i don't want your eyes to bleed

Overheard from Parents
  • "Why are there a pair of pants in the middle of the living room floor?"
  • "Is that mud? I hope that's mud."
  • "Watch your language."
  • "Why is the dog wearing a tutu?"
  • "What happened to our baby?"
  • "Let's not attack mommy with a fork."
  • "Do you just want to run around naked like the animals?"
  • "You need to get up off the floor."
  • "Santa doesn't fly near planes. If he did he would crash into one and he'd die."
  • "My back is hurty."
  • "Don't do anything bad here, okay?"
  • "Just pretend you're riding a horse."
  • "How did you get into my Amazon app?... Did you just buy something?"
  • "Princess isn't a job, sweetie."
  • "I was mean because I wouldn't let them lick the wall socket."
  • "Do you think it's a good idea to take our child on a wine tour?"
  • "Stop making a scene!"
  • "You know... people are gross."
  • "I am not your personal hand warmer."
  • "I wish I could remember what sex was like."
  • "Do you know where the kids are?"
  • "Stop licking the dog, honey."
  • "Daddy doesn't care unless you're bleeding, on fire or getting him a beer."
  • "What's that smell?"
  • "No, no that's not for eating!"
  • "I don't remember what sleep was like. What's it like?"
  • "Is my shirt inside out?"
  • "You can be anything you want. Within reason."
  • "Physics don't work that way."
  • "No eye poking."
  • "Should I even ask what happened here?"

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I'm not saying that Lara shouldn't be morally ambiguous character, she totally should be. I love villains more than i love heroes but i believe classic Lara should have some moral lines too. She just doesn't have none, that make her look like pure evil and antagonistic. And characters don't need to have nice families to be good characters. Hell, my own mother was a wreck of a woman, she still is. And i'm not saying being sex icon is a bad thing. It's bad if you use it accomplish your goals.

She doesn’t have moral lines.

She is pure evil and antagonistic.

My eyes are bleeding. I will take some of my time to give you some scenes where she is sooooooooooooo evil:

Oh Lara! How you dare to save your friend Jean? That is so antagonistic.

This kiss to her mentor is so evil that I want to cry.

Kurtis was supposed to take care of Echkardt. Not Lara. She knows it but she is so selfish…

She is going to die but she is happy because her mentor is finally free. I don’t know if this is selfish or antagonistic.

She helped him. She doesn’t want to leave the submarine without him. Again, how selfish, right?

Oh look! Lara has given the Obscura Painting to Eckhardt just to bring back Kurtis. Okay, this is the most selfish action she has done in all TRs. I’m done.

Lara is coming back for Kurtis, once again. And she goes after him instead of going home.

She refuses to believe Karel and trust him.

To sum up, she is so selfish that the last thing she did was going after her friend and partner.

{daughter lyric starters}
  • "So we lay in the dark, cause we've got nothing to say."
  • "I don't know what we're doing."
  • "I think we should run."
  • "Oh, this is suicide."
  • "Will you stay with me, my love?"
  • "I don't wanna be alone when these bones decay."
  • "My mind's lost in bleak visions."
  • "I've tried to escape but keep sinking."
  • "Underneath the skin there's a human."
  • "And despite everything I'm still human but I think I'm dying here."
  • "I think that I'm still human."
  • "You've got a second chance, you could go home."
  • "But don't bring tomorrow 'cause I already know I'll lose you."
  • "You can try to forget me but I won't let you easily."
  • "Shadows settle on the place, that you left."
  • "Our minds are troubled by the emptiness."
  • "We are the reckless, We are the wild youth."
  • "And if you're still bleeding, you're the lucky ones."
  • "I'm a lifeless face that you'll soon forget."
  • "And if you're in love, then you are the lucky one,'Cause most of us are bitter over someone."
  • "Dry your smoke-stung eyes, so you can see the light."
  • "I know you think you're still a child."
  • "I've forgotten what it was that I wanted."
  • "I am not naive."
  • "We're dying in a smoke filled room."
  • "I pray a lot for you."
  • "We are what we are, don't need no excuses."
  • "I'll do whatever you say to me in the dark."
  • "You're too old to be so shy."
  • "Just a young heart confusing my mind, but we're both in silence."
  • "I was drunk again, causing accidents"
  • "I think I should be a little more confident."
  • "Take me home."
You don’t want to be sitting in your doctor’s office and hear this. “Well Jim, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t live another twenty to thirty years. However, you will be bleeding constantly from both eyes.” Here’s something I don’t want to hear. “I’m pregnant, you’re the father and I’m going to kill all three of us!” “Calm down, have some dip.”

George Carlin

Random Lyric Starters (Part Three)
  • "It was cool, breaking rules."
  • "It's gonna be a bitchin' summer."
  • "She is a pageant queen."
  • "Nothing matters, so we might as well."
  • "Just like dust we settle in this town."
  • "I'd wait all day just for a maybe."
  • "I kinda fell in love with a Palm Spring's trailer park."
  • "I tried to kill the pain."
  • "I just wish I'd told you nevermind."
  • "I felt really small under Mount Rushmore."
  • "Must admit I'm pretty nervous."
  • "It's now or never."
  • "I'm just not right for you."
  • "He is the basketball star."
  • "There's nothing I can do to make it go away."
  • "We were only 15."
  • "I'm hung up."
  • "The neighbor boy taught her how to french kiss."
  • "I got too big for my britches."
  • "Nobody knows."
  • "There's no turning back."
  • "I guess I just got lost."
  • "I'd be everything you need."
  • "Do it while we're young."
  • "I would stay."
  • "Look at you."
  • "I can shine with my own light."
  • "I've had my picture made with Willie Nelson."
  • "I know you probably have a man."
  • "I'll pick you up at the liquor store."
  • "She's the kind of girl you marry."
  • "All I really wanna say is I need ya babe."
  • "I was raised by a good time."
  • "You won't dream that big."
  • "We won't end up like our parents."
  • "It might seem strange."
  • "Let me be me."
  • "All safe and sound."
  • "I'll never see the light of day."
  • "Daddy's got eyes in the back of his head."
  • "That's all I'm ever gonna be."
  • "We think the first time's good enough."
  • "Everyone is waiting on the bell."
  • "I'm too tired to fight."
  • "Where I'm from, we started young."
  • "Is this as perfect as it seems?"
  • "That's all I've ever wanted from this world."
  • "I'm just a dime store cowgirl."
  • "I heard Wonderwall bleeding through your headphones."
  • "There's so much more room for running."
  • "I'll still call my hometown home."
  • "It don't matter if you don't believe."
  • "Excuse me, miss."
  • "Nevermind."
  • "Call them girls."
  • "I thought that you should know this."
  • "Here's the funny thing, she's not a day older than 18."
  • "School is finally out."
  • "If you ain't got 2 kids by 21, you're probably gonna die alone."
  • "I'll never find my heart."
  • "Just cause it don't cost a lot don't mean it's cheap."
  • "She's in her room grounded."
  • "You don't even know my name."
  • "That's what tradition told you."
  • "Come and party."
  • "I'm not a beauty queen."
  • "I wanna know who you are."
  • "Those California stars could never steal my heart."
  • "Any minute the cops are coming to get us."
  • "I'd rather be alone than lose you."
  • "We get bored so we get married."
  • "Just let me be myself."
  • "She's too young to read."
  • "It ain't slowing down."
  • "She won't love you like I would."
  • "Move your body."
  • "If not tonight, maybe tomorrow."
  • "She wants to fly, and never look down."
  • "We are so alive."
  • "Say that it's okay."
  • "You wouldn't dream that big."
  • "I could tell you now."
  • "Maybe I regret not loving you."
  • "Mary just don't give a damn no more."
  • "No dating till you're eighteen."
  • "It's so sad to think."
  • "The sun is shining down."
  • "I'm shook up."
  • "I'm so tired of waiting for you."
  • "What I got is all I need."
  • "She's the one you wanna carry into your brand new home."
  • "We can fit one more."
  • "How could you understand?"
  • "Look at me."
  • "I don't ever do this."
  • "They got her whole life on lockdown."
  • "Please, would you one time?"
  • "My cell phone's dying."
  • "I'm happy with what I got."
  • "Look at who we could be."
  • "But then there's you."
  • "Ain't what you want, it's what you know."
  • "I've been watching you for days."
  • "I guess it's alright for right now."
  • "I have bigger dreams than living in this town."
  • "All I really wanna do is be next to you."
  • "It don't matter where I'm going."
  • "She's in her bedroom."
  • "Every time I look at you, I can hardly say a thing, my head starts to spin, and it hits me then, I love you."
  • "Maybe for a minute."
  • "Ain't no way in hell they're catching us."
  • "She looked better in white than I ever could."
  • "I'm lovestruck."
  • "I think of who we could be."
  • "Put your hands up."
  • "Tonight, she's tucked inside her tiny little town."
  • "Maybe it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do."
  • "If you happen to be unattached."
  • "Every time you look at me I could go crazy, but I don't."
  • "I don't wanna drown."
  • "We're all gonna run, when the police come."
EXO dorm, day 5.
  • Suho: I'm not saying you should start smiling for no reason
  • Suho: but it would be nice if people could talk to you...
  • Kyungsoo: but they can talk to me
  • Suho: ...without the undeniable feeling that you want to murder them, cut their body to pieces and send it all as a gift to their mother.
  • Kyungsoo: do i care tbh
  • Suho: All you gotta do is just say "Hi" and smile.
  • Kyungsoo: /deadly stare/
  • Suho: You can do it!
  • Kyungsoo: oh whatever
  • Beagle line: /comes in screaming, laughing and making weird noises/
  • Suho: Come on, Kyungsoo. Just give it a try~
  • Kyungsoo: ...
  • Kyungsoo: Hi guys
  • Kyungsoo: /awkward smile/
  • Beagle line: /sudden silence/
  • Beagle line: /takes a step back/
  • Beagle line: /terror in their eyes/
  • Chanyeol: whaT IS THIS????!?!
  • Chen: Is h-he... Is he smiling~?
  • Chanyeol: WHO ARE YOU????!
  • Chanyeol: WHAT DID YOU DO TO KYUNGSOO?!??!
  • Chen: Is this the real life~
  • Baekhyun: Am i dying? Is this the end of me?
  • Baekhyun: I had a good life
  • Baekhyun: tell my mother I loved her
  • Chanyeol: W-what happened to you, Kyungsoo?
  • Chen: Your smile looks forced~
  • Kyungsoo: It is
  • Chen: oh
  • Chen: Obviously.
  • Chanyeol: Why would you even want to scare us like this?!
  • Kyungsoo: Suho made me. He's evil.
  • Kyungsoo: Did I fucking stutter
  • Chanyeol: Wait~
  • Chanyeol: So you're not smiling because you're planning on killing us?
  • Kyungsoo: Uhhh I guess
  • Baekhyun: Does it mean I WILL LIVE?
  • Kyungsoo: For now
  • Kyungsoo: See? That smiling thing didn't work out.
  • Suho: I should've known it would scare the beagles...
  • Suho: But don't worry, we'll work on it~
  • Sehun: SUP HOES
  • Tao: your lords are coming
  • Suho: /whispering/ There's your chance, Kyungsoo!
  • Kyungsoo: ...
  • Kyungsoo: Hello... Sehunnie~ Tao-yah~
  • Kyungsoo: /forced smile/
  • Tao: oh my god???
  • Sehun: what's wrong with you lol
  • Tao: you look so ugly
  • Sehun: do us a favor and cover your face srsly
  • Tao: my eyes are bleeding
  • Sehun: you don't want people to go blind, do you
  • Tao: ahhhh you're so heartless~
  • Beagle line: /chanting/ FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
  • Xiumin: Why are you so loud? What's happening?
  • Beagle line: /giggling/
  • Chen: Kyungsoo's trying to kill the maknaes~
  • Xiumin: Oh God.
  • Xiumin: Shit's about to go down.
  • Luhan: Poor boys~
  • Xiumin: Yeah~ Poor boys~~
  • Luhan: ...
  • Luhan: Should we go grab some popcorn?
  • Xiumin: Yep.
Pinpointed Betrayal |Underground|
  • Rosario 'Thorne':
  • I came back from my early hours at work with a nitch deep in the ground that I was trying..heavily on the tryinggg to get a garden to grow. I slept very little always going down here to make sure it was warm enough and not frosting over. It was very trieness work.
  • Because of my late night/early morning visits I caught sight of Quetzal returning from a skint of his own. As in the city I never talked/ tried to interfere with what they did. Looking back that felt wrong but Ambrose tried to help Halie and that ended up lovely why the both of us never went to Dad was another story in itself. We both thought he could not really handle such a task and decided if he never knew he would never interfere and get hurt.
  • Lucky for me by dealings in the past with Quetzal were reserved when I was at the Moore castle so I did not really understand the astent of how sick those kid's were till the last day I was in the city and had to round them up for the search party.
  • One morning I bumped into him covered in blood from the outside.
  • "...hunting?"
  • I said as a joke before getting a face full of feathers.
  • (Quetzal): "Maybe? Whats it to you?!?"
  • "Spiders dont bleed that much.."
  • (Quetzal): "Well your weeds would not be enough either!"
  • I rolled my eyes at his insult of my ' fresh salad' i was bringing some to Orca to try. She would be the only one to apriuate it anyway.
  • "I don't care what you do as long as its outside.." I said in my best royal snobbish expression
  • (Quetzal): "is that a challenge?" He looked at me with a twisted expression till Tess broke the tention.
  • (Tess): "Ada wants everyone around the fire can you to get on with it!" She said with a snort and I look back at Quetzal for a moment.
  • (Quetzal): "After you?"
  • I shook my head not trusting turning my back to him before he laughed and flashed down the tunnel in a flury of molted feathers that had some scale growth on them.
  • Disgusting..
  • I walk over to the fire and put down my garden clippings to the side to see what was up
Sentence Starters: Sara Bareilles [Part 2]
  • "Come a little closer."
  • "Let me tell you a story."
  • "I think you're just like heaven."
  • "I don't want to give it away."
  • "I would die to make you mine."
  • "You bleed me dry."
  • "I don't mind."
  • "I would come back a thousand times."
  • "Kiss me goodnight."
  • "I'm getting weaker by the minute."
  • “I could live by the light in your eyes.”
  • “I choose you.”
  • “There was a time when I would have believed you.”
  • “You found me, and everything changed.”
  • “I’ve started to believe in something again.”
  • “My heart will be yours forever.”
  • “We are not perfect.”
  • “We’ll learn from our mistakes.”
  • “I’ll prove my love to you.”
  • “I am not scared.”
  • “There’s no going back now.”
  • “You’ve always been a problem child.”
  • “I remember when you used to be mine.”
  • “I’m in a darkened state.”
  • “It’s more than I was hoping for.”
  • “I’m starting to believe.”
  • “It can’t be a mistake.”

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I'm so glad you change your icon. Finally a beautiful picture of one gorgeous human. Sorry to say that but your previous icon was more than ugly. I don't want to hate on H but that's the truth and you know it.


WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Oh pal, you picked the WRONG blog.

Harry Styles is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen. Let’s talk about the walking beauty incarnate that is Harry Edward Styles.

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He is dimpled sunshine. Glorious sunshine. Happiness in a human. LOOK AT THAT SMILE.

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But seriouly you’re blocked. Have a nice day!