i dont always post shit


I tried anon, i really did. I hope this passes for ‘soft and cute’ lmao. Poor Frisk can’t catch a break.

and here’s a bonus panel as if this thing wasn’t long enough already:



do i have an excuse?? 


Do i need one?

No, not really

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Post your last selfie along with 10 FACTS about yourself. 💕💕

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that harley/ivy post reminded me that this exists

and man. this detail is honestly more intimate and feels inducing for me then any kiss scene (tho i appreciate those too). Not just bc of its “this explains how they can have sex without harley dying of poison” nature but because of what it says about the characters. 

First off we have Harley’s content and happy expression, clearly thinking back to some good times “playing” with Ivy, but even more then that she’s so obviously confident in this relationship. That’s a face that says not only can Ivy not hurt her, but Harley is completely secure in the knowledge that Ivy will never choose to hurt her. This is like half the appeal of the ship right here. Harley moving on from asshole clown and getting into a healthier relationship with someone who genuinely loves her. Someone she knows will never hurt her like the Joker did. 

Then on Ivy’s side this is like what!!! what!!!!! Poison Ivy, the lady famous for her misanthropy even before she got her powers, willingly turned Harley into her biggest weakness!??

Like sure, she could still strangle someone immune to her poisons with vines or whatever, but she’s still making herself incredibly vulnerable to Harley here. If Harley ever became her enemy for some reason she’d be a huge threat to her. The fact that Ivy did this for her despite knowing all of that, speaks to the level of trust and intimacy in their relationship. Especially considering how little Ivy trusts or gets close to people in general, this moment says a lot in how much she’s come to care for Harley.


Facebook messenger decided it wanted to be Snapchat so of course I had to take advantage of those adorable filters 😻

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Captains reaction/ichigo finding out their s/o is a cosplayer :3c

Shunsui Kyoraku: He smiles softly, he thinks it is rather cute, and when he sees them wear it for the first time he takes tons of pictures of them

Sui-Feng: The first time she saw them, she blushed, head from toe. The cosplay that always gets her are from Kill la Kill.

Rojuro Otoribashi: He always thought they looked so adorable dressing up, he would be right there holding their stuff every time they would cosplay.

Retsu Unohana: She thought it was so cute, and she would even take tons of pictures with them.

Shinji Hirako: He thinks it’s really cool, he might even cosplay with them.

Byakuya Kuchiki: When he finds out, he offers to buy everything they need to cosplay, if it makes them happy, he will do anything to keep them that way.

Sajin Komamura: He finds it rather adorable, but sometimes he thinks they take it to seriously..

Kensei Mugurama: He thought it was a little weird at first, but when he saw how their face would light up when dressing up as a character, it just melted his heart.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: He thinks they look kinda weird at first, but he does not complain since it makes them happy.

Kenpachi Zaraki: He thinks its really hot, and maybe even ask them to dress up more in private…

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: He doesn’t say much about it, until they ask him to do their makeup for them.

Jushiro Ukitake: If it makes his s/o happy, then he doesn’t mind at all.

Ichigo Kurosaki: Well he knows people who cosplay, but his own partner? He didn’t say much about it, he is always there, holding their stuff and taking pictures if them with others cosplayers when they go to conventions.

i wish… that I had never gone on instagram tonight

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I don't remember if I ever complemented your work because oh my god its one of my favorite art styles out there, one thing for certain I haven't told you is that one of my favorite things in your drawings are the way you draw poses, they feel so alive and dynamic even to smaller areas like the fingers, it's really lovely seeing your work as always Nas! Cheers!

wtf ace!! thank you!! im awful at displaying gratitude because there’s really no dignified way of doing it without sounding like a kid high on sugar but fghfdfgjklgh THANK U!!!!! but seriously that’s waaaaayy too much praise though, my shit isnt anywhere near a level where it should be someones favorite but damn if this doesnt make me wanna get there even harder, so thanks for the support man im gonna make u proud i swear

anyone who adds this picture to a fandom post of kids having fun was probably in the Superwholock fandom and definitely either attended Dashcon or would have attended dashcon if their mom hadnt said no

I’ve only been using the official prompts for inktober, and I haven’t posted any of it online, but once I saw this prompt, I had to do it.

TSInktober Day 28: What if Jack Skellington went through one of the other holiday doors?

Saint Patrick’s Day is my birthday (and there is a Saint Patrick’s Day themed door in The Nightmare Before Christmas), so of course, Jack had to go through it.

just an @ to all the non-black got7 fans rn...

just to start off, i want to say first and foremost that i am not black, and therefore this post and opinion is coming from the privilege and experiences of a white person. i don’t want this opinion and post to be taken above the views of a black person (who are obviously being directly affected by this, while i am not), this is just something i want to put out there. 

i hope all you non-black fans defending bambam rn realize how much privilege you have to do so… like you have the privilege to get on here and talk about “oh he’s so young give him a break!” and “he didn’t know what he was saying he’s not from america!” or “he made a mistake don’t get mad at him!” when in reality YOU’RE not the one who has had that word used against you for hundreds of years, YOU’RE not the one who’s had to listen to white people use it and then try to dictate who should and should not be able to use it, YOU’RE not the one who has to deal w/ idols in general appropriating black culture and using the n-word and hearing fandoms tell you not to get upset over it. 

regardless of whether or not bambam knew it was not an okay word to say, and regardless of whether or not mark said anything later on that we didn’t hear, it was not okay for bambam to say that. at all. and i think it’s really ignorant that a good number of you are trying to pass it off like it’s nothing. i don’t think he’s a horrible person, i don’t think he deserves to be bashed and berated online and sending death threats is NEVER ok no matter what imo, but i don’t think he should be defended bc people wanna put these idols up on a pedestal so much that they can’t accept when one does something wrong. 

again, i don’t want this post to be taken as the absolute correct opinion on this, and i absolutely do not want to tell black igot7s how to feel. if you are a black person and are not bothered by this incident, your opinion is completely valid and this post is not directed at you in any way. but i’m just really pissed off rn that non-black igot7s think they have the right to tell black igot7s how to feel about this situation and tell them not to be upset bc bambam is so cute and perfect how could he do anything wrong!! bc that is NOT for you to decide. if black igot7s, or any igot7s for that matter, are bothered by this incident and want to take a break from bambam and the fandom that is completely 100% okay. and you don’t get to tell them it’s not just bc you want bambam to have the image of a smol son who likes to dab. idols do problematic shit. a lot. don’t sweep it under the rug and betray your fellow fandom members in the process. we have to defend them too. 

(to black igot7s: if anything about this post bothers you or you’d like to clear something up for me and add your opinion, feel free do let me know / do so if you feel comfortable. i want my blog to be a safe space for you, and i want this fandom to be a safe space for you. your opinion on this is valid above all others)

Studyblr photos are so hard to take honestly you start editing it and you’re like “oh wow this is going to look great on my blog” and then you look at other people’s and it’s actually really shit but I still have followers so idk but all of you out there don’t worry about bad studyblr photos honestly we probably all think we’re shit at this the only difference is that I’m the only one who actually is but anyway stick to your guns you’re doing great and taking fab pictures and you’re gonna get better at this the longer you do it love you and have a good day