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That's all us anons are good for right? Being hateful. No matter how hard you try to be peaceful there is always something that pushes you over the line. Its not a matter of if you snap. It's when. I'm sorry but it's in our nature to be hateful Towards one another. It's just how humans work...

Listen to me. And listen carefully. If you think the only thing you as a person is good for is sending hate to people, and i say it this way because, i dont care what you say, there is a person behind that screen. Someone typed this ask. Someone is typing this answer. We are people behind the screens.

So if you think the only thing you are good at is sending hateful messages to people, then you need to really step away from the internet and reevaluate yourself and your choices. You need to look at yourself as a person and ask “What if that happened to me? What if i was told randomly, out of the blue, to kill myself? That I was worthless?” You could be having the best day and one message when you are unprepared could crush your whole day if you’re not careful.

Being kind is fucking hard. Being peaceful, positive, calm, its fucking hard and I’ll admit, I’m not a nice person when times call for it. I have been angry, i have been spiteful, and i still hold grudges and have a very hard time letting people i’ve cut from my life back in. Yes, being angry is part of human nature.

But, you learn to control it. And so you can go about to try your damnest to be a good person. To bring smiles to people you care about. Your friends, your lover, your pets, family, hell maybe even the little kid who was missing a dollar to pay for a lollipop he wanted. Or the stranger who has been wandering lost in a new area. It’s so much easier to be kind because, that too, is part of human nature.

And if you notice, we are nicer a lot more times then we are angry, because anger is usually triggered while kindness is natural.

So if you actually read this and still think you are only good at sending hateful comments, no matter if a person deserves it or not, then you need to take a good, long look at your actions and ask yourself

“Is this what I really am?”

I really wish people would understand calling an artist talented isnt a compliment. Like. I wasn’t born able to draw or paint or do any of the stuff I can now. I dont care if you cant draw a stick figure. You havent practised and if you did you could draw or make art well. Like nobody is born making art. We learned. We dedicate time to this. Its not something you are born with its something you learn and hone.

i asked my fav teacher for a letter of rec today and she squinted at my sat score and gave me such an offended look and i got so scared and then she just went “whY WERE YOU WORRIED ABOUT YOUR SAT???? ITS NOT EVEN BAD.” and then i said smth self deprecating and she frowned deeply and went “NO! STOP! I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT [other student got] YOURE GOOD!” i love her

Hey if you live in south west Texas anywhere along the coast and up to San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, check your local weather updates because Hurricane Harvey is supposed to hit us friday night.

Please evacuate if they tell you to. If you dont have to, be sure you have plenty of batteries, water (fill up your bathtubs so you can use the water to flush), ice (for your perishable food if your power goes out), gas if you have a generator, flashlights, and plenty of non-perishables.

I suggest getting a portable charger for your phone and making sure its charged up too.

**Also, pet owners**:
Make sure your pets have tags and you have your vets contact info. A lot of animals get out during storms.

If you think your dog wont be able to go to the bathroom outside, I suggest buying Puppy Potty Training Pads.That way they can to the the bathroom inside but its on a nice litte sheet that you can just toss.

If you are able to take your dogs out, i suggest taking them out on a leash or checking your fence first. Sometimes storms can knock down a fence without you knowing, so be careful if you’re used to just letting your dog out in the back yard.

• stay away from windows
• stay inside
• keep updated
• NEVER run your generator inside
• watch out for flooding, if the waterlooks too deep or you’re not sure, dont drive through it. Turn around.
• be safe

If you’re like me and you live in an apartment and this is your first hurricane you have to deal with by yourself feel free to message me if you wanna talk. I’m from Houston so I have some experience with these things lol


how about some dragon stew???

hey technically that’s not cannibalism, that guy’s human shut up

meanwhile those two are cuttin the veggies


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.

I dont know man, I just wanted to draw human Sans and Red (havent drawn actual people in a little while and it seems appropriate that its still Sans and Red)

Sans is the sleepy lesbian that hasn’t washed her hair in 3 weeks and Red is that bisexual that your “friends” warn you to watch out for even though she’s just trying to live her best life (will absolutely steal your girlfriend)


i don’t think they’re trying to take us

wanna one as boyfriends: park woojin
  • as every other bf! pwj scenarios has said, woojin will be such a shy lil bean
  • i mean, im sure you knew he would be shy, but he literally just could not look at you directly for a week after you two started dating
  • even though he offers to go on a date with you every day no matter how short or long they may be
  • eye contact threw him into a fit of palm sweating, finger biting, hair fiddling, and cheek flushing
  • on your dates, he secretly loves subtle skinship in public as he was too nervous to be thAT FULL ON kinda dude
  • like when he accidentally brushed his hand against yours, grabbed the door handle at the same, etc
  • BUT in private, he’s gonna throw you around his shoulders
  • throw you on the couch
  • and koala-bear-attack you while watching your favorite flicks
  • also loves to stroke your hair absentmindedly
  • constantly takes secret candids of you
  • not really great at keeping it secret
  • eventually made a photo album of the candids for your one month anniversary
  • placed a recording of him telling you “i love you” inside so it plays upon opening
  • you open the book 2345798765432 times a day bc you love hearing his voice and because he didn’t know how to stop it (or redo it) so he ended up mumbling to himself until he figured it out how to stop recording
  • woojin rips the recording mechanism out after the third day
  • gets caught up in practice so he’s late A LOT
  • feels bad so he spends half the night winning as many claw game machines as possible
  • your bed is 83.48% plushies within a few weeks
  • “how are you mine?” “why would you pick me?”
  • needs reassurance bc he thinks you’re just that damn amazing
  • gifts you small things he notices you admiring through store windows or online
  • does that cheek-puff-air-blow thing while he waits for you to open your gift and see your reaction
  • “woojin, how did you know i wanted this?”
  • he’ll just do his awkward smile and ruffle your hair
  • will try to fix your hair when he sees he’s made it all stick out on top
  • makes it worse
  • ends up making you two so staticky both of your hairs start to stick together as you walk with one another

I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)


Can I get your opinion please??!?

I need you guys to be brutally honest with me because I don’t want to give my Secret Witch Event recipient a gift that they are not going to like. I found this crosstitch pattern shared on tumblr and decided to buy it from etsy. I wanted to make this pattern as one of my gifts for my recipient in the exchange. But the issue I’m having is doubt. I know that my recipient is in their 20′s. Do you think that they would appreciate this? I really like it. But I started to worry that a twenty-ish person might think it’s too “little old lady” like and not want to display it in their house.

Can you tell me what you think? Do you think a twenty-something would appreciate this for a gift? Be honest!

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I read ur response to that anon about Rio ur parrot and it's not that he's a chaos demon, all birds are like that!! They associate noise/uproar with happiness and fun bc that's how their socialization works!! So he's trying to play w u & have fun,& doesn't realize it is a hurtful thing he is doing!! As a fellow bird owner, a good way to get ur bird to stop doing things that hurt u (like excessive biting or screaming in ur ear) is to not respond to it which is a lot harder than it sounds (pt. 1)

Anonymous said: (pt. 2) like it takes a lot of willpower to not instinctively yell or scream aka react to what ur bird did!! But p much just disengaging with them, and putting them back on their cage or perch & leaving the immediate area when they do something bad is a great way to teach them that the certain action is not going to get favorable results of you making noise & having fun!! They repeat what they find works to make u have fun w them w/o realizing you’re not having fun!!

Anonymous said: (Pt. 3 I guess?? Just a sidenote) that’s why when I can tell my green cheek conure is getting stir crazy or is in a silly mood, I engage with her and start being loud!! That way she doesn’t start causing trouble or making a fuss!! The bird behavior thing I mentioned isn’t full-proof bc birds r chaotic deep down like u said but it works for the most part to teach them what is right and what is wrong to do to get ur attention!!

yea i know that, its just a lot easier & funnier to describe him as a chaotic screamin demon. i dont bother training him cuz i think its a fun part of his Pet Personality. like: [SCREECH] “YOURE GONNA MAKE ME DEAF, YOU ASS!” “WRAWKA WRAWKA BRAKA WRAAAAK REEEEEAAAA!!!!” “NO, FUCK YOU!its fun i like rio he’s a hell raiser

Can we talk about Yoonseok/Sope for a moment please

I strive to have a friendship as strong as these two they are the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen


Again, GOALS. 

They just seem to understand one another so well??? They just have a really precious friendship and they care about each other so much

They’re also essentially polar opposites where one is complete sunshine and bubbly and happy all the time and the other is a bit quieter and more reserved and I love friendships/relationships like those where the two people match together so well because they’re nothing alike

However, at the same time, I think that the reason they are such good friends is because they’ve both been through some rough shit and can connect really well in that way and I really admire that their friendship is built off of that because it makes them super supportive of each other

And when Yoongi is with Hoseok, he’s like a different person. He just lets go of himself more and he just seems a lot more carefree and happy. I think they bring out the best in each other and maybe even the side of them that you don’t see all that often because they just work with one another that well.

You don’t even have to necessarily ship them either, but you can’t deny that they have a really wonderful friendship

♥ ♥ ♥

***I do not own any of the gifs***

The Creatures just officially announced they’re leaving the channel behind. I’m full on sobbing. I grew up watching these lovable idiots, and as stupid and cheesy as it sounds they helped me a lot. 

I’m gonna miss seeing new content on the Hub but I do wish them all the best in the future. 

And before any Cow Chop fans take over this post, please don’t. Let me speak up and say that we all knew it was coming. Trust me, we did. But it doesn’t mean that it hurts any less.