i dont do this shit but why not draw it

 fancy date :D


February 2016 – December 2016 

I don’t want to look for a new drawing every month so I’m just doing this…. 

I’m really proud of my improvement!! I stopped drawing when I was 16 and didn’t pick it up again till I was 25, so I have to keep reminding myself that’s why people who are younger than me have more skill… they didn’t take a shit ton of time off lol. 

I’ve still got alot more to learn, though! 


some burrmaid art from @hubris-but-no-writing ‘s fic. I don’t know what I’m doing but I do know I like the idea of merpeople in flowy clothing. 

actually this is for my own fic’s benefit too (the same thing as above only burr’s the human and the squad are mer, but burr is my fav so I’m modelling with him instead and calling it fanart shhh) because even though I promised myself I wouldn’t try to think too hard about merpeople society here I am (but what if readers need to know what a society that lives underwater thinks about cooking food??? in the next sirens and shipwrecks ur gonna find out)

i read the witch’s house novel recently…..

is good

drawing prompts - SaintSeiya AU OCs EDITION

my pc is feeling under the weather atm, so im pretty bored

why dont you guyz shoot me some asks with characters u think would exist in my AU comic and i’ll doodle some on paper (preferably ones i have not shown yet)

example: phoenix saint > aliona 

FULL DISCLOSURE: because of reasons *cough cough .. sweaty hands ..cough cough .. pain in the ass to deal with paper .. cough cough *  ever since i got my tablet i dont really do full drawings on paper, so expect sketchy/doodle lvl shit XD 

..also some characters i might not wanna show for now, others might have “temporary” designs.ect

“It’s not our fault”

Finally finished after two days!!  I say I hate one layer stuff but I do it all the time.
I wanted to do something for Steven Bomb and “Keeping it Together” Killed me
I still messed ruby up I can never draw her right OTL


here are some reasons why you shouldnt watch free! and draw One Piece at the same time. It does things to your brain and i dont know how far im going to take this but there is more.

also i have 100% lost control of my life


Okay everyone! I am starting this giveaway a bit early (not yet 800), but since it will last for months as its not just a reblog giveaway. 

The prizes: 1 voltage official fanbook
                   1 wallscroll (I’ll try to find a better quality picture)
                   1 calendar (special BMP unlike the cover might let u think)

Alright now the real shit! XD 
There will be 3 category! Cosplay, Fanfic, Drawing
There will be 1 winer in each category, and after the 3 winners are picked by me (i’ll ask help of peoples that dont enter this giveaway, but i will be the one choosing!) I will pick the order by random.org
Why? because i think you cant compare cosplay, fanfics and drawings since it’s not the same thing at all! so yeah for the 3 winners chance will tell wich gift you will get!

Now the rules: 

Category Cosplay:
You don’t have to get an expensive cosplay! You can use photoshop or anything you want to add accessories on yourself, or adding a background or anything! so yes you can ask help, photoshop and all this kind of things are a yes, and simple cosplay are a yes too! This is up to you! really i don’t ask for something elaborate! just surprise me! ^_^

Category fanfic:
i don’t want it to be too long, but not too short either! mostly a one shot! I don’t put a word limit, but don’t make it too long! I don’t usualy read fanfics, so i enjoy the most one shot! 
You can write fluff, smut and comedy! No angst please! ^_^
Using my OC (Kissise or Dan) will get you points of course! 

Category drawings: 
You can do pretty much anything that inspire you! I don’t have any ask about it! You can draw smut, you can draw multiple charactere on your drawing, just surprise me! ^_^

Now to make sure you read it all the main rule! 
EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL NEED TO BE RELATED TO SIDE CHARACTERE!!! No playable princes! No playable knights! No playable thief! No butlers, etc etc..
Meaning? Use Okinu! Jean pierre! Ryu! White Raccoon! You can use any of them really! I love men AND women so do know that Yuri and Yaoi are fine if that’s what you want to do! you can cosplay in men and women, you can draw men and women too! Really anything and everything! just surprise me! 

I know some of you know my taste more than others, so if you have any question about what i like or anything feel free to ask me! I will be glad to answer you all! 

Here are the games i already played: 
Be My Princess (1 and 2), A knight’s devotion, Love letter from thief X, Pirates in love, Sleepless in seduce city (party), 10 Days with my devil, Kissed by the badest bidder, My forged wedding (party) 
(If you want to know wich game i prefere feel free to ask me!) 

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You need to follow me! 

Send me your fanfics, pictures and drawing by fanmail! 
Don’t forget to write “GIVEAWAY ENTRY” in the title, along with “NSFW” if ever your entry is nsfw!

Giveaway end September! (not sure when yet exactly!)
Beside depending how much enter i get i’ll might add a second fanbook…
If ever you have any question feel free to ask me really! 
If you didn’t understood something ask me too! 

Goos luck! I can’t wait to see your entry! <3