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I haven’t drawn AT in forever and I haven’t been as caught up in it lately but I feel obligated to say how much it’s affected my life and how dear it is to me. It’s been six years and I fell in love with it at ten years old. It taught me to draw and brought me so many friends!

So here’s a quick doodle of my oldest oc, Sara with my main man Finn QwQ

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Just wanted to throw out that I love your writing and I was wondering if you had daddy headcanons for the MM boys. And I don't mean Daddy as in, "Daddy, I've been a bad girl. Spank me." I mean daddy as in they have a child and trying to be a father.

i really laughed at this so hard omg


  • MC only wanted to have one kid, but Yoosung insisted on two
  • he knows better than anyone how important it is to have someone to look up to, ok
  • MC and Yoosung have a boy and a girl, the boy is one year older
  • Yoosung desperately wants to impose his love for video games onto his kids
  • “hey, son! how about playin some games with you old man?”
  • “no thanks, dad! i’m gonna play outside with my friends!”
  • ???????????
  • MC is just like? please stop trying to make our children shut-ins
  • Yoosung feels a tug on his shirt
  • his little girl was pulling on him
  • “daddy? i’ll play games with you”
  • Yoosung scoops her up and pumps a fist in the air triumphantly
  • “MC! one of our kids actually loves me!”
  • of course Yoosung won all the time when his daughter was a kid but as she grew older her skills imporved
  • “you win again! geez, i remember when you were little and i used to beat you all the time…”
  • “i guess you’re just too old for games now, dad”
  • why must you hurt me in this way, my own daughter


  • Zens got three girls with MC that are his literal pride and joy
  • he spoils them, too, especially his youngest
  • “dad, why do you give her presents so much? is she you favorite or something?”
  • “i dont have favorites, but just look at her! my little girl is so friggin adorable i cant help it!!”
  • his two other daughters just roll their eyes
  • “hey, if you wanted to be spoiled your whole life, you shouldnt have grown up”
  • obviously, Zen is the most protective dad on the planet
  • he has no idea how to use a gun but he bought one and just lets it sit in the corner to scare boys away
  • when his youngest daughter tells Zen she has a crush on another girl at school he’s honestly so relieved
  • my precious princess, smart enough to stay away from boys. SHE IS A GOOD ONE
  • whenever one of his daughters brings a boy home:
  • “i dont know, MC. i dont like him.”
  • “Zen, you dont like anyone our girls bring home”
  • “well it’s not my fault all men are blood thirsty wolves who want nothing but to take advantage of my beautiful children”


  • Jaehee is the ultimate mom
  • her and MC have one boy together
  • so Jaehee has to focus all of her attention onto her only child
  • which sometimes kind of sucks for him
  • sometimes she’ll come into his room to find him playing games or something
  • “hey, sweetheart. how was school today?”
  • “fine.”
  • “what did you do today?”
  • “nothing”
  • “did…um…anything fun happen?”
  • “nope”
  • “finish your homework for the day?”
  • “yup”
  • …………………………….
  • “okay, well have fun with your game!”
  • why does Jaehee feel nervous speaking to her own child ???
  • she makes him breakfast every morning and makes sure to pack him a nutritional lunch
  • MC always sneaks in some candy when Jaehee has her back turned
  • she even leaves him lil notes of encouragement
  • he’d never admit it, but it really does make him feel better to see a note from his loving mother when he’s having a rough day
  • he’s so lucky to have a mom like Jaehee


  • oh god, this poor man with a baby girl
  • google search: how to change a diaper
  • google search: how to communicate with a baby
  • MC is an actual angel though, and helps him out
  • they just have this amazing parental instinct it’s truly incredible to him
  • when the baby starts crying at night usually MC gets up to take care of it
  • “dont get up, my love. i got this”
  • “Jumin…”
  • before MC can say anything else, he was already out of bed
  • he takes the crying child into his arms, cradling her and cooing
  • even though having a baby was a lot of work
  • holding his own child was Jumin’s favorite feeling in the world
  • it didnt matter if she was crying or sleeping or dirty or clean or whatever
  • this was his and MC’s own child
  • and he loved her with all of his heart!!!


  • i am very attached to the idea of Seven having two twin boys
  • and he always make the same dumb joke
  • “twins just run in the family, i guess”
  • him and MC could have adopted twins and he would still make the stupid joke
  • one of the twins, who’s older than his brother by about 30 seconds, is a prankster just like his father
  • the other kind of reminds MC of Jaehee
  • quiet, hard working, likes to read and drink coffee also sarcastic as heck sometimes
  • sometimes Seven will fall victim to the older twins pranks
  • “i swear, that kid never quits, does he?!”
  • seven are you kidding me right now
  • “i simply have no idea what you’re talking about, MC”
  • Seven always has to scold him about it when MC is looking but as soon as they leave the room
  • “dude, that was hilarious”
  • “thanks, dad. i know”
  • Seven has a really hard time relating to his other son
  • but he has his own ways of saying “i love you”
  • like removing any fake bugs from their bathroom every morning that the older twin might have planted to freak his brother out
  • and preventing his brother from tampering with his lunch for school
  • and making sure he knows that Seven is always ready listen if he ever needs to talk about anything


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124 + andreil !!

this has been in my drafts for like,, weeks i have no excuses but thank u anyway!!

124. “Are you wearing my shirt?” + andreil

After a bad game, the Foxes had come to have routine. They’d gotten too cocky after beating the Ravens, so when they lost a game after that, it always hit them harder than it had before Neil’s arrival. Andrew had started closing the goal like he actually enjoyed playing the game, Kevin could play with both his hands now, the new players helped them out a lot, so why weren’t they winning?

Disappointed and tired, all they wanted to do was change out of their sweaty gear and go to sleep. Andrew’s arms felt overworked, Neil’s feet throbbing after he played a full game running back and forth. The showers anyone had were short and silent, with no post-game chatter as there usually was. Neil still hadn’t become comfortable changing with the others, and was last to leave the showers, sweatpants and an orange t-shirt sticking to his half-assed attempt at drying himself, alongside his black wristbands to cover his scars.

“It makes me wonder how I tolerate you when you step out of a shower like that.” Andrew was the only one remaining in the room, rubbing a towel through his hair, only looking up at Neil for a second as he walked towards his locker.

“Like what? Dressed?” He threw his dirty jersey and pants into the almost-full basket of to-be-washed clothes, putting his bandana and non-washable gear back into his locker.

“Half dried. It’s disgusting.” 

“I’ll dry.” Neil leaned against the lockers and watched as Andrew towel dried his hair, only stopping to tell Neil to stop staring. When he was finished, he shoved the towel into his bag, to be cleaned back at the dorms, and shook his head like a dog before styling it with his fingers. He was wearing black sweatpants, tied with his usual wristbands and black Nike runners. It was then that Neil noticed what looked off about him, and it brought a smirk to his lips. “Are you wearing my shirt?” 

Andrew looked down at the t-shirt and shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t something any of the other foxes would notice, but Neil knew it was his because he’d had it before he came to PSU. It was a plain, short-sleeved black t-shirt, with the sleeves slightly rolled up, but the distinction between that and any other t-shirt, was the small white logo on the left breast. It wasn’t a brand, but was an embroidered signature of some old Exy player from when the league first began. He’d found it in a thrift store back when he stopped off in Ireland on his way to America, and it was nothing memorable, but he recognized it in a second.

“Don’t get too full of yourself, Josten, it was the first shirt I picked up. Your style is still atrocious.” He looked down at the embroidery before rolling his eyes again at Neil who was smiling over at him. “I will change if you keep looking at me like that.”

“Tell me you don’t like it.” Neil pushed himself up off the lockers, and Andrew joined him in the middle of the room.

“It’s the only bearable item of clothing you seem to own. Yes or no?” Neil mumbled out a yes through a cheeky smile, and was met with Andrew’s lips on his own for only a second before Neil pulled back and rested his forehead against Andrew’s.

“It’s a little big on you, though.” He was tired, and his blue eyes flickered as he searched through Andrew’s hazel ones up so close. 

“Big means comfortable. You are not as tall as you think, you know that?” Andrew stopped the conversation there by kissing him again, and though Neil probably wouldn’t admit it, he kind of hoped Andrew would “accidentally” wear his clothes more often.

terfs are such fuckin babies like sorry no one likes you bc you dont think some women are women enough to be your fucking girlfriends you rat bastards

*this post was specifically made bc i was venting abt one specific blog, not naming it here. its one issue i have with terfs, dont reblog this post with something along the times of ‘the only reason you hate terfs is bc we wont fuck a certain group’ bc thats not true. i hate you bc ur transphobic. u use ur transphobia to deny dating others. in fact i would appreciate if you didnt reblog this bc its quite frankly a fucking mess now but i know most of you wont see this edited post unles youre trying to get my attention through a direct rb

and i have notifs for this post blocked, so i wont see that anyway. im not going to argue w any more terfs, im not going to respond to anyone else. i dont care to hear your side of the story, i think youre wrong thats not changing. i dont care why you think im wrong either. i dont want you to “get your point across” your point is useless 2 me. go tell someone who cares.

i also dont respond to asks and replies. i never intended for this post to get notes, i didnt make this to argue. i made it bc i was angry. surely you can appreciate that, one person to another, differing opinions or not. im not in any mood to debate this, ever. i dont have the energy or will. i didnt make this to debate in the first place, its a one sided thing. ever bitch to yourself in your mind? this is that but in text. i dont want to talk to transphobes. i dont want to hear you call women men. leave me alone.

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if this gets 500 notes ill stp messagin u hate on anon and send an apology off anon! this will prove no one loves u becuz it wont get no notes lol they dont care enuff bout ur nasty ass

Okay I’m not planning on posting anything else you’ve sent I’ll leave that to Hayden but after a month of your harassment I don’t exactly believe that you will but I’ll take my chances on posting this and if it gets that many notes I expect my apology

apink at christmas

chorong: decorates the house real nice makes some good food gets everyone feeling festive

bomi: helps chorong w/ decorating but then probably like.. eats some tinsel and chorong has to take her to the hospital

eunji: screams mariah carey high notes starting 3 weeks before christmas

naeun: wont let chorong decorate her room bc it will mess w/ her emo decor

namjoo: screams mariah carey louder than eunji

hayoung: says she’s gonna stay up on christmas eve to catch santa then falls asleep at 7:30pm

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What do u think of all of the irony hate on tumblr. I mean I can understand hating the bad member of the fandom(sexist, homophobic, pedophile and etc.) but not everyone who enjoys the show.

Honestly I dont care anymore this site is overflowing with hypocrisy and I found that peace and quiet is only an ignore or block button click away.

 there are so many things in this world to loose energy over, the middle east, ferguson, my neighbors dog that wont shut the hell up! all of those are viable reasons to get upset, people spreading hate over a show for notes is not one of them. 

In the end im going to come home after a long day, turn on my favorite show and no one is going to stop me from having a good time. 

enjoy yourself love who and what you want when and where you want and stop wasting time on childish individuals and their twisted idea of what it means to be morally correct and socially acceptable.

believe me it makes life much easier (^_^)/)

BALTH IN A BATH: Kisses and… well who cares pedrazar is canon okay?

really shitty fanart because i need this to happen. badly. (please dont remove caption. and yes i know this is shit)

300 follower (crappy) art giveaway

So i finally hit 300 followers (woo)

In honor of this seemingly grand achievement I am willing to get off my lazy butt and draw/make someone a thing (been playing around with that cool thisissand site I stumbled across and it’s super cool)

So anyway, reblog this however many times you desire (but Im pretty sure the notes that it will show me only counts once (but do whatever you want I dont care) and I’ll randomly choose a winner or two and I will draw them a thing

please be following me (i’ll check)
reblog/like however many times you want i wont stop you

that’s it i guess

i’ll draw/make you basically whatever you want as long as it isnt too complicated (still a bit of an newbie here)

that’s all i can think of to put here so fire away

if you have any questions feel free to ask! i’m not that scary

Edit: Ends on the 9th btw!