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I'm crying so hard right now I e been crying everyday lately but fight it I don't want to fight it I'm stuck in a place I don't want be. I don't want to take another breath I don't want to live to tomorrow I hate this so much an I just want to die and not kill myself I don't want to hurt anyone please just let me die.

If you die today, who’s going to live for you tomorrow? If you ceased to be, I promise somewhere you will exist within someone else. Someone will miss you just as much as you miss them. Until the bitter end of knowing somewhere, to some hands, we were good enough.

Lost in my head//Joker

Request: Love your stuff! Could you maybe do and imagine like where your kinda scared of the joker and he kinda confronts you in a bathtub and your really innocent… Make it very fluffy and no smut.. (maybe a little) i hope you understand what i am trying to say hahah love you loads and thank you so much P.s Innocent in a way you haven’t touched a man before and is still a virgin - Anon

Warnings: A little of what you could call smut at the end

Being in a relationship with the joker had its own flaws. He was a psychopath but it wouldn’t bother me that much. He had always told me that he would never hurt me which I believed a little. When he’s mad he gets really mad Sometimes I just feel like one day he might get carried away and take his anger out on me but I always put it in the back of my mind. I try not to let it show in front of him because I don’t really know how he would react. Sometimes I even get frighten when I’m around him when I don’t even mean to. “Uh I’m just gonna try to relax” I told my self. I decided to run a bath and just relax well try to at least. Joker was somewhere in the house busy so I had time. After I got in I tried my best to keep my thoughts at the back of my head but failed “ why am I so afraid of him? I love him but does he feel the same about me?” I told myself “of course I do” a voice said. I turned around and saw who it was it was him “ how long have you been standing their” I ask him frightened. “Long enough” my back was facing the door and I didn’t hear him come in. “ You don’t have to be afraid of me” he started walking closer to me. I was still in the tub and since he was coming closer I started to grab the towel but then he grabbed the towel out of my hand and threw it on the ground. “What are you —” “trust me” he then put his hands around my neck but hanging loosely and started kissing my neck slowly “I can’t do this” I told him “don’t worry” he said

 Sorry that its so short. If you want a imagine/one shot you can request me for one and i will make it :)

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I don't understand what you mean by "scaling way back for financial reasons" haven't you always accepted that dance is a small fortune and just bit the bullet and paid it? What made u decide against that theory? still a ton of dancing, just very little in comparison!

I’m not really sure how to to take this question because it feels like a bit of an attack. I haven’t “always accepted that dance is a small fortune and just bit the bullet and paid it” and I don’t know how you can assume that’s how anyone feels about something. If I said that somewhere, where you can show me that was my “theory” then please send it to me because that’s never how I’ve approached it. Every year it is a struggle to decide how much or how little. It is a very conscious effort what we request each year, and every year it boils down to what we THINK we can afford. You have no idea what our family and financial situation is, and things definitely don’t stay the same year by year. Don’t assume people can just “bite the bullet” and pay for things when you really have no idea what our family or other families do to stay above water. Cutting out a group, a solo and a trio can save about $5000. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a big chunk of change, and yeah, that’s scaling way back compared to what other kids in her group or her age do. You have no idea how I literally cried for hours over it. I would love to give her everything I think she needs and deserves to be the best dancer she can be, but family comes first. It is not anyone else’s job to analyze how we do things and how we chose to spend our money. You really have no idea.

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I just got your book as a graduation gift and I can't wait to read it!

It’s been three months! Have you read it yet?! I’ve been dying to know what you thought!

Seriously, though, my damn book needs 16 more Amazon reviews to get to 50, and I heard somewhere (perhaps the internet) that that’s good for something. I don’t care what the reviews are, they just need to be there. More reviews like “was really good but im taking off one star cuz i went through a bad breakup while reading it and now i think of that when i see it”.

In fact, while I’m asking for ridiculous things, I want more Team Mystic people living near me! Like seriously, what is it with Team Instinct around here?! They’re supposed to be a joke! A phantom! Something that doesn’t exist! How they keep taking the gym at the park near my house?! (I suspect it’s two punk kids specifically. Causing chaos, disturbing the peace, upsetting the natural order of things, what, what!)

Also, there aren’t enough days left in August! Please add 40 more.


Sick (Jelena One Shot)

Sick (Jelena One Shot)

Request: One where Justin is sick and Selena takes care of him

This is set somewhere in 2012 I guess.

Justin’s POV

“Justin stop playing. I know you’re not sick.” Scooter glared at me.

“But I am. Look I just threw up.” I gestured to the toilet bowl that was filled with random substances to look like puke.

He continued to glare at me.

“Okay fine, I’m not sick but I really don’t want to do that interview tomorrow. You know how much I hate that stupid magazine.”

“I know but unfortunately for you, this comes with the job so you have no choice.”

“But Scoot-” I whined.

“You’re doing the interview Justin. End of discussion.” He spoke with his manager voice and I sighed in defeat.

“Now go to bed, I can’t have you tired tomorrow.”

“Alright. Night Scooter.”

“Night kid.”





“Hey Sel, I’m gonna have to call you back later.” I told Selena, cutting off whatever she was saying.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah.” I lied feeling my stomach cramp up. “I gotta go. I’ll call you back.” I promised ending the call.
I threw my phone onto my bed and rushed to the bathroom so I could empty my insides.

Once I was finished I fell back onto the ground with a groan.

Touring was great but the problem with sharing buses is that when one person got sick, so did everyone else.

Alfredo had gotten sick first, then Allison, then Scooter, then me.

Alfredo had gotten over it fairly fast and so did Allison and Scooter so I only hoped I would too.

I didn’t want Selena to know I was sick because then she’d want to fly out here to take care of me and as much as I wanted that, I wanted her to have some fun.

I mean she only had a short break from her tour before she was back at it again.

“Yes. Okay. I’ll tell him.” Alfredo’s voice sounded as he got closer.

“Hey JB, your girl said to tell you she’s coming to join you for the - are you okay?” He stopped abruptly when he saw me.

I grunted in response. “Wait, what do you mean Selena’s coming?”

“Oh right she’s on her way, she was only like a state over. She’s staying until she has to go back.”

I groaned again. “Come on bro, let’s get you to bed. You don’t look too good.”

He moved forward to help me but before he could I was throwing up again.

Once I was finished he helped me move to my bed.

I sighed in relief once my roasting body made contact with the cool sheets.

“I’m just going to put this here in case.” He told me placing a bucket next to the bed.

“Thanks.” I murmured closing my eyes.

He said something about him leaving for a photoshoot or something like that but I didn’t hear much since I passed out.

I woke up when I heard the door of my bus opening a little loudly.

Selena’s POV

“Holy shit Jay, I didn’t know half your crew were sick!” I giggled shutting the door behind me.

“Wait are you sick too?” I asked abruptly as my eyes landed on a pale Justin cocooned under a blanket.


“You were saying?” I cocked a brow at him as I sat on the bed.

“Fine.” He gave in, his voice sounding congested.

I placed my hand on his sweaty forehead as I studied him. He was pale but his nose was red while his eyes were glazed over and puffy. Poor baby.

“At least you don’t have a fever.”

“You shouldn’t be here.” He sniffled, punctuating his sentence with a series of coughs.

“Why not?” I questioned as I ran my hand through his golden locks.

He sighed in content and his eyes fluttered shut.

“You’re going to get sick. Eberyone is. It’s like the contagion in here.” He said, his words coming out weird because of his stuffed nose.

“No I’m not. I’ll be fine. We Texans aren’t weak.” I teased and he cracked a small smile.

“Selena.” He whined.

“Nothing you say is going to make me leave.” I said in a sing song voice as I located the box of  tissues.

I grabbed it and plucked one out then placed it over his nose.

“Now blow.”

“Doe.” He argued.


He shook his head and I rolled my eyes.

“Justin just blow your damn nose already.”

He shook his head again and his nose started twitching which meant he wanted to sneeze again.

“Justin Drew Bieber do not make you force you.” I threatened and he sighed.

Relunctantly, he blow his nose into the tissue.

When he was finished I tossed it into the trashcan.

“See that wasn’t so bad was it?” I smiled.

“You’re going to get sick.” He warned again but this time his words came out clearly even though he still sounded congested.

“Am not.” I said.

“Are- ESHSHOO! ESHSHOO! ESH! ESH! ESH!” His body shook as he sneezed.

He sat up and began coughing violently.

I rubbes circles on his back, getting worried as his face turned red.

Thankfully he calmed down a few seconds later and sank back into the covers.

He pulled the blanket up and tucked it under his chin but it did nothing for his shivering body.

I pulled up one side and got under the cover with him.

He turned his back to me and allowed me to spoon him as he fell back asleep.





“Justin get up. You have an interview in half hour. We need to leave in the next ten minutes.”

“I can’t. I don’t feel good.” Justin groaned from under the covers.

“Justin I don’t have time for your games again. Get up and get dressed. I’ll be waiting outside.” Scooter commanded.

“But Scoot, Justin really isn’t feeling too well.” I spoke up.

“Of course you’re on his side. Ten minutes or I’m dragging your ass there dressed like that.” He ordered then left the room.

“Why doesn’t he believe you?” I asked Justin in complete bewilderment.

“Last night I pretended to be sick to get out of an interbiew.” He admitted.


He heaved himself off the bed and shakily stood up.

“Sit down. I’ll get your clothes.” I told him, pulling him back onto the bed.

“Thangs.” He sniffled wetly then grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

I walked over to his suitcase and pulled out a pair of black jeans and a matching hoodie. I grabbed a black beanie with a white diamond image and his supras.

I walked back over to him and slid the sweatshirt over the t-shirt he was wearing then pulled off his sweats, replacing them with the jeans.

I wiped his forehead free of the slight sheen of sweat that was gathered there then placed his beanie on his head.

His temperature had gone up a little but I was relieved it wasn’t hot.

He slipped his feet into his shoes while I redid my ponytail then he closed his eyes as he waited for me.

I walked over to him and used a tissue to wipe under his running nose, watching as his eyes flew opened at the touch and he sniffed. I discarded the tissues then reached for his hand but he pulled it back.

He quickly grabbed another tissue and brought it to his nose.

“ESHSHOO! ESH! ESH! ESHSHOO!” He sniffled when he was done and threw the used tissue into the trash.

“Come on, let’s go.” He nodded tiredly and grabbed onto my hand, staggering as I lead him into the awaiting car.

Justin clambered into the backseat and I followed suit.

“Right on time.” Scooter said from the passenger seat as I shut the door.

Justin stayed quiet instead choosing to lean his head on my shoulder and try to sleep some more.

We got to the place almost twenty minutes later and everyone filed out.

“Jay, baby wake up.” I gently shook my shoulder.

“Fibe more minutes.” He rasped.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. You have to get up now and do an interview or Scooter will kill us both.” I told him sympathetically.

He heaved a breath and raised his head from my shoulder allowing me to slip out of the car.

I took his hand and helped him out as we walked slowly behind the rest.

“Mr. Bieber welcome. Jenine is ready for you.” He gestured towards the couch where a woman was seated with a pen and paper, a few cameras around them.

“Good luck baby. I’ll be right here if you need me okay?” I leaned up and pressed a kiss to his warm cheek.

He squeezed my hand and walked over to the couch, sitting himself as far away from her a possible.

“Welcome Justin, it’s a pleasure to have the world’s biggest popstar in our magazine.”

He gave a fake smile.

“It’s a pleasure to be in your magazine.”

“So as of right now you’re on a world tour, is that correct?”

“Yes.” He nodded, twitching his nose.

“How is it? The tour life?”

“Well it’s gre- ESHSHOO!” He sneezed into his elbow then smiled apologetically at the interviewer who was trying to hide her disgust.

“Sorry about that. I’m a little under the weather today.” He sniffled.

“Shit.” Scooter swore and I turned to him.

“He really wasn’t lying about being sick?”

I shook my head and he sighed knowing exactly how miserable Justin must be feeling right now.

I turned back to the interview.

“Well since you aren’t feeling well and this is a magazine interview maybe we can reschedule?” She offered.

“That’d be great yeah.” He agreed.

“Okay good. We’ll arrange it with your manager.” She flashed him a smile and hurriedly got up and left the room.

I immediately headed over to Justin who was now holding his head in his hands.

“Baby?” I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and he buried his head in my stomach.

“Eberything’s spinning and I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

My eyes darted to Scooter who hastily grabbed a trashcan that said ‘paper only’ and tipped it over, discarding the waste onto the floor.

He handed it to me and I placed it under Justin’s chin.

His hands grabbed it tightly and I rubbed his back as he began retching.

Scooter walked off somewhere but I really didn’t pay attention to him.

“Are you finished?” I asked once his body stopped convulsing.

He nodded and I took the trashcan from him, placing it onto the floor.

Scooter returned with a pack of napkins.

I grabbed a few and wiped Justin’s mouth clean then used another to wipe his nose and another to wipe the sweat off his forehead while he leaned against me for support.

“Let’s go baby.” I told him but got no response.

I looked down to see him with his eyes closed. I touched his forehead and frowned when I realized his fever had skyrocketed since he was now burning up.

“Maybe we should get him to a doctor?”

Scooter shook his head.

“He has the flu. It’s been going around the crew.”

I nodded in understanding then gently shook him awake.

“Come on sweetheart, you can sleep in the car.”

He nodded and I led him through the hallway of the building to the car that was parked outside.

We settled ourselves in the backseat and he turned away from me as coughs racked his body.

Once he was finished I pulled his trembling body closer to mine and he placed his head on my chest, falling back asleep.

“Do you guys mind turning up the heat a little? He’s freezing.” I asked and almost immediately a blast of hot air was felt causing his body to relax.

Justin went straight to his bed when we got back and has ben asleep since.

“When is his next concert?” I asked Scooter.

“He doesn’t have any for the next two weeks. Just interviews so I can cancel or postpone them easily.”

“Thank God. He isn’t-”

“ESHSHOO! ESHSHOO! ESHSHOO! ESH! ESH! ESHSHOO!” I was cut of by Justin’s sneezing and I went to his room to see him curled up on his bed.



“Are you feeling any better?” I asked.

“No.” He rasped as he sniffled thickly.

“Come here.” I opened my arms and he placed his head on my chest. I rubbed up and down his back, my fingers playing with the baby hairs on his neck.

“I’m going to get you sick.” He whispered.

“You’re not.”

“I am.”



“I’m serious. I don’t want to get you sick.”

“I just want to take care of you.” I sighed.

“You’re supposed to be habing fun on your break, not taking care of me.” He argued sniffling again.

“Now what kind of girlfriend would I be if I left you miserable and sick?”

“A smart one.” He mumbled but we both know he didn’t mean it.

“Just let me take care of you okay? No more arguing with me.” I pressed a kiss against his hairline.

“Fine. Thangs.” He gave in, wiggling out of my grip to turn the opposite direction to cough then he returned to his original position and proceeded to fall asleep on me.





Only cause I love @rainyjelena

on hiatus till further notice.

so I’ve decided to take a break from this website for awhile.

some of you may know I’m relocating to another side of the globe for university. Real Life is kinda overwhelming right now between preparations for uni and classes when uni starts I’m not sure I will have the time to put content out. My parents paid alot of money for my uni and I’m going to focus my best and tbh this website is the least of my concern.

another reason I decided to take a break is the tumblr culture is getting overwhelming as well. I’d go on a rant about that but I’ve decided I’m just gonna leave it be. I’d think it’ll be healthier for me if I just stay off awhile. 

I don’t have a queue set up so sorry.

I’ll still be on twitter because I’ll still need to get dc news somewhere. mutuals do let me know who you are on twitter if you still wanna keep in touch. 


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Alli looked damn near to tears, before she darted out the door, eyes suddenly flashing. Will shook his head, doing a quick check on Nico before pressing his hands on Carters chest. A golden light filled the room, and seemed to seep into Carters form. It wasn't enough to exactly heal him, but the shadows would be held a bay. Alli appeared next to Will, a something clenched in her fist. "Here, it's from the Norwegian gods," she gasped, "I don't know if it'll work."

Will slumped against the wall, trying to keep himself steady. “My healing powers take a lot out of me. Especially when dealing with underworld magic. I can’t just make the darkness disappear, it has to go somewhere. What is that? What’s in it?” He pointed his chin towards the ting in Alli’s hands, sliding down the wall.

i really really try to keep an open mind even if someone is being offensive. i don’t take their shit of course, but i always try to understand why they think that way because i just.. am that kind of person and i want to get different opinions and sides of the story even if they don’t make sense to me. and I guess if i was an entitled prick from reddit i’d be like ‘OOOH im so triggered everything is offesive kek!’ but like… you have to draw the line somewhere… you have to realize all these people are upset for a reason and if you were in their shoes you would be pretty upset too? i admit some do take it too far but people always will, you know? there’s always going to be extremes

but anti-sjw and reddit/4chan, as far as a general group go, always seem to have lower morals and support terrible, BLATANTLY racist, sexist, transphobic, ect. stuff… like not even people getting offended over undertones. you have to open your eyes at some point, honestly. i don’t believe in death threats or doxxing (unless they’re dangerous ppl lik racists and pe/dophiles) and callouts have gotten kind of.. mundane. but like.. these people generally tend to want excuses to be terrible to others?? is honestly what it seems like and they just go ‘kek triggered?’ when someone get genuinely upset at well, offensive opinions. go figure.

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Two questions, the first one is do you have books to recommend about becoming more positive or more conscious? The second one is, can you example the signs and house thing in your last ask?

There’s plenty of books you can find on being positive just go to the self-help or spiritual section. Depending on your level of consciousness and spiritual understanding certain books would be better for you. I would recommend You can heal your life by Louise Hay to people who don’t feel they are as developed in the realm of the spirit and want somewhere to start. However you need to take your own level of development into mind, for example someone recommended a book and I’m usually a “know it all”, meaning the first to develop or reach a higher level of understanding, so I wanted to prove myself wrong and I got the book they recommended, anyway I got through the 3rd chapter and I couldn’t read it anymore as it was just too ‘simple’ for my level of understanding, making me feel drained of energy just by reading. If you’re already well-learned on a subject you need to challenge yourself by always going for something beyond your current understanding.

So for simple understanding I would read: You can heal your life, Don’t let anything dull your sparkle, The Power of Now, Light is the new black, The monk who sold his Ferrari, The Four Agreements. 

If you are more well-learned on the subject so to speak, I would recommend: The Lost Teachings of Atlantis, The Kybalion, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Interior Castle by St Teresa of Avila, Dark night of the soul, She and He by Jungian Robert A Johnson, Memories Dreams and Reflections by Carl Jung, Understanding the Dark side of your Psyche, The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra. 

I have more but I’m thinking off the top of my head. 

I’m not quite sure what you mean by the second part of the question, but I have already explained the houses in another answer (you will see it if you scroll down), I’m going to assume you’re asking me to example a planetary placement in the natal chart:

Example: I have Moon in Gemini in the 8th house. Moon is your instinctual nature, your emotional needs, what you need to feel secure and structured. So with Moon in Gemini, I need (Gemini, Air) communication, intellectual stimulation, things to explore via curiosity, etc, so reading a book daily would meet some of these needs, it satisfies my curiosity giving me something new to learn everyday, I got to explore a whole new world, etc. You can see this much easier in children as they are their moon sign for their majority of years. I as a child always read, I had a box full of books (I still have them), I had every Disney book, I use to get so excited when my mum took me to the book store, and I would keep them in good condition so they’d never get ruined. So that’s a typical Moon in Gemini, they’re are also very humorous and social by nature, Jennifer Lawrence has Moon in Gemini, not taking life so seriously provides us emotional security, we don’t do well around serious people/situations. So you then apply those characters to the house position, the sign is what you are (moon in Gemini) and the house is where it manifests. 

The 8th house is the underworld (if you don’t know what the underworld is you can just google it) it’s ruled by Scorpio who is ruled by Pluto who is the God of the Underworld where souls go after death, thus this is the house of Death and Rebirth. It’s important to remember that Pluto isn’t death itself that’s Thanatos. Underworld is a metaphor for the unconscious, it is under the Earth, in the darkness, it is everything unseen. People with Moon in the 8th house tend to have spiritual/psychic abilities as well as healing abilities, Sigmund Freud, Nostradamus, Doreen Virtue,  Vladimir Putin, Osho,  Pope John Paul II, all have moon in the 8th house. Bobby Brown also has moon in the 8th house and I watched an interview were he said he had sex with a spirit haha lol, I think he misunderstood his own unconscious. Alchemist warn not to take what you find in the Underworld seriously otherwise you will be subjected to Schizophrenia (which is when someone get’s trapped in their own unconscious). Moon in 8th house has no choice but to walk the path of ‘The Great Work’ as the Alchemists call it in reference to -  Jesus said: “Let him who seeks, continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled,
he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All." The Gospel of Thomas, verse 2. Click Here and Clickhere. So there is a need to explore the realm of the unconscious, to understand the psychological structures of the psyche, I need deep emotional communication etc. 

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Papa Corrin's Socially-Inept Parenting Advice Time! — "What to do to get the attention of someone you like" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

To Shigure or to Kana?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

To Shigure: “Just come out and say it! I know it’s scary, son, but nothing will happen if you don’t make it happen! You don’t want to end up like those girls in all those books, pining over the protagonist while he marries someone else, do you? Seize the day! But make sure to make it sweet and/or romantic–you’ve got the best of me and your mom, so take her somewhere nice, serenade her, and then spill your heart out. Spill your heart out for the world to hear! And always make sure she’s not bathing or something before you talk to her, it worked out for me but most women probably won’t appreciate that.”

To Kana: “You’re not allowed to get anyone’s attention until you’re thirty.”

ging-snapped replied to your post “When men who run their own personal porn blog go out of the way to…”

Okay what the actual fuck?! that’s not okay!

It’s like ‘yup…I know you don’t just like my dress. If I respond I know exactly where this is going because I’m a woman on the internet and I can’t even take a few pictures to appreciate myself without some horny asshole trying to trick me into a horrible conversation’ Also had someone ask me about my feet and pretty sure that was going somewhere very fetishy. It’s horrific and so wrong but unfortunately that’s the state of certain men who run porn blogs on tumblr. 


Here’s just a brief summary of what happened if you’re interested in knowing in advance. Note that i summarized it from the CHINESE translations, so if there’s any discrepancies here, don’t take up issue with me. I don’t mind if you post my summaries elsewhere, but please credit me for it, that’s all i ask. I have also done all the previous untranslated chapters, you can find it somewhere on my tumblr, or just message me. 

Chapter 189:

Holy shit well basically Akaya and Atsukyo are absolutely trouncing their opponents 4-0, somehow they have amazing team work—as acknowledged by their teammates. They’re both like: “Kill ‘em!” Chest bumps and all, no joke.

However, this lasts all of 8 pages or so, and they’re once again going at each other—Akaya eats another [Electric Chair] and can’t get up for a while. Opponents wipe off the blood that was on themselves—seems it was all a trick, kinda like how Niou plays.

Opponents unleash their own execution techniques, gets Atsukyo on the knee, and suddenly the tables are turning.

Chapter end.

Chapter 190:

Atsukyo 1vs2 for a while, gets bloodied up real bad.

All of a sudden it’s 4-4, Greece has caught up.

But this guy just keeps getting back up.

And suddenly, Atsukyo seems to collapse, and only just send the ball back over the net in a lob, but the ball hits the back of the neck of one of the opponent players and the opponent freezes, unable to move completely. His partner frets over him, and Atsukyo says: “It’s your turn next!” He’s still covered in blood on the ground btw.

Chapter 191:

Atsukyo reaches his limit finally and collapses just as the other opponent (who can still move) falls on the ground thinking he’s about to be hit with the same attack that paralysed his partner—the ball just bounces off him instead.

Ofc, Atsukyo doesn’t just leave it at that as it turns into 1v1 between Akaya and the remaining player: “It’s finally your turn, seaweed haired brat.”

Enter devil mode Akaya: “WHO’D YOU SAY IS A SEAWEED-HAIRED BRAT?!”

Japan wins 6-4.

Japan teammates speculate that Atsukyo hit Akaya with the execution technique so that he would stay down and avoid being hit by the opponents.

Singles 3 will now begin—Shiraishi  takes to the court!

My cat was to the vet (because her teeth were bad and they needed to be looked at) and now she’s home and she is sooo high.
It’s hilarious.
She’s just walking around staring at everything. The floor is fascinating. Sometimes she just flops down.
When you go to pet her she misjudges the distance of your hands and tries to headbutt the air.
It takes her 10 minutes to decide what she wants to do (for example if she actually wants to sit up or go somewhere)
Mostly she’s just sitting and staring at me with very big pupils and I don’t know what she wants exactly but she’s purring so I guess it’s fine.

Ever since that kitten came to my door, feed him, gave him some water. I actually wanted to take him in cause he was really skinny and homeless. Knowing my mom’s and the rest of my family they are allergic to cats. So I had to guide him somewhere else and took him to the cat lady down the street since she’s loves cats and had 13 of em. But the kitten still followed me and my neighbors scared it of while it stared at my house. I felt really bad because it just wants a home and I can’t provide it…

Ever since that encounter, I don’t know I feel weird and sad cause I miss him a bit? Maybe because I had to put down my dog a couple of months ago and it’s a buddy I quickly got attached too in the matter of seconds. Sigh. Well that was all… Be safe out there little kitten. The world isn’t as friendly as you may think…

  • Me to everyone else:Get your shit together. Get it all together and put it in a backpack. All your shit. So it's together. And if you gotta take it somewhere? Take it somewhere! Ya know? Take it to the shit store and sell it, or put it in a shit museum. I don't care what you do. You just gotta get it together. Get your shit together.
  • Also me:Has exactly 0% of my shit together.

the prompts i’m getting lately are all starting to say “i don’t know if you’re still accepting prompts” so here’s the obligatory psa:

yes! i am always accepting prompts, and if i ever stop (though i can’t imagine why), i’ll announce it here and in the authors notes/summary of aldnt. right now, i usually have somewhere between one and three chapters planned in advance, so it can take me quite a while to actually write new prompts when i get them, but please don’t let that keep you from sending them! even if it’s just a tiny detail and not a full story, i love hearing your ideas, and you guys keep sending me such great things that i’d never considered before! 💜💜💜

I just want to write about a problem that I have, that I have had all my life, and that I have not really expressed in full detail to anybody before. I have a real problem with navigating my way around places…even places I have been to many times before, places in my hometown. It’s deeply embarrassing.

I find that I have to go somewhere by myself many times before I can really understand the spatial makeup of a place. I have to actively use my mind to navigate somewhere if I want to really know where everything is. If I just go somewhere with somebody else—walking together, or if someone is giving me a ride in their car, or if I’m taking the bus—then I don’t learn where things are or how to get to places. I have never understood how it is that the people I grew up with have no problem with knowing where everything is and how to get there exactly, which roads to take, what comes before and after what. In places I have rarely been to on my own, or new places especially, I have to concentrate intensely on the locations of everything to make sure I’m headed in the right direction, and even sometimes then I get lost.

One time my friend and I agreed to meet up for dinner in town, and the bus dropped me off at a stop which I knew wasn’t too far away from the restaurant we were going to. I just had no idea how to get there or exactly where it was, even though I’d been there plenty of times before. I walked around for maybe an hour going over the same places again and again, when finally I stumbled across my friend who had gone looking for me. I was trying to hide the fact that I had just had a panic attack and was in tears moments before. Or when I visited Jacob last year and it took me a while to feel like I could find my way to his block from the place I was renting; he had to walk me there so many times. Or when people at the inn where I work ask me for directions to places and I have to think really hard about it, sometimes glossing over important steps, and sometimes I just have to look it up for them because I really have no idea.

One of the reasons I’ve been scared to start driving is that people will expect me to know where I’m going and I’ll have no idea until I’ve taken a specific journey many, many times on my own with no help.

It’s something I’ve always been ashamed about (it makes me feel just plain stupid), and I have never met anybody who’s openly expressed that they have this problem too. I feel quite alone sometimes.

anonymous asked:

hi! sorry for bothering you but i was just wondering... if I'm a girl who identifies as bi but would never date or marry a boy and only likes ones unattainable (fictions, celebs) can i use the word "gay" to describe myself ?? also, what about 'sapphic' (im p certain i read somewhere that sapphic can be any wow but i want to be sure) ? i wouldn't want to use anything that others wouldn't want me too. i know you don't speak for a whole community but i do think u are trustworthy.

Well you can for sure say you’re sapphic!! All it takes to be sapphic is love women!! As for calling yourself gay, I think you could say “I’m so gay” about a crush or celeb or something, but not to use it as an identifier. Although it does seem like you could be a lesbian bc it seems like compulsory heterosexuality is affecting you. But you should ID as whatever you feel comfortable with! -Mod S

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LAST MOVIE YOU SAW: Deadpool I think

LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy


LAST BOOK YOU READ: With The Old Breed (at Peleliu & Okinawa) by E. B. Sledge

LAST THING YOU ATE: Cheese Sandwich 

IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE: Somewhere in the U.S. with good company

WHERE WOULD YOU TIME TRAVEL TO: In Ancient Rome and be a Patrician or something. I’d drink wine, eat good food and chill at the baths all day.

FIRST THING YOU WOULD DO IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY: There are some people I know that could use a helping hand and people I don’t know that I would like to do something nice for. After that I would just live off the money and take up hobbies that interest me.

FICTIONAL CHARACTER YOU WOULD HANG OUT WITH FOR A DAY: Torn between Andy Millman (from Extras) and Paul (from the film Paul)


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