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Dem probably made a punk rock remix of half of the Yuri on Ice soundtrack

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top 5 special stages?? any k-pop group! :)

Hi, awesome anonnie! :3 Glad you asked, let me give you my most comprehensive answer:

1. Odd Eye, SHINee - this one is a good one because it was written and composed by member Kim Jonghyun. It’s one of the first times Jonghyun ever vocal directed with the members and he proves his love for them in the spot-on vocal distributions choices he makes. Every line fits its member perfectly. The lyrics were written with the charisma of shinee in mind, while the notes/harmonies highlight each of the member’s colors well

2. Okay, buckle up, next we got Odd Eye by SHINee!  the looks in this one are kind of dark, which is super exciting and sexy.  Jjong rocks a head band, Key sees through your soul even with the limited depth perception the iconic eyepatch gives him, choi refuses to wear a shirt. And look @ dem body rolls!!!! especially taemin’s!!!!  even from the front angle rolly worm Jack Skellington has me shook

3. OHHH Boy I don’t know if you’re familiar, but for 3 I chose ‘Odd Eye’ by SHINee. The vocal distribution is impeccable and as usual, CD-nee shines with their live vocals. Taemin’s adlibbing/accenting during rap god Choi Minho’s parts are some of my favorite parts of the performance

4. you guessed it–Odd Eye by SHINee!  Please be careful when watching 1:22, Kim Kibum is known to take lives with the delicious drama of his performance

5. Okay, I’m gonna end strong with a choice that might surprise you: Odd Eye by SHINee.  I think Onew was the perfect way to end the “you’s” as his high notes carry an especially haunting tone.  I don’t know how to describe this song, but a word that fits it for sure is ‘lingering.’  It stays with you.

Thanks for the ask!!! :3 I hope this gave an in-depth look at my performance/musical taste!

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consider: mickey being lowkey really protective of ian + nearly having an aneurism when he so much as like... sniffles ("do you need tissues what about orange juice that's good for colds right?? I can make you soup"... etc)

He’s so embarrassing, cause it’s not even lowkey at all, he just has these intense mother hen instincts??? He’s like constantly putting a hand to Ian’s forehead to check his temp and obsessively making sure he’s hydrated.

And he kinda hovers real close even though Ian’s all I don’t wanna get you sick, just leave me here to die (Ian is twice as dramatic when he gets sick). And Mickey’s like um bish?? I dont get sick. Ever. Cos he’s hardcore y'know?

So when Ian gets the chills, Mickey insists on cuddling until they’re warm and cards fingers through Ian’s hair until he’s lulled to sleep.

BuT!! Then the next morning Mickey wakes up and enters a sneezing fit bcos SOMEBODY lied about being indestructible. And ofc Ian fawns all over him cause the only thing cuter than regular healthy Mickey is a grumpy, glassy-eyed, sniffly Mickey.


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