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I just want to get out of here. I want to call you and tell you everything that’s wrong and i want you to tell me that its going to be okay. I need you to tell me its going to be okay.
The Pevensies as things I've heard in my school
  • Peter: I don't care what the stupid book says, I can and will hold my breath for twenty minutes and then go slap that publisher
  • Susan: if you didn't stop and eat a meal at your locker maybe we'd be on time for once!
  • Ed: God help you if I have to listen to you talk about Chinese toasters anymore today
  • Lucy: I don't think I'll be late *bell rings* oh well, I'm cute she'll let it slide
Falsettos (Act 1)
  • Four Jews In A Room Bitching: This WILL Get Stuck In Your Head But You'll Never Be Able To Sing It Out Loud
  • A Tight Knit Family: ~ l i n g u i n i ~
  • Love Is Blind: Her Husband Gave Her Multiple STDs I Think I'm In Love
  • Thrill of First Love: We're Old AND Horny
  • Marvin At The Psychiatrist (A Three Part Mini-Opera): 1) Just Because I Left My Wife For Him Doesn't Mean I LOVE Him Right?? 2) Please Keep It In Your Pants Mendel 3) My Son Hates Me (I Wonder Why)
  • My Father's A Homo: I Hate My Dad (Being Gay Isn't Genetic Jason)
  • Everyone Tells Jason To Go To A Psychiatrist: This Family's A Mess But We Already Knew That
  • This Had Better Come To A Stop: Marvin's A Dick But We Already Knew That
  • I'm Breaking Down: I Just Want To Have Sex Is That Too Much To Ask For
  • Please Come To Our House: What A Lovely Table (Such A Romantic Table)
  • Jason's Therapy: In Which A 10 Year Old Is More Mature Than His Psychiatrist
  • A Marriage Proposal: I Know We Barely Know Each Other But At Least I'm Not Gay?
  • A Tight Knit Family (Reprise): Is It Wrong To Marry A Patient? The Answer Is I Don't Care
  • Trina's Song: Fuck Men But Also /Fuck/ Men
  • March Of The Falsettos: You Finally Understand The Title Of The Musical (Also What The Fuck)
  • Trina's Song (Reprise): Is It Wrong To Marry My Psychiatrist? The Answer Is I Don't Care
  • The Chess Game: Toxic Masculinity: The Song
  • Making A Home: We Are A Normal And Happy Family Please Don't Look Too Closely
  • The Games I Play: Shit I Might Actually Love Him
  • Marvin Hits Trina: Actually Never Mind (Marvin Ruins Everything) (Again)
  • I Never Wanted To Love You: Love? I Don't Know Her
  • Father To Son: Thank God I'm Not Gay (It's Too Late For Marvin To Fix His Mistakes But Damn If He Doesn't Try)

latest greatest out of context quotations from my favorite professor/now advisor who taught Bible as Literature this past semester:

  • “Abraham tries to throw ‘em a bone, but no. they wanna fuck the angels” 
  • “there is something very Forest Gump-y about Jesus”
  • “I’ll drink from my own shoe. whiskey, of course. it’s not special or anything, I do it quite often.” 
  • “Samuel’s like, well! you’re going to die for this nonsense”
  • “I was going to give you a rendition of Ahab’s dying moment as originally performed by Gregory Peck, but I decided not to”
  • “basically you imagine Christ there like SHUT. UP”
  • “doves in the Bible mean dinner more than anything else”
  • “I enjoy the idea that getting fired from an elite boys school is somehow equivalent to crucifixion” 
  • “it’s almost like Marlon Brando gave birth to Tom Hanks”
  • “God’s all, Moses! Get out of that bush!” 
  • “it’s a new type of spicy mustard I enjoy. thanks, Christ!” 
  • “Mel Gibson in any movie whatsoever? CHRIST.” 
  • “if I understood how this room worked at all I would show a scene from Jonah, but” [points at oddly shaped podium] “I don’t even know what this is”
  • “eminent domain. God Needs It” 
  • “there was a certain creditor which had two debtors: the one owed five hundred pence…it’s like an LSAT question! congratulations Simon, you got into Harvard.” 
  • “how has he been brought there? car? amtrak? is he twenty minutes to two hours late? is this the beginning of Hamlet Act 5?”
  • “but he calls him son of man and is not in fact retroactively referencing Phil Collins” 
  • “I would have done it too. I have a gambling side, and I don’t care about human life.” 

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Here I come with the crack ship! And let's be honest, I don't think you a ship can get more cracked than Dark x Host. Care to prove me wrong?

@jiiiimmmm-with-dyed-hair @darkfixation @nachoblueberry
((Oh buddy I hope you saw the Menu because I’m afraid you can get more cracked than this ship.)) Enjoy~
He had been running his god damn mouth.
Dark would admit, the Host was always running his mouth, but this time it had been unbearable. Maybe it was only unbearable because all Dark could think about was doing exactly what he’d done. He’d been having a lot of thoughts like that lately.
Ever since the Host had started to come to him when Dark was having nightmares. The Host would sit with him until he felt better, safe and secure. Sometimes he stayed the whole night. They shared secrets, stories, small smiles and even a few laughs. It was… nice.
Then during the day it was back to tense relations, being on edge and pushing each other as far as they could. The others didn’t need to know about their secret rendezvous.
But the late night meetings were… affecting, Dark. And today, as the ego had been trying to lead a conference meeting, the Host seemed to have been narrating just a little louder, being a purposeful nuisance.
Dark hadn’t bothered trying to resist. He had gotten up, walked over to the Host, yanked him out of his chair by his coat lapels and pressed his lips against the Host’s.
It had started out as a frustrated, angry kiss, if not a little desparate. The Host was receptive, and returned the kiss with equal frustration.
That didn’t last long, as it melted into something different. The Host moved his arms to wrap around Dark’s middle, clutching the back of his suit to keep him there. Dark moved his arms to wrap around the Host’s neck, fingers twirling with the ends of his hair.
The Host is the one to break the kiss, both taking a little heavier breaths. “How long have you been waiting for that?” He asked, a little shakily.
“Long enough.” Dark muttered. “Though, you’ve been holding back yourself it seems.” He smirked.
The Host laughed in response, letting his head fall forward against Dark’s shoulder, holding onto him just a little tighter.
Dark let him, relaxing in the embrace. He played with the Host’s hair some more, mindful of the bandages.
Wilford cleared his throat. “So uh… meeting adjourned?”
“Yes.” Dark replied. “Meeting adjourned.”
The other egos filed out, and Dark and the Host stood there in each other’s arms, content and happy, and never wanting the moment to fade.

Cancer decides to watch Tokyo Ghoul...
  • Cancer: Hey Capricorn, I'm going to watch Tokyo Ghoul have you seen it? Gemini said It's really good.
  • Capricorn: ...
  • Capricorn: Yeah I've seen it.
  • Cancer: Oh nice! BUT DON'T GIVE SPOILERS OK?
  • Capricorn: Well, I don't care. I have a lot of stuff to take care of anyway.
  • Cancer: That's... Kinda rude you know?
  • Capricorn: I'll order pizza for you.
  • Cancer: Omg you're the best I love you so much an-
  • Capricorn: You should probably start watching.
  • Cancer: Oh right! *puts on headphones*
  • Capricorn: *calls Gemini*
  • Gemini: *picks up the phone* Sup, Cappy! Or should I say Capricorn-on-the-cob~
  • Capricorn: Cut out the bullshit and tell me why the the fuck did you tell Cancer to watch Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Gemini: Oooh, a little savage aren't we? Relax, I just wanted to see how much she'll cry when Hide di-
  • Capricorn: First of all, Hide did NOT die. He's sleeping. And secondly, you are a fucking irresponsible bastard who messes with peoples lives without thinking about the consequences. Get your shit together or I'll have to do it for you. Now never. NEVER. Tell Cancer to do something emotionally draining again or I'll have to end up slicing your tongue and stitching your lips together using your hair. Got it?
  • Gemini: Yikes! Have you been spending too much time with Scorpio lately? Besides when did you start caring for her anyway? Didn't you say that she was annoying, moody and manipulative earlier?? You're like polar opposites as well. Hehee so you DO have emotions don't you~?
  • Capricorn: I will make you drink bleach if you keep on talking.
  • Gemini: Awww how cuuute, Miss Caps Lock is tryna look badass and tough to hide her inner marshmallow~
  • Capricorn: *hears loud crying from the other room*
  • Gemini: Lol there she goes...
  • Capricorn: Asshole.
  • Capricorn: *hungs up*
  • Gemini: I am a total match-maker. Case closed.

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(1/2 )hey best writer ever! can you do one about the girls all having a sleepover just for old times sakes now that AD is gone?? i was thinking/begging (please hehe) that all the girls are together but emily is a little late cause of some reason you don't even need to mention. ali is SO excited to see her when she gets there and greets her and doesn't care to show it. they hold hands and always touch the entire night and if you put a little skit where hanna goes to sit by ali and the girls .....

Hey guys, so I’m sorry I’ve been a-wall for a while, but I’m back and I hope you enjoy this one…


“Oh my god, you’re showing” Aria gushed as she eyed her friend up and down a couple of times not letting her get through the door. They were having a sleepover in Spencer’s barn, per Hanna’s request, for the first time in what felt like an eternity. After said blonde claimed that ever since A.D had mysteriously disappeared they didn’t see each other enough, which the rest agreed was true.

“Barely, but yeah I am” Alison smiled subconsciously placing her hand on top of her five month pregnant bump, to be honest it was still a little bit of a shock for her since it had literally grown overnight.

“This is so exciting” The petite brunette grinned hugging her, “Come on in, Spencer and Hanna are inside”  

Walking inside she found her friends sitting in the living room, there were pillows, blankets and popcorn practically everywhere and in the far right the blonde could see a couple of sleeping bags and a blow up mattress. The moment Hanna spotted her, no that’s not right, the moment Hanna spotted her baby bump she ran in her direction, and before she could even realize what was happening she had two hands on her stomach.

“Hi baby, I’m your Aunt Hanna” The blonde whispered, out of the three of their friends it was safe to say that Hanna was the most excited about the future addition to their group.

“Hanna stop talking to Alison’s stomach, the baby is the size of a banana it’s not going to understand anything you’re saying” Spencer rolled her eyes  standing up from the couch.

“You don’t know that” Hanna argued not moving her hands from their place on Alison’s baby bump “And once the baby’s here he’ll only recognize my voice and he’ll like me better”

“Okay, not that I’m not enjoying this, because believe me I am” Alison took Hanna’s hands off of her stomach “But I’m going to stop this little interaction”

“Emily told me she talks to the baby all the time” Hanna whined, as they all sat down in the living room.

“Yeah well Emily is it’s mother” Aria chuckled, “Where is Emily by the way?”

Alison looked down at her watch, realizing that Emily should have been here by now since swim practice had finished an hour ago, “I don’t know, she should be here by now”

“Do you miss your girlfriend?” Hanna smirked in a mocking tone, “Do you wanna kiss her?”

“Leave her alone Hanna” Spencer laughed when she saw her other blonde friend blush furiously.

“Oh come one you know she wants too”

Thankfully before the mocking could go on any longer they heard the door open and saw Emily walk inside still in her Rosewood Sharks uniform, and the brunette couldn’t help but grin when she saw her friends all sitting around the coffee table, however her grin grew even bigger when she saw her girlfriend walking towards her, and in less than a second their lips crashed against one another; and Emily could feel the eagerness as soon as they met.

“I missed you” Alison whispered.

“I missed you too” Emily smiled before Alison kissed her again, just like the books had predicted the moment the blonde entered her second trimester she had been insatiable. It didn’t matter where they were, in their kitchen, in Hanna’s kitchen, even in her classroom, Alison just seemed to never have enough. And not that the brunette was complaining but they had been caught mid action more than once.

“Hmmm” Hanna coughed as she eyed her friends dangerously who were dangerously crossing the line from kissing to a full make out session.

They both turned around to find Hanna, Aria and Spencer eyeing them dangerously. “Just a friendly reminder that you aren’t alone, in case you forgot”

Alison smirked before she turned around and placed another passionate kiss on her girlfriends lips, only breaking apart when Emily placed her hands on the blonde’s stomach, before she leaned down. “Hi buddy” she whispered “I missed you too”

“See?!” Hanna exclaimed pointing towards them “Do you see Ali pushing Em’s hands away?! It’s not fair”

“How are you Hanna?” Emily chuckled taking Alison’s hand and guiding her towards the couch.

“I’ll be fine as long as you two can keep your hands off of each other tonight” The blonde stated.

“We have self control Hanna, we’re not animals” Alison rolled her eyes as she sat next to the brunette, who was quick to wrap her arm around her.

“Do I need to remind you of the incident in my apartmen-”

“Okay” Spencer said loudly interrupting Hanna before things got any further, “We need a new topic” she added and the four girls in front of her laughed.

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heyy! So for many years I have been dealing with depression and anorexia. Now, I'm fine, thank God. But it's this thing that happens to people after depression, like mini anxiety /panic /anger attacks. And I have that a lot lately. I just wish I knew how to control it because I end up venting to other people and I hate people seeing me weak. Also I feel like I bother them with my problems they probably don't even care about :( I don't know what to do i feel so weird.

Hi there :)

Thank you for your question!

First of all congratulations on healing your depression and anorexia - that’s a huge achievement and I’m very happy for you.

You say you wish you knew how to control the attacks - but they are a sign from the body that something needs to be addressed.

Instead of trying to control it or hide it - we need to listen to what the body is trying to tell us. You can do this by keeping track of where, how and when these attacks are happening and understand what triggers them. After this you can adjust your actions accordingly to reduce the frequency of the attacks.

Also when it comes to others seeing us as weak - there is much power to be found in sharing our struggles with those we trust. This must be done in the strictest of confidence, but we must remember not to have expectations of others - it is not their responsibility to heal us. 

I would also ask - why does the way people see you concern you? In my eyes I see someone who is fiercely courageous - having overcome so much and is now trying to work on themselves. This takes much self-awareness and courage - which many of us find too difficult to even attempt. The important thing is how you see yourself - the opinions of others is irrelevant.

Everyone has their own problems, struggles and story we know nothing about - hence why we can’t expect everyone to care about us the way we might for them. Understand that the power to live a positive life lies with you - it’s in your actions, your beliefs & the way you choose to live your life.

I hope this helps :)

Keep shining <3

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am I still ace if I'm *intimidated* by conventionally attractive people? Like, say I walk by someone who by many peoples' standards would be considered "hot." I suddenly care how I look to them (because I feel inferior or because I like attention even if I don't find them attractive). I'm not attracted to them, yet I want them to find ME attractive (maybe I'm just full of myself?) I don't know...

That’s happened to me before. For me being intimidated by looks is super rare but I once I walked into a con panel and I was like a little late so everyone else was sitting down and Karl Urban was sitting on stage lighted like a god and I just stared for a second. Does it feel weird? Totally! Does it mean you aren’t ace? Nope. It could happen every day and it still would disqualify you. Looks in society has a source of power and pride for better or worse so it makes sense to me. And sometimes it doesn’t even have to make that much sense.

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more college au: they aren't roommates, but best friends who just end up in each other's room at late hours. however, their real roommates (matt is jeremy's and gavin is trevor's) are just. so sick of their Shit. matt corners jeremy after trevor ends up in their dorm for like the tenth time and is like "i don't even care that he's here, i care about the fact you can't admit you're gay as hell for him." gavin just sings obnoxious love songs when jeremy sleeps over for the thousandth time.

god i love this esp for the fact that gavin has the subtlety of a train so he’d spend 95% of his time around trevor and jeremy with a full-on shit-eating grin while making comments that make jeremy laugh uncomfortably and trevor threaten to throw gavin’s stuff out a window

very late S5 Ep6 discourse

Really? People got upset over that?

What’s the big deal. Sansa got raped by Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay Bolton is a monster. That’s his character. Next.

I read some complaints saying “Oh it completely backtracks all of Sansa’s character development” and I’m just…fuck, what character development? 

She went from being a naive silly little girl who seemed to care only about herself to a sad yet still naive girl that lost her family. The only things she possesses are her ability to say “yes” to the wrong people, her wariness of everyone (including the people who want to help her), her beauty, her resentment, and her family name. What major changes has she gone through, pray tell, because honestly I sense really nothing changed about her character and nothing really seemed to be simmering “in the making” of change. She does not assert herself in the face of adversity or act proactive like Catelyn or Arya, she does not have wits like Cersei, she does not possess charm or even that much likability like Margaery, she doesn’t even really hold true to any moral code like Brienne. Fuck, she doesn’t even fight viciously to protect what little she has like Lysa did. With the exception of the time she rescued that knight from Joffrey’s sadism, she’s been a doll shuffled and rattled from one place to another. Losing all hope and sense of personal agency is not “character development”, and being raped on your wedding night isn’t undoing anything. 

( Is it her fault what happened to her? Not exactly. Was the threat of torture and death under Joffrey there? Yeah, I guess, but honestly, the fact that she herself said to her father “I don’t want someone who’s nice, and gentle, I want Joffrey” is as retarded as anything I’ve ever heard. You have to be a special kind of stupid to want someone who beat up your sister’s friend, threatened to torture him, and caused the death of your innocent direwolf, your FUCKING ANIMAL COMPANION, love or not. If you ignore clear warning signs, then how is it anyone else’s fault but your own that you ended up marrying him after he killed your father, even after you saw him for the monster that he was? Arya saw Joffrey for what he was immediately.)

She is an average girl born in a good house and happened to be the eldest daughter. People only care because she’s one of the main characters. Tons of girls like her have been taken advantage of in the same way in GoT universe, tons of untold stories of girls that were of high status who were shipped off to their enemies and mistreated. This is literally nothing new, nor particularly outlandish. I don’t even find it exploitative, it seems par for the course that a character would be raped (off-screen, mind you) because that’s who Ramsay is in this version of the series.

This is Game of Thrones, people are raped and slaughtered and yes, main characters aren’t immune to this. Did people think Ramsay wouldn’t rape Sansa? We should be lucky we didn’t see it in all its horridness on the same level as the orgy scenes in the brothels.

(Tumblr is acting weird so I’ll just copy + paste a reply here because why the f is xkit reblogging shit to my main?)


Not blaming her, just saying that people who were outraged by Ramsay raping her are kind of.. why are you outraged again? Did y'all think Ramsay would be kind to her?

My criticism of peoples’ criticism is specifically that some people say “oh it completely retconned character development” and it’s like … what could she do in that situation? Kill Ramsay? She didn’t have it in her to kill him, I don’t think. It was after she was raped that she got a weapon, that …I don’t know, barrel borer or whatever in Episode 7. But she didn’t use it on him.

Up until the episode of her rape, she had been slowly, slowly SO SLOWLY maybe trying to find a backbone and stand up to her abusers, to at least give herself the comfort that she didn’t passively take anything. The thing about the rape scene is that it wouldn’t have mattered if she had, because Ramsay would have hurt her even more, possibly, so it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t, and that’s the sad truth of it.

The only thing I’m blaming her for is for being blind and stubborn to not seeing Joffrey for the monster he was, and Joffrey didn’t rape her. Harassed and threatened to kill her, but didn’t rape her. She could have totally avoided that anguish if she hadn’t deluded herself into thinking that termite wasn’t an utter sociopath even when she saw right in fucking front of her that he was a spineless worm.

I mean, if y'all are thinking I’m blaming Sansa for her rape, I’m not. I’m just confused why everyone was so upset that it happened when it has been made abundantly and expressly clear that Ramsay is a cruel man. We saw Craster’s girls raped by the Night Watch, we saw Daenarys unwillingly having sex with Khal Drogo at first, why is Sansa any different. Because we know her better? Because it’s gratuitous? I thought that was kind of the theme of Game of Thrones. People having their entrails spill out is fine, but an off-screen rape isn’t?

I can post whatever I want in the Sansa Stark tag. I like Sansa but she’s a bit slow and dim when it comes to maneuvering the game of courts and kings and houses. She’s not like her mother, certainly not like her sister. Because yes, what you do to your wedded rapist is make him even more pissed off by reminding him he’s a bastard (S5 Ep7), that’s smart. That little jab must have felt so good before he likely spent the rest of the day conceiving of ways to make her hurt even more. Smart girl, she is.

 Ramsay thrives off of breaking obstinate people, that’s how Theon turned into Reek. Sansa doesn’t know that, but she doesn’t seem to know a lot of things despite having experienced so much. I’m waiting for her to get those balls that Ramsay commended Yara of having, and since I’ve read a bit of the spoilers I know that she does escape Ramsay’s clutches and eventually gets Petyr dead to death, so thankfully she does get shit done, but as she is now, the awkward transition from victim that makes all the wrong choices to victim who makes the strategic choices is kind of abysmal. Still rooting for her.


Oh my God, I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t gotten to post here about my little one who finally arrived! I’d like to introduce you all to my little light, Valen! He is three weeks old now and was born Friday, December 8th at 4pm, 4 days before his due date and perfectly healthy. We’ve waited so long for this little guy and are super excited his finally here. And nervous too.

I will probably still be inactive for a bit as I adjust to taking care of him and getting him use to the big outside world. But hopefully he’s able to give me some time here and there to get back to drawing, especially when he starts getting a routine and I can work around it.

~ Sol

Dear antivaxxers...

So I blocked two willfully ignorant antivaxxer anons who continued to spew bullshit in my inbox.

For all two of you who don’t know, I’m an autistic adult. Got it?

Now for this mountain of utter crap.

One anon tried to use functioning labels on me and tell me to be careful how I use my voice because we all answer to God. The other tried used the excuse that they don’t walk into measles infections every time they step out the door. Um, just go to Disneyland and I’m sure you’ll pick it up right along with a nice skin rash. 

Yep, I got dermatitis from Disneyland once! Thankfully not measles BECAUSE I’M VACCINATED. Btw, according to my mom I showed signs of autism before I got vaccines, so fuck that shitty vaccines-cause-autism logic right up the ass! The only reason it took until I was 15 to get diagnosed is because I’m a girl and “girls don’t ‘get’ autism”. Har har! :D

Back to what I was saying: You antivaxxers can shut your ignorant pie holes with the bleach and other snake oil cures you’ve no doubt tried on your kids, because I’m sure some of y’all have kids who got diagnosed as autistic despite no vaccines and tried to cure it. Start loving and accepting your kids as they are instead of treating them like they’re broken. 

Do I sound like an asshole now? Good, because I’d rather be an asshole than willfully ignorant.

Autistic people who can’t speak and need help with even their most basic needs are still valuable people whose worth is in their being alive and not based on what they can produce. They deserve to be loved, protected and cared for. I will fight for them and take bullets for them and be whipped, beaten and crucified for them. I am just like them and sometimes I think God wanted me verbal and good at writing because He wanted me to fight for those whose behavioral communication goes ignored as meaningless. So here I am, kicking some ass for the sake of those who can’t defend themselves.

We all answer to God? Yes. You bet I answer to God. I’m Catholic. 

Guess what? God doesn’t make mistakes, but people sure do and you antivaxxers are making a big one. 

I hope none of you have to watch your child suffer through something easily preventable due to YOUR neglect. I hope none of you have to bury a child after they die of something preventable due to YOUR neglect. And I sure as hell hope none of you take your autistic kids out somewhere and shoot them to “put them out of their misery” because that happens far too often.

Do you know why measles is rare? VACCINES! Except it’s not so rare BECAUSE OF YOU ANTIVAXXERS. You are literally undoing decades of immunity with your bullshit fake science.

How do you think it feels to be told you’re unnatural, broken, an epidemic, a disease, a burden and missing? I hear it EVERY DAY from ableist people like YOU antivaxxers. You think YOUR lives are hard? You think it’s “hard” to raise an autistic person? TRY BEING ONE. I don’t mean the sensory issues or the things I can’t do– I mean hearing all the ableist bullshit I have to hear. I have feelings too, you know.

I wouldn’t change myself if I had the chance. God made me this way and challenged me to overcome bullying, emotional abuse and my own internalized ableism, and I’ll swallow lava and die before I let people like you ableist antivaxxers undo everything I’ve overcome. (Hint: it wasn’t AUTISM that I overcame because that doesn’t need overcoming. Ableism needs a LOT of overcoming!)

Move along now, antivaxxers. Anything you say in my inbox will earn you a block because I don’t put up with willful ignorance from people who don’t care to listen. If you don’t care to listen to reason then I don’t care to read your bullshit. 

I pray God sets your ignorant asses right.

SHINee as a GPS
  • Minho: If you turn left here it will be faster than taking the highway. Okay now quick, turn left! Okay, now speed up, we want to get there as fast as physically possible.
  • Taemin: Turn left... No wait, right, turn right!! Okay, it has to be over here somewhere. Shoot, you were supposed to turn left back there, okay we'll just go the long way around. Sorry! ^^;;
  • Jonghyun: Turn left. Wait, did you see that dog?? It looked just like Roo ;; Oh my god there's another one. Can we stop and pet them? At least one of them? please??
  • Onew: Now turn left, right? (moment of panic when you don't know which way to turn, so you turn right) Malicious laughter, you thought I meant right, right? okay, but actually turn left, you're going to get us lost.
  • Kibum: What do you think you're doing? I told you to turn left. Okay, make a u-turn. No, I don't care if it isn't legal here just TURN AROUND. Okay fine, we're going this way now, have fun being three minutes late asshole.

Ok but here’s a serious question fam, would Kevin have a hidden/soft Irish accent?

Like ok hear me out fam, I know we all love Neil having accents from being on the run and blending in and all that ( all A+ would recommend if you haven’t seen them yet) but like

Kevin’s mom is Irish? (Scottish? No pretty sure it’s Irish? Idk it’s late but here we go) and she was doing her thesis or whatever in Japan when she co created exy and she didn’t die until Kevin was like 10 or something (that’s probably wrong but oh well) which means he would have lived with her and picked up her accent.

Then the Ravens made him get rid of it because ~uniformity~ (jokes is cause they’re a cult) so he stopped using it

Now imagine it’s his like 4th year at Palmetto and they’ve been through everything and they’re a happy little family so Kevin starts to let his guard down a little and get comfortable with them and just enjoy himself and there all just up late one night (team movie night duh) and he’s all soft and sleepy and someone gets up to get a drink and he asks them to bring him one and everyone just stops because since when does Kevin have an accent? Like what? And he doesn’t even realize and everyone dies because wtf that’s hot and he gets more comfortable with it slipping out but it’s pretty soft from years of disuse/living in the U.S.

Point is Kevin Day has a god damn accent that comes out when he’s sleepy or excited or really mad and not keeping it in check and y'all can take this from my cold dead hands