i dont believe omg

ok so i used a ouija board for the first time!! it was fuckin freaky

(and no dont tell me its all fake: ur boring. it was fun) (and yes, we were with someone experienced. dont worry)

when we asked for spirits for the first time, it just slid over to ‘h’. great. we said goodbye bc it was 1am and everyone was freaking the fuck out.

we tried again in the morning, and boy was it successful!! we asked for a name and got ‘sue v (unsure if v was an initial or something else?) we asked for an age? and got 4. then contacted them again and they said they died when they were 89, which was 67 years ago? we got scared and thought they were counting down, so we said goodbye.

our scariest one was when we asked for spirits, got a yes, then we asked for a name, and it started to move off the board. ur meant to say goodbye if it goes off, but it wasnt off, just really close to the edge. everyone was fucking terrified, and someone asked if the spirit wanted to talk to us. it slid right over to ‘no’ really fucking fast. god it was scary. we said goodbye right away

but! we got to really communicate well with one! we asked for a name, got ‘cf’ and ‘cea’ and we asked if ‘cf’ was an initial and got a yes! we asked if the spirit lived in tasmania. no answer. we asked if it lived in van diemen’s land (the name of tasmania before about 1855) and IT SAID YES!!!!! that was exciting. we asked if they were a convict, they said yes, we asked if they were from britain, they said yes. then we asked if they were in the hobart female factory (like a female prison? the women convicts there made clothes and stuff. its in the general area i live) and they said yes!!! we asked how old they were when they died, and they slid down to ‘2′; we asked for them to elaborate, they moved slightly, still sitting on the 2. we asked if they were 22 when they died, they moved to yes! it was incredible!!!

i’ll definitely be doing it again omg.

Let’s assume that “aging up” characters really is problematic. I don’t agree but let’s imagine it is. Then, let’s say Voltron continues for 8 more seasons and by the end of it the Paladins are all 25+ years old. Would it still be problematic to ship these characters together?

An example could be that Harry Potter was originally a young child in the Harry Potter series but as the novels progressed he grew up, became an adult and then eventually had children with Ginny. Is this not the same as aging up a character? Are people going to suggest that JK Rowling was shipping a literal child with adults simply because Harry had once been younger? To assume she “aged him up” simply to sexualize him would be ridiculous and incredibly pessimistic.

What I’m saying is why do characters have to exist in stasis, in a fictional universe it makes sense to age characters up if you wish them to do things they are too young to do. They will never grow on their own, they’re not real, and surely by aging them up you’re showing you respect the age of consent?.

My takeaway from today was that tom is very very smol and harrison’s eyes are brighter than my future

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for the ship thing.. i don't think you're into kuroko no basket, but i still asked.

oh but i am anon!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) well…i mean i still haven’t finished watching s3 or reading the manga…but uhm i’m going to!!! someday…..

i like kuroko x gom ships but i’ll always be weak for kagakuro :’>

Do not try to discredit people when they talk about their parents being abusive to them. I’ve seen way too many people try to justify the mental/emotional/verbal abuse that others parents put them through. 

When I say my parents were abusive for making fun of me, it doesn’t mean that I’m also calling your parents abusive for lightly teasing you. I don’t know your family dynamic.

When I say my mom was a bully for calling me a bitch or a whore, it doesn’t mean I’m also calling your mom a bully for the one time she said the same to you. One time still isn’t okay, but maybe you’re okay with it and that’s fine with me. 

When I say I was traumatized by my dad’s anger and how he would throw and slam things, it doesn’t mean I’m overreacting like that one drama queen cousin you have. Maybe she has a problem with lying or exaggerating things, but I don’t and you have no right to assume that. 

It doesn’t matter how great or nice you think my parents are. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Just like most abusers, my parents are really good at hiding their inner demons. 

Can I view __ as trans/__sexual/me/kin?

I’ve got a lot of these questions over the past several months and I honestly forgot to reply to them ;;; Here’s my answer;

Literally do whatever you want. How you view one/many of my character(s) does not affect me at all.

If you see Emilio as a trans boy because you can relate to his horrible relationship he had with Trent better, then do it. If you see Lucas as heterosexual cause you love him, then do it. If you think of yourself as squid-kin(?? idk if thats right lol), then do it. As long as you don’t force those views on me for them to be canon, think whatever the hell you want.

Though I appreciate the amount of respect you give to an artist for asking (I know it’s been a huge deal with artists lately about “me/kin”), but you shouldn’t have to ask me what to think. That’s just my opinion though! 

I don’t understand artists who highly disapprove others tagging “me/kin”, but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect them. So, don’t push my opinion on another artists please.

Do you want to write a fan fic?
Do you want to write a fan fic?

Do you want to write a fan fic?

Come on, what do you say?

Please write one about my favourite ship, make my stomach flip, remember make them gay!

Please don’t write them as buddies… I need ‘not safe for work’, and please do not let them die!

Do you want to write a fan fic?

It doesn’t have to be a long fic…


me and my loafs in black 🖤🖤

happy nctzen (i almost typed my url lol oops) selca day!!?!?

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BST played backwards is the intro to spring day. Pass it on ~ Goldfish anon


SO My first Alter Ink, Got over ONE HUNDRED NOTES AND IM LIKE FLIPPING OUT!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!! But. I mean you guys liked it right? So Heres Some Alter Ink and Alter Error!