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OK, so I don't know if I have depression or not. Because, honestly, I can have great days. Sometimes, great weeks! But, normally, I find myself constantly degrading myself and believing that no one cares. Even though I KNOW my friends and family care (in my head), it just doesn't feel like that, in my heart. You know what I mean? Almost like I'm trying to convince myself that nobody cares about me?? But I'm being resistant about it at the same time? Sorry, it probably doesn't make any sense!

Don’t worry, friend, you make perfect sense! I think that a lot of people who have either worked on or followed this blog can relate to what you just described.

Buckle up, kids, this got way longer than I expected it to.

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Hey~ I know you don't really do ships (in the hard way) but what are your fave relationships between got7 members? (The ones you feel are SUPER special)

Hey! Gee, I like all of their interactions. This is hard! Making decisions is hard. Dammit. Ok. Let’s do this. I can do this. (literally giving myself some pep talk to be able to do this lmao you’re mean, anon!!)


- Bambam and Yugyeom because they found themselves in the chaotic world that the entertainment market is with their similar earth placements and water moons (if Yugyeom’s Moon isn’t in Cancer I’ll be pissed tho lol) - like, they’re both so tough but still have so many feelings and it’s just so cute ok

- Jinyoung and Jaebum because they were bound to hate each other since both are so stubborn and can hold grudges for decades but still found a way of realizing how one actually needs the other, they’re very similar in their strong headed ways and can relate so much and are so caring even though they like to pretend that they’re not omg I could write an essay about JJP

- Mark and Bambam because not many people notice this but Mark can act childish and rude (as in, his kind of humor can be harsh) but turns into such a softie (can act like a hardcore hyung™) when taking care of Bambam IT’S SO CUTE OK it’s like he allows himself to relax and be the caring person that he is around him and ugh the feels

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(also their predebut photos get me everytime)

- Jaebum and Youngjae because they’re very sensitive people and rely a lot on each other because of it (like, I can totally picture them getting drunk together and getting teary eyed for no reason lol cute proud little shits)

- Jackson and Jaebum because many reasons… I’ve talked about them many times here you guys know how soft their relationship makes me lol Jaebum is the rock Jackson needs and Jackson is the soft embrace Jaebum needs and geez. Feelings.


I pretty much said all of them lmao Was about to write more but stopped because you only asked for some and. This is torture. Lemme be, ok, it’s very hard for me to choose! (I’m in a love hate relationship with you right now, anon)

Ok so i don’t Know if Klance will be canon, but I’m going need to get this out of my system regardless, because their characters are so crucial to one another. So buckle tf up i guess. (Warning: hella long)

Lance and Keith both need to mature a little. Not to completely change their personalities, but maybe so that like… Keith stops getting his ass handed to him in one (1) man showdowns against intergalactic dictators, and Lance stops picking fights with teammates and gains some true self confidence. 

The thing is that Keith and Lance can prompt each other to grow. They’re such obvious character foils. There’s the glaringly obvious binary opposites of red and blue, fire and ice, but it goes beyond colour/element symbolism. Right down to their characterizations they clash; hot headedness vs staying (somewhat) cool under pressure, mr perfect vs raging insecurity, shack-hermit vs social butterfly. Same with their backstories: orphan vs large family, desert vs sea town… I’ll try not to go on and on lol, because i definitely could

They quite literally butt heads, but they learn through their differences. Keith (unknowingly) motivated Lance to work his hardest in the Garrison, and, as like pretty much everyone has pointed out, Lance calls Keith out on his rash decisions. And of course, there’s the ever-iconic “we make a good team” to sum it all up. 

I’m just so excited to see them bettered by their differences. Especially now that Shiro’s gone, Keith’s going to be so alone and have so much responsibility to shoulder, and Lance is gonna have to confront his feelings of inferiority with Keith in the official leadership position. I hope they always tease and bicker because i love that shit, but i want to see them trust and admire one another more openly. To rely on and support each other - not just in monologues to Yuppers or on the brink of death. 

It’s just such a great writing opportunity for character development, and could fit so perfectly into show’s narrative of maturing to shoulder this immense burden of protecting the universe, of becoming not just a team but a family.  And just….fuck like it could be so good… we could have it all….. come on

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Oh no!!!! I hope for the best stay strong it will be ok!!!!! 🌸💫

Thank You! I don’t know how long this is gonna last but tomorrow is job hunting day number one for my roommate ♡ so hopefully a quick start also leads to getting a job quicker too. In the meantime I’ll just try my best to make cash off of my online jobs and commissions! ♡

Ok so I don’t know how much this will help y’all but I figure I’d try

so here’s a list of male celebrities that I know are under 5′8″ because biology is a bitch (with smol/very smol rankings)

  • Patrick Stump (of course) - 5′5″
  • Pete Wentz - 5′6″
  • Frank Iero - 5′6″ 
  • Josh Dun - not exactly sure, around 5′5″ or 5′6″??????
  • Daniel Radicliffe - 5′5″
  • Bruno Mars - 5′5″
  • Elijah Wood - 5′6″
  • Martin Freeman - 5′6″
  • Tom Cruise - 5′7″
  • Cee Lo Green - 5′6″
  • Prince - 5′2″ (very smol)
  • Josh Hutcherson - 5′7″
  • Robin Williams - 5′7″
  • Michael J. Fox - 5′4″ (smol)
  • Jack Black - 5′6″
  • Bonus: Alexander Hamilton - 5′7″ and James Madison - 5′4″ (smol)

there’s many more if you want to look, but I figured I would try to help ease some height dysphoria for my transmasc friends (or at least myself)

kim hansol (tw : attempted suicide)

hansol was talking about killing himself on his insta live and he had tears in his eyes and everything and most of the people watching couldn’t even understand and weren’t reading the comments and i don’t know if he’s ok i’m super fucking scared right now i don’t even know what to do..
i had to stop watching bc he wasn’t being careful near a road and talking about this being a “suicide broadcast” and i felt like i was going to have an anxiety attack in the fucking train…
i just wanted to post this for the people who didn’t watch it or didnt understand it.
even one of his friends left a comment on one of his pictures bc he was scared and hansol wasn’t answering the phone…
i really hope he’s ok

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Are you gonna draw Oka x Shin for Valentine's Day? If you are, can you make Oka very short and Shin tall (cause that's how I envision them)? Sorry if I'm wasting your time. :)


and I really don‘’t know what can do in Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gallery -Shin x Oka

Preference "How they react to you being clueless to their constant flirting"

(LOL FOR OUR FAV BEING 1000% DONE WITH OUR SHIT XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be shocked and baffled by you, not understanding as to how you could possibly miss any of his hints. “Are you fucking kidding me Y/N!? You really don’t think anything of what I tell you? Ok…You know what I’ll be more direct with you how’s that? Yeah, how about I want to shove my dick up your pussy because I wanna impregnate you so that you and I can be forever, like that? Is that really your kind of flirting?”

Daryl-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d complain to Rick, blaming himself for probably being too subtle despite actually being somewhat obvious to everyone else’s eyes. “She ain’t ever noticing me, man! I could compliment her all day, touch her and stuff and all I get is a weird look, like a deer in headlights or even worse an innocent “thanks”, I mean obviously from her tone i’m just another dude to her…Like what should I do?“

Rick-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d find you cute but would come with a plan to set the record straight as he wouldn’t be able to handle the idea of someone else flirting with you. "Y/N, you really can be innocent sometimes…I like that…But I need you to understand that I love you as in I want you to be mine…I can’t stand the idea of you being anyone else…”

Merle-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be oddly turned on and amused, and would work even harder to make it extremely more obvious for you, even going as far as to show it off to you. “Oh baby girl…I just love it that you play innocent with me…It really turns me on…Just look at me…Damn I just want to do dirty things to you…No not like that, like fucking your throat with my dick, that kind of stuff…”

Glenn-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d just laugh, surprising you completely and start to joke about it for a good while. “Are you serious, Y/N? Oh my god! How can you be so lost! I mean I can’t be more obvious than I am! Y/N now that I think about it it’s my fault…I didn’t see the word "oblivious” tattooed on your forehead! Man, I should’ve asked the others to tell me about it! What it’s true you are damn oblivious!“

Carl-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be confused and pull you away to have a serious talk with you. "Wait…Y/N…Do you think i’m as kind to you as I am to anyone else? No…I-I have feelings for you that’s why I worry and all…Don’t tell me you think I wink at everyone too…You do! Y/N, no! I-I do that because I want you to know i’m interested in you…I really like you Y/N, how could you not figure that out…”

The Governor-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d find you rather adorable but wouldn’t be able to keep his intentions hidden anymore as he’d show up to you with some flowers. “You know you’re a real cutie being clueless from all my advances…Yes, i’m serious Y/N, i’ve been flirting with you for a long time and honestly I don’t know how you didn’t see it…But whatever…From now i’ll be straightforward with you…Y/N would you like to go out with me?”

Abraham-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d confront you about it and ask if you were being serious. “Y/N we need to talk, come here…Are you full on serious? I said you looked hot in that outfit and your immediate response was "Don’t worry I’ll go get some water and cool down!” You gotta be kidding me! I was clearly complimenting you! Why on earth would I say that for you to go get a drink?!“

Eugene-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be at a loss and think of himself as unworthy of you, thinking you weren’t interested in him, only for Rosita and Abraham to cheer him back up. "I-I really tried my best for Y/N…I said her hair looked cool everyday…I said she was hot…dope…Everything but it didn’t work out…She isn’t interested obviously…What? I can say better things? I guess…”

Ron-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d get frustrated and it would start to show the more he hangs out with you. “No i’m no pissed…It’s just this that’s stupid!…Ok fine! I’m sick and tired of us…Damn it Y/N what don’t you get? I’m serious…I-I’ve been flirting with you for so long! Did you never consider it once? I mean I can’t be more obvious than anything that i’ve done or said to you.”

Jesus-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be surprised and wouldn’t be able to hide his shock from what your friend was telling him. "What? Y/N doesn’t…doesn’t notices my flirting…You’re kidding right? I-I can’t be more obvious than I already am…How can-…Is there really such thing as someone that clueless? Or wait…You’re just playing a prank on me right, like that’s impossible!”

Dwight-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d resolve himself to making you a grand gesture to confess his feelings for you straightforwardly. “Hey Y/N!…So I figured out that you’ve been oblivious to my feelings or maybe it was me sending you mixed messages…Either way…I found a better way to clearly say what I mean…Here…Yup I carved that myself…I-I like you…More than just a friend!”

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Ok girls. Listen up….

I don’t know why you care how much your POT is worth, how much does he make, or what his occupation is. You need to be concentrating on HOW MUCH HE SPENDS ON YOU/HOW MUCH ALLOWANCE HES GIVING YOU.

I dated a billionaire and all he did was buy me food and waste my time. Don’t get stuck in this. Spenders will spend! They won’t “wait” to buy you stuff. Those guys are LIARS! Guys are either generous or not.

I also dated a guy that made $150k but gave me $5k a month. He doesn’t have a fancy job. He actually drives a Honda Civic!

I seriously am so annoyed with these guys in Ferraris and they get mad when you ask for gifts. “WHAT KIND OF GIRL DID YOU THINK YOU WOULD ATTRACT WITH THIS CAR YOU IDIOT!!!”

Then there’s guys like my bf… he has a lot of nice cars, $3M in watches and he loves to spoil his women. He’s a unicorn I get it but there’s more out there! Keep looking. I promise you he’s not the only one.

So stop wasting your time and only concentrate on guys that spend money on you!! Make them spend lots of money on you every time you go out so he’s invested in you. My nail lady told me my bf will never leave me because he’s already spend so much money on me he’s invested in me.

I once had this guy buy me 2 ugly ass dresses that I knew were marked too high. I had him buy it so he gets used to spending money on me. He knows if he wants to see me he better bring his wallet. We ate $500 meals every night and Uber Lux everywhere. He spend over $2000 a day on me, every date and treated all my friends too.

Wake up girls. If you have a guy that’s asking you for nudes and not giving you money you need to drop his ass. You’re just fucking an old dude… he ain’t no sugar daddy.

Things Ravenclaws Say #37
  • Ravenclaw: I think you'll look fine
  • Trans woman in the dressing room: I don't know, it might look wrong
  • Ravenclaw: Step out, come on
  • Trans Woman: Ok
  • Trans woman: *wearing a dress* I don't know...
  • Ravenclaw: Girl! You look stunning
  • Ravenclaw: And way more comfortable in your own skin
  • Ravenclaw: You should have told me sooner
  • Ravenclaw: I have a ton of dresses for you to wear!
His Winter Comrade [BuckyxReader]

Summary: What happens when a veteran loses his service dog in the woods?

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Angst? Language, probably (definitely), talk of PTSD, panic attacks, combat triggers, the loss of loved ones is mentioned.

Word Count: 2.055

A/N: Ok. I don’t know what’s going on that my writing feels so laboured lately. Oh wait. That’s a lie. It’s the constant barrage of “are you ready for Father’s Day? Stressed about what to get dad?” No, no I’m not. My dad’s fucking dead, so let’s forget this day exists, yeah? He hated it anyway.

Anyway. I’m a moody, angsty bitch, and likely will be until after Father’s Day. Maybe you can look forward to better writing then? Until then, though, this is the best you’re gonna get.

This one is for Kait’s (@bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Writing Challenge. It was gonna be fluff, but instead it’s…whatever this is. I’m sorry. I really feel like I’m letting everyone down.

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Shit! Shitshitshitshit, shit! Jesus fuck, Zima, how many times have we walked this trail, you little fuck? Dozens! Hundreds! Why the fuck did you take off this time you dumb, fucking mutt? Where are you? Shit, shitshitshitshit, shiiiiiit.

Bucky couldn’t believe his black retriever just took off like that. The dog always strolled along right beside him. Always. Yet here Bucky was, carefully picking his way down a long-abandoned path he last saw his dog dart down. Every so often, Bucky would call out for Zima, his exquisitely trained, unbelievably obedient dog, hoping he’d see the beast bounding toward him. But he didn’t. The longer Bucky went without seeing Zima, the more Bucky began to worry that he had well and truly lost his dog.

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Lena calls Kara for some help

Kara, Alex and Maggie are at Alex’s place for an evening of tacos and binge-watching the new season of House of Cards on Netflix. Kara’s phone rang and she checks the caller i.d.

K: *standing up* it’s Lena. Don’t pause the show, I’ll be right back.
K: *stepping into the bathroom, shutting the door* Hey
A&M: *can kinda hear Kara, but it doesn’t bother them*
K: Oh damn…yeah…
K: can’t you call…
K: Have you tried watching videos?
K: of course I will help you. I was just wondering…
K: no, I can’t come right now, I’m at my sister’s place.
K: no its fine. I’ll walk you through this. Just do everything I say. OK?
K: I know you don’t take orders, but if you want me to help then you need to listen. First, fold a towel and get on your knees.
K: the towel is so you don’t hurt your knees, Lena. OK, now slide it in, but go slow at first.
A&M: *glance at each other*
K: ok good, now turn the end of it. How you doing? Is it tight?
K: slide it out…now back in. Again. Again.
A&M: *look at each other, eyes wide, both scramble up off the couch to listen at the door*
K: how’s it feel?
K: how wet are you now?
A: *snorts*
K: I know you would rather I was doing it, but can’t. OK, pull it out and slide it back in again, deeper. Again. Again. Faster.
K: That’s it. Good girl.
A&M *staring at each other, mouthing things like OH MY GOD and HOLY SHIT*
K: I know…I heard. You did such a good job! See? I knew you could take orders.
K: Ok. Now take a hot shower. I’ll see you tomorrow.
K: *opens bathroom door and jumps at Maggie and Alex standing there* fuckwhatareyouguysdoingthere?!?!
A&M: *simultaneously* What the fuck was that?
K:*confused* what? Lena needed me, but we are having a night in, so I helped her out over the phone.
A:*shocked* since when are you and Lena…so close?
M:(arms crossed, grinning) go little Danvers!
K:*looking between Alex and Maggie* what is wrong with you guys? We’re friends. Why are you acting so surprised?
A: Friends with some serious benefits!
K:(more confused) well yeah, I guess so. But she’s amazing and I’m Supergirl so yeah, there are lots benefits. We help each other from time to time
A&M: (staring)
K: What? It’s not a big deal guys.
A: yes, Kara. It is a big deal.
K: I was just helping her snake her drain.
A: Kara! Are you serious?
K: yes! what the hell is wrong with you guys?!
A: just call it sex like normal people!
K: (realization dawning) Her tub was clogged…as in the water wouldn’t drain…the plumber couldn’t come out until tomorrow…so I walked her through using the snake so unclog it.


Some people brought a pair of the bear underwear like the ones Jensen showed Misha at JIBCON. He signed the underwear and was like “Hah, Have you tried them?! Rawr” and continued to undo his pants and pulled out the waist band+a little under it out to show the two ppl and us his underwear, revealing the ‘Ethika’ waistband to us. BLESSED OK. I DON’T KNOW WHO THE PEOPLE WORE BUT I LOVE THEM AND IF YOU BOTH COME ACROSS THIS.

Update-found out who the two people were, check my later posts for more.