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Ok so I don’t know why I haven’t submitted this before now. It happened months ago when I worked at the Club of Sam’s. It’s probably my favorite customer interaction ever. On the day this happened, it was an unusually slow Saturday so one of my coworkers was putting this lady’s items back in her cart as I scanned them. My coworker was telling me about a dream she had. I don’t remember exactly what she told me, but it was something along the lines that she dreamed she had gotten back together with another coworker she had been dating, even though she was technically still married (domestic violence situation. Not my place to elaborate). Anyways, this lady had been listening, and leaned over the register as she was leaving. This middle aged lady, probably in her late 50s/early 60s, told my coworker not to worry because she was having an affair with her neighbor and had sex on the lady’s kitchen floor, and it would all work out. At this point, both of our jaws were on the floor, but we were also trying not to die laughing. Like damn lady, you do you and get some!

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My longest Yeah Boiiiiii ever

Let me just start this by extending a big ol’ thanks to all of you for the continued support over the past 2 and a half years, some of the best friends I’ve ever met were through the JoJo community. I know this is all cliche, but I’d be lying if I said that this stupid meme of a blog hadn’t helped me through a lot of rough times and I don’t know where I’d be without all of you.

Ok enough cheese, let’s get on with the art junk!

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All Evidence That Could Possibly Indicate Trans Girl Marco #43

*Marco appears sad right before saying that Princess Turdina is gone for good - Season 3, episode 9*
Relevance Level: ??? Maybe a 9???
Explanation: OK guys, I don’t know what to make of this, I’d just like to remind you that every moment in a cartoon is deliberate. When I noticed how sad Marco looked before speaking I had to add this in because honestly? This is what really gives me hope that this is the beginning of a proper trans marco story arc. Now one thing I want you to know is that I don’t want to get people’s hopes too far up, but I really have no idea why they would make Marco sad in these moments if they weren’t showing that Marco will miss being Turdina.

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Your posts make me really worried about you, are you ok ? I don't know much about faith/religion besides my own, but from what i understand, you have been put on this earth as you are cause you are GREAT and also to face obstacles (like a superhero :D) so please don't lose hope, you sound like a wonderful person and it would be a shame if you lost hope. Sometimes its in front of a closed door that we reveal all of our power, beauty and light. You're an amazing woman i'm sure of that <3

yea i just… get really upset everytime this comes up w my family i feel like i don’t matter. & my mom/sister make every conscious effort to tell me what im doing with my life is pointless, i need 2 get married and have kids - can’t have a career just sit at home - feels dehumanizing.

everytime this subject comes up feels like the beginning of the end. and i often wish i wasn’t me bc if i wasn’t, i could somehow accept my life amounting to nothing more than kids and a husband. it’d all end. the comments about me being worthless, me being old, me wasting my time, my dreams being stupid, me living in a fantasy. gone.

if only i was naive. if only i was the type of person who valued codependency and could make one man the center of my universe at the cost of myself. id stop feeling like i’m fighting. i could just give in. let it go

thanks for checking on me and for the kind words. i’ll be fine, i always am 💛 i appreciate you.

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tell me something you want of your chest

ok that I don’t know who I am, I feel like I’m drifting along and I feel lost like there is this whole world out there I want to experience but I don’t know who I am or anything about the world I know that’s all going to change in a couple of months but I’m still confused as hell it sounds stupid but I want to get out there meet new people, experience life and have fun but i can’t right now so I’m hoping soon I can and that all changes but I don’t want to put all my hope into that changing this if it doesn’t
(Sorry if this doesn’t make sense right now)

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My weirdest encounter with drunk people was the time when that old dude got really close to me and started telling me why he has one of those benefit cards and. I was so scared but luckily my colleague (who's about 15 years older than me) got him to leave god I'm glad

oh my god thats bad
luckily dudes have not being too weird? i mean one asked for a hug and i said no and walked back and he was like “ok”.
another (i don’t know if he was drunk) asked me why i was wearing shorts and i told him “it’s like 40 degrees (celsius) and i have to constantly move around??” and he was like “no i was just appreciating” and of course i replied “well you also are 20 years older than me so” and all his friends started screaming like i totally roasted him oops i loved that moment so much

“Just relax, girl! It’s been a week. It’s all good!”

“I know, I know. It’s just that- Argh. I can’t shake this feeling off, that something is gonna happen.”

“Worst thing is the boy is dreaming about you now. And I mean, he got super lucky.” Alya would laugh it off. “What would he do anyway? Post pics of you on tumblr and get you a fanclub or something?”

“Alya!” Now it was Marinette’s turn to laugh “You’re impossible. I don’t know, ok?? It was in the middle of a ritual, so I couldn’t pay attention to him.”

“What did Tikki said?”

“That she can’t talk about it.”

“So let it go! Now come on, I didn’t see you eat anything today.”

“aay captain.”

[What Came Later]

Bonus (thanks to @nalciel for that!):

“Alya are you growing plants on my walls again?”
“I know nothing about it.”
“Argh, fine! But you should have more plants around here you know? Embrace the green!!”

I don’t know if anyone has talked about this yet, but can we PLEASE?!

This was in the Byers household in chapter 9! God, I’m crying again. BOB!!! Awww this is so sweet, but it makes me so sad

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I always found it very hypocritical though how the boys are always like "we don't need to make music in English!!1111!! Korean is the only language we need!!1!" Yet will always bend over backwards to learn Japanese and make Japanese versions of all of their songs and do Japanese programs in Japanese and extra japan tours and stuff and kiss their butts because they are good with physical album sales (and other stuff). (1 of 2)

Anonymous said: (2 of 2) it’s like, I’m with everyone else I don’t think they need to make music in English at all, but tbh I feel extremely stabbed in the back with how they always says they won’t change to fit a foreign audience and then make special Japanese versions of everything. Like, making English music is not ok but Japanese music is fine. I don’t know if what I’m saying makes any sense to you, but it just feels like they favor their Japanese fans when they contradict themselves like this.

Anonymous said: bts makes music in japanese tho it’s not that weird of a question to ask if they’re gonna make music in English too like

I honestly don’t even know how I would begin to breakdown everything that’s wrong with this entire statement, nor do I have the mental strength to explain business economics, market failure, opportunity cost, risk management, secondary market, etc for you to understand why companies make the decisions they do

but what I can say is that if you think groups releasing a japanese version of their title track or tracks is “Japanese versions of all of their songs” and “kissing their butts” ??????????? what would you call the covers of english songs they do, or namjoon speaking in english during live broadcasts, or bts being on english shows while they are in the us????????? is that them pandering to the audience they are welcomed into? or sucking up and kissing ass? or is that people trying to communicate and take part in something foreign to them to the best of their abilities?

and the fact that you feel ‘backstabbed’ that they don’t have an immediate or any interest in making english music when you knowingly and willingly stan a group from a foreign country is absolutely beyond me…..let alone the fact that they built their fanbase from the music they have always made, music they are comfortable with, in a language they are able to 100000% freely express themselves with, that music transcends language and this is something they have always said, so why would fans want anything different? or even FEEL LIKE THEY ARE OWED english music now that a group is international…

and why you feel like it is okay to even hint at the idea that a foreign group is ‘not treating you right’ because they don’t prioritize english is beyond me. people who demand for english music are mistreating the group, the people who write in vlives ‘speak in english i dont understand’ is mistreating the group. making them feel like they aren’t doing enough or required do more because they are ‘lucky to be international now’ is mistreating the group. making them feel like any little free time they have should be dedicated to studying a new and extremely difficult language because if they don’t they are not treating their fans right, is mistreating the group.

companies already do soososoososos much to try to include global fans, more than they have ever before. just like they don’t expect you to magically learn a new language, don’t expect them to. 

and let’s leave out the fact of how different english and korean are to each other

When Alya had enough
  • Alya: …you have feelings for Marinette.
  • Adrien: I don’t know, maybe.
  • Alya: OK, what is wrong with the two of you?! Seriously. She likes you and you like her, just, just, just be together. Geez, Louise, happiness is not that difficult.

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Are you gonna draw Oka x Shin for Valentine's Day? If you are, can you make Oka very short and Shin tall (cause that's how I envision them)? Sorry if I'm wasting your time. :)


and I really don‘’t know what can do in Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gallery -Shin x Oka


pairing: peter parker x reader

word count: 1.4k

summary: you’re sick, but that doesn’t mean peter doesn’t want to see you. also: he’s a total dork who’s really in love and very much enjoys making you blush.

author’s note: i don’t know how i feel about this but it’s ok!!!!! also look at me actually posting!!!!! good job em!!!

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