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the sum of your parts, aaron/robert, teen.

(as part of his therapy, aaron’s asked to write down the things in his life that make him happy - for @smittenwithsugden)


olivia liv being liv’s brother

Aaron gets a cheap little notebook at David’s, with spiraling at the edge. It fits in his pocket with a little persuading, and it takes him a while to get used to the weight of it. He takes it out, puts it away, and takes it out again - but it’s days before he can actually bring himself to scribble anything down. Even then he can’t make it work - all his words seem disjointed and cliche and hollow.

“What’re you doing?” Liv asks, flopping down onto the couch, Aaron almost popping his shoulder out trying to jam the notebook back in his pocket.

“I thought you were with Gabby?”

Liv pulls a face. “No? She’s doing some naff hair thing with her mum, I donno. What’s with you?”

“Nothing,” Aaron says, munching on his thumb nail, the notebook jutting into his thigh. He can feel the sharp edge of her gaze - they’re so much closer now, she always wants to know he’s okay.

“Has anyone told you you’re a totally crap liar?”

“Yeah, prob’ly around the same time I told you to stop saying that word.”

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SHINee be killing all their Shawols with their Love for each other. 😂

I donno what my SHINee ships are anymore!!!!!! Just 2 weeks back, I’d have been so sure and said JongKey, OnTae/OnHo… Now it’s all so mixed up… There’s OnKey (from Yang @ Nam show, and NOT TO MENTION SW V Japan ), JongTae (with Jonghyun fanboying all the time), JongKey (entire 1of1, 1and1 promotions, 5 min delay reactions, they never really stop do they) 2Min (SW V Japan, necklace), MinKey (like all the time), JongHo (Ming attending the concert despite his busy schedule) OnHo (supportive bf Onew with Ming’s film, all the dabbing, Idol Champ show), OnTae (like all the caring of reach other going on and Yang-Nam show, clingy Taemin on that idol champ show) JongYu (clingy Dino and caring Hyung on Yang-Nam) TaeKey (Taemin calling Key oppa and Key shamelessly supporting Taemin at MCountdown) .. . .. I’ll stop now.

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If you think godot is the only man who doesn’t respect women:

1. Edgeworth calls mia bimbo
2. Apollo makes jokes about reyfa because she has small boobs
3. Nick says pearl and ahlbi as ‘kindergarten couple’ (because pearl is short. However pearl is almost adult.)
4. Larry makes sexual jokes or cat calling
5. Nayuta looks down on athena and ema

Well I’m not saying aa male characters are sexist. It’s on Capcom’s ability to show that they respect female characters. We should demand capcom, not talking shit about characters, that they should be more aware of this topic. If someone says everybody else in aa all supports feminism except godot, i donno what to say lmao

What I like the most about the reaction to my latest comic, is that there are three kinds of people — ‘Blue is savage!’, 'Poor babies!!!’ and 'What the heck is going on???’ I donno why that’s so funny to me, but it is.

Still, since there were a few of you asking questions, I’ll clarify.

The idea is that Blue looks at Tale!Paps and thinks, “Comic has a happy and compassionate and optimistic Papyrus. Red and I each had a perfectly good Papyrus too, but our Papyruses aren’t like that, so we must’ve screwed up somehow.” It’s not a happy thought, and when he’s asking Red about it, he’s not trying to be mean, he’s seeking some understanding from a person who can actually understand.

Hope this clears it up! This was the original idea, but, honestly, I love how a lot of people read it differently. It’s fun!