i dont even have twitter

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i kid you not, i want frederick so bad and with my green orbs ive summoned Cecilia 4 GODDAMN TIMES

at least you’re not as bad as that dude who spent $5,000 trying to get Hector but still didnt LOL
and he has like six 5 star Lyns LOL


I dont even know–
Anyone, ideas, explanations, theories? :B

Twitter rumours have it we ll get news on January 1st to start of the year of 30th FF Anniversary big

this is one of those moments where i am actually kind of glad his nickname is bread. its perfect for this absolute bullshit. 

The news of Kris and Luhan being on Running Man China is unconfirmed. It’s derived from an unofficial account. Not everything you see on social media sites is official or true. Stop spreading this news.