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Girlfriend Series; Hwasa

this is my official “hey i write for mamamoo now hmu w requests”

moonbyul / wheein

  • she the type to say “turn on ur location” during a fight and you would both start laughing then the fight would be over and you’d be back to your normal meme-y selves
  • when you go the store she would force you to walk down the toy aisle for no reason other than to play with those plastic piano things
  • would buy you lots of gifts because she!! just!! wants!! to!! spoil!! you!!
  • she would cuddle with you all the time like and would 
  • probably has a list of things you mess up in her phone like “every thorn has roses” and kill a bird with two stones” and shes like HA 
  • she is a stubborn bean
  • “hyejin you need to eat breakfast” “im still trying to wake up”
  • “hyejin take your medicine please” “im an adult i can make my own medical decisions so nO”
  • she would touch ur butt all the time and you would touch hers in return because??? butts
  • freestyle rapping about the food you made for her
  • her singing in the shower and you being in awe bc she is literally an angel
  • shopping with her and the other mamamoo members and solar and wheein constantly trying to make her jealous
  • “(y/n) you look so good in that!!! you should come be my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner instead!!” and hwasa’s just off to the side like :^/
  • she’s dominate during sex yall i can feel it but i think she’d v secretly have a fantasy to be dominated thats all imma say
  • you laying your head in her lap constantly and she loves it 
  • would literally fight whoever makes you upset
  • your boss? she’d fight them. someone cut you off in traffic? tell em to run up. her fans make you feel bad about your appearance? WORLDSTARRRR
  • it would probably take her a while to come out of her shell around you but once she did you won’t regret it 
  • probably send you memes a lot
  • at least 40% of her texts would be emoji spams
  • Fuck a hater , hit a snitch , your my girl 👭 , my 5 star bitch , i love you more than any dick 💕💯, && if i dont get this back 🕙 , you aint worth shit !! Send this to 8 girls you care about .. 💯 I love you , I love you forever !! 💯 Whoever stops this will suffer for 83 days !! 💯💯💯 Ready, set, GO !!!!
  • she wouldnt even send these because she believed that if she didnt she would suffer for 83 days she just sent them because she knws you hate them
  • tickle fights are a thing alright
  • you two probably play video games in your underwear all the time
  • would leave you notes around the house
  • “i love you baby have a good day!! xx” but also
  • “DAMN HOE THAT BOOTY FINE A F” there is no in between
  • jamming to nicki 24/7
  • like in the parking lot of a grocery store just like “DONT INTERJECT, DONT INTERCEPT YOU AINT ON A JET YOU AINT MEET A BITCH WITH THIS KIND OF MONEY YET”
  • taking pictures of each other all the time for no reason other than you think each other are the most beautiful things in the world
  • she is so important be nice to her