i dont care if im probably too old for it. it just looks so fun !

Closet Softie

Or, How Bucky Barnes Nearly Ruined His Tough-Guy Rep

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The trail mix was gone. 

The nice, expensive trail mix, with twelve kinds of nuts and the big sunflower seeds and dried fruits, the kind Tony only rarely left sitting on the common floors for everyone to get at, was gone. 

Clint had been looking forward to that stuff all morning

All the way through a hellish morning “jog” with Steve, all through Nat handing him his ass on the training mats, all through firing the same batch of misweighted arrows over and over so Tony could take scans and fix the design, he’d been thinking, when this is done I get to go upstairs and hang out on the couch and watch Dog Cops and eat the good trail mix, guilt-free. 

And it was gone.

Clint was gonna shoot somebody.

Just as soon as he figured out who’d taken the trail mix.

kingofmemes posted:

yesterday i saw a sad duck in the park who kept getting picked on by the other ducks so today i brought some trail mix and we had a nice lunch together. also i think he might be the duck who pooped on sam last week. if so, he is officially my new best friend. 

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anonymous asked:

heey first of i just wanted to say that you're like literally my favorite blog no joke i love love your writing like i cannot stop smiling whenever im reading your stuff and as your friends to lovers thingy is one of my favorites i was wondering if you could do one with taehyung?? thaanks 💙

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi 

  • you and taehyung have always been messes,,,,but cute messes together
  • you technically became friends in detention ,,,,,,
  • taehyung had been sitting at the back of the classroom with silly string all over his hair and shirt ,,,, he’d brought a can to school and accidentally sprayed himself and the gym teacher
  • and you,,,,well you had gotten into an argument that had ended in a food fight and there was probably still some cold cheese from a pizza that was flung at you in your hair
  • but,,,,,,with mutual understanding you and taehyung had just grinned and gone “that’s what you’re in here for? cool!”
  • the teacher who was supposed to be guarding you and making sure you were doing homework had flaked in the middle to go gossip in the hall so you and taehyung had moved closer discussing if it would be good to make a break for it or not
  • you thought maybe using the silly string as a distraction could work but also taehyung wasn’t looking to get expelled so you’d decided instead that peeking out the door till the teachers backs were both turned you two would dash down the hall for freedom
  • and you did,,,,,,,,you were just a tad slower and taehyung had grabbed your hand and pulled you along through the doors as the sound of the teacher drowned out behind you
  • after that,,,,you two became inseparable 
  • and sure it had a lot to do with you both loving practical jokes and being free-spirited but it also had to do with just,,,,,how you got each other without words
  • just looks and smiles and inside jokes,,,, and you never making fun of taehyung in anyway because no matter how people saw him 
  • taehyun is smart and caring and you knew that,,,just like he knew that about you
  • and growing up you guys got out of pranks and skipping class and just became more into going to live concerts late at night and staying up past 4 am to set of fireworks on the beach with other friends you’d made as you got older
  • and ,,,, it stayed nice and carefree but you were also adults now so,,,,you had to be there for each other not just for laughs but for serious things as well
  • and one day taehyung confides that he’d like to be a singer and you support him one hundred percent but before an audition he decides he wants to dye his hair to stand out
  • “what color are you thinking?”
  • “,,,,,,,you’re going to laugh but,,,,,,,orange”
  • you look at taehyung like are you being serious but you can see the twinkle in his eye and you’re like ok orange it is let’s make you into a walking flaming dorito
  • and it was ur first time,,,,bleaching and dying someones hair,,,,but taehyung for some reason trusted you
  • even though you were the two kids who thought itd be smart to throw water balloons over a huge spiked fence in highschool ,,,,, but hey friends trust friends,,,,,,,,right?
  • and so with paper towels everywhere  and you standing behind taehyung in your tiny bathroom,,,you managed to get him in an old t-shirt with gloves on your hands and spreading bleach over his hair
  • and every minute or so he’d whine that it stings and you’d be like suck it up kim we have another half your head to go
  • and taehyung would mumble that you should at least try to distract him and you would go do u want me to focus so i dont get bleach in ur eye or what
  • taehyung: point taken
  • and when you’d finally got him blonde,,,you could start on getting him orange
  • and tbh taehyung was like “you should dye your hair too,,,let’s be matching!” and you were like if i ever am feeling the baby carrot hair look ill tell u and taehyung rolls his eyes and ur like hey i can see u in the mirror dude
  • and he sticks his tongue out and ur like im holding the life of ur scalp in my hands do not test me
  • ,,,,,but when you were done,,,,, taehyung closing the door to wait before taking a shower you’d spread out on your couch tired of standing 
  • and half an hour later your friend walked out, after you hear the dryer turn of,,,,,,his orange hair as bright as possible,,,,,and you cannot help it
  • walking over and ruffling your hands through his hair
  • smiling and going “i did a good job,,,,its so cute!!” and somehow you cant stop yourself from adding “your hair is so soft too,,,,”
  • and taehyung,,, letting you run your hands through his hair,,,,brings his fingers up to wrap around your wrist and he gently pulls them so you look at him 
  • and,,,,,,even with a hair color not many can pull off,,,,,,you see how it falls into taehyungs eyes
  • makes your friends naturally gorgeous skin shine,,,,,,eyes slightly hooded and lips parted
  • and you are used to being this close to taehyung,,,,but in the quiet moment in your living room with his body so close to yours you can feel the warmth of his presence
  • your heart cant calm down 
  • and taehyung seems to feel it too,,,,,,u didn’t know just dying someones hair could mean getting so intimate but thinking on it 
  • the whole thing,,,,,seemed like such a couple thing to do,,,,the standing behind taehyung and fixing the back of his shirt so it wont get dirty,,,, wiping sweat from his forehead and stray dye,,,,giggling and joking and having taehyung threaten to tickle you if anything
  • like sure friends could do all of this too,,,,,but taehyungs grip on you ,,,, his eyes,,,,,,, something now was different
  • and just one more inch and you can feel his cheek brush yours,,,, the long bangs tickling you and then his lips,,,,,
  • settle just at the corner of your mouth,,, like the almighty funny and carefree taehyung is nervous to kiss his bestfriend on the lips
  • and when you pull back the two of you are silent but taehyung walks you back against the sofa and it’s like,,,,natural for you two to fall back in each others arms
  • your hand coming up again to run through his hair and taehyung whispers
  • “i think we’ve always been a couple,,,,neither of us just said anything,,,”
  • you nod,,, pressing a bit closer and going “but to be a singer,,, we’re gonna have to keep pretending it’s just friends”
  • taehyung leans down pressing his forehead to yours and grinning “well we’ve convinced everyone thats just what it is but for now - we’re alone and im going to kiss you some more”
  • “ok carrotcake kim”
  • “don’t spoil the moment” 

                     1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. ya’ll know me, i hate making things serious and sappy but i really did want to get around to writing something more for my one year on this babe because she means so much to me ( and so much more now that i’ve been writing her for a year ). ontari is such a wonderful and complex character, and it’s a shame given the show she was given she was only in there for one season it’s always an honor for me that ya’ll are willing to accomidate me into your lives, rp timelines, and plots ! i’ve honestly adored spending this last year with yall. with so much that’s happened irl in this past year it’s been such a blessing to have a steady place where i felt comfortable and identified to be able to hang out and write creativly, plus the bonus of enjoying my bbies ( that’s you lot ).  and i know i’ve done some pretty shitty shit in this past year. and this is deffiently also a thank you letter to everyone that’s stuck by my side despite everything i’ve done not to deserve it. so this is my personal way of saying THANK YOU for being here, for wanting to write with ontari, for wanting to write with me, thank you for those 2AM movie nights, for the 4AM rush replies because a thread was just addicting, thank you for bringing a smile to my face for introducing me to friends new and old and freinds i wouldnt have been able to make if not for this blog. thank you so much. ya’ll don’t understand how much this means to me. and i dont think you will. so here’s a small little thank you notice for those of you that care:

if you were to LIKE & REBLOG this post ( * yes both ) you’ll be entered to win the following provided to you by YOURS TRUELY examples including ( all my rp blogs legit just look at any of the rp blogs ): a THEME BG + CODE * only if u want a custom code by me ofc it’s up to you, a PROMO SET, a DASH ICON, a MOBILE HEADER and !! an AZGEDA EDIT of your character because how tf would you not want more azgeda around !! 

now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and i’ve given ya’ll a small thanks, i want to give you an even bigger thanks ! and wanted to give a big shout out to my fave babes whom have stuck by my side through a whole lot of shit that is hella undeserved ! but yet you’re still here ! despite it all and i owe you all the world so thank you. so much. 

@murhys - MOON !! love of my life. cas to my dean. actual other half. salt king husband to our salt kingdom. moon you’ve been there for me since day 1 and are probably the only person on this website i’ve never had a disagreement with. you wormed ur skaidad into my baby icekids heart which i thought would be impossible and it’s magic how much i enjoy ur presence really. you’re deff like my other half babe. ultimate husband. ily

@azgona / @braverstars - HANNAH !! b to my v. actual partner in crime when it comes to like anything ! legit we write anything and theres so much perfect chemsitry between the characters that i think we were meant to b babe. like legit anything we do its magic and you really need to have more faith in this community because we need u man. we need you. 

@kiingbuilt - LENEE ( STARS ) !! actual babe. positivity queen lenee. honestly ur so sweet and so perf and idk what you want me to say bc ur awesome in every way ? you put up with me who’s like the dark hole to ur sunshine but like i’m always so greatful i don’t think there could be a better person i’d want to play tari against than you, roan and her have such depth and it’s so wonderful to be able to talk at lengeth about our ice siblings and what could have been like ! ily so much thanks for legt taking care of us all better than what we deserve

@leyosgona / @saviorbuilt - SOCHIE !! my babe sochie waht to i say about you. well lets start with the fact i don’t think i’ve ever become trash for a ship quite as quickly as i became trash for catari like wtf man. i’m going to second that with sayig ur clarke is presh and i love her to death ? and top it all off with the fact hat you legit always put up with me spamming u wit random af things without ur permission and are a okay with it all the time which makes u way too cool. 

@humansympathies - CHARLES !! legit one of these days im sealing u away form ur wife just u wait ( * hamilton an american musical plays in the bg  )  honestly i still need to thank you for making me so goddamned comfortable with being okay to write something i had been so nervous to write before because of the context of th show. you are the reason i was able to come out of my bubble and im so fucking thankful for that sitll am going to add #actualjohnmurphy bc nothing u do can change that

@ginatcnic - LAUREN !! gg lauren ur always around to help me when i need it and i really think i dont deserve you as a friend you’re amazing and always there for me and put up with me ranting @ you about the randomest bullshit and being vauge af about it and whatnot. ilysm babe dont forget ever that you are one of the most important parts of this fandom and we’d be lost without you. 

@foxofthe100 / allofthe100 - BRITT !! things i never expected i would do: ship with britt. things i’m super thankful happened: shipping with britt. not that we needed it to be friends bc w were friends beforei. but i deff think that foxtari has brought us closer and i’m so glad that it did !! you’re such a fun and acomplished person, and your view on things are always so well balanced and lovely to hear ! being who i am i love understanding things and you always put things in prespective. just in time to drop an angst ball on me but yknow. 

@si02built / @rainkiing - CHUCK !! yo you. yes you. i love ya man. like i do love you so much i don’t think you understand how much you’re amazing. you’ve been there for me since day 1 and i know that it dosn’t matter if i havent spoken to you in a day or in a month we’ll jump back into things just as they’ve always been meant to be and i think there’s a sort of treasure in that tat can’t be sahken. i love you man. kisses. take care

@damnleader - NIKKI !! i dont know where to start with you man. i started off as ur biggest fan and now look at us. we’re trash and i love it and you legit need to get ur ass back onto this account so i can yell at you about how presh u are and how much i miss talking to you and ranting and bless. 

@youngcst​ - MOO !! moo. legit i never knew whether to call you that or lois but you know what it don’t matter much now does it. waht i will say however is how thankful i am that we were bros for such a long time, and how much it means to me what nova and tari built toether and their relationship like i sob over our babies so often you don’t even know ! please always keep bringing us babe characters. 

bonus shoutout - @ CONSQUAD because yall put up with my ass for 4 days and if anyone can do that i think they deserve like a gold medal or smth like pls yall are honestly some of the best people keep being you !! @banishhim ( black hole ) / @algaenotwar ( milky way ) / @stellarstolen

bonus bonus shoutout - @ icesquad because AZKRU BEST KRU - some of ya’ll are inactive and need to get ur asses back here just sayin’ @icymenace / @azhaihefa / @aznofi / @azkeyva / @azgedaechoes / @azgada / @aznontu / @komashdaun /  @azenblida / @dubiousloyalty / @challengedloyalty / @shudameika / @aiopgona / @zosimekomazgeda / @wintamnontu / @deathwants / @icebuilt / @icebitxh / @leyosgona / @kiingbuilt / @haihefaroun / @firraun / @rcyalscars / @acrownofice / @youngcst 

i also wanted to make a sort of like FOLLOW FOREVER ? like ? idk how you make a solid one of these but just like all the blogs ? i’m in awe of whenever they come on the dash seemed like a good idea ? like these are all so quality all the time eve if some are inactive i refuse to unfollow just because of the chance they’ll come back, they should be a shoutout bc they are my inspiration to write they make me a better writer every day ! and love the hell out of them: @wolfsouled / @rattledbybullets /  @ragnarsscn / @princeubbe / @belomi / @soldiiermade / @imqetuous / @everyturnanycost / @noximperator / @lionoffrance / @praycd / @redempticnarc / @bloodshedbound / @allvanquisher / @murdocksredemption / @damnmechanic / @leaderbuilt / @casuistic / @headstrongblake / @crimiinalchemiist / @noukru / @starxbcrn / @arroworn / @survivorbuiilt

The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Lord henry: wow basil who u paintin
  • basil: NOBODY [sweats]
  • lord henry: he's p. hot u should show this pic to everyone
  • basil: dude i cant theres ~too much of my self in it~
  • lord henry: LMAO BASIL you ugly fuck that guys the hottest dude ive ever seen and you.... well.... arent..... but dw im sure hes dumb as shit
  • basil: .........:(((...........but i love him
  • dorian: sup guys im here now what talkin about
  • basil: how hot you are
  • lord herny: yeah
  • dorian: hahah omfg
  • bail: let me finish my painting
  • lord henry: OKAY im going
  • dorian: HENRY NO DONT LEAVE ME HERE its v. boring
  • henry: k fine let me just poison your entire worldview and turn you into an asshole in like 1 page
  • lord henry: hey u know dorian that painting of u is p hot but you wont be hot forever one day you will be OLD and GROSS
  • Dorian: oh fuck
  • dorian: oh god really
  • dorian: if only through some ambiguous dark magic the painting could get old and gross instead of me :'(((
  • basil: dude chill
  • Basil: ~DORIAN NO~
  • Basil: I will destroy the painting
  • Dorin: basil no its pretty
  • Basil: fine
  • Hery: k bye everyone i got stuff to do
  • ~later~
  • basil: hey dorian hey
  • basil: here you can have this painting bc im madly in love with you
  • Dorian: SWEET ok bye
  • Dorian: [closes door]
  • dorian: [looks at painting]
  • dorian: [breathes heavily]
  • Dorian: fuck............ im so hot.........
  • ~1 month later~
  • dorian: hey everyone im engaged to this actress
  • everyone: cool lets go see her play
  • actress: [bad acting]
  • actress: b/c I love u :'(((
  • Dorian: u suk bye bitch
  • actress: kills self
  • dorian: [doesn't know]
  • painting: ~evil vibes~
  • dorian: ew omg no no no i must write an apologetic letter to the girl i hastily ceased loving
  • henry: lol she dead
  • dorian: Thats it there is no good left in my heart
  • henry: haha yeah also here have this book that will turn you into even more of a jerk
  • dorian: tnx henri
  • henry: bye
  • basil: DORIAN WHAT THE HELL OH GOD you are not the starry eyed little twink i knew 1 month ago what happen to you dorian no ilu
  • dorian: ((hmmmmm basil would probably turn me into a better person......... but no...... i am an evil man......evil.......to the core..))
  • dorian: Bye basil
  • ~5 years pass~
  • dorian: hahah im such a bad person but who gives a fuck
  • dorian: [various ke$ha songs and montage of him throwing money and jewels and music and rich tapestries and orgies everywhere]
  • dorion: k that was fun
  • painting: [hella gross]
  • dorian: lmao
  • ~another 5 years pass~
  • basil: dorin omfg hi is that u
  • dorian: yea
  • basil: i have heard bad things about u dorian everyone says youre a fucking asshole but i don't believe them bc you're too hot
  • dorian: hahahahaha actually speaking of do you want to see my ~soul~
  • basil: lol wut
  • dorian: .........wait.... why did i show you that.......
  • dorian: fuck...... i have to kill you srry
  • basil: [dead]
  • dorian: hm.
  • dorian: hello chemist man can u pls destroy that body with your chemistry magic
  • chemist man: k
  • ~later~
  • henry: sup kid
  • dorian: stuff
  • dorian: hey henry do u think basil got murderd
  • henry: dunno prolly dont care really
  • dorian: .......k
  • ~later~
  • dorian: haha wow
  • dorian: I'm a bad person
  • dorian: this sucks better go kill myself tbh
  • Dorian: [stabs painting n dies]
  • police: wtf this is gross
  • ~FIN~
Cherry Red II

Pairing:Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre:Smut with plot?

Word count: 5.3k

Summary: Yoongi’s had enough of Jimin playing around, and realizes some things on his own

Note: I am telling y’all now, I have no idea how to write smut, I winged it all, I have no experience, I need references, I had no references but you asked for it so here! You! Go! Ohmygod it’s finally done I’m pretty sure I screamed in relief in the middle of class once I finished. I am so sorry if this sucks, this is my first ever Yoonmin smut, I don’t know how to write smut ohmygod please be gentle (Not proofread btw)

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Upon arriving at their shared suite, Yoongi had never seen Jimin dash for his room as fast as he had when they stepped in. Taehyung and Jungkook staring with wide confused eyes as their hyungs merely laughed and teased an exasperated Yoongi.

The presidential suite had three separate bedrooms, all of which contained their own bathroom. Namjoon and Jin one shared without much protest from the other members, Yoongi and Hoseok were paired together which left the maknae to create chaos in a room of their own.

Yoongi sat on his bed as he dug through his bag for something to wear, when Jin said get ready for dinner, it often meant that they were going out for the night and going back to work tomorrow. Yoongi had almost forgotten they were in the middle of a tour. Yoongi reached for his black ripped jeans, throwing a shirt similar to the one he was wearing over his shoulder as he made his way to the bathroom. Upon passing the open door that lead to the living room, Yoongi caught sight of Jimin; in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Jimin stopped just as Yoongi had, noticing the older boy just the same. Yoongi blinked repeatedly as his mouth hung slightly, trying to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. A smirk made its way to Jimin’s face and he hadn’t tried to control it. His hand gripped one end of the towel that was tucked into his hip as he took slow steps towards the door. Jimin eyed Yoongi with a newfound confidence, and Yoongi wasn’t sure if Jimin was faking it this time or not. Yoongi stared at Jimin’s slow moving figure, the dancer’s fingers leisurely pulling at the white fabric. Yoongi gulped down the saliva that began to gather in his mouth, watering at the idea of seeing what Jimin had been keeping under those tight leather jeans during countless performances.

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Gender neutral MC



- she wasn’t even aware that this person was your ex
- her and MC were just at a café and this random person just came up and started talking to MC 
- like Jaehee just thought it was an old friend or something, then they actually started paying attention to Jaehee 
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s ex.”
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s girlfriend” so fuck off and don’t come near my precious MC
- but she sayed nice and smiled at them
- you could see how she was pretending so you made them go away like “wtf i dont even talk to you anyway, okay bye bye let me hang with my gf.”
- Jaehee reminded to you once they were gone that if they ever disturbed you that she was a black belt


- boii 
- boiiiii
- okay so when he met your ex he became so protective over you
- he had his arm around you so tight, he was actually worried he might be hurting you but you seemed to like it
- “Oh me? I’m just a model and actor, no biggie, I’m a bit famous - oh is that one of my fans? yes come here, you want an autograph, of course! So what do you do?”
- he didnt directly tell your ex he was better than them, but im just saying he didnt hide that they were missing out with an amazing MC
- oh MC you’re suddenly so cute all of the sudden and i just have to kiss you 
- he wont hesitate on kissing you in front of your ex, either they leave or watch you kiss and feel awkward, he didnt care
- “well we better go, we have a lunch planned, got reservations that are usually hard to get so im told - but i found it horridly easy”
 “Zen, babe we don’t.”
“shhhhhh go with the flow. Acting skils babe”


- he literally did not give a shit
- he actually found it funny 
- like lol how did this loser ever get a babe like you????
- “ahhhh so this is your ex?”
- oh he knows hes smarter than them
-“I thought you said they werent dumb? lololol”
- “MC’s mine now fyi, don’t touch,”
- cheek kisses okay, so many
- he’ll make fun of your ex but in a way that your ex just has no idea what he’s saying
- hand holding 
- oh babe are you cold all of the sudden??? here take my jacket - what youre not cold? nah you are babe, trust me
- babe take the jacket 
- there you go
- oh looook MC’s wearing my jackeeet
- “lololol nice meeting you”


- lmao
- mate 
- he just looks at them like theyre the dirt beneath his feet
- you took off your scarf becuase it was getting too hot 
- and you forgot that you had worn this scarf because of a hickey Jumin had given you the night before
- oh boy 
- you blushed a bit but Jumin had a smuge ass grin on his face 
- like yes, MCs mine, i gave them that
- if you touch MC i will personally have my bodyguards escort you away and file a lawsuit and restraining order, 
- my MC
- literally 
- okay but he will probably give you the most passionate kiss in front of this person, just to make an extra point that you’re his
- he’ll either be hella jealous or just be like “uh huh okay whatever MC lets go.”


- okay protect him
- he was nervous when he saw him, you had told him about yout ex before but he had never met them
- he holds your hand because of how nervous he is
- “hi I’m Yoosung, nice to meet you!”
- you love me more right MC?
- you kiss his cheek to reassure him
- precious baby 
- he’s just so pure okay???
- he’s really nice and just wants to go home and watch movies with you man


- he contines to hold you hand as your ex introduces themselves, they had bumped into you two at an art gallery 
- he smiles and stays polite 
- he shakes their hadn an everything, but no one can see the death stare behind his glasses
- when your ex leaves he reminds you that he loves you
- “You know i love you right?”
- Literally was not botherd by your ex being around, he may not have liked him but he kept that to himself 
- tbh if he really wanted to do something with your ex he would get Seven to mess with them and put viruses on their computer
- during the conversation with your ex he’ll wrap his arm around yor shoulder and occasionally whisper something in your ear to make you laugh
- please protect him 

goodbyes & hellos

on ao3

im so so so late but hey this is for first day of prompt week for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! day one: wrong number

this was a lot of fun tbh and ive been dying to write this ship. alyas texts are italicized, adriens are underlined on ao3, just bold here bc tumblrs a butt. shoutout to @reyxa​ for the title <3


Alya narrows her eyes at the new message that lights up her phone. It’s an unknown number that she doesn’t recognize — not that she’s given her number to anyone recently — and it’s also seven in the morning . Anyone how knows her at all should know that she doesn’t wake up before at least nine on the weekends. (And that has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t sleep during the week and tends to go to bed after two in the morning.)

She groans as another message shows up on the screen. She squints and lets the messages flow in, figuring she can tell the person they’ve got the wrong number after they’ve finished whatever they have to say. Or she can decide that it’s unimportant and ignore it and go back to sleep.

She likes her second plan the best.

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goldentimelover  asked:

I hope this isn't too confusing ahh, may I have a scenario/imagine where the Akatsuki work together to raise an orphan that Pein and Konan find? I've always thought of them as family n I love them so much hhh,,, thank you for reading ;; ♡

hi !!! okay so i’m with you on them being like a family!!  And i did these in headcanons, im sorry. for me personally and the way i write i feel like i’d turn it into a fic or something, so i hope these are still acceptable. please enjoy :-) 

  • Pein and Konan found the orphan in the rain village and decided to take him in. They bring him to the hideout and introduce him to everyone.  Everyone is so sus at first. Like what the fuck do they think they’re doing bringing a child into a criminal organization smh. 
  • Kakuzu could literally care less about the child, he just informs the boy that he needs to earn his keep and for that comment Pein throws a rock at him on the low. 
    • “Behave and be nice Kakuzu, he has no one, just us.” 
    • Kakuzu mutters about how Pein and Konan had no parents either and they turned out fine.
  • Konan makes it a strict rule that Hidan is not allowed to spend time alone with the child because they would end up cursing and worshipping Jashin just like him. 
    • “You’re no fun Konan. I just wanna tell him about the way and the truth of Jashin.” 
    • Konan rolls her eyes at him and chooses to ignore him for the rest of the day.
  • Kisame doesn’t want much to do with the kid but the kid ends up taking an interest in Kisame. 
    • “Kisame, I thought you didn’t want to get mixed up in the child mess?” “Shut up Itachi, you’re just jealous because he likes me because I read to him and you cant.” Kisame even sticks his tongue out for good measure. 
    • “How mature, no wonder you two get along, you’re both children.”  Kisame doesn’t care, he likes spending time with the child, it makes him feel refreshed. 
  • Itachi helps keep the child company when no one else is really around. It’s hard for him because of his health but he doesn’t mind too much, and it reminds him of Sasuke. 
    • “I know I’m not as fun as everyone else, but thank you for the company.” “You’re only being nice because you have the old maid.” Itachi is not amused.
    • The child does actually end up liking Itachi and on days when Itachiu is too sick to leave bed, he goes and keeps him company and plays cards with him for awhile. “You’re not going to die right Itachi?” “Unfortunately I am, I’m just waiting for my little brother to be fully truthful. I want to see him smile one last time.” 
  • Deidara isn’t allowed to be alone with the child either because they’d probably blow up the hideout together, but Deidara does teach him about making clay sculptures and about the aesthetics of art. 
    • Deidara also colors with him when he has the chance and occasionally Deidara invites Tobi to join them. All three of them like to prank cranky Kakuzu together :^)
    • “Oh Kakuzu, I found this dollar outside and I thought I’d bring to you!” “You little brat this is made of clay,  get out of here.” Next thing you know there is a small bang and a poof of smoke and the child is running and hiding in Deidara’s room giggling with the blond
  • Sasori hates children so he avoids the child. He really want’s nothing to do with him. He gets very angry when the child interrupts him while he’s making a puppet. 
  • Tobi and the kid get along like two peas in a pod. You can find the child mostly with Tobi because they just have so much fun together. They talk about funny jokes, why the sky is blue and world domination. 
    • Even if Tobi is just a character played my Obito, it makes Obito happy. He feels like he gets a chance at being a brother or guardian and that was always something he wanted. 
  • Pein is a very busy man that runs the rain village but he does take some time to spend with the child, usually trying to teach him a cool jutsu or taking him out for a special treat if he mastered a jutsu. 
    • Nagato may be controlling Pein but he feels so happy helping the child out and making his life better than what it would of been. He hopes that everyone helps make the boy into a fine ninja.
  • Konan is busy as well but not as busy as Pein. She teaches the child basic math, reading, writing and some basic jutsus to hopefully help him escape a bad situation if needed. She also helps him work on the jutsu that Pein is trying to teach.
    • She really loves the child and she shows it. She protects him for the other members when needed, she ensures he stays out of harms way and Konan also makes sure he gets all his needs met. 
  • All in all they all teach the child important lessons before they all die. They teach him how to be a good ninja, how to look after himself, they teach him what it is like to have a family and most importantly they teach him that not every bad person is truly a bad person. Sure all of them committed crimes and were all trying to take over the world, but they all still did good things and helped him out. 
  • The child cries anytime one of the members die and it really does break his heart. But it’s an important time and Itachi and Tobi help try and teach him how to deal with grieving. They know all too well that if you dont grieve properly it can get you into some dark places. 
20 Questions with Dr Ferox #12

I am beyond tired folks, struggling to set by body clock back after a night shift again. It’s a peculiar mix of grunge and headache without having done anything super fun to deserve it, so my apologies if I’m a little slow on the uptake.

But here I have 20 more questions and comments you’ve sent me, so lets get into them. I have tried to tag the question askers, but if you asked on Anon then you’ll have to look through yourself to see if you’ve been answered yet.

Anonymous said: How is Lucifer doing? Are you still seeing him? I checked the archives, but I didn’t see any updates past a point and I was curious about the bunbun.

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anonymous asked:

Could you talk more about Stanford stereotypes regarding literally anything (idk majors?) bc they way how you explain them is literally so funny/good

lmao aw ily, you can always come to me if u want my opinion related to anything stanford (stereotypes about dorms, sports teams, greek life, a cappella ??) because i have A Lot Of It - i only wish i was more integrated with the school cuz most of my opinions are hearsay instead of personal experience

major stereotypes….hmm thats hard cuz there are So Many majors but i can just go with the most common ones and group some together, etc


  • aero/astro - small department full of space nerds, most of them are in SSI, drones, i personally consider them very brainy and if i were better at engineering i would be aero/astro cuz i think it’s the next frontier. there should definitely be more women in it for sure
  • bioe - my ex was bioe, they’re a bunch of nerds but they have good enough hearts. they care about curing diseases and shit
  • CS - oh boy. ohhhhhh boy. here we fuckin go. honestly CS is barely even a sterotype at stanford cuz its such a dominant culture…..the people who decide what stereotypes even are, are probably CS. it’s gotten to the point where if i meet someone and they aren’t CS it’s worth noting. it’s gotten to the point where, in my psych/literature/communications/education classes, i expect the other people to be CS. i have so many Opinions on CS Boys because CS Boys are such!!!!a!!!type!!!! (and different from just, a boy who does CS). they worship the trinity of google, facebook, and microsoft. their junior summer internship is at least one of these. they buy into all silicon valley startup culture and they love elon musk and talk about venture capital when its really not welcome. they love talking about how much work they have and how little they sleep. all INTJs. probably virgos. there is also a subgenre of CS boy who didnt come into stanford wanting to do CS and ended up switching because its easier to be a CS Boy at stanford. they criticize the culture all the time. to this you can say, “it’s all right, craig, i know you just want to make money.”
  • CME - people major in this when they dont love themselves
  • design - i personally think this major is fuckin cool and considered it before i realized physics was a pre-req. the d school is thought to be d for douchey though because their whole shtick is so ~ideate~ ~prototype~ ~We Are Quirky and Put Post-Its On Walls~ but i dug it as a frosh. they can be kinda condescending, but theyre by far the most interdisciplinary dept in the engineering major (although its also full of white men who think theyre hot shit cuz they can use photoshop)
  • EE - again for people who lack self love, its supposed to be so fuckin hard
  • MS&E - white frat boys who glorify jordan belfort
  • ME - similar to design. live at the PRL. stay up till ungodly hours carving wood. somehow this is enjoyable. also white male heavy

who knows how the f to categorize this:

  • education - if i could do stanford over i would major in this. usually very diverse, woke, often come from underprivileged backgrounds so they want to make it better for other people and reach communities that arent currently benefited (unlike silicon valley or wall street :) ) i respect them because they do what they love and not to make $ although if educational engineering were a thing im certain people would jump ship. it’s also not in the humanities dept so i feel like theyre Above the stanford hegemony and i love that
  • earthsys - i considered a minor in this. usually sweet, earth-friendly people. white but woke. possibly queer. granola loving hippies and maybe some frathletes who want an “easy” major but not sure (im not shitting on easy majors. i have one. love ‘em)

generally i like girls in any of the engineering depts because they are dealing with sexism and doing it. the boys are oftentimes extremely self-congratulatory and will usually say something dumb about the humanities. even the girls will hit you with the “oh i wish i could study that!” about any non-engineering discipline, and it’s implied that what they’re really saying is “but i care about my future too much!” 


  • AAAS/chicanx studies/asian-american studies/CSRE - woke poc who use lots of buzzwords and say things like folx
  • art - the people who major in art are usually more quiet than you’d think. we have an Artsy Type at stanf that are kind of extra (theta chi/EBF types, also very woke QPOC) but i dont think theyre art majors for the most part. i barely know any actual art Majors. lots of engineers just do art on the side
  • bio - i love bio majors because they are sciency but also get shit on by engineers so we’re in solidarity. they are sweet and study all the time and just wanna make the world a better place. there’s also the pre-med kind of bio who i would hate if i were also pre med but since im not i just kind of admire and fear them
  • chem - i like chem people much more than i thought i would. again a very small major and they just live in lab and have varied non chem interests. this year i accidentally became friends with like 6 people from the chem fraternity and i was surprised how much i liked them
  • complit/english - i was this major! english in creative writing are usually chill, interesting people. complit and english in literature…….it’s a shakespeare circlejerk and they hit you with the Discourse. overly educated white people. avoid the boys specifically but the girls can also be incredibly self-satisfied. maybe 50/50. but if you take a creative writing class instead of a lit class, the CW kids are usually awesome
  • taps - our drama department. they’re nice, but extra and intimidating. (also stanford theater is…..okay….not really as good as they seem to think it is yikes that was mean but) however, like with english, take an introductory class and you’ll meet very cool non-taps majors.
  • econ - oftentimes wonderful people! outside of class that is
  • femgen - same people as the AAAS/CSRE crowd except whiter. queer girls with undercuts. upperclassmen are intimidating to many. everyone shares their opinion even when its not warranted. my honors is in this
  • film studies - this was almost my minor and if i werent CW i might have doubled in film and comm! i dont know any film majors but if they arent a cole sprouse im sure theyre fine (they are probably a cole sprouse)
  • german/italian/french/spanish language or studies - spot the person who studied abroad!
  • history - like english, can be cool, more likely pretentious
  • humbio - the other premeds! actually humbio gets shit on alllll the time for being easy or having a fluff major, bio majors think they’re soft. thus, i like them. their course catalog is awesome and its a huge major but all the scary pre meds are straight up bio and humbios are softer but in a good way its a lot of sweet girls
  • intl relations - one of my favorite majors. usually very down to earth, the best of the IR/poli-sci/pub-po trinity. however, they can also be self-congratulatory for being So Woke and also they love to educate you when You Didn’t Ask
  • linguistics - weird, diverse people. very small major. similar to anthro, my old major. i love small majors they always have cute dinners together
  • MCS - a hard fuckin major. not as “Look How Smart I Am” as a bad CS. mostly quiet and stay in and study their ass off
  • math - love to wax poetic about the beauty of math. fun when drunk. not when sober
  • philosophy/MTL/classics - avoid. classics can be okay if it overlaps with archaeology because theyre just a bunch of nerds and they get really excited and its cute. phil majors would rather just educate you about how free will is fake and youre like tim can you please just get out of the way we’re in the dining hall and you’re blocking the cornbread
  • physics - Avoid. they think all other sciences are lesser. women and POC are ok
  • poli-sci - hit or miss. generally pretty friendly. very talkative. fun to talk to about Not Politics
  • psych - the best major hehe. generally liberal and woke and often queer. however, non-psych people in psych classes can be a nightmare (unlike english, taps, etc) and problematic as fuck. also sometimes psych majors are extra (exhibit a: me)
  • pub policy - probably in student government. im biased against it, but go in with hesitation. student government is by and large not as effective as they seem to think (however, a “woke” person in pub po might be cool because they will campaign for sexual assault awareness and economic diversity and good stuff)
  • STS - ohhhhh man. probably the major that gets most shit on at stanford. i think engineers think it’s fake. (humbio, design, and STS get shit on the most i’d say, because they are interdisciplinary STEM majors, so engineers think that they’re for people who arent smart enough to do hard majors. whereas with english or IR, engineers know they couldnt do it because they havent written an essay since 2009, so they offer grudging respect) a frathlete major. i personally like it because i dig interdisciplinary shit, but i don’t dig frat boys or athletes so i avoid. some of their courses are great but it does seem kind of scrapped together as a major and i dont know how people outside of stan see it
  • sociology - a small major, seems cool. stigmatized but not by stanford because stanford students dont know it exists. “dont you mean psychology?” no
  • urban studies - skaters? who knows. i respect them tho. i think they care about….like….architecture? and city development? its a very niche thing and i feel like it’s pretty hip n happening

Request by Anon. Hope you like it.
WARNING- Talk of Child abuse.

Pulling up to your uncles work you got out of the cab and paid. You saw a guy with tattoos on his head.
“Hey can you help me, I’m looking for a man named Alex Trager”.
“Oh you mean Tig, yeah hes in the club house I’ll walk you in”.
“I’m Juan but you can call me Juice”.
“Y/N” You looked down at your shoes.
Walking in the clubhouse the smell of booze, sex and smoke hit you. There was a bunch of guys sitting around talking to one another.
“Hey Tig you have a visitor” Juice called out
“Who the hell is….Y/N your here Doll”. He bear hugged you swirling you around.
“Hey Uncle Tig, please put me down I can’t breath. You laughed
"Its great to see you girl”. “Been along time”. He smiled raking a piece of hair from your eyes.
“Yeah it has, couldn’t really go anywhere for awhile’. You frowned
"Sorry about your stepdad, he was a big asshole anyway”.
“Yeah he was, mom moved so thats why I’m here”. “I hope thats alright”.
“YES, your my favorite niece in the whole world”. He hugged you again.
“I’m your only niece Tig”. You said smiling for the first time in a long time.
“Umm, Tig you going to introduce us brother” A blond guy asked
“Shit my bad, Y/N this is Jax our Pres and over there is Chibs the scots man with Bobby he’s our brain of the club”. He laughed. You met Juice and theres Happy with Kozik over there in the corner. Hap’s our tattoo guy and you know dumbass". “Opies not here so you’ll have to meet him later.
"Nice to meet all of you”. You said quietly. You were nervous with all these men looking at you.
“Hey its ok, all these men are my brothers”. Theres no need to be nervous". He scenced you were scared.
“Is there a place were I can change and use the bathroom”?
“Oh yea, you can use my room”. He wrapped his arm around you and lead you to his dormroom.
“You need anything or want anything”? He asked before he walked out.
“No thanks I’m good”.
He closed the door as you let out a breath you didnt know you were holding. You changed and gave your self a pep talk.

Tig walked back in the main room. All the guys looked at him with faces of confusion .
“Dude, you have a niece”? Jax questioned
“Yeah, she’s my brothers kid”. He took a sip of his drink.
“What’s her story brother”? Happy spoke up
“Umm, it complicated”.
“You need to tell them”. Kozik piped out.
“Alright, my brother was married to her mom and they had Y/N. She was 2 when they divorced. A year later her mom got remarried to a fucking psycho, not like us psycho”. “When Y/N was 5 they moved and I never got to see her much”. My brother told me everytime he saw her she had bruises, scratches and even a bit mark on her". “Her mom would make up some shit story that she fell”. Then when she was 15 Y/N told her dad that he was hurting her in different ways, she wouldnt go in to detail but you can get the picture". So we both went insane at the idea and we beat the holy hell out of him and her mother was suppose to leave him but she lied. At 16 they moved again not tell us were she went to, next thing we knew she was in foster care because the dick brains mom and stepdad were making meth “. Then something happened in there and now she trust no man or women. I’m the only one left now that she trust”. He sighed.
“Holy shit brother thats alot”. Jax said
“How old is she now”? asked Bobby
“She’s 23 now”. Tig rubbed hes forehead
“Where she been for 7 years”? Juices asked
“Um I think with her mom after she got out of foster care her mom got out too and went to find Y/N.  So Y/N went back to her, then about two years later her stepdad got out and he lived with them but recently he passaway from unknown causes”. Tig smirked
“You have something to do with the cause Tig”. Jax asked
“Maybe, just dont tell Y/N that I told you all”. He pleaded
“We wont have too”. Chibs pointed to you standing in the hall way.
“Shit doll I’m sorry”.
You ran over to him and hugged him tightly. “Thank you Uncle Tiggy”.
Tig was in shock “ I’m sorry I couldnt keep you safe for all those years”. He teared up
“I’m ok Tig I promise, it made me who I am today”. you cried out
He pulled back wiping the tears from his eyes. “We need to throw you a party”.
“No no party”. You said shaking you head.
“Ahh come on, you will like this one”.
“ If anyone gets handys I’m cutting them out”.
“You wont need too”. Happy stood up and walked over to you. “I’ll stay with you the whole night just to make sure”.
Umm I dont know". you bit your lip
“Doll, you will be in great hands I promise”. Tig reasured you.
“Alright lets get this party started”. you laughed
Before you knew it, there were women everywhere getting stuff done. You tried to help but they shood you away.
You saw Happy sitting in a chair watching you. It was kinda creepy but you did feel safe.
“Hey Happy, you know you dont have to watch me every moment you know”. You sat down beside him
“I told you and Tig that I would”. He threw back his shot. “You want one”?
“Um.. sure, never drank before so here goes nothing”. You sipped it and nearly died from the stronge fire in your throat. You coughed and gagged. Happy laughed
“Maybe I’ll just stick to soda”. You croaked out
“You probably  should”. He smiled
He smiled, he had a great smile. You were starting to like him even trust him.
“I’m sorry that you had to go through all that as a child”. He shot another one down
“Thanks, but everyone has a missed up part in their life mine just happened when my life was just beginning”.
“I know I do but its not like yous”.“If I had know you back then I would have taken care of you stepdad myself”. He said angryly
“Happy can we just stop talking about the past and get on to the present”. You put your hand on his shoulder laying your head down on your arm smiling up at him.
“I think that shot was a bad idea” Happy laughed
“Yea me too, I’ll be right back”. You said rushing to the bathroom
You pushed the door open and went straight for the toliet. Throw up was everywhere, you missed to bowl.
“Shit”. You found paper towels and cleaned up. You washed out your mouth thinking that will never happen again.
On your way out there was a guy starring at you with a creepy grin. You walked past him and he grabbed your arm
“Hey there little missy, how about we go back to the bathroom and have some fun”.
“Fuck off”. You spit out
“Listen hear, you little biker whore. I came here to have a good time so your going to do as I say”.
You slapped his arm away, started to walk away as he came up behind you grabbing your hair. You elbowed him in the gut and turned around to punch him in the face with a foot to the groin.
He laid on the floor holding his crouch. As the guys came running up.
“What the hell happened”? Tig asked
“Your little friend here grabbed me and told me I had to do everything he wanted, so I kicked his balls in”. You smiled proudly
“Way to go Dollface”. Tig kissed the side of your head.
“Come on you rat bastard”. Chibs picked up the guy with help from Juice
“Take him to the garage and make him comfortable” Happy snarled “I’ll be there soon”.
“You did good Little Girl, I’m proud” Happy hugged you
“Im gonna go see to our little friend” Tig walked off
“Save some for me” Happy yelled
“Where were you”? you asked Happy
“I was right there, I didnt see you come out and then there was commotion but I didnt think it was you”
“ I want to trust you Happy, but I cant”.
“I’m going to earn it back I promise, no one will every hurt you again with me around”.
“So I should get use to having you around huh”? You looked up at his dark eyes
“Yeah, I aint going no where”. “Don’t even think of running to Tig hes cool with it”.
“Good, I thought I would have to smack some since in that Uncle of mine” you laughed
He pulled you close kissing your lips. Happy proved himself that you could trust him.
In the beinnging life was a messed up fuck show but the future was a blessing with dark eyes and a tattooed soul

anonymous asked:

Anybody in adoption au telling momma May that they're not straight

“anybody” B) 

from the Let Us Love series 

~1500 words 

read on AO3 

Eleven-year-old Jemma paces back and forth in the living room, her breathing measured, her hands wringing. She thought about just telling May first, or telling Fitz, but she wants this out in the open. It’s easiest to just rip it off like a bandaid.

“Is it something bad?” Skye asks nervously, sat between May and Fitz on the couch. Antoine is sitting in the recliner, rocking it back and forth.

“No,” Jemma quickly says, then stops, winces, and keeps pacing. “I mean, I- I don’t think so.”

“Whatever it is,” May says, “we’ll deal with it as a family.”

“I don’t know if it’s something to be ‘dealt with’ per se.”


“It’s just- I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“Spit it out, Jem,” Skye whines, sliding down into a slump. “Fairly OddParents is about to come on.”

Fitz smacks her lightly. “Sh-She can take her time.”

Jemma shoots him a grateful smile, and then stops pacing, facing them all. “Okay. Okay, well, see—” She lets out a small huff, gives a decisive nod, and then continues, “There’s this girl I like.”

She’s met with blank stares, and she shakes her head and starts again.

“I mean- Really like.” She motions with her hands. “Like like.”

“Oh,” May says.

Jemma continues before anyone can say any more, “And it hasn’t just been a one-time thing. It’s happened before, this isn’t just an isolated incident or anything. I put the evidence together and I came to the conclusion that I like girls.”

“So—” May starts.

“So you’re gay?” Antoine asks.

“No,” Jemma says. “I like boys, too. I’m- um—” She puffs herself up a bit, ready to take whatever might come. “I’m bi.”

“What’s that mean?” Fitz asks, his brows scrunching together.

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Secrets- Riverdale X Reader Chapter 4- The Last Picture Show

Fandom: Riverdale   

Warnings: Ms. Grundy and the clusterfuck that comes with that…<<also swearing apparently. 

notes: yikes ive been inactive for forever jfc oops SORRY!

word count: 3,500 (ish)

Originally posted by diltons

You woke up on the soft and worn blue fabric of your living room couch the soft evening light filtering through the window. Your phone was blasting your moms ringtone and her smiling face lighting up the screen. You groggily picked up the phone and hit the green ‘answer’ button 

“hey mom” you mumble still not 100% awake, you were not prepared for her this soon after waking up.

“Hey sweetie, how are you?” she greeted you chirpily, you groaned internally she wanted something 'sweetie’ was a dead giveaway.

“I’m fine mom.” you replied, sighing internally you just wanted her to get to whatever she wanted.

“Good, thats good…so I heard they found Jason Blossoms body…Sweetheart, I know it might be tempting to tell someone about your…ties to that family. But remember, you’ll be ruining both our lives.” your moms voice was almost happy and carefree, but there was definite worry under it, finally her reason for calling became clear.

Its not that your mom was a bad parent, but she was flighty and a bit self centered if it didn’t suit her it wasn’t an option and it had always been like that. When you were 12 she had left you for a month with a babysitter and gone to Rome for work. She tried she really did but she wasn’t cut out for kids, honestly if you hadn’t come along by accident your mother probably wouldn’t have had kids. She was like the professional fun aunt, she was less flighty when you were a kid but something had changed when you were old enough to (kind of) take care of yourself and that was that. It stung a bit when it had first started happening but now you were just tired when it came to your mother.

“no mom. I haven’t told anyone. I know the consequences.”

“Good! lets keep it that way pumpkin, the Blossoms aren’t people you want to get mixed up with.” she sighed with relief. 'pumpkin’ was new. 

“Are you coming home soon?” you asked, knowing better than to ask about her comment about the Blossoms you didn’t ask about your father and she didn’t tell, you had learned that one young.

She breezed past your question. “I have to go (y/n), talk later!” and she hung up before you could even say goodbye. You hit the end call button and threw it at the foot of the couch, and covered your face with one of the navy throw pillows in a form of protest against everything.

You glanced at the wall clock and realized it was almost 6pm, and you were starving so you changed into fresh clothes grabbed your backpack and slipped out the front door. Locking it behind you and walked the few blocks to pops, the neon signs greeting you as you approached.

You walked through the door to find some of your friends already sitting there. Jughead was gesturing angrily as you grabbed a chair from a nearby table and pulled it up.
“The Drive-in closing, its just one more nail in the coffin that is Riverdale! No. forget Riverdale. in the coffin of the american dream.” Jughead was ranting, he was still doing the angry gesture thing outrage in his every word. “As the godfather of indie cinema,  Quentin Tarintino, likes to say–”

Kevin cut him off. “please, god, no more Quentin Tarintino references.”
“What? Im pissed. And not just about losing my job The Twilight drive in should MEAN something to us, people should be trying to save it!” Jughead continued his mini rant.

Veronica was next to chime in, “In this age of Netflix and VOD, do people really want to go watch a movie in a car? who even goes there?”
“People who want to buy crack" Kevin added. 

“And cinephiles and car enthusiasts–” Jughead started listing off people who go to the twilight and you were the one to cut him off this time.

“I go.” you chimed in, you had been a bunch of times when the house got too empty or you felt too isolated. You would take the old beat up pick-up from the garage and go to The Twilight. Just to be around people for awhile, and not have to worry about oversharing. considering everyone in the freaking town only wanted to gossip about the blossoms and Jasons murder.

“See (y/n) gets it! The Twilight drive in is a riverdale treasure, right Bets?” Jughead gestured at you and then turned to a very distracted Betty.
She blinked a few times before nodded and smiling politely. “Totally.”

“Anyway, its closing because the town owns it but didn’t invest in it. so when an anonymous buyer made mayor McCoy an offer she couldn’t refuse–”
Veronica cut Jughead off again. “Anonymous buyer? What do they have to hide, No one cares.”
“I do!” Jughead retorted.

“I kind of do too, well more about the drive in closing than the person who bought it. I wont–” have anywhere to go when I cant deal with the big empty house.  "–I spend alot of time there.“ you catch yourself mid-thought.
Jughead gives you that weird stare again like the first time you met in the gym. the weird 'I’m trying to figure you out not just looking at you’ stare, after you chime in, and veronica and Kevin gave you half-hearted looks of curiosity.

Jughead breezed past it though. "Also, you guys should all come to closing night, Im thinking 'American Graffiti’. or is that too obvious?”

Veronica perked up at the slight topic change. “I vote anything starring Audrey Hepburn. Or Cate Blanchett.”
“Or the talented Mr.Ripley.” Kevin added. “Betty, your choices?”
Betty blinked like she had just woken up.
“Everything OK, B?” Veronica asked.
“Yeah, yeah. Im just thinking. um….Maybe 'Rebel without a cause?’”
Everyone looked at you next, and you shrugged helplessly. “Rebel without a cause sounds good to me.”

Veronicas mom came over and set down a basket of fried something or other in front of Veronica.
Veronica smiled. “Thanks mom.”

Kevin opened his mouth to bring up a new topic but was cut off by cheryl slamming her hand on top of Veronicas mothers a few tables over and glaring at her. “Be sure to put all* of that cash in the register. You are a Lodge, after all–” Veronica got up and started towards Cheryls table. “–and Lodges are known to have sticky fingers.”

“oh no” you whispered under your breath. this had the possibility to be bad.
“Cheryl.” Veronica stated warningly, but her mother put up a finger to stop her.

“Honey I got this. Cheryl, I went to school with your mother. She didnt know the difference between having money and having class either.”
Veronica practically beamed with pride, while you tried to suppress a laugh at the look on Cheryls face. Veronica slid back into the booth just as the chime on the door jingled. 

Kevins eyes widened slightly, “now thats* an odd combo of people.”  

The four of you followed kevins gaze and saw Archie, ms. Grundy, and Archies father walk through the door.
“Ill be right back.” Betty said while sliding out of the booth.

“Betty, no. dont.” Jughead grabbed for Bettys arm but she was already on her way over to the group.
You stared in confusion at Jughead and Bettys strong reaction to Archie and Ms.Grundy walking in together. She seemed nice enough, you didnt take any of her classes and didn’t know her well you only really knew what Doily had revealed at the blue and Gold office. And then it clicked Archie had been AT Sweetwater river July fourth, and from what Dilton had told you so had Ms. Grundy, but you had never considered they were there together, that was so…oh god.

From the look of horror or shock on your face, Jughead seemed to follow your thought process and shot you a 'I’ll explain later’ look.

Kevin leaned back into his face his gaze flicking between you, Jughead, and Bettys retreating figure. “Wait, whats happening?”
You and Jughead ignored him as you watched Betty and Archie exchange a few words and then head outside. You slid into Bettys now vacant seat next to Jughead to get a better view out the window. This was all about to come crashing down around Archies head, and like watching a trainwreck you couldnt look away. Even as unease and disgust was causing your stomach to flip.

“Whats happening out there? Do we know? Is it about me?” Veronica shot off rapid fire questions at Jughead as Kevin peered out the window.
Jughead slumped down in his seat, his face contorted into unease. “I have a strong inkling and no, Also I’d let it go.”
“Yes, but you’re you, and I’m me. You do you, girl. Ill be back.” Veronica said while getting up from the booth with a lighthearted smile.
“Veronica. You really should just let it drop.” You added in an attempt to stop her from going.

Veronica just smiled at you mischievously and walked out the door into the parking lot. Jughead sighed and rolled his eyes.
Kevin leaned in and looked at Jughead, “What was it like before she got here? I honestly cannot remember.”

You laughed lightly, a slight hint of darkness clouding your eyes. “You mean Riverdale wasn’t always straight out of a soap opera? Somehow I find that hard to believe.” your words were dripping with sarcasm and a hint of bitterness.

Kevin just smiled awkwardly and turned his attention back to the window.
You closed your eyes and leaned back into the vinyl of the seat and let out a long sigh. You were torn between just fleeing this insane town ASAP or punching Ms. Grundy in the face…or maybe just having her arrested…and then punching Archie in the face for once again being an idiot. All options sounded pretty good.
When you opened your eyes Kevin was gone and Jughead was staring at you. “I’m not going to rat Archie out, Jughead. If thats what you’re worried about somehow I think that would just hurt everyone worse.” you offered quietly while switching to the other side of the booth.

“I wasn’t worried about that. you just looked queasy.” he replied.
You sighed and ruffled a hand through your hair. “Student-teacher relationships Jughead. its sick. I know Archie is your friend, But its so, so,* wrong. And its all just about to get worse as far as I can tell.”
Jughead nodded and dropped his gaze down to the table. you grabbed a pen from the table and flicked it back and forth between your fingers, watching absentmindedly while it spun. An uneasy silence filled the air around the booth.
“do you mind? if…if I hang out here for awhile longer? I dont want to go home yet.” you asked quiety, your gaze on a small dent in the table.
Jughead smiled, “As long as youre buying.” he joked.

you grinned, “Paying you in food to hang out. its a little hookerish, but you have a deal Jones.”

You grabbed your sketchbook that you had thrown in your backpack, and Jughead pulled out his laptop from his bag under the table. You both spent the next few hours in a comfortable silence, only talking occasionally to order a refill on a milkshake or get another round of food.
At around 1am you finally had to tap out, your eyes were starting to close by themselves and it was getting harder for you to stay awake. You packed up your belongings and slipped on your jacket, Jughead looked up from his laptop. “Hey Jughead, I’m gonna head home now. My goldfish probably misses me.” you smiled sleepily at your own semi-joke.

“Your goldfish, and not your parents?” Jughead asked. which would be a fair question, not many people would let their kid stay out so late.

“My goldfish is the only one missing me at home.” you said quietly, your gaze averting from his. Jughead shut his laptop, before slipping it back into his bag.

“I know the feeling” Jughead said softly, his eyes cold.
You didnt pry, it was obviously a touchy subject. So you grabbed your backpack and paid the tab the two of you had racked up shaking off the heavy tension, and headed towards the door, but Jugheads voice stopped you.
“See you at school tomorrow (y/n)?”
You smiled at him, “Count on it.”

The next morning as you walked past the blue and gold offices an arm shot out and pulled you into the room. You stumbled and twirled around to see a nervous Betty wringing her hands, and waiting for you to get your bearings.
“Betty! what the hell?” you said annoyed.

Betty looked around nervously before closing the door, “Sorry (y/n) I just need your help with something. I have something to tell you about Ms. Grundy and its–”

“That she and Archie are…dating?” you cut Betty off, cringing at the last word.
She gaped at you, “You know about that?”
You nodded, “I figured it out at pops the other night…wait, about that, is there something else?”

Betty walked over to her computer and gestured for you to follow, “Yeah look at this-” Betty pulled up a Bunch of tabs, all different social media accounts of Geraldine Grundy. “-everything about her was made around the same time, a year ago. before that Geraldine Grundy doesn’t exist.”

“…shit. Does Archie know?” you asked as ran a hand through your hair, sighing loudly..

“No. Im meeting him at Pops after school, I’m going to tell him then.” Betty replied.

“Betty why are you telling me this?”
“I just wanted a impartial third party to confirm that I wasn’t being totally crazy about this social media thing.” Betty said.

“Look Betty its super sketchy, but be careful. This whole Archie and Grundy bullshit is going to come crashing down Don’t get caught in the mess.”

Later that day, you were sitting at the kitchen table working on biology homework when a knock sounded at your front door. You stood up from the wooden chair with a sigh and padded across the tiled kitchen floor into the living room, and then to the front door. You opened the door to see Jughead standing on your porch.

“I need your help, noone will listen to the concerns of one disgruntled employee, and you’re the only other person in this town who cares the starlight is closing.” he had his arms crossed, but his face was pleading. an odd mix of vulnerable and guarded.

“Hello to you too, yes this is a new shirt thanks for noticing, I’m also sorry for missing you at school.” you paused but Jughead didn’t respond. You sighed.“Of course I’ll help Jughead.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him with you into the kitchen. “Do you have a plan?”

Jughead glanced around your kitchen, taking in the wood paneled floors and the weird mint green cupboards the previous owners had installed.
“I want to appeal to Mayor McCoy directly, show her there are people other than addicts and thugs that frequent the drive in.” Jughead started, but you cut him off.

“I take it im the 'people’ in this scenario? you know for all you know I could be an addict AND a thug…I mean, I’m not. but wouldn’t Betty be better for this? I’m kind of an unknown in this town.”  you said sarcastically as you hopped up on your kitchen counter.

Jughead stared at you from across the room. “Bettys distracted with the whole Archie and Grundy thing-” You grimaced. “-But, it doesn’t matter, Betty doesn’t go to the drive-in. you do. So we’ll show her normal highschool kids show up, not just Riverdales 'criminal element’.”

You pushed yourself off the countertop and grabbed your jacket from the back of a wooden chair where you had flung it earlier. “Alright. lets go.”
You and Jughead walked side by side to city hall, going over your strategy. so far the plan was use you as a prime example of the twilights redeeming qualities and if that failed, wing it.

When you got to city hall, the mayors secretary waved you in while she chatted on the phone. You trailed behind Jughead. The mayor was moving around her office flipping through papers.
“Mayor McCoy you cant close the Twilight Drive-in.”  Jughead piped up before the mayor could say anything “Its a staple of this town!”  You nodded along.

She moved to stand behind her desk, “I’m sorry, but the Twilight Drive in? Its a blight thats become a cesspool! And a hangout for criminals and transients.” she took a seat in the red leather chair and continued to flip through her papers.
“And normal highschool students! Im there almost every weekend.” You shot back from next to the scale model of the town. annoyance biting at your words.
The mayor smiled at you tightly, like a parent trying to get their child to behave in public.
“Look kids, The deals done. Andrews construction is set to demolish the lot on monday.”

You narrowed your eyes slightly at her. You were pissed beyond belief, but you had no idea what to say. 

Jughead bit his lip and glanced down, bouncing slightly. He grabbed a chair and pulled it up to the mayors desk.
“Mayor McCoy, when I was a kid, my family and I would go to the drive-in all the time.- ” She finally put down her papers and crossed her arms, leaning on her desk, giving Jughead her full attention. “-We couldn’t afford tickets for everyone…so my sister, Jellybean, and I would hide in the trunk until we parked. we’d sneak out.” He shook his head slightly at the last part. your heart broke for him as he looked the mayor in the eye again, his expression pleading.“It’s like my home.”

The mayor glanced away and then looked at him again. “Thats a very sweet sentiment, Mr. Jones. But the future of Riverdale is at stake.” her expression and voice were almost kind, but there was an edge of condescension in every word.
Jughead shook his head and stood up from the chair, heading straight for the door.

“Jughead!” you called after him. but he didn’t stop. You turned to face the mayor and gave her the best glare you could manage before running after Jughead.
You headed out the double doors of the mayors office to see Jughead disappearing around the corner, The floorboards creaked softly as you jogged to catch up with him.

“Jughead, wait!” you called after him again, your voice echoing through the empty hallway. He finally paused and turned to face you. “I’m sorry.” you said, there was nothing else you could say. you could tell he was hurting, and you had no idea how to help.

“Thanks for trying.” was all Jughead said before he walked away again. And this time you didn’t follow. 

That Friday night you trailed behind Kevins truck in yours, his truck only had two seats so you had to take yours. He and Veronica parked and you took the spot next to them, the three of you immediately climbed out of your vehicles and started setting up the blankets. the spots around you started quickly filling up as just about every person in Riverdale arrived in the gravel lot for the Twilights final showing. 

Kevin and Veronica settled in as you pulled out your sketchbook, an empty page staring back at you, but you had a plan for it. You grabbed your pencil and started recording what you saw in graphite and paper, The twilights curtain call. The people of riverdale moving around you, the soft glow of the screen, casting everything in shadows. You knew things were happening around you; Cheryl climbing in with Kevin and Veronica, Bettys mom showing up and dragging off Archies dad. But you were focused on this scene, not anyone elses.  

For almost two hours you sketched, shaded, and erased. until you had something that reflected what you were trying to capture. You carefully tore it from your sketchbook as the movie began to roll the credits in the background. You folded the page and scrawled a note on the back.

'a little piece of home. –(y/n)’

As people started to pack up their things and go home, you walked to the projector house and looked at the paper in your hands again, the words on the back staring back at you as you slipped the drawing under the door and knocked, before turning and walking away to join the line of people leaving the drive in for the last time.

But even as you climbed into your truck, you couldn’t shake the feeling the twilight drive-in wouldn’t be the only thing changing in Riverdale.

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My commentary whilst watching Buzzfeedblue’s “The Tragic Murder Of JonBenét Ramsey”

Yo. Here we go again. But before we begin, It hurts me to see a child on this show. So if I seem a little less jokey than usual, please understand.


1. I ship them, if you don’t thats cool with me.

2. This post is super long

3. I long for the day I no longer have to cross out the boy in boyfriend when it comes to these two. this will be abundantly clear by the amount of times i do

4. After a little bit i will stop putting full names, so just know.

5.I recommend watching the video along with or before going through this post, because if you haven’t seen it you will be lost.

R=Ryan and S=Shane


Me: Well at least I know i’m not alone in my dislike for child murders.

Ryan: Heck no your not alone. What type of person would like that.

Shane & Me: *in unison* Child murders.


Me: Soooo… what your telling me is.

R: Yes?

Me: Her dead body was found in the house

R: uh huh

Me:Eight hours after the ransom note was found

R: yes

Me: Yet there was a Ransom note?

R: Look I don’t get it either.


Me: So autopsy says bludgeoning, Coroner says asphyxiation. I say both.

S: Both?

Me: Well maybe they tied her up or duct taped her then hit her over the head. To make sure she was dead they strangled her using a wire.

S: ah…that makes sense.


Me: Oh no… please dont tell me she was raped. Please.

Me: Oh thank god.


Me: Okay, Riddle me this. How does one leave footprints in one place but not another? Leave evidence, yet get away clean? Provide DNA but not be found? And enter a house, but not break in?

R: I once again find myself lacking answers.


*S&R bickering like an old married couple*

S:(Is from Chicago) I know snow, you don’t know snow.

R: (California native) But it could have covered its self-

Me: (New York native) No… no it really couldn’t.


Me: First off, a “group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction” is about the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Like, are you a gang, are you a militia. Also, What the fuck are the Ramseys doing to deserve this kind of ransom note, if any. Like the party sounds concerned. “The delivery will be exhausting so I advise you to be well rested.” THE FUCK? 

S:Also the ransom is weirdly specfific.

Me: Im not even at the ransom yet. The person who wrote this letter is willing to have a flexible schedule. also It low-key sounds like the Ramseys are arms dealers or money launderers. Also as Shane said the ransom is an oddly specific number.


Me: Come on Ry. We can all clearly see you think he is adorable. We see you.


Me: I second this motion. 


Side note: That mmm that Shane does reminds me highly of an interview with Alex Turner and Miles Kane. It sounded oddly flirty then and it sounds oddly flirty now. Like flirty in the sense that you know this person well enough to make the noise and not be judged. (Im sucking at explaining it I know) 


Me: Okay… so this woman wanted her daughter dead? Because her immetiate response was to phone the police.


Me: Let me pull out my TI-84. That means there is a *presses buttons and shit* 1% chance she wont die. Im liken those odds.

S: You are?

Me: No, Im pretending to be her mother, who decided to disregard the note and call the police right away.

S: Oh




Me: Then wouldnt it seem logical if it was like a co-worker. Also the Inntials could have been a sentence and not a name. (S.B.T.C.) I used to do that alot when I was younger and wanted to pass noted with out getting caught. Use a sentence as a alias instead of a name.


 *Cue the boyfriends lovingly bickering*

 Me: Daddy Dorkos

R: Don’t call me daddy please.

S: Good one, but yeah don’t call us daddy.


Me: No shit sherlock. Whoever wanted that money was in the house, knew the family, and probably only left after killing JonBenét. They probably heard her mom call the police. Okay… that is creepy.


Me: um… Shane. Do me a favor and don’t murder me.

S: Okie dokie, I won’t.

Me: ugh, i cant help but like you, you say okie dokie.


Me: lookie here, I am dis-graphic and it constantly happens that i misspell easy words and get harder ones right. Its because i think more about the more difficult spelling. (for example, spellcheck fixed it but i misspelled constantly earlier but spelled dis-graphic correctly)


S.B.T.C.: the practicde ransom note wasnt written in bubble letters it was in wingdings.


Me: Nope the calculations arent adding up. Murder Laptop™ says its unlikely.


S: *Cough* 

Me: Okay, I was wron about the order. they strangled her then bashed her brains in happy.

S: No, a little girl is dead. But i guess yeah.


Me: Can you tell how uncomfortable and shook I am. I make fun of Ryan for being shook but he is a heka lot braver than me. aaaa… hold me tall lanky gay dad.

*Dallon Weekes, Miles Kane, and Shane all hug me*

Me: I meant Shane but i’m glad you two are here also.


Me: Why would anyone think it was her family. They have nothing to gain, plus if it was an accident the logical thing is to call the hospital instead of writing a fake ransom note.


Me:Thats a bit too specific 


Me: Look, It sounds creepy but he loved this little girl. It seems he loved her like a relitive. That glitter ment alot to him. I wouldnt be surprised if he saw her almost like a grandaughter. Asking for the glitter to be mixed with his ashes is a weird request but it probably means alot more to him then just glitter. It might represent the good in the world. So i am standing by this weird old man and his little girl glitter. I mean its not going to hurt anyone if the glitter is mixed with his ashes, is it?


Me: He isn’t. He obviously cared for this girl deeply. Not saying it wasn’t creepy as shit, but i just don’t think he could ever bring himself to harm her. 

(I actually have a experience involving a neighbor that is really close to this one. He was like 36 and he took a shine to 8 year old me. He even asked me if i would marry him one day. It was creepy. But he would never hurt me, that i knew.) 

(I turned him down btw, i was creeped out by him back then too. But he wasn’t a mean guy, just a little off.)

R: Well… that took an oddly personal turn. So this guy never laid a hand on you.

Me: Nope. He gave me a Betty Boop magnet once though.


Me: Sound like our guy. TAKE HIM AWAY BOYS


Me: See… that old glitter dude doesn’t sound so bad now right.

S: I stand entirely corrected.


Me: Shane… your moaning Ryan’s name.

S: No i’m not.

Me: Keep this shit up and you guy might actually end up sleeping together.

S: Oh, shut up.

Me: Yes Mr… Are you keeping your last name when you two get married or taking his?

S: Im warning you.

Me: Shane Bergara, has a nice ring to it.

S: That’s it *chases me out of the room*

R: *Yelling after us* So i take it that’s a no to my proposal.


Me: Dude… Hes they guy… lock this son of a bitch up.


Me: BOY! HE IS GUILTY! Also this son of a bitch (sorry Mrs.Oliva nothing against you.) has issues.


Me: THE FUCK! He is shady as shit. Why is it never that easy.

S: Its life.

Me: Its wrong, that’s what it is.


Me: Why can we see his face?

S: Ugh… I remember this guy.

Me: Oh… that’s why.


Me: Ok… so we got a confession. Why is this case unsloved??


Me: Or when your friends start talking about their kinks. Because this about describes those conversations.

S: Wait what?

Me: Nothing. I said nothing


Me: Look the return of Ryan’s Totally Hetero™ Im kinda turned on but i’m not gonna say anything face. We can all see that Shane knows what he is doing to his boyfriend, and is totally OK with it.


Me: My theory of sombodsy who knew the family is really holding up isnt it. *feels a little throw up in mouth*


Me: Excuse me while i projectile vomit in the corner.

S: Imma join you.


Me: Of course she stayed there. That’s where you killed her you idiot.


S: Ahh im super bummed out. *Looks at Ryan* I suddenly have the will to keep going and know I can make it through.

Me: *Coughing* Gay as shit.


Me: DUH.


Me: *yelling in the other room*

S: Im gonna go make sure she doesn’t rip someones head off.


Me: How many times am I going to say duh.


Me: Maybe he was being a Pedo somewhere else and confused the two girls. Excuse me while I go and throw up again.


Me: Nice Totally Hetero™ i’m enamored with you eyes Shane.

*discussion continues”

S: “You don’t get prison you weirdo.”

Me: Why did he want to get arrested so bad? Did he want to get raped in jail or something?


Me: *Flips a table* Ok… My bets on Gary. 


S&Me: Feel the frustration


Me: Well that was a roller coaster of emotion.


Me: They are dating, I swear.


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Prince!Joshua {Req}

tw: harassment, death mention
note: thank you to all the people who requested this au! i hope you like it!
- Admin Mochi

  • ok prince joshua…..
  • is next in line to rule a seaside kingdom known for their hospitality like everyone there is so sweet and the king + queen don’t believe in violence, they literally just want their citizens to live a peaceful life theyre so nice~ they also lend their hand out to countries who need it
  • and what do you know? their son is just as sweet and everyone adores him
  • the type to go looking for a snack in the kitchens but end up talking to the staff and helping wash the dishes
  • commoners have been calling him “the winter gentleman” ever since he was 13 bc of his kind-hearted nature and neat appearance
  • also v down-to-earth like you can catch him riding his bike around the park or walking into a bookstore as if he’s some regular guy in college and the commoners love that about prince joshua
  • is literally every princesses dream
  • at balls, you can never catch him alone because there’s always a princess near him, trying to win his heart…..but honestly….?
  • nobody could ever fit what he wanted. why? because he wasn’t over you
  • oops
  • oh yes, you knew this prince ever since you both were old enough to play hide-and-seek in the large grandfather clocks in the hallway
  • believe it or not, you two were a bunch of adorable mischiefs!
  • y'all used to run around in the hallways and climb all over the bodyguards
  • one time you and joshua sneaked into the kitchen and managed to just eat half a pot of honey before the head chef noticed and panicked
  • lol but nobody could be mad at you two because you all were too cute
  • however, as you both grew, the troublemaker phase ended and little joshua was becoming a gentleman at the mere age of eight
  • so cute bc he starts opening doors and pulling out your chair and giving you tiny flowers he picked for you~
  • one time he wanted to teach you the waltz bc that’s what his etiquette teacher was teaching him atm
  • and you both were so giggly while twirling in the banquet hall and the bodyguards were sighing bc this was cutest thing they’ve ever seen
  • joshua: y/n? promise you’ll dance with me when we’re old enough to join the dances? // you: *nods eagerly* promise! *frowns* but won’t you have to dance with all the princesses? // joshua: i do but…..only you have my heart~
  • bodyguards raising their eyebrows because wOW??? THAT WAS PRETTY SMOOTH FOR AN EIGHT YEAR OLD???? WHERE U LEARN THIS–
  • but yeah, you two were inseperable and definitely best friends ^^
  • you both shared a lot firsts: first time riding the “big kid” bikes, first guitar lesson, first train ride, first time reading….even first kiss (^:
  • however the bad news came when you both were 15, a year before you both could attend the balls
  • due to your grandmother falling ill, your father (a nobleman) wanted to move closer to take better care of her and so you had no choice but to go
  • you cried when you told joshua this and inevitably, this broke the prince’s heart but he only gave you a sad smile and a tight hug, promising that he’ll see you again someday
  • on the day you left, he gave you his guitar pick necklace as a way to remember him by and in return, you gave him a ring of yours
  • to this day, almost six years later, he keeps it on a silver chain around his neck and whenever he misses you, he just stares at that ring and then goes to play your favorite song on his guitar
  • so he’s almost 20, right? which means the coronation ceremony was only a year and a half away
  • and although his parents were never the type to meddle bc they trusted joshua, they began to worry that their only son would never find someone and they knew that once you became king, it would be so much harder because he’d be too busy for love every single day
  • and so they intefered just a bit. all they had to do was invite a royal family to dinner and insist that joshua show their lovely daughter around the castle
  • her name was princess rosejoy and tbh she was everything joshua could want in a girl: kind, smart, easygoing and cute~
  • they clicked just as easily as a seatbelt and by the end of the week, those two were on a nickname basis, calling each other “josh” and “joy”
  • the reason why he accepted her was because he told himself that you weren’t going to come back and that he needed to move on from you and give princess joy a chance
  • and so its princess joy and prince joshua and the kingdom is raving because they look so good together and they’re happy that their beloved prince was finally falling in love ^^
  • but life is never simple is it? plot twist: you moved back to the kingdom with your family
  • your grandmother had passed a year after your family had moved to the countryside where she lived. your father couldn’t bear to leave the place. but now, five years later, he was getting back up on his feet and taking the whole family back to the kingdom
  • and like?? you’re psyched!! not only were you going to the place you missed, you get to see your best friend again~
  • the whole journey there, your stomach would flip with every bump in the road bc you were highkey nervous to see joshua again
  • was he still babyfaced? did he still play guitar? would his smile still be the same? was he still as kind and silly as you remember?
  • but above all, you wondered if he still had feelings for you just like you did for him…..
  • as soon as the carriage rolled over the border, you felt your worries slip away as you took in the scenery you had missed so much
  • the king and queen were the first to greet the family and the queen was gushing over how beautiful and mature you’ve become and then she’s like “oh, joshua’s going to be so glad to hear you’re back!” and you ask where he is and she tells you that he’s gone to the beach and that he’ll be back soon
  • so you go up to your old room and you find your things had been brought up and you begin to arrange them for the next hour and a half
  • after, you sighed in content at ur hard work then went to over the window to see if the view was as good as you remembered
  • but as you’re opening the window, you see!! joshua!! and he’s riding in through the palace gates on a horse and ofc your heart soars but then you realize that there’s a beautiful brunette clinging onto his waist and your heart drops
  • in your head: “ofc he’d be courting someone by now. did you think he’d wait? don’t think so selfishly.”
  • when joshua heard that you were back, he immediately went upstairs to search for you but you were gone
  • that night, there was a feast in honor of your family’s return and joshua looked around for you but no luck
  • where were you? well, you were outside
  • after hearing from a maid that the girl was a princess named rosejoy and that joshua was probably going to marry her next year, you had taken a walk around the castle, trying to sort your feelings
  • by nightfall, you ended up on this wall that was easy to climb up on and you watched the dark waves crash onto the shore as you played with joshua’s necklace
  • an hour passed when you heard someone’s voice call you from behind (three guesses who lol)
  • ofc it’s joshua but tbh you didnt recognize him at first bc he had gotten taller, his face looked slimmer and his hair was no longer swooped to the side, it was dyed and parted neatly and he just looked so handsome and mature ???
  • joshua also lowkey thinking you got more beautiful and different too but ofc he’s not going to tell u that
  • but anyway you quickly drop the necklace under your shirt collar and say a quiet hello
  • he climbs up onto the wall and goes “what are you doing…?” and you say “oh…..just taking in the view. i missed it….and i missed you! how are you?”
  • and from there, you fake a smile and both you and joshua are catching up and it feels like old times again and you know how the phrase goes: time flies when you’re having fun ^^
  • two hours later, joshua looked at his watch and saw that it was almost eleven. “sorry y/n, i gotta go to sleep. i promised joy that i’d take her to see the sunrise tomorrow.” and you can feel your face drop but quickly, you straightened it out and say “ok! im gonna stay out here though~” and joshua smiles and says “dont stay up too late ok? you know how cold it gets out here” and you smiled and nodded, feeling a bit better– at least he still cared right?
  • for the next few months, you tell yourself that it was for the best and you even got to talk to joy, who was actually one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met and that was saying a lot considering the country was filled with nice ppl
  • it got to the point where you would tell joy childhood stories of joshua and you both would laugh as joshua pouted and tried to defend himself
  • and you + joshua are still close as ever but if u were both honest, yall still had lowkey feelings for one another
  • anyway, winter came soon and that means the Snow Heart Ball aka joshua’s birthday ball
  • everyone from around the world comes because so many good vibes and its a great way to ring in the new year and say goodbye to the old one
  • and tbh this is one of the things you missed and you decided you weren’t going to worry tonight and just get cRUNK
  • you had met up with joshua and joy at the beginning but you lost them in the crowd so you ended up dancing around with random people, trying to dance your heart away
  • however at one point, some random person came up to you and gripped your waist, gyrating against you, making you panic
  • you pushed against him but he didnt budge. your anxiety grew when you realized nobody would be able to hear you over the loud music
  • before you could kick him away, the weight was suddenly yanked off and you look up to see a furious joshua and a shocked joy
  • joshua immediately pulled you away with joy following you both as she asked if you were ok
  • joshua was worried to the max and kept asking questions to make sure you weren’t hurt
  • and to you its normal but to joy….as she watched joshua tend to you, she noticed there was this look in his eye like someone….someone who was in love
  • according to josh, you both were childhood friends but joy had always been the perceptive type and she had a hunch that maybe you were more than just a friend…..
  • for the next few days, she struggled internally and always waved josh off when he asked what was wrong, only saying she was homesick
  • but one night, she decided to visit you and ofc you were surprised like wow?? hello??
  • and you both talk casually and joy could see why joshua would like you: you were just so nice and easygoing and v bright
  • she finally breaks the ice and asks you “y/n…..have u ever fell in love with someone but you know you can’t really have them…?”
  • brain: highkey yES // mouth: “mmm….i suppose so, a long time ago. why do you ask?”
  • and that’s when joy breaks into her own story, about how she had fallen in love with a soldier in her father’s army. he was a general’s son but nonetheless, her father didn’t approve bc he wasn’t a monarch like herself
  • and tbh you feel bad bc imagine giving someone all of you only to get torn down by someone who you would also give up your life for……
  • you tell her you’re sorry but she shakes her head and says “josh, in a way, has inspired me. im going to go back home this week and try to work it out.” and youre like “wait,,,,what?? you’re not going to marry him??” and she says “as much as i would’ve liked to marry someone like him…..he isn’t for me.” and she sweetly smiles and goes “ive seen the way he looks at you, y/n”
  • and you choke like “a-at me? what do you mean?” and she goes “idk how to describe it…..his eyes always shine whenever he sees you.” and youre like “pfft no dont be fooled joy he looks like that all the time-” but joy silences you by placing a hand on yours
  • joy: “you make him happy. happier than i ever could. just take care of his heart, ok? you deserve him.” and she leaves you like that, speechless and shook
  • during the week, she also goes to speak to joshua and she tells the king + queen that she’s leaving and on the day she does, she gives you a hug and whispers to you “remember what i said~”
  • it actually takes a while though bc it’s kind of….awkward?
  • and you’re honestly like what do i do? bc like you /do/ want to approach joshua but at the same time, he’s not approaching you so….
  • and for two weeks, yall just keep your distance and think by yourselves
  • until one night, after dinner, joshua caught up with you and asked if you both could go to the wall and youre like okay o:
  • after you both get there and sit down, there’s a small silence until joshua says “so…..um, i have to tell you something.”
  • and he launches into his joy story and when he’s done, you also tell him your side and at the end you’re like “i guess….she made me realize…..that i like you???” and joshua is like oMG on the inside but on the outside, he shyly smiles then looks at you and when he does, you now know what joy means by his eyes shine
  • joshua: “well if im being honest…..i really like you too, y/n.”
  • and that is the start of a beautiful relationship
  • it starts lowkey but soon the whole kingdom knows thanks to the gossiping bodyguards lol but nobody thinks it’s weird or a bad thing~
  • yours and joshua’s fathers talking about being in-laws and your mother + queen rolling their eyes lmao
  • princess joy also writing to you about how her father finally accepted her + her soldier love 😍
  • you and joshua always going on the wall and talking…..maybe kissing lol who knoes
  • joshua being lowkey jealous when a boy wants to dance w/you at the ball lolol and also vice versa
  • yoooo bike riding with joshua
  • getting into playful arguments with him over whether japanese anime was better than korean drama
  • yall are like best friends and lovers rolled into one
  • and soon it’s coronation day and bodyguard!seungkwan is running all over the palace, searching for you and practically dragging you across the grounds when he does
  • turns out joshua really needed a pep talk before going out to accept his crown and let me tell you that boy looked fINE except his legs were shaking ;;
  • so you tell him what’s wrong and he’s like “what if i cant run them as well as i thought i could? what if everyone loses their trust in me when they realize im not as-”
  • and you cut him off like “what? smart? kind? talented? fair?” and joshua is blushing bc you’re kind of complimenting him bt you put your hands on his shoulders and look into his eyes “joshua hong. you are one of the most capable people i’ve ever met and i’m not just saying that. you’re going to make a great king. trust me. and i’ll be right here, you won’t be alone, i promise.”
  • and joshua is nodding and then the trumpets are blaring and you take the crown from his hands and put it on his head and give him a quick kiss “go show the world whose a king.”
  • and bc this is joshua he is going to smile and go “a king is nothing w/o their queen/king.” and you smile and shake your head, pushing him out
  • bodyguard!seungkwan: oh jeez my father was right….joshua is smooth asf
  • and prince joshua does just what real-life joshua said: “i’ll make you my princess and we’ll be forever happy”
  • the end c:

anonymous asked:

hey amanda, on your insta like five posts back you posted a... cart?? thats the word you used? for playing vinyl and said its good for newbies and anyway im such a newbie that i dont even know what its called, but would you provide a link? inherited a ton of old classical + jazz records and have no way to listen. and the internet confuses me with too many options.

Yeah!! I’ve been in the exact experience before and I know how rough it can be. I suddenly made the (possibly irresponsible, since I was a broke college student at the time) decision to start collecting vinyl around this time last year, and it was pretty overwhelming. I got ha-ha’d by lots of arrogant record store dudes who pointed me right to the pastel blue Crosley players without a moment’s hesitation. Fun thing about being a women trying to take up a hobby is that pretty much every decision you make will be scrutinized by a male public, sadly. It’s nerve-wrecking…but don’t give up! I never believed it until I experienced it, but vinyl really is warmer, more engaging, and in my opinion the best way to listen to music, bar none. 

This is gonna be a long post, lmao, and I’m sure I’ll get some feed back or uh..spicy hot takes from anons later, but who cares. I know your question was about cartridges, and if you like, I’ve put it right at the end of my answer for you to scroll down to. But I think I wanna start back from stage one just because I’ve been meaning to for a while. Hope that’s ok. So uh. Enjoy some pics of my two little needle-robots & an explanation of how I got them under the cut. 

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A Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Mini-series

Summary: You meet a clumsy guy on the streets of Seoul, and it just so happens that he’s one of the nation’s most well-known idols….and he’s interested in you.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19Chapter 20Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25Chapter 26Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31Chapter 32Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 (Final) Epilogue

Originally posted by taestylips

Chapter 2

When you got back from your day of adventuring around Seoul, you’d almost forgotten about the strange, yet dazzlingly, handsome guy from this morning, having had so much fun in the market streets and old traditional villages, that when your phone buzzed with ‘1 new message’, you were fully expecting it to be one of your parents.

You were wrong.

[Unknown number: Hey, are you free for coffee at 10? I’ll meet you at Eungbongyyo bridge. -Clumsy guy that crashed into you this morning.]

You smile as you read the text, suddenly very excited as you remember the guy with the candyfloss pink hair from earlier.

'What are you smiling at?’ Izzy asks, walking into your room as she rubs a towel on her hair, having just had a shower.

'Uh- nothing.’ you mutter typing a quick reply of [Y/N: Definitely! I’ll see you then Clumsy guy ;)] before throwing your phone into your bag and looking up at her with the most innocent expression you could muster.

'It was that guy from earlier, wasn’t it?’ she asks, dropping onto the foot of your bed and smirking at you when she sees the blush appear on your cheeks.

'I knew it! Okay, but all im saying, is if you bring him back, can you please keep it down? If you still want me to go to Jeju tomorrow, then i’m going to need my beauty sleep!’

'Yah! Shut up! We’re just going for coffee, I probably wont even be out that long!’ you argue, frowning at her dirty mind, but she simply shoots you a coy look back as she gets up, smirking as she walks to the door.

'Yeah Yeah- but if you break the bed, you’re paying the damage charge for the room!’ she calls, laughing as she avoids the pillow you throw at her, before slinking back to her room.

When you finally arrive at the middle of the bridge there is still 5 minutes before you’re meant to meet him. You’d decided to wear your favourite ripped blue skinny jeans and an army camo bomber jacket, with your favourite black beanie and high tops. You didn’t want to admit that you’d spent way too much time thinking about your outfit and your makeup- which in your opinion was model level- but if you were honest with yourself, you knew you looked great.

You hadn’t realised how cold it had gotten until the your breath began to turn into white clouds in front of you, the image distracting you from a figure walking up behind you, smiling cockily to himself as he watches you zone out.

'Oh, sorry!’ someone says as they crash into you, and you’re about to apologise yourself, but when you turn to see the person. You recognise the clumsy guy who had crashed into you this morning, not being able to hold back the smile that automatically stretches across your face as you take him in, eyeing his long beige woolen trench coat, black skinny jeans and white shirt, topping off the outfit with some mickey mouse converse.

'Mianhae.’ you say back, bobbing your head and grinning when he chuckles deeply, shaking his head as he looks up at you where he’d been looking at the floor shyly.

'Its good to see you.’ he murmurs, refraining from smirking by biting down on his lip and your eyes immediately zone in on the movement, the deep breath that you draw in thankfully pulling you from your not so innocent thoughts.

'Its good to see you too, Clumsy guy- shall we go get coffee?’ you ask, shaking yourself to make you stop staring at his lips, and smiling excitedly up at him.

'Of course! I know a great place….’

You end up getting coffee from a street cart along the river, looking questioningly at the clumsy guy beside you when he stops in front of a food vendor and grinning when he orders you both coffee, blushing when he turns to wink at you, asking you how you like it.

'Black, with sugar.’ you respond, smiling when he raises an eyebrow in surprise at your preference.

'So, why does a sweet girl like you want black coffee?’ he asks as the two of you begin to walk beside the river, sipping thankfully at your hot drink as it warms you from the inside out.

'The same reason you want a double- shot latte,’ you say, grinning at him, 'It tastes good.’

'Touche.’ he comments, making you chuckle as you bump him gently with your arm, somehow managing to make him spill some coffee down his coat.

'Oh God. I’m so sorry!’ you say hurriedly, fumbling and trying to quickly wipe the hot liquid from his front, grimacing as it begins to soak into the wool of his long coat.

'Hey, dont worry about it! Its all on me…I am the clumsy one after all.’ he murmurs, grinning at you and you bite your lip as you smile back, your hand stopping in trying to wipe the coffee from his coat, laying against his chest and you shyly look up at him.

'You never told me your name…?’ he says in his deep voice, his face suddenly very close to yours and you feel your heart begin to race at the proximity.

'Y/N.’ you whisper, not really sure whether he’d heard you, but too distracted by his lips to care.

'Thats a pretty name.’ he murmurs, setting the coffee cup down on the river wall beside the two of you, before running his hand down your arm slowly, making your breath hitch in your lungs.

'My name’s Namjoon.’ he says quietly, reaching a hand up to press a finger under your chin, tilting your head up to look at him.

'I thought it was 'Clumsy Guy’.’ you murmur, grinning as your eyes flicker up to his and your heart swells at the creases that appear just above his cheeks as he smiles back at you.

'Mmmmh, but would a clumsy guy do this?’ he asks, before dropping a quick kiss to your lips, your mouth responding embarrassingly fast to his actions as you lean into him, blushing when you realise he’d already pulled away.

'I don’t know…but I think you should do it again…’



Dr. Chuck Tingle has authored some of the 21st Century’s most important works, including I’m Gay for My Billionaire Jet Plane, Vampire Night Bus Pounds My Butt and the extraordinarily timely Hunter Dentist Pounded in the Butt by Cecil the Handsome Unicorn.

Having requested an interview, Kindle Cover Disasters was given the rare honor of talking to the writer, father and Tae Kwon Do Master. What follows can only be described as the most illuminating and erotic discourse in the history of words.

KCD: Please talk us through your writing process. What does your typical work day look like?

CT: typical day in Billings is waking up early for meditation and thinking up new tinglers. gotta start off with a big spagetti breakfast first though (try not to get stains on your sheets you goofball thats not a cool guy look and it makes you sleep bad when youve got sauce in your hair) Most of the time me and son name of Jon will walk to Starbucks and talk about all sorts of fun stuff, then he goes to work and I keep watch over the house in case Ted Cobbler (DEVILMAN) tries to sneak in a cast a spell. Sometimes ill sing songs to the bird in the alley out back and they sing to me too and tell me secrets from the neighborhood.

I understand you were awarded your PhD by DeVry University. What was your experience of this prestigious educational institution?

Devry is a VERY FAMOUS school with lots of doctors and other handsome types (big timers in suits sayin “whacha gonna do hot shot, KISS ME?”) this is an important place for all men who kiss and for scientific evidence that love is real.  Most of the time going there is just sitting at your computer screen typing questions that your son jon left for you. makes me feel like a buckaroo and THATS THAT next question.

When you sit down to write a Tingler do you outline first or simply go where the mood takes you?

thanks when i write tinglers I like to have the idea planned out in my head like whos kissing who or whats gonna happen when the plane has cute abs. then i start to write and the funny feeling gets going kinda embarrasing you know? but thats how i know its a good tingler. that takes a whole day of real hard work and then I give it to my son for editing. he is so handsome with really great calves and abs hes been working on them so hard and im so happy for him. (one day i want to be just like my son he is my everything and he is the worlds most PERFECT man in a normal way nothing weird). PLEASE UNDERSTAND that it is normal for a man to want to watch his son LEARN his body and want to be inside of him like a growing twin.

You’re known to design your own highly lauded and remarkably attention-grabbing book covers. How important do you think a book’s cover is to its success?

covers are very important thats my favorite part of all tinglers. just find a nice photo of a handsome man and put him into the story, make it looks like everyones having a good time like nobody fights or ever yells. words show that love is the soul of books and covers show that imagination is real. thanks.

Your books tend to be fairly short in length. Do you have any plans to write a more substantial Tingler?

tinglers are suppose to be short like a little kick in the pants to get you going thats just the way the cookie crumbles. sometimes longer is better though so I have novel called Helicopter Man Pounds Dinosaur Billionaire Ass and also working on new novel about the Unicorn Butt Cops: Billings Division teaming up with a regular old office wizard that is very, very long like an epic lord of the rings with butt pounding thank you.

How do you deal with negative reviews? (assuming you’ve experienced them).

all negative reviews are hacks from the scoundrel TED COBBLER evil man who lives down the street and causes most crime in Billings. he is a snake in the grass and a devilman with no soul. Ted Cobbler hacked into the amazon mainframe and said bad things about books for real love but guess what buddy CAUGHT YOU now you look like a goofball just like when you drive down the street in your hotshot new car nobody cares idiot.

What do you do to relax between books?

used to relaxed with Tae Kwon Do but some goofball parents said i was too old for the glass anymore so now ive been working on spells and new ways of looking at ideas like an idea about turning the air into milk and that kind of thing. cant think too much anymore though when my wifes ghost is hanging around moaning all night or sitting in the tub in the dark.

Who are you favorite writers?

Stephens King, Mike Criton and Chibs Pratt espically when that wrote book name of CLOWN MAN. Also book name of CIRLCE about a guy underwater who likes to imagine octopus arms and guess what buddy there coming out in real life. this is proof that imagination in the soul of real books for all men.

What words of wisdom do you have for other authors looking to make inroads into the erotic milieu?

dont know what a meleu is but probably tell them that books make love real so write those.  best thing to do is write from your heart make up stories that make you tingle deep down inside your butts heart or maybe things about kissing that makes you want to cover your eyes but take a peek?

Finally, what question do you wish I’d asked but didn’t?

please ask question about REMOVING MY OWN SKIN to be a more handsome man. thanks.

Dr. Chuck Tingle’s Complete Guide to Romance is available for purchase HERE.

A Phoenix from the ashes

requested by @elliotsbutt
AU in which you and 10k have a baby, and doc is the grandpa, and everyone is happy
(this was so insanely fun to write it made me so happy)
“God, im huge.” You moan, a hand resting on your big stomach as you wobble down the hall. Its been 6 years since you first met up with the group. 5 years since you found out Murphy couldn’t cure everyone.
5 years since the group made their way up a mountain and decided to stay. You fortified it, put up walls, and now live peacefully in a neighborhood at the very top. Z’s dont get past the fences, and you make runs down when you need to. But youre happy. All of you are happy.

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What are your favorite songs atm?? (Write down 10-20 songs, I know its hard to choose + your favorite lyric from the song) i need to expand my musical taste

Mine are:
1- Bird Set Free - Sia
But theres a scream inside that we all try to hide/we hold on tight/ we cannot deny/it eat us alive

2- Moonlight - Ariana Grande
I’m wishing he’s all mine / he’s giving me Elvis / with some James Dean in his eyes

3- 505- Arctic Monkeys
I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck/ or I did last time I checked
A knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the mark

4- Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys
Tell me wheres your hiding place / Im worried Ill forget your face / And Ive asked everyone / Im beginning to think I imagined you all along

5- Water Under the Bridge - Adele
If you’re gonna let me down / let me down gently / dont pretend that you dont want me / our love aint water under the bridge

6- Rumour Has It - Adele
But rumour has it he’s the one Im leaving you for

7- 17- Avril Lavigne
We were on the top of the world / back when I was your girl / we were living so wild and free / acting stupid for fun / all we needed was love / thats the way its supposed to be

8- Good Grief - Bastille
Caught off guard by your favorite song / ill be dancing at a funeral / sleeping in the clothes you love / its such a shame to see them burn

9- Sign of the Times - Harry Styles
Just stop your crying / its a sign of the times / welcome to the final show / hope youre wearing your best clothes

10- Green Light - Lorde
Well those rumours, they have big teeth / hope they bite you / thought you said that you would always be in love / but youre not in love no more

11- Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers
Im not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts / just something I can turn to / somebody I can kiss

12- Lust For Life - Lana del Rey + The Weeknd
They say only the good die young / that just aint right / cause we’re having too much fun / too much fun tonight

13- Daddy Issues - The Neighbourhood
I tried to write your name in the rain / but the rain never came / so I made with the sun / the shade, always come at the worst time

14- BITE - Troye Sivan
Kiss me on the mouth and set me free / But please dont bite

15- YOUTH - Troye Sivan
My youth is yours / a truth so loud you cant ignore
We’ve got no time for getting old / mortal body timeless souls

16- Forget - Marina and the Diamonds
Yeah I’ve been dancing with the devil / I love that he pretends to care / If Ill ever get to heaven / When a million dollars gets you there

17- Hard Times - Paramore
Gonna make you wonder why you even try / gonna take you down and laugh when you cry / and I still dont know how Ill even survive / i gotta get to rock bottom

omg this took a long time,, anything remotely emo is glitteriah’s fault, and anything remotely indie is aussie’s fault

Im tagging @glitteriah (for some mariah carey and emo shit, jk love u dahling) @in-order-in-a-black-hole (the king of indie music) annd @mariahcareyfan (even more mariah carey)
Please answer the tag or Ill hunt you down dahhlings :)
Fell free to tag some more people