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Jason: “Trini, no!”

Trini: “Trini, yes!”

Kimberly: “Trini, no!”

Trini: “……… Never mind, princesa says no.” 

JuminZen Week - Day 6: Cherry Blossoms Festival // Food

Did I choose this prompt just to show off my vacation photos of cherry blossoms from my trip to Korea two years ago? YOU BET. Also, they’re eating ddeokbokki coz it was EVERYWHERE when I went to Korea.

i’m watching this court drama right now and there’s this woman preaching about her ex-husband’s “crazy tendencies” and how she filed a restraining order on him. her argument is “he says he’s going to watch bodies drop and hit the floor!” so of course, the judge asks for evidence. the woman hands over a printout of a facebook page.

the facebook post in question is him commenting, on his own personal feed and not at anyone specifically, about how much he likes the song let the bodies hit the floor.

They sit there as the dust settles, as their heartbeats calm and the tears dry. They sit there, just beathing in unison, Robert listening to the steady thrum of Aaron’s heartbeat; it is comforting, it feels more certain with every beat. It is the only sound he wants to hear. Aaron presses his cheek to Robert’s head, eyes closed, and he tries not to think of anything but the ring on his finger, the man leaning on him. A few hours ago everything in his life burned to the ground, but maybe that is what they need to rebuild.

Viva la Rebellion!

Hera will be trooping with the Rebel Legion at MCM London tomorrow. Find out what YOU can do to help your local Rebels out!


team internet’s character lineup of personified websites and apps because why not

i’ll probably make something out of this, who knows (maybe even more characters i guess)

1st row: tumblr, twitter, youtube, facebook, instagram

2nd: google, bing, yahoo, wikipedia

3rd: deviantart, soundcloud, snapchat (hah), wattpad, reddit

Why is there a small bit of me that ships bellarke?…….

Are we just witnessing the result of an internal writers’ battle? Are Emmerdale pushing a pro-life agenda? Are they just plain stupid and sexist or is there a twist? Why are we being fed this bullshit? Why are they doing literally the most predictable thing when we know they can do so much better? I am just… what