i dont always have vampire ships

Wow Bamily

First off its been awhile since i posted in here.. Heeeeyyyyy! I cannot beleive the end is near..The Vampire Diaries SERIES final has finally came…. Its bittersweet because all I can think about is…Bonnie? 

She deserved so much..Like seriously…She is more then epic..The girl is litereally LEGENDARY!!!! She has literally saved this whole damn town and still always get the shortest end of the stick.

I think about Bamon and what is and what it could have been. (Yall my mom stop watching after season 4 because she wanted Bonnie to be with Damon or at least with Stefan..lmao. and my stepdad said he just dont understand B0nenzo.)

Speaking of that ship….That probably could have been at least kind of epic.I tolerated it because Bonnie was happy….but it was literally written so they can keep Bamon apart….so its still a bittersweet tradedy…

But anywho..before I start rambiling….I want to think all you creators out there who has really stolen my heart and I know the rest of the Bamily. Like FanArt and the FanVid!!!! And The FanFiction..Oh my gosh!!!!! Like seriously you guys literally take me to another world!!! Thank You xoxoxo

Whatever happens …I just know two things! 

1.) Im am so glad that I got to be apart of this amazing fandom..and really hope that the tag will stay alive well after TVD is long gone


That is all….Peace ,Love, and Happiness Fam. 

oh and question should i watch live or should i spare myself of agony ?