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oooh i just looked at the stats and in the past handful of episodes, percy and vex have soared past vax and keyleth as the couple with the most kisses, on the lips or otherwise - they actually doubled vax and kiki’s amount

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nice winter fit nerd


“Bruce,” Geoff says as he holds the phone to his ear. “I didn’t know you even had my number.” The words were casual but the accusation underneath was not missed.

“I got it from a friend.”

“And who-”

“We need your help,” Bruce interrupts, his tone firm and not betraying any further intentions though Geoff could tell immediately something was up.

“And what makes you think we’re going to provide you any help? I thought you would ‘rather lose your dick than accept help from us’ if I remember the conversation right.”

Bruce doesn’t react, doesn’t correct Geoff that that wasn’t what he said and Geoff frowns in concern. Clearly Bruce wasn’t fucking around. This was serious.

“We need your help. They have Elyse.”

Geoff takes a sharp intake of breath, face hardening. Geoff starts trying to calculate what weapons they have, how many people he can spare at this moment, how fast he could get there-

“What do you need us to do?” Geoff says, already preparing himself to do whatever is necessary to help.

RANT TIME: I really hate how some people say like ‘the girls are being shitty friends’. Let’s see, they notice that Sana is avoiding them and try to talk her (they include her in all her plans, they ask her if something is wrong, they try to convince her to stay in the bus, etc), however Sana keeps isolating herself.

I’m not saying it is Sana’s fault, all I’m saying is that they may be waiting for Sana to open up instead of pressuring her.

(I know some people like the attention, but others don’t. i.e if I’m down for anything I usually stop talking to people and if my friends start to say things like: You’re being weird, what’s the problem?,… I end up getting more frustated and angrier; when I’m better and I think I may be able to talk to someone I’ll say I was overwhelmed and that I’m sorry, that’s it).

And I’m not saying that the girls are being the perfect friends either, of course they could be more persuasive and try to talk to Sana. All I’m saying is that at least it seems like they are trying, it’s not like they don’t give af about Sana and her problems.

So it would be nice if you stopped putting the girls like the biggest villains and enjoy how well Julie is representing teenagers friendship, where you don’t know wtf to do with your life, much less how to help others.

Just because you’re sad due to your fave being sad it doesn’t mean that the others are bad people. Let’s wait and see what Julie has in mind for the girls (Later I might have to say I was wrong about all this text, I’m aware) and enjoy the show without insulting the characters and relationships, giving that we don’t now sh** yet (like really, everything is so confusing right now)

PS: When I say ‘the girls’ I do not include Vilde because I don’t like her behaviour and I do think that she is being a hypocrite.


guys have u fuckening seen this

We’re Still Here

words: 2121

*Walks into the HP fandom two years late with Starbucks* Well, here I am for the deanmus ship week with your usual cliche post-battle reunion fic. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Dean stumbles over the rubble of the castle, tripping as his ankle twists over the uneven terrain. He kicks his feet out as he walks, debris flying forwards with each stride, the sound of rock clacking against rock snapping in his still ringing ears. He looks down the mountain of shambles he’s trying to descend, other students hovering around the base, trying to salvage whatever bodies they can fish out from beneath the remains of the school walls. 

He had climbed his way to the top to get a view of the courtyard, the battle’s ruthlessness leaving massive stretches of the school walls open and broken. The remains of the crumbled walls created a perfect point to survey the school grounds, only taking a few minutes of unsteady footholds to get to the top. He had spent his time there with a hand above his eyes to shade against the glaring sun, finally rising after the hell of battle. It brought with it the welcome feeling of respite, the dregs of students made fighters finally able to breathe a justified and earned sigh of relief. He had scanned over the span of the horizon, watching straggling wixes going about to clean up the mess, sometimes entire pieces of broken stone rising up and back into place, slowly but surely bringing the structure of Hogwarts back to its pristineness.

Even as high up as he had been, Dean has no luck in his search, the familiar mess of sandy hair nowhere to be seen among the wreckage.

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Where's the LLxPersona we deserve? (but absolutely don't need right now)

l i s t en

im still salty why FeMC is not canon i need herrrr

this is all according to my opinion (there will be a lot of inaccuracies please forgive me)

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Homestuck Aesthetics: Sollux Captor

[john egbert] [jade harley] [rose lalonde] [dave strider]

[karkat vantas] [aradia megido] [tavros nitram] [nepeta leijon] [kanaya maryam] [terezi pyrope][vriska serket][equius zahhak][gamzee makara][eridan ampora][feferi peixes]

[jane crocker]

Circle Of Life

Daveed Diggs x Reader
Words: 327
Prompt: something about a short person and the lion king

you may be thinking, why kenzy are you posting so many short fics in such a short amount of time. well here’s the answer!

i’m going to my dad’s this weekend, and bc i have to try and not die, i will probably not be on tumblr. i also rlly need to take care of my little sister  and make sure he’s not a dick to her. it’s basically just gonna be a big mess and while i probably will be writing, i don’t know. it’s just not the main focus for it.

but we have a four day weekend starting saturday so i’ll have plenty of time to write on tuesday and post everything i’ve been working on.

if you guys wanna talk and be friendly, i’m literally always on tumblr. introduce yourselves!

i dont have anything else to say except enjoy and that requests are open! x 


You waited anxiously outside of stage door for your boyfriend Daveed. He had decided to stay back to talk to Lin and Anthony, only notifying you a few minutes after curtains closed. Security had decided to leave you out in the cold, and so you found yourself leaning against a wall tiredly.

The loud creak of the stage door interrupted you from your thoughts. You turned to see Jasmine and Anthony walking out, biting your lip. “Is Daveed nearly done?” You asked, biting your lip anxiously.

“No hello?” Jasmine asked, pouting slightly. You rolled your eyes. “I’ve been waiting for him for nearly two hours now. I want to get home,” You stated, giving Jasmine a quick hug.

“How come they haven’t let you in?” Anthony asked, crossing his arms against his chest. You shrugged. “Security risk, apparently. Or maybe I look too much like a fan.” Both Anthony and Jasmine laughed.

“Well, the door’s still open. Just head in, he’s in the dressing room,” Anthony stated. You smiled. “Thanks Anthony, I’ll see you guys soon.”

You waved goodbye to your friends, nodding at the security guard and going to the dressing room. You smiled when catching sight of Daveed’s hair. “Babe!” You exclaimed, smiling wider than before. Daveed smiled back, opening his arms. You moved towards him quickly, squealing when he lifted you up in the air.

“It’s the circle of life!” He sang loudly, laughing.

You pouted. “Put me down!”

Daveed continued to sing, slowly putting you down when you began to sulk. “I’m sorry, I just wanted to have some fun,” Daveed said, pouting slightly. You turned your head away, ignoring him. “It’s just, you’re so cute and short.”

“Really?” You asked, turning and giving him a look. Daveed smirked, pulling you in for a hug.

“I’m sorry,” He repeated quietly, starting to play with your hair.

“It’s fine. But if you ever do that again, you’ll be lion on the cold, hard ground.”

i went w my mom to homegoods today and she found a journal with the title “my unfinished novel” and told me she should get it for me. then later said i’m not a real writer. savage

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what sort of job do you have? are you a professional artist?

haha nahh… i work in an office setting. i dont necessarily enjoy the work or anything but my job is pretty damn ok for a im-only-working-here-bc-i-need-money job

lance mcclain : pilot of the blue lion, legendary defender of the universe, and part time flirt

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