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au!Sebastian Stan x Reader

He was perfect.
Everything about him was perfect.
The way those blue eyes could melt you with just a glance.
Like he was doing right now.

I felt a shiver run down my spine as Sebastian Stan made his way towards me. I had an urge to run. I wanted to hide from him.

Ever since highschool, he has done this to me. I felt weak in front of him, and I wasnt generally a weak person. I was just like my mother when it came to that - I hated showcasing any signs of weakness. But not to Sebastian. He knew the effect he had on me.

There was a smirk on his face as he reached me.

“Hey, I didnt expect to see you here” he said, with that annoyingly beautiful smirk.

“I didnt expect it too” I said dryly.

“Its good to see you, Y/N” his voice awoke a lot of emotions, that I had learned to hide within me, which had been untouched for more than an year now.

“You too, Seb” I managed to say, as he pulled me into a warm hug.

I always found his scent intoxicating. It made me giddy.
I pulled away quickly, my lips pressed together in a tight smile.

“Where exactly have you been ?” Seb asked, sipping his drink. “Its been an year”

An year.

Seb and I were together in highschool. We were a thing back then. We were wild and so much in love. Three years.
Thats how long it lasted.

Thanks to my mother.

On my 18th birthday, we had a nice big party at mine, and she discovered us in a rather compromising way, and that was it. She sent me away with my father in one if his social service trips, while she and my step brother Steven stayed home, working on her political career.

And this was the first time we met again after all that. But Seb was with someone else now. Madeline Praise,  whose birthday party we were attending.

“I was with dad” I said. “Vietnam”

Seb’s jaw clentched.

“And of course, you didnt think its necessary to tell me” he hissed. “You just disappeared on me, Y/N”

“I was held  a prisoner at my own home ! I was locked away not allowed meet even dad or Steven ! And one morning I was thrown into a flight to nowhere !” I said, my voice trembling with emotion. “And besides, not that you grieved a lot - Madeline Praise explains that much !”

Seb looked at me, and I saw the pain in his eyes.

“My father made me” he whispered, turning bright red. “Just wants to cover up the mess.”

I scoffed at that.

“So where is your girlfriend ?” I asked, turning around to look. “I missed the cake cutting.”

“Of course you did” His smile was back on.

“Seriously, I didnt even want to come” I said, shaking my head. “Thanks to my sweet mother. She has a way of pushing me into things I hate”

Our eyes fell on my mother.

Tanya Strait ( She took my stepfather’s surname after marriage), was trying to make a political career for herself. She was trying her best. She had married George Strait when I was about ten years old. She and my stepfather were both born into filthy rich business families, and thus were always on top of the social ladder.

Seb, Steven, Madeline and I, all attended posh private schools , and, Seb and Steven - the most expensive colleges.

Madeline’s family and mine were linked through family business, and thus this unavoidable party to which I was dragged to, against my will.

“I missed you, Y/N” Seb said, his hand caressing mine softly. “So much”

I looked at him, not sure if this conversation was a good idea.

“I, um…me too” I said, trying to calm down.

My eyes darted to the crowd of guests, searching for Madeline. Only she wasnt anywhere to be seen.

“Where exactly is she ?” I asked.

Seb shrugged.

“I dont really care” he said, in a bored tone. “Im here for my father”

“Seb ! You’re dating that girl !”

“Who told you that ?! I am forced to take her to these stupid parties ! Our parents make us go together!  Who the hell told you we were dating ?!”

He was shaking in anger.

“Hm. Mom did” I said shrugging.

“Come on, Y/N.” Seb said impatiently. “You really think its that easy ?”

“It hasnt been easy , Seb. Not for me. But Ive seen the two of you so blissfully happy on magazine covers” I snapped at him. “I was miserable ! I was in therapy ! But of course, you didnt know !”

Seb was quiet now, staring at me with wide eyes and his mouth slightly open.

“Hello, Sebastian”

Seb tried to regain his earlier confidence, as my stepbrother Steven joined us.

“Steven” he said, giving him a nod.

“Nice to have Y/N back, isnt it ?” Steven said, putting an arm around my shoulders.

Steven and I had a wonderful relationship. He never let the fact that my mother had replaced his, affect our bond. He was the only one in the world whom I knew would never hurt me.

“Yes it is” Seb said, his eyes burning into me.

“I would love to let you two catch up, but mom’s kinda looking for you, and shes not going to be happy spotting you with him” Steven said, motioning to mom with his eyes.

“Alright, give me a minute” I said, exhaling loudly. “I’ll come”

Steven nodded and walked off.

“Seb, I have to go” I said.

“Meet me in the garden at 10” he said. “Please, Y/N”

“I dont think thats a good idea” I said, already protesting. “Last year was hell, I dont want to relive it !”

“Please, baby” Seb whispered. “Please”

me, falling rapidly in love with adam kovic:

@kurotsuno is literally the best person ever. theyre rly supportive, kind & have the biggest heart. they’re caring & considerate & incredibly funny, i love sya so much when we talk abt gordon ramsay or hang out in general bc she’s so interesting & sweet. she’s also rly talented when it comes to making stuff whether it’s graphics or art, i always love it when she shows me that stuff bc i love seeing her improve & the stuff she makes is always so cool in general??

she puts up with my bs a lot and has been through lots of tough times w/ me, we’ve been friends for almost a year and it makes me really happy for that (i hope to continue being friends for longer). 

there’s only 2 ppl who’ve been able to put up with me for so long, 2 very special ppl to me & she’s one of them. i’m a mess & i’m scared a lot & fear i’m always boring but she’s like the sea, comforting & calm but always prepared to crash back against anything that tries to hurt or stop her. she’s some1 i admire & without her in my life i probably wouldn’t know as much as i do or have as much sense? she helps me when times get rough & is someone i want to trust as much as i can.

idk i made this love post bc she deserves to be appreciated & loved & cared for & known she’s wonderful bc i’m not a very good friend or have a hard time co-ordinating my emotions or the stuff i wanna say but like no matter the hard times that happen it won’t change that she’s someone whose rly amazing in every aspect & i’m always gonna protect her & kacchan– tbh i’d die for her?

she’s a rly valued friend & person in my life so i’m hoping maybe this helps show my appreciation fdgvjdfgnfdgn im bad with words woops

Is it just me or does Tigress seem to look friendlier and friendlier after each movie? 

Look at her in the first movie:’

Second/Holiday Special:

And now third?

Like not the character development, which is obvious. I mean the face shape and such. It’s..rounder? Looks happier, kind of ore appealing, in a strange way. Maybe it’s because she’s older, or just an character redesign thing. Just something I noticed.

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here it is for everyone in my askbox who kept asking!!! love my fans!!!!

  • for some reason the foxes decide to go on a roadtrip to henrietta all together because they just won the championships and they’re happy
  • do not ask me about timeline and continuity i have no idea about the americans’ timetables and i dont care
  • they decide to explore the city a bit before going to this aglionby school to watch this guy’s game and talk to him afterwards
  • so they have a pizza at nino’s, all trying to fit in a booth which ends up w/ dan and neil having to sit on their boyfriends’ laps
  • then nicky allison and renee decide to go to that psychic shop out of curiosity. no one dares asking how it went afterwards when they realize allison and nicky are both silent for the first time since ever
  • eventually they drive out to this scHOOL what the fuck what is this
  • its so fucking fancy
  • nicky cant get over how fancy it is. allison is smiling in a sarcastic way, cause these are the kinds of boys she grew up around and god knows she doesnt miss them
  • renee tries to tell them all not to judge before they’ve eve seen him but its a lost cause
  • theyre kinda making mean jokes about how the new fox is a rich heir whose parents dont give him enough attention and so he’s a violent asshole because his parents would rather pay him than spend time with him :-/ blah theyre assholes deal w it
  • kevin rolls his eyes and repeats that he does not care if this guy is a fucking cutthroat as long as he plays on his court

  • move forward : they watch the game its beautiful & ronan plays like its his last game on earth which the nerds like. he’s very hot, which the rest of them like.
  • kandreil want to go get him but nicky wants to see him up close too. allison wants to go bc she’ll know how to talk to a guy like that. renee is needed because they’ll need at least one reasonable person in the room
  • in the end neil kevin andrew renee allison and nicky go to see the ravens’ coach and tell her they want ronan
  • she just says ‘good luck.’ before leading them to him

  • many things happen. firstly ronan is still shirtless which everyone but neil and renee has a hard time processing with a closed mouth
  • he’s not alone either, there are two guys around him, laughing and touching him and ?
  • (seeing this picture of the three of them together is so weird bc ? they all seem so… normal ? dudes being bros ? nothing like fox materials ? do they even have the right guy ? bc none of them looked like that, so at ease and….happy ? in high school thats for sure
  • anyway then high cheekbones boy raises his head and sees them, touches ronan’s forearm to make him look and the spell is broken
  • suddenly this guy is standing tall, scowling, looking like hes been hating them for decades
  • theres also this weird boat shoes wearing dad next to him everyone is judging hard (except renee she’s too good for any of them)

  • there’s an awkward silence during which ronan’s face get even more murderus and adam’s brow more quirked but no one says anything
  • allison the ethereal goddess saves everyone. “hello, we’re the palmetto state university foxes. my name’s allison. i don’t know if you sent it yourself or your coach did, but we saw your stats and tonight’s game, and we want you in the team next year.” efficient, perfect. a+
  • “not interested”
  • the boy that looks like an american dad doesnt seem happy w this answer and he very politely says with a weird accent and too much manners “excuse me, may i speak privately with my friend for a short time ?”
  • half of them roll their eyes and/or glare
  • andrew, helpfully, says, “hurry the fuck up or i will smash your stick in your eye” in a voice SO CALM the three rich boys are taken aback
  • they take a few steps back to whisper together, apparently ronan and boat shoes boy are getting worked up over somthg
  • so the foxes turn toward eachother and
  • nicky “he’s hot”
  • allison “yes, and a diva. he’s gonna be more troube than he’s worth”
  • kevin “you’re all more trouble than youre worth. shut the fuck up”
  • andrew “im bored”
  • kevin “i dont fucking care. kiss him or hit him i dont give a shit, but we need him and we need him yesterday”
  • andrew “i’ll kill you”
  • neil “please don’t kissl him”
  • allison “is he done checking with his boyfriends im hungry”
  • nicky “do you think they’re his boyfriends ?”
  • neil “i just wish someone could smack him in the stomach with an exy stick. i mean that really did it for me” (andrew hits him)
  • finally the three fancy boys turn around but its boat shoes that starts talking again. “ronan may need a few days to think about this, if you don’t mind, to figure out if he’ll be able to put his affairs in orders, see if he can make it. when can we get back to you ?”
  • by then 70% of the foxes present want to punch the shit out of this pretty boy. what the fuck. who does he think he is.
  • andrew scowls
  • allison after a deep breath, talks again “what fucking affairs can you have you’re twelve. & i wouldnt think on it too long, its not like you got many college options right ?”
  • ok now everyone is on edge and adam has a hand on ronan’s forearm to keep him from charging forward
  • renee, our lord and saviour, steps in. “ronan, we’d love to have you with us. we won this year’s championship, and we really think that your ruthlessness would help us do the same next year. we’ll leave you our coach number with the registration papers, and when you’ve come to your decision, you can call him, okay ?”
  • gansey “this sounds reasonnable. thank you.”
  • kevin “well i think thats it. good game out there, lynch. these guys are savages, but i do think youd be good in our team. and who knows, maybe we could be good to you.”
  • ronan scoffs
  • they all start heading out

  • except andrew and neil who hang at the back
  • suddenly andrew turns around and grabs a random exy stick before driving it into ronan’s stomach with so much strength its a fucking miracle the stick didnt break in two
  • gansey and adam are outraged
  • ronan wants to break this maggot’s face
  • neil, eerily calmly : “i guess you’ll have to come to palmetto to do that”
  • andrew doesnt look at anyone on the way back but neil is grinning at him
  • “thanks babe”
  • “didnt do it for you”
  • RRRRight

  • gansey calls 19 hours later, asking when ronan needs to move in
  • when the boys go into nino’s that night, they find blue talking with dan, nicky, matt, neil and aaron and looking like she’s having a blast

larry: *comes out freely and becomes a public couple*

anties: look what you larries have done you pushed louis and harry to their breaking point. now they’re acting GAY because of you, honestly larry isn’t even real so sit back down and stop over-analyzing shit, friends always come out of the closet as a joke in england.