i dont do shadows

((pls full view bc tumblr is the worst hecc. i really wanted to do an animatronic fusion, so bam!! two of my faves 8> even if rwq technically isnt an animatronic //sweats

idk if these two have been done before, i really hope u guys like them aa it took me way too long to finish, they look s h i n y. it was hella fun!! also i know echo is such a lame name oml but idk it just kinda felt right to me :0c))

Ready to take on the world(s)

D-31 until ACOL! 

(I’ll be counting down to the book release, posting a ADSOM related drawing each day!)


Then I wanted Marth with galaxy hair but then I thought HEY WHAT ABOUT GALAXY CAPE which was a huge mistake cause I had to add pink so his hair didn’t disappeared against it

Outlined with silver color then added awful stars and lost my motivations so I didn’t even outlined the rest


“7 Deathly Sins”

@mikimikimii said: 19. watanabe you ;) ;) ;)

gsh drn you i dont care how romantic maru said it would be its probably not a good idea to make out w ur gf under the water she needs air, to breathe

i used to stream movies and watch with friends from tunglr and elsewhere back on my old account, just wondering if i should start that tradition Again



lookit how pretty and pastel maria is i had the most fun with her

I am completely obsessed with Don’t Starve haHAHAHA.

After roaming through the wiki/tumblr and reading up on Charlie the night monster, I just fell in love. She’s scary. Honest.