’m sooo sore. Give it 12 hours at least.”

You leaned in for a kiss, tasting sleep on his lips. 

“What do we tell the others when they ask who won? Because they’ll definitely know something happened,” he asked when he pulled back. 

“Erm well technically neither of us said it. But you WERE the one to touch me somewhere you shouldn’t have first…… But I’m willing to call it a draw.”

“They’re gonna be so pissed.”

“I know.”

“Y/N?” His hands carresed your cheek softly. 


“This isn’t a dream is it?”

“No Spence, it’s not. Although it feels a bit like that to me too. I think it’s the lack of sleep. Shall we go find some coffee?”

“Can you just insert a drip directly into my veins so I don’t have to move?”

You nudged him. “Come on lazy. We can go back to bed later….. To sleep.”

“Among other things?” he raised his eyebrows. 

“We’ll see.”

You showered, changed and entered the breakfast room together, holding hands. 

The rest of the team were already there and when Derek clocked the hand holding, he started clapping, the rest of the team and then the room slowly joining in and cheering. 

You both couldn’t help but blush as you made your way to the teams table, pulling up chairs.

“Soooo?” Derek asked, a shit eating grin on his face. 

“Oh handsome, do you really need to ask. Did you not see the way she walked? Of course they did it. A fair few times I’m guessing.”

You nodded at Derek to clarify and held up four fingers to him, his eyes widening as he whacked Spencer on his back. “My man!" 

"So who won then, Pen?” JJ asked. 

She pulled out her phone, flicking through her apps. 

“Who caved? Cos three people had tonight but with different outcomes.”

You looked at each other before Spencer answered. “It was kinda a draw. We both gave in at the same time." 

"I kinda thought that would happen. Soooo…. ” Penelope chucked an envelope at you. “That’s the original six hundred from the first bet. Share it, have a weekend away or something because I presume you two are now a thing?”

You both nodded, smiling. Penelope squeaked, clapping her hands. “Told you our plan would work,” she directed her comment at Morgan. 

You laughed muttering to Spencer, “Told you…..” He squeezed your hand under the table in response. 

“And I’ve just messaged the winner to come and collect.”

“How much is the prize money anyway?” Emily asked her. 

“Nine thousand, seven hundred.”

Spencer sputtered and you paused, hand mid air. 


“Well it was a hundred dollar buy in. Pretty much every Agent in the building had a go.”

Every agent in the building knew about yours and Spencer sex life. Fantastic. 

You continued on with your breakfast, light chatter filling the silence. You felt a hand grasp you lightly on your shoulder and you turned to see Erin Strauss stood behind you, her hand on Reid’s shoulder as well. 

“I believe I have you two to thank for funding this year’s trip to Aspen. I’m sure Agent Hotchner has already warned you both not to let this impact on your work, although knowing the both of you, I’m certain it won’t. Congratulations, you two make a lovely couple.”

She collected another envelope from Garcia before winking at Rossi, him quickly pushing his chair back and following her out of the room. 

“Strauss?” Everyone was unanimous in their disbelief. 

“Yup. She was one of the first people to get in on it when we opened the pool up. Rossi must have told her about it because I certainly didn’t include her in the email.”

“I knew I should have bet on the draw.” Hotch gave you both a rare grin.

“I still can’t believe either of you lasted as long as you did. You swear last night was the first time you did it?” Derek spoke. 

“First time we did IT yes.”

“Wait….. You’re saying you did something else before? You can’t have? That makes someone else a winner. There were rules guys. Spill.”

“We didn’t break any rules Morgan. Spencer may have found a loophole though that we exploited a few weeks ago.” You smirked at Reid. 

“Okay, I don’t need to hear this. I’m done guys anyway. I’ll meet you all in an hour to drive back.” Aaron pushed back from the table. 

“Well I do need to hear it,” Prentiss leant in, Garcia, Morgan and JJ nodding in agreement. 

“So erm… We said no actual touching, no sex and no self relief right. Well there was a way around it.”

You watched them thinking, desperately trying to work it out until Emily gasped, her hand clasping over her mouth. 

“A Ryan based way?” she asked. 

“Well…. He bought a new one but yes.”

The girl’s jaws dropped, them all looking at Spencer with a new found appreciation. 

Derek took a little while longer to get it. 

“Wait….. You did what….. Kid!” He shook his head, his eyes wide as he stared at Spencer. “Pretty Boy got game.”

“Yup. He definitely does.” You confirmed. “And that’s what I’ve named this one…. Pretty Boy.”

The table erupted with laughter and you leant over, kissing Spencer on the cheek before whispering in his ear. 

“Although the real thing was much better.

anonymous asked:

Understand that no one is claiming that you can't feel the way you want, because chances are, that no one that old wants you anyway. The fact that you think people are claiming that you should look at people that way, and that if you don't feel comfortable then you shouldn just shrug and be okay with it just goes to show how naive and immature you actually are, when no one is saying that, and no one is shipping sheith with you or anyone else in mind

The grammar is actually so weird in this that i have basically no idea what you’re trying to say but i’ll do my best.

A good amount of this will be uncomfortable or unpleasant to read if you ship sheith, please read it anyway. In the end I hope you’ll understand that I’m not demonizing you as a person, and I just want you to understand the impact that producing sheith content can have on the real world without precautions.

I can feel the way I want..because no one over the age of 20 wants to date an 18 year old? 

First of all, i see no correlation between these two statements. Second, either you’re assuming i’m WAY younger than I am, (again, 18) or you’re completely forgetting theres an entire porn industry (in both straight and gay) devoted to (usually older) men fucking eighteen year olds. In fact, it comes in different flavors, here’s for example what comes up when you google something like “just turned 18″ and click the first link

I’ll add emphasis.

This one porn site has 994 videos JUST about sex with an 18 year old who’s only been 18 for, at most, a month or so. AKA the youngest person you legally can fuck or view being fucked. Not to mention btw, this is just in the heterosexual porn section. To drive the point home, here’s another search result number from another porn site.

211,962 results. 211,962 videos specifically catering to the desire to have sex with the youngest teenagers you can legally get at. “No one that old wants [me]” huh??? There are people out there who are predatory towards people my age. There are people who will use praise like “your so mature for your age” and the like to coax young people into relationships where they’ll be controlled. There’s a power imbalance. We live in a society, partially due to culture and partially due to nature, where teenagers are constantly told they’re not adults, they dont know as much as adults, they’re not as smart as adults, they’re not as powerful as adults, so when an adult praises them as an equal the teenager will respond more than if an adult praised another adult. Because of this, while the adult may treat the teenager as an equal, the teenager is usually incapable of treating the adult as an equal. Hence, these relationships are inherently imbalanced, and an imbalanced romantic/sexual relationship is an unhealthy one. There are adults who use this imbalance to control teenagers. Its a predatory form of abuse. 

Keith clearly admires and, dare i say, even idolizes Shiro. Even if we presume that Shiro favors Keith among the paladins and views him as an adult and his equal, Keith is incapable of doing the same. He reveres Shiro, but Shiro doesn’t revere Keith. Because of this Shiro wields immensely more power than Keith in their relationship. Shiro could suggest something, and Keith could feel uncomfortable with it but agree anyway because of that sort of idolization. It isn’t healthy, and even though Shiro is a good person, he would end up hurting Keith eventually due to this imbalance. To Shiro, Keith is a favorite. To Keith, Shiro is everything, the only family he has left. If that doesn’t communicate the power imbalance here I dont know how else to say it. 

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith, because even if you whole heartedly believe fiction exists in a vacuum, if a predator sees support of a relationship where one party is around 25 and the other is in his late teens, and confirmed not to be an adult by the shows creators regardless of what promotional materials (designed to be catchy and flow well, “five teenagers” sounds better than “four teenagers and an adult”) that predator has had their behavior in a small extent normalized. If a victim of this abuse and predation sees a similar situation portrayed as romantic and healthy, it might reinforce their incorrect world belief that their relationship is romantic and healthy too. 

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith because adults should know better.

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith because whether that adult knows it or not, they are giving passive approval of these relationships in the real world.

The only time fiction exists in a vacuum and does not affect the real world is when it is clearly stated with every instance of that fiction not to apply to the real world. If you produce Sheith content and apply a warning to it saying something such as… 

“This is a work of fiction. As a work of fiction it is not meant to reflect the real world, and is an idealized and impossible version of a relationship. Relationships like this are, in real life, always unhealthy. It is intended for consumption, again, in a purely fictional setting.” 

I will not have a problem with your content, as it has been fully removed and severed from reality. It may seem obvious that the work is fictitious and people should not take it as a real world example of something good, but the truth is that the human mind is shaped by media as much as by upbringing and other sources. Perhaps even more so. 

For a real world example, when i was a young child who watched a lot of TV, I wondered why my mother didn’t cook and clean. The answer is that my mom always has hated cooking, and she suffers from migraines that make her doing housework difficult, not to mention how for as long as i can remember she’s always been working. However, my perception of reality was shaped by the cartoons i watched and media I consumed. The message repeated over and over again was that Mothers cook and clean. 

That might seem an irrelevant example, as I was a small child at the time and thus impressionable, but the thing is that teenagers are still incredibly impressionable. There’s a reason most terrorists and suicide bombers are young men between the ages of 18 and 20. Theres a reason why young people are some of the most passionate and quickest to take up new world views. There’s a reason that so many kids on tumblr so ferociously buy into “problematic” and “call out” culture. People my age, older than me by a few years, and younger than me by a few years, are incredibly easy to coax into a belief or world view and once that world view is established it can be strengthened and set with media. 

Not to mention that once these beliefs are set, they’re difficult to dispel. Confirmation bias is a phenomenon where people will discard conflicting facts and accept only that which enforces their own beliefs. If relationships like sheith, however innocent the original intent, continue to exist without obvious warnings that this is UNHEALTHY in the real world, it has the power to damage real people and real lives by playing into confirmation bias. 

If I were in love with an older person, and there were sources that said that it was unhealthy, and sources that merely implied it was fine, i’d definitely seek out more of the later because it feels good to have your beliefs reinforced. So even if its unpleasant, or clunky, or downright annoying, people who produce content unhealthy in the real world but fine in fictional settings (such as dub-con, unsafe sex, or the relationships we’ve been discussing) have a duty to point out that these aren’t cool in a real world setting to prevent real world damage. 

Even if you’re not shipping sheith with anyone in mind, and you’re producing content or spreading content of it with no one in mind, there are people consuming that content with themselves in mind.

Dont let your content normalize and romanticize abuse. Sever it from reality.

‘You should be nice to me...its my birthday.’

A Choi Seunghyun fanfiction

Type: Heavy smut.

A/N: Just a smutty drabble for T.O.P’s birthday- Happy Birthday Old man! :D Enjoy!

Inspired by this image:

‘What are you doing?’

You cant help but bite your lip as you hide behind his phone, angling it up slightly to get the right frame and pressing the button to take a picture, proceeding to tap the little circle a few more times as you grin to yourself, and completely forgetting he’d even asked you a question.


Your heart is racing in your chest at just how beautiful he was; the way the light bounced perfectly off of his cheekbones, the way his eyes glistened in the room’s mood lighting, the way his lips were curling up in a smirk as he watched you through the screen of your phone.

‘…Are you taking pictures of me again?’ 

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Figuring it Out- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by willythewhip

(I don’t remember which Andre gifs I’ve used anymore XD)

Ok I wasn’t quite sure how to start this one, but once I figured out how I wanted it to go, I like how it turned out! I hope ya’ll like it!

Warning: friends with benefits, the word sex

Anon request: oh my gosh you’re such a wonderful writer!! your andre ones are the cutest!! i know you have a long queue, but could you eventually write one where andre and a friend are friends w benefits and then tom sets him up on a date w some other girl (not knowing that he sorta has a thing w their friend) and the friend w benefits finds out and its kinda awkward but then after the date andre comes to her place and its really fluffy with them? its ok if you dont want to write it though i’ll understand!!


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the ghost of you (dylan/eric)

Words: 2640

Trigger Warnings: idk i cant think of any???

Request: Hiya! Would you do a imagine where it’s 2017 and the reader is a teenager going to columbine, and lives in one of their old houses, and doesn’t really pay attention, but the ghost of Eric and Dylan see her and fall in love? I know it’s a weird request but please consider????💘💘💘💘love ur account!!

A/N: fukc this is so badddddd im soRRY!!!!

You crashed onto your bed, sighing angrily and chewing gum.

“I hate this fucking house mom! Go choke!” You shouted cheerily at your mom, who rolled her eyes in the doorway.

“You’ll learn to love it, m’kay?”

“No, fuck you mom! Literally suck on a chode!” You smiled, flipping her off as she left the room. With a snarl on your face, you pulled out your phone from your pocket, flipping on your stomach and opening up snapchat.

Your friend had messaged you, which you hadn’t responded to for three hours. You hadn’t responded to anybody for three hours, you were to busy bitching in the car about how much you hated moving and how you would rather kill yourself than move to fucking Colorado.

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title: build a home in me (i’ll give you a place to hide)
pairing/characters: promptis if u tilt ur head
rated: g
summary: Sometimes Noctis just wants a place to hide from the endless cacophony that is being the next in line for the Lucian throne. Prompto doesn’t have much to offer, but he does his best.
alternatively, how prompto accidentally became a willing accomplice to noctis’ self-kidnapping from all the pressure that is his life.

i can’t believe i’m back with more ffxv fanfiction but here you go, something soft because friendship is really important to me and i’m a sucker for hurt/comfort, also honestly let noctis rest already, i will Fight

>ao3 link <

Prompto waves goodbye to the other members of the photography club, humming to himself as he turns to head home. But when he turns the corner, he finds a familiar figure leaning against the wall.

“Noct! You’re still here?”

Noctis glances up at him. “Hey, Prompto. You done with club?”

“Yup! You wanna go somewhere?”

“Can we go to your place?” Noctis is already walking down the stairs, expecting Prompto to follow.

Prompto blinks at his friend’s back. They usually go over to Noctis’ apartment, since it’s closer and Noctis has all of the latest consoles and also just. Ignis’ cooking. But Prompto doesn’t voice his questions out loud. Instead, he bounds after Noctis. “Sure! Is your ‘guard giving us a ride?”

Noctis’ shoulders immediately go up. “Let’s take the train,” he says shortly.

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He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

read on AO3

Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Hidden Hearts | collegeau! Kihyun

requested by anon~ 

dialogue: “Why dont you make me ?”

Ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

Genre: AU | angst (?) fluff (i guess idk idk guys) 

Word count: 2,358

Hi guys! I hope you guys enjoy this and I would like to apologize to anon for the long overdue of this request ;u;’’ Anyways, I apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar. I hope you guys like it!!


Originally posted by wonhontology

All of your recitals will be held at the MX Stadium. Expect a number of 1500 or maybe more than that as your audience. I hope that each and every pairing there is in this room will be able to wow all of us with the performance you’re gonna show. Alright, see you in three weeks. If you don’t pass this recital, there’s still a lot of years for you guys to stay in this campus. Anyways, good luck!”

Looking up at the person sitting right across you, you took a deep breath and avoided eye contact. The room was awfully quiet, neither one of you dared to speak up. Both of you knew that this day would come where the two of you would finally work with each other for both of your dreams as musicians.

The clock ticked and tocked and the time was obviously wasn’t going to wait for the two of you to speak up. You fingers nervously fiddled on the hem of your shirt, large beads of sweat forming in the corner of your temples and your throat was already going dry.

This whole thing wasn’t going anywhere until one of you speaks. Swallowing up your pride, you cleared your throat and looked at him, only to meet his gaze. Your breath hitched as you didn’t expect him to be looking at you. “S-so, what do you think of the melody?” you stammered, cursing yourself under your breath for being so obvious.

“I like it but we need to tweak some of the parts to make it more pleasing to the ears and maybe touch the hearts of our audience.” As usual, Kihyun knew how to choose his words. Confidence was seeping out from him and you were the complete opposite of him. 

Yoo Kihyun and you go way back during high school. Both of you were best friends who had mutual feelings but even though the two of you felt the same, you were to scared to confess and so was he. No one really dared to confess until it reached to a point when both of you were hurting each other. The two of you knew about each other’s feelings through other people and it was already too late for the two of you to reconcile and clear things up.

Now, the two of you are block mates and are both graduating students under the same department. You did everything to avoid him.. Whenever you passed by each other, it’s either you look at the opposite direction, act like someone is calling you or just think that it was just the wind that passed by.

Anyway, back to reality, you nodded your head in response and looked intently at the music sheet that the two of you made. Grabbing the pen right beside your bottled water, you looked up to meet his gaze once more. “Which part do we need to change?” looking back at the music sheet, you could still feel his stare boring on the top of your head.

Kihyun, on the other hand, felt restless. He knew how both of you were badly affected by each other and when the time came for the two of you to make up, you decided to just ignore it which made his blood boil in anger. “We need to change the fourth measure and twelfth measure. And also, we need to change some of the sharps and flats this time. If you can see at the fourth measure, when you play it on the piano it sounds off key so instead of having four sharp notes, we can either change two of it into flats or just change the whole thing.”

“Alright.” needless to say, you didn’t need to argue with Kihyun which actually bothered Kihyun. There was a long pause before Kihyun reacted, “Alright? That’s it? Alright? That’s all that you can say?” He scoffed and looked at you in disbelief. Each and every word that came out from his mouth somehow didn’t make any sense to you. Eyebrows slowly meeting each other, eyes furrowed, you didn’t know why he was reacting like that.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” You asked, clueless enough to notice the redness of Kihyun’s ears. “Dammit, [y/n], for almost four freaking years and that’s how you’re just gonna respond to me?” Annoyance was present in his tone and you’ve got to admit, you’re baffled by his actions.

“Well, what kind of response do you want from me? Do you want me to argue with your suggestion? If that’s what you want, I can’t give that to you because I know how you’re a lot more skilled and talented than I am.” you retorted. You did not know what he meant, and it was really obvious. Kihyun ran one of his hands through his black locks and heaved out a deep sigh.

“That’s not what I meant, [y/n]!” 

“Well, would you mind telling me what you meant by ‘that’s it?’ that’s all that you can say?’ because I reckon that you know that I clearly didn’t get what you were trying to imply, Ki.” you remarked, leaning your back on the back rest and crossed your arms.

“Is this how it’s going to be, huh?” Kihyun lets out an exasperated sigh and continued, “Tell me [y/n], do you want to forget about what happened a long time ago and not reconcile?” Just hearing the word ‘reconcile’ made you stiffen. 

You wanted to reconcile with him but there was just a part of you that does not allow you to. Without any notice, you lost yourself in a train of thoughts, making Kihyun wait for your response as he impatiently tapped his foot on the floor. It was useless to deny that you’ve missed him, his presence, his attention, his honeyed voice, his smile, his everything and how your heart still beats a hundred kilometers, and you’d get that weird feeling in pit of your stomach as if its doing some back flips when you see him, or talk to him.

“I…” your voice trailed off. You didn’t know how to respond. Blank. Your mind went blank as soon as you repeated the same question over and over. The palms of your hand started to get clammy real quick and now, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes. “You?” Kihyun raised a brow at you, waiting for you to spit out what you wanted to say.

The air inside the room became tensed and it just suffocated you. You knew you had to answer him. You knew that if you’d waste this opportunity, you’d regret it. Taking a deep breath, you shakily sighed and gathered up the bits of courage left in you.

“I… I don’t want to talk about this Ki.” Your hands unconsciously gathered up all of your things and you rose from your seat with your head down, not wanting to meet his gaze. Pushing the chair aside, you were about to leave the room when he spoke up.

“Why? Why do you not want to talk about this? What did I do wrong, [y/n]?” The tone of his voice made your heart ache. “You did nothing wrong. We were both young and dumb and let’s…. I can’t do this Kihyun. I just can’t… just thinking about the possibilities that could’ve happened between us… it haunts me. It has been haunting me throughout the whole year and I just want it to stop…” you were now facing him and he’s just a meter away from you. 

“Ki, let’s stop and do both of us a favor… please.” holding his hand and looking straight into his eyes didn’t help. It just made him more persistent and determined to bring that two of you back to those happy days when neither of you were hurting. “Just… forget about me. Let’s just do this final recital and forget about each other and be happy with our lives.” you continued and you could feel a lump in your throat as you tried to fight back the tears from spilling.

“Forget about you? That’s funny.” Kihyun’s face contorted in disbelief. A sarcastic laugh left his mouth and tucked a finger under your chin and lifted it slightly, making you look at him. “If that’s what you want then…” he paused for a bit, sadness clouded his features, “Why don’t you make me?” 


The was the initial thought that crossed your mind. “Why don’t I…?” you repeated and looked at him in confusion. “Why don’t you make me forget about you?” He challenged and now, his lips turned into a smirk. Your bottom lip quivered and looked down. “H-how?” 

A soft chuckle came out from Kihyun’s lips, he knew you too well. You didn’t want to forget about him and you didn’t want him to forget about him. Feeling his arms wrapping themselves around you, you looked up and saw him faintly smiling at you. Kihyun pulled you close to him and tighten his hold around you. The scent of his perfume filled your nose and that was enough for you to bury your face into his chest.

“Do you really want me to forget about you?” Kihyun asked while straddling you in his arms. You shook your head in response. “I missed you, [y/n].” Kihyun blurted out of the blue, making you look up to him with eyes wide as saucers. “Funny, isn’t it? To see the Kihyun that you know soften up and blurt out these kinds of stuff.” He lets out a sarcastic chuckle and gazes down to meet your gaze.

“But then, I admit it that I missed you…. Did you miss me too?” Your gaze softened and smiled, “It’s be stupid for me to say that I didn’t when I missed you so much.” Just looking at your smile melted him, what more if you were smiling beside him in front of the altar?

Slowly running his hand through your chocolate brown locks, he continued to gaze at you with such loving gaze which you were oblivious to notice it. “So, what now? Best friends?” you asked. “How about more than best friends?” He suggested which literally made you laugh. 

“I’ll think about it. But first, let’s worry about our performance shall we?” You pulled yourself away from the hug and flashed him a smile. "Alright.” Walking back towards his seat, he grabbed the music sheet and started making some changes.

“Hey, instead of just playing the piano… how about we do a duet?” 

The sound of hands applauding filled the whole stadium. The spotlight was focused on both Kihyun and you, who were holding hands with a big smile plastered on both your faces. Standing in the middle of the stage with microphones on the other hand, the two of you waited for the judges’ remarks.

“Before we give you guys our final verdict, I have to ask one question to our audience.” The whole stadium went quiet and the only thing that you can hear was your heart beating loudly. “Was this performance the best one so far?” With just that question, the whole stadium went wild. A loud ‘yes’ echoed throughout and you’ve never been so overwhelmed by it. Kihyun gave you a light squeeze, making you look at him. 

His smile was radiant as light, and you’ve got to admit that it made your heart skip a beat. The sight of your pale cheeks flushed with a tint of pink that matched the color the small gem hanging around your neck made Kihyun smile wider. “Alright, alright– well, what do we have here? Let me ask the two of you,” both of your heads snapped towards the head dean, “Yoo Kihyun, [y/fn], tell me, do you both like each other?”

The question literally made your cheeks turn into another shade of pink, but a bit darker. “Well, I don’t there’s a need for me to hide this.” Kihyun started, “Yes, I’ve liked her ever since the day we met at the opening ceremony in High School. Wait no, scratch that, I’ve loved her to be exact.” 

“Well, how about you Ms. [y/n]?” Everyone anticipated for your response. Each and every heart present in that room was beating really fast, nervous and excited for your answer. “I….” you paused and took a deep breath. Glancing towards Kihyun’s direction, you smiled and announced.

I’d be denying myself if I said that I did not have any feelings for this man beside me. I’ve loved him ever since we became best of friends in High School and I will still love him until the very day when I’d turn into ashes.”

That was the final blow for everyone. They’ve cheered so loudly that it was so unusual to see during recitals and such. “Well then, what are you waiting for Kihyun? Ask her to be yours!”

“Ask her to be yours! Ask her to be yours!”

The crowd chanted and the two of you could help but shyly laugh. “Will do after this. It wouldn’t be nice if we’d just tell the whole story without any cliffhanger.” Kihyun winked at you and you couldn’t help but let out a fruity laugh. “You’re right but then, be sure to update us okay?” The two of you nodded and finally received their final verdict, which was the two of you passed and are ready to graduate.

“We did it!” You squealed and threw both of your arms around him, making him chuckle and hug you. “We finally did.” Kihyun chuckled and couldn’t help but smile at your cuteness. “Say, [y/n]…”

“Hmm?” You looked up, a big grin still plastered on your face. Kihyun scratched the back of his head and shyly asked.

“Every single thing that came out from my mouth just moments ago were real and sincere and…. I was wondering if would you go out with me, starting this day, as your boyfriend?” Kihyun’s eyes sparkled with hope, his arm still wrapped around you. There was a long pause before you said your final verdict.

Hmm…. I would love to.” 

Cultural Appropriation

All people want is for others to identify where they found something, not change the name of whatever it is to something new, give a little bit of information about the background of it and not mock/disadvantage/create rules against/stigmatize people from the originating culture from doing/enjoying The Thing.


Imagine if a completely different culture took a look at american hamburgers, Then made an exact replica, and decided to call it “Beef Buns” and put out an Ad about it from some huge company that went

 "Try our Innovative BRAND NEW sandwich “Beef Buns”!!! We’re really shaking up the world of sandwiches with this idea! Its minced cow meat with tomatoes and leafy greens on a bread base. Available now, EXCLUSIVELY at [insert restaurant here].”

First you’d be like “wtf. wtf thats just a hamburger. Thats not new wtf.”

Then you’d be like “Excuse me, guys, thats a hamburger. We have those in America, theyr'e called hamburger. we made them here, this restaraunt didn’t invent them. This is classic American style food. They were literally invented in Texas a literal HUndRed years ago. EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT HAMBURGERS how are you getting away with trademarking this??? what the fuck. And why call them Beef Buns that name is so dumb???”

And the restaurant responds “sorry sweetie :))) everyone is allowed to eat meat on bread :)) you’re not unique sweetie :)))) Remember u can only buy our Beef Buns here :))) that we originally made ourselves :))))) or maybe we saw a recipe somewhere but we can’t remember where sorry :))) anyway, culture is meant to be shared:))) (that’s not an admission that its ur culture tho, dont get excited) stop being so triggered: ))))”

And then people from that country were like “you american fatasses are always guzzling down shitty food.” and made jokes about us and started calling us Beef Bun heads or whatever.

And then if you as an American, lived in that other country, if anyone saw you eat a hamburger in public and they noticed you spoke with an american accent, you’d get fined or fired from your job for being a drain on the company’s health insurance, or someone would literally point and laugh at you. 

That example is funny and lighthearted on purpose but like… think about it. 

Think about how even if it didn’t make you actively mad, it would at least annoy you a little bit. Or even if you didnt care about it at all, you probably would immediately if you got freakin fined over it,or if someone you knew was upset because people laugh at them for eating something basic and common.  or maybe even that doesn’t matter to you because its just one thing, but imagine if you had to deal with the laughter, employment issues and fines for years. 

Now yes! Culture is fun when its shared. But we can’t share things that we strip the source from purposefully. We cant take credit for concepts with an pre existing rich and long cultural history. We can’t capitalize and trademark ethnic(and i mean ethnic, not “POC” meaning yes i am including stuff like Eastern European embroidery patterns) things and make them belong to a brand and not the originators and then sue the inventors for producing their own craft. Companies and Tastemakers can’t give them new names without mentioning the old ones (aka: an ad that went “try our new beef buns, a twist on the american hamburger!” would have been fine) We can’t claim that everyone can do something, while ignoring that the originators of the thing get penalized for participating in something they created.

And we sure as fuck shouldn’t do all of those things at once. 

Its rude and disrespectful and dehumanizing. 

Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve    Ch. 4

 A/N: Another thank you to my wonderful Momma V!!! @hymnofthevalkyries you rock, girl! 

Notes/ Warnings: -Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise :)-For this chapter: 

- This chapter: It gets really rough okay, it includes emotional and mental abuse, panic attacks and lots of tears. THE ANGST IS REAL Y'ALL!! 

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   Steve couldn’t get (Y/N) off of his mind. She was beautiful, there was no denying that but there was something that he couldn’t put his finger on. She had seemed so timid and afraid and then in the next moment she was bold and could command an army if she needed to. And her powers? Steve couldn’t even put into words how he felt about that. Terrified? Impressed? Awestruck? They just didn’t seem to explain it.

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On Self-Esteem as an Artist (please read)

Today my design teacher started a revisions-session on our assignments by saying that the classroom was an “ego-less” zone. Which meant that, even though you might be a good artist, you should avoid entering a classroom thinking you don’t need any tips, that your art is the best out there. Makes sense. Especially with a skill such as drawing, you can never really achieve “perfection” - as you improve and change as an artist, your idea of “that perfect drawing” will also improve and change.

On the flip side, and more importantly, is that you should never enter a classroom thinking you suck. I recently wrote a post about self-esteem and attitude here. I just thought I’d re-emphasize some points:

I think the biggest issue I see is that people in general do not know how to accept compliments towards their art. If someone says “Wow, your art is really good!” they’re saying it because they genuinely mean it. When they hear back “no it’s not, it sucks,” I think, at least in my experience, that person who gave the compliment then feels bad themselves. They feel like their generous words meant nothing, that their own opinion means nothing. I see amazing art, and I want to let that artist know, and I want them to feel good about their skill that they’ve honed.

When you receive a compliment to your art, or to anything really, just respond with a “thanks!”. It is not arrogant to appreciate praise. When you accept a compliment, it validate’s the complimenter’s opinion and everyone wins. They are not lying when they say they like your product. Accepting the compliment also encourages a dialogue - they can then ask things like how long you’ve been doing art, advice on different techniques, etc.

Too often I hear from my peers “oh no, don’t look at my work, it’s horrible.” Why? Why do they think that? Did they join the animation program just to complain to more people about their inferior skills? Are they trying to fish for compliments? I don’t think that’s it - I think, unfortunately, it is somewhere in our nature to assume we are inferior. The reason behind that attitude probably has something to do with society and our educational system and never being good enough blah blah - that’s too complicated for my limited psychology knowledge.

An anon recently sent me this message:

“…for the past few months i just cant draw, nothing seems good enough and then i look at other peoples art an know that im never going to be as good and it just discourages me even more, so long story short i am kind of in an art block and i dont know what to do. im the best at drawings faces but everything else im eh at so i dont feel like its worth it but everyone keeps telling to keep going. any tips? advice?help”

I’ve received this theme of message before, and have heard it many times in real life - “why do I bother I’ll never be good as [insert amazing artist here].” I replied to this message by basically saying that every single artist, regardless of talent, relates to this feeling of comparative inferiority. We all see amazing artists online, sharing their masterpieces, pining one day to be that talented. If you’re constantly up-comparing yourself to artists who have been in the industry for YEARS longer than yourself then you’re going to automatically get frustrated. You need to draw to improve past how you drew the day before

***You need only compare your skills to your past self.***

It’s all about striking a balance between modesty and self-esteem - if someone gives you a compliment, accept it. Realize that this person is taking the time to celebrate your skills. You deserve to have your skills acknowledged. Be open to constructive criticism, because if someone is taking the time to actually analyze your work and offer ways to improve it - as in, beyond just saying “Oh hey that drawing is cool”, to “You’re moving in the right direction. I think you could improve [thing] by [adjustment], and maybe try adding [things] there and there.”

It can get very overwhelming, looking at all the amazing artwork online, thinking about all the talent in the world. But remember - all of those artists had to start from somewhere. Like any skill, practice and hard work is necessary to excel. Get inspired, create, revise and learn, and create some more. Most importantly, realize that you deserve to create art. The world can never have too much art.

Moonflower: part one

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Hoseok Soulmate AU

“What the hell Amora?” you question angrily into the phone. “What happened to, you know, getting coffee and spending the day with me, your best friend?” You had planned earlier in the week to have a day out together. A small coffee shop had opened the other month near by, yet you hadn/t had the time to go and check it out. So having your plans cancelled out of the blue like this was frustrating to say the least.

“I’m so so so sorry Y/N, but I totally forgot it was flowering month for me,” she said in a giddy voice. “But you know how much this means to Kevin and I.”

You rolled your eyes at the love-struck girl’s words. Everyone had a birthmark of a colorless flower somewhere on their body. The birthmark acts very similar to the flower that it is projecting, such as mimicking its flowering times. The birthmark is completely unique, matchless to any other of it’s kind. All except for your soulmate. Every petal and marking of your flower is identical to your soulmate. As soon as you meet them, the previously empty outline, is filled with vivid colors. “Oh it’s already that month already,” you said sarcastically. Amora has a rose covering the top of her hand, which had been bloomed to its bright red when she met her lover, Kevin.

“Y/N, you know this is when we met. It was during the rose flowering season and to see are matching flowers, full of color, it.. It was just..” She finished her sentence with a long dramatic sigh. They were so stupidly in love, that it was hard to believe that they were a real couple.

“I know, it’s so important to spend a whole month together. Going out on so many dates that I can hear your wallets crying.” You winced at the thought of how much money those two spent going out on dates. “But you really do have all month to spend time together, can’t you just go to this stupid coffee shop with me,” you begged. “Please, I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the month if you do”

Amora sat in silence on the other line for a moment, debating with herself. “Fine,” she groaned. “Only for a little bit though. I’ll give you no more than a hour.”

You gave yourself a mental high-five for persuading her. You were about to hang up when a quick thought crossed your mind. “Don’t. Bring. Kevin.”

“No promises!” she quipped before hanging up quickly.

Goddammit Amora.

You walked into the cozy cafe, and took in the aesthetics of the place. It had lots of natural light, and bookshelves lining every wall. Your eyes landed on Amora, and her curly haired soulmate beside her. They were sitting in a small corner of the shop, gazing into eachothers’ eyes. It was almost nauseating how in love they were, and you doubted that when you found your soulmate, if ever, that you wouldn’t be that cheesy. No, you hoped you weren’t.

Your friend had only looked up after you called her name three times. “Hey, did you guys order yet?” you asked while pulling out a chair to the table.

“Yup,” Kevin said in his soft voice. His voice had always given off the impression that he was shy, but give him five minutes around you, and he’ll talk your ear off. “We ordered for you as well, you know, to save time so that we,” he glanced over at Amora, “would have more time for our date after this.”

Of course, you thought to yourself. The conversation continued pretty lightly after that. Mainly mindless banter amongst the three of you.

“So you found your apartment Y/N?” Amora questioned.

Finally, a relevant topic. You were moving to Seoul in three months to study further in art, and get a job in animation. “Yeah,” you responded happily. “It’s a cute little place, right near at least three coffee shops. Me, as coffee addict, I’m going to be in heaven.”

“Well, we’ll definitely come in visited,” Kevin jokingly proposed. “Wouldn’t that be fun babe, to go crash at Y/N’s for a month after she moves.” Amora nods excitedly.

“There is no way in hell,” you scoffed, “that I am spending a month with the both of you. One of you sure, but not together.” Having those two love-birds stuck near you all day, every day, for a month? You would die.

“You know what Y/N, you might your soulmate there, then you’ll understand why we’re so like this all the time,” Amora said, shifting the subject.

You couldn’t help but make a face at her. Your birthmark was a moonflower, on right side of your chest, cheesily right over your heart. Moonflowers only bloom at night, and then closes back during the day. Which is cool and all, minus the fact that everyday, your flower is bloomed during the day, then closes at night.

“Amora we all know my flower is broken, and I probably don’t have a soulmate. Either that or they are off dying somewhere.”

“I don’t know Y/N, this might be your chance.”

Sure it is.

One Month Later

Sitting on your bed, you carefully sketched out the line work for the next frame of the animation, when a loud shriek from the other side of the room caused your hand to jerk. “Now what Amora,” you grumbled while calling up the piece of paper that was now ruined.

“BTS. COMEBACK. MUSIC VIDEO.” She sat there gasping dramatically between each word. Amora had been a hardcore fan of them for quite some time, and you always seem to be around when she flips her shit over them. “Oh I’m scared,” she stammered with her finger hovering over the video on her phone screen. “Y/N I can’t do it press it for me!”

You rolled your eyes and plopped down on the floor next to her and tapped on her screen. As the video began, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. While, you may not be a hardcore fan such as the hyperventilating girl next to you who looked like she might cry, you still enjoyed their music from time to time. At first you thought Amora was crazy for obsessing over seven korean men, especially since she’s found her soulmate, but you get it now. While they are all charming in their own way, one specifically, Hoseok, had made your heart flutter every time his face appeared on screen.

After Amora had caught her breath and, “Collected her feels,” a question popped into my mind. “Do they have their birthmarks?”

“Well duh,” she quipped, “everyone does.” You rolled your eyes at her because, that isn’t what you meant. “If you want to know what they are, your outta luck. They cover them so they can’t be seen.”

“That’s stupid,” you grunted. “How is their soulmate supposed to find them? Also why?” Were they just supposed to find their soulmate by chance, like it’s not always that easy. Do they even want to find them? If not they should just get them tattooed off, even though it’s disapproved of.

“For a few reasons actually, but two main ones really.” Amora sat up while collecting her thoughts. “The first is so that if they have found their soulmate, it can be kept a private matter. You know, they don’t need more hate for finding the love of their life.”

“Okay I get that.” Privacy, that’s understandable. I guess being famous and having someone realize that they really can never be with you would definitely piss at least a few people off. “And the second?”

“The second is kind of messed because it’s happened before,” she sighed. “So basically, they don’t want anyone seeing them because there are some fans who go as far as getting tattoos, trying to identically replicate them, in hopes of like, artificially becoming their soulmate or whatever.”

“That’s fucked up that someone would go that far.” But there really are those people aren’t there. “What about those people’s real soulmates? They would feel like trash I bet.”

“Oh yeah, it makes a giant mess every time,” Amora noted. By the look on her face she was recalling stories of it happening too. “But who knows Y/N, you might be the real deal,” she raved, elbowing you in the side playfully.

Giggling at the thought, you played along, “Yeah sure, then I’ll fall in love with one of the world’s most famous idols.” It was a fun thought, but you knew it was unrealistic, and highly unlikely. “And how would I even meet them or run into them?”

“I don’t know Y/N, just keep your eyes open. One day it’ll just hit ya!”



“I-I’m a virgin.”

Harry took that as a blow to the dignity of all males, his eyes going wide in pure shock. Sure, he knew she wasn’t the type for one night stands but he definitely didn’t think she had never done it with anyone.And for some reason, he felt like making up for it. He must be crazy.


harry thinks his best friend is way too fuckable to still be a virgin.

[alternate universe]


The relationship between Harry and Y/N was always one to question. They had been best friends since 9th grade, when Harry moved to America. Long story short, everyone picked on the dorky British kid while Y/N was the only defier. She admired his accent, thought it was cute even. 

And so of course, as you can image, Y/N didn’t have too many friends either. She was mostly a pretty shy girl, only letting her true hilarious self through with people she felt absolutely comfortable with. 

Harry was that person. 

“Styles, you better not have eaten all my fucking chocolates!” Y/N shouts into her apartment, remembering Harry sending her text during Economics that said something along the lines of ‘coming over. you have food and i don’t.’ 

He emerges out of her small kitchen - barely considered a kitchen to Y/N’s mother - with, sure enough, the box of chocolates in hand. He’s been caught red handed, giving a goofy smile as the shrugs his shoulders, “They weren’t that good anyway,” Harry reassures, remembering these particular candies were bought for her by a fuckboy whose only intention was getting in her pants. 

“You little bitch, I was going to eat those!” she groans, even though she knows they couldn’t have been that good to begin with. 

Harry thinks this is sorta kinda cute, seeing her get all flustered over practically nothing. “So, what was the assholes name again?” he makes his way over to her, pulling her down to sit on the small white sofa. 

“Jeremy Collins. Ugh, he was so dreamy and then he talked and all I wanted to do was cover his words and never have to hear his voice.” 

He laughed, never understanding her search for “the perfect boy”, “That bad? Damn, maybe you’ve gotten too accustomed to my voice.” 

She rolled her eyes, swatting his arm, “No dumbass, his voice was fine. What he said was beyond stupid though,” She laughed, resting her head on Harry’s shoulder, “I said: Not everything is about sex, I actually have a personality - and so he interrupted and said: Can your personality sit on my dick?” 

Harry quite literally fell back in laughter, snorting a few times as he clutched his stomach, “He actually fucking said that?” 

She laughed, knowing he never meant to hurt her feelings, just maybe her search for love. 

She stood up, mumbling about having to change out of the way too tight jeans as Harry simply nodded, scrolling through his phone while she was absent. 

When she came back, Harry noticed the outfit she chose to bless his eyes with. A tshirt that used to be his, barely-considered shorts, and some fuzzy socks with her hair thrown up into a top knot. Not that he had those types of feelings for her, but damn, did Y/N have perfectly long legs. Plus, her ass was hanging out of those “shorts” but who was he to complain? 

“What do you want to do?” she asked, looking up into his eyes. 


She nodded, turning Netflix onto her television while grabbing a blanket for the two of them. “What movie-” “The breakfast club.” Harry answered for her, smirking as she smiled at his remembrance of her all time favorite movie. 

Now, at this point, Y/N was snuggled up with her best friend, the movie about halfway through. Only, she was distracted by fuckboy #16 Jeremy as he kept flooding her imessage with ‘take me back’ texts. Harry noticed, but kept quiet knowing she would get agitated. 

“Ugh, what is this boy’s problem?!” She sat up, Harry following suit, “Now he’s saying I’m too innocent, not experienced enough? That’s such bullshit! I do things, like - like…” 

Harry tried rubbing her back, trying to get her to chill out a little and not worry about an irrelevant person. 

“How much have you done?” He genuinely wondered, thinking about it. 

She rolled her eyes and barely acknowledged the question, mumbling “Plenty of things.” 

He looked into her eyes now, the intimidation she never noticed before becoming evident as his green eyes stared back at her with insane wonder, “Like what?” 

She gulped, wanting to know why in the hell her skin was heating up, “Uhm, well - like…” 

He smirked, a whole new possibility flickering through his rotten mind, “Go on?” 

“Okay! God, Jesus Christ, Harry. Why the fuck do you want to know so bad all the sudden?” 

“You’re avoiding the question, babe.” 

She froze in place as she swore on her life he moved closer to her, the crush she developed sophomore year of high school flashing through her mind for a spilt second. “I-I’m a virgin.” 

Harry took that as a blow to the dignity of all males, his eyes going wide in pure shock. Sure, he knew she wasn’t the type for one night stands but he definitely didn’t think she had never done it with anyone. 

And for some reason, he felt like making up for it. He must be crazy. 

“Virgin? How the fuck…” He muttered, sincerely trying to figure out how that was even possible. Fuck, just look at her. She’s very fuckable. More than that, girlfriend material, the kind of girl armies should be fighting for in the thousands. 

“No one has ever felt like the one. They’re all assholes so-” 

The next thing Harry says surprises both of them, all the chemistry they always shared finally making sense, “Am I an asshole?” 

Of course, the true meaning behind this was, “I wasn’t fuckable enough?” 

Which, naturally makes her eyes widen as he seriously debates on whether or not she’s ever experienced any sexual pleasing, feeling like it’s his responsibly. 

Yep, he’s definitely going crazy. 

“So you’ve never even had an orgasm before?” He thinks aloud, throwing all his control into the trash. 

She rolls her eyes, standing up now and heading to the kitchen to get away from his never ending game of 21 questions, and maybe trying to get away from the urge to kiss him and let him be that one. 

“Still have fingers, Harry.” She calls from the kitchen, and fuck, he’s thinking all the things that shouldn’t be said in Church while those four words go straight to his dick. 

He stands up, debating his intentions as he finds her grabbing a can of soda out of the fridge, her ass on full display. 

And so with a final, fuck it, he meets her as he stands tall, still towering over her as her back is to him. 

He moves a strand of her hair and brings his lips to her ear, whispering the four words that have such a new meaning now. 

“You trust me, right?” 

And with that, she flips around and brings him down to meet their lips together in a forceful lust, surprising Harry at first, quickly responding as his hands find their way to her hips. 

Harry is thinking how in the hell has he never kissed her sugar sweet lips before and Y/N is thinking why she looked for so long when the perfect thing was right in front of her. Both of them thought the other was very fuckable. 


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yooo i might make a part 2 to this?? idkkk what to even call this bc likeee smut didn’t actually happen but?? if i made a part 2 there would fs be smut whohoo


- amanda;))

Wrong Number// Imagine Idubbbz// Imagine Ian Carter

The long candle lighter rests against the wick, and you click the trigger, your finger a bit sore from lighting all of the candles along your nightstands and dresser. you reach for your long cardboard box, and pull out a powder covered deep red incense stick, pressing the wooden end into the incense holder tray. you light that as well, and the sweet smell of cherries lightly trails with the smoke. These are the nights you love, peaceful ones where you just grab a book, cuddle up under your blankets and read until you fall asleep.It’s kind of strange when you read too much, you have the dark words burned into your eyes, and can see them against the walls.just as you’re about to take a break, your phone rings beside you. It’s an unfamiliar number, but you decide to answer anyway, could be someone from work.

“hello” you say casually, attempting to read at the same time. theres alot of background noise on the other end, static yelling, and laughing.

“where are you cunt, we’ve been waiting half an hour for your faggot ass” a voice you dont recognise, you stammer a bit.

“uh… i think you’ve got the wrong number” you say, hearing another voice in the background.

“gimme the phone you stupid fucker thats not the number” it says, you panic and hang up the phone, nearly throwing it away from you, picking your book back up, theres no point in worrying over that. Wrong number calls and texts happen all of the time. the sentence you left off on in your book is still pretty fresh in your mind, so you scan the page for that. another noise pulls your focus away, the sound that signals a text message, you sigh and grab your phone. Same unfamiliar number.

“hey, im sorry about the phone call, and calling you a cunt and faggot.” it reads, if you dont text back, theyll probably think you’re some uppity bitch. why do you care what they think though…?

“It’s alright, wrong number calls happen all of the time” you write, you care because you’re a nice person.

“must have really caught you off guard, that’s actually a term of endearment between my friends and, i believe it or not” by the sound of the voice, you feel safe to assume that it’s a guy.

“guys are like that, us girls just call each other wonderful names when we dont mean it” you write, it’s honest.

“ah, so you’re a girl, and one of those types” he says, one of those types? Admittingly, you did make it seem like every girl does that.

“not entirely, i mean i guess i say alot of things i dont mean. Like ‘sure strange person, its fine that you called me a cunt and a faggot” you hit send, wondering if maybe that sounded bitchy.

“hahaha, I’m not that strange, honestly” he says

“you call your friends a cunt, lovingly, that’s pretty strange” you reply.

“maybe, but it’s just a guy thing according to you” he writes.

“yea it was pretty stupid to bundle those stereotypes up, and connect them with entire genders, my bad.” you write. This is a stranger, it could be some total weirdo, and here you are having a conversation with him. What if he’s a murderer?

“you’re really a girl?” he asks, you huff a laugh.

“do i sound like a man over the phone?” you ask.

“right, no you dont, you did have a very feminine voice. Anybody could fake a voice though” he says, he isnt wrong.

“you caught me, i get off on answering random phone calls with a woman’s voice and luring unsuspecting men into my creepy man dungeon so we can call each other cunt, and play videogames, and watch football and such” more stereotypes, for sarcasm’s sake of course. you cant help but to feel clever and a bit proud of yourself.

“ah, i knew it, dungeon huh? that sounds creepy as fuck” he writes, man cave, you meant man cave.

“alot more stalkerish than i was going for, i meant mancave, sorry havent been a man for long” you hit reply.

“i look like an idiot, i just got the strangest look for the bartender” he writes.

“??” is all you reply.

“im laughing and smiling at my phone like a fucking faggot, in the middle of a club i honestly dont want to be in.” you feel a smile curve over your lips, and blush, even though no one can see you.

“club’s arent my scene either” you write, trying to play it cool.

“i dont even really like drinking, my friends are wrecked” he says, you laugh aloud.

“you’re the babysitter then?” you ask

“always” he replies.

“no fun” you say simply.

“nope, i have to drive now” he says.

“alright, have a good night” you say, thats the end of that. The exhaustion hits you all at once, making you look up at the clock, it reads 3:40 am. Staying up this late has always seemed juvenile to you, but you actually had a fun conversation. The pillow calls your name, and you cant resist the beckoning. Your dreams are always strange, you could be walking on alligators made of marbles, and it would be completely normal. Flying was always fun as well… consciousness sets in lightly, and you sigh, yawning deeply, opening your eyes. Candles all gone out on their own, incense burned out. The smell lingers though, thats one of the things you like about them. you reach for your phone, as you usually do when you just wake up. After unlocking it, your phone is still on the text screen.

“Good morning” it reads, a new one, from him. A smile again, and your cheeks warm. You remind yourself that you dont even know this guy, and text back.

“hey, morning” you say, yawning and pulling the blankets up tighter around you.

“Afternoon now, technically, how’d you sleep?” why are you smitten by this? simple questions? It just seems so cute, and nice. flirtatious? you dont know about that yet.

“pretty well, had a strange dream that the ground was made of aligators, but the aligators were made of marbles.To me in dreamland that was completely normal” you write.

“lol, thats wild. I lost my keys last night” he says.

“oh no, how did you manage that?” you write.

“my phone case is ice cream, and it catches my pants pocket, must have ripped it last night” he says. Another smile, he’s making you smile far too much.

“ice cream? i wanna see” you say.

“haha, really?” he says.

“yea, mine’s a panda”

“ill show you mine if you show me yours” he writes.  a rush shoots through your chest, and you know your blushing now.

“lol” is all you write.

“i meant that in the most innocent way possible” he says. 

“im sure, let’s see it” you say. theres an image attached to the next picture. upon opening it your immediately attracted to the ice cream phone case, but you see long fingers across it, and you look down to the strong arm attached to it. a long sleeved grey thermal covered arm, and a slim waist. As far as you can see, hes got an attractive body. you get up and walk into the bathroom, switching the camera on and snapping a quick picture. The only part of yourself shown in the picture is your hip, and your pajama shorts. blue ones with yellow frilly fabric at the bottom. Theres just barely a view of your side and up to your arm, your black tank top leaves little to the imagination. You feel safe enough to hit send and walk back to the bed, getting under the blankets.

“cute shorts lol :)” he writes, you roll your eyes, but your still smiling, he seems so nice.

“thanks lol, the point was to show off my phone case not my pajamas” you write.

“cute phone case too, but mines better” he writes.

“at least mine doesnt rip things and make me lose my keys” you say

“found them so ha” he replies. you huff a laugh.

“well good,your friends might need a dd later” you say.

“it’s monday, who goes to a club on a monday? do you have school, or work or anything?” he asks.

“monday is my day off, i planned on doing some grocery shopping later though” you respond, thinking of grocery shopping makes your stomach growl.

“i need to go to wall mart as well, maybe ill see you there” he we says. you get a little strike of fear, how could he know where you are.

“how do you know we’ll be at the same wall mart?” you ask.

“area code? theres only one on the north side of town” he says, you get an uneasy feeling, and it takes you a bit to respond.

“oh yea” is all you write.

“i sounded a little stalkerish didnt i? sorry, you’re fun to talk to is all, i didnt mean to scare you. I just mean we could be there at the same time, not im purposely going to spend all day at wall mart to meet you. not that i wouldnt want to meet you, wow I’m just digging a bigger hole arent i?” he asks.

“no its fine lol youre fine, it just took me off guard,i dont even know who you are, i dont even know your name” you write.

“It’s Ian, I’m Ian” he writes, you tell him your name as you walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. Apple sounds good, it’s all you have really.

“great, now we have names, youre becoming more and more human by the second” he says, you kind of understand what he means.

“yea, talking over text kind of gives off a inhuman, mechanical feel. meeting might be cool, after im sure youre not a murderer or something lol” you joke, biting into the apple, and walking towards your closet.

“well i mean, you could never know that, if Im any good ive been hiding it successfully for years.” you laugh while you pull a long sleeved shirt over yourself, and wiggle into some jeans.

“not helping” you write.

“lol, im kidding of course, but its true” he says.

“gotta drive” you say grabbing your keys and slipping your shoes on.

“talk soon” he writes. you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket as you pull into the wall mart parking lot.

“would you ever buy a roomba that plays music?” he asks. the question is strange, so out of context.

“uhm… maybe. Actually yea, i like to listen to music while i clean” you answer.

“thanks. what kind of music do you like?” he asks.

“wait lol why did you ask me that? i like nirvana, and iron maiden, the lyrics kind of remind me of lord of the rings. Very quest like lol but the instrumentals kick ass so dont judge, offspring and coldplay, i like alot.” you say

“a kickstarter i came across, and wow thats awesome, great bands. coldplay? what are you fucken gay” he says, making you laugh, a gust of wind hits you as you open the car door.

“i said dont judge, i gotta get this shopping done, ill text you when im done with it all. I hate grocery shopping” 

“sure thing, talk soon” he says.

Grocery shopping isnt fun for you, having to maneuver around people, being around people in general pretty much sucks. You’re relieved when its finished, and you go home, unloading everything and take it up to your apartment. Honestly, you like shelving everything, organising it, and putting it on the fridge strategically. Like tetris, everything fits if you try. It’s nearly dark by the time you text Ian back.

“all done” you write. he doesnt reply for a while, so you make yourself some dinner and watch some t.v.

“sorry, i was a bit busy. How was shopping?” he asks.

“it was fine, i just dont like people” you say, turning the volume of the t.v. down a bit.

“lol introvert?” he asks.

“i bit maybe, not full on though” you tell him.

“thats good, socializing is good for you.”

“why thanks doc” you say teasing him.

“lol, what are your plans for the night?” he asks. you snap a quick picture of your t.v..

“maybe have some ice cream later, but youre looking at it.” you say.

“is that a cartoon?” he asks, you smile.

“yep, christmas cartoons are the best” you say.

“hahaha, very cute” he says, making you blush.

“lol,thanks” is all you write. you continue texting him, and attempt to flirt back a bit, but its getting late.

“ive got work tomorrow, so i gotta go to bed now” you say.

“alright, that’s fine, you can make fun of me more tomorrow” he says.

“not you, just your band preferences ;)” you say, plugging your phone in.

“ lol fair enough, as if yours arent as weird as mine. anyways,goodnight, sleep well” he writes.

The morning air is colder than usual, puts you in quite a good mood. You slept in too much, and now youre late, no time to text Ian.You slip on a black long sleeved shirt, and your work polo over that, along with some black slacks. you walk in and see your boss standing behind the counter.

“im sorry foley, i woke up a bit late, thanks for covering” you say, he smiles a bit.

“you woke up late? must have had a fun night” he says. foley is a great guy, never too harsh, but you dont push your boundaries either. hes a chunky guy with long shoulder length blonde hair. 

“oh yea, my ice cream and i had a party of two” you say. foley laughs and walks into the isles of books. you help a customer who’s looking for a text book. by the time lunch rolls around you realise you didnt bring anything. the smells from the food court linger in the store anyways, always taunting you. you grab a quick slice from the pizza bro’s across the way and eat hurriedly before your shift starts up again. There isnt many people in around lunchtime, so you check your phone.

“good morning! how’d you sleep?” Ian’s constant good morning texts are actually quite comforting.

“sorry i woke up late, had to get on the road, i slept fine, im at work now so im not going to be so consistant with texting you” you say.

“thats fine, where do you work?” he asks.

“stalkerrrr” you write teasing him.

“right right, sorry lol” he says.

“Barnes and Noble” you answer.

“no way im in one right now” he says. your heart skips a beat, and fear strikes through you. you look up, theres only three people in the store, a family in the children’s section, a tall guy over in the autobiographies, and a woman in mysteries.

“im kidding” he says. you feel relieved, but now you’re going to wonder if every man is him.

“thats not funny jackass i nearly had a heart attack” you say back.

“why lol i thought you wanted to meet eventually” he says.

“well yea, but idk if youre a murderer or not” you say

“im not” he writes, simply.

“okay maybe not a murderer but you could totally do meth and like steal peoples puppies” you say

“hahahaha no, i dont do that either, im a normal guy” he says.

“what do you do? for work i mean” you ask, the tall guy approaches the counter.you shove your phone in your pocket and smile.

“will this be all?” you ask. the man nods.

“yep that’ll do it” he says. This guy is actually pretty cute, hes got wavy-ish light brown hair, tan skin, and very defined facial features. a strong jawline, and a bit of stubble. broad shoulders and a slim waist as far as you can tell. you’ve learned how to hide the fact your looking at people while on the job. you scan his credit card and hand him the bagged book.

“have a great day” he says before you can say it, you smile.

“thanks, you too” you say, with an honest smile. he turns, but you see him look back at you. you blush and look down at your phone, no reply yet. you take a drink of water.

“i do videos, on youtube. nothing special” he answers.

“really? what kind?” you ask.

“cancerous kinds, its lame dont look me up” he says.

“alright i wont lol” you promise.

“good, i wanna be the first time i meet you, the first time you judge me, not by the shit i say on youtube” he says, it sounds so genuine, and really attractive.

“alright i promise i wont, i gotta get back to work, text you later” you say

“talk soon :)” he says. you smile, and shove your phone away.

works finally over, and you smell rain in the air. you soak in it while you walk to your car, setting inside for a bit.

“Off work, heading home” you text Ian, no reply, you like it when he replies right away, but he has a life too. You get home, and take a quick shower, ducking into your bed to keep warm.

“hey, how was work?” he asks.

“work was fine, how was your day?” you ask

“I had a great day actually” he answers.

“awesome, its gonna rain” you say

“yea, its gonna be awful” he says

“rain is great! i love the cold, long sleeves all the time, hoodies and warm blankets. might call off work lol” you say

“hahaha youre so strange” he says

“how so?” you ask, a little offended.

“you hate people, and hot weather, you love depressing weather, and depressing books.Not a bad strange, enticing to say the least.” he says enticing? your cheeks warm.

“everybody has preferences” you say

“yea, very true. i didnt mean it in a bad way, i really like all that about you” he says, you blush, still not able to stop that.

“you’re making me blush, which is stupid cause it’s not like youre here” you say

“you’d be blushing more if i was there?” he asks.

“probably” you answer.

“thats adorable lol” he says.

“okay enough cutesy shit” you say

“why hahaha” he asks.

“because ive never met you, and i wanna meet you, but if i start to like you im gonna be even more afraid to actually meet you” you answer.

“alright no more cutesy shit”” he agrees

“thankyou” you say

“you’re very welcome ma’am” he says

“you dont have to be that official” you say

“okay, cutesy shit or no cutesy shit theres no in between here” he says

“lol find an in between” you say

“ill try” he says

“It’s not like i dont like it, it’s just what if when we meet what if we dont like eachother then?” you say, you really mean what if you dont like me. and i already like you because you simply complimented me.

“I’m sure that’s not the case” he says.

“well you dont know for sure, what if you dont like my hair, or my clothes or something idk, what if i dont like your hair or clothes, what if theres something that just sets us off and we dont like each other” you say

“you’re overthinking it, i like you just fine over text, meeting you in person isnt going to be a big deal trust me, we will have plenty to talk about” he says. you sigh, what if you dont though.

“alright, i’m beat i should get to bed, goodnight Ian” you say

“goodnight, sleep well okay?” he says, you smile

“yea ill try” you say. 

the patter of rain wakes you up, and you breathe it in deep, you smile and grab your phone calling off work. you sit up, and go to your closet, pulling out a grey long sleeved shirt, your deep green jacket, and a scarf, along with your favorite light jeans, and some ankle boots. you grab your keys and get into your car, stopped at a stoplight you grab your phone.

“do you want to grab a coffee? Ill be at that place on b and 9th if you do” you write, staring at the phone.

“on my way” he writes. you feel your heart start to beat quickly, and you grip the steering wheel tightly, smiling, but feeling scared shitless at the same time.

you sit inside the coffee shop, it isnt very busy but you couldnt possibly focus on anyone else if you wanted to. Turning the pages of the book youre reading seems pointless, since you cant concentrate on that either, you feel like youre going to puke your heart up, and it doesnt help that youre sure youre beet red. you glnace up again, and see that same guy from Barnes and Nobles walk in, you think it’s strange, but you  dont pay much attention to it. you look down at your book, scanning the pages, and taking another sip of the chocolatey drink. you look out the window and up at the dark clouds.

“Thats a pretty depressing book” you hear to your right, you look over and the guy from Barnes and Nobles is sitting at the table beside you.

“oh, yea i guess, it’s good though” you say flipping it over to look at the title “its about…” your voice trails and you look back up, blushing a bit.

“Ian?” you ask, he half smiles.

“hey” he says simply, his smile turning more mischievous, you feel a full on blush cover your face, and you just blink.

“but… you really were in the store” you say realizing it.

“I figured i should say i was joking so you could avoid a heart attack” he says shrugging, getting up and sliding into the seat in front of you.

“youre such an ass!” you say hitting his arm with the book.

“and youre abusive!” he says, lifting his coffee away, you cant help but to smile..

“well thats not fair” you say pulling at your sleeves. he huffs a laugh, satisfied with himself.

“isnt it better though, you’ve basically already met me” he says, you shake your head in disbelief, and narrow your eyes.

“how did you even know it was me?” you ask Ian takes a drink of his coffee before answering.

“your name-tag, and i got a text right when you shoved your phone in your pocket, and you do blush alot” he says with a shy smile himself. you blush and he laughs a bit. you roll your eyes.

“you cheated” you say 

“i didnt plan it, i was getting that book you said i should read” he says, showing you he brought it. A James Patterson.

“ahh…. i dont even know if youre going to like it, its a chick book” you say he shrugs.

“you said i should read it” he says again, you blush.

“no cutesy shit remember” you say, hiding your blush by taking a drink of your mocha.

“right but that was because you were afraid to meet me, no holds bars now” he says with a smile.you huff a laugh. You cant even look him in the eye for too long, hes very attractive.you look outside.

“you wanna go for a walk or something?” he asks, you look back at him, as he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand.

“sure” you say with a smile. he stands and waits for you before walking away.the cold air hits you, and you feel a bit better, rain is battering against the sidewalks.

“dont usually get much rain here” he says.

“yea i know, i hate it, i wanna move to oregon or something one day” you say

“just for the rain?” he asks, you chuckle.

“and the medical marijuana amiright” you joke, he laughs.

“im kidding, i dont even smoke” you blush, you were just trying to be funny.

“seems to be kind of rare right? people that dont smoke weed” he says, you nod.

“yea, it does” you agree. you walk along the sidewalk until you get to a small park, you both kind of gravitate towards it and find a picnic bench under a tree, you sit down and he sits across from you.

so?” Ian asks, you look up at him.

“so what?” you ask, confused.

“my hair? my clothes? you hate it?” he says teasingly. you laugh

“no i dont hate it” you say, he smiles and you’re afraid to ask if theres anything wrong with what you look like.

“i honestly didnt expect you to be this cute” he says, he’s kind of shy as well, you blush.

“what did you expect?” you ask.

“well i didnt knwo what to expect really, but it’s crazy that it turned out so well yaknow. i think we get along pretty well…and youre really cute” he says

“yea, too good to be true, maybe i find out that your vidoes are just hardcore gay porn or something and i get an easy out” you say he laughs and tilts his head.

“okay, some of it is pretty gay” he says, you smile, and drink the last bit of your mocha,

“so the rain put you in somewhat of a courageous mood?’ he asks, you shrug.

“yea, i guess, i really like this weather. It reminds me of when i was a kid, i used to live in northern cali, i came out here for college and kind of never went home” you say, he nods, listening.

“i got a scholarship, my hometown is so small that everybody heard about it, and they all thought i was genius. It was so over the top, i was glad to get out of there” you say, Ian laughs.

“how did you wind up at Barnes and Noble?” he asks, you lift up your book.

“i like books” you say gaining a laugh, you smile.

“ I’d like to be a Librarian actually” you say he seems interested.

“thats a strange profession to dream about” he says you shrug.

“being surrounded by books all day would be great, theyre so little but theyre all entire stories, i dont think i could stop reading them to actually work though” you admit.

“Preferences right” he says, you nod with a smile.

“tell me more about what you do” you say he takes a deep breath, and smiles.

“like i said its cancerous, do you watch youtube alot? he asks, you dhake your head and he looks relieved.

“i make videos, i review kickstarters and basically give them terrible reviews. I order those boxes, or get fan mail and shit, and i unbox it, my room is still a mess from the last one” he says

“thats what you were doing when you were working?” you ask, he nods and runs a hand thorugh his hair nervously.

“yea, it can get pretty crazy, they send me some disgusting shit, I’m pretty offensive too, theres pretty much no boundaries” he says. you smile, wondering if what he does is funny.

“sounds fun, fan mail sounds great” you say, he must have alot of followers to get fan mail.

“they send me literal trash” he says with a straight face, you smile and cant help but tpo laugh.

“thats disgusting” you say he nods.

“theres been worse, but its whatever, im good at it so its what i do” he says. looking at your book.

“thats what you should do, read books and review them, or be a editor or something” he says, you nod.

“ive thought about it, but i think it would take the fun out of reading, and i dont have a very popular opinion, like you say im strange” you tell him he nods.

“exactly, a fresh view” he says, yuo smile.

“you could be right, i dont know” you say he smiles.

“do you ever think about doing anything else?” you ask, he shrugs.

“ive done a couple things, but this is the only constant” he says. 

“well it seems like youre pretty popular” you say he rolls his eyes.

“im a real celebrity” he says sarcastically. you laugh and he smiles watching you, you blush a bit “you wanna get something to eat?” he asks. you nod, and you get up off the table and run through the rain back to the vcovered sidewalk, walking by all the shops.

“im glad you had a spurt of courage” he says, you look up at him, and he smiles down at you, you blush a bit and look down at the sidewalk, a smile curving at your lips a bit. you watch the rain fall, and soak in the cold while you can. Ian slowly reaches for your hand, and you dont protest as he holds it lightly. 

#205: You Turn Him On At The Most Inappropriate Time


It wasn’t on purpose, on the contrary everything about it was so innocent he wanted to scold at himself for having these thoughts. He had even been the one to buy the dress with you, seeing you twirl around in the changing room without any sort of affection of it. But now, sitting in a limo with the rest of the boys and an arm swung around your shoulder casually he constantly tried to erase the thoughts. He bit down on his lip, even tried to swing the left leg over the other in hope of at least not you noticing but it didn’t take long for you to see his uncomfortable situation. “What are you doing?” You lowered your voice while asking, pressing your cheek against his with curious eyes. Even if he heard your voice clearly it took him a full minute until his eyes flicked towards your waiting ones, his teeth digging into his bottom lips so harshly he was surprised he couldn’t taste blood. “Trying to control myself.” The words seemed pressed out while he let out a deep breath, expecting that you would only become more confused and you did. He looked over at the boys for a short moment and grabbed your hand fast to brush it over his crutch, his eyes wide when you realized what was going on. “Oh my god.” Was the only thing you managed to comment your hand flying up to control the grin. “Don’t laugh at me.” He warned, eyes still wide. “Because I have to be in front of a freaking camera crew, a crowd of paparazzi and stand on the red carpet with you in a few minutes pretending that what is currently growing in my pants isn’t about to pop the zip.” Every word leaving his lips were spoken with a lower tone, his eyebrows furrowing to show his anger but you still couldn’t stop laughing. Everything about this whole situation was so funny especially because Luke was such a hard time controlling myself. “You were even the one picking the dress!” “Yes but I didn’t expect that your cleavage would be so shown so please do fix it.” His tone was serious but also daring, tempting you. Your hands fiddled lightly with your dress wanting Luke to think that you would fix it, but in fact you did the completely opposite and revealed your chest even more as the limo stopped. “Better?”


“Okay we need to stop now.” He breathed, fingers digging into the skin of your hips but he didn’t sound the slightest convincing as thought he would. “Why?” You hummed against his neck, a smile growing on your face by the way he was squirming beneath your touch. “You were the one saying that I needed to take your mind off because you were so nervous.” His eyes opened by your words, a tongue coming out to lick his already wet lips from your kisses. “Yes but I wouldn’t have expected you to all of the sudden sit on top of my lap. Besides they are probably already inside the restaurant and I don’t want to make a bad impression by being late.” “It’s just my parents.” You said lowly while moving your lips down his neck again, feeling him shutter. “They already love you.” You moved away from his neck to see his expression that seemed in a mix of not wanting to do this and being on the edge of convincement. You always had that effect on him, being completely wrapped around your little finger and giving in. It was after all calming him down completely but this was also the worst case of all, he wanted to make a great impression even if he had done that multiple times. He hadn’t gotten into that comfortable situation where he could just walk up to them without worrying what to say or what to do despite you always claiming that he should just relax. And even if it seemed like the stupidest thing ever to have a hot makeout session in front of the steering wheel of his car, it took his mind off completely. In fact he was almost dazed and left confused when you pulled away and were already half out of the car and into the restaurant before he even got the chance to let out a deep breath. He was so confused by everything that he couldn’t even be nervous when walking into the store and meeting up with your parents. It wasn’t until that you had been showed to your table that he clenched your hand and pulled you back before you could take a seat down. “What is wrong?” You questioned confused, looking up at him still with your hand in his, his eyes half wide as he lowered his voice; “I just had to greet your father with the biggest boner.”  


“No, no why are you leaving?” He pouted, dragging out the last o’s and baffled his eyelashes when you moved away from his reach completely and headed towards the dresser to take a look in the mirror. “Because you have a living room filled with people wanting to celebrate your birthday remember that? And that you promised that around midnight you would hold a speech thanking everyone for coming.” He looked as if he hadn’t remembered that deal at all but then a goofy smile came to his face. “That was before I drank all the welcoming champagne that was served by the reception.” You smiled softly by the goofy giggle leaving his lips afterwards, his cheeks completely blushing and his tie half adjusted around his neck. His blazer was also gone you had no idea where he had left it but he clearly didn’t mind. “Come on,” You encouraged and opened the door, “You see that tend you created in my pants and expect me to walk out right now? I might be very drunk Y/N but I’m not walking out like this.” He slurred and wanted to lean back on the mattress but you were quick to pull onto his hand and wanting to drag him up from the bed. “Michael!” “I want birthday sex.” He was smirking all over his face after letting the words slip past his lips, his eyes scrunching up and not just because he was drunk. “You’ve promised me that.” “Yes but it’s not gonna be now because you have a speech to hold and I know you’ve actually been planning this for days so how about we do it now and get it over with?” A deep sigh came from him in respond but regardless he nodded his head agreeing and with the help of you stood up from the bed. He as swinging around confused for a moment trying to regain his balance, one arm around your shoulders but that was when an idea came to his mind. In one swift movement he had his hands on your hip and surprisingly moved you in front of himself, making sure to press your back against his chest. “What are you doing?” You questioned, seeing your reflection in the mirror as you started to walk. “Feel how hard I am right now and I’m supposed to hold a speech in front of my guests?” He leaned his lips against your ear while speaking, “As of now you’re my boner shield.”


“Stop – Doing – That.” Just by the way he was furrowing his eyebrows and uncomfortably shifted with his shoulders you could tell that he was serious about his statement. Looking up at him to see him already look down at you, you quivered an eyebrow unaware of what you had done now. “I’m not doing anything?” You responded back on a low voice, not wanting to disturb while the interviewer was having a small talk with Luke. “Yes you are.” He disagreed and again being unaware you bit down on your lip and shook your head confused. “That.“ He added and flicked his eyes down to your lips, his arm tightening around your shoulder after causally having it rest on the cushion behind you. It took you some seconds to realize what was going on, not intentionally biting down on your lip again and he almost groaned out loudly. It didn’t make any sense to him because it was such a weak weakness he almost hated when you did it, especially when it was on purpose just to tease him. But there was something about the innocence going on right now that made him feel the tightening in his pants and his leg pacing up and down as if he was having a song beating in his mind. But it was all because of you and even if he tried to focus on the interviewer and his questions his eyes constantly went back to yours. “Stop!” He hissed once again, giving you a squeeze in the shoulder because now he knew that you were only doing it on purpose. “I’m not doing anything.” You hummed and leaned your head against his, seeing his obvious boner hiding beneath the black material. He noticed your staring as well, almost having blushing cheeks in embarrassment but he was almost too pissed off to even think about that. He had totally forgotten what they were talking about in the interview because all he had eyes for was you and with you being the teasing shit he had to do something about. “Come here.” He requested but before you could even ask him what he meant he grabbed you by the hips and placed you on top of his lap. The boys looked over at your direction for a short moment along with the interviewer but it was only a small smile that came to their faces when looking back at each other because they only saw it as something cute. But oh boy how the situation was much different. “You’re gonna pay for this later, gorgeous.”

Why Olivia Dunham is So Important

Olivia Dunham is one of my favourite fictional characters ever, for so many reasons, the biggest being just how important she is.

The media now is full of Strong Female Characters, and while that is good, it is often done in a way that isn’t quite what we want - in my opinion, Olivia is Not one of these characters.

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plahnet-sherlock-deactivated201  asked:

I have a question about something irene said. There was this part where She and john were talking and john says, "Im not actually gay" Then she responds with "Well I am, look at us both." But then they both realize Sherlock's been listening. THEn she says, "I dont think so... do you?" What does that mean? Thank you xxoo

Ohhh, I’m always up for a discussion about the Battersea scene. :) 

You broke the moment down perfectly. My interpretation is that Irene is finishing her thought, and their realization that Sherlock has been listening helps to confirm her point. So what IS her point? Let’s back up a little bit more. (Transcript credit: Ariane DeVere)

IRENE: Are you jealous?

JOHN: We’re not a couple.

IRENE: Yes you are. There …

(She holds up her phone to show John the screen, although he’s too far away to read it. She tells him what she has typed anyway.)

IRENE: “I’m not dead. Let’s have dinner.”

(She presses the Send button. John turns away momentarily and then turns back to her.)

JOHN (quietly): Who … who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but – for the record – if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay.

IRENE: Well, I am. Look at us both.

(John laughs ruefully. Just then an orgasmic female sigh can be heard a short distance away. In the corridor outside the room, unseen by either of them, Sherlock switches his phone off and rapidly walks away. John starts to walk in the direction of the sound but Irene holds out her hand to stop him. She looks at him pointedly.)

IRENE: I don’t think so, do you?

Before they both became aware of Sherlock’s presence, Irene was trying to make a point to John. Regardless of her own attraction to/feelings for Sherlock, she did not hesitate to throw their feelings for one another in their faces. One of her texts to Sherlock even says:

John’s blog is HILARIOUS. I think he likes you more than I do. Let’s have dinner.

Irene knows what people like. She tells us again and again. And there’s no subtext in this scene. It’s blatant. “We’re not a couple.” “Yes you are.”

She knows they aren’t in a sexual and/or romantic relationship. But she also knows that doesn’t mean they aren’t a couple. She knows it’s just a matter of time before they acknowledge it. Note that right before this scene, John tells the fem!lock Irene sics on him (the woman he thought worked for Mycroft), that Sherlock “doesn’t follow him everywhere.”

Now, to John’s comment:

“I’m not actually gay.”

(Not “I’m straight.” Not “I’m not interested in dating Sherlock.” But the standard John Watson #notgay.)

And Irene replies with: “Well I am. Look at us both.”

The second phrase is meant to contradict the first. In other words:

“Well I am. [But] look at us both.”

Irene has already confessed to flirting with Sherlock. She doesn’t try to hide her interest in him (unlike John). Here’s what she’s saying:

“You’re not gay. I am. But look at us both (in love with Sherlock).”

Sherlock literally enters the picture after the word “both,” with that orgasmic sound. Irene and John are both startled, and John looks very worried. Irene stops him from going after Sherlock, then finishes her thought.

“I don’t think so, do you?”

Irene is saying that their sexual orientations don’t matter, because they’re both in love with Sherlock. She has totally accepted this about herself, and is trying to make John understand it about himself, too. After all, John thought Sherlock wouldn’t follow him – but Sherlock did. They are a couple. Him showing up, the fact that he followed John, helps confirm her point.

Please note that I do not in ANY way believe this means Irene is not gay, or John is not straight (or…not not gay?). We’re told multiple times in this episode that Irene sleeps with both men and women. Irene *gets* sexuality. She’s well aware of the Kinsey scale and sexual fluidity. Being attracted to a man is not alarming to her, and does not change her sexual orientation (in her mind or in reality). It happens to plenty of people. Rules have exceptions.

For John, though, this is an utter mindfuck. Being attracted to/in love with Sherlock does not necessarily change his sexual orientation to “gay.” But, like many people, this is a foreign concept to John. It’s possible he’s never been attracted to a man before and this is intensely confusing for him.

Irene understands. She’s trying to explain it to John. Gay, not gay, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change how they both feel. 

“He doesn’t follow me everywhere. We’re not a couple. I’m not gay.”

“I don’t think so…do you?”

He Finds Your Tumblr

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It’s a normal, peaceful day. Your boyfriend Ashton is on break from his tour and is currently sitting in your living room whilst you’re making lunch for the both of you. 

Ashton’s laughs echo through the open door and you stick a head round the frame to see what’s so funny.

“What’re you laughing at?” Your words only make him laugh louder so you narrow your eyes. “Seriously, Ash, what’s going on?” He abruptly stops laughing after hearing the seriousness in your tone and looks up guiltily. “What do you have there?” you grin with curiosity and start walking over. He slams the computer screen down and you glare at him. 

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