i dont even get the plots anymore but this was funny to me

Adena El Amin the Love Interest of My Dreams

Okay, so here’s the thing… shows with a demographic like The Bold Type’s typically have a love interest that the audience is meant to fall hard for in its first season and ground the series’ long romantic storytelling. Am I really trying to make a claim here that Adena is the Mr. Big of The Bold Type? Yes. No. Kind of? Okay, so Adena is definitely NOTHING like the character of the Mr. Big. I mean he is the epitome of straight white male privilege and Adena is well… the complete opposite of that. However, Mr. Big was a very well executed love interest character from a narrative perspective. The thing is: actually delivering a good love interest character is incredibly difficult. Often, the love interest character is treated as a trophy after a series of trials for the flawed, but loveable protagonist. And that’s such a tired trope at this point that most vehemently reject the label of love interest if it involves their favorite character because it generally means the character is severely underdeveloped. But a love interest character when delivered well can be a delicious slow build. And Adena, is in fact, a masterfully executed character.

this is actually a very long essay so read at your own risk.

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anonymous asked:

top 10 favorite movies/animes ? plz?

ahaha but in all seriousness, I’ve been judged (a lot) in the past for my favourite animes so don’t trust me too much ;7;

1) yuri!!! on ice (k it’s not completely because it’s a sports anime featuring a lot of guys, it’s because of the character development of yuri katsuki as he goes from super broken (like how I was before watching yoi) to confident and engaged. It’s just a really life-changing anime that has changed me both through the story and through inspiration //I mean, 99% of my art nowadays is yoi fanart//. I won’t go into too much detail but… yuri on ice give it a shot)

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Jealous! au - Wooseok

Hey guys! It’s been a while! College is difficult and very time consuming (as a lot of you know) but I finally finished something for once! This scenario kinda seems all over the place cuz I was inspired by multiple things, but couldnt fully elaborate on just one. Nonethless, I hope you enjoy it :)

Originally posted by yeo1

(god i miss wooseok so much and this gif has a bf feel im dead)

  • Ok so lets just jump into this u and wooseok are a new couple
  • Like lets just say about a month there’s some substance there but not what it could be
  • How yall met was actually a funny story
  • (not important to the actual plot but let me live im inspired)
  • Ok so u guys met when u both were checking out at a convenience store, u were behind him in line
  • And u know hes tall af so ur like looking up like wtf whose mans is this why he so tall
  • And he just feels someone looking at him so he looks back and see u just looking up at him with a half puzzled half annoyed expression
  • So being the piece of shit that he is he decides to mock ur expression which makes you shook
  • You didnt realize that 1 you were making that face and 2 you were making that face at a very cute boy
  • And so ur first reaction is to just laugh and say “sorry I didnt realize i looked that ugly looking at you”
  • And his response is “ugly? I thought it was pretty cute”
  • Now both of yall are shocked u cuz wow is he just super nice or a fuckboy and him because wtf did he just say why did he say it out loud
  • So his cheeks get really red and based on that u decide hes just super nice and you give him your number instantly lol
  • U basically force him to take it but its ok he couldn’t say no
  • So u guys have an instant attraction which starts it all lmao
  • Ok so now to the actual plot
  • So u guys dont live together yet cuz that would be weird & he got pentagon
  • But he still is at ur apartment a lot so u guys do a lot of the long-time couple things like going to the grocery store together
  • And yall lazy af so these count as dates cuz then afterwards u cook something and watch a movie lol
  • Anyways so u and wooseok at the store being cute af you’re pushing the cart and hes holding the cart behind you trapping you and thats how yall walking cuz you’re embarrassing
  • And so yall are just walking through the aisles just shopping and picking out things to buy and he stops you for a second and grabs a certain snack and is like “i havent had these in forever! I didnt even know they sold them anymore!”
  • And without thinking you just say, “my ex used to love those so much. He would wipe out stores when they came back in stock he spent so much money on them.” and ofc youre laughing while youre saying this because its a funny memory theyre fucking snacks
  • And wooseok just stops, shoves the box back in its spot, and is just muttering, “nope. Were not having flashbacks. Not today.” while he’s gets back in his position behind u and pushes you away from them lol
  • So u decide to make this a game because its fun to mess with wooseok
  • Whenever he is about to pick up something you just mention something about your ex lol
  • Like wooseok reaches for milk? You instantly say “thats the kind he liked. Never drank any other kind”
  • and wooseok gives you a look cuz he knows what you’re doing but still ends up picking a different kind lol
  • Then when yall get to the eggs you pipe up “he lovedddd eggs”
  • And hes like “r u fucking kidding me. We need eggs tho…”
  • And is being dramatic af looking at u and the eggs deciding what he should do
  • And ur trying to hard to not laugh and ur like “wooseok just get the eggs”
  • But hes still fighting with himself lmao
  • So ur just like “we need them…if it makes you feel any better i’ll start thinking of you when i see eggs…”
  • And that has his attention and as he grabs them he’s like “why?”
  • “Because you look like an egg”
  • And he gives u an annoyed look but u know he’s secretly grateful lol
  • And after placing the eggs in the cart he returns behind you, kisses you on the cheek, and stays quiet lol
  • So weeks pass and you think the situation has blown over you basically forgot it happen
  • And wooseok doesn’t hold grudges, but he never forgets lmao
  • So u guys are just making breakfast one morning
  • And I would say wooseok would jokingly pretend to hold a grudge
  • So out of nowhere he will pipe up and be like “my ex used to make eggs soooooo well”
  • And youre just like “do they wanna come over and make them for us then? We both know I cant cook”
  • And his jaw basically drops on the floor and hes like “…youre…not jealous?”
  • So youre like “what? Why would i be?”
  • And hes childishly like “this is similar to the market incident…”
  • So youre like “oH…are you talking about when we bought these eggs that my ex used to love oh so much”
  • And hes like “sTOP” so 2 for you, 0 for wooseok hes not good at making you jealous lol
  • So ofc sometimes pentagon are gonna see this in action and be concerned…like are they in love or do they actually hate each other? Why do they constantly insult each other? Lmao
  • So one time u and wooseok are ruthless when insulting each other and some mentions of exes are brought up just to joke with each other
  • But ofc pentagon dont notice this theyre dumb and dont understand relationships obvs (jk u and wooseok just confusing and childish)
  • And so as u guys are at each other throats and play fighting yeo one is like “hey, Y/N can I talk to you for a moment?”
  • And youre like “sure?” and follow him out of the room
  • And hes just like “is everything ok?”
  • “What do you mean”
  • And he takes a deep breath and hes like “just so you know if things with you and wooseok arent going well I’m on your side and I’m here for you”
  • And ur problematic af and ur just like “oh really? Thanks for letting me know :)”
  • So u go back in the room with wooseok and tell him what he said and after being slightly offended he goes along with ur plan to prank pentagon
  • So at dinner you all are eating around the table and casually youre just like “hey guys wooseok and I are fighting without any context whose side would you be on?”
  • And instead of throwing themselves under the bus theyre all like “oh no tell us whats going on whats wrong”
  • And wooseok is just like “answer the question”
  • But ofc everyone is still shook and just trying to get answers and ur dramatic ass *improvised* plan is to pretend to start crying and start walking out the door
  • Moments later wooseok comes to you and yall are giggling like idiots thinking u fooled them and made pentagon feel guilty
  • So he brings u in acting like you made up and youre done crying
  • And pentagon all of a sudden start clapping and are like “Woo! You should be an actress Y/N!”
  • And you hear shinwon quietly shade you by saying “you should work on the crying tho….”
  • And yours and wooseoks faces fall and youre both like “you guys knew?”
  • And hui is just like “if the crying didnt give it away, the obnoxious giggling in the next room did”
  • And e’dawn is just like “yall aint slick”
  • And trying to defend your ass you’re like “well u guys should feel guilty yeo one actually said he would be on my side”
  • And everyone is shook and he’s trying to frantically explain himself
  • While all of this chaos is ensuing, wooseok wraps his arms around you from behind and mutters “just remember I’m the more attractive boy always on your side”
  • And in moments like these you cant insult him its not possible hes so loveable so u just cuddle him back
  • Therefore jealous wooseok is rare but joking idiot wooseok isnt
The Dilemma of Disease

Originally posted by 01100111-66

Prompt: The Reader has been brought in by the Justice Leauge to contain and help you control your powers. Thing is though, no one from the YJ team wants to be around you for that very reason.

You DID brutaliz a few major villains belonging to Batman; barely leaving them alive. You can’t take their looks anymore and breakaway from the team.

Young Justice!verse

(Anti)Hero Name: Pathogen


◇Manipulation of the body’s immune system and disease. No organic matter is safe from your touch.


You were so young and full of life when the Joker literally brought it all crashing down. It was supposed to be your big debut, The Wonder Cure, as the scientist called you, but everything went to hell when he blew up the hospital. Killing them and many others; leaving you an orphan.

With the Joker’s horrible, maniacal laughter still playing repeat in your head like a broken record, you broke down and cried until nothing was left but dry heaves. Once you recollected yourself, you rembered the promise you made to the scientists’-make the world a better place with your powers and you planned on keeping it. Just not the way they or anyone would have predicted.

You declared war on the criminals on Gotham, similar to the Bat. In your eyes, she was in need of an agent to cleanse her. Unlike him, however, you were going to half-ass the job. The Batman may like to keep his enemies in check, believing that they would change with time and get help or the law sealing them away–not you. You weren’t going to allow a small problem to become something far worse.

Memories from your conquest of Gotham’s thrash came flooding back to you in waves, you smiled a small one looking back at the thought. The criminals feared you, even the most hardened wouldn’t dare to approach you. If they saw the Bat, they would shake in their boots. With you, the goons would go stalk still and flee at the sight of you, knowing full well that they can’t hope to fight you. Such things really didn’t matter to you…they always screamed in their final moments.


“What’s wrong girl? You look a little pale. As if your going white?” You snapped in your mind.

After you snapped out of your little haze, you looked over to find a trembling Miss Martian with a horrified expression on her face. Little giggles escaped your mouth as you walked over to her. You know her secret.

“You know it’s rude to go peeking through a person’s mind like that, Martian. I expected Robin to go looking for the answers regarding my past.” With a scoff, you took another step towards her.

“Dont even think about it, lay a finger on her, and I’ll rip you in half y/n.” The clone growled, attempting to glare holes into your head.

Now, the punch-happy Super Boy was leering, standing in front of you. He was taller than you by a few inches but if he really thought looks alone were going to be enough to make you intimidated, he was so wrong.

You rolled your eyes and get in his face the best you could, making him take a step back. You may be at odds with the team, but THIS one been the most infuriating.

“She needs to learn to respect people’s privacy and personal space…just like you need to work on that temper of yours! You give our position away on stealth missions so often, an explosions isn’t far behind! How we are still alive eludes me.” You barked in rage. Causing Conner to look down to the ground.

“Right, because that is something you can totally do? You’re being hypocritical.” Wally argued back.

“In case you forgot, I’ll explain to you once more, that’s how my powers tend to function Kid Brat. Megann has entered my mind on more than one occasion. I’ve been keeping her in a broom closet in my memories every time she goes skittering through my brain!”

After you finished yelling at him, you turned your attention to the Martian once more and said told her something Wally should’ve.

“He likes you, you know? It’s like,“like, like” you.“ At this point you wanted this conversation to end and to watch him squirm.

Wally’s blush was becoming more obvious by the second and was stuttering to deny it.

“Don’t fight it Wallace, you seem to forget that my powers not only allow me to have my way with a person’s body, but also pick up on pheromones. You’ve been doing this since you first saw her.”

With that now in the open, you walked back into your room leaving that information to fester amongst them. You need rest for the mission coming up…


You’d never thought you would say this anytime soon, but you miss the room in the laboratory you were born in. At least there you were feeling far more comfortable and, despite the eyes that watched you all those years ago, it was mainly to watch over the progress of any cures and vaccines you made through your body. The scientists’ treated you with respect and like an actual child.

Here at the cave, however, you felt like a prisoner. The dogmatic eyes from these younger “heroes” observed your every move and would attempt to act if you took even the slightest step off on mission’s. They wouldn’t actually make a move to touch you physically, so it was written in the reports. They would end up getting horribly sick otherwise.

Like a certain speedster, for example.


“I didn’t have a choice alright!? So can you two just drop it!?” You yelled across the room. They had no idea you were listening in from the shower. Your biology was evolving at a unprecedented rate, refining your senses to a razor-sharp point.

In nothing but briefs/panties, you went to confront them. It was time to settle this.

Rather than the other ones giving you lip, it was Aqualad and Robin this time. The rest were watching from afar as you argued.

“Pathogen, you went on the mission alone, without informing anyone! Of course we’re not going to simply drop it!” Robin shouted.

Aqualad simply pinched his brow and let out a groan. “What is the League going to think about this?”

“More importantly: what will Batman say? He’ll have my head for this…” Robin said, his voice laced in worry.

“Nothing. I sent a mission summary to him directly. No detection and obtained crucial data from the smugglers base of operation. Even gave him and the rest of the adults a piece of my mind while I was at the Watchtower.”

“You did what!?” They cried in unison. All the panicked faces broke you composure, it was too funny and you couldn’t help but let a chuckle escape.

Before you could open your mouth to say something, Robin slammed you into the wall as hard as he could. The others looked happy that you were being dealt with. Joy turned into shock as you slammed HIM into ground with incredible force, then pinned the Boy-Blunder by his neck with your foot.

“I said I told them what I was thinking. I told them that I wanted to join the inner circle of the League or go on solo missions, I didn’t sign up for this bullshit.”

You no longer sounded like yourself, you were smiling and cheerful. The worst kind of fury.

As he was struggling to get you off of him you said quietly:

“If you keep this up, I’ll twist my foot on that scrawny neck of yours.” With that threat in the air, nobody made a move. You kept talking.

“They told me that I would have to learn to work with all of you and I refused. Told them that the constant bickering was driving me nuts. The failures unbearable…” You were forming armored plating around your exposed flesh as your emotions were getting the best of you.

“Worst still, I made an actual effort to befriend you jokesters so early on, but the way everyone here looked down on me and belittled me…seeing me as nothing more than a sentient parasite. Plotting against you.”

Tears were falling off your face silently as you got your foot off of Robin and made your way to the exit. A trail of mutated flesh being left in your path.

As you took a final look back at the team, you see regret in their eyes, but it didn’t matter anymore. Your form wings and take off. You never needed a team to begin with.


art cred. HOLY SHIT – i’ve only been here a few weeks and i’ve been over 100 followers on this blog for a while i’ve just been way too busy to make anything for it. i’m also feeling sappy as hell tonight for no good reason, so i figured tonight’s the night. 

honestly this fandom hasn’t always been great. i’ve been in the naruto fandom on and off for 3 years now, and there has been all kinds of shit. ive had waves of friends come and go for various reasons. but some of you guys are amazing. some of you guys have made it all worth it. and honestly, i couldn’t ask for a better group of friends than the one i have now. for some reason we all click. so i’ll shove all the specifics below the cut, but if you’re reading this, thank you. you are all so talented and fun people to be around. 

the last few months have been… hell. my job is stressful, and my father passed away suddenly. he was my best friend, and it shook my world to lose him. i stopped writing for a while, i couldn’t do much of anything i was so depressed. and honestly i was super anxious to come back to this fandom, or to tumblr in general. 

i’m so grateful i did. i’ve reconnected with old friends and been introduced to new ones that are so supportive, fun, talented, and amazing. i love you all so much, i wouldn’t trade this for the world. you’ve made such a hard time in my life so much easier to handle. the days are still hard, and i still get sad, but i know i always have an amazing safety net to fall back on.


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anonymous asked:

How was the play!! :D

halla anon! 

sorry i took so long to reply to this! i wanted to write down some of my thoughts and feelings on it, so that’s why it took me a while! but short answer: it was a lot of fun! i am very happy i got to see it, and it was great seeing tarjei on stage :) i liked the play overall, it had some good topics but didn’t really give many answers or anything. i went with a friend and we spent the rest of the night together and we ended up talking about it quite a bit, which is always a good thing i feel! 

im gonna spoil the plot now, so if for whatever reason you don’t want to know, dont read the rest of this (under the cut because it became way too long)

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Ships and Songs

Along with my own personal explanations, this is for the lovely little anon who requested to know about my favorite gays!

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bts ffn authors compilation pt.1

hey there!! we’re sorry that the fic rec has been so inactive lately but school’s been keeping us busy ;; 

so to make up for our current and probably future absence we’ve made this bts ffn authors compilation!! we’ll be back asap and we havent forgotten the asks in our inbox (we just havent had time to get around to it ;;) sorry :c

common pairing/specialty → doesn’t mean the author only writes this ship/genre, it’s just what they write most!!

♥︎ → my faves lmao just personal preference

*** don’t forget to read the ratings/warnings!! ♥︎

inkingbrushes ♥︎♥︎♥︎

common pairing: yoonseok/yoonmin

specialty: everything tbh, but especially long fics

notes: i recommend the slow burn fics the most, theyre just the right speed and its somehow very eventful/engaging even though there’s minimal angst? this is true talent ♥︎ she writes in different genres though and all of them are good (so basically what i’m saying is read everything) she’s relatively fandom famous so ofc its good stuff c:

mindheist ♥︎♥︎♥︎

common pairing: taekook 

specialty: long fics + angst

notes: i actually havent read everything but ive liked everything that i have read so far, especially the I’m Feeling Electric Tonight series (yuss lana del ray references) i’m a sucker for angst so i think most of their fics are angsty (to some degree) so yaay if you love angst you’ll love their fics!! this author is also fandom famous so totally quality fics c: oh and if you want to be shocked/sad/mindblown/devastated then by all means read this!! (read the warnings tho!! i loved it so much ;;; )

wowoashley ♥︎

common pairing: taekook

specialty: long chaptered fics + feels (idek what kind anymore)

notes: i read a bunch of her stuff and it slammed me in the feels pretty hard. the writing is more emotionally based (imo) her plots are long and detailed so if you like long chaptered fics plus feels then yus check her out!! some of her fics are unfinished but even if you dont read unfinished fics there’s a bunch that’s already completed c:


common pairing: yoonseok (writes a bunch of different pairings)

specialty: kinky smut ;-) 

notes: she writes mostly smut, and if you’re into more hardcore stuff then hell yes!! she also wrote a bunch of other stuff that’s fluffy and there’s also crack so yuss go go go (don’t forget to read the tags for kinks and warnings!!)


common pairing: a bunch…? mostly with jimin

specialty: kinky smut

notes: ah yes more sexy times ;-) her writing is super hot //fans self// there’s like a variety of kinks in her writing oh and there’s like 5 minjoon (namjoon/jimin) fics so if youre into that rare pair then this is totally for you!! once again she also writes a bunch of ships (yoonmin/yoonseok/jikook) so yes yes variety (don’t forget to read the tags for kinks and warnings!!)

monsterplaza ♥︎♥︎

common pairing: taekook

specialty: long long fics (with aus + comedy/humor + smut)

notes: oh god i love monsterplaza ive stayed up till 4 am multiple times on school days just to finish their fics theyre so funny and so detailed and oh my god im getting hyper just thinking about it!! the writing flows smoothly, the plot is well-developed and it’s!!! so!! funny!! personally i like this fic the most; i also read the hybrid au and it’s so good it could be a book?? i havent had time to read the cyber space au but i’m going to go read it soon (don’t forget to read the tags for kinks and warnings!!)

xiajin ♥︎

common pairing: yoonkook (my love my guilty pleasure)

specialty: fluff

notes: the!! fluff!! is so adorable!! they exclusively write yoonkook i think, so yay if youre a yoonkook hoe like me ♥︎ there’s some darker stuff too and they’re also good so read the tags for warnings if you do read them ^^ i spent an entire night screaming over this fluffy yoonkook domestic au series so yeah fluff fluff fluff

bazooka ♥︎♥︎

common pairing: namjin (but a bunch of ships, really)

specialty: everything (from smut to fluff to plot to humour)

notes: i literally love how diverse their writing is?? a bunch of different genres, a bunch of different ships, a bunch of different tropes - just something for everyone ;u; and it’s really good writing too, it flows smoothly, and the plots are good!! i especially like this namjin series (wedding planning + wedding caterer) and this yoonminseok fic (domestic smut ♥︎ yes i love) c: i havent gotten around to reading Beta Tau Sigma, which is a popular frat!au (some of their fics can be a little more hardcore so don’t forget to read the tags for kinks and warnings!!)


common pairing: yoonkook (+ some other pairings)

specialty: fluff/humour

notes: their fics are perfect if you need something sweet to brighten up your day bc i literal die from all the fluffy cuteness c: i’ve recced Color me Swept off My Feet before and I also really like this yoonkook blind date au ^^ i dont read a lot of fluff but i love their works!!


common pairing: yoonmin (+ others) 

specialty: smut :-) (w/ bottom yoongi!!)

notes: frankly there’s not enough bottom yoongi in this fandom i will say this and i will say this again and again!! plus their fics are kinky ;) and also very very hot so yeaaaaaah :)) personally i like their taegi fics the most? there’s this really hot one (read the kinks and warnings!!) they also write fluff; there’s this really cute taegi drabble with slightly sexual content + fluff so ayyyyyyy c:

happy reading, and don’t forget to read the tags for kinks and warnings!!

Okay, I just have to say this, and I know a lot of you are going to send me death threats after this, but whatever…

I’m fucking tired of teen wolf fandom, tired about the shippers, tired about the producers, tired about the whole show.

I started to watch teen wolf since the very beginning, and believe it or not, this whole time I watched it I wasn’t ‘in’ this shipping stuff since a year and a half more or less.

I didn’t ship anyone with anyone, or actually: I didn’t care, I didn’t payed attention to that.

Scott could be with Allison, or not, Stiles could be with Cora or Lydia, Lydia could be with Aiden or with Jackson… I didn’t care about it.

I was there to watch the plot, to watch the new supernatural creatures they implement, to watch Scott (the actual main character) learn to be a werewolf, to watch him fight hunters, alphas, darach’s etc.

The show was called Teen Wolf so I decided to watch it because I love werewolves, I love all the mystic and supernatural creatures (except vampires, I hate them).

What I didn’t like since the very beginning was how the producers intended to make a romantic scene.

It was like, OK someone’s dying but let’s make them kiss…. But whatever, like I said I didn’t even knew about the existence of sterek, scallison, stydia and stuff.

It’s not that I didn’t knew what “shipping” meant, at that moment I was shipping a few couples, but from other shows.

I realised about this whole shipping war when I was searching for pictures of Malia.

I felt in love with her character since the beginning, and I thought that Stiles and Malia were cute, but that’s it I wasn’t a maniac for them or anything.

When I searched for Malia’s pics I saw the hate she and Shelley were getting… From who? The so called “stydia shippers”.

That’s when I realised how toxic this fandom was, and yes, I like stiles and Malia together, I am a stalia shipper, but if they brake up I’m okay if they are okay…. If they find another person to be happy with, I’m okay with that also.

Maybe I’m a stalia shipper because they were actually canon, at least, not a fantasy ship that’s only in the imagination of the shippers (ups!)

But I am anti stydia. You know why?

It’s not because I’m a stalia shipper, I could care less with whom stiles is, the reason why I hate SALTY stydia shippers it’s because they are the worst part of the fandom, they are cyber bullies, they are salty about everything.
(I’m talking about the great majority, not all of them)

They send death threats to the actors and actresses that play characters that are in the way of their ship.

They accuse Malia of fucking RAPE, of being abussive, of having the mind of an 8 year old, of being a slut.

How can you even said that??? Are you stupid or what? And no, stiles wasn’t sedated because he was READING AND SEARCHING FILES BEFORE SO DONT EVEN TRY TO SAY THAT DONT BE STUPID.

And it’s not like Malia was retarded or something, maybe she spent 8 years in the woods, but maturity does come anyway, you know? Unless you are having a mental issue.

They accuse Jordan Parrish of being a pedophile, even though Lydia has 18 years, of being a freak and dirty minded even thought he can control his allucinations, even thought that it’s Lydia the one creating them because she is calling after him.

Excuse me but I’m 19 and my boyfriend it’s 25, my parents accept him and they know how much he respects me and loves me, we’re dating for 3 years, are you going to say me that’s wrong? P L E A S E… Stop being jelouse

I have many other friends that are dating older guys, my mother’s best friend and her husband had a 13 year age gap… So stfu.

The age doesn’t matter if he or she is a good person.. You can be with a person that has your same age and he/she can be a jerk to you.

Besides: JEFF FUCKING DAVIS confirmed that LYDIA has feelings for Jordan. It’s not one sided.

They fight even with OTHER FANDOMS to claim that their ship it’s better, like what in hell? I recently read a lot of posts of bamon shippers (from TVD) complaining about salty and stupid stydia shippers, just because bamon was winning some poll or whatever.

And I’m so ashamed of them because they make people hate on TEENWOLF fandom, not just stydia shippers.

It’s like they’re fucking blind, romanticising scenes with no reason… You know that smile after Stiles said Allison save Scott was for Allison, RIGHT?! Or you are watching another show? It’s fucking ridiculous I swear I just ashamed of humanity with all the stuff they said.

The other reason: producers and social account managers are unprofessional as fuck.

It’s very clear that teen wolf it’s going downhill, and fast.

So Jeff Davis, instead of being a good producer and create new and innovating plots to gain viewers, he decides for the easiest way to 'gain’ them, by baiting stydia shippers, focusing on Stiles story line, on Lydia storyline, and leaving THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER SCOTT MCCALL like a secondary character, and giving so little screen time to other characters like Kira, Malia, Parrish, Liam…

That’s why I like other shows more: CW Supernatural, for example, STICKS to the plot, there are ships and there are ship wars, but the fandom it’s worried about the fucking plot, the fandom is interested in the plot, and they watch the show FOR THE PLOT.

And unlike Jeff, when supernatural went down hill around season 7 they didn’t make destiel happen, they INNOVATED the plot, like professionals producers do.

They let social media disrespect other characters: PeaceOutKira/ Malia Who?


The Twitter, Instagram and I think tumblr manager only promotes STYDIA. NOT EVEN SCOTT I MEAN WHAT IN HECK??? Aren’t you supposed to be PROFESSIONAL?

Other reason:
Stydia shippers are like fucking starving dogs, they are unsaciable

Jeff, do you really think that you are going to make stydia happen and they would leave you alone?

Yeah right. Keep dreaming.

If stydia happened, the shows name it’s going to be switched to Teen Stydia.


Let’s suppose Jeff makes stydia. Stydia shippers are going to be happy for a episode or two, and then they’re going to ask for more kisses, more cuddling, more ridiculous hand holding, more dates more fluff and then an Mtv article it’s going to go out saying:

Mtv producer Jeff Davis promises EVEN FUCKING MORE STYDIA YEIII!!!
Scott McCall who?!

I’m right and you know it.

Stydia it’s ruining the show, when the whole pack it’s in danger producers give us 5 fucking minutes of stydia handholding, of stares, of stupid fucking things I don’t give a shit about.

They only focuse in that now because stydia shippers are so annoying they don’t know what to do. Because they’re desperate for more viewers, and they are so BLIND they do not realise they are going to lose even more viewers because of this pathetic stuff.

Why I don’t like teen wolf anymore:

First, they keep ignoring characters, to give Stiles (the main character best friend) the spotlight.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love stiles he was a great COMPANY for Scott, because that’s what he’s supposed to be, a companion, someone who is to help Scott with his problems. Actually Scott is batman and Stiles fucking Robin.

I get that now Dylan O'Brien is way more famous than the others, but that doesn’t mean to just pretend Scott doesn’t exists.

The “spoilers” of season 6 or what Jeff teased about it where practically ALL ABOUT STILES.

This season was about his problems, his feelings, his shit.

Am I getting this show wrong or what?? As far as I understood… It was supposed to be about the beast and the hellhound fight, and how Scott and the pack tried to figure out how to help Parrish and defeat the beast, right?? Then why a got almost 20 minutes each episode of how stiles felt so betrayed because Scott believed Theo even thought he believed him because Stiles lied to him. (And then you want to have a friendship like Sciles, yeah right.)

I’m fucking tired about stiles, I really am, I want stiles: the funny and sarcastic COMPANION again, not mr fuckboy attention whore.

Next: how bad and how ignored are the other part of the cast.

I swear I’m in tears every time I read how much Arden Cho worked to get where she is, all the things she gave up only for freaking racist teen wolf and people keep hoping for Kira to leave or to die. (The story has been circulating over tumblr).

I know I had liked and reposted some anti stydia or anty teenwolf, but it really just bothers me so much I can’t help it, they say so many stupid things I can’t handle it.

I know stydia shippers are going to pop like popcorns know and start barking, I just wanted to tell you that:

If the fandom (more stydia shippers than other shippers) wasn’t so salty and so fucking stupid, and if the producers weren’t so unprofessional, you can have ALL THE STYDIA YOU WANT, I can’t care less about it, but since stydia affects all the show and all the other characters and it ruin the show, then kill it with freaking fire and holy oil 🤗

All of this is so shameful for me because I’m part of the teen wolf fandom and I’m really sorry if I offended someone with this.

So please, Jeff, whoever, stop ruining teen wolf with this shit.

I want to clarify again that I’m talking about SALTY part of the fandom.

And before you said anything, English it’s not my main language, you’re going to find typos.

It’s my opinion if you don’t like it I don’t fucking care.

Now that the sun is up, and I’ve gotten some sleep, and I’m full of pasta I am more willing to concede that S4 wasn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong I am still very disappointed, but I have to take a big step back and remind myself that this show isn’t meant for me. This is a kids show and anything that I expect out of it doesn’t matter because it isn’t for me. And that sucks, but it’s true.

That being said I feel like there is and was so much wasted potential in S4. And the show runners have made so many decisions I just don’t understand. And I want to rant about them so here we are.


So if this somehow ends up being cross tagged due to tumblr’s stupid algorithms I apologise I am not trying to put negativity in the tags. Just be warned that if you don’t want to read about spoilers or criticism then scroll away now.

My first and biggest issue with S4 was Keith. His characterization felt so off and so wrong to me. Keith in S1 tells Pidge that she is being selfish for wanting to leave to find her family, and gets visibly upset at the thought of her going off on her own. In S3 he leads Voltron reluctantly, but he still understands that this mission is his burden as much as the other’s and ultimately does his best to lead Voltron however he can. Then suddenly in S4 he abandons Voltron, shirks off his duties, to go off on his own to fight with BOM. Why? It makes no fucking sense. I get that Keith is a hothead and he’s impulsive but he has always been shown to have a strong sense of duty and is willing to sacrifice his own happiness and desires to do what must be done. Keith leaving for BOM didn’t feel right at all. I don’t understand it. Keith in S2 after the BOM trials tells Shiro that he “knows who he is” meaning a paladin of Voltron. He seems to have come to terms with it. So why would he suddenly join them and negate his responsibility as a paladin?

That leads me to my next S4 criticism. Shiro! There are so many things regarding Shiro and the black lion that I don’t fucking understand at all.

Firstly, if Shiro was going to get Black back anyway why did they even waste their time on the whole Keith being the new black lion pilot subplot? They could easily have just shown Keith pilotting black, finding Shiro, and then going back to pilot red. Lance would get to keep Blue. Allura would stay on the castle since only she can pilot it. And it could have gone from there. But it didn’t. It was such a weird dumb plot point that I don’t understand at all.

I wish instead that S4 would have played that dynamic more. Picture this, Keith feels inadequate as the black pilot so he keeps prioritizing BOM over Voltron. Shiro comes to him and they have the whole “black chose you Voltron needs you” talk. But Keith keeps putting BOM first. This leads to Shiro trying but failing to connect with black, meaning the team cannot form Voltron without Keith. Shiro gets frustrated and feels inadequate himself. The team confronts Keith demanding that he has to step up because they literally cannot do it without him, and he is forced to pilot black and he is forced to grown as their leader. With the way S3 is set up wouldnt that make more sense? I mean why tf did they even tease Keith being the leader? Why tf did they make it that Keith isn’t even a fucking paladin anymore? I don’t get it. Why did Lance have to leave blue when he has the strongest bond with her? Why couldn’t Allura just have pilotted red.. her father’s lion.. until Shiro returns?

My next criticism, the art style. I know I’m going to get called a cunt for this but what the fuck is up with the way they have been drawing Shiro he looks totally different. Plus the animation was lacking in general. Idk if they rushed this season or what happened but the animation was wonky and not as good as previous seasons. In my opinion anyway.

Lastly Lotor. What a totally unfleshed out character he is. You don’t get any motivations from him at all, what is he doing, why is he doing it, what are his goals? What kind of person is he? You dont know? I don’t know. He’s just there to look pretty and possibly to get a weak redemption arc.

At the end of the day yes, this is a kid’s show but you know fucking what.. that doesn’t mean anything. There are a lot of kids shows (teen titans) that delve into some dark stuff and have complicated plots with fleshed out characters, because believe it or not kids aren’t fucking stupid and they do care about the plot. And Voltron had shown they are willing to kill characters on screen, and delve into those dark places yet there is so much wasted potential.

Every season leaves me scratching my head going.. wait.. WHAT ABOUT THIS PLOT HOLE.. WHAT ABOUT THAT PLOT HOLE?

What is project Kuron? Who is Keith’s mother? Why is Keith part galra? What is with Lotor being part altean does that mean anything? Why does Acxa look like Keith? Who was the Galra soldier who saved Keith in belly of the weblum does that matter? Was it his mom? Acxa? Where is Keith’s dad? Will Lance ever become a 3 dimensional character?

When are we going to get some fucking answers? To be honest I am getting arrgravated and disillusioned by the show because none of the plot is filling in. Keith is suddenly training with BOM? WHY THO HOW DID IT HAPPEN?

After watching S4 I am honestly just disappointed. I have seen studio Mir write some amazing stories, that are simultaneously dark and funny and complicated, and despite being marketed to children ATLA and LOK were not afraid to tell their story and push a message. Voltron isn’t doing that as well as it could be. Idk if pressure or criticism from DW has anything to do with it, bc Dreamworks just wants to sell toys they don’t care about the plot at all. Maybe that’s it idk. It’s frustrating regardless. I’m left, as always, more confused and with no answers.

season six wish list

you are about to read a detailed list of wishes that I have for 6a of teen wolf. hopefully at the end of the season I can come back to this post and check things off. 

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Why I consider “The Test” one of greatest episodes of Steven Universe season 1

Im rewatching Steven Universe. Thats really all there is to say on the matter.

start of episode is so cute. C´mon, Gems playing game with Steven? Yaaas.

Pearl trying to understand children game with super complicated rules…
they way she tried to make sense of it…Thats how i felt sometimes while trying to make sense of Homestuck when i got lost (which was quite often) :D

And how Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst congratulates Steven for winning game is just plain great. So sweet of them! ((how can anybody say they´re here for him just because her half-gem? Would they throw a birthday party for him if they didnt care, huuh?)

And then Steven finds Sea Spire statue. He´s clearly sad and feels guilty about making mistake and making it fell apart. And what do Gems do? they reassure him, tell him its alright. which is awesome

and Pearl makes such a funny face when she realises she said it was test mission for steven XD

Also as always…Pearl is terrible liar XD and i love noisies she did in this part of episode. “eeeeewww” XD XD Deedee is great voice actor

and they just go and agree on Steven´s “Test meeeeee”. They create a freaking dungeon

and that cool sequence when doors open? woooooow

Once again, music composers proved themselves that they´re briliant at music.

the little star baloons at ends of chambers? cuuuuuuuuute!! All so Steven is more happy
lets talk about chambers.

Amethyst is random. running before ball aka Indiana Jones reference? Heck yes. Also her chamber is best decorated. Hands down because it totally is.
Pearl´s room is cool. I love Steven´s sentense “Oh, a musical puzzle. Must be Pearl´s room. only she would make me think.” XD XD so funny line. And then BAM. Pearl´s room is like “ Ok Steven. you can think swiftly, but can you MOVE swiftly as well?”

aand Garnet´s chamber is just….quite hot. Now, what else were you waiting from Garnet? Pretty rad.

and they put safety everywhere. Not because they dont trust Steven, but because this test isnt about him proving his abilities to Gems. Its about givinng him confidence.
(i cant just…dat feelsy musiiiiiiiiic)

and then we have my favorite part of episode.

Gems, standing in finish, waiting for Steven. They want best for their boy. Steven needs to remain confident, thats for sure. Lapis went away, Peridot just showed up, he lost his healing powers…hard times came, Its important for Steven not to went into despair. So this is why they´re doing it. For him. They are only ones who can teach Steven how to be gem and protect humanity. So they need to be parent figures for him. But they´re aliens. They arent familiar with taking care of someone younger, they already started existing as adults, never living through growing up process.

What´s more, Steven is only half-gem. Garnet said it perfectly. “There´s never been anything or anyone like Steven. We don´t know what he needs.” Gems struggle so much to be good parents to Steven, even through they themselves feels…lost. Their leader Rose, one who gave them all reassurance…is not here anymore, and its been only 13 years since she passed away…for someone who lived for thousands of years, thats only tiniest fracture of time…and can hardly heal grief. Its like if you lost someone mere minutes ago.

So yeah, they´re lost. And what does Steven do? They tricked him, again. He has right to be angry. But…our Ste-man is much more brighter. He plays along. In the end…its Gems who get reasured, who gain confidence…in being parents for Steven.

and it all end with hug. what a way to end episode

So yeah, thats why i consider this one of best episodes of season 1. Its not that much of plot-related  episode.and yet…its something amazing.