i dont even know enough insults for you

I apologize for the eventual mistakes, english isn’t my main language.

I love Jensen and Jared. I love Supernatural. But honestly, if those “”fans”” keep treating them that bad, I think they should start thinking about leaving the show. At one point it’s just unhealthy to them.

 I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be treat as a homophobic for Jensen, or as a attention whore for speaking up about his depression for Jared.

I dont know them personnally, but I’ve read enough about fans meeting them to asume that they are good mens. They dont deserve to be treat like shit by peoples who  are pretending to be fans.

Y’all ain’t fans. Y’all are haters, with no other purpose than destroy anyone who isn’t fitting your desires. 

And for the shippers who are currently insulting Jensen, friendly reminder that the only fucking person who is queerbaiting you is Misha Collins, who, in my opinion need this ship to stay relevant. Jensen Ackles NEVER promise you shit. He NEVER try to build false hopes.  You think he was harsh on her ?  Damn, after all those years being ask the same damn  question I would react the same way. 

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki deserve better than fake fans who are hating on them everytime they open heir mouths. At this point it would be better to just cancelled cons until some of you start using their brains to understand that their behavior is disgusting.

 ( Also, I really feel bad for all the Destiel shippers who didn’t do anything wrong and are now in the middle of this drama. )

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