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Ray would be a ghost type pokemon user probably 🤔

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@bioware just in case those guides are right

EDIT: i’m not attacking tom/never was and none of ya’ll should either bc from the looks of it our guy didn’t know jaal would be straight. i’m hitting bioware for either not letting tom know the romance got cut or they did tell him and didn’t let him tell us which is actually really fucked up

dead by daylight needs more fanart and BOY OH BOY have i brought garbage to the table

this is a lot tho i’m so sry


The stuff going on with Bart whatshisname and Harley from epic meal time in regards to ARMY and BTS is honestly making me sick. Harley in particular, coming out of nowhere to declare himself President of the BTS fanclub. The ego on his man is horrifying. White male privilege, coming into an existing fandom and declaring that you, a fan for two whole minutes, are leader of all of us. No. Sure, being a new BTS stan is FINE. I dont mind that they or any other new fans like BTS (if they actually do like them awesome, but it looks like they are just using them for retweets/exposure) but to proclaim you ‘lead’ us. The sheer nerve of these entitled assholes.  Literally coming out of nowhere then in the last few days suddenly preaching about how they are “Jimins number 1 fan” and “BTS fanclub President”. 

It’s freaking mansplaining. ‘oh youve liked this thing for years/months/weeks, well I, as a man, like it now too. Therefore I am superior fan and you will treat me like I am better than you.’ It just reeks of entitlement. Also this Bart guy, another youtuber, with a murky past, made a considerably racist comment about seeing a person of Asian descent on the street and saying “Jimin?” (side note why does poor Jimin attract the crazy people lately :( )

Im just so angry and like i have to deal with freaking male privilege every day and I really cant listen to another goddamn guy tell me how to enjoy something. ARMY already have leaders, and they are the 7 members of BTS, not you. We don’t need a president when we have them and if you really liked them you would know, understand and respect this.

There is a right way and a wrong way to join a new fandom and disregarding and disrespecting the existing fans is not the way to do it. Other celebrities have recently shown their support after learning about BTS and they arent assholes. So what makes these guys do this kind of shit? Attention probably. I know I’m giving it to them but I am very frustrated by this.  

If you’re not going to be respectful to ARMY and BTS then please go back to your youtube channels and eat bacon instead

Okay but frank being a dickhead to young fans on twitter is getting kinda old tbh

anonymous asked:

you can pretend that girls are not sexist and catty with other females all you want. here you are a grown woman in a fandom full of straight teenage girls who care so much about some mediocre white man because he's good looking, and get jealous when some other girl gets a twitter reply from him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ahahahahasdkfsldfkjsdf. i dont even have a fandom twitter, no one i talk to in this fandom is straight, and i havent so much as glanced at a cis man in like two years so uhhhhh … fuck off dude? youre blatantly stereotyping me and all other ‘fangirls’ right now and then accusing me of sexism? u serious? 

(won’t deny theyre largely mediocre white men though djfksdflsd)

i’m not like other girls. i don’t wear skirts or high heels. i dont have a facebook or twitter or even an iphone. i also gamble like a degenerate, drink like a fish, fuck hookers maybe five times a week and have three different federal agencies looking to indict me, and i love drugs. im Jordan Belfort.