i dont care how shitty it looks

Self care is working retail and getting two separate customers attached to one particular product that only has one in stock and hoping you’re there to watch the showdown if there is one.

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i dont like topaz's design (its SUPER boring) but why do ppl care about her "looking like a man"??? aside from how shitty that is to say, what does it matter if she looks masculine, how is that a criticism?? just cause most gems have a feminine appearance doesnt mean some gems cant be masculine.

Yeah it’s like the worst thing to give her shit for. I despise that these people have no clue how to make muscular gems look good (they just draw three balloons and call it a day) but giving her shit for being too masculine is lame. Come on

i have a headcanon that Matt sends him terrible t shirts every birthday and Francis send back photos of him absolutely rockin’ everyone no matter how hard Mattie tries to find shitty birthday related meme shirts

anyway happy birthday France congrats


CAn anyone tell me how you gain the ability to cosplay?  I just cant seem to grasp it. I mean ive tried in the past but it turned out so shitty. And i dont really have that much money so where can i find some cheap cosplay shit? And how do i deal woth the fact that im fat and will never look like the said character? Im such a perfectionaist its difficult to cosplay. I need help followers that dont care about me.

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Effie, i need to rant for a sec. I was watching pewdiepie's reaction video to bts and he reacted to not today and u know the lyrics that are like "crow tits put ur hands up" ya he was like oh i'm glad korea has its own shitty lyrics completely ignorant that crow tits in korea symbolises the younger generation who the song is trying to address and there were so many "im gay now" jokes and stuff (1/?)

yeahhh. its a shitty fact that any artist will be in some way misinterpreted despite their intentions bc a lot of people dont care enough about music to look deeper…. similar example is how before i listened to kendrick lamar ((dark ! dark times)) i thought “swimming pools” was just about getting drunk and partying. lord it was not and in actuality it was such a well thought out, well meaning track. but lots of people dont care to look deeper.

LUCKILY army is pretty fierce so while to casual listeners they might be “just some boyband” anyone looking to be a real fan will be educated on the spot when joining army lol we really look after our boys hahah. i also think they’d generally establish themselves as different from other boybands just due to how they present themselves… since namjoon is leader and he usually leads all english interviews i dont think people will get this view of “goofy air headed boys” and instead theyd respect them as people who are really smart in how they understand and engage the genre.

i just really want newt to have a big crush on herms and he is one of those people who when they have crushes they do whatever they can to impress their crush so he always is tryin to be like yeah hermann look at this cool thingamaboop i did and hermann is very apathetic about it (like he doesnt downright insult it but he doesnt seem v interested) so eventually newt gets fed up which leads to their fighting and bickering and eventually one night when its late and both of them have been working till satan’s asscrack of dawn and hermann finally is like listen newton i actually have been really impressed by your work i just dunno how to tell you/praise you for it b/c lars never really did for me and newt’s like i dont care ur still a huge douche and hermann looks down and knows he is a huge dick and that newt probably hates him and then he looks up and newt is standin in front of him and gives him a half smile and mumbles “but ur my favorite huge douche” and smOOCHES HERMS RIGHT ON THE LIPS AND THEY GET TOGETHER AND HERMANN APOLOGIZES FOR HOW SHITTY HE’S BEEN AND SHOWS HIS APPRECIATION FOR NEWT’S WORK AND EVERYTHING IS DIGUSTINGLY CUTE 

 y’all i hate when (privileged) people try to justify votes for tr*mp by being like “people are tired of politicians’, “the middle class whites are sad about their shitty racist town disappearing” or “rednecks are scared”

like yo how am i supposed to have sympathy when you’re totally either 100% okay with hating or you just DON’T caRE about the lives of people who are different than you? i understand how fucked the political system is here but shIT we gotta stand together and you decide to only care about yourself?? SCARY AS HELL MAN 

am i the only one who felt incredibly disappointed that ensiferum had strippers on stage for their show at summer breeze?? like i know they didnt mean it like that, they just tried to have fun, but they dont seem to be aware of how shitty it feels for girls to be at a show of one of their favorite bands and see something like that. its like ‘hey girls we know you exist too but its more important to us that our male audience has fun than that you feel safe and comfortable’. i know thats not the intention at all, but that doesnt change the fact that it completely destroys a girls self worth and confidence when theyre inbetween hundreds of grown up men who constantly make really gross comments and try to touch them without their consent and then having a band you love and look up to encourage their behaviour with those things.
i know its not intentionally, i know none of these bands would ever support men harassing young girls, especially ensiferum. i absolutely dont think theyre terrible misogynists who dont care about their female fans at all! its just that they, and other bands, dont seem to be aware of how shitty women are being treated in this 'community’, and that even though they never meant it like that, they still encourage that behaviour without knowing it, by sexualizing women and putting them on stage just so men have something to look at. and dont get me wrong, i dont have anything against strippers (or any sex workers) at all, if thats how you make your money thats good for you, do whatecer you want. but it does make a HUGE difference when you have it shoved in your face without any warning whatsoever.
i know im probably just overreacting, but still, i needed to get this off my chest, even if nobody reads it or responds to it. i know im not the only girl who felt like that, i heard many others complain about it and saying they felt alienated abd uncomfortable because of it. idk, i just needed to write this down, i know it doesnt make a difference and its a stupid complaint but eh. whatever

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How am I the racist when I understand that all cultures have something unique to offer? How is it racist to want to tattoo the Buddha, for example, out of reverence for Buddhism and its meaning? The concept of cultural appropriation is a weak one.

if you genuinely weren’t racist, you’d be interested in finding out WHY cultural appropriation was a contentious issue. it’s not my job to educate you. i’m white as well, and yet i SOMEHOW figured out how to use the internet to educate myself in the matters. there’s even an FAQ section adressing cultural appropriation. if you cared, you would have looked, but you dont-you’re only interested in being absolved of your shitty racist attitudes so you don’t have to rectify them. any further asinine messages regarding this are just going to be blocked and deleted. cheers. 

on expecting friends to punish friends

arright so ive seen a lot of shock and outrage (honestly standard at this point) and just general disapproval of raven and bellamy’s reactions to finn this past episode

[note: i am not going to talk about clarke because she has clearly not forgiven him. she never said anything remotely close to that. despite the fact that she cares about him deeply and is a naturally protective person, she is now uncomfortable and scared around him. if you think everything is hunky-dory in flarkeville rn you are twisting the events of the show so you can be more outraged at finn than you already are and honestly i dont care about u bye

im also not going to talk about murphy because he was his regular old insensitive jerkass self. love ya murphy, never change. kill some more people soon, ok? cool. kisses.]

ANYWAY. im sure its difficult to see through the haze of your hatred, but let me tell you a thing

you may hate finn collins, but raven and bell love him, and they have just as much blood on their hands

lets start with raven

  • ravens brace is not her only battle scar
  • she has (debatably) the highest body count of the delinquents: 300 using the dropship, about 100 between the bomb on the bridge and the landmines, maybe more (and i dont think shes ever shown remorse for this. KILL HER!!!)
  • raven has never given much of a shit about grounder lives (see above)
  • finn is ravens best friend, first love, and her family (her words)
  • he saved her life as a child
  • he has saved her life twice on the ground (risking his own life both times)
  • there is a theory that raven took the spacewalk, or at least did it with finn or helped him, and that he took the blame (think about it: raven had access to the equipment and knowledge of how to do it. do you really think that pre-pilot finn would have been able to pull that shit off on his own? doubtful) [credit for this theory goes to rebelleleader]
  • if that is true, he also saved ravens career and reputation by keeping her out of space juvy
  • (sidebar: do you think raven would be persecuted for the spacewalk the same way finn has been? also doubtful. moving on)
  • she literally plummeted to earth from space to be with him again
  • she has forgiven him for the one very shitty thing he did to her
  • (seriously ravens over it, clarkes over it, im over it. yall need to catch up)
  • she was the one who sent him to the village in the first place (do you think she meant ‘go get them, but dont kill any grounders in the process’? nah. raven dont care. on top of the deaths i mentioned above, remember how she showed the least reluctance to torture lincoln? she just stormed up there, took one look at bellamys weak ass torture, and was like 'let me show you how its done’. raven. dont. care.)

if you were expecting raven to go to sass level 10 and bitch finn out over some grounder lives, you have not been paying attention. someone else, maybe. if hed killed arkers, maybe. but she cares more about his mental health than the villagers and honestly that is completely in character and in line with their relationship

ok now bellamy

  • bellamy cares about finn a lot ok
  • remember that time he carried an unconscious finn back to camp like a fucking disney prince? remember how when he tortured lincoln, it was for finn?
  • ive said it before, and ill probably say it again: the line bellamy told finn cant be uncrossed, he crossed for finn
  • finn gave up the safety of the drop ship (and committed his first murder that wasnt in self defense) to save bellamys life
  • in ssn 2, they are constantly protecting/defending each other and show a huge amount of trust in one another
  • they have not said one word against the other since this season began
  • even when they disagree, they listen to each other and seriously take the other’s opinion into consideration, usually giving in to it (ie bringing murphy, the girl on the cliff side)
  • bellamy doesnt chew finn out when he 'disobeys’ him, even when he doesnt understand it (ie untying murphy, shooting the one-eyed grounder) he sees him as an equal 
  • (remember when atom and murphy showed insubordinance and were literally strung up and lynched?)
  • (the only other people who get this treatment from bellamy are clarke and octavia. js.)
  • bell has been visibly concerned for finns mental state for this whole season
  • “i’ll sleep when we find finn”
  • and bellamy doesnt give much of a shit about grounder lives either. he is the military leader of the 100 and they are the opposing army.
  • he has killed many himself, and as the military leader, is arguably accountable for all blood spilled by the kids
  • he let finn go to the grounder village with an automatic rifle and a murphy, knowing full well he was not in his right mind
  • he gave the man he banished, and then tried to murder him a gun so that finn would have back up

seriously, i dont think bellamy has any moral high ground to stand on and even if he does, he wouldnt use it to judge finn. just like raven, he cares more about his friends mental health than grounder lives. in fact, hes more likely to blame himself for letting finn go in the state he was in than to blame finn. thats kind of his whole deal

and tbf, you cant see your crazy from the inside. bell could see how irrationally finn was behaving, finn could not. 

there was a time (early ssn one) when both of these characters may have condemned finn for his actions, but not over grounders. and at this point, im sure they both feel theyve been forgiven for unforgivable things

(which is not to mention that the arkers need every soldier they can get atm, and theyve made it clear that they dont give a shit about grounder lives since they landed. finns punishment was never going to come from them. his pardon by the council says more about the council than about him.)

i am NOT condoning finns actions. i am NOT equating theirs to his.

fuck, im not even saying their reactions were rational, healthy or morally sound. im saying that their reactions were in character and in line with their relationships.

these kids number one priority is each other. the bond theyve all formed is one of my favourite parts of the show. it sucks to see people belittle it by saying that finns best friends should be punishing him. his punishment will come from elsewhere, let his friends support him in his time of need.

or fuck it, dont. they will anyway.

jaha OUT

  • what she says: I'm fine.

i know im going to get a lot of hate for this, but whatever this is my blog.

teen wolf season four is so shitty.

the new characters have no chemistry with the old characters.

first, scott and kira, oh my god. okay, so at first, i guess i found them cute, but only because allison kinda got jealous.

but now, i dont care how many times they make out or how romantic jeff davis makes the scene look, i just don’t feel anything, fuck.

second, stiles and malia…. just no, please. i literally have nothing else to say other than the word no.

third, there’s almost no scenes with stiles and lydia.

more importantly, there’s almost no scenes with lydia.

jeff davis told us that stydia were actually going to be friends this season, but how will they be friends if they don’t even spend time together.

the only time they’re together, they almost get killed.

i miss the times when stiles was just crazy about lydia.

i miss the times when he cared about her.

because right now, it doesn’t even look like stiles knows lydia.

fifth, i fucking miss scallison.

i just miss the effortless chemistry between tyler and crystal, oh my god.

i miss them so much, it’s making my heart hurt.

i miss isaac lahey and danny mahealani so much, too.

i miss when teen wolf still made sense.

it’s so fucking frustrating, i want to scream.