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(Comicdub short) Overwatch - Hanzo Serves D.VA CAKE… Just… cake

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BTS as things I've said
  • RapMon:an angel loses its wings every time a Spotify ad plays when I'm trynna jam
  • V:the first thing I did when I got home was tell my cat that I got my eyebrows done and asked her if they looked nice
  • Suga:I dead ass wanna time travel to the future right now so I can start muting people in real life
  • Jin:what I look for in a guy is that his personality gotta be just as nice as his bank account
  • Jimin:if I ever get to see Beyoncé live in concert, each and every one of y'all gonna owe me $5 each, lit? lit.
  • Jungkook:I'm being difficult because I'm not old enough to buy my own ticket to a rated R movie???? well sORRY FOR NOT BEING BORN 8 MONTHS EARLIER! YOU CAN GO COMPLAIN TO MY PARENTS, TO JESUS, TO FUCKING BILL NYE BUT DON'T COME AT ME FOR SOMETHING THAT AIN'T MY FAULT!!! ... but can we stop at Costco first I need a chicken bake
  • Jhope:wait guys I think I'm onto something.... never mind I just had to fart

I just got home so I got out Mango and sat down to eat. My roommate had these tiny little cake thingies and gave me one. Mango really wanted it, so I gave her a small chunk, and finished it while she was distracted.

This bird. When she was done, she fuckin looked at the plate, looked around, then looked at me like, “Did you really just eat that entire thing? All by yourself? You didn’t leave me any more? The fuck?”

Food is such serious business in the house. Even for the birds it seems. :V

Reiji did what Yuya and crew should have done in the first place, stole one of the powerboats.

I mean, you could see them in the harbour while the were searching for one before Selena showed up.

Boat theft is last thing the need to be concerned with.

Post Akatsuki verse::
A New Leaf

Having been pulled from the earth, Hidan was gathered and placed back together like a gory puzzle. He spent a month in Konoha’s hospital to fully recover and have an eye on him at all times. Once he could talk he was interrogated and drained of anything he knew about the Akatsuki.

Given the offer to reside in Konoha to be of use whenever the chance came, or rot in a prison cell, he decided to cooperate. His residence in Konoha is strict. He’s not allowed out of his assigned apartment before or after a set time, and he’s been forced into Anger Management. He’s always got eyes on him tracking his movements. Use of weapons is limited to almost none, only allowed a few kunai for emergencies. ( His scythe has been repaired and put in storage for future use. )

Having been trapped in the pit for months and a hospital bed for another, Hidan’s grown stir crazy. He needs to be out doing something at all times, usually going for walks and staying out until curfew. Making conversation with villagers isn’t easy for obvious reasons, and he’s convinced everyone hates him. On top of that they’re all non-believers of Jashin. His irritability is higher than usual, being surrounded by constant spewing of the Will of Fire on top of minimal movement. All he has to look forward to is missions of any kind, or any chance he can get to perform a proper prayer without the option of making sacrifices whenever he so pleases.

i ran into a high school friend that i havent talked to or seen in like 2 years in the mall today with my mom and she said some people and her were talking about me a few days ago and i was like “oh like what” expecting something like “oh remember the kid with the hair? yeah he was okay i guess” but she was like oh they were talking about this thing you did and i was like “oh what?” and she was obviously not trying to say it around my mom so i sorta waved off my mom and i was expecting something like about me being drunk a few weeks ago or soemthing but no she fucking said someone was talking about me fucking someone O N A  G R A V E in a  C E M E T E R Y. i obviously have never done this so i told her this was False but seriously what the fuck was i mixed up with someone? why? who actually did this? what the fuck? how did i get mixed up in this story? wh a t t he fu c?


❝ I did what I had do to, just like you’ve done things you’ve had to do in order to survive. I express my condolences about your mother, if it’s any consolation. My word, my honor, is still enact as it has always been, Bonnie. ❞ He squinted his eyes at the fireball before him and he knew that Bonnie wasn’t someone to cross. In all reality, he didn’t want to cross her. Not for fear, but because she is one of the few people he knows to be loyal to those she loves and he respects that in a person.

❝ I assure you, it’s with great gratitude that you agreed to assist in my mission. I’m sure you would have your doubts and worries about working with someone who was destined from the beginning to be your enemy, but I do trust you. Even if the feeling is not returned. That being said, there’s absolutely no need for your smart wit and icy glares, so intimidating as they may be.❞

He followed close behind her, assuring she heard his last statement. ❝ And no need to question my nobility. It’s one of the few things I do keep near and dear to my heart. ❞


okay y'all get ready for this lame ass rant about my experience at ikon showtime concert in Singapore because this was my first ever k-pop concert and I need to tell you guys about how amazing it was okay here we go:

so immediately when I step into the venue I literally died because they were blasting out “Dumb & Dumber” and I kid you not, I ran to find my seats and starting to turn up. Naturally the konbats were all switched on and getting into the rhythm as a few more songs like “My Type” and “Airplane” starting playing. But it wasn’t until fucking “Rhythm Ta” come on did everyone E V E R Y O N E truly lost their shit.

THE BEST THING ABOUT THAT MOMENT WAS THE FANCHANTS LIKE IT WAS LITERALLY SO DOPE!!!! because tbh I’ve only done fanchants watching oppa on my flatscreen on music bank or mnet and well, it’s not as fulfilling.

A few more of their songs starting playing and then it started to repeat dumb and dumber

And then boom! Halfway through the song, the lights went off and THE SHOW STARTED AND I FLIP MY SHIT ONCE AGAIN!

I honestly screamed so loudly when I saw ikon standing on stage in their beautiful forms like I couldn’t comprehend the face that I was in the same room as them and the were R I G H T there.

Of course we all got turnt to Dumb and Dumber and Rhythm Ta and after a few songs, they did their first ment and it was hilarious because I live in Singapore and our main language is English. So naturally some of the boys struggled to form the words to express themselves. Baby Chanu’s speech was my favorite because he just screamed “SINGAAAAPOREEEEE” and then said thank you i love him so much and his adorableness THATS MY SON GUYS

And then songs like Apology, My Type, Airplane, #WYD starting playing and the stage for these songs especially Apology were so fucking beautiful I literally cried because it took my breath away and I just… sigh

Bobby and Hanbin had their solo stages which was SOOOOOOO BOMB AF

I’m still kind of trying to recall what happen because everything seems like a blur so here’s what else I remembered(not in order):

Bang bang bang, Me Gusta Tu and Up and Down covers were hilarious but of course the BBB one was lit af. I FUCKING SAW JUNHOE SHIRTLESS I DIED AND SHOUTED SENPAI SO LOUDLY OMG HE WAS SO SWEATY AND FUCKING SEXY HOLY SHIT BALLS BYEEEEE

and then Me Gusta Tu led by Jinhwan aka Jinny was fabulous. He proceed to ask if he was pretty and cute which we replied yes and then he shouted no in his manliest voice. And then he told us “you’re prettier” which resulted to all of us flipping out shit. this girl behind me shouting “OPPA DONT LIE TO ME”

and then ikon as exid emerged and I died once again because my lordddd these boys know how to test me. These them sexual hip thrusts dear god hold me

Climax and Wait For Me came along too and my tears came back because tbh those are my favorite ikon songs because idk it hits me in the feels EVERYTIME

And during Wait For Me, as a fan project, we all raised banners which said “we waited for you” and after the song Dong said that he was so touched and he promises to make this the best night of our lives and I omg my heart

We were then shown a skit of ikon as horrible boyfriends which I’m pretty sure everyone has seen by now because it’s hilarious af. I especially like Dong’s bit where he’s a little momma’s boy. such a cutie.

Cue What’s Wrong and everyone switching from emo and sentimental to bat shit crazy.

Afterwards was the Encore Stages and I just died because so many moments made me want to scream and when they finally left the stage guys I just stood there in shock

I honestly couldn’t comprehend how fasten2 hours went by and how amazing every single sec of that 2 hours was to me. Despite having security breath down my neck because we weren’t allowed to record and take pictures, it was so amazing. After I left the stadium my mind was just in a blur.

And now, 10 hours later, I cannot tell you guys how many times I starting forming tears in my eyes while writing this rant/flashback.

I’m just really happy you guys. ikon is probably in my top 3 list of groups I stan and I legit bought these tickets 4 days before the actual concert day because I was so broke and I was just finding whatever savings I had to get these tickets which I’m so thankful I did because it was literally the best experience of my life.

I can’t wait to go for another concert.

Now excuse me while I suffer from pcd because it is effective immediately after the concert

         There are things in this world that he doesn’t want to lose.

     Yu is lucky enough that he’s found himself a few of those things here — Nanako, with sleepy eyes now and her hand wrapped in his. Yukiko with her reassuring smile and quiet strength like a fire that refuses to die. Shun with her energy and her cheer, so bright even now, and Daisuke with his encouraging words and his powerful aura. Still, even with so many close friends nearby, Yu feels them missing. His team and the others he left behind in Inaba last March.  

     It doesn’t take him long to find them, of course. A rainbow of TV glasses are all bunched up together, cracked here or stained there. Pink, green, yellow, blue, black … 

      A basketball, too. Stained and half deflated.

          He’s always been praised on his ability to keep his head in a tense situation, so Yu takes a moment to absorb what he’s seeing and to commit it to memory. Friends had been kidnapped before. They’d got out of it before. They could get through this. 

     A quiet glance is turned towards Yukiko — not quite a smile, but it’s meant to be reassuring, before Yu gives Nanako’s hand a little squeeze. “Are you ready to go now?” He asks her softly. “It’s already late.”

okay so i unbelievably managed to finish one of the front pieces of the coat and i guess i did that entirely today?? so i wish i could stop feeling like i did nothing just bc i did this v slowly

with any luck i’ll get the second one finished…friday some time bc tomorrow i’ll be sleeping right up until i go to work and then like an hour after i get home we’ll go to the cinema and then dinner after and then i can’t stay up too ltae bc i have to get up early friday morning for work…tho my grandparents are coming over this weekend too so that muddies things a little but

hey ho i have to get this done and my mum at least understands that i have a v tight deadline bc im a piece of shit

tho if i get the 2nd front panel done, i can then sew them all together and i have the functioning-if-unfinished coat point i wanted to get to to start the bolero embroidery and that doesnt need my sewing machine so…………..fingers crossed idk


It had been five weeks since he’d left Kensi and the team and gone undercover. He’d been Max Gentry for such a long time. Done things that he would never forgive himself for in the name of saving lives. The faces of the children he had been forced to keep locked in hell in order to get everyone involved had haunted him all the way home.

Even the thought of seeing Kensi did little to soothe him. She didn’t know much about Max Gentry except the small instant she’d seen him in action. And this was the aftermath. When he was both Max and Marty fighting for control.

Kens? I’m home.” He called through the hall as he slowly shut the door. The leather jacket of Max Gentry still clung to his form and it clung to his soul.

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aa hello! its karma again and i resent my request since i asked when requests were open, did you get the new one? I just wanted to double check, i hope im not bothering you!! on another note though thank you for doing what you are for the community!!

Yeah I got the new one and it’s on the list of Things I Have To Do, idk when it’ll get done (probably tonight I am so sorry I have been v slow on everything this time around)

that said you’re welcome!! Always glad to do these things even if it takes a while.

For when we finally get to see the Idris in detail (request/suggestion)

I think its likely that the Idris will be one of the iconic ships of the game (and it doesn’t help that i was crazy enough to get my hands on one.. so i am biased), so i am hoping that when we finally get to see it up close and in detail, something alittle bit special can be done.Remember the first star trek movie? the 1979 one? yeah, its pretty bad, but it did do one thing very well, and that is two amazing “starship porn” sequences:when they first “reveal” the refit enterprise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b52b4yORX6Uand when they leave the drydock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p1hxvPOIhEThose sequences were, to me, epic, and a kind of love letter to the ship itself. And i for one, would love to see the Idris be revealed this way, not with some flashy space battle, or advertisement video, but with something epic. via /r/starcitizen


          “ – Yeah, well, maybe that’s true for you, but, optimism hasn’t ever done me any favors.” 

          Looking at the bright side of things had never been a happy adventure. It was always something like, “it could be worse, I could be dead.” There were a few times, early on, long before they ever touched the surface when Murphy would’ve rather been dead (and once, a little after they’d been sent down here). Though, he did manage to realize he was much too stubborn to just lay down and die when things got hard. He’d fight, withe every last breath he had. John Murphy would survive.

          “I think it’s a load of bullshit, the silver lining thing. Rain is rain, you either get through it or you don’t. You don’t stop to look for the bright side of the cloud.”