i dont even deserve to have photoshop

People that angrily and aggressively shit on free and open source softwares and the people who support them in favor of programs which cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars BAFFLE me.

No ones saying you have to use it. So its not perfect. Its free and accessible and often still in development. Often the developers are happy to listen to users to better their own product.

Im personally in awe and have deep respect for the developers who make the free and open source programs that I use.

Like how much the Krita developers listen, and hold polls for what features we want.

And how the Blender creators will make short films, partially for the purpose of adding and testing features that would be necessary to do what they want to do, improving the functionality of their product.

Like seriously. These people dont deserve to have their work crapped on because “Photoshop is so much better” or “I should just get Maya” even though I’m a beginner to 3D and cant possibly afford it.

You dont have to use or even like the programs but please for the love of god be respectful of the work put into them.