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Rewriting the Past - six

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.3k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

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I'm used to it - Chapter 3

Reader x Jaebum

Warnings: Swearing, sexual assault, self harm

Words: 2,942

Chapters: 2 , 4


The next morning i woke, i washed up and got dressed for school. I wore a lilac skater dress with an oversized grey cardigan and a pair of white low top sneakers and before i left my room i put my work clothes in my school bag. I made my way downstairs and was greeted by Prince and Romeo, by them jumping on me, “hey, calm down”, i stroked both their backs before going to sit at the table, “noona i’m going straight to work after school and i’m working late again, sorry”. My grandma gave me my breakfast, we were having pancakes, my grandma always made the best pancakes. There was a knock at the door my grandpa went to door to see who it was, it was Marrie, “morning pops, how are you?” “morning and I’m always happy when I see you” she giggled before making her way into  the kitchen “hi noona, hey (y/n)” she sat next to me and noona gave her a plate of pancakes “eat something before you go to school” “thank you noona”.

We ate our pancakes, got up and left for school, we said bye to noona and pops before leaving. We went passed the land of grass and got to the main road where Marrie’s car was parked, she did have an expensive car, her parents had money as well but she wasn’t someone who bragged about it or made fun of someone for having less than her.

Once at school, Marrie parked up near the front of the school. We got out and walked towards the door when we saw Sarah in her car, she sped past us, nearly running us over. She parked right next to Marrie’s car, “uhhh, great her face is the last thing imma see”, I giggled at the disgust on her face. She got out of her car and shouted towards us, “sorry didn’t see you there, irrelevant people tend to be non existent to me”, Marrie shouted back saying “well if we don’t exist, who are you talking to then, you fucking weirdo, i told Marrie to leave it and pulled her away into the school.

We went over to our lockers and stayed there before the bell went. “Why did Jaebum come up to you even though his bitch left, I thought he would just be following her around like a little puppy”, “he just came to pay for the things Sarah ordered, even though she didn’t eat it and apologised for her”, “well, at least there’s someone with sense around here”, i nodded, agreeing with her statement.

Me and Marrie made our way to maths, at least we still sat next to each other in this room. The lesson began a few minutes later and after Mrs Lee had taught us, she gave us worksheets to complete. I was always the first to finish my work and when i did, i just daydreamed, i turned to look at Jaebum he was a row in front of me to the left with Sarah. Today he was wearing a snapback, he looked so fine, but Sarah caught me staring at him, so she began talking to him, “baby, can you come over tonight, i’ve been feeling stressed and i need someone to help me calm down”. She moved her hand down close to his crotch, of course she wanted sex, no surprise she wasn’t a virgin. I am and want to stick that way until marriage, that is if i find anyone, i don’t find it wrong for teens to have sex, like Marrie, her and her boyfriend Jackson, who is also close friends with Jaebum, had it plenty of times, but not often.

“Sorry, i can’t, me and the guys are watching the football match tonight, it’s Barcelona against Man United”, i felt a sudden relief when i heard him say that. Marrie had finally finished her work and we began talking, “Mrs Lee”, Sarah raised her hand, “Marrie and (y/n) are being way too loud and are distracting me”. Mrs Lee gave us a warning, telling us if we talked again we would get detention on friday. We stayed quiet for about 5 minutes before we started talking again, we both bursted out laughing at how Marrie had taken a picture of a boy and her flash was on and Jackson was sat right next to her. “(y/n), Marrie, detention on friday!” Mrs Lee shouted, “for fuck sake”, Marrie said under her breath, but Mrs Lee had super hearing, “well done Marrie you just earned yourself and (y/n) the rest of the week in detention, starting today!”. I looked over to Marrie, she had an apologetic look on her face, well now she could explain to my manager why i was late today and will be for the rest of this week.

As the bell went, marking the end of the school day me and Marrie slowly dragged ourselves to detention. Once we entered the room we saw that Mr Lee was on detention duty, he was a lot nicer compared to his wife and a lot more chilled, he even let us call him by his first name. “Hey Mike”, both, me and Marrie said in unison, “hey girls, there’s work on the desks for you to do”. we both made our way to the desks and sat down together. A few seconds later another student entered, “hey Mike, i’m back again”, i could listen to that voice all day, “yeah, Jaebum you are, go on you know what to do” , Jaebum laughed before making his way to the desk in front of me.

30 minutes passed and i had finished all the work 10 minutes ago so i was laying my head on the desk, where as Marrie was finishing copying out all my work and Jaebum was almost done. I closed my eyes and began to drift off until i heard someone say hey. I looked up and saw Jaebum staring at me with his beautiful smile plastered on his face, “are you tired?”, i started blushing he was talking and staring at me, i just nodded my head, as i couldn’t open my mouth, he just continued smiling at me. “So i was wondering if you guys would want to come to a party, it’s this saturday, it’s at Marks. And Marrie, Jackson’s gonna come too, he’ll be back from holiday, so you in?”, before i could open my mouth and tell him i had work, Marrie just answered for the both of us, “of course we are coming”, he nodded, before telling us when to arrive.

Eventually detention was over and me and Marrie were making our way to her car, “why did you say yes, i have work”, “ughh relax i’ll tell your manager you need some time to relax, he will understand, hopefully”, i just sighed before getting into her car.

It was saturday morning,  I was at shopping centre with Marrie, looking for dresses, for the party tonight. We went into around 14 stores before we found dresses we likes, well by we, i meant Marrie, she chose my dress as well. I wanted a long dress that covered me up, but Marrie got me a short, tight, dark blue dress with thin straps. Hers was similar to mine, but red and shorter.

We then went to get some pizza and then made our way back to Marrie’s house at around 7pm so we could start getting ready. We did our hair and makeup before putting on our dresses, after i put mine on i went to look in the mirror. God i looked so fat, i held my stomach with my hands, “Marrie, i don’t want to go, i’m just gonna be called fat by people”, “i swear to god if you don’t shut up-, you’re stomach is as flat as Sarah’s arse and that is non existent”, i laughed lightly at her, but still felt fat in the dress. We both then put on black heels and waited for Jackson to pick us up.

It was around 8:40pm when Jackson parked outside in his car, it was a royal blue colour. “Hey, beautiful, i missed you”, was the first thing he said when he saw Marrie and kissed her, ”i missed you too”, she replied shyly, Jackson grabbed her waist and pulled her body closer to his. I wish i found someone like Jackson, someone who made me feel beautiful, someone who made me not want to give a single shit about others, someone who loved me for me.

Jackson noticed me standing behind them awkwardly, he smiled at me, “hey (y/n) you look good”, i smiled back at him, “you know lying makes people feel a lot worse than telling the truth”. The smile was wiped of his face, Marrie looked towards me, they both knew i wasn’t being bitchy, i just hated people complimenting me as i didn’t know if they were being serious or if they were just doing it to make fun of me. “I’m sorry Jackson”, i felt bad for what i said, “it’s fine (y/n), i forgot”, he smiled at me again, “we should get going guys come on”. We all got in the car and Jackson began driving to Marks.

It was huge. His house looked very, very expensive as well. After I had done admiring it I got out and made my way inside, Marrie and Jackson ahead of me.

Jackson was holding her close as he knew there were drunk guys who would probably try to hit on her. It didn’t matter about me, i’m sure nobody would touch me with a 10 foot pole.

As i walked in i bumped into someone, “ohh sorry”, the person looked down at me, “hey (y/n)! i’m glad you made it, i thought you wouldn’t come” it was Jaebum. I was going to try to reply, but before i could say a word he was dragged away by Sarah. I sighed before going to find Marrie.

The night went on and not once was i called out and i danced with Marrie and Jackson, “hey, imma go to the toilet i’ll be right back”, i shouted over the music, they both shouted back ‘okay’s’.

I looked around for the bathroom, but couldn’t find it, so i walked into a bedroom hoping it had one. “Ughh, thank god”, I quickly went into the toilet and did my business. Once out I realised there was a balcony, I walked out onto the balcony, the wind felt so good against my skin, i looked below and saw the people in and around the pools. As i was looking i heard someone come into the room behind me, i turned and saw a guy close the door and walk towards me. He was very attractive and cute.

The male stood next to me leaning on the rails of the balcony, “damn you look hot”, “oh…erm..th-thank you”, i felt uncomfortable around him, his presence gave me an unsettling feeling, so i decided to leave the room. But as i started walking, the guy grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest, so now we were facing each other. “Hey, don’t go”, he lifted his hand to caress my face, the other was wrapped around my waist keeping my body pressed against his, “i’m Max and i saw you dancing and fuck, you looked good”. His hand stopped caressing my face and found its way up my thigh and under my dress, “get of me”, i pushed Max, but it wasn’t enough, “baby don’t fight me, you’re gonna enjoy what i do to you”.

I started to scream, but he only muffled them out with his hand and the music helped with that as well. I was lifted from where i was and thrown onto the bed, as i was about to get up, he came and laid between my legs and pinned my hands above my head and started kissing and sucking my neck leaving behind marks. I screamed again, my tears were now escaping from my eyes, but no one could do anything as the music was too loud so i couldn’t be heard. “Scream all you want, nobody can hear you”, he moved one of his hands down to my breast and started fondling with them. After a few seconds he stopped and sat up and ripped the straps on my dress, then pulled down the top half of my dress, before going back to what he was doing.

I saw something in the corner of my eye, it was a heel, i grabbed it with my free hand before hitting Max across the head with it, he fell back, holding his head in pain.

I saw the opportunity and ran to the door and opened it, but Max got back up and grabbed me, but i let out a piercing scream which caught the attention of everyone, they were all looking at me. Moments like these make me wish I wasn’t living.

I shoved Max off me and walked out the room covering my top half, “you’re fucking disgusting”, everyone turned their attention to, of course Sarah. “Coming out like that for attention? Seriously and look what you did to Max, he’s bleeding”, i turned and saw blood dripping from his head, “making it seem as if Max was going to do something to you, he’s the nicest person i know, you’re the sick bitch who probably forced herself on him and when he denied you, you came out like that”.

I saw everyone turn their heads back to me, they looked disgusted by me, i could hear people whispering, i could hear them saying i was disgusting, an attention seeker, that i really am mental. My eyes started stinging, i shut them hoping the tears would go away, but they just fell, “and look everyone she’s crying, so we’ll sympathies with her, now you tell me (y/n), why we would feel sympathy for such a vile, mental human being”, she spat out, “now go on go back to your little dog house with your grandparents”, everyone began to laugh whilst i ran past them and out of the house.

The second i stepped outside i fell to the ground on my knees, gripping my hair with my hands and began screaming and crying, “(y/n)!, (y/n)!”, it was Marrie, she saw me on the ground. “Oh my god, (y/n)”, she ran to me trying to lift me up, but failed, “(y/n) please get up, i’ll go back in there and beat the living shit out of her”, she was about to go, before i grabbed her wrist and shook my head. Marrie then crouched down next to me “please get up”, she sounded as if she was going to break any second so this time i listened to her, i got up with her help. “I-i, wanna go-go home”, “i’ll go get Jackson okay, wait here”.

She went back inside whilst i was stood there crying and holding up my dress, “(y/n)”, i turned around and saw Jaebum walking towards me, “are you okay?”, he stopped in front of me and i shook my head. “That’s why you made me come right? You wanted to humiliate me, well done your bitch did a great job”, “no, (y/-” i cut him off,  “i liked you, i thought you were this beautiful kind person, when in reality you’re a cold hearted bastard like everyone else in school”. Marrie and Jackson were walking out the door when they saw me and Jaebum, “because of you everyone thinks that i am lying about almost getting raped, they think i’m using it to get attention!”, i was breaking down again and Jackson and Marrie ran over to us.

Jackson took off his jacket before handing it to me, “here put this on”, i took it out his hands and put it on top of my torn dress, “Jackson, can you take me home, please”, he nodded his head, before leading me and Marrie to his car, leaving Jaebum stood there staring at me.

I fell asleep on the journey back home and was waken by Marrie when we arrived, i was about to get out before i remembered Jackson’s jacket. I began to take it off, “it’s fine keep it”, he gave me a smile before i got out the car. Marrie walked me to the front door and waited for me to enter the house before saying goodnight and leaving. My grandparents were already in bed and so it was nothing but silent in the house.

I felt the sudden urge to do something, something that i stopped last month. I needed a way to stop thinking about all of this.

I moved to the kitchen and looked for something, once I found it I ran upstairs to my bedroom and into my bathroom.

I turned on the tap and brought the knife to my arm. I closed my eyes as i slowly moved the knife across my arm, leaving behind a trail of blood, i did it 4 times before stopping.

It was painful, but i needed to do it. I ran my cuts under the open tap and saw the water going into a dark, red colour from being transparent. Once the cuts stopped bleeding, i wrapped a bandage around them before going to bed.

My nightmare never seemed to stop, it just got worse.

Finally got to edit it, sorry for being late, i’m starting to write the only one and scars next chapters, thank you for waiting


90 Days - Rae

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On September 16th, 2012, I began my journey with Doctor Who, and today I have finished all of Classic Who! Through it and Tumblr, I have met so many awesomely wonderful people and I’ve been inspired to make my art better! I also found the TPC and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. I’m really glad I gave this show a chance ♥ Now onward to Big Finish!