i dont believe in ghosts

i just wanted to say that i fully believe in ghosts, aliens, and magic

i believe that tarot cards can show the future

i believe in some superstitions 

i believe some dreams can be prophetic 

i believe spells/curses/hexes are real and can work

and i dont talk about it much because a)it’s been made to seem like a joke b)i was repeatedly told by some family members that it’s not real/fake c)it’s something i truly believe in and it’s a huge part of my life and the last thing i want is more people to personally tell me that it’s all in my head

ok so i used a ouija board for the first time!! it was fuckin freaky

(and no dont tell me its all fake: ur boring. it was fun) (and yes, we were with someone experienced. dont worry)

when we asked for spirits for the first time, it just slid over to ‘h’. great. we said goodbye bc it was 1am and everyone was freaking the fuck out.

we tried again in the morning, and boy was it successful!! we asked for a name and got ‘sue v (unsure if v was an initial or something else?) we asked for an age? and got 4. then contacted them again and they said they died when they were 89, which was 67 years ago? we got scared and thought they were counting down, so we said goodbye.

our scariest one was when we asked for spirits, got a yes, then we asked for a name, and it started to move off the board. ur meant to say goodbye if it goes off, but it wasnt off, just really close to the edge. everyone was fucking terrified, and someone asked if the spirit wanted to talk to us. it slid right over to ‘no’ really fucking fast. god it was scary. we said goodbye right away

but! we got to really communicate well with one! we asked for a name, got ‘cf’ and ‘cea’ and we asked if ‘cf’ was an initial and got a yes! we asked if the spirit lived in tasmania. no answer. we asked if it lived in van diemen’s land (the name of tasmania before about 1855) and IT SAID YES!!!!! that was exciting. we asked if they were a convict, they said yes, we asked if they were from britain, they said yes. then we asked if they were in the hobart female factory (like a female prison? the women convicts there made clothes and stuff. its in the general area i live) and they said yes!!! we asked how old they were when they died, and they slid down to ‘2′; we asked for them to elaborate, they moved slightly, still sitting on the 2. we asked if they were 22 when they died, they moved to yes! it was incredible!!!

i’ll definitely be doing it again omg.

BTS Reaction to their S/O being able to see ghosts

| bts react when their s/o has the ability to see ghosts and constantly tease them like “ooh there’s something floating beside you” but sometimes it’s actually for real XD | honestly y'all are hitting the gold jackpot with these requests I’m crying this is gREAT ~Admin Hedgehog

Jin/Seokjin: Is gonna paniccccc!!! Like he’s v v curious!! he’s always asking u questions but like he is still low key afraid bc he’s got some common sense in the beautiful brain of his and he doesn’t wanna upset any ghosts and make them haunt him forever(he might turn into Hobi for a moment if u tell him theres a ghost right next to him, he probably won’t cry but he is Shook™ for days)

Suga/Yoongi: couldn’t give 2 shits he’s got stuff to do so what if a ghost is following him its not as if that’s anything new like not even the undead get the hear his mixtape before its ready also he’s got that Common Sense™ and a desire to live so he won’t think twice about running away if u tell him theres a ghost next to him okay he smart he dont fuck with no ghosts my baby smart

J-Hope/Hoseok: would freak the hell out all the time and would beg you not to tell him whenever you see one bc undoubtedly he’ll cry please be gentle he’s v sensitive

Rap Monster/Namjoon: would honestly be so confused and concerned not only for ur sake and sanity but also??? i dont think he would believe in ghosts so unless u somehow proved urself then he would be like haha sure but if u got him to believe u he would panic and be like…but does the mean theres no afterlife whats going on and he would have a philosophical breakdown

V/Taehyung: THIS DUMBASS WOULD WANNA GET A OUJIA BOARD AND BE LIKE OH U CAN SEE THEM THEN LETS GET IT OUT AND U CAN SEE AND TALK TO THEM PLEASE SAVE THIS BOY FROM HIMSELF U GOTTA BE LIKE TAEHYUNG N O THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA but no he too hyped please don’t ever let him near a ouija board(why would anyone go near one unless u wanna die love yourselves plz)

Jimin: Would be kinda concerned bc hey, that can be kinda startling and maybe draining on ur mental health?? Like seeing ghosts all the time can’t be fun? But then he can do a 180 in his personality and ask if the ghost ever peak on u in the shower and if u say yes then he gets all huffy and is like tell me where he at i’m gonna fight his ghost ass i got some C H O I C E WORDS FOR HIM cutie

Jungkook: is shook. he someone who isn’t easily scared by things, but i think if u guys were making out on the couch and u were like hey theres a ghost over there he’d be like …please don’t do that….i’m trying 2 get it on w u and the fact that you’ve just pointed out that theres a ghost watching us has just turned the mood down to 0 pl e as e 

  • I like how tumblr is like
  • " people can believe in whatever they want, you shouldnt be telling them what they can and cant do"
  • but then tumblr is like
  • like seriously if I dont believe in ghosts and shit ill do whatever the fuck I want with a ouija board
  • Hop off my ass and stop trying to shove your beliefs down my throat
  • If im playing with a ouija board that my shit to be dealing with not yours
  • Let people do what they want and chill out seriously


i dont care if you dont believe in ghosts and demons do not fuck with them i dont believe in god but i dont walk around burning holy books because who the fuck knows whats actually real

a horror movie

girl: *getting tormented by ghosts and shit*

dude: *busts in* i dont believe anything thats happening rn but im here to try and sex you

girl: ah yes exactly what i needed