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Hey correct me if I'm wrong bc it's been literal years since reading the PJO books, but didn't Grover fall asleep for like a year before the titan war? And if so, then WHY did no-one write a fic about him and Percy bonding over losing an entire year of their lives? AND their mental bond? And what is Grover even doing these days as Lord of the Wild? I just need more Grover in my life tbh.

he did! everyone was wondering where he was and he was asleep in a tree 

………..what a good question

  • as soon as the titan war is over and percy and annabeth have sorted their feelings out, grover and percy sit out in the strawberry fields and grover makes percy tell him everything
    • “grover you really don’t need to know how many hours of video games i played” 
      “yes i do” 
  • they find that grover is still garbage at panflute, without the monsters percy’s life is relatively boring, and that they really don’t just sit and talk enough 
  • grover also does a serious interrogation about sally and paul 
  • it ends with percy bringing grover back to see sally and she hugs him hard and then proceeds to try to feed him like two dozen batches of cookies
  • grover offers to sever the mental bond a few more times but every time he does, percy pretends not to hear
  • they get a lot better at controlling it because percy still stays away from as much technology as possible
    • sometimes percy will send weird and random thoughts to grover in the middle of class and grover is just like “dude wtf pay attention” 
    • percy once tried to use it to cheat on a test and was like “hey grover ask annabeth something” and annabeth showed up at the apartment to yell at percy and then offer studying tips/advice and a study buddy if he ever needed one
    • things get like super weird when it’s two am and neither of them can sleep and they just send back strange and sometimes deeply philosophical thoughts
      • they wake up the next morning like “all i remember is peanut butter and napoleon what happened” 
    • after tartarus, grover checks in on percy all the time. to make sure he’s eating and sleeping and taking care of himself. and to ask if he’s ok, because percy doesn’t lie as well over the mental bond
  • grover has a lot of duties as lord of the wild that percy doesn’t always understand but he always listens to grover rant about
    • he’ll latch onto the little things he knows and make commentary on that and grover is like “thank you for understanding” 
  • percy once asks grover if being lord of the wild makes him a god or what and grover just lays down on the ground for a little while because thinking about being considered a god stresses him out 
    • percy lays down with him and starts talking about the new book his mom is working on 
  • most of grover’s duties have to do with protecting animals and the environment, so percy helps him set up time with rachel so he can reach out to the mortal world as well
    • percy sits with them and tries to pay attention but sometimes he falls asleep and sometimes he doodles with whatever rachel hands him 
  • it takes a while, but eventually percy knows a lot about what grover does!!! and he’s really proud of his best friend!!!
  • one time, grover is going on and on about this problem he’s having and struggling with, and percy offers up a really informed and good suggestion and grover just stares at him for a moment and was like “how did you remember that?” 
    • percy shrugs and says “i pay attention?” 
    • grover hugs him and almost starts crying and percy is so confused
My dream last night
  • Jumin: "I don't have a girlfriend for various reasons. I can go through them if you'd like. First, there's the- Hailey? Are you listening?"
  • Me: "Yeah."
  • Jumin: "What did I say?"
  • Me: *Stupid voice* "My NaMe'S jUmIn HaN aNd I dOn'T hAvE a GiRlFrIenD bEcAuSe I lIkE dUdEs"
  • Jumin: "You better run."

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I haven't had homework in over 6 months but I totally feel with the homework thing ;-; if you have time, could you write a lil something for seventeen woozi please and thank you!!!!!

  • camp counselor!woozi 
  • kids actually LOVE him and no one is sure why,,,,like is it because he’s small and looks squishy but is actually something closer to cheesecake full of wasabi????
  • refers to the children in his team as ‘monsters’ and everyone’s like awww they’re little monsters but how can you not love them
  • woozi looking at everyone else: no. that’s the point. you’re not supposed to love monst- HEY HEY GET OUT OF THAT CANOE ALL OF YOU RIGHt NOW
  • acts like this job is the worst thing in the world but in reality,,,,,,,,he likes having to take care of kids
  • like he likes having them depend on him and seeing them smile when they get on the bus to greet him in the morning
  • and even if they all pile ontop of him and he’s like DONT HUG ME like,,,,,in secret,,,,it’s really something he enjoys
  • also he’s like super competitive if his kids are going up against other kids in like a potato sack race he’s like “listen up monster we’re gonna go out there,,,,,,,and we’re gonna CRUSH THEM. i mean we’re gonna have fun but also you know CRUSH THEM”
  • you’re another counselor and you’re kind of a more laidback approach, but you think it’s really funny how woozi complains about the kids during lunch but then you notice he’s wearing like 20 homemade bracelets that the kids made during arts and crafts
  • and one day as he’s going on about how this job is killing him you’re like “ok, but you love those kids” and he’s like what
  • and you’re like “admit it, you’re soft for them. i mean you’re wearing bracelets they made for you.”
  • woozi stutters and everyone turns to look at him like hmmmmm they have a point so What’s the Truth
  • and woozi is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,just didn’t want to hurt their feelings?
  • you: so you love them and care about them
  • and you’re like ok and you follow him and he’s like “hey,,,listen,,,,,,,i love those twerps but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t make me say it in front of everyone and you’re like huh why not
  • and he’s like MY iMAGE. my reputation,,,,, and you like grin and lean in and you’re like “it’ll be even better, you’ll be even cuter” and woozi is like nO i dont,,,,want to be
  • and you’re like “i think you’re cute” and he’s like wait what and you’re like “super cute, i mean ive always thought that.” and he’s blushing and it’s hard to hide it but he’s like “im,,,,not you’re lying,,,,”
  • and you kiss the tip of his nose and you’re like “not lying. super cute” and he’s like Stop you’re the cute on bye
  • and he stomps off but also his heart is racing and you shrug and murmur
  • “you wore all 20 bracelets you dweeb that’s like the cutest thing,,,” 

whatever you do don’t think about keith running off on his own mission against prince lotor

dont think about lance following him without telling the others cause he’s worried

dont think about keith getting majorly injured in the fight

dont think about lance running to help him with tears in his eyes

dont think about keith waking up in a healing pod and only seeing lance (still with tears in his eyes)

dont think about lance yelling at keith about how he could’ve gotten seriously injured had lance not followed

dont think about lance having a full on break down in front of keith

dont think about lance saying “i care about you” in a broken voice

dont think about keith’s face as he realizes this is what love is

dont think about keith pulling lance into an embrace

dont think about keith saying “i know, i love you too” before kissing lance

a simple guide for straighties
  • if you call a gay couple sin: its homophobic. why? because gay people were killed for years for being sinners, its not fucking rocket science
  • if you call a gay couple “disgusting” or “trash” or “disgusting trash” or call yourself “trash” or “disgusting” or “disgusting trash” for liking it: its homophobic. why?? because youre implying that by liking a gay couple youre bad! that its something which no one wants to see since its trash! youre implying that gay couples are dirty and nothing more!

“but i do the same for straight couples!”

and i dont fucking care, different words have different effects depending on the subject. dont act like this is some brand-spanking-new concept because we both know its not

“im not homophobic! i love gays!”

if you love gays you wouldnt call them sinful, disgusting or trash?????????? because i dont know if you realised this but all of those are negative terms

“im a gay person and i call it sin, so what!”

just because youre ok with it, strangely enough, it doesnt mean others are! just like youre not ok with me saying calling it sin is wrong, im not ok with you calling it sin! keep that shit in a private chat with your fellow gays, because not every single gay person is ok with it. i know im sure as hell not

“stop policing fandom!/just let people have fun!/if you dont like it, dont look at it!”

1) if this is policing fandom get me a fucking sheriffs badgeand cowboy boots boy because im gonna go fucking hard on this if you call gays sin, disgusting and/or trash im fucking hate you

2) if people dont like hearing it, its not fun! if you and your straightie friends sit in a circle talking about how disgusting your fave gays are youre being homophobic. and if you find homophobia fun: die

3) heres the thing buddy, pal, my sweet dude. i walk outside of my house every day, and i hear constant casual and intentional homophobia! straights calling things they dont like “gay”, straights calling each other f*gs, i gotta see it all! so why the fuck should i have to see that shit online which i use to get AWAY from all of the homophobia i experience irl??? why the fuck should i let some straighties spew homophobic lines about their favourite gays???????? why???????? because if i speak up about it it inconveniences you?? it annoys you?? it makes you have to think about your own homophobia?? (sarcasm) ohh gosh, how terrible of me!!! all of those things above are as bad as hearing constant homophobic statements, how could i have been so mean to those poor old straighties!!!! (/sarcasm)

long story short: cut that shit out and i hate you


I know this isn’t AOT related, but when I feel confident and beautiful, I believe I should flaunt it and celebrate it. Now, I look fucking amazing in EVERY SINGLE ONE of these pics. The very last one is a literal ‘I woke up like this’ my hair is unkempt and messy but I don’t care. I am me. I am beautiful. I am not perfect, I am perfectly imperfect and that is fine. I am not a model, I will never be a model until they decide to change the social standards of beauty!

My boyfriend thinks I’m beautiful. My friends think I’m beautiful. My family thinks I’m beautiful. Most importantly I am beautiful to ME. I don’t care what anyone says. I know my nose and teeth are crooked. My eyebrows aren’t even, I’m overweight. I DONT CARE.

I’m tagging my friends, because I WANT THEM TO DO THIS THEMSELVES! Post one selfie or ten! I don’t care! You are beautiful! You are handsome! You are P E R F E C T in your own way! Fucking own that shit! RULES OF REBLOGGING YOU MUST STATE SOMETHING YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF. I WILL YELL AT YOU IF YOU REBLOG THIS AND DONT. DONT TEST ME!


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Dating Park Jimin

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- AND HES So affectionate with you omG

- you need to go to the bathroom? he’s coming with you and holding your hand

- you’re literally his teddy bear when yall cuddle

- dont get me started on how long he holds you for

- he’ll hold you for HOURS LIKE WHO CARES RIGHT? NOT HIM

- but youre not complaining either

- and with you, hE’s a fucking attEntion sEEkEr

- he will not have a good time if he doesn’t have your full attention

- when you’re around his members,,,,,,, OH MAN

- he goes on a rampage if one of them either talks, looks, or even thinks about you

- but of course, you still talk and joke around with them 

- because they’re like his family so why tf would you not



- omg and jimin being so nervous when meeting your own family

- but they end up loving him to death

- him always talking to your parents whenever they phone you and vice versa 


- but he’d end up being sad when you couldn’t


- because there are endless phone/facetime calls!

- and he’ll always come back with souvenirs

- but the best gift is him being home safe lets be real

- despite some major time differences, he will always make sure to wish you a goodnight

- every. night.

- tour or not, if you guys had an argument or not, he will make sure to say goodnight

- oh, when it comes to arguing, you both would have a hard time trying to apologize to one another

- because yall are stubborn as hell

- but you both would end up apologizing at the same time

- moving onto affection LOL

- hes someone that i think would appreciate hugs a lot

- it shows to him that hes not alone sometimes yenno

- the kisses are a bonus

- he loves kissing you, especially making out

- jimin is insecure so you will need to do a lot of reassuring

- but that doesn’t mean you’re also not insecure because everyone in the world has insecurities

- but he will look past them and love you endlessly (you obviously doing the same to him as well)

- jimin is the cheesiest person eVER

- he doesnt care where or who is with you two because he’ll just be the biggest fluffball no matter what

- you know he loves you a lot, but he always finds the right time to say it to you

- a relationship with jimin is so pure itself

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- dont get me wrong, he may be cute and fluffy during the day

- but trust me when i say that he changes under the covers

- once hes turned on, theres no way you’re getting any sleep that night

- i dont think he would have a lot of kinks, but dirty talk is definitely one of them

- daddy kink too

- also spanking

- and choking

- actually thats quite a bit LOL

- but omg bed with jimin is so heavenly

- he’ll be vanilla the first time yall do the do do

- but after that, hes a fucking beast that no one can stop

- and lets not forget about the hickies you guys are gonna give to each other

- he lives for your moans

- and how hot you look in you look naked

- and when hes jealous? he’ll go even harder

- im not getting too into detail but ill let your mind imagine the rest ;)

Inktober, Day 8: Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows by @lbardugo, aka the newest #1 NYT BESTSELLER ENDLESS CONGRATULATIONS AND SO DESERVED

I’m completely obsessed with this book. It’s dark and twisted and full of action and it’s about A HEIST and my god i love heist stories. I also love motley crew, found family, ragtag misfits coming together stories, and this is that, but with a darker edge. And the world is just so insanely richly rendered and full of detail, and the cHARACTERS. I. Love. Them. Every one of them. And it is ship central, because not only will you love them all, but you’ll love them all TOGETHER (and want them to make out all the time)

Friendly reminder that any writer, whether you write 100k word multichaptered stories or 50 word drabbles, have 5000 hits or only 50, you’re all amazing and creative and inspirational and i hope you never stop what you’re doing 👍❤❤❤

A few explanations + Raffle

Months ago i deleted my original tumblr account (it had the same name that i’m using right now) because, i dont wanted to remember anything from these two years i keep posting on it. I wanted to clean it, and start from zero, because, lot of shit happened in my life during that period of time.

I had family problems, lots of negative stuff happened , i got emotionally unestable and…. 

I lost a friend that was pretty especial to me. I know that in some point u will be reading this and i just want to said that, yeah, right now i dislike you, why should i lie? but still, thanks for the support you showed me last year. And if you’re in a really bad hurry someday, you can count on me, but in the daily basis the simple mention of your name in a conversation still makes me angry… and about the rest of your squad…well, fuck them. I really dont care for them as much i did with you anyways.

*Sighs* What i wanted to say with all of this, is that with this kind of “reset” i lost all my followers and the people i was following. I want to see the old people i knew here again….so if you knew me from before, just tell me, i’ll love to follow you ♥

And as a kind of celebration for my new beginning, i want to do a raffle, a Drawing one.

It’s pretty simple. To participate you just have to:

-Follow me

-Reblog this with an image of your Eldarya gardienne or mcl candy (just one of them, not both)

-Reblog just once

-Wait until November 1th to know the raffle winner.

And you’ll be participating for a headshot of your gardienne or candy. Just like this one: 

Female characters with insecure wearing mask fem s/o

// Okay. THIS ONE. If any of you guys feel ugly because of some shitty magazine/instagram ,,ideal" looking face I will fight these media fucktards. Do you have a bigger nose? Then let me kiss it. Insecure about your chin? Eyes? Ears? Heck I already love them. I think all of you are beautiful and you deserve to feel that way. So please anon if you feel like that I will listen to you. You know what counts? Your inside. Who you are. Your heart. Beauty comes from heart not body.I want to give you people so much love but I am blabbering and these headcanons needs to be done so shall we begin them. You get an ultra hug because you deserve love and happiness anon.

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🌈 She was always curious why you wear a mask. Was it because of a scar? Or was it because you just liked wearing masks? Maybe she should get one? So you both could be a masked couple.

🌈 So she kindly asked why you wear that thing.


🌈 Lena immediately takes off your mask yelling.



🌈 She will kiss all of your face, flattering your nose, ears, chin, all of you. Lena loves all of you. How can you be insecure about yourself when you are such a cutie?

🌈 Urgues you to take off your mask and leave it alone forever.

🌈 ,,Trust me love I adore your face. Please take that off.”

🌈 Tracer will compliment you everytime she sees you. Your nose? Heck she loves your nose? Cheeks? Let her squazze your cheeks. Ears? What a cute ears you have there. Everything. She will compliment everything,

🌈 If you ever feel insecure once again about yourself Lena will shower you with kisses and cuddles.


🕊 The same as Lena. Angela was long curious about the cause of the mask. Was it because of a scar? Maybe she should look at it? So she can be sure its nothing serious.

🕊 You kindly told her that you think you are ugly and she kindly cant believe what she has heard.

🕊 First of all. Why do you think so? Did someone made you feel like that? Can she have a quiet talk with them while she kicks their ass?

🕊 She takes off your mask. Squazzes your cheeks as she says:

,, Y/N I think you are beautiful. Dont ever think you are ugly because thats a lie. I love you with my whole heart I cant imagine someone so great, pretty and caring could feel bad about herself.”

🕊 Everytime you feel insecure about yourself she will ensure you that you are the best thing that had happened in her life.

🕊 Gently whispers in your ear how much she loves your body. Your nose, eyes,cheeks, chin. All of you. To her you are a masterpice.

🕊 Angela insist you leave your mask be and let your face be seen by others. You are so pretty that hiding your face should be considered a crime.


💻 She really didnt get the thing about the mask. In your acts there is no file about your fight so you could have a mask. Did the documents lie? Or maybe you are an edgelord like reaper? Sombra needs to know.

💻 So she went to your room and asked forward why are you wearing mask babe?

💻 Sombra freezes. She is so confused.

💻 ,, WHAT?”

💻 Rips off your mask in an instant. Now you are shocked what is happening.

💻 ,, Listen. Y/N You have the prettiest face my eyes have ever seen and I do researches over the globe. You know? I want to have a giant folder of your selfies. You are beautiful.”

💻 Alright if someone made you feel ugly because of their bitchyselfs she will revive these putas secrets to every single person on earth.

💻 You know she complimented you now and then? But now? She will compliment you everytime she sees you to make sure you will never feel bad about yourself.

💻 If you feel insecure because of some imposed ideal she will make fun of it. 

,,What people think thats hot? You know what I think is hot? You.”

💻  She loves you for who you are. To be honest Sombra would like to have your heart only for herself but she is not greedy. She just cares for you so much you have no idea. She might seem like a douche but she is a lovely douche.

💻 Lowers her teasing so you could feel better about yourself. If you felt ugly because of her teasing Sombra will punch herself in the face for it. How could she make someone so precious for her feel bad about herself? Nah UH. She wont tease you for long now.

The Dilemma

I think im not like anyone else in dna fandom where they keep promoting daiya no a here and there and talk about people sleeps on it
So when i see someone said “OH DO YOU KNOW DAIYA NO A?”
And that other guy said “i know but i havent watched/finished it :)”
I think most people will be like “oh you should finish it. It’s so amazing”
And here i am, making an essay about why you shouldn’t watch it until eijun takes that no. 1 for his uniform. So what i would say is:

Hey i read your post that you said you haven’t finished watching daiya no a. I just wanna tell you that, please dont, just dont watch it for now. I care for you so i dont want you to feel the pain bcs of dna. Like you will love everyone, and hate them at the next second, then cry for them, hate them again, love them again, cry for them and cry for yourself. The cycle wont end.
Dna is not like kurobas where how GOM and seirin adores kuroko, not like haikyuu where many people doesnt care hinata but keep eyes on him after they see how he plays, not even like ookifuri where mihashi has abe to stand up for him. This is where eijun tries to stand up by himself but everyone keep stepping on him and thinks he wont make it because hey, we have other pitchers who are soooo amazing and only few people help him a little bit (“because we are not here to play house and take care of everyone. We’re here to play baseball”) to show who he really is and slap those kind of people. Oh did i mention something about chris? Ah chris senpai is like your oasis in daiya.

If you dont want to cry for yourself, which is pathetic like what im doing right now, please dont watch daiya no a until summer tournament comes.

And im not saying this because i hate it. Damn, i love it too much that it hurts. I get bored easily that i cant even finish some animes, never mind watching it for a second time, but daiya no a, whoa, i cant count how many times i re-watch the anime and re-read the manga. I just love daiya no a so much

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I'm looking for advices on how to deal with trauma in a relationship. My partner and I are both survivors and we both have cptsd and it can be really hard bc we're both sabotaging your relationship. Do you have any ressources on that? Thx you very much for your awesome blog.

this is a pretty difficult question, because if you google it, you get a lot of sites saying “how to date someone with ptsd” where all they talk about is what the symptoms are, which obviously you both are already familliar with, and then you get a few results saying “how to date someone when you have ptsd” which is also unhelpful because all their advice is “try to act normal” and “dont tell them about the trauma right away” which. doesn’t apply at all to your situation.

this is the best i got, because there are zero resources for two people with ptsd dating. here’s the most helpful bit (copied and pasted)

People with PTSD can create and maintain good relationships by:

  • Building a personal support network to help cope with PTSD while working on family and friend relationships

  • Sharing feelings honestly and openly, with respect and compassion

  • Building skills at problem solving and connecting with others

  • Including ways to play, be creative, relax, and enjoy others

and frankly im not sure how helpful that really is either. so because there are no resources i can give you, i’ll try to give you some advice instead. this is from personal experience, as i have also been in a relationship where we both had ptsd. now granted, that relationship failed, but not because we kept messing up. anyway. this is going to be long, and im not saying everything will work for you, but try to give it some thought anyway.

1) like it says above, be honest with each other. as much as possible. but also try to be sensitive. maybe both of you could write a list of triggers for yourself, and give it to the other person, so that you know what to avoid. so for instance, say you get triggered by X, and you need support. but on your partner’s trigger list, it says they also get triggered by X. so going to them for help is just going to hurt them, and you won’t get any support from it. so maybe whenever you get triggered by X, go to a friend who doesn’t get triggered by X, and get support from them. and then (and this is important), let your partner know about the incident. you can say “i got triggered real bad by something on both of our lists”, and then say “and i went to my friend for support so that i wouldn’t trigger you”. and then, let your partner comfort you.

regarding mutual triggers, friends (or honestly even blogs like mine, but just having someone who can talk you down and calm you) are for support. partners are for comfort. so after you have calmed, maybe ask to cuddle your partner, or call them on the phone, or skype.

2) this ties into number 1. if part of the problem is that you both (or one of you) keeps trying to destroy the relationship because of low self-esteem (i.e. “i don’t deserve you”), then come up with a word or phrase that means “i don’t mean this and i love you but my ptsd is telling me to push you away”. lets say you choose the words “milk crate”. you want it to be short, and not something you say very often. so if your partner is acting destructive, and saying things that are clearly intended to make you break up with them, then ask them the phrase. and they can either reply “milk crate” right back, which is a confirmation and tells you that they dont mean it and can’t help it, or else they say “no”, which means that they are serious. 

the purpose of having a phrase like this is to make it easier for both of you to say what you mean. if im in a bad way, the last thing i’m able to do is rationally explain that i love someone and i care about them and i’m sorry. like. i cant do it. i’d rather isolate myself forever. but if i already have a set phrase that means exactly what i want to say, then it’s much easier to just say that phrase.

3) you can create codewords for everything. if one of you has memory problems, then write them down. carry a list in your wallet, if you have to. create a codeword for “i love you but i cant handle human interaction right now”. create a codeword for “if you keep trying to talk to me i’m gonna explode so please go away”. create a codeword for “please don’t leave me alone right now”. 

one of the parts of ptsd is a feeling that its impossible to get other people to understand, and there’s no point in trying to communicate with anyone else. having a system of codewords reinforces the fact that 1) you have a human who understands you and cares about you and 2) you don’t need to try very hard to communicate a few very important things.

4) understand that sometimes you will want love, and your partner will not even want to be in the same room as you, and vice versa. this might even happen a lot of the time. it will suck. but you have to remember that it’s nobody’s fault when it happens. you’re not being too needy. they’re not being too distant. you both have ptsd. this is unavoidable. if you need comfort and your partner absolutely can’t provide it, go to a close friend, explain what you need, and ask for it.

5. if this is a long distance relationship (or one where you dont see each other every day in school or work or home), try to check in every day. if one of you often has days where you go nonverbal (extreme difficulty communicating, sometimes a complete lack of ability to communicate), create a codeword for that. lets say the word you come up with to signify nonverbal days is “pillowcase”. if your partner hasn’t talked to you all day, text them “pillowcase?” to which they can reply yes or no. or, if you know you’re currently having a nonverbal day, try to text them first: pillowcase. and then they will know that you’re not ignoring them, you just cant talk.

6. if you are not already both in therapy, please book therapists appointments. there’s no shame in needing a therapist, and having one will help both of you, in general life, and also in your relationship. i understand if it’s not possible (if you are minors, or else if you can’t afford one), but if you can, do.

that’s all i can think of. i hope this was helpful, and i hope your relationship smooths out.

Im quite saddend

Ive been scrolling down through the v route tag and all ive been seeing is ppl unsatisfied with this route. Im very sad not necessarily because V is being disregarded, but because now it feels like cheritzs work was all for nothing. And with all this hate and dissatisfaction im kind of losing courage in the fact that i loved the v route entirely. What is my opinion and a few others against hundreds??? I feel terrible that cheritz took so much of their time to do something WE asked for, and yet ppl react so negatively. I know, i know. We all have our own thought and opinions and have a right to express them. But more than anything it just feels wrong to me, like we’re showing cheritz that we arent grateful. Idk guys. I still stand by my love for v and his route, if anything its now my second favorite route (zen being first) and honestly now that i played the whole thing i cant bring myself to love anyone else but v. He was FINALLY able to accomplish something he NEVER could in ANY route: true love and true happiness. And i dont think im saying this enough, but im sooooo grateful for cheritz because yes this is something i too pestered to them about and now that i got what i asked for theres no way i could ask them for anything more. Everything depends on how you see it. And if you decide to only see the negative aspects of the v route and only care about what happens to other characters, then theres no point in playing this route if you cant enjoy it. Its sad really. I hope ppl can see that theres much more to this route than just saerans death or rikas downfall.