i dont do drugs i am drug


inspired from that one fic by @slaygoldponyboy

This has been sitting in my folder for like 3 days because I got so flustered about drawing it that i wasn’’t sure if I should post it or not because it’s honestly so intimate and I’m rambling i’m sorry here you go


Dont get into drugs
I dont mean only the worst of the worst
I mean all of them
Dont get into drugs
Because i wanted to have a little fun on my weekends it changed me forever
Because i wanted to feel better i am changed forever
Because i wanted to pass my tests i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i loved the feeling i am changed forever
Because he said he loved me and its fun to do i am changed forever
Because “homies” gave me them with no price i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
I didnt say dont try it, or dont do it
I dont expect anyone to never be curious
But do not g e t into d r u g s.
Because i got into drugs i cannot have deep conversations
Because i got into drugs i feel worse when i am touched by someone
Because i got into drugs my mental illnesses are tougher than they ever were before
Because i got into drugs i will never not feel anxious
Because i got into drugs i cant have normal conversations
Because i got into drugs i can only be around so many people before having an attack
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
Because i got into drugs i dont feel emotions how a human being should
Because i got into drugs making love doesnt fee as romantic or intense as i remembered
Because i got into drugs i am selfish
Because i got into drugs my body has changed forever
I am different for the r e s t of my life,
Because i got into drugs
Do n o t get into d r u g s.

anonymous asked:

have u ever done drugs? I feel like everyone my age has already experienced everything and I've just been left behind.

left behind? because you havent done drugs? honestly not at all. I haven’t done any drugs, i havent even smoked a single cigarette or been drunk in my life, altogether i have had about 2 alcoholic beverages in my life. and I dont care, I have no desire to do so the more time i have spent with people who use drugs/ have done pretty much every drug there is… etc i realise the more i don’t want to do it anyway. even as a very sober person I am very into clubbing/the music which attracts alot of ppl who do take drugs ,  which therefore has given me access to hang out with people who do use drugs a lot more than they should and i have spoken in depth to these people, who all basically say not to get into drugs. Its not glamorous, its not celebrating your youth. it fucks you up. people dont talk about it often, but it can really fuck you up. trust me.  i go out clubbing and everyone thinks im gurned but im literally just having the best time because of the music. i respect people have their own choices. but i am not going to sit here and say its SAFE! because its not.however,  if you are going to experiment with drugs make sure you do it around people who you TRUST and take all the precautions. its unpredictable. its a lie that everyone has experienced everything. the more i live the more i realised we are all at different but also similar stages in our life. its not a fucking race, for anything. we are all growing. instead of drug taking there are other things to immerse yourself in. i really mean that. stay safe. 

since no one’s awake …i gotta complain abt something i have never complained abt before ,,, my dad smelling like weed and assuming i don’t notice

anonymous asked:

I like this guy a lot and i text to him everyday till like 2 am. I couldnt believe i liked a guy this much because i usually dont but i found out he smokes weed and thats a big deal to me. My family has gone through a lot with drugs and i dont want to be around that. He doesnt do it a lot but should i ask him about it or just slowly stop talking to him?

I think you should asking him about it and maybe let him know about how your family has gone through a lot with drugs and he should understand. 

anonymous asked:

maybe dont buy drugs if you're trying to afford your rent?

all i’m buying right now is valium which is like 1 euro for each 10 mg pill, literally only spent 5 euro on drugs in the past week since i quit weed and i have been making my gram of ket stretch for the past 2 weeks, i’m doing an awesome job and saving a lot of money. weed was what was killing me financially and now i feel like i’m in the clear, i feel great

also like… dont shame people for doing drugs? it’s not like im buying mdma and blow and going out and getting faced every weekend, i do drugs that are specifically for anxiety and pain which i have a lot of. not that i need to explain myself to you but here i am

EXO - Bad Boyz

Manager: ok this bad boy concept was noT a good idea

Chanyeol: *smiling a lot* what are you talking about manager hyung !!! it’s such a good idea !!! im the best bad boy ever

Manager: actUally chanyeol you need to stop fucking smiling so much 

Chanyeol: *pouty face*

Baekhyun: hA yeah chanyeol you suck

Manager: you too baekhyun

Baekhyun: uM what im a great bad boy

Manager: you put on so much eyeliner that you look like a girl 

Baekhyun: no no this is sexy . how would you even know what sexy is arent you like 80

Suho: baby baekhyun, please behave 

Baekhyun: please stfu

Manager: yeah suho you suck too

Suho: w-what? *tears*

Manager: you’re kind of a pussy

Suho: no im not *more tears*

Manager: you cried when tao pushed you 

Tao: hahHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH omg suho u wimp 

Manager: uM excuse me tao your marshall art skillz are great but i still cant take you seriously as a bad boy either

Tao: dont be jealous of my beauty

Manager: no tao you scream everytime we try to put you on a motorcycle

Tao: it’s sooo scary do you know how hard my life is? i cried

Manager: we know. also jongdae you reallY need to stop cutting the breaks on the cars

Chen: im a bad boy

Manager: nO ok you’re satan

Chen: i think you should go for a little drive hyung

Manager: did you cut my breaks too


Manager: okAY um who’s next…Luhan

Luhan: *doves surround him. an angelic light shines in through the window* yes?

Manager: maybe you should try harder to be more bad boy less angel from heaven

Luhan: excuse me? *beautiful pout* i am manly

Xiumin: yes you are

Manager: minseok…you concern me as well

Xiumin: why 

Manager: you’re a little too cute to be a bad boy. everytime you glare at the camera it’s like watching pororo 

Lay: i loVE PorORorooROo

Manager: yixing 

Lay: yeS?

Manager: being a bad boy doesnt mean you have to do drugs

Lay: im noT oN drUGs


Manager: …ok lay come talk to me when you arent high as fuck . hmm…who’s next…. kris you really fucking suck

Kris: dont lie. you know im da baddest

Manager: no you’re definitely not 

Kris: i know you’re in love with me. dont hide it with lies. putting me down wont get you in my pants

Manager: what

Kris: *smirks and stands up* it’s okay, everyone loves me- AHGHHHH *trips on air and falls on his face*

Sehun: what a fuckin retard 

Manager: sehun

Sehun: what

Manager: …you’re not doing bad. but when we say bad boy photoshoot it doesnt mean you put your hands on tao’s chest and look at him lovingly

Sehun: it’s the concept

Manager: nO the concept isnt a gay porno

Sehun: it should be 

Manager: it really shouldnt. ok kai you’re up next

Kai: *sexy smirk* mm…yes manager hyung?

Manager: your sexy dancing is good but-

Kai: dont finish the sentence

Manager: but-

Kai: *puts a finger on manager’s mouth* shhhhh, words are for the weak


*Kyungsoo clears his throat. The room grows silent*

D.O: I believe that you have not mentioned me. Tell me, what are your complaints? *satanic smile*

Manager: *scared as shit* …um….ahahah……good job kyungsoo. you’re spot on

D.O: that’s what i thought bitch