i dont care that i post too many selfies


a lot of people say i post like way too many selfies and i honeslty dont care, you know why? this is the thing no one really knows about me. when i was younger, it wasnt even that long ago (maybe a year ago) i had a really low self-esteem. I always hid behind my hair with a hat constantly on my head, i didnt like pictures being taken of me. i hated my body, my teeth, the fact that i didnt have a very nice jawline, i just hated everything about myself. so much has changed in the past year, my self-esteem has grown, i am almost completely comfortable with my body and not to mention all the people (you guys included) that have been so fucking nice to me. it means the world to me when you guys send me nice messages (and just messages at all really) put notes on my selfies and are always there for me when im feelin down. y'all are my ride or die. idk where i’d be without tumblr and all my friends and followers (really all my followers are my friends too so lets just say friends) thank you guys so fucking much for everything. you guys mean the world to me