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aos au: endless skye + ward “quake puns”  [4/?] [officially approved by brett dalton]

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U know i made this blog when i was in a dark place as means to cope and as means to keep up with seventeen now im in such a better place ive moved on up out and alongside seventeen its been an incredible journey being able to change and flourish just as them with them though i can finally say that i dont necessarily need to rely on mingyu or them for my happiness and motivation and so on so forth ive been reaching more inside of myself and providing that for myself and im not saying that i dont love seventeen or mingyu anymore by all means never. mingyu and the boys will forever mean the world to me i wouldnt have made it through what i did without them being here just reminds me of all those old times where the people in my life werent good for me and neither was the situation(s) realizing all this is beginning to make me loathe coming on here its such a chore and inconvenience now.. scrolling.. reblogging… repeat. every single day.. its not only time consuming but i absolutely do not feel the need to talk or more or less explain myself on here anymore to anyone.. to essentially strangers.…. for whatever reason whether it be attention or validation etc . im finally content with being there for/relying on myself for that i dont need that approval anymore because i approve me? of course u all know from my mingyu tags just how greatly he has impacted and helped me overcome a good portion of my struggles for these past two years he is still my golden boy he will forever be my golden boy.. my baby my light love and my everything… whom i will forever adore admire cherish treasure respect appreciate applaud support and most of all love him endlessly as well as the entirety seventeen i love these thirteen boys 😩😩 im too emotionally tied to them and all the beautiful and good and incredible things/feelings they have done for/gave me and likewise all the beautiful and good and incredible memories ive made with them just to give it up its been too worthwhile.. i will continue on supporting them as a whole and loving them and mingyu with everything i have uh i would die for them say the name ride or die seventeen just…. not on here 🕶

PSA: you can have as many different weird headcanons or theories as you want about lazytown, but that does NOT mean that you should envolve stefan and ask him what he thinks about them. the purpose of talking to stefan isn’t to overwhelm him by asking his opinions on your Super Edgy Lazytown Theory™ , or to continuously mention sportarobbie to him, especially considering that we already know his opinions reguarding sportarobbie and lazytown theories in general. he isn’t obligated to answer all your questions, and you should really only contact him if you’re wishing him well or something along those lines.


“You know, for being a hunter, you’re really sweet. I’m lucky to have you, (Y/N).”

Okay so I want to talk about something that’s been bothering me for a while, and I want to be clear that I’m open to tons of other opinions on this since my textual analysis could be different from others’!

Basically, I’m angry about the fandom’s hatred of nesta x cassian but love of Elide x Lorcan.

Now, I think both relationships are interesting and super well written and the four characters respectively are ALL well written and a joy to read about. I loved the Elorcan chapters. I loved reading the Nessian extra story. And I LOVE morally grey characters. 

What I’m angry about is that people seem to gobble up the whole dynamic of Lorcan Salvaterre badass but also horrible demi fae who is in love with an evil queen finds moral redemption and purpose in Elide Lochan. But we reject the dynamic of Nesta evil selfish bitch who didnt help her sister and hates fae finds some moral redemption by loving cassian. (The second arc i described hasnt happened just yet but Sarah is setting us up for it). 

Basically we have two pairing and in each, one of the characters is “evil” and the other character is very “good.” I wouldnt say that Lorcan is good enough for Elide. I also wouldnt say that Nesta is good enough for Casssian. I honestly think that both Lorcan and Nesta can grow to be good enough but I’m not blindly shipping either until that time. 

If anything, the nesta and cassian dynamic is more interesting by far than elorcan bc SJM has flipped the whole trope on its head by making the evil character who needs to be redeemed a female. 

I acknowledge that Lorcan is *trying* to be better with Elide and I like that Elide trusts him. But he starts out EoS with the intention of either killing Aelin or fucking her over and he succeeds pretty neatly. Lorcan is so fucking stupid and believes himself in love with Maeve so much so that he calls her for help?? Like he’s one of the Cadre who has happily served this evil bitch?? Like why Lorcan. Why. It doesnt take a genius to figure out that she’d evil. (correct me if i am wrong here). Like i acknowledge that Maeve def controls lorcan but he’s IN LOVE with her regardless. And I know he called maeve with good intentions thinking she would help but a) thats stupid and b) i feel as if he only has good intentions towards elide lochan and thats not enough for me to like him. Like sure it’s great that he loves one person aside from Maeve but why does he have to be a huge dick to *literally* everyone else? I just feel as if I’ve read this dynamic so many times (like lol will x tessa for the first two books) and I’m over it and I’ll ship it if, and only if, Lorcan manages to be a decent character outside of his feelings for Elide. I didnt have qualms with Lorcan’s character until I saw Elide and him becoming a thing because like I said I love morally grey characters. I dont love them bc I like or approve of all of their actions, I love them because they lead to rants like this one! So regardless of my hate @ lorcan please know that I do enjoy his character arc, precisely bc it makes me so angry. That said, I’m a bit annoyed by the arc of Elorcan the ship. 

Okay so cassian and Nesta. Like I said, this is way more interesting to me. Because Nesta is an evil bitch female! And she’s not good enough for our precious cass. But at least Sarah is fucking with this trope in a very pointed way!! So I’m definitely more inclined to approve of Nessian if only because the feminist in me loves flipping traditionally gendered tropes on their head.

And that brings me to my final point: In YA lit I see a trend of people ***loving*** male characters regardless of what they do and HATING female characters who are anything less that precious and perfect. Like if you LOVE elorcan and think lorcan salvaterre is a god who is **perfect** but hate nessian and think nesta is just an evil bitch, reevaluate. You can like or dislike whatever character you want (duh) but i do think some of the hatred at certain characters can be gendered. I just think we easily accept traditionally “evil” traits in men, but then reject them in women. Both Lorcan and Nesta have made some horrible mistakes and have treated people close to them terribly. I just hate that Lorcan seems forgiven for these things, while Nesta is not. Frankly I’m disinclined to forgive either of them until I see some more character growth. And I’m sure SJM will give it to us is books 3 and 6! I just see the fandom falling into traditional patterns of loving the morally grey male character and hating the morally grey female character. And it bothers the fuck out of me. 

Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this!!